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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is deja vu news law from berlin badly needed a shot in the arm the european union's vaccination drive is failing across the block with more and more countries warning shots will be delayed for weeks or even months we look at the challenges including the growing dispute between the e.u. and the pharma companies astra zeneca. britain is one country that has managed to push ahead with an occupation for millions of people but it is also the countries
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with the highest per capita death toll in the world we look at what is going wrong and what is going right. also coming up thousands again take to the streets of warsaw and other polish cities to protest against a new law banning abortion in all but very few circumstances demonstrators accuse the right wing government of depriving women of their freedom. plus they were driven to local extinction 70 years ago but now they're back we report on our conservation project to return jaguars to their natural habitats in argentina. and . i'm assuming so much god it's good to have you with us the european union's fight to secure coronavirus vaccine supplies for its nearly 400. 50000000 people is
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intensifying today the european union will outline plans said could see a block on exports of vaccine doses produced within its territory under certain conditions now the block is in a dispute with astra zeneca after it emerged that the drug maker would not be able to fulfill its delivery targets to the e.u. and would supply the united kingdom 1st e.u. regulators are expected to authorize the use of the astra zeneca shot for member states. let's bring in our correspondent in brussels this is following the latest for us hi carol good to see you tell us more about this dispute i mean what are some of the possibilities that the european union is considering here to secure more doses for its citizens. so me today we expect the european union to introduce a transparency mechanism that will demand from back some developers permission basically from the european commission if they want to export vaccine doses from
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the un that permission could be withdrawn if it appears that this would break legal contracts and that is why the e.u. for instance today has asked astra zeneca to publish that that contract because there is a suspicion that they might be breaking this contract in exporting too many vaccines from from the e.u. then of course you have other restrictive measures that could involve even compulsory licensing that is something that where you would bypass the usual patient rights of a company and basically force a vaccine developer to produce a vaccine even without their consent at a different site these are all the nuclear options what the e.u. at the moment is trying to achieve is not a legal route that takes ages or these extreme measures but is convince vaccine producers to stick to their promises and to actually deliver as fast as they can yeah a lot has been made of this dispute but isn't really the only reason why the european
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union is not meeting its vaccination targets. of course you have some countries in the u. that are a bit slower than others in organizing this use huge vaccination program but it look if you compare the e.u. to the u.k. there are some clear differences here the u.k. opted for an emergency approval so this stay for the u.k. to have a head start taking a bit more of a risk and that also applies for instance to this 1st vaccination doses and 2nd most vaccines do require a 2nd vaccination within 3 weeks and the u.k. has offered by the way like denmark for instance as well that is why they are within the e.u. also ahead to only administer that 2nd dose of 2 or 3 months or even more so we'll have to see how in the end this vaccine race will end up with some countries being ahead now and other others following clearly a key issues of course that you have vaccines that you can use and in faster as an eco were indeed to reduce their vaccines that radically from 80000000 to just
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31000000 that would make a huge difference for the e.u. get you mentioned the approval process and i want to ask you about that because there was some controversy after here in germany the country decided not to recommend the astra zeneca vaccine for people over the age of 65 because there's not enough data on efficacy and we know that the european medicines agency is expected to make a decision on the astra zeneca vaccine today so what do you think we can expect there. that's really hard to say because as you have pointed out that there is electing data and so far the approach of the e.u. has been a little more safe to play a little more safe rather than risk too much also because the fear is that this could fuel the vaccine skepticism amongst the population and we we need to make sure that over 70 percent of the population gets vaccinated for the vaccine being effective so we'll have to wait and see really what the your being medicines agency decides today it may well be that they will wait until more data comes in which is
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coming in as well as even as we speak on that particular age group of the 65 year olds charismatics reporting for us from brussels good to talk to you. as we heard the astra zeneca vaccine is one of 3 being used as part of britain's vaccination drive the country has one of the highest death tolls in the world but it is also making more progress than many other countries especially here in europe when it comes to inoculating its citizens. takes a closer look. this is the most advanced bank seen program in europe just like that this lady joins at the 7000000 people in the u.k. we've received the 1st dose of the vaccine the u.k. is on track to vaccinate some 15000000 people by the middle of february that's every one of the 70 caring residents and the clinically vulnerable as well as health and social cast off. loving was quite happy to get it actually
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it was very nice the people were so friendly so polite. when i was happy it was dead easy to book on line lots of appointments very efficient it's agree program the government has undertaken and it's extremely rare organize the u.k. started it functioning rollout in early december it was the 1st to approve the fines of biotech and offered astra zeneca vaccines it since set up over $1400.00 sites with everything from cathedrals mosques and cinemas converted to roll out the skin there's no doubt that the u.k.'s vaccination program is an impressive just a cool feats but this is just one side of the u.k.'s 900 story well it might be leading the rest of europe in terms of the number of people being vaccinated it also has one of the highest death tolls in the world and that's a fact not lost on anybody here. over 100000 people have died in the u.k.
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but in 28 days of a positive test that's more than the entire capacity of london's wembley football stadium. the emergence of a new more transmissible bearing to the virus has further deepen the crisis it spread like wildfire across the country and left hospital struggling to cope with numbers now higher than any other time we've ever had ernest i'm demick so the system is under massive stress we have asked operations cancer treatments were running in blood she crosses my look after it was corona virus and also the associated press that is this desperate race between the new variant and the vaccine is shaping the u.k.'s rollout strategy it's opting to leave up to 12 weeks between doses deviating from this 3 week camp trials by pfizer by giving some immunity to the maximum number of people authorities hope to cut fatalities and
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reduce pressure on the health service. from professor rob it reads a member of the independent committee which approved the strategy under normal circumstances you must adhere to the regulated because all of you however these are not normal circumstances we have to birds in nature as many people as we can as quickly as we can and it's our judgment that by doing this my home. the corroboree of that is that if we don't do this there will be considerable home through lost opportunity. but this strategy has its critics with some warning there isn't enough child it is a port it all the u.k. rollouts off to a strong start this is a marathon not a sprint and potential hurdles still lay ahead but in a world where vaccine supply is becoming increasingly challenging those driving away today know that the lucky ones. let's take
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a look at some other developments in the pandemic us firm no of access it's vaccine is close to 90 percent effective in preventing cope with 19 but only 60 percent effective against the south. variant portugal will reintroduce controls along its border with spain to control a surge in corona virus infections and deaths and the united nations has called 2020 the worst year in tourism history with global losses of 1.07 trillion euros. now in many countries across the world it is now mandatory to wear face masks in shops or on public transport to tackle the spread of the corona virus but what type of masks should you wear in countries like germany the simple cloth mask is no longer considered safe enough we take a look now at what's currently on the market. the simple face small scale. for many i must have in order to be out in public without one you
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could be banned and perhaps find in some countries from entering shops or taking public transport but it seems not over face mosques are equal the most basic is the cross mosque often made out of colorful material which can be washed in 3 used although it covers the mouth and nose it doesn't protect the person wearing it from infection it only protects others from the wear is germs in some countries like germany then no longer considered safe enough to wear on public transport or in shops a more effective face covering is the surgical all medical mosque it consists of thin layers of disposable tissue and fleece with a wired to make it fit over the nose when the wearer coughs or sneezes the surgical mask blocks the large droplets but like the cloth mosque it mainly protect others
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from infection and it's only effective for a few hours. health experts say the best type of mosque on the market is the filtering face piece or f f p mosque some countries call it a k. and 95 or n and 95 the mosque fits not clear around the nose mouth and chin and filters out the tiniest airborne particles the most effective type let's no virus in or out some have found that help make breathing easier but that means droplets can escape so others may not be protected from infection f f p 2 mosques and now mandatory in shops and on public transport across austria and in the german state of bavaria but they are expensive and can still be difficult to
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get hold of near africa from science has been looking into this story for us good morning mira so just how effective are f f p 2 masks compared to other masks. yes there is definitely an ever growing body of evidence that really shows in general that it must protect you from a fraction. of the where there's also other people as specially also it reduces the risk of severe of it 19 simply by reducing the amount of virus you can be exposed to when it comes to the effectiveness and to mask is really the gold standard especially when it comes to subjection and the materials still to this 949590 percent of all air don't tend to kill and that's where the viruses sort of hold back so that really makes them effective and that we have to understand that master
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only one killer in condemning can surely chanted your match but we know masks can only really be effective if you wear them the right way so tell us about of the challenges that authorities are facing there. yeah he's assumed that by now we all know how to read and that's it really has to fit tightly to read the novels and the chin area that's especially important if you're wearing an f.p. to mask how does that is also bad news for anyone with a beard because that hair of the view will seriously. reduce the effectiveness often f.f.t. to muscle ideally have a clean shave and when you're handling the mass you don't try to touch the outside is human is contaminating the virus and just trying to try to not touch it and also not you know full to get most of the inside touches the outside that's awesome program and they are a lot of people have questions about whether these masks are reviews a bull so what does the science say on that you have actually officially they
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are single use objects. to signs a group from the university of supply. mr house conducted some research and they say if you want to reuse an f.p. too much for an m. $95.00 mask the safest battery and they suggest is that you take it off and you start to dry place at about the room temperature amps and you let it sit there for a whole week and i just 7 days it should be safe to use that monster ideally could have maybe a little hole in the wall and you store it there if you have 7 mask you have the whole week coverage and i don't remember if there is a limits to using that mass 5 times is an absolute maximum and then you have to spalls we have to dispose of it and some people have maybe heard of the other methods i think it's a little bit tricky because you really have to get the temperature right and you really have to get the right if not you might damage the material at the baskin it's not safe anymore very useful information miraca from the have you sign thank
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you. let's check in now for on some other headlines around the world chinese officials have met with experts from the world health organization in the head of their 1st visit to one of the city's food markets which is the suspected to be the origin of the pandemic but he will also visit hospitals meet with scientists and 1st responders and to some of the patients who are among the 1st infected with the novel virus. and at least 4 people have died in a fire at one of the main hospitals in the world capital bucharest the blaze broke out early on friday and forced the evacuation of the building it's not known how many people were injured firefighters have managed to put out the flames. of course here in germany has sentenced neo nazi stefan outs to life in prison for the murder of a pro refugee politician the killing of 2 years ago sent shock waves through the
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country it was the 1st political assassination with a right wing extremist motive since the end of the nazi era. it was a trial which brought the specter of far right violence in germany into sharp focus once again defended stefan answered was charged with murdering an elected politician. this verdict sends a strong signal a signal that the state can defend itself and will vigorously pursue a political assassination of this kind for forth. was a well liked local leader who defended america's policies on migration it turned him into a target for right wing extremists stefan and recorded this video at a meeting where luke get face far right hecklers to be this india these folks you have to stand up for certain values anyone who doesn't agree with these values is free to leave this country that's a freedom every german enjoys. know if i said 04 years
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later i was assassinated at his home in june 29th teen his body discovered by his son. 2 weeks afterwards authorities arrested stefan and sed during the trial he confessed then retracted and later confessed again this was the 1st time in post-war german history that a representative of the state had been killed by a right wing extremist is it not a test case to the court determined that the accused steffane had acted in principle out of right wing extremist and racist motivation and had also done so previously for $100.00 tut however the court did not find the other defendant marcos h. guilty of assisting in the murder one of the loop because family lawyers says that is disappointing but added that the family found this trial important for a different reason the from media of old immediate on the go as a co plaintiffs the family wanted to set an example against hate and violence and
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hate speech in our society whose words then lead to deeds at the. top and go up and see both about you that was very very important for them to be they wanted to advocate the values that involved advocated his entire life and which are also the family's values. lucas killing is one of several attacks linked to the extremist far right in germany in recent years casting a spotlight on the dangers extremists pose to democracy. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of poland for another night to demonstrate against a near total ban on abortion that came into a 4 and to force on wednesday the government's ban means terminating pregnancies will only be allowed in cases of rape and incest and if the mother's life is that risk was. was forced 2nd night thousands protested across poland chanting anti-government slogans. they are demanding
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a reversal of the abortion law and the resignation of the government. in warsaw scuffles with police broke out. and several demonstrators were abreast it throughout. the polls suggest more than half of the population is against a new restrictions. that myanmar from up a body that one cannot deprive women of their rights this is half of the nation all of us often half of the nation is deprived of their rights of the right to make decisions about themselves this is on acceptable to define of poland's right wing ultra catholic government has long pushed for tied to abortion laws its supporters say this finally gives protection to unborn children. but it's not to play it is a sad there there is a very adequate police saying that it's better to have 10 children on your. than
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one on your conscience. and i think that's part of our philosophy to protect life. the government might have try to avoid protests by making these changes doing depend demick with restrictions on crowds gathering. but clearly many poles feel the right to choose is important enough to keep turning out in large numbers. now it's being called the david versus goliath battle on wall street the game stop frenzy has seen a group of small investors buying a surge of stock and creating losses in the billions for hedge fund pros but now there's anger on the online forums where this rebellion was coordinated after brokerage ops took action to stop at. they're placing their bets a group of small time speculators not professional traders have been coordinating the purchase of game stop stocks in online forums even though the retailer is
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virtually broke this is being causing share prices to skyrocket at the peak of the frenzy the stock had risen 2 and a half 1000 percent from its price at the start of the year. well it played out that those who are pushing the share prices higher are on the winning side but those hedge funds that are short the stock. only of that the price will be going down are getting squeezed and so i'm certain is that we maybe we end up with some hedge funds that have financial difficulties game stops rising share prices already cause problems for some short sellers who had bit that nearly bankrupt for them stocks would drop in value now every penny they increase means a loss for the short sellers it's not all good news for the individual traders investment platforms have started to limit trades on game stop putting pressure on the price whether the social media trade can regain its momentum is as yet unclear . rob watts from t w business is with us now hi rob it's really hard to follow the twists and turns of
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this story i mean it's been a week like no other on wall street hasn't been you called it david versus goliath this is been the week where the minnows of wall street of really taken on the titans of wall street we've seen for the 1st time this coordinated action organized online by small investors with the express aim of making hedge funds and major investors lose money and they succeeded in doing that i mean hedge funds that at the start of this week were betting on for example game stock. game stop even that stocks going down have lost billions as the stock has skyrocketed i mean a game stop show starts this week was worth around $45.01 point yesterday was worth $450.00 that rise has been sort of peds back because of this decision by the brokers to stop people from trading shares in companies like amc like game stop and also like black berry but it really has been an incredible week what are the
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reactions to this decision as you said by robin hood where you can invest your users absolutely furious about this because these are companies that have claimed to be in favor of democratizing the financial markets but they're seen here is helping out the big guy by stopping the little ones from competing with them and in the case of robin hood i mean the puns write themselves you know the users are being accused of are accusing them of not behaving like the the english legend and robbing from the rich and giving to the poor but doing the precise opposite there's also been criticism from politicians particularly the united states from both sides the democrats and the republicans saying it's an acceptable what the brokerages of doing because they're preventing small investors from investing meanwhile the hedge funds and the major investors can continue so where do you think things go from here well we should say that robin hood is going to loosen these restrictions during the course of today as it prepared itself for the another feeding frenzy
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when it does that but otherwise where the will of. share prices once again we're going to find out over the coming weeks who the real winners and losers are in this situation because sure we've got these people who were betting on the price going down to the stars this week who have really lost out but anyone who's been betting on the prize going down around about now might find that their winning on the other side small investors who have invested too late in this might find the most out very interesting robots from v.w. business thank you. right now to a big step forward for an ambitious project in argentina to reintroduce jaguars to their natural habitat an adult female and her 2 cubs have been released to prowl the massive granny bed on national park it comes after years of conservation work to re wild the wetlands in the northeast of the country. cute but cool relaxing deep 70 years in the making that's how long it's been since jackie was were last
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seen here in ne dodge and tina's he'd been a wetlands hunting and habitat loss drove them to local extinction after painstaking work by conservationists this adult female and her cubs were the 1st to be cats reintroduced to their natural habitat and they're settling in just fine if the 1st 20 days of gone very well because the mother has established herself very quickly she's getting to know the territory bit by bit we've already recorded that she has killed and fed on several cat the power rodents in just judge you as are endangered across the americas but particularly so in argentina just 2 to 300 remain in the wild they're important to the ecosystem because they control price bases and balance out the effect of other predators conservationists have spent years building up a huge park within these wetlands to do what's called rewilding the giant you are.
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made of ice and for the 1st time an attempt has been made to reintroduce the jaguar to a place where it had become extinct this is never been done before this over the next year more of these majestic felines will be released and it's hoped this project will lead to similar conservation if it's elsewhere to us thanks for watching everyone.
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i'm going to. cut a good is by using a state of. the dispute the country imports is a. primitive. could build in train tracks to transfer the call destroy the environment the deliveries and poison everything inside. model 3000.
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next on d w. a great power just a handful of chemical giants who dominate the industry manipulating plants and the markets however they please because of them some crops that are thousands of years old almost extinct but farmers and consumers are left with no other choice. than to find things on t.w. . slate. it is simply. going to be
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