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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2021 12:45pm-1:00pm CET

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production line and this has mere technical reasons so if you buy vaccines 2300000000 doses of vaccines to imagine that they're all there in the 1st quarter of 2021 is an illusion do you ever worry that we are relying too much on the idea of a vaccine as a kind of silver ball that the bullet that will solve all of our problems given those mutations the chancellor has said we could be looking at a situation where we have to vaccinate people anew every year as we do with influenza i have no other silver or gold and bought it in bullet in my gun it's the only thing we have there is no direct therapy against the corona virus there is a coming vaccination and we have to be quick with that oxidation because the more people undergo the infection the more mutations will form in these infected people so our challenge is to get as many people who acts in a that as fast as possible also to avoid detentions and of course it can happen
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that is a petition coming out of there and variant that is a whole dangerous than the present variants and then we have another problem but we solve problems when they are there. and that's that's why i think we need you know an urgent global strategy even we cannot leave permanents locked on even if we vaccinate every seats in the here and then outs one point. you know like open everything and in the sorts travelling and so on so our if we have this injustice if we have these imbalances globally in a room full down again to the same situation that's why i think not only or known on the basis of its emissions but on the basis all for keeping all people safe globally i think this is another approach why we should think you know like and then the far far of far sighted politics rather than the. no like we vaccinate
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every season and then we are out of the public just may say that our politicians in europe are under extreme stress from the public. so once we have started real vaccination campaigns and i have a sufficient amount of people vexes that here then sure who it is $10.00 solidarity towards other countries but it is over expecting politicians in the european region if you think they would sort of handed out for us to all the nations of solidarity they have to look after their own citizens as well let me come back to that in just a moment but take to alexandra the question of vaccination becoming a political football because indeed it's become a very political issue both within europe and beyond now we are seeing some european countries actually turning to china and russia for vaccines serbia hungary is this simply good health policy on the basis of the supply
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shortages that are currently there or is there more more at work here. well i think it's fair to say that china and russia are of course watching closely what's happening in the european union and how the e.u. is struggling to get enough it seems and they started last year offering their vaccines to africa to asia to south america and now even in europe's neighborhood you have countries like serbia for example who are more than happy to. get russian and chinese made vaccines because there are so desperate to inoculate their citizens because they were promised by the european union that help would come but there is nothing to see it and even within the repeal of the union with hungry for example who approved the chinese vaccine one of them and who also is using. the 5
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you see that china and to russia with their strategy of presenting themselves as a savior and see as saviors of the word they are quite successful even in the european union hungary of course is an outlier in other respects within the e.u. at the moment as well is this a political statement on the part of hungary that it's looking to these countries for support on vaccines and what do you think are the implications for relations within the e.u. briefly if you would. yes so we have to of course consider the tanguy has always had good relations with moscow historically speaking but this is very embarrassing for the repeal and you know because it also shows that it was not as successful at it claims to be securing enough it seems for the repeal the union. let me take the same question to come in china is also offering to supply vaccines
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widely across africa what would you say would be the long term political implications of that when i think that's part of the long term strategy of china expanding to african continent. a prolonged. strategy of its economic expansion as well china reacted already last year. sending cargo swears sanitation in mosques and so on to some regions they say and for example a number of car goes through he appear as a hop to distribute. the sanitation in the region and they did it in southern africa in western africa and so on so it's just a symbolic polity it's the toy ever it's it has been there and it was at the time when there was nothing there. and that that would happen with the vaccination as well these days nothing and people will take out what they what they get and i mean
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even in italy china was faster than germany and italy during its darkest time when italy was struggling with the pandemic last year so everything is a symbolic politics but there was and it was faked and it will have a sustainable. moment when when it comes to the economy and political expansion and so on so how does just one domino. within all these strategies of expansion. as the global scramble worsens some low income countries worry about getting left behind and are striking out on their own making deals where they can here's a report from under us. hundreds a country with over 9 and a half 1000000 people and more than 3700 kovac deaths so far few back scenes have been administered in march the country is set to receive 25000 doses of the biotech
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pfizer vaccine that's thanks to kovacs a human initiative that uses money from rich countries to enable delivery of vaccines to less wealthy countries the goal is to immunize a 5th of their populations by the end of the year hundreds itself hardly has the means to place orders. for someone who's been so then i mean. we have to go begging internationally. because honduras is a poor country that has to use its money for other things unfortunately. so there's not enough to place orders with lies or. by he says. it's the rich countries that have practically monopolized this vaccine. developing countries are simply left behind without access to the cove in 1000 vaccine what are. these vaccine equity being hindered by the greed of rich countries. dr mchenry the devil's advocate question is it really greed rich countries provided
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billions in support to the pharmaceutical companies to help them develop these vaccines is it not to some degree justified that they say hey we'd like to get 1st steps on the result well the justification all that has to be judged by all those but it is normal that people who invest a lot of money into the security of their own population of the 1st. we have to make sure that once they can they extend the solidarity to all those and i think w.h.o. is the right to do that and the kovacs initiative is the right initiative to make sure to provide this in our own interest because this is something which we forget in in european countries that it's our only interest to be able to travel to these countries there is this wonderful word of the french word of called on sunday tale which we have to have around us and i think it's going to have a cordon a safety a safety buffer around us so it's in our own interest to extend
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a solitary handle solidarity to these countries let me ask you very briefly the aids model in which patent protection was lifted or to some degree modified in order to ensure that crucial medications could be produced and sold at reasonable cost in the global south do we need something like that here and if so who drives that. i mean the it's a very different question because at present time when we are still in the phase of scientific innovation you would immediately take out the incentive for pharmaceutical country companies to invent a new strategies in aids we could lift up the patents and other things once the innovative of the scientific investment investigation was over so i i'm sure one day we will be able to do similar things but it's too early for that otherwise we'd lose the incentive of pharmaceutical industry and it would be worth
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another another. full discussion like this just to talk on the incentives the pharmaceutical industry i think that would be very interesting i hope we have the chance to do that but right now let me go very quickly to brussels we're almost out of time if you look at the reality on the ground alexandra when you see this kovacs initiative that was supposed to ensure equitable access to all would you say it's just become a fig leaf. yeah i have to say it's really it's not going to help anyway it doesn't have enough money right now it's only providing vaccines to 182 countries that's not going to be enough we have to do a better con and last word to you our title asks whether the vaccine us all will continue a battle between rich and poor what do you think. while i'm in the. you already. agreed into that i don't think it's approved greed but i think there is
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a lot of ego. a very nationalistic approach towards a situation and that is something which leads us to. mix lockdown perhaps no longer term so if you want to break out of the long break down we have to open the strategy thank you very much thanks to all of you for joining us thanks to you out there for turning and.
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good shape. they're lurking everywhere. well i just think it's kind of disgusting no it's not because those bacteria are very appalling to follow a health and well being. what to do and what not to do. the fact of hygiene concepts during the corona pandemic good shooting. in 30 minutes on d. w. .
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do you like it. or do you lock. it up. then buckle up put the pedal to the metal let's ride. on t w. can you hear me now years and years we can hear you and how the last years german chancellor will bring you an angle a man called as you've never had to have the full surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and want. to talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman
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shaping her legacy joining us from eccles last stop. it's about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of the new world order. the new silk road. china wants to it. spent its influence with this trade network place but it broke there's a morning when for accept some money from the new superpower will become. the timid talk of the fleet the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal the goal and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world to play china's gateway to. start feb 19th on d w. player.
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played . this is d w news live from bergland russia piles on the prosecutions against kremlin critic alexina bali this time he is charged with slandering a veteran. of all he's already been sentenced to 8 years in prison for violating parole russia's relations with the e.u. are worsening fast over his fate and also.


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