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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2021 1:00pm-1:46pm CET

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this is g.w. news live from bergland russia piles on the prosecutions against kremlin critic alexina bali this time he is charged with slandering a veteran. of all he's already been sentenced to 2 years in prison for violating parole brushes for elations with the e.u. are worsening fast over his fate and also coming up these violent scenes could happen again that is the final word from prosecutors in donald trump's impeachment trial they are urging a speedy conviction now which the turn of trump's lawyers to make their case for
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acquittal plus that of tokyo's olympic organizing committee resign his sexist remarks calls for an uproar and cast attention on japan's sluggish progress toward gender equality and. i'm sorry welcome to the program. kremlin critic alexina volley is back in court this time on charges of defaming a world war 2 veteran who appeared in a government video these are the latest pictures of all the from inside the court room in moscow he was recently sentenced to several years in jail for allegedly violating his probation in germany while he recovered from a poisoning attack and of all nice arrest sparked street protests across russia. leaders have called for his release further straining ties between the european
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union and russia. and on the story for us it's. standing by in moscow erin what's the latest. legal move here really about well what's an evolving is looking actually answering to slander charges surrounding on statements he made online in the run up to last year's constitutional referendum here in russia that was a referendum which basically in effect a loud letter of putin to or could potentially allow him to stay in power well into the twenty's or thirty's now of course that's something and that alexina of all the opposed and specifically regarding the comments he made he was focusing on the video released by russia today now that's russia's state broadcaster and in the video members of russian society raised their support and voice their support for this constitutional referendum now alexina vonnie labeled them as traitors which resulted in this landing slander charges that he's facing today now of course this
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trial was originally slated to take place last year but of all these poisoning with a soviet era nerve agent nova chuck and then his resulting recuperation in germany prevented the trial from taking place and of course he returns to the country earlier this year was arrested and that's part of the reason that prosecutors are now going ahead with this latter case aaron any indications of potential verdict. well no of course we don't know exactly how the court is likely to rule but it bears saying that the russian judiciary has never been very sympathetic to alexina volley in the past now if you were to be sentenced he could be facing additional jail time or a fine or something akin to community service but at least here in moscow it's not expected that he will be facing additional jail time specifically because he is already looking down the barrel of a 2 to 3 year sentence on a different fraud charge instead talk to people around you have all these orbit they say that there's a little bit of a different motive is behind this slander charges right now they say that the
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kremlin is attempting to hurt alexy standing in the court of public opinion you have to remember world war 2 veterans were held up to a very very high standard in high regard here in russia so by accusing him of slandering one of them it could be an attempt to harm his standing with everyday russians and at the same time his defense team is still looking at avenues that they could use to get him out of jail long term and this ties them up in court in a time when they could be using those resources elsewhere so of course the position of the russian government is that these are serious charges but if you ask people surrounding team of all me they say it's an attempt to basically harass them in the court of law ok and i want to talk about on the diplomatic level internationally because we have this very dramatic threat today from the foreign minister of russia sergei lavrov saying that moscow is ready to sever ties with the european union just walk us through the back story here and what such a move could mean. well i mean on the face of it it is kind of hard to take
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these that threat seriously i mean you have to remember the european union is still the most important trading partner to the russian federation it's also the largest sort of a source rather of direct investment was in the country so it's hard to imagine a scenario where moscow and the e.u. could completely sever ties and we have to be honest i mean. the the relationship has been livable and loaded with sanctions since the crimea conflict and since the conflict in ukraine and they're still talking to each other they're still working with each other so it's kind of hard to imagine a scenario where they could completely break off ties and you also have to look at the context that these statements were made and it was made on a live stream of a russian journalist and there's a lot of you over who is often considered to be one of the kremlin's chief propagandists he often gives the kremlin an avenue to help shape the conversation within the country so these statements it does seem because they were taken place in that live stream it seems they were more intended towards domestic consumption
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as opposed to being some type of message directly leveled at the european union so i would say well of course you have to take statements like this seriously i would say this is more a little bit of siba rattling intended for domestic consumption rather than a threat directly at the u. erin telson in moscow thank you the prosecutors in the united states have wrapped up their case in the 2nd impeachment trial against donald trump they urged senators to convict the former president for inciting the violent mob that stormed the capitol building on january 6th the prosecutors say that convicting trump is necessary to ensure something similar cannot happen again it today trumps defense team will present its side. said to jurors a timely end to the day's hearings on the 3rd day of the impeachment trial of donald trump prosecutors made their closing pitch without using up their allotted speaking time of 16 hours. i wanted to start simply by saying
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that in the history of humanity democracies an extremely rare and frau draw and precarious and transitory thing this isn't just an attack on the capitol building and the dedicated people inside it was an attack on what we were elected to preserve our democracy. for you. don't know what the prosecution made heavy use of video footage of the january 6th riots to prove that the former president had incited the violent insurrection. card through impeachment is not to punish but to prevent we are not here to punish donald trump we are here to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted from bearing any more fruit republican lawmakers who are quick to dismiss the arguments but if you think of the arguments today. i thought they were awfully repetitive.
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trump's defense team will make its case on friday the way to a final vote is expected this week and that 2 thirds majority is needed to impeach a trumpery meaning 17 republican senators have to cross the aisle to make you know them and u.s. president joe biden has confirmed that he will take art in next week's munich security conference becoming the 1st sitting american president to do so event organizers announced in a tweet that the conference will be held virtually this year and broadcast live the munich security conference is a key event for addressing international defense issues biden has attended the conference in the past while vice president barack obama according to the white house press secretary biden is expected to push for greater cooperation between the u.s. and europe. let's get more we are joined by do you have use william blue cross or william just tell us this is
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a pretty positive sign for the transatlantic relationship isn't it. very much and one that's been really people been waiting for him to spit in for quite some weeks even before biden became president biden is a himself a huge foreign policy player for years on the foreign relations committee when he was a senator as you mentioned just now he was a point man for many foreign policy issues with barack obama's vice president to barack obama and he gave us some pretty significant remarks earlier this month at the state department saying america is back diplomacy is back that diplomacy is not just a nice thing that the united states does but it's quote in america's own make it interest to engage with allies to engage also with adversaries it was really a quite stunning reversal of trump doctrine which was which saw the world as very transactional very 0 sum and alliances that is actually a source of weakness for america america's power and standing in the world where it's biden sees as a source of strength ok so some nice words some nice gesture is out the gate from
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from joe biden but ultimately i mean there's still some major challenges and the relationship that have better facing you know both by then and then also you know across the atlantic. his in counterparts the german chancellor for example just walk us through some of those. huge challenges remain absolutely i have a chance to speak with the commissioner just yesterday he's the chairman of the munich security conference since 2008 he knows all these players very well and while he was made very clear that the transatlantic relationship has never been easy i think we often have a rose colored the you of the past between the u.s. and european allies that things are in a very precarious position now because what donald trump proved and both sides of the atlantic is that american support for european interests and european safety is not permanent and it's not guaranteed and so what the united states has to show and prove under the biden ministration is that biden biden's view of the world is the
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norm and trumps view of the world is the exception that will alleviate some of the fears that europe passed and in the reverse tells me that it's up to european officials to convince american voters especially the 74000000 american voters who voted for trump and see his side of things in the world that actually this relationship is beneficial to them and not just to europe's own safety or protection debbi as william glue proft think is a lot of going to have some other stories making news members of italy's populist 5 star movement have voted to support a government of national unity under mario trog it clears the way for the ex chief of the european central bank to become italy's next prime minister. and the 6 people have died in a massive pileup on a texas highway at least 65 others were injured when about 130 cars crashed on
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a stretch of road near fort worth police say that icy conditions may have led to the crash. legendary american jazz pianist and composer chick corea has died he was 79 the 23rd time grammy award winner died of a rare form of cancer which was discovered recently grey is considered one of the 20th century's most influential pianists. facebook says that it will limit the content and profiles run by me on mars military saying that the army has continued to spread misinformation it comes as the 2 sides wrestle over information access in myanmar or facebook is a key source of news nationwide protests continued across myanmar since the military overthrew the civilian government and detained most of the country's top elected leaders now the military hold on me on march never really really despite a brief period of democracy today the junta freed some $1000.00 prisoners but that
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is unlikely to appease demonstrators many a choose the military of using lethal force against them our next report takes a look at the events that have rocked the country. the biggest street demonstrations in miami mob in over a decade protesters want the generals to step aside they're calling for elected leaders to be freed i'm not calling for a new constitution. that's because the army says an article in the current document allows the generals to take over. when the state of emergency is over we will hold a free and fair general election according to the 2008 constitution and hand power to the winner. it's a promised the people of my own ma believe. was
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a telecoms and social media blackout days after the coup did not stop people organizing mass demonstrations to raise international support for what. the police responded to the army who had gotten out of the military said it didn't use lethal weapons on demonstrators on tuesday. but time the see international says police recklessly told that to the protesters with no respect for their lives or safety. this video shows riot police trying to disperse a protest in the capital naypyidaw a protester wearing a red shirt and of my to bike helmet shelters with opposite to bus stop where our border all rolled up were you know moments later she slumped on the ground and fellow protesters tried to help her. ban is on the fly over capture that moment. doctors told reporters that's
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a bullet penetrated has skull and her condition is critical demonstrators are holding photos of what they say are her injuries. yami has banned large gatherings the authorities say this peaceful protest outside the chinese embassy is illegal. china supported my on mars military dictatorship for decades even as the international community shunned the country over human rights abuses. her. was the army conceded some power to a civilian government in 2015 but they never truly left memories of brutal military rule is still fresh in people's minds frank a long who research as me on more for amnesty international she joins us now from london thank you so much for joining us on the program we're seeing these fresh protests and demands for release of aung sang suu kyi how do you see the situation
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developing and do you have any more information about switching it's very dangerous situation in myanmar moment and it deserves top billing in the international community in terms of our sons that she was delusional where she's being held as is the case that many others there's been this seems and they've been sleeping or it's at least 220 and there were reports overnight which we're seeking to confirm at the moment so the number of people who've been detained is a very high and the situation there is very combustible as we've seen the use of intentionally lethal force against purchases and it's really just an example. tell us a little bit more about that because the military for its part it denies that lethal force is being used systematically but you know we we've heard in our piece that your organization amnesty says that police have targeted protesters with apparently no respect for life or safety do you have evidence of lethal force being used.
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incident in question in a video at the capitol was that we were able to locate where the incident took place we saw that they were using a in louisiana local made a locally made clothing of increasing weapon and that is that the shells what indicated reside i mean ition and not the bullets to so that is something that we've been following closely because that is the 1st as far as we can tell the 1st use of live ammunition against protesters who we've also seen seen the music water cannons and other disproportionate force in trying to quell the protests the u.n. deputy human rights chief is saying the following are speaking out about this saying that the military presence on the streets is growing in fact and issuing quote draconian orders against freedom of speech and i'd like to ask you now you know the military has promised elections in one year's time when you when you hear
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those promises from the military what do you think this is a military with a long history that unity and amnesty primary concern is always human rights and rather than medical systems we're trying to monitor the situation as best we can but we have huge concerns there over 300000 people displaced becomes like nationwide is over 600000 are injured if they simply interned and refined state so this is a massive human rights issue for us came along at amnesty international thank you so much for joining us to share that perspective. states across europe are scrambling to contain new more infectious cope with 19 variants germany is imposing travel bans on neighboring czech republic as well as austrians to roll regions starting on sunday now in germany german leaders have expressed particular concern about the latest austrian outbreak of various state premier says that the area is not taking the situation seriously a few reports it seems like
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a deja vu we're driving through the very same stage you know austria that was a major sport in europe when the pandemic began is making headlines by becoming a hot spot again this time with a new variant from south africa and most cases stem from here shots a district into 60 percent of at least $400.00 cases this makes the 2nd most infected country have to south africa with a coronavirus mutation. but with carnival season in full swing the people here don't seem to be worried much maybe only met up for a little bit off and will be again in our position of it at the house of the cut this is a save. it is the same thing that happened in ishqiya last year there is a concentrated move to look for someone to blame myself for i know. this but
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it's always to blame anyway people's behavior politics opinions are split over this question here and i hate the show and feel that the we should have had buddha checks much. far better you could also have been prepared much earlier but you know when the grown orange yellow and orange of. the restaurants and hotels remain closed and foreign tourists away there's plenty of tourism all strands with holiday homes or even day trippers and when they leave to roll in many cases. as the virus leaves with them starting today people leaving to rule to other parts of austria must present a negative kovi test pharmacies like this one have set up testing facilities to meet the demand but the south african variant has already spread beyond the state borders have to rule the measures to set up a difference now too little too late. as you say it is just one measure out of so
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many of us and i believe measures like these i would say cannot be put in place from one hour to the next because a logistical challenge. not a political one to austria is a federal state the central government and the state governments need to coordinate how to respond to a crisis which takes time exactly what those 3 are does not happen. and here are some other developments in the pandemic over port in the new york times suggests that former u.s. president donald trump is much more was much more ill with covert 19 than the white house public they admit it some officials were apparently concerned he would need to be put on a ventilator new zealand's prime minister to send ardern says that the country's an occupation programme will likely began earlier than anticipated on the 20th of february new zealand has almost entirely eliminated the virus domestically and beginning on saturday the australian open tennis tournament will continue to be
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played but without an audience the state of victoria is entering a 5 day of lockdown after an outbreak of the u.k. variant was discovered in a quarantined hotel. the president of the tokyo 2021 picks organizing committee has resigned 83 year olds yoshiro mori caused a firestorm for sexist remarks that he made at a recent japanese olympic committee meeting mori is also a former prime minister the outrage over his comments shows that japan is slowly changing. yoshiro mori wanted to guide the coronavirus delayed tokyo summer games all the way through a closing ceremony but his tenure ended in controversy. the important thing is for the olympic games to be held in july and in order to hold the olympics if my presence is a hindrance to the preparations this cannot be allowed to nominate believes mori
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was leading an olympic board meeting last week when he was quoted as saying women talked too much something he called annoying the former japanese prime minister later apologized but it was too late his comments through sharp criticism in the parliament and on social media and some $400.00 would be volunteers for the summer games quit in protest. and i think more he should have resigned when he apologized but he didn't correct so i thought he was tone deaf he should have thought about the impact of his comments being reported overseas i know people in other countries have a stricter view on issues of equality than the japanese. mores strongly supported the effort to bring the 2020 olympics to tokyo and some officials fear that his resignation could spell doom for the games now set for this july. still his downfall to some represents an opportunity. but i'm not in the i think this is
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a good chance to change japan's current mindset about gender equality if it marked a kind of milestone since a person who made such remarks has to resign so i think this has great significance . meaning out of. it after the 83 year old mori the 84 year old former head of japanese football color blue cheese to boro is considered likely to take over the japanese olympic committee. when a spanish formula one driver for nando along though was involved in a road cycling accident in switzerland he could miss the start of the season in march as a result of his injuries as alpine team set a long 0 is conscious and awaiting further medical examination but according to some media reports he has suffered a fractured jaw. of the 39 year old formula one come back is now in doubt after a 2 year absence from the circuit. in time with jams and other sporting venues
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closed in many parts of the world it is no surprise that many people have given up their fitness routines during the pandemic but the german octogenarian hasn't let the lockdown get her down she's been taking social media by storm with these fitness videos. no sign of not town for t. h e one year old eric harris has become a star on instagram and to top. it all started with some videos she recorded for her family. looked on king yet and the lockdown started and my daughter and i decided to do a video on to talk. and after lots of positive comments and appreciation really just carried on. the clips that mother and daughter record in their living room have gone at the 100000 followers and nearly 10000000 views on chick talk. and
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if you want to come into the kitchen in the morning and look at my tablet how many more followers how many likes have i got now. erica's fitness videos if you didn't content they us the wall street journal interviewed her and she has appeared on good morning america. and sometimes erica gets her husband to join her in some moves. i felt that if it's funny sometimes he gets the choreography quicker than me also. sorry to beat your look down fatigue got off the sofa and showing erica. yeah those us and fitness goals and quicker my don't top story that we're following for you here on d w news kremlin critic alexina volley is back in court and this rising tension between russia and the e.u. of allmusic isn't. salt's world war veteran after recently being sentenced to 8 years in prison on another charge russia says that it's ready to break ties with
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the e.u. and brussels moves on sanctions and is frightened over the almost fate. coming up next sunday w. news it is the health magazine in the good shape and there's no smarter website dot com also follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching take care.
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good shape. there lurking everywhere. well i just think it's kind of disgusting no it's not because those pictures a very a follow on health and well being. what to do and what not to do. affect of hygiene concepts during the corona pandemic good should. d.w. . 100
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soft leaves in my clients. where i come from raj order means an important moonsault transmitting to a new and for mission and when i was young my country was wrong in one conference the more prominent people most people would cause them our own drug consumers. it was my job to tour in one off the lot and just say it's sold out to everyone in the town fort bliss and tons of days. nothing has been from inside of my unknown codea and on not mortars on so long even if it's not by us i was it's one of. my choice to discard
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because given their way toward transmitting it to trolls. my nym is an aggression on much and i will. do it up here. welcome to in good shape. con's wasing is more important than ever join because with 1000 pounds i make but sticking to basic hygiene rules is always one of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick bacteria and viruses lurk everywhere sometimes in unexpected places but not all mike. are bad. hello and welcome to in good shape do you know what those funny birds and me have
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in common but tyria on ours surfaces well you think it's kind of disgusting no it's not because those bacteria are very important for our health and well being thank you know what takes care of all bacteria our own immune system. the immune system we know it as a defense system but it has another much broader function. we end our microbial cohabitants need to be kept in balance exactly how the immune system does that is extremely complicated and we don't yet fully understand it it has to react but without overreacting. it can't just rush in and let fly at random it needs to leave its friends in peace for example microbes which help with digestion manufacture vital substances and eliminate pathogens.
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but how does the immune system know which microbes are the good guys and which are the baddies. as with every system in the body the immune system has regulators that spurred on or slow it down. our microbial cohabitants help with this fine tuning. microbes convince our immune system to let them stay they soothe it even though it recognizes them as invaders. that's exactly what keeps our immune system in peak fitness it can react quickly to danger but at the same time it's controlled so that it doesn't lash out at everything. as is the case with allergies for example or asthma. auto immune diseases then the body attacks harmless substances or.
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microbes can also defend against pathogens directly. sort of like a gatekeeper to prevent pathogens from entering the body and causing an infection. there is some scientific evidence that our immune system is primarily there to keep our organism in balance with all its microbial passengers the defense against pathogens is only a side effect but an important one. germany goes into the next lock down because of the novel coronavirus and this is why i will continue this show from home. the question what can i do for my personal hygiene is especially important in the times of the new coronavirus pandemic so what to do and what not to do will be the topic of today's top hello today i would institute for dream
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you're brilliant and i have to be very prepared. and i. must adopt. dr sasser i was a specialist in hygiene and public health related environmental protection. his particular focus has been on optimizing hygiene in hospitals. for hello professor astro i've just infected my hands it's often said that washing them is enough do i really have to disinfect them as well to protect myself from the sars cough to virus for. he martin must go after him did not also take my mask off we're far enough apart disinfecting your hands is the best option we should do it in everyday life as well when you get off the subway or bus because you can't wash your hands there it's good to have a little bottle of disinfectant with you at all times to kill off any viruses.
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what else should we do to protect ourselves from the virus and you know i did this to use a disinfectant mouthwash because the nose mouth and throat where the virus can multiply we should nip that in the butt and kill any particles as soon as possible leaving con. proper anti microbial agent mind you not just any old male friends so intimate i believe but that's fine if you want to smell sweet but it won't kill viruses. to go in so gargling with the mountains interesting i have another question about masks cloth ones if it be tuesday supposable ones we often wear them all day long on public transport and so on what's the right way to deal with them. after 2 hours a face mask will be sought and viruses on the in a side slowly move to the outer side so after a couple of hours the surgical mask you're wearing with the blue surface of law is going to be wet and then it's time to put on a new one life
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a surgical or medical mask like yours is the mask of choice or someone. who so you recommend this kind of medicine but how should i keep it clean pocket if i touch the surface. is that a mistake from a fire like the it was good if you know it doesn't matter you just disinfected your hands if you. put it on. over one ear and then the other or both at the same time yes. down over the chin yeah at the top there's a strip of metal. against the nose around the nose and under your glasses until it's nice and snug up when you're breathing normally nothing gets through the mask has 3 layers it's a good mechanical barrier we've got coming in the must kind of be disinfected and used again. yeah the mother has
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a call yes when you get home i turn on the oven preheated to 70 degrees celsius and then put the mask in for half an hour or 3 quarters of an hour. then one another for. 5 for then the mask is entirely free of any corona virus particles and there's no risk of infection. that's from even disposable masks yeah. yes they're called disposable for a very different reason they were developed for medical use in an operating theatre everything has to be sterile. so before i put supper in the oven i should bake my mask when. you're not. exactly when you come home turn on the oven this is important and it's astonishing that people don't realise this sort take it seriously. you know when you have to preheat the oven.
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i mean like with ready to bake rolls from the supermarket it always says preheat the oven before you put them in. and many people 1st put their masks in the oven and then turn it on and pull them out after half an hour that's wrong you need exactly 70 degrees for half an hour if the oven warms up part of that time 405060 degrees and so on it's not good enough for many thanks and that was professor sastra with us on in good shape. do you know what my favorite place in this house is it's the. it's simply the place to be if. it's when together with my family especially in times of the coronavirus it's very important to be very good on the kitchen so he's your menu for today. meet maria and camilla they share a cooking. time in kitchens he's
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a food safety inspector today they're going to cook together have to wash their hands. 30 seconds i'll tell you out you need to wash your hands for 30 seconds and you should take off all of your jewelry. it's also advisable to wash your hands now and then while you're cooking that's the safest way of making sure the food stays jam free. it makes dessert 1st tiramisu the recipe calls for the food inspectors and known bells are ringing. off the hands. so i think we know why there's a salmonella risk. and then sit outside on their eggs can get contaminated with germs and bacteria on their passage through the cloaca so separating eggs is quite dicey. if. the oak comes into contact with the shell.
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the eggs shouldn't be made because the bacteria could end up in the actual egg wash your hands after handling eggs and lettuce didn't cut off the stalk 1st so you can clean the parts of the letters that are hard to get into this middle part which is very compact so sometimes there's a bit of sand and grit in there. give everything else already to make sure it's gone. back to the does that as well as tiramisu has the pony and it's this can go off and needs to be kept in the fridge. now this is already the question is where do we put it will only be serving it in a few hours and we'll be doing some more cooking in the meantime it needs to be covered with for oil and kept in the fridge for the time being the tiramisu is left to kill. things can get chaotic in the kitchen and mistakes are easily made.
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paula this is a perfect example let me give you a paper trail. your hands on the used and now any germs that were on it are all over your hands it's also a good idea to wipe the chopping board with a paper towel to. use paper towels need to be thrown away the next challenge she now. has to be toxicity. use all this up today and open tuna fish came in the fridge is not a good idea. clingfilm helps keep it crisp and bacteria free time to prepare the meat. poultry can be easily contaminated if i'm not really sure should i rinse it 1st isn't enough to make sure it's well cooked doesn't that get rid of any bacteria and. thoroughly should
1:42 pm
get rid of any bacteria this piece of meat is dry so i wouldn't expose it to moisture no. i would just cook it it's worth running produce that you need to defrost under cold water trying it with kitchen roll so that any bacteria get rinsed off. with. this meat is fresh and dry so the team can start preparing it's very important after the turkey has been on it. being bored has to be cleaned with boiling water but there are different roles for the mincemeat as you can read here you can keep it opened at a maximum temperature of 2 degrees for 2 days 2 degrees is no problem in the meat counter at the supermarket but a normal fridge isn't that cold that's. how safe is touching me to a poultry with bare hands.
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germs double in number every 20 minutes or. so. will be fine. we can need it with our hands and. the turkey must be. the meat to. paolo camillo and maria and looking forward to tucking into that street course menu. will have to piss off i didn't feel we were being told off as of young people are clueless and he was nice about that we all learned a lot taking these precautions isn't any extra work. and so long as a few basic rules are followed we don't need to worry and we can all just enjoy eating well. good shape your weekly health show on t.w. covers many aspects of health care. we look at what's new in medical treatment
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nutrition fitness and you see. we talk about these topics in depth with experts and give you the chance to pose your own questions soap do get in touch. if you need to go to a toilet here in germany it's usually not a problem because toilets are literally everywhere but the world health organization claims that world white nearly 2000000000 people didn't have access to top lids and that's a real problem. i am. no no no no. no no lights there to be a festive atmosphere when she makes a sales pitch but there's a serious matter at stake. for you you know and today i want to show you how we can make our neighborhood cleaner. what's this and where did these bags land when we've used them on our roofs in our streets and in our water would
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you like to change the situation. oh by margot. and works for people a company that wants to improve access to hygiene make toilets. i thought into. how many of you know about people who are new kind of toilets it will help make things cleaner and healthier it's not just a bag. there are chemicals inside which fight the smell and kill harmful bacteria. that was in 2013 no sewerage no real toilets instead single use plastic bags were meant to solve the sanitation problem in shantytowns. kibera on the outskirts of the kenyan capital nairobi is one of the biggest informal settlements in africa it's estimated that between 300000.


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