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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2021 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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ahead with harsh economic sanctions possible target is a nearly complete gas pipeline between russia and germany but some people say that linking the project to human rights concerns is a bad idea. the north stream too is ready at least the german end of the nearly 2500 kilometer long pipeline it starts here in the baltic sea town of lukeman the receiving terminal with its thick pipes and heavy safety valves has been ready to go since the summer. goodmans mayor oxus forbes is concerned that despite this the russian gas pipeline might never be operational. it would give us a very bad public image if we had an investment disaster of this magnitude and the political debate continued to be so heated i suspect that would also scare off investors we'd like to keep all of. this 150 kilometers of pipeline has become
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a hot topic. the section has yet to be completed on the bottom of the baltic sea. but calls for tougher sanctions against russia are getting louder. after the reported poisoning of opposition politician alex enough ali many demanded a halt to the construction of the north stream to local authorities refused to believe that construction might be stopped. can you really link the case of nevaeh in the 2 a project like north stream to. what would it be better to look at these 2 events separately especially when the facts at least according to my assessment are not yet clear enough to place the blame on russian government. the mayor is voicing the opinion of the citizens of lukeman a seaside resort on the baltic sea because of the coronavirus there aren't enough tourists but there are also very few locals on the beach their opinion is almost unanimous. people think everything the russians do is bad that's not right in
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a volley is an important north stream is important to. us can we afford to waste millions billions compromises have to be made i think it must be completed in the mas dismissed because. only one person dares to criticize russia even though long as they were historically a reliable partner as long as it benefited them for political reasons i would not continue this project. you just pour your money for folks all that matters is a consistent supply of energy after germany's nuclear phaseout gas will become essential he says even if it comes from russia with love and we find russia including vladimir putin to be a reliable partner in social and economic life in the state of mecklenburg western primer india and especially here at our energy and business site i see no reason
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for putin or the russian government to be sidelined like that in order to look mean expects russian natural gas to flow through these pipes soon. as we've been hearing there are some in the region are very much pro north stream to let's hear from somebody who thinks that the project should be cancelled we're joined now by our next of well grass she is a member of the german parliament for the opposition green party and she sits on the pundits tog's defense committee welcome to the program and thank you for joining us as we've been hearing there supporters of this project say it's an economic it's not a political project it should not be used as political leverage what is your view i think building this pipeline was wrong all along and there are many reasons why this is so and it's never too late to fix some mistake and i think the most important reason is that we have to take our own climate goals seriously and this is why the green party has been
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a post from the beginning to an austrian too but there is of course a link to the attempted murder attack on because the german government should send a very clear message to putin and to the crown land that we will not. that this an answered and this would be the sitting that would hurt. i want to get your opinion on a counter argument now and here's the german foreign minister speaking in parliament earlier this week let's have this very nordstrom's why are we one who fundamentally questions the north stream to pipeline and you can certainly advocate that opinion must also consider at least geo strategic lee what consequences that will have it will drive russia and china closer and closer together and it will create the largest economic military alliance there is and i don't think that
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should be the strategy of the west in this dispute and that's why i'm against burning old bridges to russia in this context i'm sure he does and says i'm hard so when you put it in the broader geo strategic picture as we're seeing there does the foreign minister have a point. i don't think so because 1st we have to take our climate goals seriously and when we do it we see that the time of dismayed our fossil fuel project is over we have already overcapacity in our infrastructure so we really don't need it and it's bad for the climate but the other hand we see when the when the foreign minister says this is the only good. link we have words of president putin we have to cooperate in questions of energy we can cooperate on renewable energy use and i think the time. for
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only concerned words we have to send a very clear message to the kremlin and not only take some political answers ok so your position is clear so then let me ask you you know what the next step would be if that indeed was carried out because the back and forth about north korean 2 also of course has economic financial implications there are private companies involved here the project cost some 10000000000 euros who should answer for the losses if the project is indeed celt. it's not. really clear how to get out of this project we don't have the contracts and the german government does not answer many questions about it the 1st step would be to draw the political support of the. coalition and i think it's the most important one if you want to stop the project and then you have to look for
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a good way out you have to look at the contracts and there are still some issues some legal issues about environmental impact assessments from the european side or ours or competition routes so daire are maybe many ways which could lead to an end of the project and nest of program member of the german parliament for the opposition green party thank you. prosecutors in the united states congress have wrapped up their case in the 2nd impeachment trial against donald trump they urged senators to convict the former president for inciting the violent mob that storms the capitol building on january the 6th democrats say the trump must be convicted to ensure there can be no repeat in a few hours time trumps defense team will begin presenting its side of the story.
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so during a timely end to the day's hearings on the 3rd day of the impeachment trial of donald trump prosecutors made their closing pitch without using up their allotted speaking time of 16 hours. i wanted to start simply by saying that in the history of humanity democracies an extremely rare and fragile and precarious and transitory thing this wasn't just an attack on the capitol building and the dedicated people inside it was an attack on what we were elected to preserve our democracy. for you. thank god the prosecution made heavy use of video footage of the january 6th riots to prove that the former president had incited the violent insurrection. impeachment is not to punish but to prevent we are not fear to punish donald trump
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we are here to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted from bearing any more fruit republican lawmakers who are quick to dismiss the arguments but you think that the argument today. that they were all 3 repetitive. i'll call it. trumps defense team will make its case on friday the way to a final vote is expected this week and the 2 thirds majority is needed to impeach a trumpery meaning 17 republican senators have to cross the aisle you know the u.s. president joe biden has confirmed that he will take art in next week's munich security conference becoming the 1st sitting american president to do so. event organizers announced in a tweet that the conference will be held virtually this year and broadcast live in executing conference as a key event for addressing international defense issues biden has attended the conference in the past while vice president barack obama well while he was vice
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president excuse me to barack obama according to a white house press secretary biden is expected to push for a greater cooperation between the lesson here. let's get more we are joined by dint of use william glue cross to william just tell us this is a pretty positive sign for the transatlantic relationship isn't it very much and one that's been really people been waiting for him to spading for quite some weeks even before biden became president biden is a himself a huge foreign policy player for years on the foreign relations committee when he was a senator as you mentioned just now he was a point man for many foreign policy issues with barack or as vice president to barack obama and he gave us some pretty significant remarks earlier this month at the state department saying america is back diplomacy is back that diplomacy is not just a nice thing that the united states does but it's both in america's own make it interest to engage with allies to engage also with adversaries it was really
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a quite stunning reversal of trump doctrine which was which saw the world was very transactional very 0 sum and alliances that is actually a source of weakness for america america's power and standing in the world where it's biden sees as a source of strength ok so some nice words some nice gesture is out the gate from from joe biden but ultimately i mean there's still some major challenges in the relationship that it that are facing you know both by then and then also you know across the atlantic. has in counterparts the german chancellor for example just walk us through some of those. huge challenges remain absolutely i have a chance to speak with the commission just yesterday he's the chairman of the munich security conference since 2008 he knows all these players very well and while he was made very clear that the transatlantic relationship has never been easy i think we often have a rose colored view of the past between the u.s. and european allies that things are in
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a very precarious position now because what donald trump proved and both sides of the atlantic is that american support for european interests and european safety is not permanent and it's not guaranteed and so what the united states has to show and prove under the biden ministration is that biden biden's view of the world is the norm and trump's view of the world is the exception that will alleviate some of the fears that europe passed and in the reverse tells me that it's up to european officials to convince american voters especially the 74000000 american voters who voted for trump and see his side of things in the world that actually this relationship is beneficial to them and not just to europe's own safety or protection debbie as well iyam quick profits thank you so much and here are some more stories making headlines around the world authorities in india have air dropped from leaf materials to villages cut off after and clay sure
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collapsed now than 170 people harming missing after in for raj of water and deplane were released tar and state bridges. were swept away there and rose they were destroyed rescue workers have so far recovered 37 bodies since sunday says aster. china's broadcasting regulator says that it has banned b.b.c. world news it's a largely symbolic move as the channel was only freely accessible to foreigners the decision comes a week after britain revotes the u.k.'s broadcasting license of china's c g t n it concluded that the network was controlled by china's communist party. the united nations has called on the un security council to impose targeted sanctions on myanmar side a growing evidence that security forces have used all live ammunition against protesters it comes as the u.n. holds a special session on the state of human rights in the country nationwide protests
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have continued across me and mar since the military overthrew the civilian government and detained most of the country's top elected leaders. now on friday 3 people were reportedly wounded by rubber bullets as demonstrators clashed with police our next report takes a look at the events that have rocked the country in recent days including one incident where a 19 year old woman was allegedly shot by police using live fire. the big is street demonstrations in myanmar in over a decade protesters who want the generals to step aside they're calling for elected leaders to be freed and they're calling for a new constitution. that's because the army says that an article in the current document allows the generals to take over. when the state of
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emergency is over we will hold a free and fair general election according to the 2008 constitution and hand power to the winner but. it's a promise the people of myanmar don't believe. a telecoms and social media blackout days after the coup did not stop people organizing mass demonstrations to raise international support. the police responded. the military says it did not use lethal weapons on the demonstrators on tuesday but amnesty international says police recklessly targeted protesters with no respect for their lives or safety this video shows riot police trying to disperse a protest in the capital nay pyi taw. a young protester in a red shirt wearing a motorbike helmet shelters with others at
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a bus stop. moments later she is slumped on the ground and fellow protesters tried to help her. banners on the fly over capture that moment. doctors told reporters that a bullet penetrated her skull and her condition is critical demonstrators hold photos of what they say are her injuries. the army has banned large gatherings the authorities say this peaceful protest outside the chinese embassy is illegal. china supported me on mars military dictatorship for decades even as it was shunned by the international community over human rights abuses. good gentil conceded some power to a civilian government in 2015 but they never truly left memories of brutal military rule are still fresh in people's minds the military is also wrestling with
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facebook over information access the platform is a key source of news for people here facebook now says it will limit content and profiles run by me on mars military saying the army has continued to spread misinformation. and the president of the tokyo 2020 elin picks organizing committee has resigned 83 year old yoshiro mori caused a firestorm for sexist remarks that in either the recent japanese olympic committee meeting mori is also a former prime minister the outrage over his comments shows that japan is slowly changing. yoshiro mori wanted to guide the coronavirus delayed tokyo summer games all the way through a closing ceremony but his tenure ended in controversy. the important thing is for the olympic games to be held in july and in order to hold the olympics if my presence is
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a hindrance to the preparations this cannot be allowed to nominate at least mori was leading an olympic board meeting last week when he was quoted as saying women talk too much something he called annoying the former japanese prime minister later apologized but it was too late his comments true sharp criticism in the parliament and on social media. and some $400.00 would be volunteers for the summer games quit in protest. i think more he should have resigned when he apologized but he didn't correct so i thought he was tone deaf he should have thought about the impact of his comments being reported overseas i know people in other countries have a stricter view on issues of equality than the japanese. mores strongly supported the effort to bring the 2020 olympics to tokyo and some officials fear that his resignation could spell doom for the games now set for this july. still his
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downfall to some represents an opportunity. but i love it i think this is a good chance to change japan's current mindset about gender equality as it marked a kind of milestone since a person who made such remarks has to resign so i think this has great significance . meaning out of. it after the 83 year old mori the 84 year old former head of japanese football. is considered likely to take over the japanese olympic committee. and head of the football world there's more calls for celebration for germany's buyer mimic the bun to think of champions edge to mexico steve gray to one the fifa club world cup taking all 6 major trophies they could win in the 12 month period are so low now was the only other club to do that 2009.
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out of the starting blocks to grip the show they had every intention of battling man well neuer put a stop to this attack. but it remained a physical affair throughout neither team giving ground easily. byron appeared to go up in the 18th minute. i believe to have the goal disallowed by video assistant referee for offside. leroy sign a had a great chance but rattled the crossbar and the 1st half and it scoreless but byron got on the right side of the v.a.r. in the 2nd half benjamin kovach banging the ball and then assistant referee immediately called it offside but with the match on the line video replay over rule the goal was good off the usual commish cross one nil by and that's how it staged by aaron are club world champions and winners of an historic sex couple. and the australian open will continue but without any fans in the stands that's the
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latest after the state of victoria and had a 5 day lockdown on saturday to contain the newest strain of the coronavirus supporters who were present at matches in the early stages of the tournament but it's uncertain if they will be able to attend again after the snap a lockdown is lifted in the meantime tennis australia has said that it would provide full refunds to ticket holders. a china has rung in the lunar new year ushering in the year of the ox normally the weeklong festival sees the world's largest annual migration as people across china travel to visit family but for the 2nd year in a row cove in 1000 has cast a shadow over the celebrations. china welcomed the new lunar year with the usual color and customs street festivals were held across the country with the traditional lion dance and stilt walkers on shore. but giunta covered
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19 these new year's celebrations took on a new form from past traditions in and outside of china many people were forced to improvise. the lion dance was banned on the streets of malaysia this year due to restrictions on public gatherings but that didn't stop these divers of my querrey i'm in kuala lumpur from getting into the spirit. in vietnam tighten travel curbs have meant more subdued celebrations struggling with renewed coronavirus outbreaks the government is urging people to avoid large public gatherings. so too in taiwan most of the island's busy temples have had to scale back or even cancel some of their 1st events to comply with the government's pandemic regulations. there were plenty of celebrations outside of asia in sydney australia lanterns were lit at the entrance
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to the city's chinatown. sydney holds large lunar new year's celebrations every year and sees the festival as an opportunity to celebrate diversity. the looming it's a really important occasion and it's not just that the chinese culture is to celebrate it says it's for everyone it's a time in occasion for everyone to come together and celebrate multiculturalism. but the really impressive live shows were of course back in china colorful lights and lanterns are an important feature of the lunar new year celebrations and this year's display didn't disappoint. the government has appealed to the public to avoid travel for the holiday season meaning streets in many major cities across the country are largely deserted. and coming up next on news asia
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india and china take steps to deescalate tensions along a sensitive border the fishing that's helping in the fight against the code 19 pandemic and a scaled back start to go lunar new year celebrations across china we'll have more on the facts of course coming up with my colleague paresh bannerjee all that more coming up after a very very short break i'm sorry for elaine thank you so much for joining us here on news take care and safe.
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to use crime fighter car back to africa's most successful radio drama series continues. this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention you know sustainable coal production. all of reserves are available almost. and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media
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platforms. crime fighters tune in now. why are people so forced to hide in trucks. because. there are many reasons. and there are many answers. and there are many stories. to. make up your own mind. because. w. made for mines. young german. and jewish. i'm jewish so was. does that mean. in
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daily life. and at school isn't the same we should not be given a special status but be completely normal beyond this look of shock like wow there's a jew at our school that's the bad thing 11 teenagers 11 stories. ok so i'm jewish and so it's. young german and jewish starts february 22nd on d w. this is due to a good use is shot coming up today a military poor but 9 months in the making. india and china are agreed to step back from a tense for the standoff in the category of mountains is this the beginning of the end of tensions between the 2 insurance policy plus. from ocean to must thailand's novel the mission of helping in the 5 the gates of koran about
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a spender. and a new venue you know in the shadow of covert 19 celebrations for the year of the fox news.


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