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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2021 5:00am-5:31am CET

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does that mean. in daily life. and at school because i think it's silly shouldn't be given a special status but be completely normal. this look of shock like wow there's a jew at our school that's the bad thing 11 teenagers 11 stories. ok so i'm jewish and so is. young german and jewish starts feb 22nd on d w. this is the deadly news and these are top stories police have clashed with thousands of protesters in spain during demonstrations in support of rap artist herself it was jailed for insulting the monarchy and glorifying terrorism in his lyrics protesters in madrid and barcelona have been demanding his release officers deployed tear gas
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and fired rubber bullets in an attempt to break up protests. facebook is blocking users in the strategy of from reading and sharing news stories social media giant opposes legislation that would force internet companies to pay news publishes for content earlier this week google said it had struck a deal with. maybe companies for the news content. new italian prime minister mario draghi has easily survived his 1st vote of confidence in the senate valued to do whatever it takes to lead his country out of the corona virus pandemic and rebuild the economy drug is expected to win a 2nd confidence vote in the lower house of parliament on thursday. this is news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram at the deadly news or visit our website to be found at d.w. dot com. what
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is the military in myanmar doing to its own people 2 weeks ago generals sent in soldiers to overthrow the democratically elected government now they reportedly sent in soldiers it's feared to overwhelm the crowds marching against the coup a country in open revolt its democracy denied its rightful leader deposed aung sang suu kyi she could be silenced and she could be sent away a decision for the generals a decision they've taken once before i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. they know from experience what it's like to have freedom we have to resist that we won't live under a military dictatorship everyone is unified in opposition to them and lied before
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that they hold an election back in 1900 even if there's no special reason to protest we don't want to be seen as weak we've already learned our lesson from not teaching history the world is watching closely and any form of petty handed response is likely to have severe consequences. also coming up the u.s. congress is urging president biden to punish companies constructing the nord stream to natural gas projects connecting russia to germany could sanctions be in the pipeline at president biden has made clear that north stream too is a bad deal bad deal because it divides europe and courtly sanctions are only one of many important tools to ensure energy security and one of course will do this all in partnership with our allies and partners but our position has not changed on that on the. viewers on p.b.s.
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in the. united states into all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the military in me and mark 2 weeks have passed since the army overthrew the country's democratically elected government the generals justified the takeover saying november's national election was rigged although they provided no evidence well since the coup the country has been in open revolt demonstrations were getting larger by the day until early this week when soldiers were reportedly sent into silence peaceful protesters in me and mars largest city yang gone and deposed leader aung san suu kyi her future is as uncertain as her country's she appeared in court this week on charges that could land her in prison it is difficult to know exactly what is happening however 3 days ago the military blocked all access to the internet for the entire country. a battle cry for democracy tens of thousands of protesters flooding the streets of yangon stepping
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up their open revolt against the military takeover car she says road blocks to keep security forces from moving around the commercial capital. in this cat and mouse game it appears to for now it's the mice who have the upper hand. internet shutdowns another attempts to disrupt the demonstrations have largely proved futile even the judge says assurances of free and fair elections have been met with deep skepticism exacerbated by fresh criminal charges against on sons who cheat. i know the young people of this generation don't have to believe the military is promises they lied before that they'd hold an election back in 1908 so we've already learned our lesson from not page of history. there's growing concern that myanmar's bloody history could be about to repeat itself the un says it's received reports of soldiers being ready for crackdown in young dawn sparking
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fears that scenes like this are merely a taste of what's to come. but i do know but is this activist told d.d.p. news they're not backing down no i'm not afraid i'm not afraid we've seen that we have been under the military control for years so this is that we have to finish this guy we we we we went oh what shall we give a crazy when your uncle was very early and. asked the world watches with bated breath for many here myanmar there's only one way out of this. forward with their fists high even if no one knows where the world will beat them. and for more tonight i want to bring in mr moms aren't you a 1000000 more academic in human rights activists he joins me tonight from london mr carney it's good to see you again the u.n.
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warns that me and mars military is on a precipice just how close is the country tonight to a crackdown by the army. well it appears that the army is no longer using the pastrana. you do which would have been you know cracking down on protests across the country using combat troops and killing thousands i mean that's what happened in 1988 and that's what happened in 2007 against the saffron you know months or the months revolting the military seems to be a bit more sophisticated and also they seem to be in a big dilemma because here we are not looking at just simply people on the street saying you know most a lot of young and old people out on the street protesting across the country in
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different cities and towns and even villages they know that they are basically all in deep conflict with this is science he had logged you know 50000000 people staring you down you know however well quipped and well trained and well organized you off they've got to have a 2nd thought about resorting to the all states but nonetheless they are using sleek shorts and they're using all kinds of terror methods and turning a shutting down internet from 18 am to 9 am but this is a night raid yes and the military junta the they know that the international community is not presenting a united front against them china for example preventing any measures at the u.n. security council. yes absolutely i mean they can counter china you know also pressure for the veto protection if u.s.
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or other west and into the 3 west and veto powers on the security council decided to table any binding motion that the hunter has to have back cover however s. you know you know like me live in a very ideologically diverse and said you know what kind of climate even in the united states we don't trump and said the hunter has been emboldened but this symbol lighting in all of this is that you know the young generation who came off age having tasted a degree of limited political intellectual and cultural freedoms over the last 10 years they are not afraid you know of course that they are afraid to do what the military is capable of doing it no prepared to be back under soviet style dictatorship which burma less than a during their parents' times well how much faith do they have in
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a western front led by the united states and its sanctions against the military. well i think we need to understand that the brevis new generation have been helped by you know into the actors from everyone around the world like an anonymous a central. regional democratic deadhorse from hong kong to taiwan city make still tied in but then not be flying all around the united states or north event own sense since he does live for them from this repressive state they are self-reliant they have had you know mission wind civil disobedience movement not just put testy on the street but civil servants working out of their departments and brutally and bringing the state and ministration to
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a halt that is their strategy they are not looking for saved from anywhere else all right mr zandi joining us tonight from the u.k. mr zandi as always we appreciate your time and your insights very valuable tonight thank you well still to come on the day lung cancer has claimed the wife of one of the most influential and loudest voices of america's conservative right radio host rush limbaugh has da and if we should have to tell you this and i thought about telling anybody i thought about trying to. i do this without anybody knowing because i don't like making things about me. because for germany to scrap the nord stream to gas pipeline with russia well they have gotten louder and that has everything to do with the kremlin critic alexina of all for the us and france
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russia crossed a red line their opposition to the project it goes back to the a bomb a administration when the us labeled nord stream 8 threat to european energy security and there is bipartisan support in the us congress for sentients against companies building the pipeline nord stream to is an underwater pipeline running through the baltic sea that would transport natural gas directly from russia to germany work on the pipeline is nearing completion and supporters say the nord stream pipeline will provide affordable energy to germany as it phases out nuclear power and coal power opponents warn that will make germany too dependent on gas from an unreliable country. are for more i want to pull in mr andreea snick he's a member of the german parliament from chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. party he is also
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a member of parliament foreign affairs committee mr nick it's good to see you again you and i. spoke what a few weeks ago about nord stream to you and the german government's position before only yes to the project no to u.s. sanctions at the time where do you stand tonight. i think there are separate dimension to this discussion i think as you mentioned one of them is question whether unilateral sanctions instrument that is appropriate in the relationship between close allies in this context i think in over 30 year old book by secretary of state and lincoln has recently got a lot of attention in berlin that shows he's convinced that unit actual sanctions against allies are not a good idea or that this should be taken back and we should we trust that the secretary of state will be able to deliver on that position and if that's
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the case in this context as think we can hopefully come closer to a unified position on how to deal with energy ration ships with russia going forward you know let's talk about that book we understand that you and others here in berlin in the foreign policy world you're reading a book written back in 1987 the title of that book and we can pull it up on screen to show folks there it is ally versus ally the author a certain anthony blinken who happens to be the new u.s. secretary of state and his book addresses a soviet american rally over a different pipeline and his conclusion is don't force allies to do something against their will leave that for the policy with the soviet union are you betting mr nick that 34 years later his thinking has not changed. well i'm convinced a good academic education pays off in foreign policy and i have no reason not to
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believe that mr blinken is continuing to sing what he very eloquently laid out in this analysis many years ago i think we know him we trust him we think he's representing foreign policy that is absolutely interested to align policies and interests with close allies we understand the administration is under a lot of pressure from congress that i think 2nd level is very important intro's whether we can find a common strategy a common ground on how to define interests energy relationships with russia going forward i think that would have to have an all in composite discussion it is not about imposing certain policies on one particular country but it would be for example a discussion whether we would in general in the west agree that we want to backtrack from energy relationships with russia which would also include just $30000000000.00
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of oil purchases by the united states in russia that is a discussion that administration may have to have with its own congress and if we if we go on a on a common policy that is a different different starting point for discussion but imposing unilateral sanctions on an ally is unacceptable and takes the attention away from the fundamentals of this discussion you know let's listen to what the german foreign minister hike a mosque what he had to say this week take a listen. listen predicts dr russia and china closer and closer together and they formed the largest economic and military alliance there is what i don't think that should be the strategy of the west and this just in that. and therefore i am against burning all bridges to russia up to slog it does and says i'm here are burning bridges to russia mr make that that sounds like he thinks russia has the leverage here and that europe and germany do not or am i reading that wrong. no i
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think absolutely not we i think do not simply do not support the idea that the discussion on how we deal with russia given its unacceptable behavior internationally and domestically was in the van the case should be reduced to bilateral issue between russia and germany i think we have today seen. an interim measure by the european court of human rights again in the council of europe demanding the immediate release of this the nonny we have ongoing investigations in that context and i think we should put the whole scale of options on the table that should include as it freezes that should include travel bans that should include applying magnitsky law within the european union to do with human rights perpetrator that he the whole menu needs to be set up to speed to be on the menu we have categorically refused to test this issue by electrolyze as a german russian issue it is
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a very fundamental issue on human rights and the rule of law and we should also not bilateral eyes the question whether energy relations with russia are acceptable or not in this context and again as i said if there is an all income policy in consensus i think this is a different this is a different story but it would be very difficult to explain to the german public why. gas it comes to a certain pipeline is more problematic than gas or that is delivered other channels to other countries i mean that that is a valid point what about the idea of using the pipeline as a political circuit breaker if russia misbehaves then you would turn off the pipeline can you imagine germany turning off the gas with russia if in that situation i mean is that threat is that leverage credible. i think we have to look at 2 different scenarios and county talking about a construction project that has basically all permits to be completed i think if we
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were to stop that now that i think would be a substantial risk of billions of dollars of compensation payments and damages a thing no one could seriously want to trigger that this is just a one off and a decision whether to complete the construction and not if there is an ongoing supply this could substantially always be subject to sanctions depending on the development i think that is something that would be decided on the e.u. level in a context that would also take other you members it would be a very different story line and i think it would be we what we want i think is a is 1st of all that unilateral sanctions are taken off the table and that would have an honest and open debate on whether we would use sentients in the energy sector against russia but that would then would have to be true for everyone and not only for one particular project and for one particular country mr underway as nick we see why you're on the foreign affairs committee in parliament and it's good to have you on the show tonight as always we appreciate your insights and your
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experience thank you. since then but. here tonight is a special man be loved by millions of americans who just received a stage for advantage cancer diagnosis this is not good news but what is good news is that it is the greatest fighter in winter that you will ever meet rush limbaugh thank you. former president donald trump there on a ring the firebrand conservative radio host rush limbaugh with the medal of freedom news came today that limbaugh has died from lung cancer he was 70 for decades going back to the reagan era limbaugh was a staple on the american airwaves and one of the most influential voices on the
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right the rush limbaugh show went on the air in 1988 and within years it gained a loyal following of millions of listeners its hosts in cindy airy rhetoric against former president barack obama women and minorities triggered countless controversies his detractors say that he helped some of the division that paved the way for the election of donald trump to the white house are the talk about this man i'm joined by ethan berman he is a us political commentator and a nationally syndicated talk radio host he joins me tonight from the great state of california is it is good to see you again for people watching us around the world tell us how much of an icon rush limbaugh was for american conservatives aim was he really tartly responsible for the election of donald trump. well i mean he there is no overstating his influence in radio and right wing politics here in the
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united states. as you point out since 1988 and that really is ronald reagan. removing what was called the fairness doctrine in 1907 that allowed rush limbaugh to happen but let's not forget the fact that rush really did carry on the legacy of the southern strategy and that racist roots of that portion of the right wing here in the united states but there is you know there is no denying it his peak tens of millions of americans on a daily basis listen to his show. alternately i do believe that he paved the way for the syrup a lens the tea party the donald trumps in the united states he actually did make that happen there's no denying it it is just what harm did he cause in the process with those racist statements playing to people's fears in the rush limbaugh
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was for a while the defector leader of the conservative movement in america here is speaking at sea-tac the conservative political action committee back in 2009 take a listen. we believe that the preamble constitution contains any unarguable truth that we're all in down by our creator with certain inalienable rights among them life liberty freedom was in the pursuit of happiness. now that was a very tame sample of rush limbaugh what you say. head definitely i mean he repeatedly throughout his career and let me preface this by saying look i've studied rush limbaugh as a talk radio host there was nobody better i mean he absolutely put on the number one show in the united states i so i would study his show he made racist statements
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whether they were couched whether they were little little pieces of red meat to the base that he would hide the language in a way to couch it to make it more palatable to the audience or sometimes being more outright racist in his statements regarding the n.f.l. for example but to your point this guy led the conservative movement he led on everything from fox news to see pac to any republican gathering to that culmination in the medal of honor which which many of us really rejected that that should go to a talk radio host here in the united states a highly controversial figure who reviews that contribution verse eat and and use this preying on people's fears to build that will audience to make himself hundreds of millions of dollars over his career yet he was a wealthy man and he was
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a man who had his own personal demons did he not absolutely i mean while he would rant and rave on the radio about people with addiction he himself apparently suffered from his own opioid addiction causing some of his hearing loss requiring surgery and hearing aids among other things so he was also a hypocrite on that standpoint i'm always pointing the finger at others yet suffering from those same things himself and having no compassion in that process and i found that really sad to not read more on those issues and instead love to blame. talk radio host ethan behrman joining us tonight from california talking about the late rush limbaugh even as always it's good to talk with you we appreciate your insights thank you thanks frank. finally we report every day on many world leaders who demand attention by the
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volume of their voice by the severity of their statements but last night when an 8 year old girl asked us president biden should she be afraid of catching the coronavirus the response he gave the gentle reply of a gentle man well that certainly got our attention and he has your school but have you been in school honey. no no see that's that's kind of a scary thing to you don't get to go to school we don't get to see your friends and so what a lot of kids and i mean and big people to older people they just their whole lives is sort of changed like when it used to be used to be this go outside and play with their friends and get in the school bus and go to school and everything was normal and now when things change people get really worries kerri but don't be scared on don't be scared you're going to be fine and we're going to make sure mommy is fine too. u.s. president joe biden speaking with an 8 year old speaking the language that an 8
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year old can understand and we adults as well well the day is almost gone but the conversation is continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me a golf team and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see than ever but.
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nothing but sadness and anger for the past year. she was there son brother. shot terrorist attack along with other people the motive. this is in the press the feeling to provide.
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some good. news on d w. life on earth and one of a kind and. 2 coincidences. for the improbable happen. that often wasn't going to dampen the creation of our solar system with the planet is a bit like winning the lottery number. one is earth more unique. in 45 minutes on d w. it's about billions. it's a dollar powered. it's about the foundation of the move order the new
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silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network owned so keen on. china is promising its partners rich. but in europe there's a sharp warning to never accept someone new from the new superpower will become dependent on it china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on d w. the from. a low everyone and welcome to focus on europe with make on our bill and it's nice to be here with you today we begin with a pretty difficult story out of germany here right wing terror is on the rise and.


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