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tv   Der Wert der Artenvielfalt  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2021 11:00am-11:31am CET

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the coronavirus are the go to special monday to friday w. . this is due to be news live from berlin germany commemorates a somber anniversary it's been one year since a racist gun attack and hung out killed 9 people relatives of the victims say there are questions about how it was allowed to happen remain an answer. also coming up as countries race to be the 1st to get their populations immunized we'll take a look at how vaccine nationalism is diminishing the dream of protecting the world
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against covert 19. and there's good news from the red planet. the task of armed guards at the end of. august. that says perseverance rover touches down after a 7 month journey for a quest to find proof of life on mars. i'm sumi so much kondo it's good to have you with us germany's marking a somber anniversary today it's been exactly one year since a gunman went on a racially motivated attack and killed 9 people before shooting dead his own mother and taking his own life the tragedy sparked a debate over whether more could and should have been done to prevent it. it was a night that left a community. in shock grief and anger. shortly before 10
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pm shots rang out in the center of higher now a gunman entered 2 bars where he killed 3 people. the attacker then drove to another bar across town where he continued his rampage here and in a kiosk next door shooting another 6 people. within 12 minutes 9 people were left for dead 7 more were injured some seriously. the police were quickly able to identify the killer who lived in the area. a few hours later they searched his home and found he had shot his mother and himself. his motive for the attack hatred of foreign as the 43 year old shooter had posted a manifesto and videos online full of conspiracy theories and racist rants. his victims all had a migrant background. in the wake of the attack there was an outpouring of
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solidarity across the country. and strong condemnation from the german government. yes this was racism is a poison hate is a poison and this poison exists in our society and is responsible for far too many crimes we stand with all our strength and determination against all those who try to divide germany half an inch last night. one year on from the attack the wounds still run deep and for many questions remain over whether more could have been done to prevent the events of that terrible night. let's get some perspective on this now with colleen gutsy she's the head of a research group called how terrorists learn at the max planck institute for social anthropology in dress and carley thank you for joining us given what we know
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a year later could this have been prevented. well. prevention is usually a very unsafe old hoss because account of actually speaking you don't never know what could have been prevented and that's the reason why prevention is also such a difficult task of course more can always be done and it is also affected right to being the development of right wing extremism in germany has long gone unnoticed but the strictest increase in the. nice and considerate and saying that adds to the problem is that if you react repressive to your to state extra presently dentist can always a doctor doctor know and always have a certain sort of strategic advantage in that sense but of course more can be done international cooperation getting ahead of what happens on the web on the internet and the possibilities are there definitely he said the right wing extremism gone
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unnoticed here for many years i mean what exactly is it that has allowed this type of ideology and extremism to flourish. well one big problem that be faced and the moment is that the writing sentiments to racism and prejudice has arrived at the middle of society i mean if the right think that a part is like the if we don't differentiate themselves enough from a right wing extremism that is only a small step that some individuals will feel called upon to act upon that so those 3 sentiments and to wake up to steeping masa so to speak to like to propaganda by deed propagated by the nicus of the 19th century and here we also have a situation that the new forms of the forms of terrorism that. strong are also learned from the past leftwing terrorism from islamism from to an accused and we have a head of the pasta history fascism in germany but what you also have to consider is also the presence of mr corona pandemic for example and you have a new situation where conspiracy theories of torching for example that migrants are
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spreading the crowing of i was so i'm not sticking to the current time rules so there's a clear connection to right wing extremism here by those conspiracy theories so that creates a climate in which which is conducive to radicalization of a few individuals who will feel called upon to actually act and wake up the masses which is if you touch upon what you think could be done better for example international cooperation but what do you think are the biggest priorities to tackle this issue in society today. i mean i think. it's actually society here i mean as i said the middle of society is one of the problems in our society has to be strengthened education can be done i mean this is a long term task of prevention proactive measures not only repressive and reactive measures and this touches upon what you said earlier could have been prevented and prevention is the long haul is a long term task to strengthen cohesion as in society and set up integration
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programs context between different. strata of the society and. that is a difficult task because it doesn't. have immediate effects but this is very important. say from the max planck institute for social anthropology and resident thank you so much for joining us thank you all relatives of the one hour attack victims have complained that despite a year long investigation they still have more questions than answers that you caught up with the brother of one of the victims and here's how his life was turned upside down by the tragedy. me to kin lost his brother who can in a racist terrorist attack in hono one year ago. call came into our apartment laid a bump and left so imagine it was all broken everything's broken and there's nothing left that's whole countries but it was good king was just 37 years old
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following his death his family fell apart hundreds father died of cancer 5 weeks later his mother can no longer cope without medication. cheatin and his son matt are not able to go to work and on sick leave the diagnosis post traumatic stress disorder is like for a whole year there hasn't been a single night where i slept through the night you can't sleep because it's at night when it's dark when you lay your head on the pillow that's when the questions arise that really eat you up and be frightened. distressed. cheating due to cain and his son matt are on the way to the crime scene because it was shot by to b.s. at this kiosk just as he was about to finish his shift. my brother was lying here where these 2 sockets are blue lights all the people at the beginning we didn't realize what had actually happened see it for the very specific to this day many
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questions remain unanswered for example how was it possible that the perpetrator was in possession of a gun license even though he was mentally ill or why was the emergency number of the one our police apparently not sufficiently manned on the night of the crime. were cheating and the other relatives are still searching tirelessly for answers demanding clarification and consequences to do this they founded an initiative of heart and lungs of when i call on the state government to investigate their failures and also to imagine how they the officials acted on the night of the crime and also before and after the crime one year on there is still no explanation and there are still many many questions as to how it could have come to that flew to offer. these are perhaps a white collar crime contact neither the state government and has nor the hano police want to talk to us about these allegations the police union had this to say
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that the police were responsible in the sense that at one point or other they could have done this or that and then it wouldn't have happened i really don't agree with that in this respect it's a little low to say after the fact that the police should have known everything before hand. since the attack to include you can no longer feel safe in germany he scared when he goes out at night or when his son is late coming home found we'll have live coverage of the commemoration ceremony taking place and one hour later today. let's take a look now at some other headlines from around the world doctors in myanmar say a protester who was shot in the head with a live bullet last week has died it's the 1st confirmed death of a demonstrator since mass rallies croak of nearly february protesters are demanding the military restore the democratically elected government after a coup. electricity is being restored to households across texas after
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a deadly winter storm paralyzed the u.s. state's power system millions of people spent days without heating or water the state's governor has called for more money to make sure the electricity system can withstand ultra cold temperatures. the u.s. says it's ready for talks with iran on the 2050 nuclear deal the biden administration has also moved to restore policies that were reversed under former president trump tehran repeated calls for president biden to lift all nuclear sanctions saying it would immediately reverse its retaliatory actions. now trying to immunize people against coke in 1000 as quickly as possible has turned into a scramble to get as many vaccines as possible in theory every country in the world should have access to safe chief vaccinations through an organization called kovacs which is backed by the world health organization u.s. president joe biden has agreed to donate $4000000000.00 to the program that will help boost the distribute distribution of vaccines to poor countries but the plan
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is currently falling short of its goals. as a. big idea the kovacs pillar is founded on the principle of access this means any country regardless of their ability to pay has the same access to vaccines but in reality the big idea is struggling as countries race and at times fight to get the populations vaccinated sed. the head of the world health organization which code leads the kovacs program put it bluntly quote box you nationalism might serve short term political goals but it's ultimately short sighted and self-defeating we will not end the pandemic anywhere until we ended every were part of the problem is that wealthy countries have joined the kovacs initiative but have also made separate deals with
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vaccine manufacturers this is created an imbalance while poor countries are completely dependent on kovacs richer nations are accused of using it as an added extra. and there's another issue the astra zeneca oxford university vaccine accounts for almost all the doses that the kovacs program wants to start distributing later this month but south africa is delaying the rollout over concerns that the drug may not be effective against the new variant which 1st emerged there. to end up with the situation vaccination 1000000 people or 2000000 people that's in that may not be effective in preventing hospitalization and severe disease other countries are now stepping in china has only recently joined kovacs it's now offering the program 10000000 doses but beijing has
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already sold all donated large quantities of its 3 vaccines to countries around the world. 50000000 doses of being bought by turkey alone. and moscow 2 prefers to do its own deals. iran just the latest to get russia's sputnik v. vaccine. and the kovacs program still hopes to deliver more than $2000000000.00 vaccines by the end of the year scientists warn if that fails the world will pay the price it's not about $1.00 country versus another it's about one world protected. the leaders of germany and france will discuss the future of transatlantic relations with u.s. president joe biden during a special virtual mini edition of the munich security conference it'll be an opportunity to show how much or how little the e.u.
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has in common with the new washington administration. chief international editor richard walker gives us his take on some potentially thorny issues. the 4 years of the trumpet ministration were a toxic aid for transatlantic relations americal could barely conceal her relief after joe biden speak tree. with president biden we simply have a much wider range of political agreement. but that doesn't mean that the u.s. and germany suddenly agree on everything they really don't so we're going to take a look at 3 issues that are right at the top of the transatlantic agenda. first up north stream into a russian natural gas pipeline under construction to germany that team biden says must never be completed. because it divides europe it exposes ukraine and central europe to russia russian manipulation and because it goes against europe's own
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stated energy and security goals the us is even threatening sanctions against companies involved in the project here in berlin the government says that that is no way to treat an ally so the big question is can merkel and biden find some sort of compromise next china the rising giant challenging u.s. leadership in almost every thinkable way and shocking the democratic world with its crackdown on freedoms in hong kong. the u.s. and china are entering a period of profound confrontation and biden wants u.s. allies firmly on side but on that merkel seems decidedly cagey. we pressed her on this just recently asking why she seemed reluctant to line up behind the new president on china and. i believe that it is very important for the european union to have its own time of policy he now pretty cut it's really no
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surprise that machall is so cautious china is after all a massive market for germany's export driven economy but there could come a time when biden says you have to pick sides. finally in the biggest crisis of all for the world perhaps more hope for transatlantic togetherness climate change is back as a top priority for the u.s. after 4 years of denial john kerry is the new team's climate czar a high profile name raising hopes that the u.s. and europe can make progress together on cutting back on carbon but there's one thing that transcends all of these global issues for leaders watching biden from here in europe they remember how his presidency began with washington bracing for violence after its very democracy came close to collapse their biggest question will be can biden restore some stability to america because if he can't they fear
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another trouble could be on the way. for it let's look ahead to the munich security conference now with our political correspondent jared reed hi jared what is the european security community expecting from president biden that he will reset the transatlantic relationship. i guess they're expecting some attempts that relationship repair and commitment to multilateralism and i guess if it's to try and undo some of the damage over the last 4 years because as we just heard in that report there is somewhere in us but there are signs that things are moving in the right direction yesterday on g.w. we hope from the need to come out with a german defense minister she had just come from a meeting with her new u.s. counterpart and she seemed very pleased with how those talks winton said there was a markedly different tone speaking to this secretary of defense then the one trump
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at ministration that's not to say that there aren't significant issues to overcome as we heard in that report issues like china the u.s. sees china as a strategic threat where is europe is deepening its ties to china through things like the investment deal it reached with china at the end of last year also russia significant differences of opinion between germany and and the u.s. over north stream to boss more they're more on the same page when it comes to condemning the kremlin for its treatment of political dissenters like alexei. some significant difference in points of view and positions but also signs that point in a more positive direction against that backdrop what policy points are we going to see discussed at this conference. well aside for what i mentioned we have to make note of the fact that this is this conference is drastically scaled back this time
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because of the pandemic so the pandemic is going to be a big talking point specifically how to cooperate better jury this pandemic and future pandemics what the economic recovery will look like going forward and also vaccines we're expecting announcement from joe biden as we heard a little bit earlier a multi-billion dollar if it to help poorer countries have better access to vaccines which is which is a significant problem right now also to iran the biden and mistrust and has signaled that it's willing to enter talks with other world powers and iran on a potential rejoining of the iran nuclear deal that the trumpet been astray should lift. our political correspondent jared reed thank you. and if you want to see the whole special edition of the munich security conference you can watch it live on g.w.'s you tube channel at youtube dot com slash d w news. now nasa is celebrating the successful landing of its most advanced
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spacecraft yet on mars it's space where over perseverance touch down safely inside one of the planet's craters after a nail biting descent the robotic vehicle will make history by collecting samples of martian soil to be brought back to earth that could help scientists determine if life ever existed on the red planet. at that kind of i'm going to take. a break and thinking of the end of. the moment scientists head he could be a way to. describe the 7 days that followed the 1st and this is what it looks like the 1st images beamed back from os more high quality images will be sent back in the coming hours and days. feel relieved to have be excited ready to get to work or
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a part of the science team let's go do some science it's been a long 8 years and we're ready to go. it was a high risk landing. presidents are going about one kilometer per 2nd at an altitude of about 6000 kilometers from the surface of mars. this 7 month journey followed by what scientists call 7 minutes of tarot. president out of the bird to subsonic bees and they think she'll have been separated. when the probe picks and chooses its delicate landing maneuver without help from the os this mission control. for the next 2. he is perseverance will make history by collecting samples of martian soil. scientists believe that around 3500000000 years ago this crater was home to a grip on the shoulder into a lake making it a good location to start looking for signs of life. this
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mission is amazing on its own science technology and catching samples back to earth but it's also part of our bigger exploration plans right which involve really understanding mars and the evolution of mars and whether there was life ancient life but also preparing for eventually human missions to mars. bringing the samples back to earth would be another wrong and complicated journey. involving several other rocket launches and spacecraft meeting up with perseverance in space to pick up its cargo. if all goes according to plan those precious samples will have private back on earth as early as 2031. let's talk about the story now with all this from the d.l.r. institute of planetary research in berlin good to have you on the show just how
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difficult was this landing it was x. all of there is the most difficult space minnow run another planet ever done and had a similar predecessor in 2012 but this time it was even more sophisticated this new gimmicks you're in to be send said was absolutely great but now supports all they landed except me on the spot they didn't wish and where they wanted to land and they did so you mentioned the predecessor curiosity which bit which has been roaming around mars since 2012 so what is nasa expecting this new rover to find. this time nasa has on the robot experiments that can really did take 2 lives they can look for bio signatures that are on the rocks even in the rocks they drill florida analyze it and in the best case they can directly on the spot analyze that they have to take to life and if not so they will deploy. 38 different samples that
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will be collected the end of this dictator early the next to kate and return to earth then we have the big lever of tory's all over the world where we can look for the signs of life in these samples that's pretty extraordinary in itself that scientists are playing to brain martian rocks back to earth for the 1st time explain to us how that happened. well it's a very interesting chillout she area so they will have plenty of opportunities to have different locations to look for these bio signatures they have very good analysts and alice is of the area made before so it was a 5 year process since this is a cylinder is lending side and we think it's the best place to look for life on mars and it would be the 1st to take action of life on another planet. and as a scientist how significant is this moment for you in our exploration of mars well
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we're doing this business since 30 years and it was never a 6 sided thing as last night and all source was really high and it's just this if moment that you 1st have to get the spacecraft on the spot and then you can start working and we hope it will last for a couple of years it's now 2 years at the surface of the mission but it'll be extended probably for several times until the end of this decade all right we'll leave it there with colonel from berlin d.l.r. institute of planetary research thank you so much you're very welcome. and we have just a once force item for you in north america as basketball league the n.b.a. has confirmed that its all-star game will take place next month despite criticism from some top players le bron james is among those who have questioned why the exhibition game is still going ahead during the coronavirus pandemic the n.b.a. says this year's event which features its $24.00 best players will be slimmed down
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to a single night players will be isolated in their hotels and no fans will be able to attend the game. coming up next the sharp rise in commodity prices some are calling it a super cycle what does that mean monica jones has the details next on debut.
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to the point of strong opinions clear positions of international perspective simply . can anybody still china's such to global dominance that's perhaps the biggest foreign policy challenge facing a new u.s. president joe biden so how would he respond that would be communication or
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confrontation find out onto the point short to the point of being 60 minutes on t w. w's crime fighters are back to that effort as most successful radio drama series continues to not only disowns are available online of course you can share and discuss song w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms for a crime fighter to me and now. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. trying to just through the topics covered in the weekly radio program. if you would like and information on the krona virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at twitter dot com and slash science.
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1700 years of jewish life in germany our series this week on arts and culture we journey from berlin to munich to meet cultural leaders come emigrating the past taking creative risks and building community 700 years of jewish life in germany. this week on our sin culture d.w. . commodity prices are soaring is this a new super cycle investors expect an extended to boom in commodities and this also raises hopes for investment in clean energy we talk to an analyst also coming up the world is facing 2 major challenges the pandemic and climate change will show you how innovations in bio fuel could make aviation more sustainable. on the world
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food organization warns of a renewed elope.


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