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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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the park has a system for centuries. of society do. differently. what do they do with their power. on t.w. . rule. h.s.b.c. is accelerating its efforts in asia as the bank counts the cost of a tough it's looking to expand its share in markets outside of europe. also on the program where in bangladesh where the crucial textile industry has been badly hit. in europe and the united states. welcome to the program. h.s.b.c. is doubling down on its efforts to secure
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a bigger of the asian banking market the london headquarters company so profits plunge 30 percent last year as it was battered by the pandemic and rising tensions between china and the west h.s.b.c. says it wants to get more out of the region where forms best and that's asia. asia is his species main focus but with spiraling tensions between china and the west it has become more difficult doing business there as the british bank sees profits dwindle it has announced plans to beef up its asian operations the new strategy will see the bank plough another $6000000000.00 into shoring up operations across asia with a particular focus on wealth management in the increasingly a few and region it said it would step up operations in singapore as well as hong kong h.s.b.c. makes 90 percent of its profit in asia and it geopolitical tensions they are
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a major factor for the company's business as is of course the current pandemic which is affected business globally. about the political fact for h.s.b.c. is the tensions between china and the west when i asked our correspondent in singapore andrea hanged if h.s.b.c. was caught in the middle given its you know relations with china and being in the middle of china western tensions. in a vulnerable position a lot of it has to do with the global criticism that's release of the year regarding the crackdown china's crackdown on dissent in hong kong and you know that's become a lot feel for it as the sea to swallow so coming back to hong kong is a little bit closer to you know to it's a little bit closer to china i beg your pardon and the proximity from that also allows it to a little bit more freedom of movement and also getting also an old queen and has
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been summoned by the u.k. courts to testify although it has me she's closer of a bank account of the now exiled activists hong kong activist to we so all these a pressure points are what pushing h.s.b.c. to come back home so to speak. i'm trying to hang in singapore that to bangladesh now where the textile industry employs around 4000000 people but is in serious trouble lockdowns in europe and the us have meant orders by major clients have been drying up it's a disaster for an industry that makes almost all of its money from exports nazri doctors can spot anything the bangladeshi garment factory worker chick's children shirts for production flaws most of them will be exported to germany the young woman and her colleagues have a difficult year behind them german stores have been closed down due to the
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lockdown restrictions and that hurts the seamstresses. i wasn't very afraid of the coronavirus but there was a concern about the pen demick situation i was worried about whether my factory would continue operating will i be able to continue my job those were my concerns the women so for the german fashion company caught on a european wholesaler several buyers cancelled orders in the past year and that's been keeping entrepreneur mohammed hot up at night. we've had 30 percent less orders than we normally have 30 percent less. the german company has its club arena and staccato brands so on here they also produce clothing for the irish budget retailer prime mark. we don't have any prime our orders none yet 0. current lockdown in germany
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has meant the entire winter collection hasn't been sold in many stores the text out trade association estimates that half a 1000000000 articles of clothing haven't been bought as a result this bangladeshi company barely survived last year mohamed houten paid his employees with loans from the state bank but now he has to pay those loans back meanwhile cotton prices are rising so customers will have to pay more if the company is to survive. the current situation is daunting for nasri in october she's the only one in her family who still has work her husband lost his job and had to leave the city because it was too expensive now her whole family depends on her factory income of $125.00 euros a month. with this little income now i have to run my family it's a situation full of hardship my parents will have to manage their expenses at home
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on their own and many of her neighbors are now unemployed 100 textile factories in bangladesh had to shut their doors 4000000 people work there most of them women ultimately it's shoppers in europe in the us who determine whether nostri doctor gets to keep her job. and we can welcome on to the program must if it didn't who runs bangladesh she claims manufactured experts and joins us from chittagong thank you very much for coming on the tell me business can you just described to us what impact the pandemic has had on your business. thank you and good morning actually during the pandemic we have a lot of order cancellation we have a lot of order i believe is the main delays and that have a guiding impact you know a lot of cards because we can keep on being a lot of a lot of cost when we keep on getting money from our brands and he did a lot of what we export so he does
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a huge impact on us and i want to walk ups what's it like at your factories and in your warehouse at the moment if you've got a big backlog of clients that you can't sell now. yes of course because if you look into the cases like some of my clients got bankruptcy and they are not taking these goods we sense of what it is to them but they're not even the playing also and even some of the customers are also not taking the goods because didn't depend i mean they can look silly spruce up pools so. there's also a heavy use impact on on one hand we have a lot of stock which we already bought told our own money and other than we also cannot keep them but we have to keep to our what course you talk about e-mails not being replies to how do you feel you've been treated by your client side of the seas. i think all clients and large same that are also something
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that also some of the clients like they did not. reply i want to milt and i think we don't have a pope are. from them and that elation sheep and darkness he was missing from them and it's awful situation because i mean he's the one for this blank such a long time but when the i'm not replaying even the e-mails so it's really hard if you've been receiving any help from anyone have this. i mean already disappeared from our government by the government had supported us through 1000000000. euro offer stimulus package bite that we had paid for month one cup salary we also got the want to get bigger support from our government and some policy support also from our government and that's what we do we get out of my we don't do support we would not have been booked into the business. so what would you
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like to have seen done differently to avoid this problem go actually the way we are doing business if need to be changed question does the need to make change we need to be there elections keep it long term relationship it back must keep not only a partnership just to show to the media and previous that it grew dark nasty and we need to change the industry we need to look we need to pass more meat and to be more sun that's the only way to move for a lot. of stuff is from clothes manufactured denim experts in bangladesh thank you so much for joining us here on day to heathens thank you and to some other news now on the value a bit coin has slumped to 14 percent on tuesday that's after hitting a record high just over the weekend and let's cross to our financial correspondent in frankfurt actually talk panday and discuss this so what's behind this sudden
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drop. well robbie just confirms that there is this legion of hardcore long must fans who do exactly what he says usually via his cryptic tweets on twitter 2 when he says bitcoin less dungog and of cash they pile into a bit coins when he says well they may be your prized pull out. as is happening now and then there are other factors that are moving bitcoin. today that's because janet yellen the treasury secretary in the us says that it's extremely inefficient . currency and then there is also fresh warning from bill gates these are again being on sentiment there another factor that is dominating is the fact that there are fears now that central banks and governments may be. tighten the money to far weaker than. dissipated and that's actually worrying.
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because a lot of the actor cash easily available cash is driven bitcoin rally this is yet more proof is in the investing because it is not for the faint hearted absolutely it's still not a mature asset as its backers would like to claim it's still very much wallet but at the same time it's also true that it's not it's no pushover it has resisted the kind of bluster in 2018 when it fell 70 percent so far though the. massive busts haven't happened this year so it just goes to show that it has mature a little bit but it's still not there and it's so many in investors backing it it just shows that we can't write it off yet. now facebook has agreed to lift its news blackout on australian pages after the country made changes to its proposal to make internet platforms pay for content the
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social media platform has blocked uses there from accessing news in response to a draft law which parliament passed on wednesday last week facebook's cooperation is a major victory in australian efforts to make the big tech companies pay for the journalism that they use rival microsoft meanwhile has announced it will work with european news publishers to set up a payment system similar to australia as opposed to new scheme. where journalist rochelle harrison in sydney says that by blocking government and news sites facebook could have damaged its own reputation it certainly made people think long and hard about how dependent people are will facebook when it comes to finding out news and it made people seek out alternative methods of getting in bowling such as just perhaps downloading and use that directly onto the smart one. and chinese telecom equipment maker huawei has had a difficult but successful yeah according to chairman ken who spoke at
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a conference in shanghai despite sanctions levied by the united states while we managed to increase revenue as well as profits with more detailed numbers to be published in march former us president trump banned companies from doing business with. muscle for me in the business team until next time by. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context around a virus update 19 special. on t w. can you hear me now here's here's we're going to you and i last year's germantown so that will bring you i'm going to a math course as you've never have before surprise yourself with what is possible
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who is medical really what moves and want. to talk to people who follow along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles last stop. an estimated 152000000 children are being put to work around the world. hard manual labor in mines in fields on family farms. in africa one in 5 kids are involved in child labor. if. girls are especially vulnerable. the number of children of work is said to dramatically worse and because of the pandemic as it wreaks havoc on family incomes many parents could put
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their kids to work. more than a 1000000000 children in 130 countries have been affected by school closures and child labor has risen in line as school gates bank shot. you're going to zation for economic cooperation and development is told the w. the children are paying the largest price in this pandemic director for education and skills and praises the countries that have managed to keep schools open we need to be aware of the high social costs that school closures have for us for children and that's why you know. like france and italy and to some extent it was you know despite very difficult pandemic contexts have given education absolute priority india allowed schools to reopen in october but some children will only head back now due to a staggered resumption of classes many children in india's villages may not return whole we travel to.
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started apprenticing 6 weeks ago at this one in a village. the shy 12 year old has been half heartedly listening to instructions. he's clearly not enjoying it. i want to go back to school. meet my friends i don't want to work here. but he doesn't really have an option nor does his younger brother who joined him here a few days ago. thought of following their father's instructions up to him on is out of work himself. with school schools for nearly a year now and due to the coronavirus he has given up hope that education will secure them books him on says he's only looking out for their future is will work schools are being closed they were studying but they aren't doing anything now
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we've asked them to work out of desperation so that they can learn something hopefully a livelihood is schools reopened and they leave work to lose out if they stay and help to survive there's no advantage in going to school now. the state government has just announced a junior classes are set to resume but a sudden i just need to stay here cool to support their family. high school classes resume back in october but children younger than 15 years have hardly studied for the better part of the year. at best the vital way that i'm playing with their friends at worst they are forced into labor or a bad adult. go to the being told that he has widening endlessly about this especially about the 400 children who attended his school his class is much smaller now he just helps his own daughters with their studies private school slight chore
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that he is educated close to hostile for india's children often feel very little money. now his own school survival is at stake. so the wave has hundreds of been approximately bundle monthly fee jordan the lockdown he still feel is that many gone before to continue sending their children out of that about year will mob of most of the children are accompanying their parents to work. i fear 70 percent of them will drop out. we try to appeal to the parents to keep educating their kids but they just say if we don't have money how are we supposed to send our children to school. or we're going on with the lack of resources also do without online education told us he says. if parents are already gone before the nominee and seen how can they be for multiple smart schools for all the children at home education has not been a priority in his village he says and the tag been an uphill battle even before the
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lockdown hit chaudhry is excited to see the children again soon but he's also realistic he knows that even if just a quarter of them show up. he can't count it as a victory. if at each this is an expert on child labor in south asia and joins us from the university of birmingham in the u.k. what's causing this huge jump in child labor during the pandemic. well thank you for having me i think it's all the effects of the pandemic are also drivers of child labor said the pandemic is causing an economic shock across the world but it's particularly felt in developing countries it's causing a rise in poverty it's closing schools are traditionally protects children from child labor but it's causing even less enforcement of child labor laws and regulation and it's meant that c.s. is simple society you can't protect children and monitor them so for all those
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reasons a pandemic is needing to rise in child labor what about the checks and balances you mentioned schools there are regulations but have other checks and balances simply gone out the window in this pandemic well checks and balances in developing countries tend to be weak anyway because it limited government capacity so as i says employers now have more of a free reign to use children in to exploit them because governments by attention is focused on on dealing with a pandemic in its own society organizations are not able to carry out the protective role that they normally would but schools i think schools are the real significant sort of protection of children and that has been removed when you take kids out to schools in developing countries you greatly increase their risk of exposure of being forced into into work just briefly of course sending these kids into work rather than to school limits their prospects what does it do what's the
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impact on the world on the global economy. well it's it's kind of like i think than it is if you sort of throw a stone in water and you see ripple effects so in this child labor has the same kind of ripple effect which which is which you know spreads out when so the child themselves they're affected because they can't study or they expose to physical labor often physical abuse their ability to use even sexual abuse but in the long term that child then grows up to be in low paid to be unemployed to be doing hazardous work and critically child labor has grown into adults who then send their own children out to work and so you get this intergenerational cycle of poverty child labor party child labor and that impacts collectively as a society as a country that greatly hampers economic growth and development and that then poverty under-development those are both major contributor factors to all kinds of
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other problems like violence conflict radicalization extremism. illegal traffic illegal migration and human trafficking and those are consequences for everyone but i think you know that the point i really want to stress is that you know we need to address people in developed world need to address this problem not just because down the road it will come back to hit us here because we have a moral responsibility to do so these are children children have the right to you know a future to be secure and safe and have opportunities and we all need to support them in doing that and as you pointed out there the longer term effects are even longer than one would expect if it tastes thank you very much for joining us today thank you for having me now it's a part of the show went very well your fields your questions on the coronavirus. so what do we currently know about when the pandemic actually started. more than we
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did at this time last year but not a whole lot more a recent w.h.o. mission that spent weeks in china investigating the origins of the pandemic came to a few unsurprising conclusions the 1st was that its members agreed that sars kovi 2 had originated in back it's which other experts have more or less been saying the whole time the 2nd was that it believed the virus had jumped to humans of the unidentified 2nd species which is more information that's pretty old hat although they did say that they suspected it might be a small mammal which was a specification that was sort of new i guess the mission also said it considered it extremely unlikely that sars could be 2 had somehow escaped from. that specializes in bat viruses although that assessment remains pretty
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controversial really for me the most interesting takeaway was this weekend. agreed that we have. a function if you dense of food why this year condition of the virus in december it was not just only a cluster heartbreak in the one market but the virus was also super latent. outside of the markets that's new up until now the working hypothesis was that cove at 19 1st struck at a wet market and around the beginning of december of 2019 but it was already in wider circulation in the city at that point that means a couple of things 1st that the. but mark it wasn't ground 0 and then of course that we have to push back the timeline of the original zoonotic jump
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a while although a few studies looking at how the virus has evolved say the earliest pay their models predict for a possible job is october of 2019 so we learned something from the w.h.o. experts maybe not all that earth shaking but interesting and and to be fair no one expected the mission to figure out everything about the pandemics origins in a couple of weeks the wheels of this kind of scientific detective work turned very slowly. and as we heard earlier the pandemic has put the welfare of children around the world in peril. the smiles behind the mosque speak volumes and education is a powerful weapon to secure their futures germany's daycare centers and elementary schools are open again after 2 months. of wales youngest pupils are
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returning in a 1st step towards reopening schools. and in israel where vaccination rates are high elementary school and the last 2 years of high school classes have received in towns with kids aged breaks under control. as watching stay safe and c.e.o. gets a. move . to.
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the phone. call. frankfurter making the league exciting again they keep coming our beat manicamp down. chasers are in hot pursuit life's a climb the tables are closing. the. full scores are right on target after a victory in bielefeld. these
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friend of mine didn't sleep lately thousands of residents. in 2 dozen 15. people who do you love with this tight ship right. now the bridge is in danger because the limo list a desperate situation. 90 minutes on d w. how's your view of the world. where i come from but all of that glitters is gold it's just like those chinese foods it doesn't matter where i am it's always reminds me of cold after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the safest i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things
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a little of different terminology. then of words 1st as an articulation that exists the other part of the wall which haven't been ever mentioned that in china that's new and not to china it's a cold wondering if they're going to say that but if you don't have the right to learn the culture that is this is the job of just that of the my how i see it and does this why i love my job because i tried to do it exactly it is an hour a day my name is out into it and i work added up you. 2.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin that the united states passes 500000 coronavirus steps. to remember each person we've launched largely lived and loved ones are left behind. candles light the white house as president biden leads a nation in mourning but he warns months of suffering are still at. also coming up israel reopened this economy with the extra freedoms for the already vaccinated the so-called are green.


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