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tv   Buro 39  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2021 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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in antwerp belgium. joe biden has held his 1st virtual meeting as u.s. president with canadian prime minister justin trudeau the leaders discuss their policy goals on china and climate change they agree to work towards achieving net 0 emissions by the year 2050. we're now and british naturalist david attenborough has issued another impassioned plea to world leaders to act on global warming and sir at laurel told the united nations that continuing on our current path would lead to the collapse of the natural world and the breakdown of civilization. gano has become the 1st country to receive vaccines from kovacs a global scheme aimed at ensuring all nations have fair access to over 1000 shots 600000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have arrived in the capital are gonna is
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among the low and middle income states getting cost free vaccines through kovacs un backed program should deliver $2000000000.00 says around the world this. hour and we can take you now to ghana to the copper opera to our very own isaak good to see you isaac what a day for a gun are very good news for the people there when will vaccinating start and who are they prioritizing. so the government has announced that it's from march to which is next week don't be a deployment of the vaccines to some selected areas where it is being given to some selected. because as. health workers we are told because judiciary. above 60 is and patients actually have some health
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condition these are some of the individuals even including. leaders in the country some of the people. for that phase of the vaccination. bring us up to speed what's the situation in gaza when it comes to coping 1900 sections so this decision is. in full health officials in the country we have 2000 cases. and we have a little over 500 i did and number of people recovered but their rates which people. get infected and also die from the virus is something i just. this is a current situation and gets into vaccine. in trying to contain the virus and is in fact shows in the country and i say tell us a little bit about the rollout of the vaccine how is that going to work.
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so well it's not going to be across the country for everyone for the meantime because we just have $600000.00 doses so the plan by government is that it will be saying to their hotspots in that country you're talking about their capital city and also the 2nd largest city areas in some parts of central parts of the country so basically that's what is going to happen to be taking to the health scientists in some of these hot spots areas and then they're allowed to devise an issue would take place to get that out these individuals i've spoken to you about health wake is alone because religious leaders patients with and i need conditions are among those this is going to work like from next week ok and tell us a little bit i mean how has this been received by the people of god what has the reaction been so many guys really happy that. plays and gun are has received its fair. that challenge has been with what i do
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will volunteer to take their job or. who are willing to take 8 once they get a signal that it is saved for the other is there really are prehensile have and do still want to wait for a longer period to see what i mean the down implications for people who have taken it before they take their lives to that is the situation in terms of acceptability and willingness to take their job. correspondent. reporting from the capital of gonna crawl thank you. and back here in germany authorities have given emergency approval to coronavirus testing kits at home or kits will be available in a few days time tests could prove tests could previously only be carried out by medical professionals some public health officials say testing could be a big boost in fighting the pen demick the says have. the tests have been have become available rather in other countries since last month the german health
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minister yes has been criticized for moving too slowly and be. all right now let's cross over now to do is chief political correspondent editor i should say mikhail a curfew who is on top of this story as always mckayla health minister spawn just to questioned by parliament did he get a grilling. well really we thought we had to get a lot more of a grilling but you set me on the defensive because he initially announced that there would be free tests for all from the 1st of march he had to revise that after essentially the corona cabinet decided that that might not fly particularly with those regional states and also with the finance minister so that's been delayed and he's been on the defensive for months now because of course there was a delay in those vaccinations being rolled out here in germany to be on a par with the united states britain or dare i say israel who is the clear front
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runner there so we saw a minister here who was time and time again mentioning the word federal federal states the federal regions and that's because a lot of those decisions are taken that a lot of technicalities have to take place to roll out both tests and vaccines and here he has responsibility but he can't really influence that terribly much so attend to be frustrated german health minister yes well that i mean that brings me to this next question in terms of like how was he managing expectations is he coming under political public pressure now. he is under pressure the whole government is under pressure here because patience is wearing thin with this lockdown although the majority of germans by far back it there are a lot. of cracks in this lockdown already and we're seeing individual states move forward ranging from widest school openings to huge differences in opening up
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again for instance garden centers will be opened again in bavaria from the 1st of march they have been for all along really in lower saxony and it's getting more and more sketchy and there's a lot of competition it appears now between individual states to declare a parcel reopening against the backdrop of those whole overing the figures here in germany which are offering round about the 60 incidence rate and the target here in germany was 50 infections but 100000 people per week ideally 35 before a real lockdown next week angela merkel's meeting up with the states and i believe we will then see her do what she wanted to avoid all along which is announce opening while at the same time warning of what she already calls a 3rd wave if not a new pandemic here that sounds ominous chief political editor reporting thank you
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and israel now in an ecological disaster a massive oil spill has hit the mediterranean shoreline leaving black sticky tar it's causing extensive damage to wildlife and as you know you news correspondents any agreement reports the cleanup could take months or even years. it's a meticulous task clumps of tar 9 descend on israel's military in coast one in tears and soldiers are cleaning the peaches by hand the all spill has been described as one of the worst environmental disasters in decades it has affected more than 170 kilometers off shore line be so good it does it give you tons of crude oil reach the beaches of israel from the south to the north and crucial ecological systems have going to affect and these are beaches where if you . then nature with animals and clams living in the water have been affected by the
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summer you have died she high above my. we forgive because our commode will come to the tower was detected after heavy winter storm last week because of the also build most likely from a ship off the coast is currently being investigated but the case has been put under controversial media gag order. environmental activists have called the disaster a wake up call for the government to put better environmental protections in place and this group is out at sea to help with locating potential oil remnants in the war to the overall effect on marine life assistance being assessed but for some it is too late like this turtle found over the weekend but up or boats up the town. and so we have a small brown turtle and you can see what the title did today and look at the
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extent of this disaster that a small turtle was recently on. stuff that i'm sure no one has been allowed. authorities say the cleanup operation could take a long time the task takes to rock and pollutes the sand volunteers are determined to do their part in the cleanup effort and they got a lot closer to that i think it is important that every israeli who usually enjoys the beach and they to it's important that we all come together and help with this mission it is a part of france and. for now the affected beaches have been closed to the public for an indefinite time. to claim reporting there now champions league football and going to sleep at club by munich beat for one in the round of 16 by and storm to a 3 nil halftime late thanks to goals from. jamal and le roy sunday
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after the break a lot so own goal made it for the 4 hocking corday out polled one back for the italians also on tuesday chelsea got a one nil victory against atletico madrid and if you give all scored the only goal of that match. and once again. are marking their return to the knockout phase of the champions league on wednesday are up against her mere league leaders manchester city they're led by former byron coach pep guardiola and city just recorded their 18th street victory over the weekend bloodbath meanwhile are without a win in their last 3 matches due to company to travel restrictions the match will take place in own glory just as germany. you're watching news coming up next in dubai news asia. the united nations warns of a deteriorating human rights situation in sri lanka an expert tells us why there is
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a risk of renewed ethnic violence and these in danger of lions are growing in number but indian authorities worry there are still vulnerable to a catastrophic point out. those stories and a whole lot more coming up in use music asian little rock n roll and thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we have seen at the top of the hour.
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that's a nation that's against the pandemic it's a race against time. could it business with the virus for. who will get the coveted that's a nation don't says the rich industrial nations already have a plan but what is the situation in india and africa. made injured. in 60 minutes d w. come download.
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what people have to say matters to us. that's why we listen to stories reporter every weekend on t w. they were forced into a nameless mass. of their bodies near tools. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. it describes how the 4 hour entropic commented an entire continent into chaos and violence. the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment in time this is the journey back into the history of slavery. i
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think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on d w. this is a wus a show coming up today sounding on rights abuses. by u.n. reporters calling for an investigation into. human rights and democracy. i ask for human rights experts. nearly hunted to extinction. back from the brink but they remain vulnerable to another kind of killer that could wipe out the population.
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welcome to news asia that you could join us all seeking an international criminal court investigation into sri lanka is being discussed today at a meeting in geneva the report by the un stop human rights official michel also called for sanctions against option going to fish and accused of war crimes the report accuses the government of sri lankan president rajapaksa of clamping down on democracy in the country and not bringing to book people responsible for rights violations during sri lanka's decades long civil war for 26 years tamil separatists battled the sri lankan government for a separate state the war ended in 2009 with the defeat of the rebels but it also left significant casualties among the civilian population for many of the tamils who lost loved ones the search for accountability has made little progress. this
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is the number of days these mothers have been protesting for 4 years they've stood on the side of the road in the town of junia in the north of sri lanka. the women want to know where the children and husbands are that been missing since the end of the civil war in 2009. jail when he took us in poli has also been here every day for for us she's looking for her daughter. that all about it would that we need each other my suffering is also felt by these other mothers because of that i keep on fighting that it not only for my child but for only children and husbands who went missing we have to find out what happened to our children that only mothers believe that their children and loved ones will return they can't lose hope. 52 year old says she recognized her daughter in this photo from 2015 it apparently shows the girl standing next to form a sri lankan president pallisers cena. signifiers exposure to initiate the mother's
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protest. the family belongs to the tamil minority during the last days of the civil war they were forced to leave their home and were taken to a camp run by sri lanka secret service and interrogators on the way to anita causing polite says her daughter was kidnapped by whom is unclear. shortly before the end of the civil war in 2009 the sri lankan army combed tamil territory the soldiers were looking for fighters from the tamil tiger liberation organization or ltd who were fighting for independence according to the un both warring parties committed serious war crimes up to 15000 tamils are officially missing that the united nations believes the number to be much higher. it has been impossible for this family to find peace since their eldest child disappeared they have been to the police time and again and even called on the un refugee agency and the un human rights commission to get involved but in vain that
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a good lot of might then be about it it's very difficult now that my wife stays on the line for me at the protest site but i am with her and thought all the time but there and i keep telling my wife to bring our daughter home. already earlier and i'm convinced that my daughter is still a life or your. protest spicer lanka's tunnels are growing. thousands took to the streets for 3 days in early february demanding the government clarify what happened to the countless missing so long because current president got a biologic declared all missing persons to ceased in 2020 including the daughter of j a when he took a supply. rajapakse that was the defense minister during the civil war the un commissioner for human rights lays the blame for alleged atrocities committed during that war on rajapakse this current army chief. the women simply want to know what happened to their children so far no sri lankan
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government has offered to help them. and for some perspective on this i'm joined now from colombo by sucking a lot of former member of the human rights commission off for a longer welcome why is it so hard for victims of a civil war that all the country apart to get any justice. well i think it's difficult for the victims to get any justice this government in particular the guy that was unity. hence the root cause of those of the conflict is just not even try and the victims cannot apply justice or instance we have a number of people who are decent yet also yet the government acts goes over where all are to be a t.t. and i mean it's natural that a terrible law datz are justified and there is a culture of denied and culture unique in this context find it very difficult to
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have their voices even required let alone actually you know i guess to then just. our human rights commissioner richard boucher misses an out of court that events over the past yeah in sri lanka have court here ordered democratic checks and balances and civic space and reprised a dangerous exclusionary a majority tedham discourse yes you're right she is i mean i'm sad to say but she is right because we have seen since election on in the government in november 2019 is a concentration of power in the 2nd we have seen the 20th amendment in that constitution this also has provisions that undermine. the judiciary i don't want to buy i don't mind independence of. human rights commission you know i dish in the old seeing that we'd make sure i say listen there should be no. place in the
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conflict affected not an east west civil society organizations are to surveillance intimidation and harassment by security agencies we fire people are censoring and that is the climate of the earth that you are critical of governments that migrant rights were going to be all that shit trying to national. we are talking about a country america that has emerged from more than 2 decades of civil war the kinds of things you're describing should have patently be the exactly the kinds of things that the government should avoid and therefore i wonder why is the government of qatar other parts shop pursuing this agenda i mean that's a very good question and i think it goes you would actually. have a majority cherry state i was now more so on this government is going to practice it now nationally. and i think they do not you know minorities i mean matter
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minority families and the muslims as equal citizens and hence there is no way if i didn't like the full masons. who made it actually i meant to damage according to daddy strategies i suppose it would make soldiers. do you think there is a danger on because the this sort of from a gender from the government could give rise to a new cycle of violence in the country i think this kind of intolerance discrimination is what led to that they are. so varied with it i think yes the who are. we also i believe the kind of intolerance it seems to me that didn't eat too radical i think. in that context we are told maybe have nomic hardships that people are facing at the moment i think
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all that is a recipe for definitely more more violence is society and potentially down the law you have another conflict. because michelle bush has called for international action including targeted sanctions and the taking the matter to the international criminal court all those the only avenues left to achieve reconciliation and human rights accountability interline go. i don't see right now yet. the last. time i saw and that is not even. on their own all domestic and. all i know very well the national. you know awful. right now of the day induct is the only option in their law march. or
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grasshopper not the river there for the time being but i do so much for joining us thank you thank you. trophy hunting nearly wiped out the shattered line from india a little over a century ago strict conservation laws have brought the pride back to the good forests in the western state of great drought from just trying to bait cats in 1930 to be earning 700 today but often a recent scare conservationists realize that success story remains very fragile 2 years ago a silent killer hunted the lions of deer forest a killer called canine distemper virus the highly contagious airborne pathogen spread through the preserve and killed 11 lions we import rex in for that. we would be really wrecked remembered all go
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to make up he would be. better not about observation. successfully concorde if you import the blood. nor new widespread be that we know boats will follow but others are not a confections could lie in wait the bigger the pride the more chance of interaction with nearby don't mess to get animals and people. their small genetic pool also puts them at risk that's why conservationists favor splitting up the population to avoid a catastrophic wipe out this mitigations. can do wast getting health insurance or life insurance if something happens to the organisation and there's always going to be our vision i'm really enjoying organisations lines while the lines of we're looking. but efforts to rehoboth
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alliance outside good herat are mired in a legal tangle state officials oppose the move they say garage preserve is best equipped to protect the lions more than half a 1000000 tourists come to catch a glimpse of the big cats each year park rangers now use g.p.s. trackers to monitor their health and movements their hope more fit beasts and fewer dangerous encounters between species. keeping the pride alive. today with the images of protest and security interest the un human rights chief. warned against sri lankan government's. functions and additional 7 sorts of things you tomorrow.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update coming. on t w. komi push home loans i'll throw dolphin a vote right now climate change the 1st off the story. faces lifelessly way for
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just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to. go to. success. that subscribes like this. shows that vaccines are safe and effective they reduce the number of hospitalization. and deaths they protect the vulnerable. but still there are many people who don't want to take the vaccine even medical workers at the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus. which is the skepticism come from. the information war experts say and he backs is a better at spreading fear in the mainstream media is it spreading the news that
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many nurses and doctors are reluctant to go get the jab in belgium the vaccination drive has been delayed due to the just equal problems and then there's the skepticism about vaccines which is especially high among the french speaking population they don't use reports. this is a moment to remember. photographs care home worker christina retreats as she receives her 2nd dose of the biotech pfizer vaccine. 4 months is where i really hope to encourage my colleagues but also my family even the country to come and get vaccinated. like. as vaccination drives the nursing homes like this one in the french speaking part of belgium draw to a close many stuff still opting out. almost half of all care workers in private institutions alone in the region are hesitating even the director of this
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home is among the. kist evolve one of the side effects let's say in 20 years nobody knows today so it's a bit like buying a car you feel like you could be safe but i want to see the crash test results so personally i am a bit skeptical but for the older people clearly it's a good thing it was kind of excess well put it. this caregiver is also one sure he prefers to wait because he's heard some rumors. i had yes some production in it that could be used. you can be orbs of from this town because of those production in them like espionage and of a stock you know and this is just the tip of the ice book false claims that the vaccine causes infertility or even death or spreading like wildfire across social
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media the french speaking part of belgium appears particularly receptive to these ideas. the head of most in home federation from a bell thinks making vaccinations mandatory maybe the only option so far training sessions or online campaigns have failed to convince stuff i did not understand i do not understand the it was so for them there's so a lot of rate of elderly people who died this so the loss of life. and it's unbelievable or do is people do not understand that they can protect themselves it's a big question. move. back at the nursing home this local doctor is trying his utmost to demonstrate that vaccines are safe is this and that's why i tell the staff here you need to get vaccinated not 70 percent
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of you but 100 percent of you all of you in order to win this fight. many of christina rodrigo's colleagues are also taking to social media to encourage others . she hopes each photo will make a difference. how caton is chief executive officer of the international council of nurses how would i know enough people i've got enough neighbors and enough family and friends who are very skeptical about this whole crisis and everything involved on every level but health professionals. so we are strongly recommending health care professionals take the vaccine we have seen infection rights amongst nurses and health workers at a high level tragically we've seen nurses around the world in other health workers who've succumbed to coronavirus this is an issue about their protection and their
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safety but also our health systems we have no health care workers we have no health systems so strongly recommending that people take this but for those who have questions and are hesitant it's important to have to discussion with them and to understand the reasons for that is a really about their health and not protecting our health they're the ones doing a service to the community. i think if you on pick the questions that people have this 1st the things around this seems to have been developed very very quickly the vaccines come 14 in a matter of months that's true but that's because there's been this great global effort to develop the vaccines and you look at the processes the steps that have been gone through by the medical regulate tree authorities they have all been followed so we need to explain that people so they sure of that some people are worried about side effects there are 200000000 people around the world who've had this vaccine to date and the side effects that were in the trials of the same ones
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that we're seeing so there's no undue cause for concern there there's some frankly crazy stuff as well about people think they're being implanted with trackers that are going to monitor their movements well if you're worried about that you probably shouldn't have a mobile phone but the key here is to talk to people and explain the facts and the reality so that they do have the back saying how it at the end of the day these doctors nurses and other health care workers have a guinea pigs their 1st in line to get the vaccine so i can understand to a certain extent this anxiousness. some people have genuine questions about the speed with which the vaccines have been developed or if there are going to be side effects some paper also a young girl in a saying well it won't won't affect us but i think what we have to what we have to get here that this is an individual choice that people can make for the common good so i think actually it's an act of humanity is probably the easiest way to save a life by having the vaccine because you do not know whether you may even in an
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asymptomatic white cost on the virus to somebody else you're protecting yourself you're protecting our health systems you're protecting the most vulnerable people as well and when you explain the facts to people i'm sure the overwhelmingly they will take the vaccine. how could you explain the fact for us when it comes to the astra zeneca vaccine because that's the one that's really got people skeptical. as i understand it the chest a child should have been done do show that there is great effect for people with severe t c s and with hospitalized patients as as well this is that's hugely important that we stop people dying and we stop people requiring in needing really intensive hospital care as well none of us can afford for our health systems to be to be
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overwhelmed i think there's still work controls being done on the effect if in relation to to milder diseases and moderate diseases but i say the benefits in terms of severe disease and the impact on not just people's lives but hospitalizations is really important why people should take the vaccine what about that early data shows from $28.00 to $34.00 days after the 1st of the astra zeneca vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalisation by 94 percent. this is data which is just emerging in recent days it's stunning it's beyond people thought was possible a year ago experts were talking about perhaps 5060 percent efficacy so that the efficacy here is she usually important and should be reassuring to people millions of people having the vaccine around the world us as well which gives reassurance around the lack of any severe side effects but also i think we've got an issue
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about ensuring that vaccines are available equitably right the way around the world so far the overwhelming majority in fact scenes have been delivered in high income countries if we continue down that road the risk is that new variants that might evaluate the vaccine will develop in low income middle income countries and none of us are out of this until we are all vaccinated from the virus the world is intimately into twined we don't win this on a nation not by nation basis we defeat the virus as one world. from our cat and chief executive officer of the international council of nurses thank you. time for derrick williams his our science guy with another one of your questions on the coronavirus. if we can't develop long term immunity against a pathogen through natural infection how can we do it with
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a vaccine. we don't yet know how long that scene induced immunity will last with covert 19 but this is an interesting topic to discuss anyway as as with some pathogens you really can achieve longer term effects with vaccines than through natural infection that's because when faced with a pathogen or in the case of a vaccine a facsimile of it the immune system responds with a a cascade of events that eventually wipes it out but also prepares for the eventuality that the pathogen can show up again someday if that happens the invader can be cleared out fast as a rule of thumb more severe disease appears to trigger a more lasting response and and we've learned something cool in over 200 years of experimenting with vaccines which is that severe disease can be faked and we can
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even to the body's response to some extent we got pretty good at doing that effectively in a dose or 2 of harmless vaccine. some people think somehow that immunity acquired from actually having the disease is somehow better than that you get from back scenes but but there are 2 reasons why vaccine acquired immunity is actually preferable 1st of course is that infection with any pathogen can always go badly even in people who are otherwise healthy so if you have the opportunity to protect yourself from that risk you should take it 2nd as counter-intuitive as it might seem at 1st glance because they can provoke a more intense immune response by faking severe disease the longer term protection vaccines provide could actually be more effective than that prompted by getting the
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sickness itself especially if you had a mild case as so many people do with cope at 19 that's why health care authorities are recommending that you still get vaccinated even if you've had and recovered from the disease. thanks for watching stay safe and see you again sir.
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vaccinations against the pandemic it's the race against time. it is business with the virus more. will get the coveted vaccination doses the rich industrial nations already helped plan the situation india and africa. made in germany. 30 minutes w. .
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cohen were all set. to go to. men. take on the world. oh this is where i'm all about the stories that matter to your legs. the i mean the inside leg below we are yours actually on fire. carefully. simply trying to get.
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discovered. led. subscribe to documentary to. the new year mean yes yes we can hear you and how last year's german chancellor will bring you i'm going to mount a call as you've never had to have a whole surprise yourself with what is possible and who is medical training what moves them want. to talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops and low. cut.
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plays . this is you know when you fly for girl and progress in the global fight against children 1000 gun up becomes the 1st nation to receive vaccines under the un back scheme to ensure low income countries get their fair share also coming up a world 1st a verdict here in germany of course finds a former syrian intelligence officer guilty over its.


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