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faced financial ruin but then help came from an unexpected quarter eagle matley its from the jewish community the intended target of the attack and others called on people to buy vouchers for 1000 combat and the jewish student union collected another 30000 euros they are there to support fellow members of how a society with their kids to get out your friends to the solidarity the neighborhood kabob shop will stay on as a place where we can pick up something to eat. anything else would only serve the aims of the attacker and vis person doesn't deserve a need just in the sense that you guys describe a lot like his basement tekken has been gaining confidence again for himself and the fight against hatred. is on but we all stick together more. as immigrants and journalists. no matter what our nationality or faith but the
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owner. only a few 100 meters away hell a synagogue has been under constant police guard since the attack matchett says now the house of worship is well protected but is a jew in germany he no longer feels quite a safe so he would like to see these vets as many people as possible become aware that this danger is real not just because of october the 9th 2019 hala but also because of many other horrifying events the majority of society has to be aware that minorities don't feel safe in germany and which bore us to be don't. those who feel threatened plan to take action for themselves jews like matt fitz and muslim immigrants like izmit tekken the attacker nearly destroyed his livelihood but now at the age of $36.00 he setting out to remodel his bistro set up tables in the rear room and make it an inviting place to eat once again. by them and more dishes
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than just about. we offer different meal combinations every day. so people can get another perspective. a coma many of customers have already gained another perspective on this life the people of hala are showing solidarity with the bistro. we were going this which is 28 in the long run that's not good for your waistline but we still try to come here as often as possible and it's matecumbe knows he can continue to count on the help of. the jewish community every . gesture of defiance against hatred and violence and. for years the hunger and prime minister viktor orban has been criticized by the e.u. for dismantling his country's independent judiciary and for stifling press freedom and his quest for taking even more control or ben is now giving his country's
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capital budapest a make over a number of ministries are being moved to the popular castle district that has led to protests from historians architects and residents. budapest's council district is undergoing major building work soon hungary's ministries are to be relocated to the palaces built according to historical models prime minister organ once council district to become hungary's new power center he's already moved his official residence here the district mayor martin a sally is appalled the opposition politician is forced to look on as the government expropriate slammed by the city. as now you are a sense a dangerous social message that you're at that night when it mattered i don't want us reverting back to how things were in 1944 including architecturally this was an
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arbitrary dictatorial decision by the government that runs counter to society's interests a very. many share her concerns residents like to mushtaq now hardly recognise the city anymore. hello mayor what brings you here i wanted to see the new buildings around the castle. i fear there is nothing we could do to stop this. madness has lived here for 26 years he's worried that he and his neighbors will soon no longer be able to live in the cost of district thomas says the government's plans come at a high cost to hungry in more ways than one. first they set a good costs of the 5000000 euro. now they've spent 155000000. for both of you because if you aren't even halfway finished. hungary's parliament
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building is located on the other side of the danube river today cause that square looks exactly the same as it did in march 944 repeat once again with statues and monuments from the era of miklos shorty who served his region through most of world war 2 organs government even reinstalled the monument of national martyrs which was removed after world war 2. historian christian valley reviews archive material of its original unveiling. and footage from 2019 when the reconstructed monument was in or grated to fieri rhetorical by parliamentary speaker last look of el. ma not serious tanach. it will wear branded and to european descent a phobic of islamophobia and homophobic just for cherishing our traditions. as the rhythm of what it was like the latest on record yet at the mag angry can only win
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this fight for enemies understand that their foreign money gutlessness and treasonous ways will never win the hungry again of course i was short of the number of tickets that are in the whole trip on all songs it. they are equating the current political opposition to a band of terrorists and traitors. to the more you realize it but supposing because such parties are governing all over europe today. my professor got disparity of why should hungry be a member of the european union if its government advocates values at odds with the woman as the unit represents some of it here but. the historian cannot understand or been. to the 1940 s. . he says nicholas hoult he oversaw a dark chapter in the country's history. hundreds
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of thousands were deported from hungary and sent to the jets 944 was about that happy if. he agrees he meets with his neighbor janish martin i heard her moving why. these days you just don't know what's going to happen the country is being fleeced you know my wife is jewish his back then the jews had no why they were born in trains they would have refused my wife does not want to see anything like that happen ever again. janish marty has decided to leave budapest and possibly hungry altogether just like hundreds of thousands of in gary and citizens who could no longer better watch their country's political transformation in recent years. we now take you to the scottish highlands to the small town of dull we need to be precise the
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vast green landscape is a great title way for animals and people alike for example me is home to a large population of red deer and it's also sophie gold off his of sorts she's a hunter a profession that encompasses so much more than one might think and it's a job that hasn't been affected by the cold with 1000 pandemic. sophie gold doesn't need to work from home the workplace is isolated and well aired it's in the hearts of the scottish highlands. at the foot of bend outer. idea you know the basics they go by the deer and not but i truly know it's working with everything from the tiniest blade of grass right up to the clouds in the sky for job also involves feeding the ponies in summer they hope to bring deer carcasses down the mountain. to winter and they need more to eat than the highlands
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could offer them. some few good things start becoming hunter was the best decision of her life. it makes me appreciate scotland even more there's always that sense of community in the cheeky ness that you get from scottish people and i praise myself for not have it almost got humor. so if he works on a private estate there done with me in the highlands a work involves reforesting and restoring people she sees herself as a painter environmentalist hunting is also about protecting the environment in winter only females are cold. there's definitely a few older hines a few older ladies that i would have preferred to take out they lose a lot more condition over the winter than our younger hind would and so being proactive with thought and shit in them before they get to that stage scotland is home secure its largest reduce population. left unchecked the animals would
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destroy scotland's vegetation and succumb to diseases. but today the deer are simply too far away to get a clear shot they managed to just get out but are when they're a little bit of a fright but they know there's no threat so if we start walking towards them they would be hopping away these animals weird so lucky. later that evening it's time to feed the animals getting very tension a simple enough. the hair does lewd as usual by sophie's favorite star comma should i know in 10 years the things i'm doing in the job will affect everything from on this estate to the waiter of scotland and not some object thing and that's i suppose it's a bit of a legacy. so while her workplace may seem isolated some feel was just a little. relieved. it surely is
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a great place to work well that's all we have time for today do join us again next week for more stories and reports from europe and in the meantime you can reach us via email or on twitter my name is liz show take care and goodbye.
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vaccinations against the pandemic it's a race against time. it is business with the virus sure. you will get the coveted vaccination dose says the rich industrial nations already have a plan of what is the situation and africa. made in
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germany. 30 minutes on w. 2 the point showing the choice of a clear position some international perspective such temperatures are once again rising between the u.s. and iran so will the 2 harsh enemies be able to renegotiate the around nuclear deal but don't trump turned his back on the choices you change or will the downward spiral continue find out on to the point. to. point. is the cuts on t.w. . what keeps us unsafe what makes us see and how do we stand up to. my name is dr carlson the i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your head.
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stay tuned and let's all try to stay good shoes. on t.w. for. guys like me oh and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion land on the moon was killed worldwide so that we can do good but it's not just the animals of all suffering it's the environment remains on a journey to find ways out of the nutrition if you want to know how old weightlifter the priest and the huntress changed as he thinks is listen to our podcast on the green and. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. co has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus of data the code of special monday to friday on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin the european union is placing its bets on vaccine passports and e.u. leaders have agreed on the need for coronavirus vaccinations for typical german chancellor angela merkel says the documents could be ready in time for even citizens to take their summer holidays also coming up. thousands of armenians take
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to the streets after their prime minister accuses the military of attempting a coup some rallying in his defense but many others demanding the prime minister resign. and the dog will her point by pop star lady gaga has been shot and 2 for a french bulldog stolen in a brazen attack in los angeles. on pablo foley s welcome to the program european union leaders have faced struggles in managing the coronavirus crisis with the slow rollout of vaccinations putting increasing pressure on them there are also divisions over certain members imposing border restrictions but they have agreed on the need for vaccine certificates which they hope can lead to a lifting of travel barriers that will aid tourism this summer member states could
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start issuing e.u. vaccine certificates within 3 months. with slow backs in nations coronavirus variance border chaos and summer holidays at risk there was no shortage of talking points at this virtual e.u. summit during a 4 hour video called leaders trying to find a united way forward in the fight against the pandemic the pressure is intense concerns can't just be a wave this side with the e.u. lagging behind them vaccination numbers and new variants spreading rapidly across the continent the b. 117 is by now in all member states but one. the south african variant is in 14 member states and the brazilian variant in 7 so there's a lot of challenges ahead of us apart from ramping up vaccine manufacturing and easing production bottlenecks the e.u. will put more energy into detecting these more contagious and dangerous mutations through a dedicated program. with the spring on its way to resume has made it back to the
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agenda greek prime minister to talk his was one of the 1st leaders to call for an e.u. wide vaccination certificates in the attempt to east travel restrictions and see if the summer holiday season that's something old leaders could get behind but how and when exactly this vaccine passport could be rolled out is i'm certain. we expected to be done by summer i am not a programmer so i cannot make any guarantees like i cannot guarantee vaccine deliveries but the political requirements are to reach this goal within the next few months. but for the moment member states have agreed that tourism and all non-essential travel is not an option. well earlier we spoke to our correspondent matters in brussels and i asked him about the key points upon which you leaders have agreed everybody on one page when it comes to the fact
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that it was the e.u. together that ordered all these vaccines are want to greece that was a good idea or the 2nd thing then is that everybody agrees that they now need to get ready for a huge amount of vaccines coming in the 2nd quarter of the year so that the national rollout is more smoothly that it has been so far and certainly as you have mentioned the digital of vaccination passports that have been basically agreed on however the french president for instance made clear in his press conference after the summits that there will be no special rights connected and then it was the head of the european commission was enough underlined who specified that this is a political question and it's not clear it is clear that the the passes will come but it's not clear what they will actually be used for so another debate on the sky on the horizon. now the coronavirus knows no borders but thrived in europe countries are again trying to interrupt the chains of infection by restricting
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border traffic germany frontier with the czech republic is as good as closed i numbers of infections on the check site mostly because of the british variant of the virus lead to introduce strict entry restrictions which have to strip the lives of thousands of people. everything ok until you any news about whether you can come over now there's no news here it's looking pretty dire sits just no entrepreneur thomas maynard cannot go back to work his company is in the german state of saxony but he lives across the border here in the czech republic and the bridge he usually takes to cross into germany is now shut. thousands of commuters like him are facing the same struggle. sex and he only makes few exceptions for medical personnel and critical infrastructure workers. families divided by the border closure come to the
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bridge to meet german police tolerate this but don't allow any crossing. before get some of my nerve because the day before yesterday a friend brought me my medicines from a german pharmacy will go and this is my cousin was there a day before then we can build in the border closure is putting many of his check neighbors under financial strain freedom of movement has ground to a halt. my brother and many of my friends here work in germany and it's right now all of them are at home and don't know what's going to happen. what should we do with our work it's very difficult and i don't think it's fair. to. the czech government has not really criticizing the border closure last spring prague itself shut the czech borders relatively quickly when the number of infections in germany was higher. brylin justifies the current entry restrictions with the high number of new infections in the czech republic where the incident rate is currently
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amongst the highest in europe. the spread of the virus is out of control and hospitals are overwhelmed. yet many don't seem to care see no there are news about up out of them and there's nothing the government or the parliament can do for people don't follow the rules and everything will stay this way. you can see the light at the end of the tunnel they're just tired of complying with the restrictions of any but even those who used to follow all the rules are now paying less attention. which some of. the czech parliament is divided over whether to extend the state of emergency and tighten the current measures what the tougher restrictions would look like and when they should take effect is unclear and so the situation in the border area also remains uncertain as long as infection numbers in the czech republic continue to rise commuters expect their lives will stay on hold. well let's take a look now at some other developments in the pandemic brazils death toll from
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covert 1000 has topped a quarter of a 1000000 people the country is now in the midst of a devastating 2nd wave us regulators are allowing the biotech pfizer vaccine to be shipped and stored at less frigid temperatures which should ease its distribution. just published study from the vaccine rolled out in israel in the case that the biotech pfizer vaccine works as well in the real world as it did intend it will trials 94 percent effective after 2 shots and armenia months of political tensions are reaching a tipping point on thursday thousands attended rallies in the capital caravan after prime minister and he called on accused the military of an attempted coup many turned out to support him but many others called for his resignation the prime minister has been a divisive figure more so following armenia's defeat in a conflict with azerbaijan last year. and embattled leader holding on to
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power for now. armenia's top generals called on prime minister nicole pushing on to resign on thursday following months of protests but this time his supporters of come out in force stepping in front of the crowd in the capital of on pushing and denounce the army's move as an attempted coup. keycard all the army must do its job the army cannot look back the army cannot interfere in political process is the army must of by only the people and the political power chosen by the people. here feel at least that back i can describe a jam. put the opposition also took to the streets in numbers. they pressed home the generals demand. that was a war that we lost shamefully and the prime minister he was responsible for that has not left his post and since that day the public it's been demanding his
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resignation. he was. pushing younes troubles stem from last year's war without a job over the region of nagorno-karabakh. in weeks of fighting armenia lost control of large parts of the disputed region of as a beige on the territory linking of the exclave to armenia thousands of armenians had to flee their homes and the army suffered heavy casualties. crushing defeat feels the anger on the streets of the are where the protestors have set up for the long haul. or we spoke earlier with lawrence broers of caucuses program director at the think tank chatham house in london and we asked him if the military might forcibly remove the prime minister. i i don't think of that as a likely outcome there is of course the risk but the armenian military has actually
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been very careful in recent years to preserve its neutrality in political affairs and i think there is a will across the broader population actually to see this resolved through snap elections and a new dispensation in the country rather than through confrontation on the streets i think another essential element is a formal inquiry into the failings in the the war last autumn so that that reckoning plays out in the form of an operative inquiry rather than street battles. a former olympic women's gymnastics coach in the united states with ties to teams disgraced doctor has killed himself just hours after being charged with sexual assault human trafficking and other crimes john gebhardt coached the women's national team to a gold medal in the 2012 games but on thursday the state of michigan filed 24
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charges against him could have carried years in prison if convicted the team's doctor larry nasser had previously been convicted of the sexual abuse of athletes in a case that rocked the united states and global sports. now the ethics committee of football's governing body fifa has closed a bribery bribery case against a german great back in power because a statute of limitations expired a statute that was put in place after the investigation was launched 2016 feet a probe found that back in barrett long with 2 other top german officials broke rules and bribery and corruption joining germany's successful bid to host the 2006 world cup all 3 have denied wrongdoing back in barrel won a world cup with west germany as a player and another as head coach. former one team red bull
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racing debuted their new car on the track on wednesday as they prepared for the season opener in bahrain next month britons at silverstone circuit the team's drivers were the 1st to try out the you car red bull or ending for their 1st title since 2013 and hope the new car will take max for stopping his 1st title after 4 straight championships one by luiz hamilton mercedes. now violence near sunset boulevard in los angeles where a pop star's dog walker has been shot and the dog stolen the prized french bulldogs belong to singer and actor lady gaga and police say the dog walker tried to fight off the 2 gunmen involved in the tests. lady gaga is offering a big reward to get her dogs back. gunned.
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the victim is reportedly a friend. he's expected to recover from the gunshot. he. has not yet a targeted attack since it has become increasingly common. for thousands of dollars. she's known to be highly protective of her dogs and is offering half a $1000000.00 for the safe return of her pets questions asked according to her representative. well don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store and give you access to all
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the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the you up to send us photos and videos of what's happening. while you're watching t.v. news live from berlin coming up next as our special edition on the corona virus crisis for me and the rest of the team here take care and season. the fate of against the coronavirus pandemic. as the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus top day 19 special. on t w. the
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