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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2021 2:03pm-2:30pm CET

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am i happy but it was an even more severe crackdown on me on march 2nd largest city mandalay with several people requiring medical treatment for their injuries. there have been daily protests and strikes throughout me more since the military took power on february 1st despite the threats of a violent crackdown constantly looming. the protests need to keep going but it's been almost a month now so some of us are feeling a bit disappointed and depressed we need to stay strong for the next month or 2 because it could take some time to remove this. elected leader aung sang suu kyi she has not been seen in public since the coup and her lawyer says he's been alive no contact but you know. i'm concerned the right to access justice and legal counsel are being violated this
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is. going to. suit she is due to appear in court on monday and time is running out to prepare her defense. side her young girl mansion a group of supporters gathered to offer prayers for her release. let's get the latest on this story now we can speak to journalist a minturn and young gun could you tell us more about what is happening right now in yangon. so what we've been seeing today is the. police have decided to target protesters especially at the media junctions where we've seen massive protests every day and really what we're seeing in yangon is an escalation of force and a continuation of the sort of force that was seen in smaller cities outside of young where there is media coverage and it's much more likely that there are ethnic minorities living in the area and so we've heard reports. and rubber bullets being
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used you know as as it was said earlier there's no. casualties as of now but dozens have been arrested and media has also been targeted including those who are wearing press jackets as well as helmets and at least one journalist was arrested today so there's another escalation you're saying at the same time the military is now officially an old and the election results from november where on sunset she and her party had won by a landslide what does that mean. it's unclear right now what that means so that you know election commission the new one appointed by the military invited all political parties to join that meeting where the results were and a little less a little more than half joking and so remains to be seen how much. influence and persuasion that the committee representing the elected officials that has formed as sort of munition organization in the. house in terms of other parties how much
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other parties are willing to go along with it and whether or not sort of the people are willing to accept and eventually more with the military pointed leadership as well as local ministry theirs and on sunset she actually hasn't been seen since the military took power so what do we know about her whereabouts at this point. it's completely unclear where she's being held she has had some contact with her party and have for years and that's where we're kind of hearing about. very few details of her trial. you know her lawyer said a few days ago in this it sounds like she's. in good health or at least you know the same health conditions she was before her arrest but we have now are being held journalist in town speaking to us from yangon thank you for that update. me now gunman in nigeria have adopted several 100 schoolgirls in what is the
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latest mass kidnapping in the region the adoption happened at a boarding school in the town of junk in some thera state in the early hours of friday witnesses told local media that hundreds of armed men attacked security guards before they took the girls in recent months heavily armed criminal gangs have been ramping up attacks on schools and kidnapping children to collect ransom let's go to is fred wolf when he was standing by for us in lagos hi fred what is the latest that we know at this hour. we know that you have just mentioned that several hundreds of schoolgirls where not to us know the gunmen in big numbers and started shooting to scare the population and then they started could not bring these schoolgirls so far we know that there is no single god that has escaped we know but we know from governmental authorities that the. other
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security organs are already did they're trying to pursue the gunmen so far that's the information that we have fred but can you tell us about the kidnappers here who are they and what is it that they want. so far there is no group that has claimed responsibility over what happened last night but we know that they are of course in northern nigeria they are gunmen. but they're also but at this point they believe that these are just gotten men like bandits and they could do not being seen pretty for ransom so there is someone just told me a moment ago that in one or 2 days probably these young girls might be released if the government pays something well it is one of several recent large scale
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kidnappings that we've seen in nigeria what is behind this development. that's really. because i mean unlike boko haram that has an ideology this bond it's or other militia groups they don't have any ideology so as long as when they succeed to kidnap a group of young people or especially school girls then that is their success because they're more t.v. so far what we know is to destroy. the region and also make sure that they are also gaining some. some money because they get the they are doing this for ransom so far that's what we know and fred hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped again how are nigerians reacting to this. i spoke to one of the parents whose 2 door ties were could not last night the shoes that they they
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they dogs have a trust in the government system on security system in nigeria because this has been happening in other states now this is happening for the 1st time as far as we know so that they just you know that this pirates they want to see their daughter and they do want to know how this is going to happen our correspondent fred when you're reporting for us from lagos thank you very much. from now the human rights organization amnesty international says it has evidence that eritrean troops massacred hundreds of people in ethiopia northern to grey region last november and use witness accounts and satellite images to document the atrocities the report suggests that eritrean troops carried out war crimes in their attempts to take control from rebels and that reacher. this family who way
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they've escaped the fighting in ethiopia's t. cry region and to found shelter and sit on. the news met them back in november when they just arrived. coping method as. we cried and our children cried with us they wept in front of us so i think the shooting started while we were eating and we just had to leave. even the. their home in ethiopia has seen almost 4 months of fighting between local rebel forces and the military says allegedly receiving support by eritrean troops gaining an accurate picture of events in tikrit has been difficult to impossible journalists have been blocked from entering the region phone and internet services were at times cuts completely and humanitarian organizations have struggled to get in. in early december u.n. human rights chief michel basher lay said there is an urgent need for independent monitoring of the human rights situation in the
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t cry region for all necessary measures to protect civilians and for accountability for violations that came about 2 weeks too late for this woman and some 800 others in ethiopia as holy city of. that's how many people are thought to have died in an alleged massacre near an ancient orthodox church a recent investigation by the associated press found that the perpetrators were soldiers from neighboring eritrea and a new report by amnesty international backs this up the human rights group says it's collected evidence that ira trained soldiers went on a rampage in axum on the 28th of november after an earlier attack on them by a small group of rebel fighters knesset mary's church witness accounts describe them roaming the streets and shooting at fleeing civilians with automatic weapons and precision rifles i saw the people being shot on the ground when they were running approximately 10 people or more all of them young men everyone was scared
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and run away eritrea's government has denied its forces were involved in any massacre after the a.p. investigation was published the country's information minister called the story a horrendous lie relevant ethiopian institutions had long ascertained the utter fallacy of the story he posted on twitter fighting in tikrit is said to be ongoing and it'll be hard to verify what really happened in axum in late november but in light of amnesty international's new allegations the eritrean government may face fresh questions about its involvement in this bloody conflict that is playing out away from the eyes of the world. now to some other stories making news around the world a british foreign woman who left the u.k. as a teenager to join the so-called islamic state in syria has lost her high court bid to return to our country of birth the british government revoked show me i'm a big i'm citizenship and 2019 arguing she was bangladeshi by descent who is not
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a bungled as she citizen challenge the decision it has left her stateless the head of russia's jail authority says opposition leader alexina volney has been moved from a moscow jail to a penal colony of only was sentenced to 2 years labor for breaching his parole while recovering in germany from a poisoning attack u.n. human rights investigators are expected to issue findings on the volleys case on monday. hong kong has started the covert 1000 vaccination of its 7 and a half 1000000 residents people over 60 and health care workers are set to receive the shots 1st vaccines from china sign novak are the 1st to be administered hong kong has also struck deals with astra zeneca and biotech pfizer. and queen elizabeth has encouraged people to get vaccinated against cope at 19 the queen made the comments on a call with british health officials the 94 year old said the job did not hurt when she received it she urged people to think of others and take the shot if possible.
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the european union has agreed to develop a covert 19 vaccine passport that could ease border crossings and allow people more freedom to travel again e.u. leaders met for a virtual summit to discuss coordination they're already under pressure over a lagging vaccine rollout germany's chancellor says it will be at least at least 3 months before a vaccine passport system is up and running. with slovaks a nation's coronavirus variance border chaos and summer holidays at risk there was no shortage of talking points at this virtual you summit during a 4 hour video call leaders trying to find a united way forward in the fight against the pandemic the pressure is intense concerns can't just be waved aside with the e.u. lagging behind them vaccination numbers and new variants spreading rapidly across the continent the b 117 is by now in all member states but one. the south african variant is in 14 member states and the brazilian variant in 7 so there's
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a lot of challenges ahead of us apart from ramping up vaccine manufacturing and easing production bottlenecks the e.u. will put more energy into detecting these more contagious and dangerous mutations through a dedicated program. with the spring on its way tourism has made it back to the agenda greek prime minister. was one of the 1st leaders to call for an e.u. wide vaccination certificate in the attempt to east travel restrictions and save the summer holiday season that's something all leaders could get behind but how and when exactly this vaccine passport could be rolled out is uncertain. we expected to be done by summer i am not a programmer so i cannot make any guarantees like i cannot guarantee vaccine deliveries but the political requirements are to reach this goal within the next few months. but for the moment member states have agreed that tourism and all
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non-essential travel is not an option. for more on this story we can speak to alex patel is in athens he's the chief economic advisor to the greek prime minister me to talk us mr palace tell us that welcome to you now you have said that you want to open for tourism in may and the commission president has said that it will take around 3 months to put the system in place is that good enough for you. good afternoon to everybody and thank you so much for having me so what we're saying is that come spring people will want to travel it's been a difficult few months people in lockdown the pandemic has been going on for a year now and governments will be under pressure there will be a solution found whether the european union puts one together or knowledge and what we're saying is let's get this done greece is negotiating a number of bilateral deals we already reached an agreement in principle with israel through mutual recognition of x.
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nascent said difficult and we're working on a deal with the united kingdom and other countries but our view is that unlike 2020 when there were as let's say a large part of different approaches by different countries why don't we all come together and try unified approach what about the fact that there's still some uncertainty around whether vaccinated people can still get called at 19 and also pass it on i mean are you worried about a risk of outbreaks that increase of people come there to travel. so i'm not a scientist so this is not a judgment for me to make although recent data that came out from israel i think it was 2 days ago show that the risk of infection drops significantly with max a nation but the point here is different we need to put this is tim in place the experience from last year tells us that we do need to put a system in place and then after that it's very easy to switch that are off well if need be so we do have additional as brics nations certificate we want to be sharing
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the minimum amount of data with other countries but at the same time we need to get ready and we need to have a system in place that can be adjusted will ok there's also been ethical questions asked here about the fairness of giving people who have been vaccinated privileges like the freedom to travel freely when some people at perhaps don't have access to a vaccine yet or cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons do you share those concerns. this is not about giving somebody a freedom as opposed to somebody else and it's not a. vaccination passport either it's a certificate we would think of it as i think of it better as a green lane to avoid the restrictions that will remind you that said greece did open last summer to tourism we opened end of june this time we want to open in may as you mention and the summer season went perfectly well last year this year we have a lot more tools or disposal there are rapid test that didn't used to exist there's a lot more people with antibodies and of course said we have the vaccination
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certificate so. visitors will be able to visit greece under a number of protocols and we have no doubt that this will be a terrific summer season we do not share that pessimism of your a correspondent in the video we actually believe that the 2021 season is going to be still half that 2901 but double the 20 to 21 you mentioned some of those bilateral a bilateral agreements they greece has reached with israel you're in talks with britain at the moment does that not undermine e.u. unity here to act together on this issue. so the member states to have freedom to control the borders 1st because every 3rd countries of course we all know last spring that led to chaos and the system was put in place with recommendations the current system and we have very much in favor of negotiations at the e.u. level at the same time. and we do urge other countries to come to the table at the
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same time if that doesn't happen then we are obviously going to do our own bilateral deals just to follow up there you're saying the e.u. is not acting fast enough to reach some of these deals. you know what we're saying is that we urge the e.u. to come together the people will want to travel as solution will be found sooner or later and let's make the e.u. part of that solution ok we'll have to leave it there alexis patel us in athens thank you so much for joining us. now is europe ponders a pancho way out of lock down brazil reports that a quarter of a 1000000 people have now died from coronavirus despite registering more than 10000000 cases brazil's president jarba so narrow has consistently downplayed the crisis many health workers say that is making their struggle to save lives even harder to meet us has this report from south. dr
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fernando ghodsee treated the 1st in $1000.00 patient in brazil since then he has had to deal not only with the pandemic but also with the government downplaying it speaking out put him under pressure and even cost him a bore not. a 2nd is going to screech because he suffered a lot of criticism because we started to spread information inside and outside the hospital to share our experience with the world and with other hospitals as various as all all those then we were criticised for doing that by society by experts and even from our own government the problem was very most 12 months after its fairest case brazil is facing another challenge the new strain these patients infected with the virus and which besides have been more contagious seems to affect young and old alike in period 2 of us hospital in sao paolo she is insulated unconscious but
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despite the gravity of the pandemic the government's controversial approach means many in brazil still belittle the effects of the virus. there are many people in a very serious condition this is not a joke that most people think it is. currently almost how of brazil's $27.00 states say their intensive care units are more than 80 percent food they immediately but hospital insult one of the largest in latin america more and more young people are being admitted with coronavirus these women are visiting a 32 year old man. people are struggling to get a bed and get better and while the politicians are fighting among themselves the population is dying. monica see that works in the same hospital i was the 1st person to receive the vaccine in brazil coronavirus that seems have been at the heard of
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a political power struggle in the contrary. people shouldn't be thinking about politics the important thing is that the vaccine is here whether it comes from one side or they're all there it doesn't matter what counts is that we have the vaccine . although brazil has been successful in vaccinated against other diseases such as yellow fever tuberculosis a mistress this time partly some struggles hub resulted in the country failing to buy enough but since doses that has cost divisions even within both ranks you congress. you feel is very unfortunately what it is also we have seen that while there is the sanction of the seas some are ignoring the pandemic and others are taking advantage of it to project and like to hold political plan for 2022. worse but the virus does not care about politics that's clear to those fighting aids on the frontline and those who like dr gace have seen the evolution of the
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virus from day one. now to the remarkable story of 4 children being thrown from a burning building and istanbul their mother dropped her kids one by one from an opera story window while neighbors gather to catch them. a mother's love put to the hardest to test. a turkish woman had to throw her 4 kids from a 3rd floor window in order to save them from the flames. residents stretched out a blanket so they could catch them. they were moments of terror but the children made it out safely local media reported they were in good condition. anyone who has kids will feel a lot more profoundly about this so this is it while there was great despair there
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was one of those kids that wasn't able to jump down was about to faint. i broke down after he saw. his homelessness it was heartbreaking and then got no one lost their lives a little too. the incident happened at a 5 story building in the european side of istanbul. firefighters later assisting bridge the flames sparked by an electrical panel. the mother and 4 other people in the building where else are rescued a potential tragedy averted who will. coming up next on news asia the elite north korean hackers who tried to steal more than a $1000000000.00 for their government a cyber expert tells us how they choose their targets. activists in india targeted by sedition and anti terror laws they could face life in prison. plus
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pakistan rolls out of a police unit specially trained to curb street crime. the responders she has those stories and more coming right up on g.w. news asia stay tuned. to. the law.
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of what i need to agree about on the role for the over the russian. the 4th time for the. little that missed the boat on the valets at the last dragon. has called a halt. to agree books on. look closely. carefully.
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is soon. to be. discovered. the i. subscribe to a documentary on. everything . for us and for our pleasure. the idea is on its way to bring you more conservation. and how do we make cities scream or how can we protect animals and their habitats to the
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least. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over the forest recycling for disposable smart new solutions to the 1st setting where the church is truly unique and we know that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive the ideas the environmentalists and global 3000 on t.w. i'm going and. this is. coming up today north korea because jobs for stealing money. goes working for. the united states for digital wallets of god i'm so used aside i'm just explains why the regime is off to the money plus. silenced by the local activists in india are increasingly being.


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