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tv   Ein neues Leben  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2021 3:00am-3:45am CET

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group to relieve. pain. we are here is actually on fire made from. this is g.w. news and these are our top stories donald trump has returned to the political stage as a conservative conference in florida trump was given a rapturous reception by supporters hoping he could run for u.s. president again in 2024 he was banned from social media in the last days of his presidency and has since kept a low profile. the united nations says 18 people have been killed and 30 wounded in minimal police opened fire on demonstrators
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demanding the restoration of the ousted civilian government security forces used tear gas stun grenades and live rounds of dorothy's are trying to crush weeks of protest against the army take over. the world famous beilin alla film festival is kicking off here in the german capital pandemic means that for the 1st time fans will be missing out critics and industry professionals will assess the contenders for the golden bear best film award via live stream. you're watching d.w. news you can follow us on instagram and twitter at a d w news or visit our website w dot com.
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our imagery lives are shooting up every day heat electricity and water are all things we can brag about at home we're producing these utilities and it's carbon dioxide and contributes greatly to each of our carbon footprints over our lifetime what can be done to reduce our emissions and make our homes most sustainable that's what we'll explore to be whole welcome to india. coming to you from mumbai over the last century rapid industrialization and urbanization made sure our whom listen less in sync with the natural environment we live in many of our building practices used over time harmed nature instead of helping you try for an architect we met in delhi is believing the pabst blue car horns eco friendly again.
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the new delhi skyline is a mixture of modern skyscrapers and energy intensive poorly designed constructions . carbon emissions from buildings are often neglected from the climate debate but in india buildings alone are said to contribute to 40 percent of energy related carbon emissions architect has been designing sustainable functional buildings for over 20 years. he says the need is now urgent. but there are still a lot of misconceptions about what green building design really means. the biggest myth is that people believe that a green home is one that has a lot of green plants you put in a lot of plants you know lawn and glass it becomes pretty which is not so in a green building it's actually green because it respects nature and it. kind of uses the replenishable sources resources and it uses various stages it uses
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consumption and we release a killed a lot of materials. one of the valves designs in new delhi is famous for being india's 1st 5 star rated green home called green one. the home has been certified by research and policy organization the energy and resources institute. large windows provide lots of not to the light while double glazing adela to be a new feature in india insulates the building keeping it cool in india's hot summer has. no value look at green one or no pressure. to make his home sustainable. one important factor for going green was sourcing local materials. next door i think
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it will be there. is a mature same size and those houses have lost the war they've lost much more than my house why because they have. spent on a lot more expensive things there for example prague and italian model of a baby or fittings are going to very very expensive finishing so actually turn out that my house less than those old. the house also generates renewable energy and harvest rainwater. today. it is able to capture 75 percent of its water demand and can also save up to 40 percent of its power. but what explains that these teachers be off overtime. i think it is still worth it if you spend 10 percent more or 15 percent more and after 5 years it pays for itself and then after that it runs virtually free of cost and you are giving back to the future
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generations you're giving back to the environment we are now coming into the concept of you know 0 carbon exit or buildings which are going to you know give back more than they consume i think that's the need of the are right now. at the moment india has around 1400000 modern homes that are built with the green concept. which constitutes less than 5 percent of all residential properties. the indian green building council hopes to take this number up to 10 percent by 2022 and some states have already begun giving more incentives to green certified constructions. however this statistic excludes the countless temporally homes and those built by hand in rural india to dish mill homes that are often green in their own right. to be with inspired by
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structures that history has to be studied because historically what people have been naturally it is known that they are the best structures and that what we do is we can temporize it a bit so that we can use the same materials but in a more contemporary we're using modern technology so that it is a value vent so that it's easier to maintain it to be. more valid innovated his own house in the year 2000 he was inspired by the traditional methods of releasing and building based on the environment i used all the broken pane of that came out from the toilets so all that were broken and used in the form of a pact and since a lot of them were late it reflects a lot of peter's very. more people can now afford the initial investment and more indians are getting conscious about the impact of their choices on the environment . they strongly feel that
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sustainability has to start from home and you have to adopt a sustainable a state before you want a system that will lend green building so i think the consciousness has come in and pandemic are not this really really pick up but i am sure this. situation we have been receiving a lot of. from seeing that it does simplify it homes let us give more open the city do. less going for more green measures let's go and plant more trees because. you know taking care of pollution as well. as the link between personal choice and the environment becomes clearer. this need will only continue to grow. now like we just saw using solar panels. but installation can be
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costly and panels are not all these efficient in converting sunlight into electricity what if you could use it in die a villain for. electricity or university germany is looking at ways to do just that . photosynthesis on our planet dates back almost 3000000000 years today's plants harvest the energy of the sun with the help of a green pigment called chlorophyll and there it absorbs sunlight to produce chemical energy which enables the plant to grow this energy is truly green. that the university of consul scientists are trying to use the same principle to generate energy a team of architects artists scientists and designers are working on a building material that will transform sunlight into electricity like a solar cell. on. the basis of the system
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is just ordinary concrete the researchers mix it with graphite to make it electrically conductive when it has hardened they can take on various electronic functions acting as a light switch for instance. as an artist tossed into an architect they came up with the idea of using conductive concrete to generate solar power. but you have. also been guns and what you see here looks like ordinary concrete but what's special about it is that it's sensitive to the touch as you can see and that's because we've made this concrete capable of conducting unlike tricity and this conductive concrete is the basis for our solar concrete. to give the concrete the desired characteristics the scientists spray on various layers of colored liquid the result is a sensitized solar cell that produces electricity through a kind of artificial photosynthesis the order in which the wafer thin layers of
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color are applied is crucial. if you combine the layers correctly you end up with something that functions like a photovoltaic so one layer contains dye pigments when the sunlight strikes them electrons are released and current starts to flow. to improve their di sensitize solar cells the research is conducted long term measurements in the lab a single solar cell provides just a few volts of electricity if you cover it with your hand the current fall sharply and rises again when light hits the solar cell. the cells current efficiency is 5 percent that's twice as high as it was in the research started. solar concrete are discrete is so interesting because it's really easy to produce it's environmentally friendly and can be used on
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a large surfaces and maybe one day in the future all the smooth flat surfaces in the city could be used to produce electricity. could. the more cells that are affixed onto a building's wall the more electricity it can produce to do this the individual cells need to be interconnected under ideal conditions a surface area of one square meter could generate 20 watts of power. now the researchers want to take the concept to another level they have developed prototypes of façade robots that could in the future scale the outside of buildings and print solar cells on them in 5 years they hope to roll out their solar concrete so it can be used to construct new buildings and upgrade existing for sounds 'd. that inspire to use and like me i'm sure many of you have wondered what can you
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do about all the plastic use and dispose on a daily basis we've all seen the headlines that tell us how it 1000000 tonnes of plastic makes it into the ocean every year but is that an eco friendly alternative to plastic available to us a scientist in indonesia may have beyond question. plastic waste as far as the eye can see here north of jakarta a grim normality in indonesia as much as 3000000 tonnes end up in the ocean every here. and that's why nobody more your no one to change her aim keeping the seas clean his solution see wheat. the green weeds not only filter the water of unwanted talks and encourage biodiversity. they also are an alternative to plastic packaging. how can we solve it
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if we do not have something to replace this plastic because of course we cannot go back to. our eggs him. or live without plastic as a picketing so we have to think about this in fundamentally friendly. like the one she has come up with. the sheet here is a result of 10 years of research as a food. scientist financed by institutions and grants it's her pride and joy she uses a red algae that has a special polymer that makes products make from it very pliable the foil can be kept for 2 years and it even dissolves in hot water practical for popular products like instant coffee over 200 companies worldwide are testing the foil and though it's edible you don't have to eat it well to her. everywhere on the garden and it will be affected i said for plants or death this.
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way sweater and it did not go up. the street. not a 1000000 as advantage there are plenty of seaweed farms in her country indonesia is one of the world's biggest producers of seaweed around 200000 farmers work under and above water like up to seclude. he cultivates 300 lines in pang gang one of his clients is no more ya know. in the past he was financially unstable. but now his take home pay is much more secure. than when i when yeah. he said it's silly farming is full of promise we hope it will enable us to pay for the best possible education for our children. but if i
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doubt it's much more profitable than working as a fisherman specializing in aquaculture. we hope that sea we will always flourish air and that we can maintain its quality here. the seaweed business here is often a family affair the women tie the seedlings to the lines and to take care of the finances not email your not teaches them the business side of things to gain independence. meanwhile the men are responsible for the cultivation and harvest around 2000 families supply for millionaires by a plastic she regularly meets with the heads of communities to exchange the latest production numbers to pay fair wages she cuts out middlemen. the most important thing. right. this is about.
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this there. so they have no access fulfill their basic needs so some of them also have the 5th of human trafficking so i think it's fair. to help them to improve. when the pandemic has eased not the more your know will need more suppliers to scale up production farmers like. pits primarily big food chains and cosmetics distributors who want to see their products wrapped up in sea wheat demand for plastic repackaging is growing and she's using a raw material with massive future potential. it's not just the energy we use inside our homes that have an impact on the what we used to build
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our houses and apartments with takes a pool but there are alternatives that are more environmentally friendly than others we visited a home in england made entirely out of a material that many of us commonly associate with why. you can use cork for wine bottles or to build an entire house. this one and even england is actually made completely of cork and it's entirely sustainable i've always been slightly dissatisfied with things that we typically build with especially in housing concrete blocks mortar plastic foam insulation the whole collection of things rich and up being quite so the negative impacts on resources to my. mother helen thomas team experimented for almost 20 years cutting an interlocking cork blocks until they found the best structural solution the $1268.00 blocks are slotted together without mortar. alone holds them together and no additional
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insulation is needed. that does have a smell all of its own a bit like inside a cigar box. 44 square metres of comfort and security modern in a cave you could once rather like in an ancient mayan. temple. has long been news and building facades. this holiday home was built in 2007 in northern portugal out of the cork oak. time has left its mark on this house. course and chilling with the environment moves in changes color that's exactly what . likes about it. as it's rained. and it's wet here in this one is behaving just as we expected. these chalk one brown color it's the color of the reaction to the. went most of the
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atmosphere it's very sensual material it follows the seasons it changes through and through and through the year. a tribute to portugal's national pride. it has the world's largest cork oak forest it's a paradise of biodiversity and a boon to the climate. which is one of the rules because the cork has a unique system for each dawn of cord we retain $73.00. 2 and is that 3 species that we don't cut we just peel the bark of the 3. the trees can be up to 200 years old the core can be harvested every 9 years when the bark grows thick enough to be carefully cut. as bottle courts are increasingly replaced by metal and plastic
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stoppers the oak is in decline. so the rediscovery of cork as a building material is welcome. its look is also in line with current trends. you don't get to put something on the outside of your house if you don't like so people 1st have a visual and aesthetic satisfaction with the product it is at the same time a roost the contemporary visual. hundreds of constructions using cork have been built private homes doctors practices schools. but there's never been a building made exclusively of cork like the house in eaton. matthew helen was pleased with the result and given the almost 0 carbon footprint he'll certainly be able to sleep with a clear conscience. one of the goal options across the world today when it comes to building faster affordable
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homes is shipping containers they've been used to build hospitals hotels restaurants and even makeshift schools but skeptics have sometimes questioned their feasibility as a sustainable building block a design a dual employee seems to be finding solutions to tackle the skepticism by providing a more eco friendly tone that if. not long ago this daycare center urgently needed to extend the building and decided to try something different opting to use discarded shipping containers not these the steel boxes how's the playroom for children we have to learn my geography and incidentally also about how to live sustainably. i was searching for something that can be quickly constructed and if at all in
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future we want to change something then that option is there because it's a mobile you kind of construction. sonali part and dark about run the company that provided the containers. defended the studio alternatives in 2016 to design and build homes work in space and just about anything that can be contained within 4. all using discounted shipping containers. the motivation that we have to work behind this is also a big environmental factor where we feel that mapping should go waste and we should be able to work with all kinds of material that we have around us so as humans we've created so many complex. 20 of us and that we ourselves don't know what to do with and it is just ending in life and. since 956 shipping
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containers have been the standard rail forwarding from. built with corrosion resistant steel they're used for cross-posting for about 20 years after this period the sit in junk yards waiting to be melted. but melting shipping containers uses $8000.00 clue what our finance repurposing them into buildings acquires just 5 percent of the. usual axes and then you're calling the guiding principle of creative reuse the partners with keen to show you what's possible. so the design and build a home for daughter and a family made and die early out of scrap and 3 discarded shipping containers. so the entrance door is made with all the windows and. when ones who enter this house is made of it. the 25th the day known as converted
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into a 2 bedroom house as a kitchen sink cum wash basin so with the distinctions of keeping the plumbing in one can do you know. the effect of some of it the washbasin something made out of fatty lead water can be used even of the size. of the blue house at a cost of 7000 loc rupees or 22000 euros as a show home to convince new buyers for an attractive yet effective and environmentally free living space. the shipping container can be up to me dizzy it needs to be created to eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals and also to prevent trust in the studio all done to spur kills it's containers looking from a boat in mumbai each one costing up 200000 rupees $1300.00 euros
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a typically container takes about 3 to 6 months to make and can subsequently be transported to any part of the world. it has a much lower carbon footprint than homes built with cement for example which is one of the biggest producers of carbon dioxide worldwide. but as yet these homes made from discarded containers on a still something of an experiment rather than a go to housing solution. this becomes mainstream in terms of acceptance that people thing that you use is not because i can't afford it but because it's making as an environmental science so to be achieved that probably you know it's just in. trying it out. the designers have built 16 homes so far and saved close $220.00 tons of steel.
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and perhaps even more important they're spreading the word of rehabilitation and eco friendly constructions amongst the youngest and. i hope to visit the thought has given you a sense of how people. are making sustainable choices when it comes to the needing spaces and i hope you had many takeaways from it we'll see you again next week until the 5th big good care of your loved ones and yourselves in the box.
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because chang. the way the words of the office alito moms and this made me to make calls little exercise at home has serious consequences for young and old but most can really calm ease the pain. because there are a lot of minutes of. good shit. next on t.w.x. . clean drinking water for everyone. costa rica has made
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protecting its springs a top priority. the secret to their success. and efficient waste management program the fire everybody to do their part. and it's. 3000. and 60 minutes long d.w. . closely . carefully. don't know simply. too didn't.
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discover the in. the i. subscribe to the documentary on. the above. the. law coming up on. in good shape. back pain is what helps and what doesn't. get moving why even children can have back problems. and scoliosis therapies for curvature of the spine in childhood. hello and welcome to in good shape about today's show topic you probably are already an expert we will talk about back pain and everybody
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knows somebody with back pain all knows somebody who knows somebody with back pain or paying themselves and she will probably say come on count me out because i literally know everything about it but the question is do you know the right stuff because there are a lot of myths. back pain often comes on suddenly and can be torturous most people suffer some kind of back pain at least once in their lives. jonathan has had back problems for quite a while he tried out many different therapies and found a lot of misleading information but he got help from an orthopedic doctor a physical therapist and a biomechanics expert your parents. one widespread myth is that only older people suffer from back problems. are good for them in the past it
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was always taught that people under the age of 21 couldn't have a slipped disc today my youngest patients are 1314 writes that jonathan was very fit and did plenty of sports until the back pain started. his 1st thought was to simply rest his back but exercising less is not a good solution long term. if you don't exercise is a great healer and the days just said you need to go to bed for 2 weeks with a cushion under your knees and not move. are long gone the results were disastrous for couples to follow here missy brook. if you can walk without pain it's recommended you take several short walks a day. initially jonathan was prescribed painkillers that's ok for a while but they're not a long term solution what's important is exercise but what kind of exercise is best
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you can make a lot of mistakes it's not about having big muscles per say physiotherapist philly on end they often has patients who've worked out a lot but that's not the issues you didn't cause you don't need the big fat muscles the stuff is that you want to train the stabilizing muscles along the spinal column we want to tackle the foundation not the big surface muscles if one is fundamentally and. marcus was has physiotherapy once a week his case is very typical he spends too much time sitting down. so i've had back pain for nearly 10 years since i started my office job sitting at a desk i'm not moving much. it's important to exercise every day but you need to know which muscles to work. there's a few of these core areas the diaphragm back and seat muscles stabilize the lumbar region. muscular in durance is the key in other words how long
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a muscle can keep working that's why it's important to train the muscles every day . while searching online for help jonathan stumbled on dr stuart macgill and internationally renowned expert on the spine he spent more than 30 years studying back problems and highlighted early on the risks of certain exercises like sit ups while as it turns out the more sit ups that you do you increase your risk of back pain and for long so it's a so the problem comes from the constant bending of the spine macgill disc. covered that sit ups can even trigger a slipped disc jonathan's physical therapist showed him an alternative option the plank which strengthens the back and abdominal muscles stretching exercises are often recommended for back pain but dr mcgill says too much flexibility isn't good . well we've actually studied this the more flexibility you have in your back the
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greater your risk of having future disabling back pain. that's because the spine itself can't carry much weight it needs the surrounding muscles that support it like tension wires. another widespread myth is that only an operation can ultimately relieve the pain yoke posh used to think that to one spinal this problem was operated on twice but he still wasn't pain free. images of all the stick to see in the scatter to operations on the exact same spot with the exact same symptoms i came to realize that i could get this a 3rd 4th or 5th time and in the end it was a more conservative therapy that cured me from not an operation. it was orthopedic specialist martine mariano that ultimately helped him he believes many surgeons are too quick to operate when it's often not necessary for greater
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awareness now and more people know you shouldn't rush into an operation but the number of back operations still hasn't decreased. jonathan has seen 5 different doctors in all nearly 50 sessions of physiotherapy cairo therapy and aussie up at the plus daily exercises but it was worth it he is now virtually pain free and running. if you take a look into an ancient medical textbook out of the 19th or early 20th century you will find virtually nothing about back pain totally different story today because pain is the main cause of disability worldwide what is a real concern for doctors is that back pain affects more and more young people like children or lessons so what's the cause of it is it stress is it too much pressure i think it's mall. of exercise then. former world champion skier felix wants to help children enjoy physical exercise that's not as
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easy as it sounds in the coronavirus era but i lack of physical activity can affect children's health and even lead to cardiovascular illnesses and so fun is to song as far as that goes it's pretty sad more than 80 percent of children worldwide don't come close to getting the amount of daily physical activity as outlined in the latest recommendations and the world health organization recommends 60 minutes of movement today but lockdowns every strict access to sports activities leaving some kids virtually immobile with digital media adding to the effect. that maybe digital media where you can find so many other diversions is just what's needed to motivate them to get active get up and follow this video clip how about doing these exercises that might be a possibility right. that's why felix noise is trying to get kids moving with
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online videos it doesn't take much to be active even at home in front of the t.v. . every minute counts you don't have to be strict and say it has to be an hour's workout is enough to do some kind of physical activity at home. because the right type of training is both healthy eaters and fun. because. it's not always from sitting in front of the computer all the screen when children develop back problems they can also be male formations of the spine that develop from growth you see normally the human spot curved backwards and forwards at specific places but it can be in the words as well and this is called scoliosis. eustace could find his way to the treatment room blindfolded the 10 year old was diagnosed with scoliosis last year he'd never noticed anything wrong before like most of those affected now he wears a corset. when most funding does once you have to remember to make sure
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it's properly fitted and said come on. target and you have to wear it a lot i wear it 20 to 21 hours a day so. we went for a routine checkup and the doctor did a forward bend test and saw the curvature i hadn't noticed anything before. and pediatrician vincent flynn bagus says the condition that's only been discovered by chance which is why parents should watch their kids backs closely because of treatment begins and time the chances are good that this abnormal spinal curvature can be corrected. x. ray images reveal the change since used to speak and his treatment. just as you can see with our patients here that with the aid of the corset a remarkable correction as occurred to common the whole spine is now as straight as
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an arrow and it's a wonderful adjustment. but it has to be said that if he stops wearing the corset and the spine will reach or enjoy its original shape that's why it's vital that the patient keech where in the course of this thing is to throw off the target is that so it's hard and. scoliosis is usually only obvious in very extreme cases the spinal curvature can be seen for instance when both arms are hanging loosely but one shoulder is higher than the other. a forward bend can also be very informative even people with no medical knowledge can often recognize it that way it's not known of scalia says has a genetic cause but fortunately what helps is known which because i'm 40 movement is important that children need to get enough exercise induced there's no reason children with scoliosis should be exempt from sports lessons at school every kind of exercise is a good line you could be going to school. used as has learned to live with his
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condition and hardly notices the course it anymore. i do right now sometimes if i don't move right i feel it but when i'm just standing here like this i don't. and if this treatment continues to go well useless will be able to stop wearing his corset once he's through puberty. you want to learn more about scoliosis me too and this is why it's now time for our interview and his medical peter. the physician for pediatric orthopedics in berlin dr young much a sec examine this and treat children and adolescents who display miles to severe curvature of the spine. hello dr mutter circuit we want to talk about scored all those what is this except leave school uses a growth disturbance and devolves the torsional deformity of the
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spine especially in the growth spurt before puberty in puberty and this torso deformity. appears mostly in the thoracic spine and also in walls a little movement how does this differ measure come about it the parents do something wrong no not whatsoever we get most of the cases we really don't know or what the or region or of this problem is parents sometimes are suspected of neglecting their children and then causing trouble but not in the case of school horses 90 percent of those cases are without any known cause scored or was often develops during puberty. what science should look out for. they should look for asymmetry of the plumb
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line that means when they watch their children from behind or from the front having lost the symmetry that they are used to or in the what we call bending test they could look for rotational problems when we look at a child we can immediately recognize the torsional problem of the 1st 6 by by the bending forward test where the child demonstrates or shows this is symmetry what consequences can score the curve when one of the. most problematic. disturbances of the function of the line we see elderly patients with scoliosis that cannot breathe properly during efforts or daily work while having
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a large curvature so we have to be aware of that problem by treating the scoliosis as early as possible saw to avoid these large curves you can treat. your prints are available when you discover the problem early enough you can stop a very simple methods of physiotherapy physiotherapy involving. exercises of balance and exercises of symmetry curvatures exceed a certain extend we have to use other means of helping. the child to come in to take into symmetry and mostly we use braces graces.
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there is successful in the growing child and the growing teenager while the deformity is still softish is still mobile i can see an example of. success for trickling crying to come near term or something about this image of this young lady developed a. great curvature. to the right together with poison so we started with brace treatment different graces during growths all different designs as you can see and at the end of the roughly 2 years we have a fairly good result of symmetry and the store has no problem that she had in the beginning that is.


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