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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2021 1:00pm-1:46pm CET

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what's your story take part charity on info migrants dot net. this is the w. news live from berlin democracy supporters gathered in the hong kong as $47.00 activists and politicians appeared in court charged with subversion on the territories controversial security lol if convicted they could spend the rest of their lives interest also coming up. myanmar's military attacks protesters but to see what the refused to back down taking to the streets again and
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a number of cities defying the crackdown that is fear to have killed at least 18 people over the weekend. and some coronavirus was directions are being lifted in germany clothing for barber shops and hairdressers but critics are asking how wise this is given that infections infection rates are slightly up and that the country's fascination dr is still stalling. and the challenges of staging an awards ceremony during a pandemic we spotlight the winners and the losers the golden globes. i'm good how about as welcome to the program dozens of prominent pro-democracy activists and politicians have appeared in court in hong kong charged with conspiracy to commit subversion some 40 suffer. activists were charged under the
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new national security law imposed by beijing last year critics accuse john of using the law to stifle blitz political dissent around a 1000 pro-democracy supporters gathered outside the courthouse but have since been dispersed by police. clashing the 3 finger hunger games salute hong konger is using the same symbol as fellow democracy campaigners in thailand and me in mar. this is one of the biggest protests gathering seen in hong kong in many months the crowds are here to support some of the city's best known activists brought to court on charges of subversion. they want you highlighted here today sacrifice their future for hong kong and maybe this is the last chance to see them or say goodbye that's why it means so much to me although all that i think the activists alleged crime organizing an informal primary election last year the hope was to select pro-democracy candidates to run
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for legislative council elections every teen matter in much of the world but it took place shortly after the national security law took effect and for china's rulers it was a threat one they say was manipulated from abroad. a small number of countries are vilifying china by spreading lies about territories including hong kong they're up to their usual tricks of politicizing and weaponize your human rights issues to interfere in other country's internal affairs and we will resist there's. the activists taken to court in these vans today face up to life in prison if convicted . $47.00 individuals being charged. the chinese authorities promised to finish the.
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foreign contributions to international community can see the results of the hong kong people we want the judges to be fair to be independent and to be objective and give them a fair trial. activists are concerned that the court could be pressured to impose severe sentences in a bid to cripple the democracy movement once and for all. hoping for international support they say hong kong is lost freedoms are at stake. kong is in front of the courts in hong kong and joins us now from there phebe the latest. where the hearing has lasted much longer than expected as the number of defendants and also the controversies off these cases are an. unprecedented and we have learned more details of the national security case in the cold where the prosecutor accuse the 47.
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magazine and i'm planning to move on though and caroline's the government not by abusing their power if they got elected so abusing power abuse of power means they will veto to government schools indiscriminately and force the chief executive to step down according to the mechanics some stated in the basic law which just i mean the constitution in hong kong the prosecutor. asked for a chanting the hearing for 3 months but that was subjected by the defendants is down and and prosecutor also checked the bill that the bell application of the defendant. it's very controversial because if if if doing so the defenders will have to mean we meant it in custody in the near future. a lot of prominent pro-democracy activists in jail now where does that leave the movement.
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well among the prosecutors activists down the opposition takers in this case their problem and also. banned entire wish of a leading and influential bankers in town in terms of activism and now to taint cellos because of their part in the protest and also of the activism we've seen over the last one to 2 years so these speakers in the past a lobby for international support. for the home call our fight for democracy but now they have to change and these is like that will be a major setback for the whole whole opposition came there is no leave this for parties that legible to lead to movement. we've seen that there is some international support. do you think activists think there is enough international
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support. why yes we have seen statements from the western countries including the u.s. the european union and also the u.k. so so far. people on to ground to feel that statement is not enough light because of the worsening situation here and because people can't carry on any kind of actual form of activism under the national security law like today are tending a court hearing is barely one of the way maintaining ways that they can force their . pinions though they're hoping for more actual and progressive actions taken by the international community rather than just statements. police and soldiers and trying to disperse protesters back on the streets security forces used live ammunition and. the protesters killing at least 18 people and
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wounding 30 others that's according to the united nations around a 1000 people are believed to have been detained in the prompter please in the ongoing news tear gas to clear the protesters it's now been a months since the military seized me a man from to daily protests calling for a return to democracy ousted civilian leader aung san suu kyi appeared in a closed court on monday by video link authorities have reported the added a charge of inciting on rest to previous charges that observers have already considered obscure. i'm not joined by a journalist i'm in town to see any young on. what kind of impact has some as violent crackdown have on the protesters so the protesters that we're seeing today are much younger years largely seeing people you know between 20 and 35 or so and they're out in the streets much better equipped than they were before
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today we saw protesters creating barriers using sand that they had trucked in to create a safety very essential in case the police did try and shoot either live or a bullet at that again in a solid. mass richard gas things like that and even though older people and you know children who are no longer on the streets today you did see a lot of people standing in their stairwells telling protesters as they passed by if they need to they could run to their stairwells and hide from the security forces but also they'd also sued she was seen in court today was the 1st time since she was detained what can you tell us about that what kind of impact did that have on the protestors. so what we've been able to know about the meeting we've learned from her lawyers it was a closed door meeting the a video chat we still don't know where she is exactly all we do know is that her
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lawyers say that she looks healthy and that she has been charged with an additional charge sedition. the protests like civil disobedience how long can this movement go on the i think it really depends on how much unity there is but then the civil disobedience movement you know obviously you know has had a long history of ethnic unrest religious divisions those sorts of things and civil disobedience movement has really started to bring those disparate groups together and so you know i think people here are quite used to going without a country with extremely high income inequality and what you're seeing right now is people being extremely generous with their supplies with their resources and so if that can continue i think this can go on for months. do you see any signs of the military junta backing down i think
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you know what we're seeing right now is that they are reacting and responding to what protesters are doing rather than what you would normally see in a coup where they kind of speak and are trying to consolidate power and even the harshest crackdowns yesterday we saw in mandalay and on euro and general in places like that where they have largely been unable to prevent people from protesting despite warnings despite escalating violence and this by essentially telling people that they will start telling journalists i am in town to in yangon frank you very much. and here are some of the other headlines we're following for you right now indian prime minister narendra modi has received the 1st dose of the country's homegrown coronavirus vaccine that has india starts rolling out immunizations beyond front line workers people over 60 and those over 45 suffering from certain medical conditions are now also eligible for the job the humanitarian groups see
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what brought nearly 400 migrants to italy after a series of rescue operations in the mediterranean sea which says it saved dozens of people from a wooden boat that was about to sink. well here in germany some shops and services are allowed to open again starting today even though there is a slow but steady rise in infection rates fueled by more contagious variants of the coronavirus in time for spring d.i.y. shops garden centers and flower shops can reopen in some german states and it's finally time for the locks to come off as barber shops and hairdressers across the country can also welcome customers to get it. opened at midnight for those desperate to get rid of that corona had. political correspondent standing by outside the house here in berlin you know people in germany have been desperate for headrests to open again why is it so important for people. well had
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dresses have been closed since mid december 7th 2 and a half months now and one of the 1st clients that they sell behind me this morning had was german president frank steinmeyer so he clearly wanted to be a role model and show people that he was sticking to the rules because of course during those 2 and a half months of closure there were a lot of rumors that some people had sort of jumped the queue or there was even a black market in head dressing so professional football players with extremely well trained have for example and one other client came out if he just said this is genius so she felt extremely relieved but on a more serious note the government explained the opening of hassle and with the fact that it's especially important for old people it's a question of dignity and that many old people simply can't wash their hair by themselves and a. few other restrictions have also been lifted today tell us what. you
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mentioned garden centers and flower shops but also some driving schools are opening and there are states here in germany where even schools are going back to almost normal and you have to keep in mind when you talk about restrictions or whether they have been eased here in germany that these decisions are ultimately taken on a federal on the regional level so it's the state leaders of the 16 individual states that you cite these measures and of course pressure has been growing on those politicians to ease restrictions many people are exhausted parents are exhausted many people's financial reserves have been used up and so everybody's looking at what's going to happen now on wednesday when anglo american and the 16 state leaders are going to come together again to decide whether or not to extend the current. vaccine roll out is still extremely slow in germany and you've mentioned it more and more people seem to be losing patience with the government is
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opposition against a continued lockdown gaining ground here. it is and that is clearly shown by the recent polls that were published where harford germans actually want restrictions to be eased gradually only one 3rd of germans want the restrictions to continue as they are and some 17 percent want to return back to normality as soon as possible and that is very different from a situation that we had 2 months ago where the majority of germans were ok with the restrictions but so opposition politicians have been fighting to get a clearer perspective that we don't only look at the number of new infections here in germany but we also look at where we can do more in terms of testing and tracing of new infections and of course how to speed up the vaccination process so a lot on the table for anglo-american and the 16 state leaders this wednesday political correspondent you know how to thank you nina. and here are some other
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developments in the corona virus pandemic the 1st vaccines produced by the chinese firms in a farm have been delivered being produced and will hunt where the virus 1st originated and made with dead birds purified corona virus particles garners president became the 1st recipient of the corona virus vaccine from the global program known as kovacs initiative is and that helping poor nations get a grip on the pandemic germany is preparing to restrict border crossings from france starting at midnight on tuesday after the classified a muzzle region as a high risk covert zone and in the u.s. deliveries of the johnson and johnson vaccine will begin on tuesday officials hope the new shot will boost vaccination rates in areas where jobs have been less available you're watching news still to come. the challenges of staging an awards ceremony during a pandemic we spotlight the winners the losers of the golden globes.
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first in argyria where hundreds of girls from the town of john gave way are still missing after gunmen attacked a school and took 317 hostages on friday parents are anxiously awaiting the return of their daughters since the abduction they have been coming to the school to ask for news and demand answers as to how the kidnapping was allowed to happen in the 1st place to w.'s fred with reports from azzam forest state this man has come to this court to find and says his daughter is one of the hundreds of girls who wear could not on friday sun lucy got to hasn't been able to sleep since the news reached his family. he said. and promised ties situation we are in. because up there we constantly.
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thinking about. ghettoes daughter half sat is only 12 years old she had just started the 2nd say mr that john give a 2nd risk to police and the school authorities say they were caught off guard the girls were sleeping here when the gunmen attacked what used to be called the most secure government school in zamfara state. and this secondary school used to cost more than 550 schoolgirls more than 300 of them are now in captivity the state has decided to shut down all schools in zamfara state because they cannot guarantee the safety of students without indication the future of younger generation in northern nigeria is now at stake. the vice principal is wild that parents will stop sending their children to school it out said the it is
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a negative for me because it is they are girls and they are korean no to. the student movement. and they will not feel comfortable to the student. state officials say they have beefed up security exam for state negotiations to get the girls released are reported to be under way if they are located i want to assure you that the example i said government has the capacity to rescue them without getting choice but to join get basic and risk pool god has one wish to what will lie is to bring our children by. several unhealthy that is our prayer. the big question is why these girls have been kidnapped but as yet no answers are forthcoming.
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united states is calling on the african union to intervene of the deepening crisis in ethiopia sticker a region washington expressed grave concern over reported atrocities at the worsening humanitarian situation that honest international has accused eritrean forces of killing hundreds of civilians thousands have fled the region many tell stories of violence. stranded in a border town in sudan burdened with traumatic experiences cinema and grim a are both refugees from to grow by the likely never forget the day that soldiers invaded their hometown odd was that i knew. they shot innocent people a subtle 12 bodies they took people's belongings and everything we had. all of that left of the clothes on my back on the end. tens of thousands of people fled the ethiopian army as offensive against the provincial government and to grow i.
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reports of atrocities and massacres of civilians followed the hamdania border reception center has been overwhelmed by the flood of refugees there's not enough tents often just plastic sheeting to fend off the searing heat illnesses are rampant and food is scarce some lucky few managed to get bus tickets to refugee camps farther away from the border. but these facilities are also full now the omer quba camp is now at twice its planned capacity many children here are sick and initiated their mothers are desperate. when we arrived here no one could give us food for the children and we didn't have enough to eat either i didn't have any money to buy food at the market this is the highway that it. fears are now the upcoming rainy season could bury the camp in mud no one's prepared for that here aid workers predict
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a catastrophe of steps aren't taken quickly. for the. posited that has been built is going to be broken there is ears of that if it is going to be broken again and so there would be but to a point where we have to stop the plane then with its sources from square 0 in the coming weeks it's feared tens of thousands more people could flee from ethiopia over the border into sudan one of the world's poorest countries. a bit of history was made of the golden globe awards for film and television in the u.s. not only was it 1st time the ceremony from the hollywood foreign press association was held during a pandemic there were also a number of firsts when it came to the winners but there was also harsh criticism over a lack of diversity. for going to the 2021 of the golden globe awards this year golden globe awards were a symbol of the change media landscape no stars on the red carpet no tables full of laughing actors was the strangeness fear made even more awkward after it was
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revealed that the hollywood foreign press association has no black members post janice a and amy poehler didn't pull their conscience earlier everybody is understandably upset at the h s p a and their choices look a lot of flashy garbage got nominated but that happens ok that's like their thing but a number of black actors and black lead projects were overlooked and look we all know that award shows are stupid yeah they're all a scam invented by big red carpet to sell more carpet we know that what is even with stupid things inclusive it is important and there are no black members of the hollywood foreign press i realize it's f.p.a. maybe you guys didn't get the memo because your workplace is the backbone of a french mcdonalds but you gotta change that so here's to change he was dominated by streaming platform says netflix raked in awards for the crown amazon took the category for best musical comedy and the 2nd born. but there were surprises
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golden globe those too. no matter the director closure i won best picture and became the 1st woman of color to take home the best director for her film nomad land which stars frances mcdormand. no no and i did score for me is. a pilgrimage there are grief and healing. so for everyone who has gone through this difficult and beautiful journey of some point in their lives this is for you we don't say goodbye we say see you down the road thank you. in another surprise when andra day took best drama actress for her portrayal of legendary jazz singer billy holiday in the united states versus billie holiday. on a night where the winners more closely resembled hollywood's new creators the
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question remains of the hollywood foreign press association also show a willingness to change. some football news in the industry got to live a cause and signs deeper towards crisis point with a loss to fry book without a win in the last 4 weeks and the coach is coming under intense pressure. like the coach peter bush leverkusen fans have been waiting more and more in patiently for the remerge and save the side that led the league early in the season hosting freiburg the intent was there if not the execution tonight by the hand of florian miller several times they would pay the price in the 2nd half when the visiting side chances came they were taken. and married into marriage which gave private delayed in the 50th minute and it was to write on the alamo. when lucas hurler was
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just the right side of offside to make things very difficult to live accuser and leon bailey she made left on the edge of the area to get things going in the right direction after 70 minutes but it proved to be all they've accuse and could muster . finish with private deserved 21 winners and eyeing the european places later he isn't are still there just that the outlook is bleak. spanish police entered barcelona stadium and detained several people in a search and seize operation related to senior club officials police said detentions were made but did not say who or how many people were taken into custody the club has not made any official statement on the raids that come less than a week before presidential elections in the country are being held. you're watching the there in news live from berlin that's it from me and the news team for now 11 update for you at the top don't go away though up next india says how to green.
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on those of course always more on the d.w. news and on our website which is of course t.w. dot com and you also find us on instagram and twitter thanks for coming.
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the food. is. good. it's. good. to. see coal india. the green home means more than having lots of crumbs the designer the materials the energy source all have to be sustainable upcycling also reduces the climate impacts of. living an eco friendly life can be inspiring
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going green looks good to eco into the. next block c.w.o. . the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what is the latest research so. information and context. the coronavirus of data the coded special monday to friday. every day counts for us and for our planet.
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is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make citizenry how can we protect our budgets what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing smart solutions overstrained said you know where he's. going to. come into a series of you move on w. and obama. our image and lives are suiting up every day heat electricity and water are all things we can booted out at home but producing these utilities emits carbon dioxide and contributes greatly to each of our footprints over the lifetime what can be
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a group of reduce our emissions and nickel homes most sustainable that's what we'll explore to be hello welcome to ink or india. coming to you from mumbai over the last century vapid industrialization and urbanization made sure our whom speaking listen this is in sync with the natural environment we live in many of our building practices used over. harmed nature instead of helping you try for an architect. behaving the. eco friendly again. the new delhi skyline is a mixture of modern skyscrapers and energy intensive poorly designed constructions . carbon emissions from buildings are often neglected from the climate debate but
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in india buildings alone are said to contribute to 40 percent of energy related carbon emissions. has been designing sustainable functional buildings for over 20 years he says the need is now urgent. but there are still a lot of misconceptions about what green building design really means. the biggest myth is that people believe that a given home is one that has a lot of green plants you put in a lot of plans you know lawn and glass it becomes pretty which is not so and again willing it's actually been because it respects nature and it. kind of uses the replenishable sources resources and reduces the stated reduces consumption and we recycled a lot of materials. one of the valves designs in new delhi is famous for being india's 1st 5 star rated green home called green one. the home has been
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certified by research and policy organization the energy and resources institute. large windows provide lots of not to the light while double glazing adela to be a new feature in india insulates the building keeping it cool in india's hot summer has. no value look with green one or no pressure. to make his home sustainable. one important factor for going green was sourcing local materials. next door identical people out there look the same size and those houses have cost wore their costs much more than my house why because they have. spent on a lot more expensive things they have for example brought in italian marble or their baby or fittings are getting very very expensive finishing so i actually turn
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out like my house less than those poles. the house also generates renewable energy and harvest rainwater. today. it is able to capture 75 percent of its water demand and can also save up to 40 percent of its power. but what explains that these teachers be off overtime. i think it is still worth it if you spend 10 percent more or 15 percent more and after 5 years it pays for itself and then after that it runs virtually free of cost and you are giving back to the future generations you're giving back to the environment we are now coming into the concept of you know 0 carbon exit or buildings which are going to you know give back more than they consume i think that's the need of the are right now.
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at the moment india has around 1400000 modern homes that are built with the green concept. which constitutes less than 5 percent of all residential properties. the indian green building council hopes to take this number up to 10 percent by 2022 and some states have already begun giving more incentives to green certified constructions. however this statistic excludes the countless temporally homes and those built by hand in rural india to dish will homes that are often green in their own right. be. inspired by the structures that history has to be studied because historically what people have been naturally it is known that they are the best structures and that what we do is we can temporize it a bit so that we can use the same materials but in a more contemporary we're using modern technology so that it is
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a value vent so that it's easier to maintain it to be. more value innovated his own house in the year 2000 he was inspired by the traditional methods of releasing and building based on the environment i used all the broken pane that came out from the toilets so all that were broken and used in the form of a pattern and since a lot of them were laid low days it reflects a lot of heaters very. more people can now afford the initial investment and more indians are getting conscious about the impact of their choices on the environment . they strongly feel that sustainability has to start from home and you have to adopt a sustainable a state before you want a system that will lend green building so i think the consciousness has come in and no meat or not this really really pick up but i am sure most of this.
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situation we have been receiving a lot of. from clients saying that does simply fire homes now does give more open. let's go in for more green measures let's going plant more trees because they help you know taking care of pollution as well. as the link between personal choice and the environment becomes clear. hope this need will only continue to grow. now like we just saw using solar panels. but installation can be costly and battles are not always efficient in could looking sunlight into electricity what if we could use it a villain for. electricity or university in germany is looking at ways to do just that. photosynthesis on our planet dates back almost 3000000000 years today's
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plants harvest the energy of the sun with the help of a green pigment called chlorophyll and there it absorbs sunlight to produce chemical energy which enables the plant to grow this energy is truly green. that the university of consul scientists are trying to use the same principle to generate energy a team of architects artists scientists and designers are working on a building material that will transform sunlight into electricity like a solar cell for you or. the basis of the system is just ordinary concrete the researchers mix it with graphite to make it electrically conductive when it has hardened it can take on various electronic functions acting as a light switch for instance. as an artist tossed into
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an architect they came up with the idea of using conductive concrete to generate solar power. it. must mean he has needs it also becomes now what you see here looks like ordinary concrete but what's special about it is that it's sensitive to the touch as you can see and that's because we've made this concrete capable of conducting unlike tricity and this conductive concrete is the basis for our solar concrete. to give the concrete the desired characteristics the scientists spray on various layers of colored liquid the result is a sensitized solar cell that produces electricity through a kind of artificial photosynthesis the order in which the wafer thin layers of color are applied it's crucial. you have you combine the layers correctly you end up with something that functions like a photovoltaics. one layer contains dye pigments when the sunlight strikes them electrons are released and current starts to flow. to improve their di
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sensitize solar cells the research is conducted long term measurements in the lab a single solar cell provides just a few volts of electricity if you cover it with your hand the current fall sharply and rises again when mike hits the solar cell. the cells current efficiency is 5 percent it's twice as high as it was in the research started. so more concrete are discrete is so interesting because it's really easy to produce it's environmentally friendly and can be used on a large surfaces and maybe one day in the future all the smooth flat surfaces in the city could be used to produce electricity. couldn't the more cells that are affixed onto a building's wall the more electricity it can produce to do this the individual cells need to be interconnected under ideal conditions
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a surface area of one square meter could generate 20 watts of power. now the researchers want to take the concept to another level they have developed prototypes of façade robots that could in the future scale the outside of buildings and print solar cells on them in 5 years they hope to roll out their solar concrete so it can be used to construct new buildings and upgrade existing for sounds. that inspire use and like me i'm sure many of you have wondered what can you do about all the plastic use and dispose on a daily basis we've all seen the headlines that tell us how it to live in times of plastic makes it into the ocean every year but is there an eco friendly alternative to plastic available to us a scientist in indonesia may have beyond question. plastic
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waste as far as the eye can see here north of jakarta a grim normality in indonesia as much as 3000000 tonnes end up in the ocean every here. and that's why nobody more your know wants to change her aim keeping the seas clean his solution see wheat. the green weeds not only filter the water of unwanted talks and encourage biodiversity . they also are an alternative to plastic packaging. how can we solve it if we do not have something to replace this plastic because of course we cannot go back to. our eggs him. or live without plastic as a picketing so we have to think about this and freedom in the early friendly. like
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the one she has come up with. the sheet here is a result of 10 years of research as a food. scientist financed by institutions and grants it's a pride and joy she uses a red algae that has a special polymer that makes products make from it very pliable the foil can be kept for 2 years and it even dissolves in hot water practical for popular products like instant coffee over 200 companies worldwide are testing the foil and though it's edible you don't have to eat it well to harass people. everywhere on the garden and it will be fabulous that for plants or death this story is. there and it will not go up. the street. not a 1000000 us advantage there are plenty of seaweed farms in her country indonesia is one of the world's biggest producers of seaweed around 200000 farmers work under
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and above water like up to seclude. he cultivates 300 lines in pang gang one of his clients is more and more ya know. in the past he was financially unstable. but now his take home pay is much more secure than. this thing and then yeah. he said of sciri family is full of promise we hope it will enable us to pay for the best possible education for our children. they have but i want to much more profitable than working as a fisherman specializing in aquaculture. and we hope that see we will always flourish air and that we can maintain its quality here. the seaweed business here is often a family affair the women tie the seedlings to the lines and to take care of the
1:45 pm
finances not be more ya know teaches them the business side of things to gain independence. and meanwhile the men are responsible for the cultivation and harvest around 2000 families supply for millionaires by a plastic she regularly meets with the heads of communities to exchange the latest production numbers to pay fair wages she cuts out middlemen. the most important thing. in this is about. so they have access. so some of them also have them off human trafficking so i think it's fair. to help them to improve. when the pandemic has eased not the more your know will need
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