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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2021 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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the nation and there's reports that it was the military that was involved or soldiers as opposed to simply just. dispersing crowds. so how do you think this will impact the rising number of dead how how will this impact the pro-democracy movement. i think more calls from the international community as well as a hardening of stance especially because the in regarding your military's reaction to protestors and calls for democracy and. i think a lot of these deaths although they have been causing street protests dwindle civil society civil disobedience movement by. really the large majority of the country. by these sorts of crackdowns by the military. we're hearing that fewer people are taking to the streets now but people are taking action behind the scenes what does that mean. yeah so
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a lot of what. the disobedience movement to do with denying the military. any legitimacy as well as any government so you have civil servants who have been you know leaving their jobs or. refusing to go to work or working in ways that. military commanders as well as companies are now no longer working with military own assets in companies or in people also born hardy and military owned companies or businesses. i mean. many thanks for the time germany's domestic intelligence agency has put the country's largest opposition party the far right alternative for germany under surveillance the agency's planets and one of the party because of suspicions that its right wing extremist position
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positions could violate the country's constitution. the right wing populist e.f.t. flushed major triumph in 2017 when it entered the german parliament becoming the largest opposition party ever since the f.t. has offended relishing in islamophobia racism and the glorification of germany's past. when the nazis are friends and the nazis are just a bet of bird poop and are 1000 year history. some e.f.t. members openly support the xenophobic movement piggy among them extreme right wing of bjorn hookah he's the party's loaded and most aggressive anti immigrant rabble rouser in his own. nation except that the children and youth in their own country regard school as a nightmare because they are bullied beaten and tom mentored there by migrant much . founded the parties in town to group the wing which chairman
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security authority flagged as rightwing extremist in response the wing was dissolved however its leader and supporters remain active in the party but now germany's intelligence service says the entire party is under surveillance. now bring in our political correspondent nina ours on the story. of the biggest opposition party in parliament under surveillance that is huge isn't it. it is huge and it doesn't happen that often and in concrete terms it gives the intelligence agency the right to actively gather information on the party so they can for instance work together with undercover agents they can tap phones they can access other agencies information and so far they've only been able to analyze publicly available sources and they've done that for the past 2 years now and apparently what they found in their analysis is that is an $800.00 page document was that the
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whole party needs to be put under surveillance because of right wing extremist tendencies having said all of this we will probably not get official confirmation from the agency itself and that is because there is a lawsuit in a court in cologne on the issue because the f.t. obviously wanted to prevent the surveillance from happening and before that case has been close agency can't comment on it in public and will also not make use of its full surveillance powers. well germans will be going to the polls in the september national elections what does this news then mean for the a of these chances chances in those these elections it currently is the biggest opposition party in the bundestag but of course this news could deter some of the more moderate voters from voting for them those who voted out of protest against the other big parties but many experts are convinced that it's not going to take away if these appeal to most of its core voters because they argue that there have been many cases in public way of the politicians have in the past made racist
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sexist right wing extremist statements and that all of this never meant that their poll figures slumped considerably. but claims that this move is politically motivated to weaken them in the election campaign is there any merit to this claim . well the timing of this news does raise some eyebrows of course it's an election year so everybody is extremely sensitive so we do need to look at the process what has actually happened and what is going to happen so several parts of the h.d. the report mentioned that the use organization and the right wing faction the wing have already been put under official surveillance and the wing has since been dissolved and the federal intelligence agency whose announcement we found out about today that we're talking about here it does answer to the interior ministry and that is of course run by a conservative politician so that is a competitor to the f.t. which is why the f.t. says the move is politically motivated but you have to remember that the agency
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itself operates independently if they find evidence that there are extremist tendencies wherever within a party a group a person they do take a closer look by themselves they don't operate on the interior minister telling them that they have to do that and they do do that in all political directions left to right religious motivated extremism it cetera so the party d. link was also put under surveillance and that is of course the big left party here now but some people argue that the announcement would also have been criticised if they had held back the information on the a of that that could have been interpreted as a political move as well and so all of this can be challenged in court and ultimately the judges in germany will decide and they are independent political correspondents you know as a thank you very much for this note and some of the other stories making news around the world. iraqi and american military officials say at least 10 rockets
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targeted at the assad coalition base in iraq early wednesday it's the 2nd rocket attack in iraq this months it comes as the country makes preparations for the visit of pope francis on friday it will be the pope's 1st visit to iraq. f.b.i. director chris ray has told us lawmakers there's no evidence to support a right wing theory that the siege on the capitol building was carried out by people posing as trump supporters described the events of generally safe as domestic terrorism and vowed to hold the rioters accountable. a magnitude 6.3 earthquake has struck central greece the european mediterranean seismological center said the quake rattled at a depth of 10 kilometers tremors been felt as far away as neighboring albania cause of all and montenegro local officials reported that some buildings were damaged but
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there were no immediate reports of injuries. germany's state and federal leaders are meeting today to decide whether to extend or loosen the country's coronavirus lockdown until now germans have largely supported chancellor. merkel's cautious approach but opinion polls now indicate the mood is changing. how much longer that is the question many are asking at the moment and knocked down that began in early november is dragging on and many germans are growing increasingly tired of it. and that i'm really hoping for the easing of some restrictions that we get to see something other than closed shops and restaurants so yes i do hope we're going to open up a bit in how it's been i'm unemployed and i can do anything i can work anywhere and nothing just sit around at home for the past there's got to be some kind of prospect that some things are going to be possible again soon. and latest poll
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shows that a clear majority of germans now want to see knocked down measures east. the past 2 weeks have seen some tentative steps in that direction primary school children have returned to some classroom teaching and on monday hairdressers were allowed to reopen. still there doesn't seem to be much light at the end of the tunnel vaccinations and germany are moving at a sluggish pace and infection rates are inching up again fueled by more contagious variants of the virus loosening restrictions now as dangerous experts are warning. if we open up right now just everything so normal life as before we would risk a massive 3rd wave that the speed of infection is really taking up and we seeing a high number of infections in the next weeks and there was a consequence of people getting sick people needing to go to the hospital and
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people risking their lives. german chancellor angela merkel has so far listened to scientists and taken a very cautious approach to the pandemic but now pressure on her is growing to prevent germans from losing patients she might have to be ready for some compromise as she heads into the latest meeting to determine germany's next moves in the pandemic. meanwhile in the u.s. president joe biden says there will be enough coronavirus vaccines to immunize all adults by the end of may as 2 months earlier than in this early forecast many states are now announcing plans to ease restrictions texas is already aiming to return to an almost preplanned demick normal as early as next week including lifting the state's mask mandate but some experts are warning that might be too early. one shot and the worry is gone several states have begun rolling out the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine the 3rd now approved
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in the country with the world's worst coronavirus death toll on that stage is good because it just takes so much pressure off to have you worrying about getting. more whole thing to biden administration is now asking states to prioritize vaccinating teachers in hopes of reopening schools quickly but the president says it will be some time before the pandemic is over why do i think that you're back to i have to caution you given the action because you don't know for sure but my hope is by this time next year we're going to be back to. one very big state is pushing to reopen a lot sooner texas governor wants to put an end to the pandemics economic damage. affective next wednesday all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100 percent also i mean in doing this stay wide
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masque mandate. one houston restaurant owner welcome to the news and said most customers supported keeping the existing safety measures. we have all of our table spot on the park. at a certain distance which makes them feel comfortable and everyone likes the idea that we require people to wear a mast texas isn't the only state easing restrictions in spite of health experts warnings about new variants of spreading. governments we watching closely to see what happens as more of the u.s. reopens. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for killing 3 young female media workers in afghanistan the women work for a local afghan radio and t.v. station in the city of jalalabad burials are being held today the women were recent high school graduates and was shot on their way home and 2 separate times they were
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working for the dubbing department of the station the station says that of the 10 women working for them since it began broadcasting 4 have now been killed it's the latest in a string of attacks targeting female professionals in afghanistan. let's bring in our correspondent ali live t.v. in kabul ali what more do we know about the background of these attacks. so as you said earlier this is the 4th instance of a female media worker being killed in this media outlets specifically and what we have to remember is that it's only been in 3 months that this has taken place. so it's really very worrying because again this is a smaller outlet and may not have as much security or as many and the resources of some of the bigger t.v. and radio stations in the country so unfortunately may make it more of a target for a group trying to you know instill fear in the public and in the people and we have
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to remember that these attacks are often preplanned. and if you look at it you know these these are not women that would have been out in the forefront they wouldn't have been out on t.v. or you know well known on the radio because they would have been dubbed dubbing voices so it really shows a lot of premeditation because when these attacks take place they're following these people for 101520 days at a time to really understand their routines and the fact that again they're choosing young girls that were behind the scenes this really shows that there was a plot behind all of this but this is not the 1st such attack a number of female journalists have been killed by extremists over the last few months why are women being targeted specifically i mean obviously it's and a very specific message you know about the fact that women are not save it may keep
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women from working in me trying to keep them at home it may sort of you know when the u.s. began their invasion in 20011 of their justifications were for it was that they wanted to restore the rights of women and to advance women's place in society once again so this is a way of instilling fear in all of that and saying that you know that hasn't happened to the degree that you think it has or that it can very easily backtrack. so was the government to protect them. that's that's the issue is that i mean on the one hand there's very little the government can do because as we've seen with this attack you know these are behind the scenes workers you know it's very they're not unfortunately the most likely people that you would think would be targeted but they had received information in the past i had spoken to a female journalist about a couple months ago and she was saying how the intelligence agency had told her that there would be women posing as women in distress that needed help who are you
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being used by local forces to lure famous and well known women to their death so there has been some level of information about this and so the question is you know what is the government doing exactly as you said and the most important thing is will these crying be investigated will the families finally have some closure and some answers beef we've had so many instances of male and female journalists being killed in over the past few years especially over the last year where we know very little about who was responsible and what happened to those who were allegedly responsible for the attacks all of the t.v. thank you very much around 25000 african migrants arrived on the canary islands off the northwest coast of africa last year this banish archipelago has become the european union's new migration hotspot and the refugees have already traveled from there to maine and spain and on with other e.u.
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countries the spanish government is now cracking down hard in an effort to prevent this some locals are sounding the alarm though they fear that the islands could become a prison for refugees our correspondent for the shots reports from the island of cancun area. this spot just where up and just friend you began then you life 4 months ago they had been at sea for 7 days traveling 1300 kilometers from their home in senegal to get on. just off the spanish coast to rescue ship took them on board and brought them here to the part of our guinea again in the south of the island. has happened since then i have no work i have nothing to do i just eat and sleep that's not what i came here for we comes to anything for our families in senegal like sending them some money for food for example 23000 refugees arrived in the canary islands last year 10 times more than in previous
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years they are accommodation in hotels and makeshift camps however the spanish government is working hard to prevent the refugees from traveling from the islands to the mainland it fears this could create a new unchecked escape kori door to europe it's a clear violation of spanish law according to refugee law down yet i haven't seen any. you get that in spain the rights to freedom of movement within the country is classified very high you can only detain someone if a judge has ordered it if a person is not in custody they can just be changed by the awful ricci's. and that the islands have a long reach the sexual ration point videos of protests and clashes between locals and refugees pop up more and more on social media. and his friends are going to protests regularly they normally work as
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a way to get the moment they are unemployed to the crisis. as larry important to us to make clear that we are concerned about the end action of our government and how illegal migration has been mismanaged we are not racists we have been living here on the. for many years with people from many different countries and cultures and in 180 percent often cannot be as inhabitants lived directly or indirectly from tourism in addition to the refugee crisis they are also affected by the worst economic slump in the last few decades due to the pandemic unemployed island us angry at the lack of support for them and frustrated migrants who perceive the island as a prison they are desperate to leave their situation on the canary islands is becoming increasingly tense local politicians are urging the government in madrid to finally start moving some of the migrants off the islands to the mainland island mainland doesn't matter to him i do jump and his friend jump in europe is all they
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want but their chances don't look good despite the corona crisis spain has started the porting people with no official groans cause cite them a measure which is said should be expanded in the next few months. 6 books by one of the world's best loved children's authors are being pulled from publication because of illustrations that are viewed as race is insensitive. because of dr seuss' legacy say it's a 1st step toward promoting greater inclusion for all children but tradition to say that isn't is a step too far. dr seuss's books emphasize the weird and wacky the author's use of simple rhyme and wordplay has entertained and educated children for generations. but his use of caricature of asian and black people in several stories has been criticized as being racist now in the business to preserve stock
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to seuss legacy dr seuss enterprises is pulling 6 of his titles the movies and good many who claim it's just another example of so-called council culture. people need to realize that if dr seuss king canceled what can't be. i mean really this is a kid's book to me i think everyone should desensitize you know. i'm not a guy who's gets offended easily and i think this whole society is way off that way off the hook but dr seuss enterprises says the books to try people and wise which are hurtful and wrong the business made the decision after months of consultation with panels of educators in experts many of whom have applauded them or. they were very very thoughtful about the way they did this and i think they recognize that you know these 6 books really don't fit with the way we think today
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about to picton people and so i appreciate their decision and i think that they've done it in a way that still recognizes the vast works that dr seuss has provided to many of us among the 6. titles discontinued our if i ran the scrambled eggs super delegates poll and on beyond zebra but with dr seuss's catalogue including more than 60 classic titles it seems hard to believe that his stories are going to disappear from the pages of history any time soon. football now in the quarterfinals of the german cup doggoned have beaten mentioned by a score of one nil after 66 minutes without a goal jaden some show finally broke the deadlock the 20 year old latched onto a pass from our course and hit the target document on the 1st team through to the semifinals but as the outside shocker have hired their 5th coach of the season in
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an attempt to save it demetrius cromartie is a coach from the german lower divisions is the law latest to be in charge his contract for now is until 2022 shark a look to be turning things around after winning their 1st match this season back in january but the best they've done since as have 2 draws shock are the only bonus bigger teams still in single digit points and headed to the 2nd division unless their new coach can turn the situation around. news coming up next in news asia chinese leader dejan ping says extreme poverty is a thing of the past but many in china bank to differ. and the pressure is on for india as it expands what the world's what is the lot with the world's largest enough elation drive the country's covered case count is on the rise again.
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we'll have that a lot more for you after short break in means of asia we'll have more world headlines at the top of the cowbell 1st i'm in the team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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people nuking foreign country. there are many answers because. there are many mexicans. an there are many a good person. above. the book to make up your own mind to.
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make for minds. they were forced into a nameless mass of their bodies near tools. of the slave trade is africa's history. and describes how the greeks for our own traffic plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment in time. from its very beginnings until this very day she meant traffic shaping. this is the journey back into the history of
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slavery. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on t w. you're watching d w news asia coming up today she jean king declares the end of extreme poverty in china but just because he says so doesn't necessarily make it true especially when we take a closer look at life in a movie role china. plus india expands its coded $1000.00 that scene roll out massive undertaking is now even more urgent with case counts on the rise. and a south korean for a on a mission to win big on the star market will heat gain or lose his safety 1st.


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