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tv   Extra 3  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2021 6:30pm-7:31pm CET

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and there are many stores. make up your. made for mines. this is deja vu news africa on the program today the war in ethiopia we'll hear firsthand accounts often inmates to mexico to cry and buy eritrean troops the u.s. has put the conflict back on the top of the international agenda. and this cameroonian woman had to flee home because of attacks by boko haram she says she's
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now forced to work as a prostitute to survive. class and teenager is putting up a fight to raise awareness and save girls on child marriage. i'm christine window it's good to have your company the u.s. government has urged the ethiopian prime minister made to end the fighting in to cry and has called for a u.n. security council meeting on the conflict now most stories are emerging off a ledge killings in the region as fighting back continues communities there accuse eritrean troops of brutal attacks in november during the ethiopian government's military campaign against to grab rebel forces that's a gray and t.p.s. movement ruled ethiopia for decades during which it was a long and bitter conflict with neighboring i'm here. restate and ever trip many to
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grains see the violence they've suffered as an act of revenge. a village in mourning 3 months after death came the government has finally let the media in to document these people's experiences stories of loved ones taken from them so cruelly. the incident took place back in november on the eve of a major orthodox christian holiday the people of bengal at village see eritrean soldiers came they seized the men and boys and shot them the victims of buried at the spot. some bright colors to mark the graves we thought that way maybe a satellite could see them he says the belts and ropes that bound the victim's hands before they were killed still here. a tragedy all too real for this home she lost her husband 2 sons and 2 nephews.
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why did they i would rather die than have lived to see this but i can't take my own life with. the villagers say the troops wore eritrean army uniforms and spoke with distinct accents as the attackers went on the rampage people hid in this centuries old church the soldiers threaten to bomb the building if they didn't come out. here and this kind of crime is to exterminate us to humiliate us to make us fall down below them. we hear our church officials in the media they behave as if the churches and people are not their own people went to gran's are dying they say nothing that's a sign they fear for their lives. if you look here and there extra strongly deny allegations that the troops carried out abuses and actual digital killings into growing another country admits the presence of a trained troops in ethiopia but that debate will do nothing to ease the grief here
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the pain is all to rule. and for more on this i'm joined by way of davis and he's senior analyst for ethiopia at the international crisis group how william good to have you on the program the us secretary of state anthony blinken he's called for the withdrawal of outside forces from to cry this includes horan regional security forces as well as eritrean troops you say that there are obstacles to that occurring can you tell us more. the 1st thing to note here is that obviously eritrean troops represent a foreign country and i'm horrified orses up from a region a neighboring region and ethiopia so we did it with with 2 quite different situations there but i think the obstacles that i was referring to are the it 3 was the i'm sorry regional forces were a crucial component of the federal intervention that overthrew to create government
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in november or the fighting is still ongoing. they played that role but the i'm harlem and indeed the i'm sorry regional government itself has now essentially said that the territory that they have moved into as part of the intervention they have now reclaimed as territory that always was administered by i'm sorry and to and the obstacle is that they show absolutely no sign of relinquishing their hold on this territory that they have now reclaimed 'd or occupied as part of this intervention when the ethiopian government insists that this is a sovereign issue and that they don't want outside is getting involved but realistically could this be soft could this conflict even solved internally or is there going to be a need for outside mediation. this territorial dispute let's say
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between our har integrate really. is an incredibly thorny one and there is no obvious remedy for it and there is a boundary commission that is as but supposed to address these sorts of issues but it really until these the fundamental elements of this territorial dispute are addressed and it's going to be very hard to resolve so there does seem to be you know some form of. overarching sort of fundamental political negotiation and ultimately a political rethink here whether that comes through domestic mediation domestic no go shay sions or international mediation. you know it's not going to be easy for anyone to resolve these issues i think that that's what people need to be clear about this stage. there are reports of the un security council sitting down over the to cry crisis. what kind of concrete action would need to be taken at that
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level and could be possibly see that it looks that the un security council at best is going to make a sort of renewed call for the federal government to provide unimpeded access because monetary agency is to take great so it's important that the un security council is addressing this issue but simply a call for improved humanitarian access does not look like it's going to dramatically improve the situation on the ground unless there is a rethink a cessation of hostilities and the beginning of some form of political process to the to begin is to bring this conflict to an end right that's what dates and from the international crisis group thank you leon. thank you very much. story is in cameroon where boko haram insurgency has displaced thousands in the north of the country people who lived off their land have been forced to flee to
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safety parts of the country but these cities don't offer many economic opportunities now women are vulnerable because it's much more difficult for them to find employment as our correspondent found when he visited the city. many of them have become 6 were. living. quiet streets. display. to survive. forces. raided our village they killed many people and the rest of us ran away we had no money it was a question of survival that's how i found myself in sex work. social worker my veil is around the city speaking to sex workers like i mena he
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agreed with a comma long with a hidden camera but this particular area is the main place where israel's walk us prostitutes. the other one is the easiest to get in for child protection a rescue program. the water money the government looks a sex worker globally and doesn't pay much attention to these children. i have a passion for helping out. since 2002 i work with children who have no voice they get no support from anyone it's important for me to help even with few resources. or those focus on children is if you'll give financial support to women like i'm enough. just between the ages of 10 and 16 are the dominant group of sex workers in the region. more than 300 girls out of sex walk i refer them to training centers where they lend so in an odd across however we don't for an instant audition
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programme hostel for the moment. there are about a 1000 of these underage girls on the streets a 1000 of them in this situation is really alarming when you look at the children and night you almost want to cry it's really sad the insurgency has brought so many problems with attacks by book or has this more than 321000 people in this region prostitution is illegal in cameroon but this woman i'm not afraid of arrest like all the girls i mean and between 2 to 60 all aspect lines. i wish things were different i really don't want to be on the road selling my body i know it's wrong but i have to be there to provide for myself if i have to do it for my 4 children you need to be fed. on the streets. so she can research work and do something else.
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in zimbabwe a girl as young as 10 years old can be forced into marriage because of poverty or traditional practice none of the boys nor girls marry until the age of 18 but the practice remains widespread in the country where the u.n. estimates 30 percent of girls are married before reaching 18 here is the story of one teenage activist who's using taekwondo to build confidence in the married and single girls. kicking and throwing punches. has told. not to hold back. but to fight but she wants to stand her ground. this is a lesson the 17 year old wants to share with other girls. i thought since i was in prayer made out of most of my girlfriends god imprinted me in such that god into marriages and then when i went to high school i realized some of them now if he is
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in their 15 problems this that marriage is only if you get the benefit plan it out and they're still key if they cannot look up to family so that them each in their experience in abusive and this is really training leave behind her dream is to make her neighborhood in the bob was capital harare a early marriage freed. she rallies young girls and mothers in the area to join hands and fight child marriage. some young ladies and a young girl is still too damn local to the challenges they're experiencing and always so i'm going to use my sports take quando carriage them not to get into mary jane said and it created. by teaching the martial art merits the hopes to boost the
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girls' confidence in a country where an estimated 30 percent of girls cannot fend off a marriage before reaching 18 this may well prove useful. and that is a for now there's of course small. forward slash africa you can also check out our facebook and twitter pages we're interested to know what you think about the stories we cover here on news africa to see an extract. change is possible. that's why visual art museum you throw is using her art to challenge barriers for men to be able to dream big and jean feel. to imagine their lives they'd be choose to be. more freedom more self-determination
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more right. women speak you know today arts and culture on d w. they want to know what makes the japanese. love unbending way from. a mother not to of my own. and everyone was lead a holes in everything. getting are you ready to meet the germans and join me right next to it on w. hello and a warm welcome to arts and culture documentaries are having a heyday partly fueled by streaming services like netflix but also because directors are looking for new ways of storytelling and we'll look at this year's crop of documentary films after the berlin film festival and also coming up. in our series on activist women artists we meet illustrator and comics artist. who uses
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graphic narratives to challenge conventional forms of patriarchy india. arlin's international film festival typically gives a lot of scope to documentaries which affects largely to streaming services have moved from more a more niche offering right into the mainstream and this year is no exception and it's particularly interesting to see the vastly different narrative devices that directors are using 2 examples ranging from the experimental to the conventional back and equally powerful punch. long before me to a woman in showbiz showed how to deal with harassment and violence from men in 1978 tina turner divorced her husband ike and started a solo career bigger and even more successful than before. describing her marriage to ike turner she said i was living
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a life of death but the divorce brought her liberation and she triumphantly rose to the heights of pop music fame. in some ways we are telling that story to a new generation. but we are also hopefully exploring it through point of view and what it means for her to be kind of. so associated with some of the worst times in life. the documentary tina gives a chronological overview of all the ups and downs of the life of the woman who was born as and then made public while it offers few new insights it is thrilling to watch. this next film could not be more different in anime says 2 filmmakers meet stefan who was in prison for having murdered a woman in order to interview him. and
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his response of his story are retold by 2 puppet tears. started to come and i thought he or next time i talked we want to. look sometimes looks really threatening sometimes also really child larg what you know what time the person is a performance you know it's always an interpretation of the way that we see on the way to be profiteers react to what they're performing a moment. the directors try to avoid a supposedly objective point of view because their film gradually reveals that there are at least 2 truths but the justice system requires an unambiguous account of events because only then can it declare the accused guilty or innocent this is an exceptionally intelligent film but also an uncomfortable one raising more
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questions than it can or wants to answer. multiple questions indeed and to answer them joining me from bonn is our film expert scott roxboro a scot's 2 very different documentaries 15 there obviously with different subjects but also very different approaches is the documentary as a form being taken apart or deconstructed in a way. yeah definitely with one of these films i mean tina is a fairly conventional music documentary albeit about a very unconventional of music star but the crime doc am a nice is really doing something different i mean typically in a true crime documentary you expect the filmmakers to find out the truth and tell it to you but the way the filmmakers here in am nice is where the way they construct the movie by using these puppets by putting themselves into the film and showing you exactly how they are building the film they really undermine that and
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they sort of question. whether or not they can ever find the truth and that this is really just their interpretation of events and by doing so they also question the basis of the criminal justice system which claims to be able to find out a motive that is to say why a killer murdered someone they say in this film that's ultimately unknowable. interesting now another film from germany is they have a man and his class why did you like this one so much. yeah this is also a different style of documentary it's the fly on the wall dog and this follows mr bachman was a teacher of elementary school and with his class but this is a small village in germany with around 70 percent. or market children or children of immigrants and it's very simple documentary basically we just spent time in the classroom watching the kids watching the teacher very very simple story but i found it incredibly moving and very very emotional so what did we learn from the film
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actually that's so seem so interesting. yeah i mean what i found so interesting is we hear a lot about these kids kids like this i should say we hear a lot about them in the german news there is author often talked about in very hysterical manner that these are kids not learning german that they're not integrating that they might be dangerous political extremists but we almost never get to hear the kids themselves to hear them talk about their own lives their dreams and their hopes and i know anyone who or who thinks they have an opinion about children like this i would recommend they watch this movie because i think it could really change your mind. ok so that's that's certainly an interesting viewpoint documentaries are booming right now scott what do you suppose this year's crop at the belly nala tells us about where nonfiction film is actually going in the future. i mean berlin i mean this year the the the documentaries and i mean the span the entire spectrum from very conventional to completely experimental but what i think they all show is that documentary filmmakers right now despite the success
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or maybe because of the success of documentary films are struggling and they're struggling not only with what stories they want to tell but also how they want to tell them and and even what role documentary film should play i think chris wright the one of the directors and he said it best he said a lot of people only watch a documentary they think they're watching reality but we should remind them that documentaries are a film form and that this is made by subjective filmmakers with a subjective view of the world and they should even try to be depicting the truth ok that's very interesting and we have a tiny little bit more time scott so i'm going to sneak in another question what would be from what you've seen so far your favorite thus far as that as a tip for our audience. well back when i thought was great as a documentary that would be my pick if you want something on the fiction side memory box which is a lebanese film but sort of mixes based on
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a real story sort of mixes documentary and fiction that's my favorite pick of the things i've seen so far thanks very much for those couple of tips insightful as always documentary films taking taking the cake in many instances at the banal and thanks very much scott ross perot for that analysis we'll see you again tomorrow. all this week in the lead up to international women's day on monday march 8th we're meeting artists who speak out for women's rights through their work and today we'll meet illustrator and comic artist each time a hot tub and my colleague met up with her in delhi. i'm a. correspondent in danny using comics and graphic now to support empowerment that's what the thumb arrow through a dot challenging convention forms of patriarchy let's meet this remarkable visual artist who's breaking barriers in india to. think we if we mean us
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is often stop what's this show all go to being beat and feeling furious imagining what we can make of this is your beautiful conversations that need to be had and not being active essentially this still. fits you expect beach into o'grady examining for actually a good social structure. if you're on tour all over the city really did you or you looking to piece together to be we've been listening to we don't continue to be happy to tap into a deal with paris for this not to. see is working with the 2 best expresses ideas and her perspective on life. she's inspired by feminist leaders and people's movements this is reflected in her drawings and the issues on which she's chosen to focus.
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it does have to challenge gender stereotypes and attempts to stifle her voice even at art school i have to do needlework these late professors hawking who feel that if you really you shout you down the biggest dog down be you and forgave the living without his mind on campus and all these issues that are happening but you know everybody wants this too was heresy yesterday but you're going to have basically been being afraid of shark boy is just insane. but in early twenties either i was captivated but something entirely new what she called the magic of bringing text and images together to create powerful narratives like this book on an ego feminist who led a movement against the forestation in india. engages with women from marginalized communities. she's traveled to remote regions to work with so-called blue cost
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dunnit girls. there she saw the transformative potential of ott. before sanity said no no as theory has the room painted. in speedy saying for all faculty of the windows in their communities to see the effect they can create life to be the one. over there to see you know you need to you can fix this for your ideas are in your dreams are just to do that is a 4th stage is really really important i feel to be able to have that chance to go on and think it's too easy that we came together look at what it means to team cough process is as is obscene what's his people who are defying our aged. last to eat i was drawn to a mass movement led by been in delhi. the shaheen bank sit in protest at a major public highway was against the government's citizenship amendment act
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critics said the legislation was discriminatory against muslims. it was absolutely unbelievable to be on a public high read blocking tax pieces by having really speaks so strong be honesty yes' and so clearly about who are democratic they are and what citizenship meat. eaters post is and drawings on this piece for protests have now been compiled into a book. a powerful graphic narrative of women at the forefront of the mass movement . we see in these 2 quantic so we mean being at the forefront of people's movement and steve that state of cashing in one big sheet taking anything you're saying it is a moment that i would think we can achieve me or be this what we want and. and
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we'll close the show with some thoughts for reggae pioneer bunny wailer the last surviving original member of the whalers who died on tuesday at 73 and so here's a classic of jamaican music cool runnings a bunny wailer and. trying . not to jump right.
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into the conflict zone to sebastian. the world's household immigration is on the file from governments and so exist so lose billions of showing the during the phone damage my guess is me from copenhagen is the european regional director of the w.h.o. comes close to those who knows asia from the docks to stand up to the choice fleets to. the conflict zone. 90 minutes on d w. i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room for the nights in mt it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs that. learning that shit my language never got this keeps me and could help us maybe 2 in
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truck loads of say you want to know their story my parents are fighting and reliable information for margaret. cutting through the noise. where i come from people are known for. the tough but fair new york times and people tell it like it it. they call it the concrete jungle the melting pot the city that never sleeps it's the energy that makes it feel like fall but amid the hustle it's important to listen and pay attention because it's not just the loudest voices who need to be heard we all have a story this is how i see it is my job as a journalist to go beyond the obvious now i'm based in europe and my work takes me around the world my instincts for me the state to tell the important stories behind the headlines what is the heart of the story why does it matter who live in. the same focus if you want. to cut through the noise to get to the truth.
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and i want you to death. this is. placed under surveillance by the country's domestic intelligence agency the posse describes a movie. about. the program hundreds of. political groups. following
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a long conflict with. commitment to the rule of law. time to protest the death toll rocks insisted military steps up its crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators. i'm for welcome to the program germany's domestic intelligence agency has placed the country's largest opposition party the far right alternative for germany under surveillance the federal office for the protection of the constitution plans to monitor party because of suspicions that its x.-treme positions could violate the country's constitution a.f.p. says the move is politically motivated and it comes in the run up to germany's federal elections in september. the right wing populist e.f.t. flushed major triumph in 2017 when it entered the jam in parliament becoming the
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largest opposition party ever since the f.t. has offended relishing in islamophobia racism and the glorification of germany's past. your friends and the nazis are just abets of bird poop and 1000 year history. some e.f.t. members openly support the xenophobic movement. among them extreme right wing of bjorn who he's the party's load. of anti immigrant rabble rouser. innocent. nation except that the children and youth in their own country regard school as a nightmare because they are bullied beaten and tom mentored there by migrant much . funded the party's internal group the way in which german security authorities flagged as right wing extremist in response the wing was dissolved however its leader and supporters remain active in the party but no
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germany's intelligence service says the entire party is under surveillance. they don't do political correspondent nina discuss this move with green party m.p. constantine for notts whose deputy chair of the bundestag intelligence committee consenting for notts germany's domestic intelligence agency is putting the a of the party under surveillance just how surprised are you if the party is the biggest opposition party here in the bonus track after all well i guess i'm not surprised and. domestic intelligence agency has very good arguments obviously for that step. and as experience from our history we know that in a democracy. enemies of the democracy can be voted into office. and so it's a good step to have
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a strong view and look closely in that corner so nothing evil can happen to germany again. what good does that do it all. from the legal point that intelligence now has more possibilities to collect information. i think here for the parliament. there will be no actual changes but. from the reason of defending for the reason of defending the constitution. the intelligence agency has more instruments to. to collect information that might be relevant to see if this isn't party that is strongly fighting against our constitution the timing of this announcement is raising some eyebrows gemini's going to the polls in
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september does that not feed into conspiracy theories i think it does not convince me because turning that argument around keeping it secret that you have relevant arguments for the step now and keeping that secretly before an election letting the voters not know what this important institution this intelligence service knows that could be misleading voters too so i guess it's just the regular way things go that that right now this information comes up now that. intelligence agency has the information to make that decision. has the possibility to go in front of chords and fight against this decision and then judges will look at the legal side and decide that's the way it goes in
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a democracy with the rule of law and i guess the signal is that. democracy is up to defend itself against its enemies consenting for knots thank you very much thank you. i'll take a look at some other stories making news around the world now germany's federal and state leaders have been meeting to debate extending the country's current coronavirus lockdown to the end of march most nonessential shops have been closed since mid december while bars restaurants and leisure facilities a close their doors a month early as possible some restrictions could be relaxed in areas where infection rates are relatively low. police in austria have raided a factory suspected of falsely relabeling f f p to face masks the prosecutor's office accuses hygiene austria of repackaging cheap masks from asia and selling them as austrian quality goods at
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a higher price the company denies the accusations and says it's cooperating with authorities. and hungers prime minister viktor orban has announced the withdrawal of his right wing feverish party from the european people's party group of the european parliament it's all about confirm the move in a letter to the p.p. chairman manfred variable but it came after the a.p. voted and voted in rule changes paving the way for it to remove from the blog hungry has been a long running conflict with the e.u. over alleged violations of democratic principles and the rule of law. when you look to the question of how do we see the family in europe how do we see climate change how do we see border protection and how do we give an answer to the economic challenges there is not the problem there we had always come in voting lists this if it is called this it was never the problem it is about rule of law it is about the things what are going on in hungary that is the substance of the problem it's
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a pro at the pre-book go to provoke a different approach against europe in some of the statements of the door bun and that's why let me be clear the standard c.p.p. on the base of martin's on the no call to custody of human of those who founded today's european union and fetus in the last years went away from this common ground. well mr obama's move ends a years long route in the e.u. used conservatives w.'s brussels correspondent ben really good can tell us what welcome bant so this looks like viktor orban jumping before being pushed what difference will being outside the a.p. pay make to feed a or indeed to the a p p itself. well the consequences of this move in practical terms are not very big the parliament has 7 of on 751 seats in the fetus only makes 2 of them and the e.p. p. at the christian democrats was still remain the biggest bloc in parliament and then
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come the social democrats and then the liberals but the consequence is of course that this is a long lasting soap opera this political soap opera as it's seen as it is seen here in brussels is now over the villain left the scene and there's also a sigh of relief now that maybe the p.p. the european christian democrats can now concentrate on other mehta's than this a long lasting row with right wing prime minister. and full on the consequence of course is that he has now to look for a new political home for a new group that he can join and the far right group of i e d already had told him you're both come here in this group they are the real right wing as joined like the identity of the dog down from germany and the talian
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right wing populist formation of league so it might be now easier for the it would be to operate in a little bit more for mr auburn to find support in the parliament ok it's so it solves the a.p. piece problem but brussels still has a problem with both gary this is part of an ongoing issue that brussels has with countries like hungary bowl garia and poland all of whom are said to be undermining the rule of law. yeah the rule of law issue will not be very much influenced by this move today because parliament does not have a very big role in that and victor all made it very clear that he has still his vote in the european council where the government's sitting together and making decisions and then his vote is needed for example to set up the recovery fund for the corona crisis or the e.u. budget and he made it very clear that he will use his veto power to object anything
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that compares. to a villain state or something there that. this is the power brokerage of the power game and buses would not be much influenced by this it comes to the council not to the parliament to do side upon the rule of law and regret in brussels thank you. to me and now another day of violence has left more people dead exact figures are hard to come by but one human rights group put the number at 18 others a report other reports suggest the death tolls a toll is actually double that protesters against last month's managing say they were met with live ammunition and tear gas. a peaceful protest of teachers and students soon gave way to chaos.
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security forces opened fire to break up their citizen demonstration in the city of man to lay sending the crowd scaffolding through the streets. clouds of tear gas filling the air where the protests chance had earlier echoed. among the victims of the violence a 19 year old woman who was shot in the head. friends and relatives gathered in grief around her coffin just hours later to mourn yes another life lost. reports accumulated throughout the day on local and social media of many more protesters killed and wounded most of them in young gong. was also in smaller cities like mine you are where video images show security forces carrying live bodies on
7:13 pm
a blood soaked street. the u.n. security council is due to discuss the escalating crisis of friday she's here to. thank. so far it has failed to condemn the military coup the server turning me on mars democratically elected government on february 1st. and with the junta by the sanctions put in place by national governments it looks like it will take much stronger action to end the brutal crackdown against the demonstrators. well journalist dave grusin about me is monitoring events in mid march from the malaysian capital kuala lumpur i asked him how protesters are likely to react if your forty's deadly show forms i mean you can certainly expect that day and some of
7:14 pm
the other you know deaths that we've seen in the past that it's going to scare some people off the streets but the bottom line is there are so many demonstrators who have made it very clear today included that they are prepared to die for this cause if that's what it takes because they believe they have to stand up to this military government now to fight back against this coup through peaceful demonstration that they have to fight back and they believe if they do not stand up to this military government now any hope of having a legitimate democracy will be gone for at least another generation and they do not want to live under military rule like their parents and grandparents but they're fully aware of the risks and you see a lot of these demonstrators when they march they've got on their arms their blood type and the contact information for their next of kin because they realize they may be shot they grow to about the new president of the tokyo 2020 organizing committee psycho hashimoto has announced the addition of 12 new female board members a scandal of a sexist comments cost of previous president his job last month executive board guiding this summer's delayed delayed big games time includes more than 40 percent
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women one of their 1st tasks will be to determine by the end of the month of the games will allow spectators from overseas. next here on the dublin news africa brant golf has more world news of the top of the hour i'm good at. new year my no new years we're going to you and i last year's german chancellor will bring you an angle a man called as you've never heard have been surprised to so with what disposable who is medical really what moves them to want. to keep them full time on the way maurice and critics would like join us for michael's last thoughts.
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different. here women are in charge. archipelago has had a trademark system for centuries. due. to some. of the rain. starts marching on w. . the world's richest nations agree to boost funding for the i am not be able to enable corps countries to pay for the pandemic fall as without it getting crippled by a dance. all becoming outside of africa as tourism industry has been on a wild ride but now the focus is on the recovery. and close
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with no buyers we have the story of a small german fashion hire struggling to stay afloat while the country is that in locks and. ferguson welcome to the program. the world's biggest economies have agreed to both funding for the international monetary fund the move by the g. 20 group will enable poor countries to borrow money without increasing their official debt level the so-called emergency funds are intended to help governments a march on the economic crisis caused by the pandemic for many countries new infrastructure developments could pave the road to recovery from the pandemic but right now a lot of projects have stalled due to a lack of funds we had to make some difficult choices one of the biggest the difficult choice i would say is a really good beach administration. to post warnings from all the investments
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that we wish it was let's see if you do in 2020 falling commodities prices the collapse of tourism and much lower transfers in foreign currencies 2020 has a tough year the united nations estimates that african economies have shrunk by nearly 3 and a half percent the i.m.f. is now pledging $500000000000.00 in fresh aid we are in this together what it meant for us you the firm is very weak need to step up support for countries the coronavirus pandemic has also driven home to many african countries the importance of functioning digital infrastructure. i think we take advantage of this crisis we see it like as an opportunity. to. increase the lease ation the process making public
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station more efficient how quickly africa emerges from the crisis will depend on how quickly people can be vaccinated so far it doesn't look good the 1st deliveries via the united nations' kovacs program only began last week it may take years before the whole continent is immunized. it's to set africa next to a country that relies heavily on tourism and surprisingly the sector has taken a big hit because of the pandemic still about how to stop operators from dreaming big our reporter adrian craig takes us to some unique locations help hoping to be at the forefront of the country's tourism recovery. welcome to kruger park south every cousin largest and most popular national park normally at this time of the year the park would be packed chris tourists from around the world but due to the pandemic it feels a little bit as if he or any moles have taken over the n.h.l.
7:20 pm
territory again sounds great right but it isn't a lot of businesses here had to shut down thousands lost their jobs and some people here are fearing that this might lead to an increase of coaching incidents in the future but they are also some signs of hope we go into one of the. hotel on a railway bridge one of the most exclusive lodges in the country the railway carriages are now tell rooms and from our pier you can watch the hippos. so let's talk to governor one of the managers of the last year you opened the lots in december 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic how did it play out for you we had a very small window of opportunity. you need to bring something that was quite unique to the south african tourism as hopefully as one of its needle came as a positive story in terms of creating local travel and providing jobs i mean we have originally meant for an advert for 40 positions we received over 5000.
7:21 pm
$5000.00 series and i would just wait for the guests. and it allows us this amazing opportunity to really sort of expose this to to the to the local south african market. and the beginning of the pandemic both domestic and international tourism was not allowed and although when international tourists were allowed to come in again only a few were coming in these times of global uncertainty hence a lot of businesses here are still relying very much on the domestic market and for some businesses like safari flight airlines it is still a lifeline thanks to the south african market have really really assisted with our flights and helped us to stay abreast of what's what's happening right now in the choice of industry we've lost approximately 50 percent of our staff so we had to retrain over 60 people and it was a very difficult and set time for us but we had to evolve and we had to do that in
7:22 pm
order to survive so we've also the moment more than haul 4 feet down. we have a craft available but we are not trying to test yet the month when do you think the tourism industry will get back on its feet again realistically 2020 she will start seeing a nice comeback and you must remember that the tourism industry is normally always hit the hardest but is the fastest industry actually put on spec. and the other stories making news the german government has passed a law designed to hold companies responsible for human rights abuses in their supply chains german companies can laugh a fines of up to a smelly and euro. be barred from public contracts if they ignore abuse and environmental destruction carried out by their suppliers. us italian carmaker fiat chrysler france's p.s.a. both managed to make a profit in 2020 despite falling sales across the board the 2 companies which
7:23 pm
merged to form the still group in january made around 2000000000 euros in profit each this after managing to keep prices steady during the pun demick. the european union is planning to extend pandemic aid for businesses for another 2 years the block's $27.00 governments have already poured billions into emergency health care tax relief and aid for faltering companies while economies are starting to pick up reliance on government aid remains strong. here in germany the government is expected to extend its current locked in to march 28th that's according to a widely circulated draft document which forms the basis for a meeting currently underway between chance to i'm going to the country state leaders business reopening a major discussion point retailers want a pop to full store openings especially in regions for case numbers are relatively
7:24 pm
low health officials fear new virus strains put service without question germany's vaccination efforts have been hampered delays in production and distribution here's financial correspondent chelsea delaney with more. on the outcome of to do some it is likely to be a disappointment for many businesses here and germany a lot of industries such as the restaurant bar hotel industries have been really hoping to get some sort of clarity from the federal and state governments today about when they will be allowed to open their doors again and stead what they've gotten as described by one industry official is the opposite of an opening plan the rules that the government is proposing are very complicated and many now are looking at this this plan and not seeing much hope for the forseeable future a lot of businesses have been counting on a recovery on a reopening by by spring by summer now all of those hopes are really being delayed once again. and one branch that's been especially hard hit by germany's locked
7:25 pm
island is the garment industry even in normal times clothing money factor as can struggle to sell their seasonal items but with clothes and online shopping still a work in progress smaller fashion hides in particular are struggling to make ends meet. like all fashions most days spring collection has a pretty short shelf life yet almost the entire output of the saxony based fashion house is still in the warehouse orders from german boutiques have dried up and exports the sluggish slowly but surely more days financial resources are dwindling . if this continues until easter the season is as good as dead yet again because after that cutthroat price wars and gigantic discounts all flare up. and that means profitability for us customers and the specialist traders hits rock bottom. more days c.e.o.
7:26 pm
thomas whistler is considering selling directly to the public after the lock down straight from warehouse to customer with discounts an attempt to generate at least some kind of revenue more day is only one of 160 struggling textile and clothing manufacturers in the region the sector association wants an end to the lockdown upslope will stop the whole thing open the shops again get back to normal life give the companies the space they need to become economically viable again. and shopping zones are almost deserted her around $50000.00 retailers are on the edge of going bankrupt small retailers in particular simply aren't equipped to switch to online sales sales that women's fashion houses idle fell a staggering 70 percent year on year this january and february the family and company is over 100 years old it manufactures its collection in germany and sells it across europe to small and mid-sized retailers hundreds ot its retailers are
7:27 pm
asking why they should order for 2021 so right now as far as the numbers in their orders go the forecast is minus 50 percent. and minus 30 percent for a company of our size and probably every company our size is a gigantic problem problem sidle is hoping to generate a little extra revenue by making personal protective clothing for medical staff hospitals and politicians have been asking if he can produce it yet so far he's hardly been given any firm contracts. and it's not just german store owners that are looking for lock down restrictions to be lifted in the netherlands some cafes and shops have even defied to the rules and opened their doors to customers it's a risky move both caught doing so face a fine of some for us. for cafe and bar owners in the dutch city of bread not far from the belgian border enough is enough. all week long. for weeks now
7:28 pm
we've seen that the parks and the skate drinks are full of people no one keeps a distance everyone's on top of each other events are being held in the city parks and i want to show that you can also open up here in a safe and good way i think we need to i think belgian neighbors are ready for it to. the country's lock down rules came into force in october and more than 4 months later are still in place and of course plenty of customers took advantage of the protest to relive the good old days from before the pandemic. dozens of shopkeepers in the northern city of cleansing of then also welcomed costumers on tuesday to protest against the lock down rules. shop and bear owners who open risk of 4000 euro fine and a criminal record to boot. the kind of night other people think we're sumant won't come to that but suppose 100 shops were open today times 4000 euros i don't think people in the country will take that very well. that doesn't feel right
7:29 pm
. the protests lasted just a few hours after an official warning from the police led shopkeepers to close their doors again. but some of our owners held on until the bitter end. great profit far show thank you so much for watching for you can also go to our web site if you don't need a comment flash business we're on social media as well for me and the team it's goodbye and take. it to the conflict zone to students to. the world health organization is on the phone from delusion so is it so lose lose with showing the during the boom boom boom my guess is we should go over the years when european regional director of the w.h.o. comes clean so soon as asians of the phone go to the jury but it needs to.
7:30 pm
conflict zones. 50 and 60 minutes to double. the national drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere by the time intuition and love hate money. fans from finalist fans and friends. to go on you tube joining us. this is student news africa on the program today the war in ethiopia we'll hear a firsthand account something that needs to mexico up to bryant by eritrean troops has put the conflict back on the top of the international agenda. and just cameroonian it wasn't such a fever because of attacks by boko haram she says she's now forced to work as
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a prostitute to survive. plus this involved in teenage just putting up the fight to raise awareness and.


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