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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2021 6:30pm-7:31pm CET

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the. league for orange profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos of the oil and. this is the journey back into the history of slavery. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept these troops leverage as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on t w. this is the deputies africa out on the program today they kidnappings and insecurity in nigeria on troops terrorizing communities in the middle of the country and dancing people and demanding ransom alcohol responded brings us the story of a family tragedy in the north and so postings. the.
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snatch and nominees from the acapella group just say they've not been able to say no come 610 of the cars back there singing through it anyway. hello i'm christine one it's good to have your company the nigerian schoolgirls released by kidnappers this week have now been reunited with their families and all back home the girls have been in government k. in the northern some far a state receiving medical checks following their captivity now while news of the goals of death and grabbed international headlines many more kidnappings happen very often in northern and central parts of nigeria gangs take people hostage and demand money for their release date of a correspondent for when you was in some far reporting on the kidnapping and
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subsequent release of the schoolgirls then in neighboring so-called a state he came across the story of a painful family tragedy. and fred joins me now to tell us more about that story back in lagos hi fred it's good to see you tell us about the family that you mix in so cortile state. christine as you were covering a story of kidnapping of schoolgirls in zamfara state we heard about another story in so called 2 states where. gunmen attacked a community and there we made this man whom was trying he was 1st of all mourning his death of his son and also he told us that his brother was kidnapped unfortunately after we interviewed him he was killed here is their story. an entire community is grieving more than
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a dozen people where my dad jumo son was murdered his brother too was killed they killed us also too close to jesus. they came around 2 30 am and he took my younger brother and go to give the people in the community to acknowledge them us shoot them and they started shooting sporadically and shot 10 island 8 or so after he spoke to juma gunmen killed him the next day he had pursued them to secure the release of his abducted brother both were killed gunmen causing mayhem in the north came the few my generalized and drift out by the government. generals chinese shuai recent who was granted a rare access to the bandits hide out they said that children are not be impertinent. to good to school i never said then how axes. are you guys educated
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because the government of prime meant to graduates now i use it does the problem won't work thinking we're not educated kidnapping is higher profitable for cream you know and it jihadi groups in northern nigeria the targets are poor villages and ordinary school children it's the 2nd time in one month this people meet like this to mourn their loved ones and each time it's because the bandits i thought this community and killed more than 20 people. raised them the government for its failure to protect their security expert rob you are dumb because for their org to lead to peace free disarming the bandits teach that approach should fail. you the muslim course. to fight them you do mock them on the people of the concentration forces with. equipment water equipment.
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that the best we could be back in a matter of the ridge before juma was killed he made his wish. i pray for the government to a few shows to protect the interests of the. pope free and you must pray one day be hard unfortunate if he's communes he does finally have peace it will be too late for him fred obviously a very difficult story there but just how wife's for it all kidnapping in nigeria yeah it's very common and it's spread their whole country not only in the north but even in some parts of the south it's happening it's just that most of the times these stories they don't even make it to international news even can use sometimes they don't cover but of course like this example of this man that we have just told
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you. this is a story these are just stories that never get on the news but it's very. it's across the country unfortunately and sometimes when you're in the north in the northern part of the controversy i j yeah it's very safe and people always complain that the government has abandoned them. on that note we heard people in in your report express that sentiment that they feel that the government's assailants to to secure the country when you were in the region of course you know the headlines have come out of that region in terms of mass kidnappings by by the extremists and the so-called bandits did you get the sense that there was that there was a lawless miss i did you fail and safe. yes absolutely we were on my colleague my cameraman where our seafood fails on safe on
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the road from so-called told to zamfara state it was clearly unsafe we had to put on our body protection. we aren't even people generally people told us that these bandits. quite often they thought them and they take money from them they could not them and the government doesn't care it's just that when. he did not or if bigger number of people have been kidnapped then the government takes some actions but normally that there is a sense of insecurity in this region and it's you can feel it too you can you can feel it when you go to bed and when you're traveling around all right. when you are west africa correspondent thank you for your reporting fred. thank you kristie. let's take a look at some of the stories making news across the continent now days off and
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wrist in senegal have killed at least one person as opposition forces clashed with riot police protests broke out in the capital on wednesday and have now straight to the towns after the arrest of the opposition politician response on rape charges internet access in the country has. some disruption. the u.n. security council has failed to agree on a response to the crisis in ethiopia's to cry regions russia china and india objected to a u.s. response saying it interfered with ethiopia's domestic affairs this series of media and advocacy groups as reports detailing to pieces by if you pin and eritrean forces to pry. now this year marks 10 years since the music act just 6 burst on to the local music scene in south africa in the last decade distinct harmonies have seen them perform for global audiences like many musicians they've
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been able to give life performances because of the pandemic restrictions but that hasn't stopped them. is a pianist and singer in the just 6 acapella choir from south africa the pandemic killed him and his musician friends hard group where the rubber bullets of season both get a push on the show because of his crazy music he's going to music is going to keep the seat you know. the internationally renowned singers would like to be on tour now. in corona times they only rehearse occasionally after they've had their temperatures taken today's rehearsal is the 1st one this year. to connect with one another again in that event we means it means a lot to us it kind of encourages us and a certain way i think also just mentally carried even
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a big hit. in. the ensemble actually wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary in a big way with concerts at home and abroad but performing in public is impossible right now even in south africa. the hardest part for us i think artists in general with corn is that it cannot work because we need to have people you know filled up in a room like this one that we have your so we haven't been able to work run system to be lack of income is a problem to the government as far as i know has helped a few artists. i have applied for. grants as well we applied as they had some before. you know we haven't gotten anything yet this is
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affecting us very very much for nationally both as a group and as individually. in 29000 just 6 made a grand appearance in germany at the beethoven fest in bonn together with the board this or chester income from such performances is sorely missed today. since the beginning of the pandemic the asunder has almost exclusively been making music for digital platforms. just 6 released their 1st album a mix of popular western music and african beats around christmas last year in the middle of the pandemic it was well received nevertheless they can only make ends meet with part time jobs who want to cut carter gives piano lessons on line from his home in pretoria that's what we do see.
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we you know each person now is you know going to into their savings and kind of depleting everything that they had even saved up so it's quite a challenge it's all the more important for them to counter the pandemic with their music i'm going to i'm going to. write a new song karuna the road out there i'll probably write a corona song says go on there calcutta jokingly a little black humor goes a long way in a pandemic to. fulfill. that's right that is all. africa we're also on facebook and on twitter. they will leave you with a couple of music by just 6 we'll see next time have a wonderful weekend. oh.
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imagine how many push the old loves us turn out in the world climate change a different story this is my plan for when from just one week. how much worse can it really get. we still have time to work i'm going.
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to language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. merlin's international film festival is always good for a few surprises and the winner of the golden bear in 2021 is just that and we'll hear more about how the chips fell at the belly not in just a. and and also coming up. they dance in the streets their faces covered to protest rising violence against women in their country the chilean dance collective
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. me. on the on line industry portion of the 71st bell in allah has come to an end after 4 intense days of screenings a jury made up of 6 former golden bear winners has spoken and the golden bear for 2021 goes to a romanian director rather jude's film entitled bad luck banging or loony porn and the title is your biggest hint as to why we can't show you much of it. this woman is a role model she's a teacher even she has a right to privacy but these days private lives all too often end up on social media. in this case a totally private video has gone viral it shows the teacher having sex it's no one's business but everyone has an opinion should she be allowed to stay in her
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profession and continue to teach children. the teacher is now suddenly in the public eye. to. take. to. appear by the little but it's obvious. that. the film is about chauvinism conspiracy theories and hypocrisy in post communist romania told as a biting satire for the jury of this. it was a stroke of genius. and scott rockstro joins me once again from bond to talk about the film that none of us had bet on hi scott bad luck banging or loony porn wins the golden bear what's your take on this decision. well i mean they did pick the field with the best title i have to say i definitely agree with that. i mean this wasn't my favorite i'll be perfectly honest it's a social satire. the images that we just saw don't really do it justice because
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there's a lot of very hardcore imagery also in this film definitely not for everybody it's it's it is a nice interesting look at political hypocrisy and it's quite extreme but i finally found humor quite scattershot but what is interesting about this film is how it was made i mean this movie was shot entirely under lockdown in romania and all the members of the production including the actors were all wearing masks the whole time so maybe that's why the jury picked it because it definitely is of its time it looks like no other film before and probably since will look like it looks like a corona era film the big question is whether anybody will want to watch this movie and in a couple of years time it's very interesting that this jury because it was a very different body knowledge earlier this year you could tell they were really focusing on craft. yeah definitely definitely and i think it's significant that 3 of the members of this jury are from central eastern europe and this is
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a eastern european film from iranian style of humor and the way it looks at particularly sexual hypocrisy in eastern europe i think is quite significant that probably appealed to a number of the members of the jury that could be one reason why they think that i didn't take my choice no i know they didn't and i don't want them going to be my choice either but where were who were perhaps the other noteworthy winners in your opinion. i greeted with some of the choices made by the jury they had their 1st gender neutral acting prize the silver bear for best performance and it went to the german actress. she was the star of screwball comedy with a side by concept called i'm your man she plays in that she plays a german scientist who's a single and wary of relationships and she's assigned an android who's supposed to satisfy her every need to play by dan stevens of down abbey fame things of course don't go as planned and they too end up in couples therapy very funny movie a nice twist on sort of
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a so interesting concept and it was one of my favorites of the festival and another one i'd have to mention is a documentary called have batman and his classroom which won a special jury prize this is a look at a small village classroom in germany elementary school where the majority of students are migrants or from immigrant backgrounds it's a real fly on the wall documentary but i thought it really really touching very very emotional and wonderful look at these kids who we often talk about in germany but we almost never get to hear what they have to say yeah very interesting viewpoints and i'm looking forward to those films that's got everything very unusual ballina as it took place mostly. online tell us a little bit about the overall experience and did it do the festival just death. yeah i was very strange this is the 1st time i've been doing this 20 years that 1st time i've ever had an on line. the films were quite good actually so that's definitely a plus and the experience wasn't too unpleasant but watching movies on your couch
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for a week isn't really the same experience berlin is the world's largest public film festival and audience experience hopefully we'll have a little bit of that in the summer because the winners. this year will be presented again at an open public festival coronal willing in june yeah well let's certainly hope that that will be allowed to happen the audience focused portion of this 2 part badly not on the belly not a 71 the suspense is over for now and now we just need to see all of those great films thanks very much for all of your analyses this week scott ross perot in bon. all the statistics are sobering joining the coronavirus pandemic of violence against women has soared in latin america where rates of domestic abuse and femicide have gone through the roof since lockdowns 1st began about a year ago international women's day is our cue to raise awareness of this fact and in our series on artist activist my colleague sophia borden bag has this report
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from santiago de chile. this is a bad news correspondent into i'm going to present to a group of women that dances what must see on the streets of cattle graze awareness of gender violence and empower women to fight for their rights. by. reversing for the big performance the dance collective. prepares its choreography for international women's day more than 50 women have come together dominique is one of them. you know my for me the collective and dancing in the collective is liberation enjoyment pleasure friendship it's a space where i feel more protected and where i can be more myself. but i love. dance masked one dance the red balaclavas offer a little protection from police tear gas but they also provide anonymity the masks have become their trademark.
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is one of 4 women who co-founded the collective in november 29 teams during protests against social inequality and sheelagh. more than hiding our identities we want to protect them because there's been a lot of political persecution for a long time even before the uprising. we want to form a collective with a common face at a. protest i'm not moon knight but part of the collective. this is the 1st time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that the women have met to rehearse. and wear a feminist dance collective and our motivation is to make art less elitist to take downs on to the streets and to understand that our bodies are our 1st territory of
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struggle we dance not for others but for ourselves our choreography is are always based on urban dances such as dancehall trekking and hip hop. on international women's day last year some 300 women in the collective danced in the streets of santiago wearing red masks some 2000000 people protested across the whole country social injustice in chile led to a revolt in october 29th teen against the country's neo liberal economic and social model from the beginning that protest movement was a feminist one. that. the walls in santiago bear witness to this protest and to the struggle against the patriarchy and the culture of machismo the women of. want to use their dance performances to draw attention to violence against women and. their family to me that's up. from the moment i leave my house i'm exposed to street
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harassment we are exposed to obstetric violence violence against women is present in all forms everywhere at home at work in the health care system within families. we live with a myriad of violence i want to believe it will be eradicated but it's a long process because we're in a paradigm shift for sam we. actually are told this collective is about far more than dance the women support each other and give one another strength they say protesting and dancing together has changed them. up in the end the affair. we need more we're learning about feminism we're learning to love ourselves and not be competitive with each other but to really find a nucleus where we can express ourselves and be ourselves with each other. don't leak says dancing with the collective has helped her learn self acceptance.
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and really i feel that for me in particular it changed the way i show myself to the world to those close to me and to myself that many me wearing red masks to draw attention to inequality and uncover one's true self the group will perform this new choreography on march 8th in the heart of the chilean capital. and more power to them well finally art lovers sense of risk and adventure will be put to the test at a very unusual exhibition in the northwestern russian region of where complete immersion into the chilly northern arc is literally a must because it's located under the ice of the white sea so see for yourself if you'd be willing to go this far. what suits and tolerance for low temperatures are indispensable for visitors wanting to witness this special exhibition held underwater. for
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a circle of the pictures are cool i saw them before but under the sea they look different to the effect this very interesting with the torchlight they started to shine and look 3 dimensional. this. photographer victor in the displaying photographs of white sea flora and fauna to raise awareness for biled life or risk to climate change the artworks will remain underwater until mid april when the ice starts to melt rendering visits to the exhibition site impossible. because there's a group of 3 yes it's well known that the climate is changing it's the facts although it is minus 30 here today the white sea is the southern most of all arctic sea ice it changes very fast it may happen that those creatures whose life is frozen into the ice will become extinct in the white sea in the near future.
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also on display in the underwater exhibition or sculptures by artist denise slaughter it really shaped objects are inspired by marine creatures living under the ice of the white sea reinterpreted to fit the artist's unique vision. some cool art to say the least of which i do stay warm over the weekend and until we meet again all the best from us here in berlin just want a few dozen. in .
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africa. the last 2 northern white rhinos in the world are grazing here in kenya but wait who's this lady this is your last chance to reproduce so behave. scientists are trying to dream just b.c. and they have a lot of ideas about how to do it. for. 90 minutes on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this trying to just through the technical cover and i weakly read your blog. if you would like to me more information on the coronavirus or any other science topics you should really
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check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com slash science. what secrets lie behind walls. discover new adventures in a 360 degree. and explore fascinating. world heritage sites with the. world heritage 368 get kidnapped now. why are people so forced to turn hard in trucks. there are many dreams of. playing there are many answers place. and there are many stories some. make
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a. deal made for mind. playing. the daily news line from berlin pope francis calls for reconciliation on a historic 1st visit to iraq the pope begins his tore apart appealing for an end to sectarian violence and religious strife and he remembers the victims and the fact that cathedral where suicide bombers killed dozens of worshippers also coming up
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china moves to tighten its grip on hong kong as beijing shifts its focus from the fines against coronavirus to longer term goals. and a fresh welcome to the show. pope francis has arrived and backed out on the 1st papal visit to the war torn iraq the pope began this trip with an emotional appeal for an end to sectarian violence and religious strife is also remember the victims of a suicide attack which killed dozens of worshipers at a cathedral and backed up francis has been greeted with considerable excitement and the authorities are putting on a show of force. the pilgrim of peace as pope francis called himself is aware of the risks he's taking made an ongoing pandemic and regional conflict.
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i'm happy to be making trips again. but he is not traveling alone he's protected by one of the largest security deployments in recent iraqi history $10000.00 personnel by some estimates including special forces 24 hour drone surveillance undercover intelligence officers in addition to the pope's own bodyguard entourage. it's the 1st visit by a pope to iraq and comes just 2 days after a rocket attack that seemed to put the trip in doubt his 1st remarks in baghdad acknowledged the difficulties most iraqis have had to endure without a military escort. over the past several decades iraq has suffered the disastrous effects of wars the scourge of terrorism and sectarian conflicts often grounded in a fundamentalism incapable of accepting the peaceful coexistence of different
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ethnic religious groups different ideas and cultures he said a new chapter in iraqi history was urgent. you know what if the name of god cannot be used to justify acts of murder exiled terrorism and oppression. the rock is home to some of the earliest christian settlements the christian community here is diverse like few others in the world roman catholics live side by side with how the end catholics protestants armenian orthodox christians and others are then politicised. we are sending a message to the pope and the world that we are here good enough we the christians are remaining on our land our roots are here it is impossible to leave the homeland that embraced us yes if that makes it much knowledge of the heart yes sir. there were as many as 1400000 christians in the country at the start of the iraq war in 2003 sectarian conflict drove most of them away in 2014 the so-called
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islamic state began targeting christians driving hundreds of thousands more from their homes the pope's visit is a sign of victory over this tide of violence he is set to visit mosul a former stronghold of the islamic state which was recaptured in 2017 by government forces and the head of the catholic church plans to meet with iraq's top shia muslim cleric grand ayatollah ali al sistani who has never met with the pope a big moment for christians and muslims alike. for more on this i'm joined by did earlier religious affairs analyst mike thing. this is the pope's 1st trip after a one year travelling hiatus to a cold bed why did he choose iraq as his 1st destination. i think that obviously the. iraq but i think that generally this will highlight the situation of
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christian communities across the region and particularly now our us were you know war it's still taking place like syria the community center under enormous pressure the grease the communities and you know the numbers have really dwindling when in fairly radical ways there was of the beginning of the iraq war about 1000000 400000 christians in iraq as of today the nation he said we're talking about a quarter of a 1000000 250000 people live and that number is ruggedly shrinking as well so i think that the vatican sees in the middle of the different conflicts and crisis that we have over undergone for the last couple of months iraq in the christian community of the middle east has been sort of lost in eclipse writes other stories and he's a way for the pope basically to put this issue back on the table and to bring it back into focus you talk about religious persecution there what role does the head
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of the catholic church play for christians in iraq. well i mean there are some really great to look at the nominations you know but i think that by and large even none got to look at the nominations are still seen essentially under the umbrella of christianity in christianity to the extent that that is the case the pope that comes to highlight the plight of of christians are your got to look scenario will you know will essentially be also be taught talking about the journal christian community of the region so even if he's not a no authority figure for some of these groups he can still be a very very strong spokesman because all the so he got a lot of weight were saying many people welcoming francis in baghdad today and the pope also want to celebrate a mass with thousands of believers all of this during a global pandemic and a worsening outbreak in iraq how much concern is there about his visit leading to
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a spike in infections. there he said if you sleep concern i mean and the concern has to do with the fact that you know maybe of this event so i mean even the smaller church events but particularly the mass which is spreading for sunday in the north of the country you know could really turn into supers bread or even. the way the vatican seized. you know there isa need for you know for the buster work of the church to go ahead even at a time of year at a time of. of crisis and that the church has to be there with the people so i think that this is a matter of waging you know waging the needs and the necessities and and the britishers or usefully it's very hard to say excitedly how this will pan out particularly because it's not clear that the iraqi infrastructure is ready to
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essentially be ready to be able to control the movement of all the people that would be associated with the movement of the pope who is incidentally moving through 6 different cities they don't know your religious affairs analyst liking thank you very much for your analysis pusher. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world at this hour police in myanmar have opened fire on protesters in the city of mandalay local media reporting that one person has been killed fresh protests have again erupted in several cities following the crackdown by the military who joe which saw 38 deaths earlier this week the united nations is set to open talks on the crisis. in senegal new clashes have erupted in the capital dakar between police and protesters demanding the release of the country's detained opposition leader it was months ago he was arrested wednesday before he was due to testify on a rape charge one person has been killed and the rest since then. britain's prince
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philip has left saying bartholomew's hospital in london where he underwent a successful heart procedure earlier this week the 99 year old duke of edinburgh has been transferred to a private hospital in the british capital to continue his recovery. a year ago much of china was shut down to help contain the corona virus but the pandemic largely under control in the huge country its leader is now one to get the economy back on track around 3000 delegates are talk taking part in china's biggest political event the annual national people's congress they'll be rubber stamping laws drawn up by the communist party elite setting political priorities for the next 5 years. neighborhood security officers patrol beijing street when they're around it's a sure sign that an important chinese political gathering is on the way the offices to prevent displays of dissent during the event the mood at the gathering is
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optimistic china has largely managed to control a kind of a pandemic and the economy has begun to recover after a virus induced slump. jr. the most important goals for this year are an increase in g.d.p. of more than 6 percent and the creation of $11000000.00 new jobs in urban areas. among the parties other plans a large increase in the military budget and greater investment in new technology to make china less dependent on the rest of the world china is also planning to tighten its control of a hong kong to electoral reform that said to be approved by beijing's national people's congress. we try. we want to ensure principal. through hong kong. mass arrests have already weakened hong kong's pro-democracy movement activists
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fear that these changes could deny your voice in this. so what will these changes mean for hong kong earlier we put that question to w a correspondent for the kong and the territory. for the most controversial measure of the actual reform is that beijing is setting up a new screening mccandless them to this side a candidacy of the local that's just so of though our whole goal is to enjoy a wrecked democracy not the food the markets the ever but. do want to tighten this control too to make sure that both the administrative and the let's just take to branch under its control so under the new proposal. now at the moment as the chief executive is. an election committee dominated by probation speakers in the future that election committee will also be in charge of screening they can do the
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legislature so nowadays the legislature in hong kong more than half of the seats are directly elected by people but in the future the calibers will be screened and the fact by election committee. so we can expect also many and others as the servers can expect that the opposition can will be excluded from the political institution. for the european union is under pressure over a vaccine shortages as infection numbers continue to climb brussels is now backing a ban by italy on the export to australia of a quarter of a 1000000 doses of the astra. back saying so far the drugmaker has delivered only a fraction of the shots at agreeing to supplying to e.u. member states australia is asking for a review of the ban but playing down the impact in italy people of dying of the
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right of 300. and so i can certainly understand the high level of anxiety that would be exist in the italy and in many countries or across europe as that is regularly conveyed to me and so they have some real difficulties there. and not on broadway to cross a situation that is not the situation of the struggle but nevertheless we've been able to secure a house applause. let's get you up to speed now on some other global developments in the pandemic italy recorded more deaths in 2020 than in any other year since world war 2 the increase fueled by covert 19 coronavirus was blamed for 10 percent of all fatalities in italy last year from february 21st a new e.u. reports s. the pen demick has disproportionately harmed women the crisis has led to more severe job losses for women than men in the e.u. it's also fueled a surge in domestic violence against women and the w.h.o.
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is warning that the arrival of vaccines should not tempt countries to relax efforts to fight the pandemic it said doing so would raise the risk of nations seeing 3rd and 4th sergius. the bradley miller has awarded its top prizes on the closing day of the film festival the dark comedy bad luck banging or louis porn won the golden bear for best picture tells the story of a high school teacher whose sex tape and up on line to be. the son. test me the best performance gong one tomorrow and 4 i'm drew man is the 1st time the brother nala has handed out a gender neutral prize in place of the best actor and best actress categories the winners will be presenting their awards at a ceremony in june. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you but francis has arrived in iraq
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for stories for a day visit is the 1st ever paid old tour of the country the pontiff says he felt duty bound to make the trip the number of christians in iraq has collapsed after years of persecution and religious violence. but that you're up to date up next business news with kate ferguson remember there's always more on the d w news and b.w. dot com we're also on insta. at twitter of course find us at the deli and it's on a friday for me and the entire team in the newsroom thanks for watching. i didn't see. a future in choosing. the i mean. some of the are still in final minutes he decided to begin with. he may or may not get out to see it but until then. more freedom more some determination more right.
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heart is going. to blame arts and culture on w. we've got some tips for your bucket list. going to. cut into some great cultural importance to boot. double trouble we go. to china on sales on this is growth plan out of 62 in homs it's technological progress we are quite cunt europe garner from the statements of this year's not still people's congress. meanwhile the african union hop on sales or plan to fund a months of infrastructure development program could this unless the continent's
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dependence on chinese investment. will take you to a bookstore in taiwan with a dim view of overlit displayed. this is due to the business i take ferguson welcome to the program. sign a has odd outlines and bases growth targets at its most high profile political event of the year the annual national people's congress the world's 2nd biggest economy is ailing for growth of more than 6 percent this year as it pursues a longer term goal of becoming a global leader in telecommunications and tech the proceedings are also being closely watched here in europe where the question of strengthening ties with china is the source of the he said debase. china's economy is emerging from the pandemic stronger than it was before and is already showing accelerated growth but the chinese communist party wants more they want china to become the world's tech
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leader to that end the government plans to invest one and a half $1000000000.00 in the sector over the next 4 years businesses in the e.u. also hope to profit from that china is an increasingly attractive market for the e.u. as chinese consumers will also use the growing disposable income to buy european products some german companies already make a large part of their sales in china like strong which makes components for the semiconductor industry carmaker v.w. and chip maker infinium a joint investment agreement which the e.u. and china finalized in december could make the chinese market even more accessible to european firms among other things it aims to ensure fear of competitive conditions in the future of course china's 5 year plan is primarily about their own progress the people's democratic republic wants to become more independent particularly in light of recent trade disputes with the united states that too
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could create new opportunities for european companies. to talk more about china's economic ties with europe and the rest of the world i'm joined now by a fiddle at t.t. she's an economist at the eagle institute at the center for international economics in munich docketed you've cold on the e.u. to strengthen ties with asian countries including china why do you think this is so important right now so 1st of all with emergence of double benefit chains age of became really important in the whole global production especially in europe many final goods rely heavily on asian intermediates and therefore we gain significantly if we manage to agree to use trade costs with asia with respect to china i think the european union has a high interest in strengthening the ties especially because china is such as such as a large country and therefore
7:20 pm
a large market also for european firms but however i also think that the european union has does not want to strengthen the ties with china at any price so there are a couple of non-negotiable for the european union for example the protection of intellectual property rights and so before these are solved i don't think we will see that much of a strengthening there i'd like to pick up on some of the you said that night china is considered to be a difficult partner especially when it comes to market access what do you make of the e.u.'s recent investment pact with the country and do you think it will be ratified by the european parliament. so 1st of all i think it's a step towards it or in the right direction that the european union in china are actually on the negotiating table so that just as a 1st thought on this however the european union is being promised lots of market access through this pact. but one crucial points that is normally always
7:21 pm
a part of investments a treaty is missing namely a proper end state of the arts dispute settlement mechanism and without this mechanism this whole treaty doesn't have that much teeth and that's in fact and so because you were asking me about ratification when we think of europe and how we have difficulties these days to ratify the trade deals that are much less controversial it's just think of bracks it or also if the deal with the americans or countries so there we have very much difficulties to get them to get the deal done so i think we will see a couple of difficulties in the ratification process. dr theodore got to be from the evil institute at the center for international economics in munich there and meanwhile the african union has unveiled a far reaching plan to fund infrastructure development across the continent the measures would see member countries spending 5 percent of the money held in their
7:22 pm
sovereign wealth retirement and insurance funds on the project the hope is that the large scale investment would provide a major boost to enter african trade and possibly also reduce africa's reliance on chinese investment in infrastructure. the demand for infrastructure development in africa is as large as the continent itself it needs new roads and bridges ports and railways and china has been investing massively there in recent years but as debt burdens have risen partly because of the coronavirus pandemic investment has slowed the african union estimates the continent is running an investment deficit of between $60.00 and $90000000000.00 a year to generate enough capital the african union has come up with the idea of an investment fund into which african countries would pay 5 percent of by the national output or their pension funds the african continent all free trade area in compass
7:23 pm
is a potential market of 1300000000 people but trade between african countries is often hampered by high customs tariffs and bureaucracy and before that improves much countries will certainly have to combine resources to build new roads bridges ports and railways. let's bring in johnson took we'll see khoury asset management he joins me now from lagos how much of a boost will this be for intra african trade. thank you for having me he's going to be a major boost i think that we can tell because one of the people which i think if that's going to quantify was having seen the monkey and it was there like obvious last problems i say it stands today you had me have. african. goods and i didn't get when i crossed africa you find of the button will lead sources which in the african continent that continent because of lack of public and lack of
7:24 pm
if i stop them so the critical factor that africans need to be simply one if i should have supplies at that stage that i'm going to have and i don't want to. without strong if i structure that government that would be directly many would be if you got the companies of the day africa to them i would thank you i want to say that about you but that's compared to the european week about simply been among the reverend just about you could say that that money sent they sent countries but i in africa i'm just with you but we can prevent trade in afghan country because i'm not sure that if it's. going to come back it will be financed i like i said who decides what goes where. i did your president i think on that he would look at what i think most difficult. class about it but let's get it looked at by folks on the highways that it's the fault and indeed if parts. that had begun to come i have
7:25 pm
a bit of this if i spoke to aswell as the need on it a lot not covered on countries and open up those countries to trade and that's we're going to be able to get goods to disappoint so it probably should be placed what are those most critical at c.b.o.t. that need to do it quickly because i am i think i'm going to push. johnson suckle c.e.o. of a i said management thank you very much smoke there's fire. now to some of the other global business stories making news indian farmers who are angry about the government's new agricultural policy are planning to block a major highway outside delhi this weekend the move will mark the 100th day of the protests so far talks between the government and farmers have sailed. germany has agreed to pay $2400000000.00 euros to compensate energy companies over
7:26 pm
the decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022 chancellor angela merkel set the target in may 20th 11 after an earthquake and tsunami caused 3 reactor meltdowns at japan's fukushima. mexico city has launched the 1st of a number of planned cable car lines and other improving access to public transport for people living in the city's poorer districts up to now residents of poor hillside main issues have had to rely on overcrowded vans to access subway stations . a stray cold on the view to lift on the tali and block on a planned shipment of the astra zeneca vaccine is fully blocked the shipment of 250000 doses to the country in the wake of supply delays in europe but seen distribution issues are becoming a growing source of global tension. the european commission is likely to bring
7:27 pm
trust charges against apple that's according to sources quoted by voice or several other media outlets brussels is set to target apple's payment system its e-book service and in particular the company's treatment of music streaming services falsify on its op store the potential charges are to a growing backlash against the fees apple as well as competitor google charge developers for using their app stores charges could come as early as this month. now a great book should be illuminating but what about a great bookstore for one shop in taiwan the last light the basher. step into one bookstore it's entrance built like a shrine turned a corner and it gets dark so dark you can't see where you going there are only books. to suit you the. many say that i designed a dark bookstore but in reality it is not the ark we have almost 500 sets of light
7:28 pm
in here it is not completely dark i just made the space disappear. so this is. the focus is where it should be on the books with just enough light to delve into the story entry the soul and the name of the business. soul reading. the media the overall reading experience in the bookstore is comfortable it's like reading a book with a dim light in the evening before sleeping reading in such a space quickly makes me want to read a book and when i read it i feel very peaceful and really learned what the book is about. and that's why customers end up buying the book making the business side of the store work to. the reminder of the top story this
7:29 pm
hour china is targeting 6 percent growth this year a figure at a nice friday during the 1st session of its annual national people's congress meeting the goal comes as china continues its much faster than expected on time like recovery it's the only major economy to see growth in $22.00 and. thank you so much for watching for more you can go to our website dot com business for our social media as well for me on the team. africa. the last 2 northern white rhinos in the world are grazing here in kenya but wait this is late this is their last chance to reproduce so behave. scientists are trying to screen the species and they have
7:30 pm
a lot of ideas about how to do it. africa. in 60 minutes. 2 passengers of car you don't need to keep a grave on the books for over corruption on the force i'm from the whole of the closeness and that it's the love. of ballet that the last dragons in this world has called the heart the true. test is d.v.d.'s africa on the program today the kidnappings and insecurity and nigeria on the troops ought to terrorize the communities in the middle of the country at that same people and demanding ransom out our spot it brings us the story of a family tragedy in the northern supporters state.


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