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and some great country more used to put. faces date every news live from berlin no diplomatic breakthrough and no let up in israeli palestinian violence palestinian rescuers pick through the rubble searching for survivors after another night of air strikes one of the targets the home of the top hamas leader in council also coming up anger against the government grows on the streets of colombia protesters set fire to a police station where
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a woman was allegedly abused by officers the government is calling it an act of terrorism. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program the international community is calling for calm and an end to the conflict between israel and the palestinians the united nations security council is due to meet laces today to discuss the violence u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorist says he was dismayed by civilian casualties in gaza meanwhile there's been yet more bloodshed in the palestinian territories multiple members of an extended family in gaza were killed by israeli bombs israeli airstrikes also destroyed a tower block housing apartments and offices of international media organizations including al jazeera and the associated press. another israeli
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airstrike and passes the gaza strip this time it's the home of hamas is leader in the territory yes. the response comes soon after the rockets launched towards israel. it follows a day of destruction in gaza. this building housed international news agencies reduced to rubble in seconds. israel's defense forces claim hamas intelligence was using the media as human shields. there is no evidence that hamas had a presence in the building. about the attack journalists pleaded with an israeli intelligence officer for more time. we have from the a.p. news agency all of our equipment is in there including cameras and editing equipment give me 15 minutes to get it out. the pleading fell on deaf ears.
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the air strike went ahead as planned. in another part of gaza a family of 10 had no warning before bombs flattened their home they were killed in their sleep all except for baby omar. in israel hamas rocket attacks also killing civilians one man died when a rocket struck his building in a tele b. of suburb. others narrowly escaped death. and it would have been my house. coming out. the international community is desperate to see a face for. the united nations security council tried to meet to discuss the conflict but the united states delayed the meeting until sunday.
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and for more i'm joined by data reporter resign as who's covered the region extensively and is following this closely for us. tensions same to ratcheting up but let's take a step back if we can take a broader look if you could explain to us you know obviously the israeli palestinian struggle isn't new and this isn't probably unfortunately going to be the last time we see conflicts like this but some of the pot power dynamics have changed can you put it in perspective how is this current conflict different from others in the past yes because what we seeing now is 3 different places where palestinians were actually spread out and you know the palestinians and and israel was but you know nurturing that the palestinians were split into 3 groups one is in gaza which we're seeing now on the hamas rule one is in the west bank which is traditionally ruled by fatah who used to be rules of all palestinians but have been
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weakened recently and there's the israeli arabs who call themselves also palestinians there you know arabs are 48 it's all part of one people and throughout the years we've seen a lot of splits in splinters you put to political reasons and so on israel was maintaining that actually benefiting from that sort of a divide and conquer policy but what we've seen here is that you lose a limb which was what the trigger for all of that is such an emotional topic about all of them together and this is why we've seen so many different uprisings and clashes in different scenes and israel. the biggest nightmare would be for these 3 groups who so far have been operating separately due to different triggers coming together and operating simultaneously in all of these different scenes in the west bank and gaza within israeli territories that would be probably the worst case scenario for israel and probably maybe a good scenario for palestinian national nationality if you ask palestinians. but
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the palace i mean this is happening during a power vacuum in the palace with exactly this is connected to one of the leader of the the fatah ruled palestinian authority in the west bank but they haven't been election for over 15 years there were supposed to be elections in may they were canceled this is also another trigger that brought upon us this round of of events because for hamas that was a chance where they were hoping to use the election to show their might and their power how strong they are that they're also have great representation in the west bank once the elections are canceled they had to find another way to show the dominance in their connection to jerusalem into the wide palestinian causes and national national. so this power vacuum has been a big part in triggering what we're seeing now on the ground but israel has also had an ongoing political battle right as this conflict in particular mean for netanyahu his leadership well netanyahu is leadership was questioned and he has
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been struggling the last 2 years with 4 sets of elections where he could not get a landslide he did not get enough support and at the moment of the you know last week we were at the moment the opposition forces for the 1st time seem to be making great strides in forming a new coalition without an attorney also he's ousted for the 1st time or so it seemed last week and then this outbreak comes about and it does 2 things 1st of all with the public there's a lot of support mr defense this isn't and you know it's always been he's always been seen by himself. by his supporters as mr defense for the state of israel and we also see political rival ways that have toned down everybody saying now is the time for politics we see people like banning guns he's the head of one of the leading opposition parties he's but he's also the minister of defense he's standing behind attorney out there seem to be united in this effort now so for him politically now is actually somewhat of a quiet front that gives him hope he can still reinstate his authority and his
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leadership soon enough to say that this is a complicated conflict is the understatement of the year on foot and we have to leave as a result of thank you very much on the conflict in the middle east has brought people onto the streets in cities worldwide to protest against the violence here in germany thousands of marched in support of the palestinians. campaigners around the world organized rallies to condemn the violence in the middle east and to commemorate the displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinians when the state of israel was created in 1948 most of saturday's events were peaceful although in berlin police broke up at least one pro palestinian gathering and arrested several demonstrators still the people made their voices heard. i just want it to be peace between jews muslims and christians we're all human but the
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main message is. that my message is that the bombarding and the killing should stop . in a war there are only losers there is no winner. in this case children are dying on both sides. and that's not nice. elsewhere in the city a smaller gathering backing these release but most of the rallies around the world have been in support of the palestinians. in france police fired tear gas in an attempt to break up a rally in the north of paris crowds gathered even though city authorities had banned the march fearing an outbreak of anti semitic violence. there was also solidarity down under with a pro palestinian gathering in sydney. as the renewed violence deepens the rift in
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the middle east many are around the world are uniting in protest. and it's turned out some other stories making headlines around the world thousands of people have been protesting in haiti's capital port of palms calling for an end to the island's kidnapping crisis criminals indiscriminately take women children and foreigners for ransom the united nations says 234 people were abducted last year and 3 times as many as the year before. the operator of the largest u.s. gas pipeline says it's resumed normal operations after being hit by iran somewhere attack but disruption to colonial pipelines network stretching from texas to the east coast triggered supply shortages and long lines at many gas stations. researchers looking to bring high speed internet access to users worldwide a take. a mission to space space x. launched another batch of starlink broadband satellites from cape canaveral in the
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u.s. state of florida on saturday the reusable falcon 9 rocket carried 52 satellites on board marks the aerospace companies at 15th and flight. through to columbia now where demonstrations against the government are intensifying in one city protesters set fire to a police facility after a 17 year old detainee who claimed she'd been groped and harassed by offices committed suicide authorities say more than 40 people have died in 3 weeks of clashes between protesters and police. the office of the so-called immediate reaction units police force in the city of property are set ablaze after allegations of abuse of a detainee who later took her own life. here in. the village incident of abuse up the ante for activists in cities like bogota the protests actually started to pull $28.00 to oppose suggested tax increases on fuel
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wages and pensions. those proposals were withdrawn but they helped pull young people onto the streets as reports emerged of police brutality deaths and disappearances. yet the violence the excessive use of the police and the armed forces in general has touched my emotions so it was obvious that i would come and speak our. animals in our hand up not on the left but we have a clear agenda police reform and the scrapping of the health law and how does this government respond assaulting our sisters killing us this is a clear example of social discontent this is no longer about political parties people are tired of the killings that's why we're here so colombia's deputy attorney general says a task force has been formed to look into allegations of police abuse. the government has shown interest in meeting with protesters as well for tear gas death and disappearances have kept opposition leaders on the streets trying to dodge
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whatever security forces are throwing their way. and for now on this weekend saints the 2nd to last round of bundesliga games this season with a lot at stake for those battling to avoid relegation spec's face braman with both teams barely above the drop zone outspent came away victorious though securing another season in the top flight and leaving braman in de trouble. the message was simple and obvious work the fans believe anything less than a win for their team could mean having to prepare for the 2nd division even with one more game to play. their coach marcus vine cyril knew it too. and so did verdi braman coach florian cole felt his team was an even worse shape trailing 2 points behind work. but things swung in his team's favor in the 13th minute when outscored midfielder ruben vargas was given his walking papers for
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attempting to kick an opponent which took v.a.r. to confirm it man advantage verda braman. were compensated well and then in the 57th minute scored when ronnie could erupt took an opportune shot after a fortune of bounce went his way from a corner when neil explored. braman pushed forward but it was not to be. and in the final minute of regulation time this avs were breakaway and penalty shot. taking the honors was danielle call you judy. to nail the final score. outs were celebrations were understandable as was braman stis appointment. remain in the top flight next season oh and its final league game coming up it's against
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byron munich and a very hungry robert leaven doff ski on the hunt for the all time bundesliga goal scoring title a match up i'll be glad not to have to win. you're watching news coming up after a short break outtake show shift stay tuned for that we'll have more news headlines for you at the top of the hour and don't forget as always our website dot com and you can follow us on social media as well where at the time when the news i'm rebecca resist thanks for watching. why subscribe to v.w. books to meet your favorite writer write checks of what i write is to share where to find beautiful. books on you to. demonstrate because this week in the lawsuit clears curing. effects of climate change coming from people.


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