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tv   Reporter Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2021 12:45am-1:01am CEST

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and humanity there was and i'm confident that even my grandchildren were earned from the tree without cutting it down and got to tell, continue to get more benefit from keeping it will cut. meta also wants to see if got the art, which is a newness because in tangible culture heritage least his work too many trees have been cut down and that young people are choosing west ends. tales of these eco friendly, traditional one can now change craftsman in the technique which also creates jobs, settlement to move from one if you cut down a to betray to make charcoal. for instance, if you can make quick money. but only once that if i harvest the bark, i may earn less money, but i'll be able to get that money over and over again for years, sooner with the globe. but looking at, i mean, once the bucket to be promoted as a sustainable alternative would, plastic and even paper. he has already partnered with local artists to further
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explore the renewable material, doreen no matter what buck close gown is now finished. she hopes for more visibility for this african heritage and its role in protecting the environment. another tradition, the best of luck for centuries is month making those visa representations of cities on countries help helped us navigate the was not only that most useful for planning municipal services like utility and west management. that's right, sandra. what, how does that work in an informal setting made without a detailed period? it can be hard to set up services, making life progress, dental, pleasant, and on healthy coming up is not enough at the solution, the rate that idea from that could easily be applied here. in africa.
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oh, cool apple in western india home to nearly 4000000 people. like most indian cities, many inhabitants live in flubs. how puzzled settlements, usually excluded from urban planning policies, and difficult to navigate. until recently, finding an exact location of impossible over 1700 families live here. it's a legal settlement, but no one has an individual address. to day, however, this pizza delivery is being made right up to a doorstep. and it's thanks to this unique number, a google plus called, based on the latitude and longitude and location of a place. it's a blessing for bog israel, and good on how the code have been given for the accurate location. earlier if someone wanted to come and deliver to our house, or if a relatively visiting and he had to call us and we had to guide him on the phone
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using landmarks like rich stands or nearby sharp line as we thought he had. it just wasn't the, the, the plus codes of the work of but it was all she had her team, the architect and founder of the non governmental organization, shelter associates has been using data to improve conditions, shantytown, the digital aggress, the most recent initiative for which they partner with google, they put up the flag map and the board just felt like the for every house. now you see there's a location address, that's me and for me, a game changer, because now we've been address for every house which is never the case. number 230 kilometers away in the city of bonnie. a team of data analysts work at the end use mean of the specialized anything. so graphic information system, so called g i s mapping lead but bottom of the use satellite images as well as the mapping to generate as accurate a digital address as possible. a tricky task for them. you might think this is one
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house and then when you go on the ground, you realize there are 3 of them. so you cannot just you talk like image for digitizing us. there is absolutely no substitute for feed with and feed mapping. the architect says the sweden method is also used to map infrastructure to the public toilets manhole. green networks to water samples and garbage. when all the data is on the website, this is very good. even for an administrator sitting at their desk. if they can just open up these maps and then they can see, okay, what were the networks that we already need? the water department head can just literally go to a resettlement and see what is the outreach of walked up in that particular sacrament. this is the week, it gave them the planning. the details also allow for the most team to make a big push into sanitation in move slums,
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the only option for residents to relieve themselves a community toilets like these. which often like running water, involve long waiting times and full health hazard because of unsanitary conditions . for the most focus is on individual toilets. in this settlement has gone up all the team found to the mapping that there was a shortage of reinvent work. the date up and pointed the exact location of a few existing lines that connected to the city state network, making it easier for municipal authorities to know where to lead the new c, which is really want to capture all the subject property. recently got her own toilet built for the 1st time, and since it's given her a feeling of safety and privacy. okay, i have a teenage daughter and using the community toilet and the slot was dangerous, especially at night menus to hang around and harass us with drains being laid, we decided to build a toilet in our own home, across going up or for the most seen have facilitated the construction of close to
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3000 individual toilets today. one of the mapping technology has gone a long way towards creating a safer and cleaner environment. when you think about how much sunshine offer to get you might be surprised up still applies. use more widely help part of the problem is that many companies and private household kinds of, for the leisure lane, in buying still upon l. well, we have a story for kenya. it doesn't have to be way rule since her love for flowers has bras. grayson yet a long way today. she's the proud owner of a flock farm in the town of bicker near kenyan capital nairobi. it's a certified trade company with more than 500 employee and then the same process and we'll throw us on this one is because of my love for,
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for us wrong before even bought this from for me it is very, it was very important that i worked with a product that i liked to myself and nearly 30 hector's of land are covered with greenhouses. all of the flowers grown without the use of chemicals. once harvested, the rose is packed and placed in a cold stall. both the cold store and the official nights in use a lot of electricity. but the power supply isn't always reliable in kenya, and power called the frequent. so 4 years. grayson yet a loop for alternative renewable energy sources like solar power, were always very expensive. but last year, she got the solar system that offers up to 150 kilowatts of power financed with the help of a german status called eco legal. they came faster for to get us about their
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benefits, office and then on the along the way we, they also showed us that it was possible for us to, to start with their just a few steps and get to a place where we can be halfway $4.90, she now pays around 2400 years a month to the set up. it's a lot of money, but still around 30 percent less than she used to pay for electricity. after 9 years, the system will be paid off and you only need to finance the maintenance costs. eco legal serve the number of businesses in kenya, including another company called rift valley roses. the firm already has rooftop solar panels from eco legal. that's going to make a difference, but more electricity was needed. there wasn't enough land available to install a 2nd solar system. so the owners decided to put it in the reservoir,
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used to irrigate the flowers. well, the floating system has a lot of different issues compared to a land mounted system. as you know, it has to be corrosive resistance. you have to now understand how to move things go if you're talking about something that floats. and we don't know any of these items, so we had to rely deeply on a knowledge of the technical team at equal legal. equally go has an unusual funding policy to push forward its energy revolution. because bank loans, the usually slows come through. the company operates with crowd investing. the money comes directly from private investors. individuals or families. card investing has a few advantages. it's flexible, it fast, and it helps people to actively do something against the climate crisis. by using that capital for sustainable energy projects like this. the investment is
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definitely paid off for grace and yet, and it's encouraged her to keep a mean higher. and i, my cell phone is that we may get to a place where we will be 100 percent, particularly with the major usage or power that will be maximum using sora. that will take one step closer to the ultimate goal cell flowers that are not only fetch rate, but also grown on the farm. that's completely climate neutral. wow. impressing the best of luck to her, and we've got image of all those beautiful flowers for she don't mind. it is time to say goodbye from compiler, here in uganda until next time. bye bye. and if you can wait till next week, don't forget, you can always check in with us all social media. in the meantime, they held the s all the, oh the mm
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mm mm mm. the news. the news, the news, the news
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the the the hey, want to raise the water is never far away. water and well and what the people of old book made of it that's going to be coming in for my tour of the city today. and it's always have a lot on my list and no tour would be complete without a trip to elks books, famous mary, annette theatre. check in in 30 minutes on black to
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the the was who's this is v w news line from berlin. in uneasy peace takes hold in the middle east. in garza resume pick up the pieces of their homes and lives humanitarian aid is on the way. what the devastation will take years to rebuild an effort for underweight, secure, a more permanent piece. also coming up congos mountain, you got to go and go a rust for the 1st time. in decades, truegreen panic among the 2000000 the residents have gone many fleet toward the border with rwanda.


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