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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2021 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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the interest scenario. absolutely not. future wars starts june 10th on w. the news dw news live from berlin, germany fall right, failed in its attempt to shake up the political order in a key regional election and the medical services vice off the challenge from the populace. alternative for germany party will bring you all the latest reaction and asked, what's the result mean for the national election in september with vote counseling
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gets under way in a rule as a presidential run off. an exit poll signal, the limb lead on the right. we can right when candidate cake, or would you, maureen, over left us new comma? federal has deal. we'll get all a live update from lima. and an uptick in corona virus cases, fuel them. diety in the u. k. will look at the highly contagious, very, and threatening to be real plans. lift panoramic restrictions. ah, i'm told me all logical. welcome to the program. the far right has failed to redraw germany's political map. anglo miracles, conservative comfortably seen off a challenge from the alternative for germany in the eastern states of saxony and hauled the chancellors party one more than 3rd of the vote. be empty. last votes,
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but still makes up the 2nd biggest block in the regional parliament. saxony and halt is a small stage with fewer than $2000000.00 votes. so this election carried much more significance that it might have normally. that's because it was the last test of public opinion before september national elections. let's see how it played out for months in the polls, the 2 parties were breathing down each other's next here in the eastern german state of stack to me on house. in the endo, a resounding unexpectedly strong wind for the conservative youth and nothing close to an upset from the far right alternative to germany. a f d. i was in the clause of the voters have taken a clear stand logo and a large majority of our citizens have said, we don't want to be associated in any way with the 3 native
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10. i'm very grateful for the shipping on many here in saxony, on how to relatively poor estate. t a f. d could win and would when it had pulled strongly for months, capitalizing on voted dissatisfaction with the panoramic while keeping to its core anti immigration message. instead, sundays result indicate the f d may be weakening and it's stronghold areas, but it's putting a positive spin on the result from as it is not that bad, we're very happy with the result. it's pretty much what we got last time and i have to say it's important to me that we got the working class back to the left part. he has lost voters and the work is in the state came to us. and i'm actually very happy with this result. even though sex in the on house, he's a small side to see to use we here is a much needed boost to federal leader. and law said he's got a lot on the place like sending off the challenge nationally from the greens who
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were riding high in the palm succeed last. it's done the greatest chance of winning the biggest prize. replacing uncle michael as chancellor call me chief political editor, michelle. i could explain why these regional elections matter on a national level. without doubt this was a resounding election victory, fungal mac, or c, d. u policy here in the state of facts and the, and there are 3 lessons from this for those general elections in september. first of all, the far right a if the party can be beaten and it can be seen in decline even in an eastern stronghold state like saxony and highs. also, the c d u policy can once again gain momentum as it just did in the state of facts and the height. and thirdly, i mean last it, the chance the candidate of the conserves his c d. u party may be seen as
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a continuity candidate medical, but he's no obstacle to beating the fall right. if the that's very good news for him and his conservative see do you party? the other big question is, what's wrong with the polling? because none of this was conclusively predicted, and the relatively poor showing here of the green party in saxony, and had may be an indicator that the continuous rise of the greens may not be given after all. michelle, cuz know that let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. you had this group bulk of rama confirmed the leader about chicago died in fighting against islamic state fighters 2 weeks ago. his death marks a major shift in nigeria as 12 year old. you had an insurgency that has killed more than 40000 people and displaced around 2000000 in the northeast.
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russian opposition figure vladimir could good coff has left his country after kremlin inside. as warned him he would be arrested if he stayed. good cove says the government wants to keep him from running in parliamentary elections. a criminal has said that recent arrest of opposition, figures, and not politically motivated. battalion coast guard has detained a ship belonging to the germans, the migrants rescue organization inspector said the vessel was in violation of safety and environmental regulations. during the last mission, the c, i 4 brought more than 400 migrants to sicily hydrated the u. k. has been planning to loosen lockdown restrictions later this month in the wake of the success of its vaccination program. around 3 quarters of adults of the country have now received at least one corona virus. job and infection rates fallen drastically, but with millions yet to be fully vaccinated. a new strain of the virus is making
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the public nervous. all over the u. k. people are lining up to get their 2nd vaccine dose sooner than expected. it's a race against a new threat, the so called delta, very and 1st detected in india. wrong. this is the mid day q in front of a london vaccination center that's offering students a shot. we all want to get rid of this and get back to normal and get rid of the things. but the delta varying could spoil the plan, the now dominant variant in the u. k is suspected to be at least 50 percent more contagious data to prove this is still lacking, but it's clear that cases are on the rise. in some regions there is a steep upward trend there, lifting restrictions quite quickly. prime minister, boars, johnson, the june 21st is released day, the end of the pen to make everything move back to normal. but we still have a lot of people, a large percentage of people who are not fully protected. we are going to see
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a 3rd wave in the u. k. we are seeing it already. the case numbers are going out. initial studies show that fully vaccinated adults are sufficiently protected against the delta variance a far smaller percentage of those who test positive are ending up in the hospital compared to before the vaccination campaign began. but scientists and politicians are still debating on the best policy for reopening. i can see nothing in the data at the moment. that means we can't go ahead with step forward with the reopening of on june 2021st. we've got to be so cautious it would be a mistake to commit to reopening on the 21st of june. we've learned to cost over the last 15 months. that's delaying action can often mean it's too late. the brits are wary of giving up any of their new freedoms, but the more cautious policymakers warned that the next 2 weeks are critical and
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determining whether there's a new surgeon, infections to peruse, presidential run off. now an exit poll shows right wing populist keiko. would you murray with a narrow lead over her leftist opponent, pedro kasteel at the close of voting post gave you more 50.3 percent of the vote. castillo, just behind on 49.7 election comes with the roof facing enormous challenges. the country has suffered badly from the koran of ours and demick, which divided voters and sent the economy into steep decline. the w correspondent johan ramirez is standing by for us in the peruvian capital lima. this election a statistical draw wasn't expected to be this. close. it was expected to be that close. actually some balls we're talking about
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a taking the tight so this result is not really surprising. very close. less than one percent is the difference, and that gives the advantage to gate go for he murray over left wing canada federal castillo. we're talking to many people today in this threats of lima. and they were saying some federal support where they were saying that they were not going to have to concede any defeat of their candidate. they were taken for granted, taking for granted to a victory off their candidate. and actually now that this exit ball has been known, some people are gathering outside these building where we are right now, the office of the national electoral authority. they have come to protest against this exit ball result is non official results. and they are saying the same that a fraud is going to take place in this country and they have come to the fence. what they say is the victory of federal custody of the that's the situation right now from here from the met him. can you remind us what these 2 candidates stands
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for and which groups they appeal to? on the one hand, we have this radical right, wayne county to go for him already. she promised us to keep, to maintain the current right wing system inter, or she's the daughter of former peruvian dictator alberto for murray, who actually is right not condemned for crimes against humanity. she is a defender of her father. she believes she says that her father is the best president in the history. after all, that's why she is stands for on the other hand and federal castillo, a teacher, a marxist that left to wink candy, that he promised to craft a new constitution to refer me to state, to nationalities, to nationalize and many private companies. and throughout the rest of the country, so worst a mar system, socialist society. so these 2 candidates, they couldn't be more different. and briefly, where does this leave her room?
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because the country looks quite polarized at the moment. yeah, i list it live, did to have very challenging time for the next president, whether cake for him already or better castillo the next person i'm going up is going to face a big challenge to unite. all peruvians proven there was going through a very deeper economic crisis caused by the fun damage and the new president needs to unify the country. so because just the joint work of all peruvians can achieve their, the economic recovery of the country. okay, we'll be watching that closely for the election that you're hand ramirez in lima. thank you very much. now let's turn to the sports and formula one red bulls. sergio perez has won a dramatic growing pre in as a by john. it was the mexican 2nd f one trials now the championship leader and the
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current title holder both missed out on points. the ferrari shot the class started on pole after the crash drew qualifying. and the race on back to the street circuit was just as chaotic. defending champion, louis hamilton soon passed the ferrari in his mercedes but later gave up the lead, falling pit stop to red bull max for stop and the enemy after market land stroll. and so for the high speed crash when he's tired, failed for snap. and then now the almost exactly the same thing happened to him while leading, we've just 5 laps left. the crash meant the race was stopped. and after a frantic re stop, hamilton got ahead of sergio perez. only to look up his break, an end of 15 mexican parent sealed victory ahead of germany. sebastian fed
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back on the podium for the 1st time and an acid mouth in thank you. guy was amazing today, but the day ultimately belong to read both parents. they wouldn't have been very well, you're not doing that one to for the team then you know, it is dosma pushed up until leads the drive is championship from britain hamilton. 2 but this season is shaping up to be a lot more unpredictable than recent years. and the duke and duchess of sussex, prince harry and megan mago on our parents of a baby girl, lily back lily diana bath and winter was born on friday. she's named after her great grandmother, queen elizabeth and her late grandmother. princess diana, both mother and baby reported to be doing well. the american born royal is 8th in line to the british throne.
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watching dw live from berlin up next is our documentary series. looking at the arabs spring, 10 years on. remember you can find us on social media where, where at dw news on instagram and on twitter, d, w dot com as well as our website. i am told me all medical for me and the team is watching the news . a young american immigrants they know the police will start removing that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be fatal, like, back is not an option. shattered dream.


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