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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2021 1:45pm-2:00pm CEST

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160 doors will now close, electronically clear forms steal stone and wood fried from everything. superfluous means vanderbilt signature style is still present. the ard works are set to be moved back into the museum and the sculpture garden this summer event and gets the classical modernism done. then to move on to show up from often 1945, and with a special emphasis on east and west and for east german elections on via the very much look forward to that. we'll have to continue in this way until we can display the collection with the new building. the new building is the museum of 20th century being built right next to the new national gallery. that while that is still in the works, needs found to go with building can be rediscovered right now. i think it goes, it's the one major work of me vander ro, as in germany or in europe after world war 2. so it will automatically regain its place because i think everyone has been waiting for answers and once the building
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is re integrated into the urban space, there will be new exhibitions and new experiences. here though, we're very much looking forward to this building, being open to the public once again since the north national gallery may still be empty, but the building alone is worth a visit. the museum is set to open with an alexander calder exhibition in august. if all goes well, berlin has been robbed of its legendary night life over one year, many clubs, the struggling, but they haven't given up the fight. no music and no people. just empty quiet don't flores. for over a year, the panoramic has 10 club scene into a wasteland and a new photography book entitled to trash captures the res, guidance photographer mcneish. the gap visited over 40 clubs for the book. she worked as a dormant for many years and wanted to document the effect knocked down his head on
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these places. listen, john and you know my love. there's no basis that normally stand for the music, extra fun and letting loose. and now they're just empty. there's a hush, which is also the title of the book on lover. none of us realize just how important the spaces are for people. engines and pre covered berlin's clubs. attracted people from all over the world and boosted the capitals reputation as a party city. but they also provided livelihoods to balances, manages, and bartenders, for them, the closing of their clubs means financial worries, 1st and foremost. but that's not all for feelers as i'm fast young. they have over many, it's the place they feel good to colleagues and guests give it a family like atmosphere. it's
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a piece of home to come up. many clubs are trying to maintain the fantasy. yes. even if it's just so mind clubs like the collections keep in contact with the community over streaming platforms. an operator, pamela chavez also has a club commission. she says, staying in touch, helps those who are worried. the management has proposed recently, we had a facebook post and a guest wrote that seeing us staying present the fighting, doing our streaming and making him effort and clearly believing that will survive when authentic. he believes it doesn't really. and that helps him have blocked up on his for over a year. now, the club scene has managed to scrape fine, but everyone knows streaming can't replace that real live experience in good community. sure, i think about the community while i play. i know people are watching port still.
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the main parts missing that sense of close clubs without outdoor space is, are closed indefinitely because of the pandemic. although still working on cobra concepts, recently there was a pilot concert during which everyone had to have a negative cobit test to enter where a man could maintain social distance. it's great to be at a concert and among people, even if you can move around and for me, some of it, i'm glad to get dressed up again and go to a cultural event even again. since the beginning of june, things have been able to open up further thanks to the lo infection rates. soon open air parties will be allowed. the story is another indoor venue or the full time we very much, i understand that our inner spaces aren't compatible with a pandemic due to the combination of aerosols, and lowes and so moving outdoors as the only possibility policy for game on the end, fatal for all of us that the prospect is now being taken away from us. and so even
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though we all know that events aren't really the problem, the fund started on the midst of problems. and just how long can the scene hold out? well, the book hush wind up being a requiem for club culture. 20 minutes. and then of course i really want the clubs revive and hope that we will be able to party again without fear. but right now, i can't quite believe it. i hope they'll all survive, but there's still no end in sight. because the clock is ticking for many felons clubs. and some 5th time is running out out here under the open sky on temple half a failed life goes on despite cobit an exhibition, exploring how europe is doing is now finally open temper half airport used to be located in west berlin, surrounded by the wall,
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where with a breach to the free world. these days there are no more planes landing on its runways. but people from all over the world still room here. and an exhibition is now creating another bridge to the world. diversity united features 90 artists from 34 countries and depicts a europe of disparities a few well over 400 pieces. by no means do we want to save it. this is an absolutely comprehensive view of europe, and it's simply gives an insight into the artistic phase. that was our intentional stops, was made clear that an exhibition austin was chosen boys. one said doctor is like a permanent home for the what lies ahead for europe where countries and people are drifting apart, where nationalism is driving and hotspot your emerging. whether be a happy ending and where should we begin?
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and even now men took her own origin as a starting point. but not as i was born in east germany. it's not all that long ago, but sometimes it feels as far away as the stone age. that's why i found it interesting to combine this idea of the stone age of archaeology, of ruins, or rubble that wasn't really clear to something that still relevant for many people . when i said this above us was i live and feel mention. this is jim and tennyson. i've combined it with an f peace that looks like it's from the instance. also from the, from a flash in the, in the nation. all these pieces of furniture and objects going to be 6 to go. all it's a lot of work must have basically tilted a normal room by 90 degrees. so the ground is no longer beneath our feet, which is my attempt to create a visual language to describe what happens when the system ceases to exist from one
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day to the next room from an old rules are replaced by new unknown ones. figuring this mega lawyer you can get me can loss of a homeland of ground beneath the feet are important themes in the works. have many artists from former socialist countries. some reference lennon oh patriot tally. life plays on his recollections as a jewelry his mother buried during the civil war in yugoslavia recreated out of war debris. me not that long ago, more refugees for house here, a capital hoss. what seems far away can sometimes be close by. in 2007, lucy and jorge or 10, created a tent village in the at arctic the 1st place in the world for which a treaty was drawn up. to ensure all use of the area would be peaceful and cooperative. it was an important symbolic to create this
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village to, to found this world community, the community and cherry without us community for cooperation, for sharing, for piece, for collaboration me, the global slogan, diversity. united runs through the whole exhibition has climate change. war and hunger cannot become by the by countries acting alone. we must act together to succeed, to order some already issued over $70000.00 passports for their article edge. essentially long as it was supposed to. essentially, this passport deals with the big problems of society and obliges or invites the holder to transmit that to all generation. this kind of duty and it's possible to transmit the values and the values are, act in favor of sustainable development. simple data acts that we can all do,
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and the other would be defense bilateral environment on the threat as a global public resource, and fight against climate change generated by human activity and support human. she managed para and actions aiding displace customers of the world. there is darkness and the challenge of humanity is facing. but there is also hope and a trust that things can change for the better. like in the silent picket line by the russian artist it katerina move on to eva. interesting in these it's a time when there is political speechlessness. often we need social dialogue to the office in the exhibition that demanding could, the author can build bridges that goes beyond political difficulties and the guns. this has been a very important experience for us. if the pandemic allows that the exhibition will trap on to moscow where it will attempt to build another bridge. meanwhile,
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outside the city of berlin has reawakened and cultural summer is finally taking off . mm mm. mm. mm. the good news . the
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news the news the news an event triggered by an act of desperation to me, the street vendor mohammed was set himself on fire parking hundreds of thousands of protests as a result. the air about him began a decade ago. all these moments have left the box. my memory was the 1st part of our documentary, arabella and 10 years after the arab spring in 15 minutes on the w.
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o. the news, you mean? yes, we are in germany. we bring you angela mac or never right? just so what is, who is medical really want me to talk to people who follows along the way. myra and critic join us from actual draft. the amended so many push turn out in the world climate change story. this is my place, the way from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to i'm doing all this like this. how do you of the world where
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i come from? not all that glitters of go, just like the chinese food. doesn't matter where i am, with your minds me of home. after the case of living in germany, chinese food is one of the things i miss the most. but they're taking a step back. i see things a little differently. now. men, of course 1st that the regulations that exist as a part of the world haven't been implemented, has it in china that leave a lot of people wondering if they are saved. but if people have a ride to learn really is, this is a job that isn't how i see it. and that's why i love my job. because i tried to do exactly this every day. my name is to and i work at the w
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me the news . the news that live from maryland, he's 7 lead us him to send the sign of the classic unity. i met pensions with china and russia. the agenda tends to foreign policy on day 2 of the summit in south west and they might be in the same room now, but it's every one of the same page also in the program.

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