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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 1:45pm-2:01pm CEST

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5 decades later, robert levon dusky with a yet more athletic variation, taking on his chest before swiveling to file home in one fluid movement and in a manner befitting the current best fee for men's play. it's the simple. she had a termination to school from all possible angles here with a spectacular sideways live and really want it to be nice to break record to become a 6 time bonus, like a top score and be all round strike. or now, and connie, from his early years to science, philip mom agrees he's got an exceptionally good finish, especially inside the boxes, off of the foot. and he's good in the n be the full center forward package in the market. most of his movements the way he takes the ball and runs with his step everything. so draw he's simply the complete center forward. i ever complet. oh,
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totally. before the end of last year, 11 dot sky received an exceptional on a year in which he won the lot with via phone the senior german camp champion plate named the german anti repeat and player of the year. and now to tough it all off the back fee for many player, for 2020, a personal highlights in a glittering career. i feel happiness, you know, if you'll talk so hard another seen that adult as something special, something amazing. and this feeling car spectacular. i think so because you know, the best play on the work. i've seen a lot and now i am there i wanted to be and that's why i'm very happy. during the briefest of winter breaks, he had a few days to catch his breath and our mind away from the high person world is constant trophy, chasing i. robert is also a husband and
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a father to tm doses. for him, family is everything. the father to the other is something is amazing and so sure i am the father home, make fun show at home. but i am also the father who read the book before the kids goes to bed and sleep in the live starting on it got the 1st sight. and then, you know, what does it mean to get the problem before when you had the problem that was in the program. so she, when i come back after the training session, after the game and even that we want to even we love and i see the smile, i think is a, make me make mean even more happy back to business campaign 2nd. read with, remember, the burned down on a nice fix, the leak championship and rope 11 dusky firing his way ever closer to that magical
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for he goes milestone well can, can be read and plastic and the world is watching a lot like that was a little was the but on the pedal to via level to
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never got the live on those live. i can't really hold. i'm right. that he does the big potential here. the business will get caught and then he saw already how many goals he can cause and how, how important he supers for those. so for the boost have done and he's very young and he has the great future, fine full of praise for the competition. but it with him still setting that goal, standard one hattrick. then another again stuck, took them up to $35.00 for the season. get minutes records beckoned to say, cause, you know, is that you have to, if you game i don't want to make so so big press on my head now and the do it my, my job. he had 8 games to go to school 6. no gold standard procedure for
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a strike 11. but then that is robert level dorski fans. the best fee for men's has ended and they will cut qualifier against andorra. that bull that he scored twice in poland green with a debit. dusky will probably be so full weeks to miss him. i'm always sorry for players who get injured to be there like this. i wish everyone was always available by and it goes without saying robinson important laugh or is it also? yeah. and as you always miss him, when he's as, as gold grabber, and on a personal level, go out and do a minute to capitol of the principality of the same name, situated on the border between france and spain. and is renowned for quality,
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skiing and rugged mountain scenery, rather lesser for the football team. and certainly nobody in these parts had anticipated putting a spoken rub 11 dusky ambitious plans for the remainder of the season. but so it came to pass such it's football a full week injury break the longest since he moved to germany. and 11 dusky witness both legs of the champions league, quarter final for the title holders. when i watch this game with page and i know that we are not intended, as you can imagine, that was for me, you know, it's painful enough that i cannot be deck and not have my teammates, even though is equal to thinking about this. because if the press one target missed, it was then all about focusing on the more intently on the other working on come
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back and rehabilitation. fitness training to get back in action to chase down the next mice deshauna. and that get the best mark. by mistake 31, he was good to go again. the. the stronger who's going to not for inspiring about $21292.00 nails enough to stretch the 2 kilometer and a month long labor of love to create mailman for rob 11. back needed to nail in the next 5 more times critical that record me come back, julie mount with a golden the last night followed by citrix dimensions.
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is just one goal. recall since i was a child, the man is taken penalty for years and years and years. but this is one of the most important robert duffy because of the way that drugs job he used to the record even has some prove on it the hard to put in that we'll see what happens next week. my next of all against
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me, the final game of the season in music. one no go to set a new old time record. the themis fat, the thriller unfold it. chances presented chances. big trunk, right through to the 19th minutes. and then just over all the time, remaining by and try and find a way to go with the shots. pick it up for me would be good to have the battery low battery life. good to see if you want to break. so like a very record, maybe you need this drama. i don't know. i cannot explain. i don't live maybe
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tomorrow. maybe even 2 weeks later i'm on this. it was i if i talking about good i know how big he was, how big personal he's. he's only one, get miller. and also it's only one that on the get his parents consecutive, just like a title by him. and now he's cracked this supposedly incredible record 41 goals for the season. robert never, not as yet another summer scale. and this is a great role model if you want to teach some young whole what's going on strike goes, you know, about, did education to the game by the hunger of the game. show him a couple of video clips from over live and off ski. and you all, you all good. but it's not physically. he can maintain a grade level for 36 or 37. he could brighten the record for the most close little
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time. i think he'll smash record as a quarter measure the and the guy who thinking about the future will can be happy. and what can i do more? what can i do better even that i am already 30 to 33 this year, but i know that for me the age is only the numbers are nice and i can play football for many, many watching the news . the news, the news, the news
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the news the, the natures wonders is under threat. northern coast humans are inclusion. teachers like turtles and non t's are missing to have a paradise still be refilled during coastline. a harsh reality for sea turtle. the count in
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30 minutes on d. w. o. ah. was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo with $22021.00 thrown off course during the qualifying round. these for sports heroes, actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. fired up and ready. count down during walk down the lucky go to tokyo, georgia july 19 dw. can you hear me now?
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yes. yes, we can hear you, and how long is germans house and i, we bring you uncle michael and you've never had before the price just so what is, who is the medical re what moves and want to talk to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics alike and how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg as bait? join us the macros? last i think mc chinese 1st, and i make so much different culture between here and there. so challenging for, ah, i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. and i got my license to work as a swimming instructor here. and now i teach children who don't just, just as, what's your story take part series on info migrant.
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ah, the me, the ah ah, is it a w 9 from south africa away to court decision unsafe jacob zoom is face form of president of asked a high court to overturn in order for his arrest as he and his forces fight efforts to jail him for contempt of court also on the program. indonesia phases of record breaking, surging corona, virus infections with one of the world highest rates of child death from covey. 19 .


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