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go beyond theology as we take on the world. 8 hours, i do all the is, we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever you take by policemen follow with you. we are, your is actually on fire made for mines life and the digital age has many advantages. we can communicate with people on the other side of the world, find online communities and work remotely. we can even consult a doctor from the comfort of our home. but too much time
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online can be bad for the body and for the soul. so how can we find the right balance? welcome to in good shape d w health. so a we start by visiting south africa and kenya to me to social media experts. hey guys, this is rob. smoke with maps is a t v host actor and influencing print. janet and mega is a full my media personality. and now a writer. both of them have over a 1000000 followers on instagram. how does that affect them? you? there's definitely pressure that comes with social media, all the images that you see on social media. like how do i keep making sure that i meeting that level when it comes to altering what i look like?
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i don't like to do that. however, i have fills a need to from time to time. if they struggle with the pressure, what does it do to the rest of us? globally, 16 to 24 year olds spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media. sorts of to the streets of nairobi to ask a few people about their relationship with social media and whether it affects their mental health. you look at people there, so perfect. perfect, would they have fear of i been with kids when you compare yourself, maybe to your is where it does speak with all a remote mentally it's really constantly comparing ourselves to influences can make us feel insecure and unhappy. according to us, social psychologists, jonathan hides one 3rd of teenagers who spend more than 3 hours a day on social media struggle with depression, anxiety disorders,
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and self harming the negative effects of our online lives and the fallout from social media is also her area of expertise psychologist francisca allowed her often counsels influences they had something called the social comparison theory on social media. it's hard for us and especially for young people to protect ourselves because we think it's real fund for social comparison take place subconsciously consciously. we know that what we see on social media isn't a true reflection of reality. garad images have a powerful psychological effect because they presented with instant information more so than text. you know, if you look, there's just seconds to process it. it doesn't help if you know that this vote has been used in it's not reality. backward as kept food, artist, histograms, este,
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the on sort of re touched images, changes the way we see our own bodies. social media is distorting our perception girls and women appear to be especially susceptible. it really affects me as literally for me, but i feel like i have what it is more here. and so basically like to see how people bodies are just like it is sometimes really down for me, i look at like the motivation for that they can work doesn't affect me that deeply . you have multiple for boys tend to do more gaming. they like playing computer games with their bodies. girls spend more time on social media and they're more vulnerable. it's very important to them to say how many like they're getting. are they viewed as pretty soon, or they successfully may appear group and so on on. so i don't live in pursuit of those all important likes, they'll use filters and apps to optimize the way they look. the results is
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a level of perfection that's unattainable. in the real world. a u. s. survey showed that over 50 percent of uses use filters. take her out like day to make he, he's a fool because my mom i just like gives me that they don't use it. it was a lot. and when i was maybe wanting to know italy, we're going to spirit of i prefer to be really of course, social media also allows us to find communities and chat with one another. how can we make sure we use it in a positive way? i think they should be certain times of day, such as bad time. when you avoid going down that rabbit ho done with it, i advise both adults and children to be selective about make contacts. to think about why you follow someone and who you might need to meet and select
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a school. oh, i like to do too often. my mental health is i like to exercise. it's not aggressive . ah, i would see it through beginners. you that say to anyone on social media. forget about all of that. be true to yourself, to present to you truly young and people will actually appreciate you so much more for that. that's what a lot of influences light, rainy fry and now trying to do get away from unattainable perfection and embrace imperfection. how much time do you spend in front of a screen every day? the global average is nearly 7 hours. that's not so great for our poster. it also means we're moving less in the long run. it all takes a severe toe on the body and can cause a very modern condition known as the text neck. you may already know just how
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painful it can be. day in day out, lisa has to sit there in front of her computer screen. and i was gonna open, it usually starts with a pain in the upper back. it was, i notice it's a bit tight between my shoulder blades. and if i don't listen to my body, just a small movement, sends pain shooting right up. so i can't even move my head anymore. i can't look right all left on the dice. welcome. one, cause if this pain that so many people are familiar with this typical screen hoster is known as text or tech neck. this is the natural position for a head and neck or neck muscles. hold up her head, which weighs about 6 kilos. when her head drops, it exerts more and more for us on our cervical spine. our neck muscles have to counterbalance that, tilted like this are headings, are to force of about 20 kilograms. so what can we do to relieve,
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let hands are a manual therapy is a good start and come along. so let's get started. when physiotherapists massages, they use their hands both to diagnose and treat the problem can nowadays with auxilary, that's the main problem. on the 1st, we want to treat that using a manual technique and session on the i'm pressing specially defined trigger points . it said a definitive shouts point that they send a message telling our brains this muscle is far too 10 santos our brains respond with the reflex that gets our muscles to relax a burger in the single into physical therapists and doctors need special training and manual therapy it's used to mobilize blocked joints and treat muscle tension. really pain arises like this. when muscles tense up that
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restricts the blood flow to the muscle. the body sends out pain signals to warn us . if the physiotherapist presses on a tense muscle and a trigger point massage, it relaxes, improving the blood flow. the pain eases. i think pub online think you'll be okay again after a few sessions. good. okay. that's it. the next thing is physiotherapy exercises. online but not, not so that 3 home, although you all here lisa has to be actively involved. it's got from it's my other now look at me plays and turn your head as far as possible to the right until i keep going further of him as far as you can come. i can't. okay, good. okay. well, can you turn your head a bit further and all the therapists, jose lisa exercises that she can do with or without equipment. theoretically,
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she can also do elements of the training program at home with the little discipline on the stretching exercises and strength training. don't just help alleviate acute pain, they can also have a preventative function if done regularly. physiotherapy also correct, poor posture, we might have adopted often unconsciously to avoid pain. this can also remove a source of pain. that one. so how's your neck if i'm not? no prisoners, of course, not a 100 percent, but quite a lot better finding for i'm optimistic now that i'll be able to get the problem under control long term. i'm definitely really motivated. now the world health organization recommends we consume no more than 25 grams of sugar a day. that amounts to 6 teaspoons. but we probably eat more sugar than we
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realize hidden in processed foods and fizzy drinks. in many countries, sugar consumption is much higher. in south africa, the average is 40 grams per capita per day. in the us, it's 33 grams. and in brazil, it's 57 grands. advertising is at least partly to blame for pushing the sweet staff leon. he struggled with her weight for years. she think social media influences are partly to blame. she used to follow them obsessively and they encouraged her to eat a lot of candy. my son's, my son's are always throwing together a load of high sugar products and baking kinks. and so mostly you want to give it a try to because it all look so fabulous it. well, i think becau hit because yeah,
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happy harry, this is my roommate tangled with the influences of played a huge role in leoni life. we thought much wasn't over time, you develop a relationship with them. you feel like you get on really well if you ever met them in real life can learn burden. millions of young people follow influences on social media platforms like youtube, instagram and tick tock. and many of them advertise candy and other unhealthy foods . in a recent study, consumer watchdog food watch investigated the relationship between influences and food advertising. on the home, oscar font and dusty, we found out that the food industry knowingly sneaks past parents fall into children's bedrooms. and amc dollar deliberately deploys childrens and teen idols.
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in other words, influencers who have enormous reach to advertise unhealthy foods and goes on his essen oliver housing a gives a few examples with anybody that you know, mc kelly was all with no, i think it's vivian and vision of that also attended them a ah, another study from the u. k. provides further evidence that influence and marketing is highly effective. 176 children between 9 and 11 years were split into 3 groups. the 1st group watch instagram influences advertising healthy foods. the 2nd group watched them advertising, unhealthy foods,
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and the 3rd group watched him advertise for the products. then the children were offered various next result. the caloric intake of the 1st group was 26 percent higher. a few years in countries regulate marketing to children of introduce to sugar text in a nice country, consumption of calories big product, sell while in other countries, rose around the world health organization has also identified influence and marketing. that's problematic. it's very much a question of monitoring and of course it's important to understand which of the platforms and apps that children are using and which food product advertising campaigns can be found that we are aware that marketing of unhealthy foods, in particular,
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is increasingly aggressive and manipulative. when meanwhile, looney checked into a white glove clinic and managed to lose 50 kilos for cook. i'm torn up here, but i should ask myself if i needed to live or live to eat. and i found that really made me on the lake leoni won't ever let herself be misled again. she's her own person these days, and help one day to run her own hotel. your heart starts racing, your blood starts to boil. you rather trim with a sense of panic, anger, and helplessness. your imagination goes into overdrive. that's how jealousy feels it can inflict even small children who think their siblings are getting more attention. in our adult lives, the green eyed monster most often rears its ugly head in our relationships. and in
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today's digital world, even our online activities can be the trigger. oh my, i'd never do that and don't want anyone looking at mine. and these are key until some time she tells me to pick it up because she can't touches than i look at it. i wouldn't otherwise knew it. just like sometimes i've noticed her, what's app is open and i thought, oh, i wonder who she's chatting with him. with the shame, smartphones have made flings and flats easier than ever. the trouble is, everything we do leaves a digital footprints. so what happens if we leave our phone lying around? and our partner decides to take a sneaky peak and digital m i f as a digital jealousy, as a new form of jealousy. in a way, time, it's digitals. have us moved. it's not something that existed 20 years ago,
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and we will move miss raw. but the emotion in itself is nothing new, as is, can enjoy life resort. it's the same phenomenon. it's all we're gonna midline fin a mean bush, i'm i so it's horrible to realize your girlfriend doesn't trust you and is looking through your phones hotel. landed in the past. we had no idea what are the hobbs got up say when we went together. but now many of us are documenting our every move on social media where we are, who were ways, how we're feeling does include aboard. that social media is fertile ground for jealousy. i know, especially because you feel it on the sly as it were by yourself. whole scrolling through your phone, you can start to feel like you don't trust your partner on that and you get jealous . i'm sorry for the i forgot. not so long ago people would go through their partners pockets when they suspected them of cheating. to day when we went to check up on our partners, we just need to be at
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a screen at the bar is where i go. i desire monday, but i don't come. one man came to see me because he'd read through his wife's whatsapp messages. in retrospect, he wished he hadn't lloyd while i get back touch your business don't for. he realized that the problem wasn't that his wife had broken his trust. like to timing him to matters. he kind of household control yet harbor he broken her trust by checking up on her and trying to control her when you are. if you feel online jealousy, he says, look into the reasons why and remember that flirting online and in the real world on the same one as it hits him and seeing someone you really like out with someone else who is a bit different than if they're just exchanging a few voice messages with someone who was like, gosh, barnaby massage, kill, does it under it's paradoxical that because on the one hand, you know, you should be spending more time with your partner, quality time pin, making them feel good about themselves. on the said this and going to stacking on, but on the other hand, i know it's hard work because you're worried,
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you're going to trigger them. i'm partner. ideally we trust our partners and don't feel the need to check up on them. and my partner with some crime constantly looking to see what my partner is up to, that i've it, and i'm much more likely to feel jealousy, cuz then if i keep myself, i'm busy and distracted. absolutely before busy i feel there's nothing wrong with a bit of jealousy though. if you talk about it, you can usually clear the air. well mm hm. so basically it's best to be completely open about our online lives. you do you have a question about nutrition? exercise about new therapies. the in good shape experts may have the answer. just send us an email to in good shape a. d, w dot com the evening hours before bedtime. how do you spend like
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this? or perhaps like this, a major study has confirmed what every parents suspects. children under 15 in particular, are suffering from sleep deprivation because they glued to their screens. if henry gets ready for bed real quick, he's allowed to play his favorite game on his tablet. yeah. but there's a slight problem with the natural mm. the game is so exciting that henry suddenly not tired any more. and the blue light from the screen slows down his body's melatonin production. that's the hormone which is supposed to ensure that he gets nice and sleepy. many kids like henry, have problems falling asleep after their evening gaming thrills. oh
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and even after they finally drop off, they don't sleep soundly. and the next day, henry is so tired after school that he isn't up to much at all. hey, coming roller blading. no, i'm totally dead instead he gets back to gaming again. that in his general lack of activity mean that he sleeps badly. again, it's a vicious cycle. oh m. ready to prevent that parents can agree rules with their children like only. ready allowing tablet and smartphone time during the afternoon and early evening, and then switching them off altogether. m. o. curfews and lockdown. steering the pandemic mean, we've all spent
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a lot more time inside. and that's affected as physically. kids to reset chose it's damaging their eyesight study in china revealed that in 2020, the prevalence of myopia increased one point full to 3 times compared with the previous 5 years. ah, if tyler could, he would spend hours playing on his mum cellphone. but all that focusing is not helping his eyes. the 8 year old is near sighted company, kennedy. i couldn't read the board properly. publicly hear from you left off when i 1st noticed it from the way that he was reading. with his nerves in the book. that was when i realized that he couldn't say very well, ah,
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not all parents notice right away that their child can't see well, often they just think that the child is a bit clumsy. you ever skipped them have arms like they're always warning signs in the child bumps into this doesn't notice things with the squint, sometimes in montana or it could even become call side at times. then we always recommend people go to enough them ologist as soon as possible. and our patricia foster to look for a long time research is believed that nearsightedness or myopia was exclusively linked to your genes. if both parents are myopic than a child is 3 times more likely to become short sighted. but it can actually happen to any one. i am the all the plastic and literally our eyes are down to our life circumstances live. so if we do a lot of near work on cell phones or tablets will then my, i'll be out always develops more quickly. what we do when we're young is very important. our eyes grow when we are children, and adapt to the way that they're used. if we're constantly focusing close up,
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our eyeballs become elongated. thus album was if i'm b and b, i has to be able to relax some bitter to prevent busy, long guided growling, and for school older bleached. that won't work if how children are constantly looking close of finish your form. even the meter is not sufficiently far away to relax the i was damage. i was, i'm switching between looking at something close and something far away is important for i health. even more vital is getting at least 2 to 3 hours of daylight. a day in the progression of nearsightedness can be slowed down, but not naturally reversed. if you're highly myopic, the likelihood of retinal detachment is much higher. optic nerve damage also appears more pronounced. ideally, children should visit an ophthalmologist before starting school and get treatment as soon as possible. just like tyler. if you have to spend 20 minutes staring at
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the screen, it's time to get up and move his fitness trainer. oh, really? a. with this week's exercise tip i, it looks really comfortable, but we will 3, we do shoulder types. so late on the floor in the hands next to your chest, then 3 your arms. you can stay on the mean if you want to have it harder to go on your toes. i will stay on the me. then you take your left hand to your shoulder, squeeze your stomach, then we go down. and then we changed aside one more time with the attention on your upper body in with this
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exercise, it train your whole arm and your center of your body. now with this exercise, you can do for 30 seconds, do as many reps as you can in your own pace, then rest 30 seconds and reduce it for 46. if that's too easy, you just can add another. so have fun and see you next week for a new addition of in good shape a with
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her. and then just died. jaime, still with an important document, was drafted in this very sweet edition. was found dead in room
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$317.00. they bull revise in geneva, the stage of human tragedy. i'm political intrigue in our series. legendary hotels . 15 minutes on d, w. a pulse, a beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture information. this is neither you news. ah, the w made from mines o. c double used crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series
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continues them all episodes are available online. and of course, you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now, welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized cry rules were conglomerates make their own laws? they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden opaque, secretive. what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on
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the opaque worlds who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w a ah, this is day w, news live from further. germany gets ready for i'm across. as the new variance spreads, people line up to get boosted jabs as health officials say, even those who have been that vaccinated twice are at high risk of infection. also coming up, you drugs regulated approve an.


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