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ah, we will concentrate positive. he's not going to kill to joe. lizzie, don't forget what is going well with lloyd, would it be good? so those of you who are hungry for more spectacular goals, don't worry. the bonus league starts again on january 7th, and of course you'll catch all the highlights from every much day here on d w. that's the latest the from the w. this our of next is our documentary, the story of santa claus. you don't wanna miss that. a marion i haven't seen from me in the news team. thanks for watching. ah. the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. a special look at
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a special country. round from above. starts december 27th on d. w. ah lou, i think i could diana o'connor. canadian m. o t them an ah! with arnie. it's the day before christmas. a festive day. the day santa claus fetches his reindeer. this is comet, his old companion to day santa will load toys by the thousands on to his sleigh.
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the words of the children's letters from around the world resonate in his ears as his sleigh takes off through the night sky. towards the many children excitedly awaiting him. santa is used to traveling the world, visiting many countries where he is usually well received. but one night in december 1951 and the french city of dijon in front of south bend in cathedral, an effigy was burning of a mannequin representing him they were burning santa. but why? soon a photo of the scene appeared in french newspapers with the following explanation. it wasn't an attraction, but
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a symbolic gesture for us christians christmas must remain the anniversary of the birth of our savior. jesus christ santo was being associated with ally and portrayed as a figure in opposition to jesus christ and christianity. this is the story of a conflict that goes back millennia of it. otherwise the santa claus is famous all over the world. well the, basically he's conquered the entire planet it here, for example, we have a brazilian santa from 19 o 7, a classic, but he's got the hood in front. i don't know why. here's a canadian santa, he's classic 2 cookies and red. of course i'd audrey as for the african santa, i think he's great. he's made with glad talks packaging made to kill flies. this
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one is perfect though, cuz i don't have the japanese one here. but the whole world worships santa claus. otherwise, ah, among the thousands of representations of santa claus, one stands out. the one of an early ancestor replugged ill settle you builds a 1st ancestor of santa claus is found in mythology a 1000 years before christ guilty. there was a god in the scandinavian countries in the nordic countries suit who was called bowden. and this god, oh dear, there was very peculiar good out because gods are usually worship to play it. we give money to people who take care of the gods and to the priests for protection,
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yet we give material things to get immaterial. things sits in and this god, the 1st of his kind did the opposite shed. he was the one who gave he levied. so he had a thrown in heaven with 2 wolves of what is that he had to ravens are which he sent down to earth to find out whether the children were good or not. and he would reward them at the time of the winter solstice between december 17th to december, 25th, and we'll set gabe sick. and then in rome, it started in the 5th century b. c. until the 4th century. a deal there was a goddess called strain ya, a very important goddess, whose name in french means gift. and at the time of the winter solstice, vale, she wouldn't bring gifts at the thought. it was in her name that the roman patricians said jani. the people of the roman high society or offered gifts to each other, a toilet such as sweets or gold objects that he pulled it among
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all of santa's ancestors. there's also a particular roman god who is worshipped at the end of the year. when the sun goes down on the horizon and seems to disappear forever, i didn't d e niecy. during the month of december, there were very important celebrations in rome. saturnalia festivities. people gave feasts and parties in honor of the gods, saturn, the god of agriculture was he does have you, lima employee. he cheered felicia during this period of transition. people would celebrate chaos. they would challenge the natural order of things, a waste of in this particular mood. a king was elected the key of saturnalia. yet he litany the fact of hulu, the king of saturnalia,
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is doomed to disappear yet to be reborn the next year. but in time such pagan writes would fade away as a new god rises. the god of the christians ah, 2000 years ago in palestine, a little baby was born, whom some followers came to regard as god. and over a period of time, they agreed that it would be a good idea to celebrate his birthday. in 354, a de the roman catholic church decided to place jesus christ's birthday on december 25th. during the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, the rebirth of the undefeated son. this was a very smart move by the christians, leading more pagan believers into their new faith. the child, in an animal stall,
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attended by shepherds with angels in the background and mysterious visitors from the east bringing gifts. and these 3 astonishing gifts gold, frankincense and murder are the basis of giving at christmas, ah, secret. among the many generous figures associated with santa history, one is especially central the one of saint nicholas. ah, here we are in turkey and his home town, myra, now called them re,
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as you can see in the big square a statue of santo was erected in his native land. this statue connect santa claus to saint nicholas. and in this church, a fresco recounts the moments when nicholas his life turned into legend. since then, bishop nicholas has become the patron saint of a great many cities. when he died, all kinds of wonderful mythology sprang up around him so that he became in time the most important saint in heaven. next to the virgin mary's, he had the power of flight. he could magically fly. he also had the power to be in several different places. at the same time. he's the patron saint of prisoners, sailors, butcher's, children, and of the french province of la haine. it
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oh oh, for falcon france, every one knows the legend of the 3 little children that we could put you on a wicked and keep it depending on the vision, wanted to cut into pieces and put in the soap barrel like pigs. and after 7 years, saint nicholas came in to the inn, all to butcher shop and rest, erected the 3 children. o. in 1087, a. d. faced with the invasion of turkey by the saracens, italian sailors took saint nicholas his coffin to the city, bari enshrining his remains in the main church. then a french crusader brought his relics to a small town in la hen named san nicolai depot. here every year on december 6th, his followers gather and sing to commemorate his birth. ah
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in addition to resurrecting the 3 boys saint nicholas his life was marked by numerous acts of generosity. he became the patron of children and a bearer of gifts. but be warned. although saint nicholas brings gifts, he's also the one who punishes michigan the those are for black, grew up in a suburb of luxembourg city, who are nope on that night as well. and esau slippers in front of our bedroom door
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read about dow in the morning. we look and sometimes we'd find a little stick, which meant deserved a spanking and no present day in fe. see because her father had a large, a sticky spine because if need be, who, hey, give you have a man. we usually received a little mozambique or something like that or the must. but the gift was small. come sunday, pretty ah, labor clash, a good question. thing on soccer. allah. hum. it's a cook offensive martin. oh some shane and him and slum by the dia, rusty nights tell of him he's as yet, or by the name, i think a hi. lay the head though. feel then yes or no feeling of spirit. good sigh. ah, jamal bell goes, you did my mom to pity? i remember when i was really little ago, i caught my dad in the carriage or the neighbor changing clothes shot. and i
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thought left to him. is that all about? yeah, i didn't understand 6 of these 2 are because the big metaphysical properly for children to admit that few who instant nicholas fit kissed any color. ah, we can think of saint nicholas as a kindly man bringing goodies, but he was also very stern. and in this, he was also useful to the parents of europe because he could carry a switch ah, with which to beat children al, who did not know their catechism that were disobedient. and sometimes in this mission, he accompanied by a rather terrifying figure, who was always black with him to look for someone who was dressed in black. it was $32.00 tall while he was a lumberjack man. takes with him cracked off with daily,
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gotten them off tunnel don't lang time. things were well separated. your field of religion was the one of baby jesus on the eve, december, the 24th. the field of st. nicholas who later became santa claus was on another date, made things got complicated, he ah, ah, what we have in the 1500s is an astonishing religious revolution that we call the protestant reformation. ah, europeans were very much against christmas and the post and his i'm in general because a central to the idea posts and to me to strip away all of the christians which
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christianity got over one half 1000 years and to go back to the christianity as it was in the bible and one of the things they agree on is that the cult of saints has become dangerous. that the saints are in, in peril of replacing god as the object of one's prayers. so they abolish the cult of saints and wisdom go saint nicholas. saint nicholas disappears as a christmas gift bringer in many parts of europe. bye bye. thank nicholas. at least they didn't burn you, but you will be back because as the elf se hiding a st doesn't make him disappear. so at that point, traditions that were taking place on december the seat with pushback they will push back to christmas to the date one baby. jesus was.


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