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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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instead of going to produce can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children all over the world to have to go to school with we ask why? because education makes the world more. just make up your own lloyd d. w. made for mines. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, no joke eventual leaves australia after losing his legal battle to stay. a plane
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took off from melbourne, carrying the controversial tennis star 10 days after he arrived to compete in the australian open. his visa was cancelled over coven vaccination rules. also coming up, tomba is cut off after tsunami, triggered by an underwater volcanic eruption washes over the pacific island country . officials in new zealand, se tongan capital has sustained major damage. ah, a marion evans dean, thanks for joining me now. that joke of ej has left australia after losing his appeal against his visa cancellation. he was deported after judges upheld a decision by the immigration minister that the unvaccinated tennis dar posed a had a threat to public health. it comes after
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a 10 day legal battle that began when jock of its arrived to compete in the australian open. he was hoping for an unprecedented 21st grand slam when i don't want to return for novak joker, which the reigning champion flew out of australia after losing his court battle, to the dismay of his crestfallen supporters with many of them serbian expatriates. oh, yet any symptom, communicating with oh, no one, but for others in a country that has endured one of the world's strictest corona, viruses, luck don's joke of inches. admission to australia would have been the injustice and he's been to me. this is
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a paper bag located there on site and because of the kind of restrictions and audit against me that would be like with little wonder then that the australian government busked in the glow of victory, strong boarders, had kept the country safe. during the pandemic prime minister scott morrison said unsurprisingly, the decision didn't go down so well in belgrade were joking, which is venerated. it was very easy for australian authorities to say from the very beginning of the okay, only vaccinated on inoculated people could enter or australian territory, but it is official. and after that, they forgot about
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a turn they wanted to create political prince alleged political principles, which were not principles of told, in purely sporting terms, the decision leaves a super sheet hole in the australian oakland. the syrup has bugged 9 of the last 14 titles. he has no denied the chance to add to that hole, not only this year, but potentially at the following 3 tournaments should normal deportation. rules apply for no joke of it is also denied a shot at a record 21st major title. the 34 year old said he was extremely disappointed, but that he would respect the ruling. one whose implications both sporting and political are seismic. the european union's border agencies says that illegal crossings rose last year to their highest levels since 2017, nearly 8000 people entered the block from belarus. that you accuses nance go flying in migrants from the middle east and then sending them to the polish border. d,
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w met a psychologist who's helping refugees who managed to get to germany, but are still traumatized by their journey. a hug for comfort psychologist maria has shown jack welcomes in afghan family in berlin. they were trapped on the border between bell harris and poland. the mother lost her unborn child well in a polish asylum center. boys hopelessly. they are still afraid, afraid of having to go back to their country. afraid of having to go back to poland . ha! afraid that they won't be understood with their problems. she highly, when there is so much fear, wilma, it is very hard to start a therapy most as afternoon that up yet, e u loss as the family should apply for asylum and poland, the 1st member state they entered. but the family say they spent weeks enclosed asylum centers there, and lack of medical assistance caused the woman's miscarriage. they felt they had
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no choice, but to go to germany we say that if you are reporting us back to poland, we will not go. you will have to will send us big level honest on but not berlin, because we have rated bed time from the poland bay to read experience. i lost my child. we had nothing to eat. we want to suffer a lot. maria has shown jack is helping the family with their asylum case. she says the uncertainty is taking a mental toll on them. if i hadn't as negotiated, it's probably one of the worst things that can happen, putting them in a long limbo after a very traumatic experiences. they don't know what will happen to them in their kids. it's like postponing their fears. a little caveat. glen cove, she hopes that more stability will make the therapy more effective and that the
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family can come to terms with their ordeal. with me in the studio now as d. w, as in manuel shares, she's, she's reported extensively on the migrant crisis across europe. and she's also covered the developments on the border between pond and belarus. manuel, it's great to have you here. so we of course, can imagine how much struggle of refugees and asylum seekers go through that. they struggle with mental health is also understandable. can you tell us a little bit about what you have observed throughout your reporting? well, when i was reporting in central military and i was on board of a rescue shape. and people who came on board, who were, who are rescued from near das, so they've experienced, you know, they had a near death experience. they, they've experienced enslavement in libya, torture for some rape for some, you can imagine in which they are coming into the country. they're they, they hope to seek asylum, but is not the only place where they,
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they suffer from their struggle mentally, free migration, they leave, they leave living conditions that i have no idea there, see no opportunity in the future in their country of origin. then there they can be and slave tortured, and then when they come here, their prospects are simply non existent. sometimes, you know, there's already a culture shock, a societal shock, a religious difference, as well, sometimes as a feeling of not being including in society sometimes or so. it's waiting for months on end, if not years before their status is clarified and all that contributes to the uncertainty. they feel also the fact that they are actually separated from, from their families. sometimes they have no contact anymore, or all that adds up and it, you know, and may, for people who suffer from post traumatic syndrome and who are in dire need of a system of psychological assistant people we saw into reports are actually among
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the lucky walls of god at express, but there are so many asylum seekers who don't benefit from that excess yet that is highly problematic, especially here in europe. well, we do know that this is an ongoing problem and also a situation that has been continuing for many, many years. now. what is being done on the international level? what kinds of steps are being taken to somehow alleviate the suffering of displaced people and to help them? well, the u. n. s. c, r and the world has organization have a global action plan to try and promote to has the refugees of asylum seekers and to promote a mental health wellbeing by strengthening so example. the health care services are increasing. the capacity of has workers also in the county of origins to try and alleviate all those issues that much more remains to be done to w manual shares. we appreciate reporting. thank you. all right,
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let's turn our attention now to some of the other stories making news around the world. you as president joe biden has sent the gunman who took 4 people hostage at a texas synagogue on saturday, engaged in an act of terror and f. b. i hosted rescue team storms the building and killed the gunman, ending a 10 hour stand off. we have the identify the hostage taker as a 44 year old british national. sweden has deployed armored combat vehicles and soldiers to patrol the streets on the island of got lung. the military says the unusual move is in response to increased russian activity in the region. 3 russian landing ships recently sailed through the great bel straight in denmark, former ukrainian president federal push and go said he planned to return from warsaw to ukraine on monday. beth, despite the threat of arrest on treason charges, he's being investigated for financing russian back separatist and the war torn don bus region through illegal coal sales. while in office. he accused the current
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government of trying to silence the opposition potter. while concerns are growing for the pacific island nation of tango after its unami with waves more than a metre high hit, the island internet has been caught and the full extent of the damage is unclear. it was triggered by an underwater volcanic eruption on saturday. the russians sent shock waves across the pacific. soon, ami warnings were issued in countries including you, zealand, japan, peru, and even as far as the west coast of the united states. we can now speak to dr. robert wyatt. he's a professor of natural hazards and virginia tech and the united states. he joins us from blacksburg, virginia. hello to you, professor weiss now how would you describe for our viewers the russian that then cause the su nami in tonga. i think there's only one word that would describe
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that eloquently, that's violent, it's imagined to be in an engine of a car and the, and the explosion explosion that drives your, you know, cylinder, that is how that played out. and what is fantastic in this case is that before the 1st time, we could observe it from space. this is the 1st time to have a real life in real time up some nation upset of an explosion like this. and now what do we know about the extent of the damage? and the extent is very, very extensive, very large tsunamis in day to the island and cause widespread damage and hopefully not too many debt because of in the we still don't know yet. but as we move forward, we will know and the damage will be more clearly visible. but from the 1st picture that i've seen online and heard from colleagues,
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i just cut off and we need to see how she really impacted the islanders of the nation. we're also hearing that the us in japan are advising people on their pacific coast lines to move away from the shore. so do you believe it's likely that there will be more options and further to nami? first of all, let me explain a little bit about those wanderings. they are really, it's a good way to do this right now because we really don't know how this tsunami will play out. because this is not the typical earthquake generated. so normally, so the waves actually behave quite differently and it's really important to, to play on the safe side. this event, as far as i understand is a very rare event. it happens every 1000 years or so on this magnitude. so most likely to move or not see a larger option of this size again in the region. however, i mean just this event,
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it should serve as a reminder that the earth can still surprise us in many ways. and just quickly, if you can, oh, how can people protect themselves or, you know, if you live in an island nation like tonga, is there any way to protect yourselves from a disaster like this? yes, this so. so when we have an earthquake, we always say because of the earthquake waves arrived before the 2 nominees, you know, listen to the ground. and if the god rumbles, it's probably a good idea to move to higher ground because it's not you might follow. in this case, it was a, it was a submarine eruption of what can know what you still could see the, the, the evidence on the, on the horizon, or feel the shock waves coming to you. and that should give you the warning. and the signal that you should leave close to areas, especially low line course areas immediately. that was dr. robert wise, professor of national hazards at virginia tech. we appreciate all of your insights
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. thank you. thanks for having me. and before we go some sports news in ones like a soccer, i talked frank for its champions. league hopes have taken a blow in a $11.00, draw at low the ox work, the points boost alex for chances of avoiding relegation, and leads frankfurt well outside the top for bottom size, be deferred, and fruits meet in the late game in the pick of saturdays matches robert live and off ski is scored a hat trick as leaders. byron thrush cologne, 2nd place door one had hammered, fry fryeburg on friday to keep the pressure on byron. the gap at the top remains 6 points. and that's the latest on the w news up next, is that shift? i'm marion evans team from me and the entire news team in berlin. thanks for the company
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