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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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for the world, for in a race against time, the dna molecules don't have 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals. with one dealing goal to help smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on d, w ah ah, ah
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ah, this is the w 9 from berlin. i went to stone boxes the u. s. east coast. blizzard warnings are issued across the region. people being told to stay home and brace for extreme calls and heavy snow. also coming up. it's least political leaders convince their 8 year olds, president to stay on the month to ride. i will serve a 2nd time at the office of today's debate failed to find a successor and poland starts building a fence on its border with believers to keep my grants out. but critics say that you, you is failing as finance because ah,
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ah, i'm healing mohammed, welcome to the program. a major went to storm has slammed into the us east coast with high winds and heavy snow. the via whether or less were issued across the region, which is around $70000000.00 people. residents are being asked to stay in doors and avoid unnecessary travel. the snow storm has almost emptied the streets of boston with authorities urging people to stay at home. the bomb cycling is met, the roller just called it has generated a dangerous mixture of snow. and hurricane force winds in new england storm searches of threatening communities along the coast, forcing many people to flee inland to safety. we got some sand bags re elevated things in our basement, but this is one of the worst storms i've seen so far. tens of thousands have been left without power along the east and us. in rhode island, driving is only allowed in emergencies. new york city was sped,
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that was of the blizzard. some were out enjoying a rare sight. manhattan blanketed by half a meter of snow. this is just a nice sweet winter snowfall on so happy that it is a snowball fight. this storm is expected to continue until sunday morning until then it stay home or get there as soon as possible. well i know we spoke to janice her badge bow enable in new york city. he has more on the severity of this type of snow storm. the bible, phenomenal to storm is not unusual. it happens so frequently, especially in winter time. it's cold in nor'easter, it's a coastal storm. this one is especially strong up. what happens is
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a low pressure system forms off the coast and rapidly intensifies metrology is called as a bomb cycle. and, and then all these marshes are being thrown against the coast against the land. and of course, right, it's so cold in the form of snow are talking about the cold. that is a real issue still on temperature. air temperature here in new york city is now minus 8 degrees. if you could factor in the wind, it feels like minus 20 degrees, it's got to be a very cold my tear in the northeast and in the u. s. and then the big, big out is going to start along the coast from new york to boston. sergio martha rella has been re elected as it's least president of the 6 days and 8 rounds voting the 8th year old privacy said he didn't want to serve another term. but prime minister maria druggie urge him to stay on to ensure political stability in the country through ally as seen as a compromised candidate. after all other candidates put forward by the coalition,
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governmental should fail to gain enough support was such a much less that he is staying in power to help it to leave a cover from recent hardships with they're going to kill need these conditions require that one doesn't step away from the duties to which one is called upon enrollment. the development of naturally these most typically valence over other considerations. and other personal prospects with the commitment to interpret the expectations and the hopes of our fellow citizens. and if that and then also going through that in well i spoke to janice sima gupta who's been following the story for us from rome and all her if sergio material as reelection as president was a last resort. well, it seemed to be the only resort at this stage in terms of the only one that all political factions, whether the center, right, or the center left,
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felt that the could get behind. i mean, this voting process went through 6 days, 8 rounds of voting before the a t o president was re elected with 759 boat right after he was, he passed that 500 by threshold that made him president. there was a lot of laws in the parliament and people finally found the solution body of drug, the prime minister, releasing a statement after the election thing. it was blended news for italian, the thank the president and said that the strong parliament parliamentary back being show that he was the right man for the jobs. and pretty much the just for, if you like said martha rella as president and mario drug remaining in his role is prime minister. what does lots of as, when mean, for instance, when we look at things politically and economically? well, in terms of economically and politically and in terms of the social situation,
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it leaves what it actually new to ability and that's what, perhaps internationally that's an international community will be welcoming for. i'm italians themselves. they want to see that ability, particularly when it comes to putting in place the much needed the forms are required to lead reforms that are necessary in order to gain access to the u. koby recovery funds. there's billions of euros that it needs to spec to, to get from the european union, and that they expected stability. they want to see those reforms put in place a model drug, they believe is the man to do it. so in that sense, it is a better situation, but in terms of the situation a little, perhaps one can see that the current coalition is weakened by this process. the situation in terms of the back and forth of suggesting candidates, not getting the support of tensions in voting blank votes to create more time for
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discussion. all of that has not helped the civility within this very broad coalition that is in power at the moment. a coalition that will end in the legislature in 2023 or has look at some other stories making headlines around the world. members of the economic community of west african state have arrived in booking, of fossil capital was to go. it has suspended booking over the military coup last week. may the 3rd nation in the regional block to be punished for military takeover in 18. at least 11 people have been killed in a bus crash and a bus crash in central bolivia. it happened in comey village near coach a baba. local media is reporting that the crash was due to a mechanical failure. accidents on delivery is poorly maintained. roads have caused hundreds of death every year. and thousands of protesters have gathered in canada's
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capital ottawa to protest against coven 19 vaccine, mandates, moss and locked elms. truck drivers have also sets up a convoy to demonstrate the government's policies. some compared restrictions to fascism. provenance, suggesting trudeau describe the demonstrators as a, quote, very troubling, but very vocal minority. now, britain is preparing to offer nato, a major deployment of troops, weapons, and jets to eastern europe, habit subarus johnson said the move was in response to russia's rising hostility towards ukraine. if mer to accept the offer, it could double the number of u. k. troops already stationed there, and u. s. president biden also plans to send american troops to boost nato's presence to the region. u. s. defense officials are wanting that russia has deployed enough forces on ukraine's border to invade the entire country.
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a poland has begun walking on a new permanent security fence along its border with beller bruce for months. thousands of migrants have been trying to reach you via that route. poland says the wall is a justified response to the crisis. for critics say it's also a barrier for genuine asylum seekers. the foundation for a border wall is dug into the frozen ground along the polish bellow ruffian border . the 1st stage for a 5 me to high steel fence with motion detectors, poland barrier to prevent people from crossing whatever these fence is being erected for safety reasons. so that we don't have to fear any further provocation from belarus. details of the exact route of the fence are being kept secret. every day between $20.50 undocumented people tried across the border, se polish border gods that significantly less than
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a few months ago. there met by almost 10000 polish soldiers and gods, and loudspeakers blaring in different languages. the polish border is closed. this is the end of your journey go back to minsk. but refugee 8 organizations believe the more than 360000000 euro project is miss, guide it left on the vast sums of money spent on building. this barrier would be enough to establish an effective arrival and asylum system in poland. this has been lacking for years back, we'll grab her critics. the fence is not a sign of strength, but rather of the failure of polish and european refugee policies. now, the historic city of chin, wessy and mauritania, is home to a price. this collection of literature dating back hundreds of years. but terrorism and security concerns, as well as the pandemic, have slowed down tourism. now jim was he is hoping to get back on the map for
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international visitors with 5 ostrich eggs, top the minarette. she gets his friday mosque is the symbol of the mauritania nation. deep in the sahara, the oasis city was built at the crossroads of old desert trade routes inside the ancient walls. so if amat mahmud is the custodian of the family library, a collection that began in $1699.00 with the hundreds of manuscript, some around the arab world, the covering religion, mathematics, literature, and astronomy, after years of set back. so it is now hopeful she gets the coy and such as she gets he is a corner of wisdom and a corner of that he's a corner of com, a corner of tranquillity, and it was threatened by a plate of terrorists this block in 1995 there was little hope that the city could welcome tourism just alas, the terrorism prevented the tourist from coming. then there was covered 19 and
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tourism stopped again. so that this year there's a slight uptake in visitors where optimistic reason see come optimistic. ching, a tea was famous in medieval times for its trade in manuscript, which made it a center of learning. the hub boat family has a historic library with more than a 1000 titles which are under constant threat and the precious documents, se, sir, own problems. the elements and termite yeah for who's he lost the plan. second. yeah. preserved the books we used insecticides and patients of water have you so that they wouldn't be destroyed by termites and other pass through. recently we took out all these manuscripts, 42 miles and we put them in the sun for more. and under the heat of the sun, we added salt water and cool to protect them against the inside. for larry leslie,
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blessing the civilian within the same controller, this is a clue with a trickle of taurus has raised hopes that more will follow. attracted by one thing at all, most of them, i think i came with friends and we wanted to visit the library, which is very important for mauritania. we learned a great deal with any that came out in. i'm on the shores. ginger tea may have long been forgotten by much of the outside world, but its ancient manuscripts are providing hope for the future. despite the termite voltage up on the what's up to similar to europe just in sports news now and in women's tennis? well, number one, ash party has won the australian open. she be daniela collins in the final on saturday, becoming the 1st australian in 44 years to win the title. but he took the 1st set 63 seconds that was back and forth with us back and forth, battle with her american opponents. taking 51 lead there, but 40 for back to win
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a title break. this is her 3rd major title off the french open in 2019, and also the wimbledon. last year. his reminder of our top story and major went to storm, has slammed into the eastern united states with high winds and heavy snow, severe weather, and that were issued across a region of around 70000000 people. residents are being edge to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel it watching the w. nay's lie from berlin, say tuned. coming up next is or life armando, you can find much more on a website that has d w dot com. thanks for watching. abided with
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welcome to the dark side.


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