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tv   The Cote d Azur  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 2:15pm-3:00pm CEST

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ah . the french riviera, a narrow stretch of land on the mediterranean between monaco and sandro, pay with a landscape spoiled by the sun and richly endowed with the memories of glamorous times. ah, for over 100 years this coast has been synonymous with luxury and decadence, and celebrities, and a very special lifestyle. ah, the co desert has long been the scene of dramas and affairs that continue to shape its reputation. ah,
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oh. they return every year. familiar faces with even more familiar names or rendezvous of the rich and the beautiful in front of a breath, taking the beautiful backdrop. ah, the coast owes its name to the french philosopher stephanie shall. hypnotized by the waters unique, luminous blue. he christened, then nameless coast. black coat dazzle. at the end of the 19th century, ah,
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and the beaches continued to bask in the glow of the history and uniqueness of this landscape. ah. between khan and niece at the southern tip of the cop donte lies a place that helped create the myth of the quote de zill, a mix of seduction and relaxation. ah. the hotel to got a done the walk. history has been made here for 150 years. whether artists, the wealthy or celebrities. this is the place where their paths and their stories cross aah! in 1964, a pair of german lovers sailed along the captain. the business magnate,
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rudolph august the toe, and his young wife maya, a sailing trip that changed her life. ah, dear, my name is lang i added. we hadn't been married long. and it wasn't the best vacation because i was constantly feeling bad on thank god and then we'd ha here on the coast. and he said to me, look up there. that's a very nice hotel, does it? but it's too expensive for us. almost to own is just feel took toys. ah. they didn't spend the night. instead, they bought the hotel 5 years later. they succumbed to the seductive blair. of the coat does. it? does. it isn't. and liam's good live, just a way of life, a lifestyle gigs. that's
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a wonderful contrast. tomorrow night style is more stiff, undisciplined, germans deutsch, donna, and put up a hawking's ah, a life full of joy and ease, with many stunning locations. ah, a rock in the stream of fast moving trans hotel duco. an annual sojourn here is on the calendar of every jet center and has been for decades with guests include artists, statesman, and film, stars. people have loved lived, created and dined here for 150 years. ah, the hotel is the big state. a perfect place for leisure or discrete
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hideaway, lulu yolanda blaze ex seller is the grand daughter of an tall sailor. the former owner of the hotel who provided a glamorous setting for life on the coat to do a man from a simple background nor hope bet it didn't for me. the my grandfather came from a peasant family in north, in italy to be from a tiny village. 6 children suffer very, very poll. but he wanted to become a hotel. so he didn't feel like many italians at that time because yeah, he went to the coat desert to work with sugar. macapp don t was a rough place then nobody came here. bhaskar twisty windy. they were kept you, human said to co voltaire, co, you the, the, to so nevertheless, anton stella still found work here at the grand hotel duka
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a short time later he bought the place and turned it into a thriving luxury hotel circle mall salvage. it started with the russian. i mean, the whole family came to the quote as you, it was as jordan re that jewelry, that parties their way of life. it all started with them. when i come all sit, golden times dawned thanks to russian and also english aristocrats. it was the time of strict etiquette. the sea was only a backdrop, seen as dirty and unhealthy. the season began in october and ended in may. it's not a vacation, it's hibernation. the rich russian elite in particular, swapped a cold and wet weather at home for the pleasant climate of the coat da 0. even it, them all to resolve. if they came, they were off and that they know that things in big suitcases did not her they with
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doors in the area regarding her when i was a little girl. but my father showed me the big suitcases. how inside with happiness wall tray frog with his o. u t r has lily charlie, marcia, it went on like that the year you you'd come back the next year or didn't have all your stuff they'll do. it does a fair while dark clouds gathered over the rest of europe, and as the 1st world war broke out in july 1914, antoine stella was hewing a huge salt water pool out of stone, an extravagant luxury. back then ghouls were a rarity. ah, the coat da 0 simply ignored the horrors of the 1st world war. but war did finally reach the splendid world of the french riviera. when american nurses came to recover at the hotel to cup.
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ah, with the war over every one hoped the old glory would return. but the wealthy guests stayed away. as good, david la, i will show ish. the russian revolution had broken out and they had all been killed . one of them say i mixed. my father was left with the suit cases, the law firm for they were very valuable, did diesel. he waited 10 years. i asked was required by law sunday, and after nobody came back while we donated them to the red cross blue shield which distributed the earnings as prefer sufficient on their guests, then began arriving young. rich americans airs and intellectuals discovering the blue coast for themselves. ah,
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they were physically beautiful, they were sexually somewhat liberated. i think there were obviously a lot of affairs going on. they dressed in a flamboyant way that was the new. it was a new public, modern way of living. lots of skin free spirits. ah, one couple stands out in particular, gerald and sarah murphy, she a rich heiress. he an artist. they rented a room at the hotel duke up for a few months in the spring of 1923, and dared to do something unprecedented. they spent their days on the beach. ah, i think they were on mike's anything that had been seen in france before. they lived a wonderful life. they had cocktails in the evenings. they had wonderful friends.
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they had fantastic clothes and didn't hesitate to dress up in beautiful outfits center, sarah murphy. she would wear her woolly bathing suit. but she had a beautiful long strand of pearls rolling down her back. and she would wear that out on the beach in sunday, with the murphy's hosted imaginative costume parties with them, rudolph valentino picasso and coco chanel. ah, he designed the perfect clothes, beach pajamas. ah, this became such a fashion that there was a new title given to the whole area was p yamaha palace. ah, because every one started wearing these pajama pants all are, and men and women and all over the area.
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the murphys managed to keep the hotel to cup open even after the season ended in may. their beach parties continued fostering in the 1st summer season on the coat, da 0. ah. the french riviera has always been the scene of great romances and secret affairs. it offers discretion and tolerance. ah, romantic locations abound. luxurious yachts and sophisticated hotels. in the 1930 s, a coupled that was not supposed to exist, stayed at the hotel duke up but here they were undisturbed.
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laryngitis, she's all. i was 6 years old when i was taught to cat see, to the duke of windsor, and mrs. wind them my father would pick them up at the train, stationed anesha, shall i go? ah, the english king had been coming to the coat as do with his divorced and remarried partner wallace simpson. here he could live out his affair with abandoned. but pressure was mounting in england. the throne or love, the king had to decide. ah, edward made his choice for wallace and abdicated. when he told his lover, she angrily shouted, you god damn fool! the only option left for the 2 was to flee. wallace had divorced in the meantime. the former king and now twice divorced american, married at the chateau ducandi in june 1937, with only
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a handful of guests. no one from edward's family attended the english royal family distance to tell from the scandal. people then avoided the coat desert with its loose customs. edward and wallace held court at the chateau de la co way on the cap, don t. despite love marriage and a luxurious life, edward never really found happiness. he searched for a new role but found only a social stage. but he would grow to like that too. at the party's, people basked in the glamour of the once highest english aristocrat and his dazzling wife with
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luxurious villas lined the coast. many with famous names, villa chaplin, or villa feruci, ross child. even their architects enjoyed the seductive charm of the place. in the summer of 1938, the american ambassador and london, joseph kennedy, spent the summer vacation with his wife and children at the hotel. duke cops roc pool and it wasn't just the azure see that caught his eye. marlena dietrich's world famous legs were also draped across a deck chair. with every one watching the film diva and joseph kennedy retreat to one of the cabanas. ah, that was quite scandalous. and madeleine also,
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i had an affair. i was simultaneous affair with a very famous american heiress, who was called jose carstairs, and jo carstairs was a wealthy woman. he had been at ground the air riviera from several years. she was a speedboat champion, and she was also a very well known lesbian. although she never admitted it, and they had quite an affair. these are the kinds of affairs that made the coat dozer into the place where anything goes, ah, did. joseph kennedy maintain the friendship by securing molina detroit a ticket to the us to safety yet another war was on the horizon. and the carefree life on the french riviera came to a standstill. most foreigners wanted to leave the country.
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mm. the coast remained largely untouched by the war. ah! after the 2nd world war, 350000 american soldiers came to the quote do for recreation. before returning home . they took the experience of the life of leisure home with them. and the paradise in the south of france became even more famous in america. ah ah auntie and its picturesque fortifications, then came into focus. the city was home to an exceptional artist. ah ah pablo
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picasso moved here in 1946 to his beloved see. he soaked up the air, the warmth and the light. the spaniards spent the war years in paris on the co desert, his spirits reawakened. ah, assessor city just uphill again. that was right after the war g o c, the stay here would change a lot and because those work buskie actually because he was with a young woman. and then you can see that in his paintings with much lighter colors and with mediterranean themes, evix a bit mythological deanthony. to lucy. the woman at his side was the painter was halo 40 years younger. the couple had 2 children, the fact that picasso still married to another woman didn't bother any one here, with zillow at his side. and the freedoms of the coat, as you are,
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the castillo's creed of energy reached new heights. the grimaldi castle became the artist's studio directly above the sea guest. so that can, can kimmy bo cool? no, lena casso was some one who loved nature and liked to express himself physically. he could walk around topless and sandals. so and he liked that a lot, which was cute. he was far away from a reason life. and from everything that surrounds a famous artist from the ard dealers and all the peoples who swarmed around him. there we'll have a lucy diesel now. picasso enjoyed the simple life and discovered ceramics. it became part of his art. ah, he wasn't those. yes, dick about everything. pottery or bull fighting. and every one wasn't those. he asked about him. everywhere he goes,
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he was in the spotlight ah! the car so loved the grand entrance and the festivals on the quote, the sewer provided him with the state. the painter became a star and the most famous artist in the world with glamour, art, and is want of eva, we're part of the spirit of the french riviera. ah, every one who was any one came here, the beautiful, the rich, the famous, and of course, the movie stars. ah, there a 2nd home was called can ah! in 1946,
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a c plane landed off the coast. a clever p r stopped by the american film industry . ah, on board. the cram de la cram of hollywood, the studios sent their most beautiful ambassadors to the south of france to celebrate an event with an all star lineup. the start of the 1st can film festival, not far away is the hotel to cup the temporary home of the top echelon of american cinema. ah, life here was not only as free and casual as in sunny california business was also
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possible. but conquest of europeans cinema began ah, journalist. oh, he shows yvonne has known the festival for decades in front of and behind the scenes and gone, sees you listed to julia v, steve our divinity. 1946. there was still the festival in venice, which was associated with fascism with films by hitler, and mussolini. and so the can festival was to be on the side of liberal democracy behind a film festival, against fascist cinema, against the cinema of dictate is that you or somebody that he's also did leg he every one present had lived through the terrible war they came and wanted to have a good time tape was the 1st big party in europe, or maybe even the whoa, it's steve as the the poem yet gone, fit all new hoffman loan is the new festival picked up speed
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tan became number one just a few years. and its red carpet was the most glamorous sophia laurenne arrived with the film to women for which she later won an oscar and launched the global career of her film. pardon? john paul ben mondo perry grant returned to the scene of his film to catch a thief ah, even opera dba maria collis was attracted by the state in the coat, the sewer anyone at the top came to can ah, as did any one aspiring to be for me snyder became a celebrated star in france with the media attention alongside heart throb. i land along with
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can offered the most important stage. even liz taylor, the goddess herself, descended from the mount olympus of hollywood. ah, countless classics of billing history premiered here. ah, even star directors like alfred hitchcock presented their works personally and with plenty of artificial buzz. the birds of film that still sets standards to day appearance was everything. ah, grace kelly had just won an oscar and was at the peak of her career. the trip to the quote to 0 changed her life forever. and was the beginning of the love story of
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the century. ah ah, the principality of monaco was a former pirate's nest rested from the narrow strip of lamp for the western alps, hate the sea. and the micro state is just too square kilometers, but one of the richest in the world. with those who buy expensive real estate here, no longer pay income tax a paradise for those who want to keep to themselves. however, the principality was not always so rich. so in 1949 range took over sort of a post war. monaco, europe was recovering. he was very young. he was 26 years old and he needed to find money to, to get the country back on its feet. mm.
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salvation came in the form of the rich greek ship owner, aristotle onassis in the early 19 fifties, he began to invest in s b. m, the company that ruled over real estate, luxury hotels, and the famous monaco casino analysis really did have a master plan. i think that his idea for developing monica was very much to his profit. he started to buy shares of s b m through his panama based companies and ended up with 52 percent ownership of the company. which meant he had the rule of monica, even though prince rang a was the sovereign onassis became the most powerful man in the tiny state. and he wanted to increase the value of his investment. he welcomed the most influential personalities of the time on his luxury yacht. christina oh,
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the ship became one of the most exclusive meeting places on the mediterranean coast . ah, it was an incredible and incredible yacht. and he added such detail. he had his bar, which people talk about now with the famous bar stools being made of whale for skin . and he would often joke with his female guests that they were sitting on the world's largest penis, typical analysis. but what he did create there was a place that he could bring john f. kennedy and someone like winston churchill to meet for the 1st time together on his yacht. it was very controlled. he had all types of celebrities. and he won from gretta garbo to frank sinatra. they were all part of this very elite, glamorous, and wealthy, wealthy world. ah bonuses pursued one goal, making the principality a gold mine. and he had a brilliant idea. ah,
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she realised that the only way monica was going to make money and become profitable was if rain, you married somebody that brought a little bit of glamour and wealth to this part of the world. he was very clever. and he decided that he was going to find the perfect spouse for prince rainy, but it had to be some one that brought, as i said, glamour and wealth to a very high scale, an elite level o nest is bound to candidates. only hollywood, greatest deepest met, his standards. marilyn monroe and grace kelly. but marilyn monroe was eliminated, too poor and too wicked. ah, grace tele was perfect. beautiful, rich scandal free hand. catholic ah paris match magazine set up the meeting with prince vine yet. oh, nasa stayed in the background as his plan bore fruit.
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ah, hollywood noblest princess and the prince became engaged all of monaco, celebrated ah, a year later an ocean liner headed for the port on board the most elegant bride in the world. always accompanied by the click of cameras, the hollywood studio she was under contract with skilfully showcases its biggest star for the last time grace kelly's entry into monaco was a triumph the wedding of glamour and nobility would be one of the biggest media events of the last century $1700.00 journalists came to the tiny principality. the whole world looked spell bound at
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this very tail winning the country had until then been almost unknown. 600 invited guests were present when the prince and the hollywood princess exchanged their wedding bows and the saint nicholas cathedral. on april 18th, 1956 ah, a few hours before the wedding, the bride had to sign a strict marriage contract, a fairy tale wedding that came at some expense. ah. grace kelly actually paid a $2000000.00 dowry at the time, which would be equivalent of $20000000.00 today, which when you look at it now, you think is this a fairy tale wedding? why did someone like grace kelly with an oscar and all her hollywood friends have
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to pay the money as i understand it, it was to show that there was commitment on her part to the marriage. obviously they needed an influx of money in monaco and it wasn't just enough that she had her star power to bring with her. they wanted to know that she was serious and was going to be committed to the relationship. ah, grace kelly was reliable. she fulfilled her role perfectly. she managed to conquer the hearts of them on august 6, and made it into all the papers with her family, all over the world. the image boost for monica was huge. just what analysis had wanted. the puppeteer soon withdrew. he lost the majority stake in the state through a clever move by prince or any others were now responsible for big business and monaco. ah, the formula one circus gilded the streets of the micro state. lost the casino and
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real estate business it. within 30 years, prince renee had multiplied his country's revenue by a factor of 20. the state was transformed today, monaco is an oasis for the super rich. it's somewhat precarious passed has long been forgotten. the former pirates nest has become a retreat for all kinds of moguls and in the casino. nothing but red carpet in the middle of the last century, outside monte carlo money did not yet played the decisive role. rather freedom and free spirits even at the hotel, 2 cock guests basked in the shadows of the famous black rock hudson, whose reputation included the company of beautiful women. ah
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. in the 19 fifties and sixties, the french riviera was the contrast to an otherwise conservative mode. here life was more open and care free on the beaches of the coast. the culture of pleasure and swat aviva orest is again ah, in the very west of the coast, ezra lay a former fishing billy. sancho pay ah ah, while glamour and elegance rained on the beaches of can and monaco, the creative and the boy am made displaced their own
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hard to imagine. but in the 1950s. hardly any one swam here. the beaches were full of blossom and jetson. ah. but please, to come off ran a bar on the pump, long beach, not just any bar. it was the beach bar above all others. his father bought a small piece of land in this once completely remote area. in america to feel you. my mother was furious. your we had little money and he just buys a plot of land. but he was a visionary. will feel you. he said to us, this will be our promised land. he said sasan will put them on his a space. his father was to be proved right? to this day, this improvised looking place is one of the hottest beach clubs in the world, named after the year of its creation. they club $55.00
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at the time the camel family wanted to spend the summer casually by the sea. but then an unexpected event through their plans out of thought jesus who neil loom, you know, in a jeep her one day a jeep drove up here. g one o driver sar hots and our tables which were like these the ball and thought it was a restaurant. it's jillian barley told us that he was going to shoot a movie here with 80 people and asked, can you cook for everybody as griffin and my mother in law, who was not afraid of anything? said yes, old. of course. i said you were a bishop. ah, it wasn't just any film crew bought the director course if i deem and his wife, a very young brigitte bardot,
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ah said, did approval from you all ankle to some remote a p, as she was the most beautiful woman in the world. no question that a completely new phenomenon case before that the stars were very sophisticated to you always heavily made abdi draped in jewelry exits. they wore gorgeous dress. at least they said to leisure to was a minimalist her. you know, she walked around barefoot, wore a dress made only of a piece of fabric with it. oh girl, she was like a firework, but without artificial trex, inexplicable say that was a very, very new phenomenon. such culture, sir. he says it's often of incredible. brigitte bardot was the center of attention and there was no one like her of them at all. and because she lived in sancho pay, the whole place was given her reputation as i said when that piece going to
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lose, but since it is ebony, but since you were to remove some, she was considered a scandalous actress because she took off her clothes. now is it sandra pay was considered the fall court of hell, a place of debauchery on the place, but sank suny when bridget came here to shoot her, the whole world came over and the fans, the pepper at sea leap, brigitte bardot, a child of the city brought enormous fame to sandra, pe, appleton, lumala formed amicably. is the summer always this of the co moss became the beach club of the stars and those who wanted to be close to them . the former fishing village of sancho pay became the epitome of unbridled to want of evil. and where she was at home, he was to the german multi millionaire and playboy gone to zach's. the playboy met
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the most desirable woman in the world. ah, good devotee of gonzalez, the woman you will, she answered do it's glenda was like a hero from a novel. ah, yes, he was a very elegant and he's don't. he was very rich, felt so he could make a lot of things happen when you get that was it was like a beautiful wild animal bolt, an independent woman. and it fell through fits, but she was tired of all the success of bulls. i think gunter was the man she needed to protect her sick, one who took care of everything tilted of a bush last molo, or a put to g. the should be. oh, the to became the european glamour couple. they represented the lifestyle that continues to set standards. today. they married in las vegas, honeymoon and tahiti, breathless passion,
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and the most exciting places in the world of care free life around the globe. the birth of the international jet set ah, was deep madeau was free, light footed, impulsive, and self confidence. a whole new type of woman. ah, wherever see, and going to zach's appeared. they were mom, the price of their celebrity, ah, a life was eat, botto did not want to live. it will soon she retired. i then, but if you surely world left, she was used to doing her own shopping, but from one day to the next that she could no longer leave her house with result. she was essentially imprison national. he said he appreciate banjo was now one of the biggest stars in the world, and one of the most photographed women next to marilyn monroe lady dye and jackie
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kennedy. a few or more every one wanted to see bridget show she she changed center pays destiny. look all to central bee, and then the next kind of glamour, rock stars like mick jagger, who was not quite sober when he married bianca a model here and may 1971. ah, sancho pay became a playground for any one who wanted to live large. it became their el dorado zacko, his school year mo, mo least. wow. and he said it was a moment when the whole world changes. morality. she saw the more people wanted to wander. people wanted to be naked, to swim, to make love in peace. i'll be the top wireless. all that was here that she do found a more talking more saying that was it is as a theses that easy. ah,
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these were the golden times on the quote to do a time when everything was possible. every day, a celebration of life, hulu. the hotel to cup was one of the places where the final chapter of the code to sewer is yet to be written. and where the glamorous times of this coast always live on. ah, the lynn says to get it to go yonder. ah, i know, please and patted the sixties seventies. there was a huge parade of grace evening dresses and what people dressed up with as far back light was the joy. i thought it was really very eloquent to today. it's a little different on about mantua times, sometimes not crappy. he then the stairs. you have to go down them properly. may
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you have to hold yourself properly? because it is this staircase created the grand entrance when the who's who of international glamour gathered in the hotels park the i'm far fundraising gala is now one of the most prestigious high society gatherings in the world. mm hm. you won't find more stars or big names anywhere. seeing and being seen as what matters with or the murphy's boisterous beach parties. ancient history. just like the scandal surrounding the windsors. mm. but the spirit of those times still hovers over the coast. ah, the coat desert remains the promise of love luxury and passion.
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ah ah. the return of the cinema, the 75th con film festival, is everything back to normal. welcome to reality. the music documentary film festival. no volley. a portrait of pollutants adversary . important owned timely arts. 21. in 30 minutes. bon d. w. o. a
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ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin defying putin's warning. vinland makes it official. it wants in with nato felons prime minister and president to make an announcement a day after russia's president called the idea. a mistake also coming up. the crane says it's 2nd largest city is secure once again, the cranium soldiers clear villages on the outskirts of car give off the russian troops withdrawal and a broadcasting from of bunker.


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