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destruction in the rec crane, mom, terrible horrible. for that. i love violations of any of your minds on rules. we have agreed to. houses are being demolished. infrastructure is being destroyed. civilians, children, senior people, sick people being killed. terry fight. it is a horrible warranty. doesn't make sense, not even from the russian point, if you then not only destroying ukraine, they're also destroying the area and future. so the point has to be made time and again that the timestamp on end of the whole lay thornton, when i thank you for your interest. and this concludes the press conference, have a safe journey home. and that was german chancellor, ala shoulds speaking in madrid at the nato summit. just before him, we heard the you at the nato secretary general. yes, stolen back speaking as well. well, let's get some insights on what we just heard. johnny me here in the studio is our
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correspondent, julius of delhi, and on location in madrid, covering that summit for us is our brussels bureau chief, alexandra fun, nomine. first of all, alexandra, talk to me about what we just heard from chance were schoultz. he outlined a number of military contributions that germany wants to make to nato all. was there anything new there? what, what does he offering? yes, i think it was quite notable how precise the german council was there talking about the german contribution to nato high readiness units. as you know, natal has from us to a booster there. i read annette's readiness units from 40002300000 soldiers. and i was a bit surprised to see how precise the german chancellor here was. he said that germany is ready to add to contribute with their tang could division
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with 15000 soldiers, air, regional navy commands, and 60 aircraft and 20 naval units. so we got those numbers, and i think it's quite remarkable that did their chancellor announce their them in this press conference. now this is a pivotal nato summit. words introducing some, some completely new policy shifts within the alliance. you've been attending that conference there. that crucial summit, talking also to other members there, 30 members of nato. how to the other 29 members of nato right now. see germany's role within the alliance. give us a sense of that. well, according to the german. yes. according to the german chancellor who was just speaking about that in his press conference,
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germany's contribution was appreciated by allies and germany was phrased also by the you. as for stepping up and to shoulds was pushing pretty hard against the criticism that the german government has been facing initially facing, being accused of not delivering fast enough or heavy equipment to ukraine and not committing to deliver or have the equipment. but we have to say that he didn't answer the question of our colleague w theory shake, or he who was asking him whether germany would deliver more. have you weapons for ukraine in addition to what has been already promised, he just said that that might be more announcements, but he didn't really name any, any new kind of weapons to germany. would it be ready to deliver to ukraine?
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julia, you were, you've been following this press conference, of course, or with me. you heard chancellor sholtes, they're making the commitments that alexander just described about germany's military contribution to nato. germany is saying that it will contribute an armored division, a maritime command. does germany have the kind of hardware that he's talking about? because germany has been systematically reducing its military over the past decades are looking at the kind of discussions that have been ongoing within the government and in the public debate. if germany is promising these things, it means it has them because also on the issue of delivering weapons to ukraine of both the government. but also a lot of a military leaders were pointing out that some of the deliveries were slow or may be hesitant. also because germany itself needs to guarantee its own security,
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and germany's stocks aren't necessarily that, that rich and that big because of a lot of saving measures that have been carried out within the military in the last few years. so if chancellor shawls has promised these troops, and these, these, this equipment, it means that it is readily available. and there is also now going to be a push to, to develop germany's equipment and, and, and military power even more and, and tried to sort of move away from the kind of saving measures that have been ongoing. in the last few decades transfer schultz was asked during that news conference about the cost to the german people of the, of support for ukraine in this war with russia here in germany, we're feeling like, and as people in many other countries, the pressure on energy prices are also food prices, we're seeing inflation now rocketing in ways we haven't seen in many decades. how
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did the chancellor feel that question on germany on the support of the german public on the cost of their having to pay for supporting the warner ukraine? or he said that the german public is aware of the situation of the kind of sacrifices that are going to be warranted in this situation. but he feels that he does have the support of the german public. and if we do look at some pulls, that is the case, the german public is in favor of the kind of military support that germany is giving a to ukraine, but also in favor of the sanctions that it is applying against russia. now the issue about the support is how long will it last? because a ministers of the government are worried, especially for the fall and the winter when the price of the, the energy prices are going to be felt. and it's going to be probably tougher for the german public to, to, to deal with that, but also to remain,
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to be in favor of these measures taken by germany against russia and in support of ukraine. so the government has to now start working on trying to help the german public and the population a, withstand these problems, but also to prepare them for what's the come? julia, thank you so much. shar political corresponded julia so deli and there at the madrid . nato summit are corresponding our brussels bureau chief, alexander fernand. thank you very much. you both. now we are going to continue with our regular programming. if you just joining us, you are watching d. w. news from berlin, u. s. president joe biden. he is also due to speak at the nato summit a little later will be bringing you his remarks live when they happen. meanwhile, russia says it has withdrawn is forces from ukraine's strategic snake island in the black sea. russia's defense ministry called her to quote, good will gesture that showed it wasn't blocking ukrainian grain exports. ukrainian
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official said the withdrawal followed. it's miss holland. artillery strikes on russia's garrison, stake island became a symbol of ukrainian resistance at the start of the war when ukrainian soldiers rebuffed a russian warships demand to respond to surrender. and the audio recording went viral. dw corresponded, manuel shaws is covering developments for us from the ukranian city of odessa. earlier i asked her what we should make of rushes claim to be pulling out of state island as quote, an act of goodwill. alteri. i think it's very interesting to see the framing of what happens from the russian perspective. they said they had, they wanted to show the goodwill that much. i wanted to show that they had no interest in blocking, for example, un money there and call it in the black. the black see,
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that's what you find out. i don't rush on, pardon me, perspective on the ukraine inside or force you to the symbolic. we take on this, make island, you said you stated earlier, these had been one of the 1st victories for russia on the, on the war. these island where 13 ukrainian border guards had told russia, well, where to go next to rush. and she had kept to the island including to moscow, the not far more she, if we testing her, it's been, you know, since i've been linda at the bottom of the black sea, with no news from the russian sold it for one by so very significant though so her huge morale for ukraine in tooth and for you finance, it sounds like you're really under a taylor's with the rain falling. emma hope you can hear me. what can you tell us about the prisoner's swap between ukraine and russia that happened yesterday?
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well again, have very significant moments in that war to have been prisoners exchange in the past, but usually it was about 121520 sold is from both sides. this time we're talking about a 144 soldiers on both sides. and it includes only going inside the return of $95.00 as soldiers who fought in the eyes of south feud lands. including $43.00 soldiers from the hours of her battalion. her regiment we'd share was a paramilitary group which joined the ukrainian army the few years back. and the russian rhetoric is that this group is a far right group. and they had always said before that those soldiers would be tried on russia. and 32, he said, that's really significant also because you in the ukraine don't. so these are considered as hero.
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brains are doing left for the front lines with his childhood teddy bears trapped to his military kid for he came to ukraine from morocco to study error, spatial sciences. but last november swapped his student visa for a military one and joined the army merged to the surprise of his friend who i was against that. and one of the main arguments he gave me was the fact that he's kind of feeling useless. so he wants to do something useful and find himself, but he didn't serve long. he 40 more, you pull and surrender to russian forces, along with over a 1000 fellow service men, mid april. but a separatist authorities didn't treat him like a ukrainian prisoner form. that argued, he was a foreign mercenary and put him on trial, along with to britain's da da da da 1st foreign fighters to be tried since the beginning of the war. at the beginning of june, all 3 was sentenced to death. ukrainian authorities and,
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and use those we checked is that it, that as a parent is caught in, dumbass is not recognized by keith or by the international community. it sir, propaganda, sir, shaw and churn in this case 1st the full, the ah, ah issue on the institution. so called court. ah, that pro provide the this where do the death sentence is sir, not so applicable and available on ukrainian territory. we are an ukranian territory, so we consider it like the action of terrorist organization and it's pure terrorist act that should be condemned, and or a severally punished the on international and national level. we are dealing with the big diaries group supported by terry state for growing family. the trial and
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death sentence came as a shock, and they say they haven't received any help from the american authorities so far. the moment when i've seen the video of his capture originally, i tried to contact the american embassy and where i am right now and they literally were like, what do you expect us to do? i tried to reach many other authorities and said everything was silent. i feel like there's like scared to talk about maybe like little into trying to keep it down like he doesn't exist at all. just like his family, friends, friends, feel very alone in trying to help him out of the situation. they have lost a social media campaign and can vast all around the city really so that these are very effective and re but if you are calling them because fever started texting on social media campaign that we started say for him like we so those costs are on the city and what can we do to help brain friend and family,
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but what hope they have in the support they get from the public was a separate is remaining charging dumbass. that's about the only thing they can do. well the european court of human rights fees the case for he inside, along with all the to written he was sentenced to death. we've been the european court sanitizer taking measure to inform russia that it shouldn't carry out the sentence that ensued between the fees and also for the party. according to the conventions, protecting the rights of russian missiles continued to pound ukrainian cities around the country. is it clear what russia is trying to achieve with these strikes, how they fit in to moscow? declared aim of taking control of the don bass region one. i think that 2 sides of the object is that 1st one, we see indiscriminate shelly on a civilian targets for example, the supermarket in financial, gar, monday,
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or in kia on sunday morning on a residential building. i think, you know, there's something to the fact that maybe they want to intimidate the population, not just too easy to blow to the murano. people give any bells or you know, it does work. people are, you know, they are resilient, but our quite shocked by those attacks on civilians. but there's also the aim to their control done, bath, and that's why we see heavy fighting on these on line, especially around lizzie chance to rush into south tried several times now to for me to the city that feel that over hasn't even been there, but they're leaving very dire situation with no water, no electricity, no constance or selling. so, the fighting very much continues on on the eastern side, which is still an objective for russia. i'm a thank you very much. that was our correspond. manuel shaw, they're all very rainy day in the city of the desk.
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and we are just waiting for you as president joe biden to begin his news conference at the nato summit, madrid we may be cutting away to that shortly. but 1st, let's look at some other stories making headlines around the world today. chinese president, she jin ping has arrived in hong kong for celebrations, marking the 25th anniversary of the former british colonies, hand over to china. it's. she's 1st trip outside mainland china. since the start of the pandemic, security is tight to keep both coven 19 and any signs of political descent. in check. officials in tokyo have urged businesses and residence to save power as to pans. record breaking heat wave continues or the 6th day day time highs are hovering around 40 degrees celsius. the hot spell follows the earliest end to the capitals rainy season. in decades, temperatures are not forecast to drop until next week. is really lawmakers have
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voted to dissolve parliaments. the move triggers the 5th national election in less than 4 years and makes foreign minister yard. lockheed interim prime minister. he's taking over from the tale bennett, who says he will not run for reelection in the boat set for november 1st. for the 1st time in germany, a black politician has become a member of a state government. i mean, not to re, a 29 year old member of the green party, hes named minister, was named minister for social affairs in the state of slaves. me holstein for a is the daughter of 2 malia in refugee. now it's the remarkable return of a disgraced political dynasty. ferdinand marco's junior, has been sworn in as president of the philippines more than 3 decades after his father was ousted as dictator. marcus junior, also known as bumble,
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took the oath of office after winning elections by a landslide. he was joined on stage at his inaugurated by his mother imelda. marcos junior praised his paul there who ruled by martial law for nearly a decade. as a leader who got things done, he has pledged to unite the country, create more jobs and tame inflation. big run of you pick me to be your servant, to enable changes to benefit all. i fully understand the gravity of the responsibility that you put on my shoulders. i do not take it lightly, but i am ready for the dust. d. w. correspond geared motus attended the inauguration of fed it on marcus junior in manila where thousands of people came out to show their support for the new president. it's the very moment that thousands of supporters of ferdinand marcus junior here at the national museum in the heart of manila f,
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been waiting for 36 years after being ousted from the philippines. the marcos tennessee is back in the seat of power. fred and not marcus junior, now faces an uphill battle to keep his election promises, like cutting the price of rice in half as inflation in the country is rising sharply. you will also have to balance relations between 2 superpowers, the united states, on the one hand and china that has sent its vice president to the inauguration ceremony. here in manila, on the other hand, the most difficult task of all, however, will be uniting a nation that is deeply split over its past. the opponents are flooded on marcus junior, but in particular, the victims of the martial law period under his father are deeply concerned that the son could bring back the dark days of the dictatorship period. that fred, an macos junior himself refers to provide as the golden era of the philippines. and if you talk to supporters of markers here at the national museum,
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that is exactly what they hope that marcos will bring back to the philippines law is in delegate again. monica, everything. yes. like is that even even better now? mary brown and that man magazine because he's a good leader in honor of his dad. he's going to continue the legacy of the thank thing to fight against i drugs in the guy. i mean me there, man 9 man there had been really busy right again. and that was garrick martin, our correspondent reporting ah, from manila and delivering that report for us. l. tensions are high in india after police, arrested to muslim and accused of murdering a hindu man. and posting a video of it online is comes after months of clashes between hindus and muslims.
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in response to the latest unrest, public gatherings have been banned, and internet access has been suspended in parts of india. o fire and fury on the streets in india, the sectarian murder of hindu taylor by 2 muslim men in the northern state of rochester than has sparked outrage across the country. tensions are running high amid several mass public protests in the capital daily. right wing hindu nationalist groups, plastic police, as they vented their anger over the killing me up. i got, i don't wanna get a man, we're protesting the killing among of can i allow one, but someone who in spite of asking for police protection, was not given any way. this is a protest against a government law, but this is the protest to get justice for canada. and this is a protest against the ever increasing bahati mindset in the country they get. they helped me to get my funding up. the demonstrations continued can i allows cremation
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on wednesday, his killers were arrested by police after they filmed themselves carrying out the murder in his shop in the city of uday poor. in a 2nd video that threatened the indian prime minister nor and remoting, their apart motive was that the murdered man had recently praised the controversial political figure, new per charmaine, a facebook post, a move for which he was arrested before being released on bail expense, his bereaved wife told journalists the facebook post was the sole reason for the killing. it was nothing else. just facebook. they killed him for such a small thing. oh sharma, a well known political figure recently and sensed muslims in india and elsewhere by making derogatory remarks about the prophet mohammed resulting and protests from muslims. the ruling b. j. p. party suspended her as a result. officials and new diaper have rushed to quail. the religious tensions
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before they get any worse. they have imposed a curfew amid clashes with protesters and have tried to stop the murder video from spreading further online. but the killing has exposed the sectarian fault lines, which run deep in a country run by a hindu nationalist party, but in which, around 170000000 citizens are muslims. a french court has handed down the maximum possible sentence for the only surviving perpetrator of the 2015 paris terror attacks. sala of the slum will serve life without patrol without parole, for his part in a series of bombings and shootings which killed a 130 people. 19 other men were also found guilty for planning or aiding the attacks and springs to an end. a long running trial with victims expressing their relief sala up to salaam, now face his life in prison,
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the toughest sentence available, and a french law. he's these so surviving member of the islamic state terrace. so that carried out the deadly attacks in paris. in november 2015 bases of gun and bomb attacks killed a 130 people in the french capital. the deadliest incident occurred at the butler club theatre. 90 concert go was left dead after goodman opened fire. for those who survived the conclusion of the 10 month trial, him especially built paris colt house is just one step in the remedial process. so swallow, actually to night on a fly reaction to the verdict. hillary is that i am relieved, but i am not proud because no one has ever prod when people are condemned to heavy penalties is more than that had been with st. bottle. bucklin chron. michelin. i'm
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relieved because one part of the process is now behind us. ok, don't call them, but we're still fighting to be reimbursed for our suffering by the government. arbitrary nostrils, chunky was said, we will not give up this fight jello went up on until shortly. supposedly certainly it was justice for sure. but just this can do everything just this is just, you know, applying the rule of flow and it's not healing everything. we'll see that it will help us hill. but we still have work to do of under the 19 people were also found guilty. that crimes included, planning and logistical support. just 14 appeared in court. the others presumed dead or missing. the biggest trial in the history of the modern republic has come to a close. a welcome moment, no doubt, but far from the end for those afflicted by frances deadliest peacetime attack.
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here in germany, the largest contemporary art show of its kind is underway in the city of castle, the document who hosts a huge number of artworks by artists from around the world. but one large mural has been removed after it was found to have anti semitic images. it sparked a discussion about how the art show handles controversy. it was a full house for the 1st real debate about the anti semitism scandal at document 15 . there were experts on stage and in the audience, a member of the indonesian territorial collective ruined group. ha. who greeted the crowd in conciliatory tones. this is a very good location to, to little also that you are here. ah, in her. to learn to listen. yet the contentious work in question is no longer
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there. for 2 days, a sprawling banner hung in the middle of casa, among its many images were 2 figures criticized as clearly anti semitic. a more sad soldier with the head of a pig and a man with side locks, often associated with orthodox jews, fangs, and an essay insignia on his hat. it's the work of the indonesian art group toddling party, which enjoys cult status in its home country in castle. the rest of their work is currently staged at a former indoor swimming pool, cardboard figures with strong political messages, large format banners and a tank made of pappy mushy on which visitors can write their own messages. the artists of tiling paddy were shocked by the intensity of the protests. they felt that they were left completely on their own by the document management, buggy man as well as any man. how does it feel for artists working collectively to have their work removed? obama, the last that the that there was no announcement massey, no dialogue,
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no discussion about what we wanted to express with this artwork or jaclyn. adams were hardy, marin mendel, a german israeli historian, an educator, organized the panel to facilitate that dialogue. he criticizes the fact that no one is taking responsibility man with the off the perspective of the and then you have to accept value. that's and listen to the perspective of others since to noon. when this won't work with people from indonesia come and say, this is how it is like it or leave. it is view that, but it also won't work if you just point the finger at them and say, do this or you're out, things are marked or that the idea of it in the muddle debate, hortensia focused responses. many cultural projects, fears that there will now be calls for more territorial control, darby solutions. why i have serious doubts about this, any kind of a fuel. and i'm a supporter of a culture in germany that gives the institutions autonomy, i know, but also great responsibility. i think also found fraud don't. nobody really took
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on this responsibility at the documentary and at present they're releasing no statements. but perhaps now the controversy also offers the chance for a genuine dialogue there, recapping our main store in it. her leaders have ended their 3 day summit of pledging to continue supporting ukraine in its defense against russia's invasion. they spent the final day of the madrid meeting focusing on the global food crisis. they though secretary general ian stoke back said russia's war was pushing up food prices and causing instability around the world. he said nato members were trying to get ukrainian grain out by land and sea. earlier the summit alliance members announced a new strategic plan aimed naming russia as it's the biggest threat aggravated body. well, with me in the studio, as our political correspondent julius saw deli julie has been with me the last
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couple of hours as we've been following events on unfolding in madrid. we heard both in stoughton berg, the nato secretary general, and joe german chantelle off sholtes, addressing a news conference there. i want to ask you julie about all of sholtes and the statements he made concerning. germany's contributions to nato. militarily the chancellor made some promises that i don't recall hearing before. what did you make of them? yeah, these promises are the biggest contribution that we've seen since the sort of of the war in ukraine coming from germany until now. it had been smaller contingency, but now we're hearing about up to $15000.00 troops, ready to be deployed on the eastern flank. we've heard about a german troops or german troops. yes. a 60 aircraft up to 20 marine units and also a regional navy command. in the baltic sea, so these are quite big commitments coming from germ.


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