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no, no bill tries to let you tell. we want to know why not, and to wish him a happy 75th birthday, aren't to 21 in w. a . what people have to say matters to us. i am. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w i once read somewhere that the average american has 2 books on there felt the bible and a book by stephen king. my 1st thought was only one. after all, he is pretty prolific with more than a 100 books published to date, and he writes 2 new ones per year, on average. he's written more than 70 novels,
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plus short stories, nonfiction an historical novels. but stephen king is most known for his poor books, which he's decrease, iconic figures to pop culture. well, the evil clown pennywise the rabid dog, who jo and he, himself became a character in the simpsons. 400000000 copies of his books have been sold worldwide . and yeah, shakespeare is well above that 1000000000 and even more. harry potter books have been sold. but 400000000 is still a lot of readers. that's more readers than the entire population of the united states. meaning that you could make an entire nation out of stephen king readers, and it would out number all of the us americans on the planet. maybe that's a concept for a new novel. stephen king has one just about every award there is to win, and in 2014 president obama presented him with the national metal arts. but there
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is one thing i don't think well ever see. with this years nobel prize and literature is awarded to speak with with let's just go with the thought experiment. after all, there are renowned voices advocating that stephen king finally be honored with what
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is probably the most important and well endowed literary prize. there is at just over a 1000000 dollars one of the many wonders of democracy used it every once in a while, the message, good it right? justice once the academy should bestow the water upon someone, people actually read for the friends, moroccan author layla's the money who won the prestigious pre encore for her novels . perfect nanny, i love thinking, i think that shining, you know, everyone speaks about the movie, but the book shining is a next of that book, right? really an exciting book. so if he was to win the nobel prize, i would be very, very happy. a french music do well has made their opinion known in a video, hulu, a. busy let's say what ordinary readers have to say about it. so i wanted to ask people
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a deuce mun berlin's largest bookstore, what they thought. in your opinion, do you think stephen king deserves to win the nobel prize and literature? i don't think so. no. i think a stephen king would be rather commercial. maybe he, he has another opinion, of course, but i think no, no, no. the prize for literature. no, i'm not too sure. i guess. yeah, yeah, i guess he could. i think his compared to many people just extremely intelligent, has gone through so much, i think, spiritually and intellectually. i think what better person went on in your opinion, do you think stephen king deserves to win the nobel prize and literature? no, no, absolutely not. i was really disappointed the comment was phillip was never got the price. i think he would have been someone twice today . we think of stephen king maybe not as high literature, but maybe he's in fact,
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you know, how we today regard dickins or someone who at the time was considered popular. but perhaps we should 1st summarize here what the nobel prize for literature actually is. it takes its name from its founder alfred nobel, a swedish chemist, who made his money with the invention and industrialization of dynamite. because this gave him a reputation as a killer. he wondered how posterity would view him. and shortly before his death set up a foundation to award his fortune each year for those who have conferred the greatest benefit to human kind. in 19 o 15 years after his death, the nobel prize was awarded for the 1st time by the royal swedish academy of sciences. do you see a woman anywhere here? that's right, didn't exist then, and it didn't exist for many years. all old white men, and so it's not really surprising that the laureate seemed a bit lopsidedly selected. guess who tops the list as of today in 2021
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the nobel prize and literature has gone to france 15 times ahead of the u. s. at 13 times, closely followed by the u. k, with 12 laureates, and followed by sweden and germany with 8 each. okay. germany has a population more than 8 times the size of sweden, but maybe there are a lot of great writers there. or maybe it's home court advantage the prizes white from a purely statistical point of view, the 1st non european to win the nobel prize and literature was the ban. golly, poet, rough enough to gore in 1913. it was not until 1968 that a 2nd asian author received the prize. yes. who naughty kaba, from japan, in total, there are 5 nobel prize winners and literature from asia. 5 out of a total of a $118.00, representing a continent that currently makes of about 60 percent of the world population. i'm not a statistician, that seems a bit skewed for the african continent, things like only slightly better. there are almost 1400000000 people living there,
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but only 5 nobel prize winners in literature and only 2 black africans, the nigerian willie so younger in 1980, an outdoor as a cool enough from zanzibar in 2021. the prize has been awarded 118 times that only 16 times as a woman received it. the 1st was the swede. sa malagra, left in 19 o 9, and the last was the american louise book in 2020. also, among them the american pearl. as buck, who was apparently too trivial and held fierce criticism at the time of the decision. but people also complain when the prize winners are not available in every bookstore. or because women draw more criticism in 2004 when the prize went to austrian play right of feed, a yellow neck conservative critics screeched feminist left deed in the case of the german head to molar in 2009. the new york times sneered her to who, which brings us to the question, to ordinary readers, know the names of nobel prize winners and literature from the past? excuse me. oh boy. no, i have
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a complete blake out. no. i'm the wrong person dos that i have. i couldn't say no, none like no. so the nobel prize in literature means a lot of honor, but not necessarily eternal fame. the biggest hurdle for stephen king, however, are the literary critics, most of whom still spurned him. his books are general literature and apparently that off. so when stephen king received the national book award for his life's work in 2003, probably also to bring a little attention to the prize. there was a scandal, the loudest voice of which was that of harold gloom. the pope of literary criticism at the time and of a low and the shocking process of jumping down are a cultural life. i've described king in the past as a writer of penny dreadfuls, but perhaps even practice to kind that they could believe that there's any literary rebel you there for any aesthetic accomplishment or science of an inventive human
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intelligence is simply a testimony to their own. and how is stephen king responded to, oh, some criticism he says even spurs him on, some has hurt him, but he just keeps writing. but he has a clear opinion about harold bloom. there are critics out there and he's one of them who take their ignorance about popular culture as a badge of intellectual prowess. tony magistrate li is a professor of literature and was stephen king's research assistant for 4 years. he has written nearly a dozen books about him and believes that the view of stephen king's changed even among academics, foy figure has reject it. that's important for us to remind ourselves. it has been changed and he won. the national book award is grecian fiction. i would say of the last 20 years has been reviewed quite favorably in major american publications, including the new york times the yellow times the new yorker, the new york review of books. stephen king doesn't need the nobel prize for
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literature for his fame. he already has it, and with an estimated fortune of around $370000000.00, he is one of the richest writers in the world. hard to imagine. but there are fans who have read every stephen king book available will stick with the most famous kerry with stephen king's 1st novel in 1974. when he was still a teacher and living in a trailer with his wife kerry as the story of a young girl who has telekinetic abilities, as she uses against all her classmates so bullied her for years and against her religious fanatic mother who wants to kill carrie it's a slaughter of a book. the book, like almost all his stories, was made into a movie and made stephen king famous. i held new to the suit number, the shining, came out in 1977, a horror novel that gained a cult. following 3 years later in the film,
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adaptation by stanley kubrick, the story of jack a dry, alcoholic. like stephen king himself, takes a job as a janitor in a remote snowden hotel and moved there with his family. the hotel is inhabited by ghost who want jack to murder his son, the finale, bloody and explosive. ah, it was published in 1986 and is perhaps stephen king's most famous novel. the book was made into a movie. twice. it is evil, and appears on the figure of pennywise the clown, who mainly praise on children who brutally murders a group of 6 boys and a girl take up the fight. only by sticking together can they win? the infamous evil clowns that haunt our nightmares. o pennywise of royalty check.
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he's ah mm. but stephen king can do other things 211-2263 was published in 2011 jake as a time traveler who tries to prevent the assassination of john of kennedy on november 22nd 1963. at the same time, he hopes that this will prevent the vietnam war and that he, jake can make the world a better place, but time resist being chain. and sometimes other disasters happen as a result of the change. the novel adapted as a mini series brought stephen king, much crazed even from unexpected places. the new york times called it one of the best books of the year and wrote that the novel was a meditate on memory loss, free will, and necessity for paragraphs like this. for example, for a moment everything was clear. and when that happens, you see that the world is barely there at all. don't we all secretly notice. it's a perfectly balanced mechanism of shouts and echoes pretending to be wheels and
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cogs, a dream clock charming beneath a mystery glass we call life. yet there are also many writers who count stephen king among the ro models or who were inspired to start writing because of him or her learned to write with him after reading his book on writing a memoir of craft in it, he not only offers advice for aspiring writers, but also describes how he writes, and what he considers important. read, read, read. if you want to be a writer, you must do 2 things above all others to read a lot and write a lot. there is no way around these 2 things that i'm aware of. no shortcut. and very importantly, don't over describe. description begins in the writer's imagination, but should finish in the readers. walter moseley, a legend among african american crime writers, doesn't need writing tips from stephen king. but he reveres his colleague, he gave king an overture at the national book awards ceremony. there is no writer
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in america more worthy of recognition for his contributions to literature, to literacy, and for his generosity to writers, wholesome white head, one of the most important voices in american literature, read him while he was growing up. in junior high, i was reading stephen king and isaac asimov. it was those guys who made me one to write in the 1st place. for bret easton, ellis, who himself wrote a horror novel, celebrated by literary critics with american psycho. he was a major writer for me as a kid and as an adolescent, i was thrilled every time a stephen king book came out. i remember buying it. i'm thinking it was the most epic horror novel that it was the ulysses of hora, a jamie musician and other tasteful man, has retained his passion for stephen king as an adult and has even written a song about his idol junk infinity. oh, maybe she'll lunch with
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cook i with so i back from berlin as a bestselling author, publisher and translator herself, she believe that stephen king a just be too successful to win the nobel prize for literature. we have this kind of thinking, if many, many people like something they can't be high quality because obviously if it's too many people, then it can't be good because there's just the chosen ones to know what's good and what's not. if you're on the award committee like the noble,
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i think you have to ask a question. what makes somebody like this so popular? is it just because he scares people? or is there something else or what makes somebody like me, right? well, the books about him, i think there's a lot going on in a search and it's got very little to do with his popular reputation or as a ship already sales home or the nobel prize for literature to yet another world white man from the english sphere i wonder what the committee that selects the laureate thinks at the moment. there are 4 men and 2 women. the youngest is 52 years old and the oldest, almost 90. i have no idea what goes on in the nobel prize committee. maybe 7 king will win one thought dylan won a nobel prize for literature. i don't even think about that committee. he said that stephen king will never get the nobel prize for literature walker
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did. bob did not get the prize furniture. well, not that i want to compare the 2, but you never know who's going to get is i would not want to balance that stephen king will never get the nobel prize for literature. he might. that's right. there was something in 2016 singer songwriter bob dylan received the award for new poetic expression in the american song. tradition of the boy in bob dylan could not be reached from weeks when people tried to tell him the news in person. this is not the only curiosity in the long history of the nobel prize for literature. pamela sir, who was awarded the prize in 1946 the 1st year after world war 2 is said to have
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written to his wife, nino, the devil take the dim stuff. the french author and philosopher jump asada turned down the prize in 1964 because he did not want to be part of it. he still one of the prize money is that the central ism are simply impertinent or khaki. it is not the same if i sign jean paul shocker, or if i sign jean paul south normal price with forrest pass for nack, refuse the prize in 1958 because he was threatened at home with expulsion from the soviet union. the cold war was also fun literature. in retrospect, the award to norwegian canoe thompson in 1920 when completely wrong. he was celebrated as a literary genius. maybe so. but no. thomson adored german national socialism so deeply that girls congratulated him every year on his birthday and even gave the medal of his noble prize to the minister of propaganda of the 3rd. right. i'm curious, however,
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was the award of winston churchill in 1953. you heard that right. the winston churchill never had anything written by him. wait, there was something i have nothing you offer blood dial here. and rick. oh, sorry. that was his 1st speech as british prime minister in the middle of world war 2. elected prime minister twice, he is considered the most important of his country, the poet he was awarded quote, for his mastery of historical and biographical description, as well as for brilliant oratory, in defending exalted human values. not exactly literature, but maybe they just wanted to give him some nobel prize and he hadn't done quite enough in the field of chemistry. the story goes that when churchill received the news that he had won the nobel prize, in which field, honestly, when you hear stories like this, there is no reason not for words. stephen king,
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the nobel prize for literature is there. i actually do like with your rights, i don't think from when i think about the nobel prize statute, i don't think he will ever get the no, no good price because he says something about idealistic literature and he may be a very political person, etc. but i don't think that his teacher is considered a nobel prize with the unfortunately, i would really like to see him get this. okay, let's take a different approach. what would we do if we could decide what criteria should be used for the nobel prize for literature? yes, there is the matter of the greatest benefit to human kind. so bob dylan fall under, wouldn't it be time to celebrate literary words from other regions of the world? africa, asia, south america? it's the highest priority we have to get away from the white male, gave them to, to have more diversity in literature,
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in cultural aspects. we should have started doing this like ages ago and it's, it's actually it's a disaster that we haven't though we still have this is very strong male weston white gaze on culture, on what is important in life on basically every aspect of life. and so we do need to change these babies under m isn't also comes in bob way, was not only a great contemporary writer, her books are all the socially and politically engaging. in 2021, she received the peace prize of the german book trade. the price promotes international tolerance by acknowledging individuals who have contributed to these ideals. that actually sounds quite similar to the statutes of the nobel prize and literature. dunker is a writer and filmmaker and have even been arrested several times for her commitment
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to freedom and democracy. the stories of sub saharan africa as stories that more often than not bring into question the global power structure that we live under today. because of the way the world is built on imperialism that included the slave trade colonialism and the racism that exists today. so by bringing these things into question, it is not that easy for people who ah, the gatekeepers to literature in the world, to appreciate those stories in the way that they might be appreciated if the
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balance of power was different. so it means that few of these stories get through anyway, john jesse a new and important voice in american literature, would have one main criteria. and if she were allowed to decide on the price, it would have to have this quality that i think of as like a kind of rigorous nest, like i would want to see the book engaging with large ideas and engaging even if it fails to kind of fully grasp that idea and, and i would want to see ad beautiful sentences and, but mostly like i considered attempt to think about something large on the page that says tony magistrate is exactly what we find. and stephen king's novels, i think king writes about white america, but he also writes about white america collection on itself. i think he talks about
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the dominion way should of american institutions, particularly social and political, the family government, schools, corporations. these are at the center of his work, and it's not a flattering portrait that he gives us. a lot of people read stephen king for what i think are the wrong reasons. and they don't appreciate the seriousness of how he's dealing with these breakouts. and what does stephen king himself say? so whether you talk about ghosts or vampires or nazi war criminals living down the block, we're still talking about the same thing, which is in the intrusion of the extraordinary, into ordinary life and how we deal with what that shows about our character and our interactions with others and does society we live in interests me a lot more than monsters and vampires and goals and gulps. but in the end, there is still the fact that so many seemingly worthy authors have not received the
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nobel prize for literature. authors whose books are still read around the world to day, and who prove that even the jury for the nobel prize and literature is fallible. just a few examples of upsets and nobel history. anton check of the great russian writer and dramatist or the frenchman marcel proust, author of the classic in search of last time. james joyce, what james joyce didn't get it either virginia wolf, one of the most important female writers of the 20th century. no, no noble prize in literature franz kafka, he should have given the jury the trial, no, no bell prize and literature either. haruki more economy. the japanese author is the top of the list every year, but he's never one. neither has to knew a chevy from nigeria, who is considered the father of modern african literature, often seen a stony poet and writer of the argentine of vanguard. of course, she deserved the prize too. and mary's condo from guadalupe she keeps appearing on
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the lists and betting shops, but she has never 1. 1 thing is clear. if stephen king does win the nobel prize for literature at some point, there will be a lot of shouting on one side and a lot of joy on the other. kind of like everything. he himself has a pretty pragmatic way of looking at it. i don't care what they call me as long as the checks don't balance the next time. ah, ah ah, with
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your love can be wonderful in the relationship of equals a rarity in mexico where tradition still expects women to
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submit but a new generation wants to change that love and sex taboos in mexico close out. in 15 minutes on d. w. saving any way possible. sunday i go has been battling extreme drought a now the city is counting on its residence, the house. oh and on sustainable technology with 3090 minutes on d. w. a.
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yes ma'am lake. oh oh sure. oh, i oh, you become a criminal. ah franklin, aol already know who's with hackers and paralyzed me tighter societies. computers that out. sure you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work,
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how they can go in for, and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it now on youtube. oh, ah, this is the w use life from berlin. the people of scotland bid farewell to queen elizabeth the 2nd child. the 3rd leads a procession through the heart of the scottish capital to some child's cathedral with thousands pay their final respects to britain's longest writing. monarch.


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