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ERIC ED582404: A Guide for Teachers/Educators for Collaborating with Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Youth with Disabilities Educational and vocational rehabilitation programs both have key roles and responsibilities in improving post-school outcomes for students with disabilities. Both entities must be involved in creating opportunities for students to develop skills and knowledge to prepare for careers in the 21st Century. To help facilitate understanding and promote local discussion and planning, this Teacher's Guide has been developed for educators to use in partnership with their local vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselor. The information and planning questions are based on practices that work to facilitate purposeful collaboration, which is focused on improving post-school outcomes for students with disabilities. Even though the implementation of the practices discussed in this guide will take some upfront planning and time, the rewards of this initial commitment will pay dividends down the road as educators and VR counselors are working jointly with students and their families. Specifically, this planning effort will assist with: (1) promoting a coordinated effort between the local education agency (LEA) and VR counselor; (2) creating processes to facilitate delivery of transition services, including pre-employment transition services to students with disabilities; and (3) eliminating duplication of efforts. This guide contains a list of resources. [Cover title varies: "Teachers Guide to Vocational Rehabilitation."]

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