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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 14, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. washington d.c. is swirling. president trump defended the firing of james comey. and president's views supported by new acting director mccab. acknowledged that fbi agents were angry and frustrated with director comey's decision not to prosecute hillary clinton. the left string media said that
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comey had asked for more resources to expanhandle the russian association days before he was fired. but the new york time and washington post misrepresented the truth. catherine herridge has the report. >> reporter: the new acting fbi director said confidence remains strong in his old boss. >> director comey enjoyed broad support in the fbi and still does today. the vast majority of fbi employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to director comey. >> reporter: testifying in the hearing, the fbi acting director andrew mckabe answered but was
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not what the white house put out. >> i've heard a large number of individuals that works with the fbi that is happy with the president's decision. >> reporter: he said it is only because of mishandling of information. >> there are folk ps in our agency that were frustrated with the outcome of the hillary clinton case and they were vocal about that concern. >> reporter: on the russian probe be and the target. >> has the dismissal of stopped or negatively impacted combf of the investigation or ongoing projects at the federal bureau of investigation. >> simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing and upholding the constitution and protecting the american people.
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>> did you hear comey tell the president he was not the subject of an investigation. >> sir, i can't comment on the conversations that the director had with the president. >> for many people including myself. it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the president's decision to remove director comeyy was related to the investigation. and that is truly unacceptable. >> reporter: and the commander in chief was singled out. >> president trump's actions this week cost us an opportunity to get at the truth at least for today. >> his critics say that mckabe's is partis an. he debunked media report ares that mckabe wanted more money. and calls for special
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prosecutor. >> the fbi will continue to pursue the investigation completely and differently. >> do you need anybody else to do it? >> no, sir. >> reporter: he met with rod rosenstien that the meeting was on the books for a while and not connected to it comey's firing. the congressional and federal probe would not jeopardize each other, low? >> lou: thank you very much. that andrew mccabe was a long- time friend of chairman podeft onna of the hillary clinton campaign. before the president fired comey. comey said that the president was not a target of the fbi conversation. joining me is sarah carter for circa news. good to have you with us. this is ess culpatory as far as
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the "fake news" charges that keep springing up and saying that it is improper. that comey would have said such a thing to the president and trying to cast doubt that he did say that to the president. you have validation? >> reporter: for months we have reported this. john solomon and i broke the first story that revealed neither trump or his immediate circle was part of an investigation in to the colution with russia. grassly and senate uponor finestein valididated this. there are so many myth and that's what is happening. people want the myth and rumors to go away that president trump was in collusion with the russians or any of his top
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aides. >> lou: let me put it forward here as i can. the president of the united states is a target. but he is a target of the largest and most expansive disinformation campaign i have ever seen conducted against political official, let alone a president in our history. >> reporter: yes, this is an intenseification of the president. the stories were debunked by mckabe and others. what we have to look at. if the president is not under sxrfgz what grassly and senator finestein is true, his firing of comey has nothing to do with him being under investigation. he's not under investigation. it has to do with the way director comey handled the
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situation. and even if comey told president trump he was not under investigation that is also a problem. he's not supposed to talk about investigations at all. and going from all the way back to last year, he kept coming in and out of the public limelight making comments about the investigations. it was liking he wanted his cake and eat it, too. and that does not work in washington. >> lou: nothing seems to work well in washington aside the politics attack and it is instructive to go back to the statement made by crying chuck, chuck schumer on january 3rd and put it up the exact quote. senator schumer warning the president. let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they
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have six ways at sunday getting back to you. extraordinary the warning that and the consequences frankly persist and they really do. it is a strange thing that is happening in the national left wing media. everyone stirs up thing and wants to talk about what the president should have done or will do or not do. when what we are witnessing is a national left wing media that is attacking a man without any facts, without any purpose other than partisan. >> reporter: when you look at general michael flynn. i don't think it is just the media, it is about a group of people that have a particular objective and they consistently push propaganda message or
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a psychological praegz to push a story that is not validated or truchlt you know the facts here, one, as far as everyone knows and including statementses coming from grassly and feinstein and president trump is not under investigation for collusion with russia. yet that persistses in the media. look at what happened to general michael flynn when he was national security advisor. are we going to propagate this? that feeds in the narrative more than anyone else. >> lou: i assure you we will not propagate it. it is unimaginable. the standards that have descended in the craft of
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journalism in particular. but we look at the president and his team working against the psychological operations and disinformation campaign by the national left wing media and democratic party and the deep state, it is quite remarkable that no one want upons to say wait a minute. we have too much integrity to persist, no matter what the corporate bosses. and these journalist who were once journalist are persisting to carrying out a vicious attack being for which there is no excuse or rationalization. sarah carter, great to have you here. terrific reporting and we count on you and circa and look forward to having you back soon. we'll have more from the swamp, stay with us.
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president trump entirely straightforward about his decision to fire james comey. >> he is a show boat and grand stander and the fbi has been be in turmoil. >> lou: the president's efforts to restore integrity in the fbi. we'll talk to adams here next. and the acting fbi director on the capitol hill, one to expose the campaign of disinformation about "fake news" about the firing of jameses comey. we take up we recently had a heart attack. but we are not victims. we are survivors. we are survivors. we are survivors. and now we take brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack.
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reporting that comey requested more resources to investigate collusion from the trump campaign in russia. not so. the act being director of the fbi andrew mccabe contradicted that reporting today. >> can you confirm that that request was not made? >> i cannot confirm that made. we don't typical request that money. the russian investigation was adequately resourced. >> lou: at what point does a news outlet gain a reputation for misitating truth and untruth and misrepresenting and lying about the president of the united states? at what point, is there a consequence?
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our next guest said president trump was right to remove james comey as director of the fbi. joining me now is former justice attorney serving under president's bush and obama. chris, good to it have you with us. let's start with a remarkable statement that there was going to be. that they -- comey requested additional resources just days before being fired by the president. this nonsense that persists and turned into a campaign of disinformation by what was once considered reliable new's organization. >> now, the source of the story ran a nine hour frenzy because they thought it was a smoking gun. which was a lie. the familiar news campaigns are
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integrated with the dnc nomination. they are fully integrated with each other and no one should be surprised that the nbc. >> lou: no one wanting it is worried about surprise. don't worry about surprise. the shock question is very high tres hold. >> the other thing is the entire washington chattering class is so bent out of shape. remember the law and constitution said the president can fire comey for any reason. they were not consulted or talked to ahead of time. president trump didn't phone the member p of the senate. >> lou: who is senator warner? he was supposed to be be a reliable and sedate cautious establishment figure along with
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senator burr and the rest of the committee. he's holding forth judgments sentence by sentence and outrageous what he was saying. >> think about it. the same democratic party laughed at you if you were concerned about russian involvement in the united states. you were a punch line and now they are obsessed with russia influencing the election. they don't care about the unfettered illegal immigration and people getting registered to vote that james comey's fbi didn't prosecute once for eight years. >> lou: and your point destroying by millions of resident in california, illinois, massachusetts, florida and creating congressional districts where none should exist and overrepresentation on states that bring in illegal
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immigration. >> if the democrats were worried about the election. they would look at wendy rosen who voted twice for president. this fbi under comey never prosecuted her. and she committed felonies. >> lou: let's go through the prosecution. the justice departmenty's fbi. famously involved in fast and furious. famously going to resolve with their agents stand negligent ruins of benghazi consulate. we never saw the reports from that. did you? i never saw the conclusion or a single person indicted as a result of an fbi investigation in the big scandals in the obama years, all eight of those years. >> we'll talk about the racially motivated hate crimeses with
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americans of all race and creeds that the fbi refuseded to do under director comey. and endangered american's election inte grity and lives and yet they are worried about a phantom russian threat. >> lou: who was it in the dnc who told the fbi they could not come in to the dnc even if the rushion invaded the piece of the united states. the servers of the democratic national committee and not a single person in the fbi ever explained why they rejected the decision of the dnc. there is a lot of questions here. you would think that there would be a clamor of special investigators by senator crying chuck schumer, but no.
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good to see you. >> thank you. >> lou: follow me at twitter on loudobbs. the trump administration fires back at democrats that claim they are upset about director comey's firing. >> i continuing is startling that democrats are not celebrating this since they called for it so long. lou and that is the subject of my commentary tonight. please stay with us. please stay with us. a lot more straighththththt i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ ♪ when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?!
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>> lou: a few thoughts on democratic hypocrisy. lining up to pose as grief stricken at the firing of james comey is worth examination.
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president trump took aim at the small minded left that depth and feign concern for director comey. dems have been complaining for month and months about director comey and now he's fired they pretend to be aggrieved. phonohypocrites. well said, mr. president, well said. the man president trump downed head clown and now crying chuck called the firing a cover up. but back in december schumer didn't have confidence in comey any longer and calling his letter to congress appalling. nancy pelosi joined schumer in calling the firing of comey a cover up. maybe he's not in the right job what she said in november. hillary clinton blamed comey for
7:28 pm
the loss of the election. and now her campaign manager said the four suggest terrifying. and bernie sanders said it raises concerns about what the trump administration is quote hiding. but back in january the good socialist senator said this. i think he is take a hard look at what he's done and not a bad thing for the american people if he did step down. >> lou: most americans, dems or republican ares or independent socialist had no respect for the director at all who politicalized the once proud agency. but the agents understood that the public has had no regard for the agency for sometime now because it seldom brought big public caseses to resolution or successfully investigated or prosecuted those responsible for the biggest scand willals of the
7:29 pm
obama years ago, fat and furruous and benghazi and irs scandal and targeting conservative groups. and hillary clinton e-mail scandal and the clinton foundation scandals. president trump was right to fire the former director and his firing in my opinion was absolutely necessary, because new leadership in the fbi is urgently and critically required if that agencies to regain the public's request and the confidence of the trump white house. the quotation of the evening this from tennessee williams, the only thing worse than a liar is a liar that is also a hypocrite. crying chuck. we're coming right back. comi. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for dems outraged over the comey removal. >> democrats complaining about
7:30 pm
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lou: joining me now senior adviser to three presidents. twice a candidate for the republican p >> lou: joining me now, nationally syndicated columnist and best selling author and a great american and great conservative, patrick jay buchanan. this is such a wonderful piece of booking. i want to give my terrific staff credit. how did we know the democrats, first thing they would say about president trump firing james comey. i talked to president trump and hold up the comey firing until the book hits. >> lou: look. >> henry is right there in the oval office. >> lou: i love seeing him in the oval office on.
7:35 pm
>> i think he would give them. you don't like the folks but they have a awful lot of bombs. >> lou: and james clapper who i think he is a controversial dni. he was straightforward enough to remind the senate that the russians and the soviets have been trying to interfere in our presidential elections, we know for a fact since 1968. and we also know they tried to upend your boss at one point, ronald reagan in the '84 reelection. >> they were a favorite with mondale and they really made a mistake. 41- 1. think about this. >> but they doesn't. they at lost were on the wrong side of history again. >> and edrollins coming on as
7:36 pm
well. look, it is not unheard of that the united states may have tried to influence certain elections in parts of the world and even in democratic elections. >> lou: i am sure because of the outrage expressed by the former president obama. he forgot what he was doing about israel and forgot about brexit where he told the british people what to do. who makes these people up? >> it is outstanding. but the comey thing, you're right. people say well, it brought back the saturday night which is more serious than the fbi director told to go. >> lou: it is stunning stuchlt most people think that cox was fired bu elliott abrams and
7:37 pm
richard simy. they forget the whole process. they only have the vaguest idea. >> the truth of it is, nixon cut a deal to turn over transcripts or some reason his tapes so he would not put all of the garbage in there and vetted by john stens, and given to everybody except to cox and he said we'll subpeona all of these tapes and on friday night. they asked if elliott was on board and next day elliott was not on board and i sent nixon a memo and i said you have are to fire elliott and i was in the oval office, lou, and he talked about the russian and yom kippur going on and henry was in moscow. and nixon said i will fire him and if p i have to go down to
7:38 pm
a gs seven to fire that guy i will do it. elliott is coming in the other door and there was elliott and how are you doing? and he looked like he was leading somebody be to execution in there which is sort of what he was doing. >> lou: the metaphor would have been. >> he bet on nixon not being being the future. >> lou: and alexander ha ag was in control. at that point, you needed a turnstile in the white house. >> you are right. we had six is or eight guys going out of there and stuff and many of them spending time in minimum security facilities. >> lou: and you continuing to profit immensely? >> profiting from evil. >> lou: and well done, too.
7:39 pm
>> thank you. >> lou: i would like to raise the suggestion that you purchase this book. pat buchanan, a terrific read and dedication. i agree wu. much luck with the book. >> my old colleaguing 35 years ago, lou? >> lou: i continuing was closer to 40. >> could be, you're right. >> lou: we are here to remember it. >> prettiy good. >> lou: pat buchanan, thank you and great to have you here. we'll show you a woman getting an upclose look at panama city. soissaring through the estate's tower. and she called it a beautiful
7:40 pm
fly by but doesn't think she would do it again. it does look like a screw and it does look like it would be great not to do it again. and a commission to crack down on voter fraud and insure the integraty. >> it will unmind the american's election and provide the president with system vulnerabilities. >> lou: it is a very busy week for the republican white house. and a group of excited sealses are about to surprise the kyachter. that video and much more straight dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over.
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>> lou: president trump signed an execute you have order today creating a commission coexamine voter fraud and suppression. kansas secretary chris coback will serve as chairman. and president trump signing an order to bolster cyber security and protect the nation's
7:45 pm
critical infrainstruct from your sign are attacks. here to talk about those orders and the firing of comey and veteran of ten presidential campaign and fox news contributor, ed rollins. starting with the executive orders. electorial integrity? >> both are very important. and i think the key thing on the electoral strategy is moving forward are and not back wards. you will not undue the 3 million vote margin. but put people on record you don't steal elections and we have critical election coming up. it is a warning sign to those in the special elections. >> lou: voter id's. the simple thing and bogus and claimed by the left that that is somehow unfair, when it is
7:46 pm
giving everyone a clear reassurance of the integrity of our system. >> it is a sakret right. >> lou: why does the left get away. >> you have a imaginable cast and they look at it and make good recommendation and the census that is coming forward. i think it is positive. if it is a rehash of the last election it will be ridiculous. and it is making sure it doesn't happen again. >> cyberspace is the key here. >> lou: that drives me crazy. it really is. the fact that the president had to do an executive order which the previous president said he had done. we watched the files on federal employees, past president, and
7:47 pm
get sucked in to china? >> everybody who worked in the federal government including me ten years ago, thought personnel manage was controlled and it was ripped off. low lou i want to see that file of yours. >> i passed several fbi checks, i am not sure i would today. >> lou: i would like to see none of those files and to hear the department of homeland security is getting serious about it and it is woefully late and irresponsibly late. i talked for years about the passivity of president obama. i had no idea he refused to secure national security and to actually do things. he did almost nothing that was positive and productive for this country in eight years. >> we now have a guy who does things. >> lou: it is a big catch up.
7:48 pm
>> but it is catch up. and you have to undew the execute you have orders and move forward and fix the thing and what he promiseed to do in the campaign and he did this. >> lou: we have this from senator corey booker. this is one of the main stays of the dem's future electorally. corey booker. and listen to what the man actually said. >> we get back to the focus of what is going on which is a moment in history we have are had an unprecedented attack on the election. donald trump did not take it seriously in a moment in our country when the people are talking about the russians are coming not only in the past election but continuing the behavior. what is our response be? >> lou: that senator refuses to
7:49 pm
acknowledge that the russians are not coming, they are here and in the democratic servers and walk throughing the democratic national headquarters and the fbi. it was an fbi moment was thrown out. how do you explain that guy? he doesn't understand the history of the country and the number of times the soviet union attacked our elections over 50 years. >> they have been great television series about spy networks in the reagan years and they have our navy secret and now our parties. >> lou: chinese are coming. >> i have a chinese daughter who is my pride and joy. >> lou: is she the american citizen? >> you bet she is is. she is my special baby. >> lou: she is a dilightful
7:50 pm
young young lady. she ought to be be. one element with mccabe, with all of his connections to poddestia and the democratic party and his wife, a democratic candidate and the fbi didn't find it necessary to recuse himself? >> she should. >> lou: they need to know what is a conflict of interest in the fbi. >> it is very important as i said last night. the president has to put an all-star up there. this guy would be a distraction. >> lou: you say such a sweet establishment way. he is a distraction. he is conflicted. >> he is conflicted so he is a distraction so get him out of there. >> lou: thank you so much.
7:51 pm
please roll the video. one kyakter getting up close and enjoying a seal. when one smacked the photographer directly in the face as a good seal should. and the woman was shocked and laughed off her close encounter. and it turns out, there may be a strong reason north korea warning the north korea to asheses. he will be usure your power grid, kim jong-un. that's the fear. we'll tell you what the facts are. are. my guests are coming up next. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and
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welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ whether for big meetings or little getaways, there are always smiles ahead at holiday inn. >> lou: new warning that north korea is creating a electrical satellite a took the north america. dr. fry warned that the satellite could be potentially and destroy the u.s. power grid and joining us dr. pri who is
7:56 pm
a director of the emt commission. this is for most americans, a true revelation that the north koreans have satellites that they put in orbit that could be used as an em, weapon. >> we have been trying to warn about this for some years, 2012. articles have been written by my colleague and occasionally published in the wall street journal. but most of the media ignored the story. >> lou: we have joined you now and you have our attention. how realistic is this threat in your judgment of these two satellites that is are navigating in low either orbit. many americans would be surprised to learn that the
7:57 pm
north koreans have the capacity. >> it is such a serious threat we recommended that the satellites be shot down. we don't know if they are nuclear armed. if they are. just one of the satellites if they have a super em, within in them could destroy the u.s. electric grid not only for a temporary blackout but months. we only have enough food to feed the american people 30 day and if a black out lasted one year. it could last more than a year, we could lose millions of people to starvation and disease and societal collapse. em, is a high-tech means of killing people the old fashion way.
7:58 pm
>> lou: define the weapon. >> it is not designed to put out a big explosion. the yield is low. 1- 10 tileye ton and most are in the yield range. we were told by russian generals, em, experts back in 2004 and warned us that the design information for the russian em, weapon was accidentally transferred to north korea and russian and korean scientist developing that weapon and predicted in a few year back in 2004, the north koreans were test flight. they had a low yield most people thought was a failure, but that is what the super em, weapon
7:59 pm
looked like. >> lou: is our government or military prepared for or against em, attack? i know the civilian sectors of our economy and nation are not. but at least our government or military, are they prepared? >> they are prepared for some kind of em, attack but a super em, weapon could create powerful em, fields that they would succeed against the force. >> lou: we are out of time. but the obvious question why in the world have we not taken out these satellites if they present such a serious threat? >> that question is one that i can't answer. the obama administrations was loathe to talk about em, at all. i hope that the next
8:00 pm
administration will act differently. >> lou: dr. fry, thank you for welcome us. and we thank you for sharing and come back soon as we discuss it further. thank you so much. thank yous deal of ed rollins michael goodwin tony schaefer as his guest. good night from new york. from fox headquarters in new york city the new "wall street week". maria: welcome to "wall street week" to show that analyzes the week that was in positions you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. a special guest cleveland clinic ceo dr. toby cosgrove and we are talking about health care. first we are taking look a look at the market in setting you up for next week. here are the headlines impacting wall street today. markets pulling back just a bit from highs this week as investors digested mixed bag of earning results as well as retail and economic stories. discretion


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