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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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federal reserve's board of governors and a former private equity advisor and investor. charles: major developing stories stretching from wall street to washington tonight. we have them covered for you. you are looking live at the senate floor where the senate confirmed jerome powell to be our next federal reserve chairman. we'll break down what that means for the economy going forward. the s & p and the nasdaq surging into record closes. another three major u.s. companies, jpmorgan, chase and verizon announcing multi million
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dollar investments. of course the mainstream media is refusing to give trump credit, even an ounce. >> we have seen the tax plan mentioned directly, that companies now feel more comfortable about the economic position they are in. they feel better about the u.s. economy, they feel more con i department about their earnings and feel the lower tax rate allows them to share more of their potential earnings with their employees. i think there is a 100% correlation to what we have seen these almost 200 companies do and what we have done from a regulatory and tax standpoint. charles: the news is destroying if the notion of greedy american corporations. tammy bruce, david webb, and
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deroy murdoch. bre peyton is with us as well. she is a staff writer for "the federalist." these numbers are really great. i have lost track of how many companies have done it. it's turning upside down the notion that if we allow corporate america to keep more of what they earn, that they won't share the wealth. >> they we were told they would keep the money and gift to their ceos and shareholders. apple is putting up a huge amount of money. bonuses, increasing the minimum wage to $15. they have not been able to get
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the minimum wage up to $15 but the private sector is doing it. charles * what we are seeing from corporate america, they tried to engineer this. jpmorgan, they are going to issue low to middle income community enough mort gauges over the next five years to cover 250,000 homes. this isn't the community reinvestment act that was foisted on us by jimmy carter and bill clinton. this organic. this comes from a bank. they say we know what to do with the money. tammy: corporations are big, but there is much more of a closeness to their communitien employees. the humanity of it disappears.
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when i have employees invested in the company, it comes back to them. we are in a thrill right now with money and what corporations are doing. this must be long term, like that investment with the inner city. but the inner cities are run by liberals. that's what's destroying people's lives. the corporate responsibility that we must encourage to continue so this becomes generational success. charles: these broad narratives that if you allow corporate america to keep more of what they earn, they will hoard if the money and keep it for themselves. they are turning upsit down completely on its head a. these slow corporate taxes are helping all americans. >> let's look at what it means
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for main street. when you have a broad com that recome soils in the united states -- domiciles in the united states, that fuels purchasing activity. corporations that give money to their shareholders, what do shareholders do with that money? they reinvest that money because money is increased when you put it to work. they want to ignore the reality of investment and how sit works. the replenishment level for a good or product or service. and corporate venture capital, by a successful shareholder. >> the money circulates in positive ways. bre, i want to reminds the audience the magnitude of what
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jpmorgan announced. $20 billion he over four years. $50 billion to low income community. wage hikes. $15 to $18 from $12 to $16, you don't need to mandate minimum wage. 4,000 new employees. 40% increase in philanthropy. how can they stand there and try to say at this briefing that trump doesn't deserve credit for this? this was not anywhere in the conversation in the last 8 years. >> you know what else has not bern in the conversation the past 8 years is the unemployment rate for women is the lowest in 12 years. i think it's clear that donald trump's economic policies in allowing businesses to keep more of the money they earn has
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benefited groups of people who have been his for i canally disadvantaged. this is a lesson we can see exhibits time and time again. the bureau of labor statistics time after time reported minimum wage employees after spending two years in their minimum wage job no long person make minimum wage. and this is something that gets ignored. and more freed creates opportunity. my dad owns a manufacturing company in co-vina, california. when he can keep more of his own money, he reinvests it in his company. charles: a republican candidate forward governor, california is trying to find a way to take that back from your dad and everyone else. in the last jobs report, the
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participation rate for black women was higher than that of white women. when you start to take away the victimization angle. the we is me, and the dark cloud over this nation, saying anybody in this nation can succeed, they will start to buy into it and it's dangerous for democrats. >> if black folks, hispanics, people who are thought to be victims are not victims but champions going to work and starting their own companies and succeeding, that's good for our society. we are all enjoying this tremendous bounty. tammy: this contradicts this argument that this was the new normal. this part-time country of sharing of things, that that was the case for the global world. that's the disaster of the
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liberal mentality, it destroys people's lives. this proves that that was not just incorrect. it's a deliberate lie. charles: we are being reminded that innovation, growth and prosperity are cornerstones. >> they are based on a simple principle. imagination is the first thing that happens before you get to the science of creating something. i would like to bring things down to the granular level. you go to the morgan story, carpenters and painters are going to work. people are installing glass, they are installing machines, putting in equipment. maybe a dell or hp is selling them the computer equipment. if you look at the service sector and security that goes along with that. you know where that matters? to the person doing the work because then they are supporting
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their families and friends. and they are paying taxes on this activity so the generation of economic activity -- charles: what you just described ways supply side economics and why it worked so well under reagan. tammy: the average american when they leave their house and see activity and see their neighbors working, that they can do it too. it comes down to martin luther king, jr. and being able to move forward base you have so what's at the end. charles: that's the virtuous cycle. 150 republicans are backing an immigration bill put together by their colleague bob goodlatte. i? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level.
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>> we outlined a path on four serious issues. an end to chain migration, a cancellation of the visa lottery and a solution for daca. this would not secure our border, and it would increase chain migration and retain the visa lottery system it's totally unacceptable to the president and should be declared dead on arrival. charles: that was sarah huckabee sanders saying the daca bill is dead on arrival and is unacceptable. sanders slamming this bill hours
6:15 pm
after 150 house republicans rejected the same bill and endorsed the fair america's future act which would grant amnesty to daca recipients and bolster border security. representative goodlatte, thanks for coming on the show tonight. a tremendous reception for your bill. among your colleagues. it seems to check off all the items that are extremely important by president trump. but make some concessions to democrats. what are the obstacles? >> we first of all, are building strong support and we are building it rapidly to bring this bill to the floor of the house for a vote. and we have to deal with the senate. but the president has been clear he wants to have enforcement
6:16 pm
measures, a secure border where people come across the border he doesn't want loopholes. he wants to have chain migration and he wants to eliminate the crazy visa lottery program. this bill does all those things. i think that's why it's gathering a lot of interest, and it gives a permanent fiction for the daca issue. and therefore it's something that i think should at the end of the day appeal to a lot of people. charles: what about the democrats who say the visa lottery served the purpose. and the concerns are about daca, you know, the path to amnesty, it's a complicated thing. do they vote on what's going to happen to their paints? >> this only is a solution for the daca recipients themselves.
6:17 pm
their parents who brought them here in violation of the law do not get any help in this. by the way, this is not a comprehensive immigration reform bill. i'm sure there will be more immigration bills to come in the future. there are a lot of people unlawfully present in the country that are not covered by any of the legislation proposed. but the problem is they keep coming and we do not have an effective system to keep them from coming across the border when they overstay their visas and safely return them home in a quick and responsible manner. and we need to end chain migration and move towards a merit-based system like canada and the united kingdom. charles: you wrote a letter concerned about the effect messages that went missing. today we heard about a secret
6:18 pm
society. it gets more bizarre every day. will the american public ever know what's going on behind the scenes? >> i think it's very important the american public know what's gone on in the most of important law enforcement organization in the world, by continues, by the way, to do great things to solve crimes and prevents terrorist attacks. but several people at the top of this organization last year and into this year have been engaged in activity that are absolutely stunning. the secret society reference you mentioned markens back to the last batch of texts we received regarding mr. strzok and miss page where they talked about an understand policy. is the secret society involved in enacting an insurance policy to affect an election and even
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the next president? these things need to be brought to the public. charles: we want to know just how rogue some of these folks went. it's so critical, to your point. thanks for coming on tonight. democrats trying to rebuild. this means the rise of progressives. they are taking over their party. you thought they were leftists already. they are moving far left. ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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charles: democrats fighting to stick together as the trump agenda progresses. but progressives are take charge of this part crane reassembling the base. we'll probably see a whole different set of principles as this group moves forward. john cox, a venture capitalist
6:23 pm
from california joins me next. it seems that the democratic party is being shift. kamala harris is sort of the figure head for all this. talking about taking back corporate profits beginning with a million dollars. >> i agree, charles. thanks for having me on. i'm a big fan of yours. i'm a small businessman. i have 95 employees. people who depend on a pay economic from my business. ref niewfs are more than a million dollars. this all typical of california. california's legislation tiewf is basically bought and paid for by special interests. they are promised incredible he pensions and salaries to state
6:24 pm
employees who return the favor by funneling their dues back to the politicians to run their campaign. they need all this money and they will come up with thinking about they can to get more tax revenue out of the pockets of californians. it's got toned and i think it will when i'm elected in 2018. charles: in 25 years the corrections department built 25 prisons. it pays a heavy toll on everybody. another problem i see that i'm concerned about today. the driver's license issue. illegals can have a driver's license and you are automatically registered to vote when you get a driver's license. are we saying de facto they can vote? >> that's why they are pushing
6:25 pm
daca and legalization of illegal aliens. it's all about getting more votes into the system. back to your question about the prisons. it costs $75,000 a year to house a prisoner. that's why they enacted proposition 47 to reclassify felonies as misdemeanors. we can't afford to keep them in prison any more. they are paying dentists $800,000 a year, and that doesn't count the outrageous pensions they are being paid. it's all about recycling their union dues it's an illegal cartel that's got to end. and i'm going to make sure it does. charles: that's not the narrative that's ever put out there by the mainstream media. i appreciate you coming on the
6:26 pm
show. i would like to bring until eric schiffer. along with ashley pratt. ashley, i'm glad you are not wearing new england patriots paraphernalia. >> i almost did just for you, charles. charles: what do you make of the progressive take over of the democratic party with chuck schumer overplaying his hand on daca and looking like a fool. i think the progressives have made their november and will completely take over that party. >> i think at this point the progressive part of the party has been given a leg to stand on. i'm proud of chuck schumer for coming to the table on this one. the government is now running
6:27 pm
and that always win for the american people. but the daca bill never should have been something that was attached to funding the federal government. there should have been a debate about that policywise. i agree. and that should have been taking place between now and february 8. but the politics behind this was poor. and i think that we should give schumer some credit for coming to the table even though the government did end up shutting down. but saying enough is enough and going against the progressive base of the party. >> i will stop short of giving shim credit. the idea that one word can change the entire dynamic of these issues. i'm focused on the senators who voted no. harris, berke, warren. this sounds like the 2020 lineup for the nomination. >> it is.
6:28 pm
and they are being strategic in their minds. they are ready to run. they made a calculation and i think it will probably serve them for their purposes. i think donald trump did a great job. he negotiated. he outsmarted them. this was the art of the deal it was well done. the democrats just major strategic blunder. phenomenal blunder. charles: some political observers say both parties are moving to the extreme edges. >> the gop is definitely fractured right now and i think we'll see this on both sides. this happened in the 2016 election. the republican party moved more to the right and the democratic party moved to the left. we'll see this again in the mid-terms and in 2020. this is a trend that will
6:29 pm
continue because there is a lot of stun rest and upset feeling about the way the government is handling itself. i think people will be angry at the government. and that resonates on both sides of the political spectrum. charles: what we are learning about five months of missing text messages between two fbi officials involved in special counsel mueller's probe. that's next. i'm thinking... i'd like to retire early. let's talk about this when we meet next week. we came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care, by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the fairmont mayakoba for 59% off. everything you need to go. expedia.
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charles: attorney general jeff sessions pledge to investigate now five months of text messages of two individuals involved in the investigation of donald trump and hillary clinton. >> several people at the top of this organization last year and into this year have been engaged in activities that are just absolutely stunning of the secret society reference you just mentioned harks back to the last batch much texts we received regarding mr. strzok and miss page in which they talk about an understand policy. is the secret society involved in enacting an insurance policy to affect a presidential election and new presidency of
6:34 pm
the united states? this needs to be looked into and brought to the public's attention. charles: this is as goes about surveillance abuse intensifies. i cannot keep. you talk about a saga and drama. this is like 12 soap operas in one. at the center of it is our belief that the intelligence services are work for themselves. >> why do these two still have their job. why do they have a security clearance? why didn't the investigators looking into this situation or anybody at the fbi or department of justice seize their phones and image them like i would do in a corporate spying
6:35 pm
investigation. i'm not buying it's accidental. i any there is a lot more to be said about this. charles: the five-page memo written by representative nunes says everybody who has seen it says it's shock and threatens their belief in the foreign daiftion our country. it has shaken them to the core. then this they are comes out that says we lost a few texts. >> all of these news stories at once. the allegations coming from the most of sober republican lawmakers. they say this needs to be released to the public. they make dire connections. i think way it's doing is undermining the ability of the
6:36 pm
american people. actions that were taken within the justice department and fbi. and that's not a good thing. these are brazen acts of bias. that can't be the type of behavior that we find in our investigators. charles: these things are secret society. >> this is not about bias. it's acting on it. but you are looking at coverups. subversion. the subversion of the american government. let's be honest here. what else are you going to call that? it's not bias. this is where the media dropped the ball. this is what i love about your show and being on this show. the people from the swamp who have been doing all this stuff, and there is so much talent in
6:37 pm
this country. it's not just about incompetence like perhaps the hawaiian situation is, the false alarm. though that's not clear to us yet. the actual subversion and i tempts to subvert the will of the people. in normal life it's called treason. the backup of this nature, we have to look at it and do an investigation. this is serious. i hope the trump administration sees the importance of moving more people out. charles: jeff sessions has been under a lot of pressure. perhaps we don't know yet conclusively if there was action taken on the bias. but reading between the lines it feels like there was some sort of alternative plan just in case president trump was elevated to the white house. now people are wondering with the fisa situation and the unmasking situation, who knew
6:38 pm
what and what degree of possible cover-up is going on? >> year just scratching the surface. but today some messages came out where lisa page is instructing peter strzok * how to communicate with her in a way that evade detection with other people in the fbi. this is be trucks. i'm shocked these people still have their jobs. they should be getting intense questioning, much more so than some of the other people in the administration in this russia investigation side show. charles: i think all three of you guys could do a better job. the nasdaq and s & p finishing with record highs.
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charles: it's finally here.
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tripadvisor. check the latest reviews and lowest prices. charles: while the dow jones industrial average up a little out the gate it didn't do much. but the s & p left many of them at all-time highs. amazon, alphabet, google, facebook. and consumer discretionary. that sector was up. and people don't fail to understand that. this proves people are spending money, but not how and where they used to spend money. online spending, amazon experiences price line.
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i expect a wave of takeovers this year. i would caution investors, folks us on value. you will end up owning a few names that get taken out anyway. the biggest winners is a real estate investment trust that significantly under performed. they paid juicy dividend. i think big-time investors are seeking to minimize equity risks. you have mac and hcp which covers the hospitals. one thing investors could be worried about is inflation. still nowhere near setting off alarms at the fed. but it could spike if we get a big jump in wages which we are expecting. that's huge. we know that moan men actual is
6:44 pm
coming in 2018. but the consumer part of this is expected at 4%. right now for me it's not a major concern. but it could invite more volatility into the market. as president trump prepares for his visit to davos to spread the word of america first. remember in 2008, 2009 and 2010, according to the world economic form, the greatest and most of likely risk to the world was an asset price collapse. today it's not even -- not even considered in the top 10. let's face it. inline ain't going to make it this time. that stock getting hit hard.
6:45 pm
bottom line, it's going to be a tough earnings season as individual stocks pull back. the fundamentals are stalling it's okay to take a profit and even a loss. next we are one week away from president trump's first state of the union address and we have a lot to be proud of. of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. so, howell...going? we had a vacation early in our marriage
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charles: one week away from president trump's first state of the union. his list of accomplishments continue to grow. the markets at all-time highs and the unemployment rate down to 4.11%.
6:49 pm
kevin, the jobs, the economy, the delayed stuff, killing isis off, the list goes on and on and on and on. and it feels like this is just the beginning. >> cutting regulation will be a piece of it. there will be a lot of things for donald trump to talk about. what will be interesting for the president is to see if he mentions some things that maybe didn't go as welt the first year. if he addresses healthcare, if he brings the wall back up. and then how great the ratings are going to be. we were talking about just the fact that this would be made for television moment. if you love the president you will want to tune in. if you are not a fan, maybe we can vote for who will be the designated survivor. charles: democrats won't be
6:50 pm
really happy, particularly if he sticks on message. the moment is big. he has enough accomplishments to talk about. he will say we didn't get obamacare to the point we wanted to. i think he will talk about everything, because he probably should. he has a pretty good platform there. >> i would talk about those things and put them in context. promises made, promises kept. he promised we would lower taxes and have deregulation, that's happening spectacularly. he promised he would put isis on the run. and the individual mandate on obamacare is gone so it's pretty much voluntary. even if you don't like him, at least he made promises and kept them which most of politicians don't do. >> what will be interesting to see is not just what he talks
6:51 pm
about but his posture. he challenges democrats on the things where they haven't helped. or does he take this as an opportunity to reach out and say you may not like my personality. but can you honestly argue you are not better off than you were a year ago? i'm interested to see how he approaches this. charles: someone who is an active businessman. would what would you like to hear on that particular front. he has got and lot of things accomplished. people hoping for another round of tax cuts to take care of the loop ends that -- loose ends that weren't achieved this time. the foreign policy, i think that's an area where people feel like we made strides but we are unsure what the next steps are. i think people are looking for that to be the security piece. and specifically how are the republicans going to get on
6:52 pm
message? i don't know if this is the speech for it. how are republicans going to be unified to push this agenda forward. that's probably bent most frustrating part, the republicans we can't keep in line. >> at least five democrats won't show up. does the president take that bait? does he taunt them? he has the opportunity to stick the dagger in by staying on message and talk about the great things going on. >> i would do that. city wouldn't focus on maxine waters not being there. focus on the people who are there. i has the opportunity to give a memorable and moving speech. charles: i think we'll get a preview when he speaks sat davos this week. the cia director issuing strong warnings about north korea's
6:53 pm
nuclear capabilities. we'll be right back.
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charles: mike pompeo yos saying perhaps still a handful of months away. he believes leader kim jong-un won't rest until he's able to threaten multiple attacks against the united states. here to discuss the implications, robert charles, former assistant secretary of state to colin powell an. back with us is david webb.
6:57 pm
robert, really unnerving comments. frank obviously but unnerving that at some point north korea will have the ability to reach any part of america with nuclear weapons. >> well i'll tell you, i think the president has an effective thoughtful three-legged policy and i think all americans should know and think about it and have confidence in it. the first is sanctions obviously targeting legal trade but also tash getting illicit finance and china needs to help more in cranking them down. the second is effective military response. we have six b-52s recently in guam. and i'll tell you, if kim jong-un put a nuclear device on a launch pad, he would never see it out of launch phase. he needs to know that is a real possibility. and the third leg is ballistic missile defense where we're ramping up to protect all americans. in reverse order, the outcomes are protecting all americans
6:58 pm
with ballistic missile defense, secondly making sure there's credible defensor and finally giving him a path out of the dark woods, which is to say you need to denuclearize because china, russia and the united states are all on one page. charles: it's one thing to say you're on the same page. there's chinese ships doing trade with them, russia is doing trade with them. they say one thing at the u.n. but and behind closed doors. but north korea's economy thriving enough for kim jong-un to kopt his determination. >> china's actions are important here. they will continue. it's in their best interest. they have their sovereign interest. that simmering pot. it's interesting to look at the underground economy. it's an effective black market. they're getting more and more information from the outside. and if we put aside the stories about soldiers forging, raiding
6:59 pm
farms for food and you look at the population that's becoming more and more dissatisfied, coupled with the olympics and what's about to happening with marching under one flag. they've done this since 1964. it's not new. but putting this information into north korea breaks up the population. combined with what robert talked about, the other pressures, you begin to destabilize in a more structured manner the kim jong-un regime. charles: is there a way to stabilize. >> you have to. what's the other option. charles: robert. >> you don't want a japan and south korea angling for a new state. charles: today is the anniversary of the hijacking of the uss pueblo. this is not a new problem, a belligerent north korea is it? >> no. but there are things we can do right away. russia is trying to sell rd180 rocket engines to china. we should buy them up and that will take away some of the
7:00 pm
myselfic potential moving into north korea. we should crack down on their drug trafficking. there's a tremendous amount of drug trafficking as your other guest spoke about it. charles: we've got to leave it there you give me hope and the audience hope. now her's lou. lou: good evening. it may be time to declare war against the deep state and clear out the rot in the upper levels of the fbi and the justice department. yes, i said the rot. the fbi and the doj have broken the public trees by destroying evidence, defying oversight and actively trying to bring down the trump presidency. tonight there are new concerns that anti-trump fbi officials formed even a secret society at the fbi to subvert the president after his election. that's according to do republican lawmakers who have seen some of the thousands of texts between the fbi's pet


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