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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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we appreciate you for coming in. thank you for watching. thank you for having us in your homes. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. david: good evening, i'm david asman. lou has the night off. in less than two hours the president is going to address the nation in the oval office to address the national security crisis along the southern border. the president will make his case fur the border wall, a demand he's continually called for during the shutdown. >> the united states needs a physical barrier, a wall to stop illegal immigration and the deadly inflow of drugs and crime. without a wall you cannot have border security. it will not work. having drones and other forms are all fine but they're not going to stop the problems this
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country has. we can call u a national emergency and open it quickly. the border is a dangerous problem, a much bigger problem. i'm very proud of doing what i'm doing. i don't call it a shutdown. i call it doing what you have to do for the benefit and the safety of our country. we have an absolute crisis and criminals and gang members coming through. we have to have border security. if we don't have border security we're going to be crime ridden and it's going to get worse and worse. david: but the democrats kopt to stand in the president's way. leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer will follow the president's address with a rebuttal which will no doubt call for continued objectionism as they push their agenda of open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> a wall is an immorality. ooh not who we are as a nation. this is not a wall between mexico and the united states that the president is creating here. it's a wall between reality and
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his constituents, his supporters. >> it's a terrible symbol and symbols matter. we want the symbol of america to stay as the statue of liberty, not a big concrete wall. david: the chair of the republican national committee, ronna mcdaniel and washington times opinion editor charlie hurt join us to discuss the political showdown over the wall. meanwhile, tensions continue to escalate at the border with criminals pour in from mexico as well as clashes between migrants and u.s. law enforcement growing increasingly dangerous. tom holeman is here to talking about the true nature of the crisis at the border. it has been nearly a year since jeff sessions launched an investigation of clinton corruption. now republican lawmakers want answers regarding the department's stonewalling on that. we take that up and the latest on the mueller witch hunt with
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joe digenova and victoria ten a toensing. >> the presiden edward lawrences tonight from washington with more on what we can expect. edward? >> this is the first time the president will address the nation in prime time from the oval office. there's been a lot of posturing leading up to the address. the president will explain exactly why he believes the situation on the southern border rises to the level of a national crisis. the president will use statistics and numbers from the customs and border protection about how many gang members and criminals are coming across the sole and exclusive judge r southern border. lindsey graham says the border security needs to be resolved. >> now i've got one goal, is to get a deal on border security, deal with the tps population,
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about 400,000 people. been here for a long time. going to run out of legal status. and i'm not going to engage in let's open up the government and negotiate. i want to get a deal and then we'll open up the government. >> following this address, tomorrow the president will go to gop luncheon on scap toll hillcapitol hilland then back h. eastern to try to resolve this and try to get it done. it might be a tall order if you listen to the language the democrats are using. >> we cannot allow the president to punish innocent americans or to have temper tantrums and govern as if there is no congress. if our democracy is going to continue to go forward and thrive. >> and president donald trump says if congress will not fund border security, he may declare a national emergency in which case he can use military money to build a wall and for border
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security. the president says if this shutdown dues go through thursday, this would tie the longest shutdown in government huhs tri. david: edward lawrence, thank you very much. in addition to our coverage tonight, we urge you to keep it here with the fox business network for full coverage and analysis of president trump's address to the nation, including trish reagan prime time directly after this broadcast followed by a special edition of caputo coast to coast and kennedy at 10 p.m. eastern. joining me now to take up tonights' address and much more, rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. thank you for coming in. you listen to some of the democrats' remarks on a wall and you would think it's a torture to put up a wall, something going directly against -- nancy pelosi said a wall is an immorality how do you respond to that? >> the democrats are engaged in highyperbole. they've gone too tex treem end of the liberal scale.
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they're against i.c.e., abolish i.c.e. they're for sanctuary cities. they're obviously against the wall and they've ignoring the facts. here's the reality. asylum claims are up in the past eight years. 22,000 kids last month trying to come into our country illegally. 160,000 family last year tried to come into our country illegally and we have a backlog of 800,000 cases in our courts. we've been deluged by people coming across the border. we do not have the infrastructure. the democrats are i ignoring te problem and the president is saying enough is enough. time to get thing dow done here. david: and i would ask the democrats which is more immoral, to put up a wall that prevents people from leaving their homes and making the trek to the border or to encourage the immigrants to make the trek, which sometimes involve children
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who die. if you're talking immorally, it would seem that prevention is better than the consequences of stuff that little kids aren't prepared for. >> you're putting these children in harm's way. let's not forget the 12,000 kids who have come here unaccompanied by themselves that are currently being held by hhs. this is a problem of a massive scale. we have not addressed it as a country. it is not getting better. we've kicked it down the road far too long. decades nancy pelosi has been there and she's not gotten anything done. it's time to address it. the president is right to say this is a crisis when we have 2,000 people trying to enter our country illegally every day. we need to solve this problem. and democrats need come to the table and work with this president. the president stayed at the white house through the shutdown, he visited the troops. he's been here, ready to negotiate and the democrats have sat on their hands and they're unwilling to work with this president on anything even if it makes sense for the american people.
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david: they are going to be speaking to night after the president. but to follow th -- the hardestt in the world is following the president in an oval office address. i'm wondering what kind of case they can hope to make after the president lays out his. >> the other thing is the facts are on the president's side. we put up a website today called we know there's a crisis at the border. and the democrats know that. and so does the mainstream media. they've been reporting on these horrific deaths of these two children after this treacherous journey, reporting on the caravans and now they're saying there's no crisis. look the other way. no. we need to solve this and we can't say well open the government and then we solve it because we know what happens in washington. we'll kick it down the road further and not take care of the issue that's at hand. david: if there is a crisis, whether the president declare it a national emergency to give him the authority to move monies around to build the wall? >> i think the president wants to work with the democrats. i think he's making his case to
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the american people today and hopefully the american people will call their representatives and say get this done, work with this president. this is an issue. and let's look at what the democrats did last week. they passed a budget giving 54 billion in foreign aid. the president is asking for 5 billion. they're more interested in giving foreign aid than protecting the border. criminals are coming across. david: i thought of that. when i saw the amount of money that's been spent on foreign aid, i used to follow the money in a previous journalistic job of where the money went. there's at least $5.7 billion in that foreign aid money that's going to be wasted if not misspent. that's a whole other issue. i have to ask abts jo about joe. he is a democrat but not as leftist as his colleagues. he talked about what should be done if the president suggests
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it's a national emergency on fox nudes. let me play his remarks for you. >> if the president declares an emergency, he has a right to do that and it will probably go to the courts and be contested. if that gets us out of a shutdown, so be it. i want to get out of the shutdown. david: so it sounds like joe manchin is okay with the ideas the president declaring a national emergency and then opening the government. if he's okay with it, could there be any republican that's not okay with it? >> yeah, i think we're not there yet. i think the president is right to say this is a national emergency and that this is a crisis. but he's also right to say to congress, you need to act on this and we need to work together so i don't have to take that step. and i think taking this case to the american people, going and meeting with the senate tomorrow and the good faith efforts that this administration has put forward to meet with schumer and pelosi are not unnoticed and that's how we want to solve this problem. schumer and pelosi aren't coming to the table on anything. they have made a decision, we are going to oppose this
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president at every single turn, even if it's in the best interest of this country. and the american people need to push them, tell them get your job done, work with this president and solve the problem. david: ronna mcdaniel, thank you for coming in. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. david: coming up next, the dimms and their allies and the left-wing national media teaming up to viciously malign president trump ahead of tonight's address to the nation. >> president trump is facing a credibility crisis as he preparing to address the nation tonight. >> fact checkers. eat your wheaties today. >> he's going to give a speech r speech tonight. there's going to be a lot of lies in the speech. >> this issue is about a vanity project for this president. >> right. >> democrats are clearly concerned about the nation, only hearing one side of this argument and not getting the facts. >> give me the text in advance. let us decide in advance what's true and what's not. >> in hostage crisis is manmade by president trump. >> fact check him in real time.
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just lie bing, lie bing, lie. w>> we need to identify the real national emergency in this country and that is the question of whether or not donald trump is fit to be the president of the united states. david: unbelievable. we'll thank that up and much more with former acting i.c.e. director tom holman. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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patrol chief under president obama revealing an inkreent truth for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. take a listen to what he thinks about president trump's border wall. >> i believe in what the president is doing. when he said this is a national security problem, he's absolutely correct. the other day when they had the national press conference and got up saying that the wall works, they're right. the oohs nothat's based on hista and facts that can be proven. david: joining me now, tom holman, a fox business contributor. you've got president obama's chief of border patrol saying that the wall works, that the president is right. it's pretty damning rebuke of all of the democrats belittling of the idea of the wall. >> look, i know mark morgan very well. when he was the chief i made
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several trip to the southwest border with mark and then secretary jeh johnson. mark knows the problems on the boarborder. david: what do you want to hear from the president tonight? >> you know, he doesn't have a lot of time but there's a couple of things i would like to see him do. share the data with the american people, the data that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer refuse to hear from the secretary of homeland security when she tried to give them a report on the border, they refused to listen. go around nancy and chuck and tell the american people what's going on at the border, talk about the criminals coming across, the gang members, the drugs, the human trafficking victims, talk about the children and the families, a humanitarian crisis. tell the american people and's going on and show them there's a humanitarian and national security crisis on the border. he needs to talk about the wall. share the data. wherever they built the wall it
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has worked. the democrats say wall is ine ineffective. wrong. the historical data is showing it's 100% effective. that's why the president wants it. it works. david: the other data i would like to see the president talk about is the list of border patrol agents that have been killed in the line of duty and how many of those agents have hihispanic surnames. these are agents trying to save people's lives. it's as simple as that and some have given their own lives in doing so and many of them -- in fact i think it's most of them are hispanic themselves. >> thank you for saying that. look, i started my career on the border patrol. my proudest moments of my career werwas wearing that grean unifo. they're standing on the front line asking for help. not only the ones killed on n the line of duty. the ones that have been injured. they're seeing the crisis too
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and they're asking their elected representatives help us. president trump has said i'm done kicking the can down the road. i'm not going to let congress kick the can any more. i've been doing this 34 years. we've been talking about border security for 34 years. now we have a president who says i'm going to fix it right now. god bless this president. david: i mentioned this with the last guest. nancy pelosi called the idea of a wall immoral and immorality is the way she referred to it, to which you would say what? >> what's immoral is that representatives of congress like herself have a taxpayer funded security detail to protect her 20/7. we can't walk on capitol hill without going through security guards making sure you're not coming in there with contraband. why not spend taxpayer money to protect the taxpayers in addition to protecting
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congressmen. david: you mentioned that the president is going to have eight or nine minutes to talk about all of this. there's a lot to talk about beyond just the wall itself. the idea of redesigning our immigration system which has so many holes in it. including the fact that we've got this lottery system and chain migration rather than a system based on the mere i merie individual applicant which is what the president wants. do you think he'll have any time within that eight or nine hof minute span too talk about that? >> i don't know. i can tell you this. the wall is effective. he needs the wall. the wall isn't the only answer. we've got to fix the loopholes in the law that calls for family to come here. we've got to address the trafficking victims, we've got to talk about the levels of asylum and raise the threshold. we've got to talk about legal migration and changes in the immigration law that makes sense. the wall is important. it's a piece of the puzzle. but until we fix the loopholes we're going to continue having immigration problems. david: it's still more americans
7:21 pm
are against the wall than in favor of it in the most recent polls. but it's a similar majority. i think it's 47% to 53%. it wouldn't take all that much for the president to push it in the other direction. do you think he can do it tonight? >> look, he needs to share the data or at least point to a website where the data is at. that survey is based on most of the media is not giving accurate information about the border. i've read so many stories how the wall is not effective. it's 100% effective. when you read these stories that are bias against this president, i can understand that your average taxpayer that doesn't understand, who's never done this job, you know have doubts. but i'm telling you, 34 years i've done this. walls work. this president is the right guy, the right time we need to support him. david: good to see you. thank you for being here. appreciate it. while democrats in congress decide whether they want to secure the southern border, motion cois pledging to protect its border with guatemala.
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the associated press reporting that the mexican government will send guards to 370 illegal crossing points. the purpose is to quote prevent the entry of undocumented people. be sure to vote no tonight's poll. do you swa you agree with presit trump when he says we don't have border, we don't have a country. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. instead of fixing problems that are driving the middle class out of states like california and new york, their radical leaders are pushing socialist programs and policies. we'll have more on that next with the "washington times" charlie hurt. before we go to break, a look another the u.s. national debt as it continue to crawl towards being a 22 trillion-dollar problem.
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david: new york city mayor bill deblasio and new california governor gavin newsom are pushing the democrat party further to the left on health care. deblasio announcing the largest most comprehensive health care plan in america, guaranteeing health care to all new york residents. newsom saying sank wrai sanctual who seek it. joining me, charlie hurt, fox business contributor. charlie, the democrat party continue to charge to the left. how long is this going to go on? >> it's really incredible, david. and even more alarming than a couple of knock-off politicians from crazy parts of the country, you have an alarming number of the base of democrats who actually i think would go along with some of this crazy stuff
7:28 pm
that would of course ultimately corrupt the country but they don't care at this point. and quite frankly, cow know, yo, everybody here in washington is freaking out about the shutdown and the address that president trump is going to give tonight. but i'll tell you, any day of the week i would rather be making the argument that donald trump is making tonight compared to the argument that people like gavin newsom and bill deblasio are making. because even among democrats the nonsort of radicalized part of the base, even among democrats and certainly among republicans and certainly among independents, they don't buy any of this stuff. they believe there's a crisis at the border and they want politician to figure out how to fix it. david: whether it's tes border or these crazy socialist plans for health care, i'm wondering where it leaves somebody like joe biden who wants to be or presumably wants to be the 2020 nominee from the democratic party. it must leave him out in the cold because he doesn't identify
7:29 pm
with these policies or maybe he's changed. i don't know. >> he better go buy himself a really warm overcoat because he's out in the cold on this one. honestly when you listen to elizabeth warren and some of these other people -- and elizabeth warren isn't the craziest furthest left one of them that's talking about running right now. when you listen to some of these people, they take pages right out of socialism. this is not, this is not sort of democratic socialism. this isn't socialism. this is full-blown socialism and it's terrifying that we have a major party in this country today that is so overly represented by people who buy into that dangerous stuff. david: it is a far left quasi socialist running if are the democratic party in 2020, does that ensure president trump a reelection? >> i've been thinking this for months now. i think that everything that we
7:30 pm
see on the democratic side right now indicates to me that the democrats are going to overplay their hand, both in terms of being absolutely crazy in the house with all of the investigations, the impeachment talk and all of this kind of stuff and then they're going to nominate somebody who will simply be unacceptable to the regular normal hard-working tax paying americans. and the result will be -- even if donald trump is below 50% popularity, he'll win reelection. david: the democrats arguments, you were talking about border security. tonight is the big speech. their arguments that they care about border security when they call the wall immoral and you had obama's own peef border patrol agent calling it a good idea and supporting trump. their arguments against the wall are wearing very thin, are they not? >> they are. that's the beauty of a debhait like this goindebatelike this gg
7:31 pm
time. and president trump understood this. if this debate went on for a long time and americans tune in, people who are working hard to take care of their families and feed their families and have, you know, lives that are supposed to be largely separate from the day-to-day nonsense of washington, if this debate goes on and on, those people tune in and pay attention to all of this and again, even moderate democrats and independents, if they have to choose between gavin newsom and what he's peddling and donald trump and what he's talking about with the kraifs ocrisis on the border, tt majority are going to go with donald trump. david: if they have to choose between border patrol agents who actually man the border, put their lives on the line and kamala harris' idea of what border security is, i'm praying that americans can discern who is more right. >> yeah. and like the whole notion of sanctuary cities or the notion
7:32 pm
of prosecuting i.c.e., going after i.c.e., abolishing i.c.e. are you kidding me? look. the biggest tragedy out of this over the last couple l of weeks and months has been those two children who died at the border. the way to fix that is to seal the border so that children aren't dragged on that lethally dangerous tour in the first place. if you fix that we won't have those deaths happening anymore. the idea of throwing the border wides open and inviting these people only invites more tragedy. david: of course there was another tragedy, the shooting and killing by the illegal immigrant of a legal immigrant who was acting as an officer of the law. and that's happening more and more in different places in the country, not necessarily police but individuals being killed and lives being affected by illegal immigrants who were just let in or let go because they're overrun in those facilities that they have at the border. >> there's no disowt i doubt in,
7:33 pm
the average american, whether they're a democrat, republican or independent, where they do come down on the issues. and every single one of them, they come down, even if they don't like donald trump, they come down on dump's argument and not on nancy pelosi, gavin newsom, bill deblasio's side of the argument. david: good to see you. up next, house republicans demanding answers tonight from the corrupt department of justice about what happened to their investigation into hillary clinton and russian interference in the 2016 election. two of the country's top legal minds, victoria toensing and joe digenova joining us after a short break. stay with us. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes
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david: welcome back, everybody. i'm david asman filling in for lou tonight. top republicans now demanding an update from the u.s. attorney examining hillary clinton and allegations of fisa surveillance abuse at the fbi and department of justice. now john hoober has been investigating misconduct since march of 2018. more than a dozen current and former doj and fbi personnel interviewed by the house committees say they have still not been interviewed by mr. hoober. what is he doing? joining me now, victoria toensing and joe digenova, a former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. the founding partners of the
7:38 pm
digenova and toensing law firm. that's a mouthful, that name. >> it took lou three shows to get it. david: i'll get it next time. joe, first of all whab's, what's happening with mr. hoober. he's got a lot to investigating. when you're talking about a substantive collusion story than anything that we've heard about with the trump story. the russians that they were working for, and the democrat party and the hillary clinton. he's supposed to be looking into this. what has happened? >> there's no doubt, david, that the fisa abuse is the single most important story of all of this. because it is the crime that actually did happen here. and we know that contractors working for the fbi abused all of that information that they got from the national security agency. so the question is, what's mr. huber doing about it. if he hasn't interviewed the 12
7:39 pm
people that the house members say haven't been interviewed, this would span -- the appointment of mr. huber by jeff sessions is nothing more than a head fake. if he's not interviewing them, he's not doing anything. this is a joke. >> guess who else he hasn't interviewed, my client, doug campbell. now if he hasn't called me to interview my client, what has he been doing. it's not eight months. that was in the letter but that's wrong. huber was assigned back in november of 2017 because i've seen the letter written from the justice department to the house saying we have somebody working on uranium one and the clinton e-mail matter. those were the words. and then in march jeff sessions announced that it was huber. he's been working on it much longer than that. david: to what effect? >> none. david: it seems extraordinary that somebody could be assigned to something like that that
7:40 pm
seems to have so many ripe elements, whether it's the uranium story oar the fusion gps story or the fisa story. i mean, there's got to be somebody that could get information about what they've been doing. i know the republicans don't have the house anymore, but they still have the senate. they have investigative committees in the senate, right? >> it shows o shows how fecklese republicans were. goodlatte and trey gowdy were failures as chairman of those committees. >> i think that lindsey graham, the new in-coming chairman of the senate judiciary committee, has made it clear he's going to get answers, he's going to conduct investigations. i think he'll get the answers that are necessary. but huber for all intents and purposes has done absolutely nothing. david: there's an interesting case. i don't know if there's anything here. but the woman lawyer who went in for that meeting with donald
7:41 pm
trump jr. who of course met with fusion gps both before and after that meeting which leads you to wonder whether it was a setup of some kind, she was charged in a money laundering case do either of you know what's going on there? >> that is a case that's totally unrelated to the russian probe by bob mueller. it was brought by the southern district of new york. and it apparently grew out of some investigation that they were doing about a civil case in new york. but it does show one thing. she's a fraudster. and she got herself into the tower by using fraud by saying she was there to help on hillary and she was really there about adoptions. so she's pretty good at being a fraudster. >> and do you think that case is ever going to see the light of day? last i heard she was not in the uniteunited states. david: she's not coming back. but it shows that there were bad agents here but usually those bad agents were work in one shape or another with the
7:42 pm
hillary campaign and the dnc. she was working with fusion gps, that was clear because she met with them before and after the meeting with donald trump jr. and fusion gps was getting money from russians who wanted to get rid of all of the sanctions. there was collusion. they did have a point. they wanted to get rid of the russian sanctions but they were working with hillary's campaign. >> that is exactly right. the only collusion that occurred during the between campaign with the russians was with the hillary clinton campaign, fusion gps, all of the law firms involved on the democratic side. so she got indicted today but she'll never see the inside of a u.s. courtroom because she lives in moscow. david: meanwhile you have adam schiff, the new head of the house investigative committee looking into working with mr. mueller in some way. it makes the mueller investigation look more partisan than it had in some people's eyes. what do you think of that? >> adam schiff is an unethical
7:43 pm
weiszing. weasel. he said people in my committee have committed perjury. he didn't want to name a person because he could have been sued because he wasn't on the floor of the house to be protected from being sued. he's just maligned a whole class of people, including some of our clients who were some of those witnesses. what if somebody said some fox anchor committed perjury but i'm not going to tell you who that is. adam schiff is unethical and the house ethics committee should take it on their own to do whatever blaspheming or punishing him that they are so prone to do to republicans. david: well of course it won't happen for two years at any rate. maybe after 2020. good to see you both, victoria toensing, jo digenova. thank you for coming in. fresh hopes of a fair trade deal with china. once again lifting the stock market. we'll take up today's action on
7:44 pm
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points, volume on the big board was a healthy 4 billion shares. crude oil hit a three-week high amid opec production cuts. crude oil gang 2.5% to nearly 50 bucks a barrel. gold and silver closing flat. copper up just over a half a percent. u.s.-china trade talks continue tomorrow in beijing. president trump expressed optimism earlier tweeting out, quote, talks with china are going very well. and a remind tore listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. a new report from reuters tonight revealing chinese tell kom company huawei has close tie to syria. court documents show a high level huawei executive was the managemanager and huawei conducd business in syria. u.s. authorities allege that huawei's cfo deceived
7:49 pm
international banks by claiming that those two companies were independent of huawei when in fact huawei controlled them all along. those are the charges. joining me now, "the new york times" best selling author carol roth and fortune senior editor and fox business contributor and often contributor to bulls and bears adam la shin sci. good to see you both. we should emphasize that huawei sells more phones than apple. it's number two in the world. but i'm wondering if it could survive all of this. people really wonder whether it's trustworthy anymore, don't they? >> it's a fascinating situation in the context of these ongoing trade talks because the accusations against huawei appear to be credible. on the face of them they have nothing to do with the trade tension of the united states and china. but of course everything has to do with the trade tension between the united states and
7:50 pm
china. so my point is i see a very difficult situation where if the united states continue to go after huawei, as it will and probably should, it being very difficult at the same time to delink that from the trade talks. david: just looking at huawei for a minute, it is certainly the largest by far telekom tellm company in china. but it goes right up to the top. the cfo, the woman arrested is the daughter of the founder of the company. i mean she really represents the company. so i mean, is there any future for the largest tel telecom in china? >> i guarantee you, david, in china they're not hearing this story. and i would imagine throughout asia they're spinning a different story than the
7:51 pm
transparency that we're getting here in the united states. and this goes to the bigger issue that we have with china and all of the government linked enterprises. they certainly can't step up saying that we know these things are going on but this types of things do happen in china. part of the reason why we're in these discussions with them to begin with. so i think that in certain markets, certainly it's going to survive because i don't think the consumer is going to know. david: adam, you have the consumer electronics show going on right now in las vegas. i'm just wondering if the folks there -- and you're in silicon valley. you know how these people think. when you hear stories about huawei and cte and other chinese firms embedding spyware in some of their products, of course including the phones, do they say that's real, that they wouldn't trust these phones, they wouldn't trust what huawei and cte does? >> it's complicated. most people i talk to believe there is real reason for concern. when you dig deep on these
7:52 pm
things, they always express it that way. there are real reasons for concern. as opposed to we have fowbd these transgressions. the concern is real. you answered your previous question. huawei has a business. it's called china and that's not going away anytime soon. david: that's right. although china is experiencing severe shortages in terms of consumers, not only from the united states and other countries but from within itself. and samsung had a very troublesome report today that their profits with expected to dip 29%, carol. and i'm just wondering how much of that is because of the slowdown in china. >> i think a lot of it is. i think on the microchip piece of their business, that probably a lot of their customers, the amazons and the scroofts an micd the goggles probably realized there are going to be trade tensions and built up inventory
7:53 pm
and supply. and in addition to that they also sell the chips into china and have a production facility in china. that's a large piece of it. and certainly on the phone piece of their business they have a lot of competition from china as well as the issues there. so i think weighing heavily on both pieces of the business for samsung. david: on top of all of this, on top of the huawei prosecution, the slowdown in china, we have these talks ongoing in beijing. the president of course is going to davos in a couple of weeks. won't be meeting with -- is it president or prime minister -- president xi. >> right. david: but at the same time you wonder whether there could be real progress with the background that we have going. >> yeah. the president has a real conflict here. on the one hand we would like to stock market to go back up and not just a little bit but a lot. we know that. on the other hand he needs a real deal with china. this is really one of the two issues he's staked his presidency on, the other being
7:54 pm
the immigration issue that you were talking about earlier. i predict he will reach a deal with china and he will say that it's a real deal. and i think people will be quite satisfied with this whether or not it is a real deal. david: carol we only have 30 seconds. but it was long overdue, wasn't it, to press if chinese to do what they have pledged to do and what they haven't been doing for all of these years. >> absolutely. and i don't think it's as much on the trade and tariff said as it is on the areas of intellectual property and things like cybersecurity. so i hope any deal certainly focuses on that. david: great to see both of you. thanks for coming in. up next, president trump is an hour away from addressing the nation about the national security crisis at the u.s. border with mexico. we'll have more on that when we return.
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david: last night we asked you whether you believe america should be first. 77% said yes. here's where we are today. we are one hour away from president trump delivering his first primetime address from the oval office. rnc chairwoman rhonda mcdaniel
7:59 pm
talked about democrat obstruction concerning the wall. >> the democrats are engaged in hyperbole may have gone to the extreme end of the liberal scale and they are against i.c.e. and want to stay abolish i.c.e. and against actuary or for six mercedes and they are honestly against the wall and ignoring the facts. david: president trump is expected to lay out why the situation at our border rises to the level of a crisis in using customs and border protection numbers on the gang members and commandos trying to cross the next importer. president trump tomorrow will head to capitol hill for senate gop lunch followed by a meeting at the white house with the so-called big eight congressional leaders. that is it for us tonight. lou is back tomorrow and speaking with congressman mark green and matt gates. a reminder full coverage and analysis of president trump address to the nation continues here at fbn throughout the nig
8:00 pm
night. again, right here on foxbusiness network. another programming note, my shows "bulls & bears" there's 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on fbn. thank you for joining us. good night. trish: breaking right now, after nearly two years in office the president will deliver his very first primetime address to our nation live from the oval office. president will address the growing crisis at our border and some speculate he may even declare a national emergency. would that enable him to build the wall? the price of gas were seen on this program witnessing together every single night at our southern border. democrats still view this immigration crisis as they can use. >> this issue is about a vanity project for this president and it is a problem of his o


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