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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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i couldn't raise a family on it but it helped me learn how to hold a job. >> $15 you will have more kiosks, fewer workers. dave great stuff today, that does it for "bulls and bears." >> recent years we have seen democrats vote for billions of dollars in physical walls and fencing. recent years have seen a democratic administration build the very same steel barriers this president wants to expand. >> you may disagree with us. open the government. open the government. you can do it, leader mcconnell. and all your blaming and flailing isn't going to open the government. we all know donald trump is the obstacle here. you not, i know it, we all know it. to holded the government
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hostage. you are losing the argument, you are losing it with the public. the overwhelming majority of americans think the government should not be shut down over a wall. liz: chuck schumer left out there is movement in the polls with america saying there is a border security crisis. there is also confusion in the democrat party. nancy pelosi suggested, called on president trump to delay his state of the union address. democrat steny hoyer said there will be no state of the union. then he dialed that back. we'll give you an update. here is what's going on behind the scenes. a bipartisan gang of 20, both republican and democrat senators trying to get a deal on the border wall. we have a growing number of freshmen house democrats defying nancy pelosi saying yes do a
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deal. get the shutdown over and get border security and more. we'll show you why the border is a disgrace. wall street shrugging off claims the shutdown will exceed the border wall cost. the s & p has gained in the past 12 of the 25 shutdowns. maxine waters issues a warning to wall street saying she is not going to let you run amok. we show you what's in the bull's-eyes. alexandria ocasio-cortez only won with 16,000 votes. now she is fighting the ghosts of battles long settled. plus we'll bring you her twitter fight over taxes with republican
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scott walker. democrat harry reid says to ocasio-cortez what you are suggesting is too radical. british prime minister theresa may survived a no confidence vote again after her brexit deal that wasn't and i exit deal at all. i'm elizabeth macdonald. thank you for joining the show. "the evening edit" starts right now. let's get right to edward lawrence in washington. reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi sent a letter to the president asking him to postpone the state of the union address until after the shutdown ends. the sergeant at arms canceled a
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walkthrough for the state of the union address at the request of the house speaker's office. also reports of a caravan coming from honduras of 2,000 people. the white house releasing a statement saying they had a good meeting with a bipartisan group, the problem solving caucus saying they can work things out possibly working toward an end to all of this. senator lindsey graham says he'll work across the aisle to try to get those folks to sign off. >> rather than a letter, maybe the best thing to do is get a handful of people from both sides who say they are willing to meet with the president. what i'm going to do is see where it goes. no commitments by anybody other than just talk. reporter: democrats in the house and senate are sticking to the same line they had before all this began.
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senator chris coons says the shutdown is bad for the country. >> i have a simple position. the president should reopen the country then we can discuss a path forward. reporter: today the president signed into law guaranteeing federal workers will receive that back pay. no budging on either side. both sides dug in. liz: let's take out united kingdom under the gun over whether to delay or leave the e.u. here is the back story. if britain does leave. it would still trade with it. that's what the strongest conservative voices are saying. that's a reality check on the
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talks. let's get more of a reality check with ashley webster in london. reporter: british prime minister theresa may vowing to push ahead with brexit after winning that no confidence vote. she won by 19 votes. later on, just about an higher from now, the prime minister made a statement outside of 10 downing street calling on lawmakers to put self-interest aside and deliver the brexit people voted for. >> the mps have made clear what they don't want. we must work constructively together to set out what parliament does want. that's why i'm inviting mps from all parties to come together to find a way forward. one that delivers on the referendum and can demand the support of parliament. it's the time to put
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self-interest aside. reporter: apparently not everyone got the message. the opposition party leader was invited for the meeting which he refused. theresa may has to meet with opposition party members to find common ground, but it won't be easy. there are many difficult issues to get through. perhaps the u.k. would have a tighter relationship with the e.u. but the dreks iteers would not be -- the brexiteers would not be happy. all the time, the clock is ticking. 46 working days before the march 29 brexit deadline.
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liz: thank you. good to see you. here is what's going on stateside. there are growing signs in washington across the country. people tired of the drama. stop using the government shutdown. a bipartisan group of 20, they are stepping up with a deal. no details yet. look at this. a growing number of 8 freshmen democrats standing up to pelosi saying negotiate, get a deal, move on, fix healthcare, deficits, debt, free trade. remember we brought you the quotes from the democrats saying a growing number of democrats saying the border does work. the wall works. the president wants to fix the border security issue. let's break it down with liz
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peek. they have to get a deal done. >> the republicans have to put on the table -- actually, president trump, something democrats want. they want legal status for the dreamers. that seems like an easy thing. it was on the table before. there can be a deal done here. president trump sold himself as the great negotiator and deal maker. liz: maybe the media should start covering the democrats who are saying get it done. they say whatever and run to the cameras. a lot of activity is mistaken for achievement. senator mitch mcconnell is giving them cover. have pelosi and schumer ever been debate in the media about how border walls do work?
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>> they won't talk about it because they know they do work. when you ask the experts in places like san diego where they have barriers. you will be told it was a very dangerous border until they built a wall. walls work. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer don't want the american people to know this. they want the their can people to think it's a personality defect in president trump. saying he is having a temper tantrum. liz: here is cnn pushing back on a republican congressman. he's saying a wall stops illegal drugs. watch this. >> i just am afraid you are promising that a drug problem is
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going to be fixed with 234 millions of new wall when that's not how it's coming in. >> fentanyl generally speaking is sent in from china. it's not coming across the border. but there are thousands of pound of heroin and cocaine through border entry points. we have 200,000 people a year estimated by the border patrol coming across ports of entry undetected and successfully. liz: doctors without borders say one in three women are sexually assaulted. and one in ten children are crossing by themselves. 100,000 murder.
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>> it doesn't work the way it is now. we need to make some changes. we need e-verify and other things to happen. but when need barriers in some parts of the border. that's what the experts are telling us. why won't they consider it. since democrats voted for it before. it won't be such a heavy lift. we know the retail is very strong. i don't think investors will be swayed by that. a lot of things are getting postponed and pushed off. i don't think data from the government will make people unhappy. liz: air traffic control guys say it's not a save time to fly. liz peek, glad to have you here. she'll be on "bulls and bears"
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tomorrow right here on the fox business network. this business your money. stocks up the second straight session today. bank stocks leading the charge. shares of goldman sachs soaring. bank of america popping on its prove you fit beats. ford motor, i covered taxes for the "wall street journal." i am all over profit sheets. nordstrom said holiday sales came in below expectations. coming up, democrat ocasio-cortez, she won 16,000 votes. she is a congressman. give her her due. but she gets a say in america's
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finances. she has a seat on the house finance committee run by maxine waters. we'll take on her fight with republican scott walker over tax rates. harry reid says it's too radical and america isn't going to buy it.
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liz: representative ocasio-cortez gets a say in america's finances. she gets a seat on the finance committee chaished by maxine waters. they want to break up the banks and more. harry reid said, hey, ocasio-cortez, your policies are too radical. she looks like she is fighting the ghosts of old battles that have already been settled. she wants to take on student loans. she wants to do things like bring back glass siegel. she doesn't understand the financial system just yet. you appreciate her passion. but she is talking about the
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1930s law that got resirnded. it was the insurers and the highly leveraged guys. >> she is talking about revisiting dodd-frank. she is looking for solutions, but she needs to do her homework before she serves on this committee. a lot of her policies are what have made the economy boom under president trump. it leaves me concerned that her time on the financial services committee will undo a lot of that. liz: student loans are already owned by the u.s. government. i don't know if she is going to take on the fat cat academics running real estate models.
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banking can't be fixed with cosmetic reforms. >> that's right. you look at her proposal for raising the top marginal tax rate to 70%. it will have the unintended effect of harming the lower and middle class because those policies lower people's ability to invest in their businesses and hire workers. people who would be harm bird that would be the exact people she claims to be working. liz: the net job growth in this country came from small businesses. she wants more federal help for housing. we did that with barney frank and fannie and freddie. but let's get into this cortez twitter fight with former republican governor scott walker of wisconsin. scott walker was incorrect. he got what was cortez was
6:21 pm
saying wrong. she is talking about a new top marginal rate, not all tax at 70%. explaining tax rates to fifth graders. imagine if your grandmother gave you $10 and your parents took $7 from you. set that aside. here is the deal, amber. you know i covered taxes and the irs and i testified before congress on irs reform twice. when you look at data, the 70% rate would bring in $30 billion a year over 10 years. that's about an hour's worth of government expense. >> when you tax people at that high a rate, they finder ways to report their income.
6:22 pm
so the tax rate is minimum mall. the people at the what she calls the tippy top get their money from capital gains that are gains from invest thes that are taxed at you a different rate. she has a pie in the sky dreams of pie in the sky programs that she thinks will be able to be paid for by taxing the rich. you would have to tax all the american people at a higher rate. liz: the middle class and lower income classes would face higher rates. >> that's correct. she is claiming she wants to go in and help when she goes into congress and that's not what's going to happen through her policies. liz: harry reid says it's radical.
6:23 pm
we know the data show that the top 20 pay 9 out of 10 out of the federal income tax dollars that goes into the system. if you wants european-style welfare system you have got to tax the middle class and the lower the income taxes. watch for that going forward if that admit that. >> the wealthy more than pay their fair share as it is. liz: breaking news on huawei. the department of justice launched a criminal case against huawei. the allegation, telling our secrets. susan li has the details. >> huawei is the world largest equipment seller. the latest case includes possible a lift of the civil
6:24 pm
case to the federal court. the prosecutors are pursuing cases against huawei for theft of trade secrets and mobile testing devices. huawei as we mentioned has been in the news. we had the case of polish spying and an executive being arrested there. and the cfo of huawei being arrested in vancouver, canada as she was changing planes. sheet out upon bail awaiting extradition to the u.s. she is being accused of misleading multi-national banks to evade iran sanctions. the congressional report said that huawei -- the founder of huawei web's very reclusive.
6:25 pm
he doesn't speak in public. he came out in public this week in china defending his company saying we are not a con diet for chinese spying. not just the u.s. but the u.k. is considering banning huawei as well. new zealand and australia has already gone the on board in not using huawei in their telecom companies. but i would say this strengthens the u.s.'s hand in the trade negotiations. a company that generates $100 billion a year in revenue. liz: they are right in the bull's-eye. wall streeters not panicking that the u.s. government is failing to report retail sales number.
6:26 pm
they are look at visa, mastercard, the fed. failure to reopen the government will delay news. wall street looks elsewhere for the data. here is the big story for you. don't do it. that's the message to super bowl advertisers. don't go there. don't get political in your super bowl ads. consumers say the super bowl is not an appropriate place for advertise i ares to make political statements. that comes on the heels of that toxic masculinity ad from gillette. oscars paying steve carell to star in a new netflix comedy about president trump's proposed space force. he created the show with the
6:27 pm
creator of the u.s. version of "the office." tesla is going to give you if you can do it, a free model 3 car to any hacker who can hack its security codes and its security system. for the last four years tesla hosted an above ability program. do you ever wonder why certain ads suddenly pop up and start streaming across your facebook page? we have tech experts cracking the code. it's getting worse by the way. vice president pence says isis has been defeated on the same day a suicide bombing claimed by isis kills americans in syria.
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liz: we have facebook news for you and it's a biggy. people are finding out facebook keeps a list of your interests. but its business model is about manipulating your emotions and innermost desires to keep you online to boost ad sales. watch out how ads suddenly stream across your computer. you know how mark zuckerberg has gone on an apology tour for the last 12 years? we'll break down how facebook advertising works. so here is the thing. your innermost human desires, they manipulate you to stay on
6:33 pm
the page longer, right? >> that's right. facebook has become a breeding ground for weaponizing personal data. as this pew research center study demonstrates users don't have a basic understanding of how that date is being used or even if they have an understanding there is an ads control page, they don't even understand how to use it. it's a problem. and it's a data privacy nightmare. liz: when facebook users wered asked to look up their ad preferences page. people can hardly read the directions for their smart tv. i can't. you have got to change your privacy settings. what is key is this. when you go on our laptop or phone. if the microphone is turned on,
6:34 pm
the ands can hear you. i tracked 8 apps that were listening to me when i talked about sneakers and all of a sudden sneakers were flying across my facebook page. >> anything you do on facebook will be used to target you with ads. i have been in the seat where i am targeted and i'm telling myself where in the world -- how am i seeing this ad if i just looked this up on google. but i have been in the opposite seat as an entrepreneur that started and continues to run companies that need to market. i know unfortunately how powerful facebook ad platform is it's so powerful to the point that if you wanted to, anybody in the u.s. dock this. you can create a facebook page.
6:35 pm
create an ad for your new baby bottle you want to start. you can target let's say women and men from 25-30 in a specific city that go to a certain school that are interested in a certain type of show, and i can go above and beyond, say i am trying to mass market my new baby bought and target the executives at walmart i'm trying to meet with. if it's not used for good purposes, it's unbelievably dangerous. liz: everybody likes that boost yourself esteem when you have a like. it sets off a dopamine shot in your brain. >> they are luring people in to give their personal data. they are inviting people to have
6:36 pm
a so-called 10-year challenge where they are putting before and after ping tours of themselves. and there are data recognition issues. liz: that's a good point. the data face recognition in that challenge. great stuff. some sad news to share with you. legendary wall streeter john vogel died of cancer. he revolutionized investing for the little guy. he introduced index fund. he started the vanguard group. i personally listen to everything he said. this is a tremendous loss. we are going to miss john bogle. he was 89. hopes you drive safely.
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liz: president trump meeting with senators and his national defense team after isis took responsibility for a suicide bombing that took the lives of 19. let's bring in former deputy secretary of defense. vice president pence condemned the attack. but the attack came right after the vice president said isis had been defeated. your reaction to that? >> it's a dangerous thing to declare any islamic terror group dead. boko haram, isis, they are founded on a theology that's
6:42 pm
1,400 years old that's very radical. we have yet to find out how to deal with the theology of isis. liz: here is senator lindsey graham talking about this bombing. >> my concern by statement made by president trump would set in motion enthusiasm by the enemy we are fighting. you make people we are trying to help wonder about us. if they get bolder, the people we are trying to help are going to get more uncertain. we saw this in iraq. and i'm now seeing it in syria. liz: general, your reaction to that. >> i heard that when he made that statement. i think he's right. i agree with him on what he said. i also talked to another expert today on this. i said why would isis bomb a target like this at a time when
6:43 pm
we announced we are leaving? he made a good point. the basic point he made was they thrive on chaos. so i'm not sure we can apply western logic to why they did this and what their long-term objectives were other than the world has been told they are on the roped and they have been defeated. now their rue cuting is suffering. they need to come back with a bang, no pun intended saying we are still very much alive and can still hurt you. liz: an attack on a luxury hotel in kenya left 14 people dead. isis is still out there. >> that took place a couple miles from a -- an attack that took place in 2013.
6:44 pm
al-shabaab made the declaration that they want eastern kenya to be a place where you can look in any direction from any point and see a mosque. the whole nation of kenya has been targeted by al-shabaab. i think it will spread. liz: let's get to this "new york times" report that the president privately raised the idea of withdrawing the u.s. from nato. that would play into russia's hand. what was your reaction to that story. >> i don't think the president seriously wants to get out of nato. but it's not a bad thing for not only the nato countries to think he's serious by the, but also maybe some of the people around him. my instinct is he knows nato is a long standing and critical alliance and he knows he would
6:45 pm
have some issues with the congress if he started the process of pulling out. i don't think he has any intention of pulling out. but he made them pay their dues. liz: thank you for your service to our country. the story of the angel mom protesting in the offices much nancy pelosi and chuck schumer yesterday. we are bringing on an angel mom next. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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liz: vice president pence met with angel moms today. let's bring in a mother who lost her son. wendy, thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me. liz: i am sorry for your loss. tell was happened to your son. >> he was a great boy, and he was going to college, he had
6:50 pm
just been accepted to u.c. berkeley as a junior. he was out celebrating that victory with friends of his in san francisco. and he left the lounge with his friends and they pulled out into the street where two guys that were angry and pushing through the crowd and swearing were there. there was an incident with them hitting a girl in the face. and the boys, my son nick, his younger brothersrer was there -- brother was there as well. he was retrieving the jacket he left in the lounge. when they came out they noticed the crowd was getting rough. casey said let's get out of here. so they headed up the street and these two men who were
6:51 pm
apprehended a little bit by the crowd, but got away later, the kids were two blocks away from the lounge they were at and they came running after them with their knives in their hands. and one of them came up to my younger son and tried to stab him, cut his shirt and cut his chest a little bit. casey yelled out to protect his little brother, and the guy came over to casey and stabbed him in the heart. casey put up a fight to hit with his last dying breath and hit him in the face a few times and collapsed on top of him, pinning him down and he bled out on top of him. nick was able to get the knife out of the guy's hand and they
6:52 pm
rolled casey over and the guy started to run away. he was apprehended by one of the grirld' friends casey and nick were with that night. she ran after him and stopped him. had somebody else hold him and keep him there, and the police later apprehended him. but casey died that night. liz: we are standing right with you. that's a difficult story. it's heartbreak and it's a disgrace. what happened to those -- are they allegedly? they are accused of being illegals. >> they were in court we found out they were illegal aliens. they admitted to being illegal aliens. can i say his flame? >> andreas nabello. he's in prison for 20 years.
6:53 pm
but he had escaped or gone the here illegally, then he was deported once and came back again, paid a coyote $5,000 to get here. that's what he said in court how he got here. and he destroyed my son's life, he changed our family's life forever. this is the most of painful i have ever had to go through in my life. liz: wendy, if i can share this with you. you are doing a service for the country if you can think of it that way for sharing your story. >> something has got to change. when this happened to my son i never imagined it could happen to anybody. december 7, 2014. liz: we are on it. we are staying on these stories for everybody. we want to have you back on. we are just running out of time.
6:54 pm
thank you for sharing your story. we appreciate you, wendy. it's absolute confidence
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and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can to help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. liz: welcome back. a growing number of freshman house democrats now opening defying nancy pelosi saying do a deal, stop the shutdown. they want a deal on border security and more. let's bring in the congressman from texas. are you hearing this too, that
6:58 pm
there's open mutiny? >> i don't know about open mutiny but i'll just say this. i would not want to be a freshman democratic congressman because they are not being allowed to cast their votes an secured border security deal. liz: what do you mean by that? why aren't that they alluded te voting? >> the president i think has been negotiate in good faith. initially he said he wanted a 2000-mile concrete border wall. he's down to a steel barrier fence. liz: for half of that length. is nancy pelosi scight on their heads, the freshman saying you have to vote in lock step the way we vote? >> i'm not in their meetings. i don't tell you exactly. but i know we're hearing some quotes from a lot of freshmen democrats saying i would vote for a negotiated deal. and the president is willing to negotiate. i'll tell you, some of these
6:59 pm
democrat leaders -- the leadership have voted for as much as 40 billion in border security and barrier protection and now they won't even spring for the 5.7. it's just atrocious. there is definitely a crisis on the border. i'll give you an example. we've got 2,000 illegals hitting the border every single day. we've got more people coming in claiming to be families today, seeking asylum. it's 40% more today than there was in 2014 when president obama said it was crisis, a humanitarian crisis at that time. liz: the catch and release thing. you believe it's the pelosi-schumer shutdown, is that right, sir? >> i know it is. we've voted to fund the government and want border security that our constituents demand. liz: great to see you, sir. >> thank you. liz: that was a jam-packed hour. we covered a lot of ground. we want to thank you for having us in your homes.
7:00 pm
thank you so much for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right her on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the crisis at our southern border worsens as a new caravan of 2,000 hondurans have begun their planned trek for guatemala on to the southern boar border f mexico. this as the democratic leadership on capitol hill are in absolute disarray surrounded with chaos of their own making. still holding the government hostage as they push their radical agenda of open borders and unfettered illegal immigration. honduran officials are warning the migrants that the leftist caravan organizers have lied to them from the outset for their own


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