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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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they care about people who came to this country through no fault of their own. we have one of those people on the show tomorrow night, he said, chuck and nancy are failing him big time, i'll see you tomorrow. kennedy: party of no! has struck again, democrat refusing to consider president trump's latest offer to end government shut down, it includes something they want. what in the heck will it take to get those donkeys to agree to anything? over weekend president offered a huge trade, money to build wall for a three year halt on deporting daca resi recipients,e dreamers you know them well. mike pence said this was a good plan. >> president offered a good faith compromise to address what is a genuine humanitarian and
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security crises on our southern border and the government shout down. and sen senate leadership agreeo bring the bill to the floor tuesday. kennedy: democrats sent that proposal right back to the white house, very heartless, and chuck schumer explained in a dumb lecture watch. >> we're aghast he wants this giant 30 foot wall to be symbol of america, i tell president trump, i have told him to his face. we want symbol of america to remain the statue of liberty, freedom, equality, not a divisive wall. kennedy: okay how about metal statutes of liberty on the border? democrats have been fighting to get daca extended for years, it one of their favorite issues, and president offered to get the ball rolling for dreamers, i am sure they would appreciate that. but that still not florida --
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good enough, remember and nancy pelosi said walls were immoral, even those in her own party was forced to push back, and president did too, if nancy pelosi thinks that walls are immoral, why does she not request we take down all existing walls between u.s. and mexico. even the newest one in san diego at their very strong urging. so did democrats pr prove this s nothing to do with politics, and the shut down is only about their hatred of the president. kennedy: joining me, shawn spicer is back in action. >> thank you. great to be back. kennedy: it is cold in here, you are fortunate you are not here, talking about nancy pelosi, she is kind of person who assumes she will have strong labor
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support, a lot of these people who are displaced right now and about to not receive their second paycheck, they are really hurting, many of them are apart -- a part of a big federal worker union that study in 2013 to get back pay and double it for the harm caused by the last big shut down. is that dumb? >> yeah, i think that she is might have over estimated her hand in this particular case. the president made a good faith effort saturday, i think any objective person would admit his extension of daca and tps was a good faith efforts. the idea that before the president last word, they had rejected it. they that shows you they were not interested in whatever he said this to them is truly a political issue, i am you are right the base she counts on will start to eroad, they will stay -- erode, say will say at
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least he is engaging, something to get to a solution, and you have done nothing. i think they will see erosion on not just between her but of her members, i think -- >> when does that happen? when does this actually hurt democrats, not just theor theorl 2020. but, when do the dreamers and the federal workers who are going unpaid for another pay cycle, when do they start to train their ey ire on democratic leadership. >> that is a great question. kennedy: thank you. >> you do a good job of asking the question. i think we'll see a lot i in senate debate this week, if republicans play their card right and articulate what is at stake in offer made, i think you could see, even joe mitch of
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west virginia said he is willing to discuss this further, even if you can get a handful of democrats. if they hold firm in the sip at -- >> you know what nancy pelosi does to people who thwart her wims. >> remember -- >> she denies them committee posts. >> 16 folks who said they were unwilling to ever vote for her, they did because she either paid them off with a committee slot a pet project some funding, she knows how to get what she wants, few people are willing to cross her, but what i think changes the demographic not just for those numbers but public at large, if the debate shifts, and as senate starts to talk about this if senate democrats are ben
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meets president half way. then i think that people will realize they don't really want a solution. and once that is obvious, then the emperor has no clothes, democrats have not looked to counter offer anything that president said. kennedy: and i want to pick it up there. because, there are a lot of people on the right who feel like the ha president has offerd too much, some language he has used in terms of daca ask the dreamers -- daca and the dreamers and tprograms i tps ite amnesty. there may be a little bit of a collapse in his base. had. democrats saying he is head strong he is no stubborn, but he has given them not only a bunch of stuff they want but in terms of the wall, he has compartmentalized it to what they have agreed to. he has a hard time with part of his own party if he goes
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further. >> this is the rub, you just identified 54 democrat in 2013 vote the for much more than what they are so-called opposed to now, the idea that we're having that debate is truly's false o one. this is something that president has put forward in first place all 54 democrat under wrong wronbarack obama budgetbrack ad. >> there is so much common ground is will be up to joe manchin and lindsey graham to figure it out, that will signal to party maybe, there are so many people who are so hell bent in senate on making a name for themselves in 2020, they will do
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whatever it takes to try to win at all costs on this issue, they are sacrificing a really critical part of their base. i think we're closer to an end than we were last week, how much more time do you think we have in the shout down? >> -- shut down. >> i think you will find out tuesday, if democrats start engaging in a meaningful way that is positive. if they don't, i honestly think it could drag on for a machine r two, that is something i would have never guessed had you asked my in december, this is a new dynamic, both sides are so entrenched to their base. the idea a common group is elusive, i think that it could go on for another month or two. kennedy: common ground is a jackalope. shawn spicer thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: meantime, clock is ticking at end of the week, federal workers are die for duer
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another paycheck that looks unlike like, that means airports could worse than they are, 10% of tsa workers called in sick over weekend that is slowing down security lines in some parts of the country, potentially jeopardizing safety of passengers, it is more security neat theater, more annoying than unsafe. >> and they say some states are running out of money to help poorest americans, what will it take? joining me republican louisiana congressman, chairman of republican study committee mike johnson welcome. >> hey, kennedy great to be with you gain. kennedy: let's talk about some legislative solutions, some senate republicans what are you doing to relationshi reach acro? >> great question, i appreciate it and agrees with everything
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that shawn said this raw partisan politics, the president has reached out in good faith, and he has tried to make it happen and pelosi and house democrats are not sending a volley back over. it is broken down, we're trying as republicans, work is democrats people across the aisle who are reasonable and understand we have a problem at our southern border with our immigration laws and address it in a piecemeal fashion, i am among a number of legislature who filed limb laying legislation in last -- legislation in the last month, we're working with democrats trying to reach some consensus to continue to move the ball forward on this really important issue. kennedy: where do you find most consensus with democrats? they are the legislators in border states or states where president with ru won handily i? >> i think border state
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legislatures if you talk with them individually, member of congress, recognize that we have a problem. we say this is a legitimate humanitarian and national security crisis. nan-- nancy pelosi will not agre to, that. when you talk with individual members a lot of them recognize, that they are willing for example to work on closing loopholes in the asylum program. and bipartisan fashion, so, their are some areas for agreement, we're hopeful they will do that in terms of overall negotiations, it sad to say, but i think that a lot of national polls that will come out over next few days this week in reaction to what the president is offered, might dictate what nancy pelosi and dem chats do, unfortunate -- democrats do, unfachly heunfortunately they ag
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paplay poll24eubg tick -- polith this. kennedy: and that is really only way to tackle immigration, you can't do it with historyonics and emotionalism. and nancy pelosi, i understand shiashe has a a firm grip on yor caucus but it seems she lost her ability to too negotiate. she said we have a hard time sending a signal to our neighbor in south, i do like it dot, dot, abc. more drones, more border agents, you know selective fencing, something like that but, she has note even made that move. i think if h she did it that wod
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go over pretty well with your caucus. but having said that, i don't think you can have comprehensive immigration reform, i think you do have to do it one piece at a time, if you tackle first piece with a bipartisan consensus who is that piece? >> three of bills this month are doable, one to clean up asylum loopholes, problem is credible fear standard is too lease loosely enforced, gone that wants to come across border, they know what magic words are, you claim have you a credible fear in your country. problem is, they come in, they are turned loose while they wait for the ajudication of their case, what this is held, assuming they show up for it, only about 20% of people. kennedy: a bloated and slow pure
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crease? -- bureaucracy, i heard it all. >> amazing. kennedy: we appreciate. >> thank you. >> coming up buzzfeed continues to stand by its report claims that president trump directed michael cohen to lie to congress, ve even after special council team said that is not accurate. the panel joins me to discuss it next. did you know with vanishing deductible, you can earn $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving? sing that. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible.
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♪ kennedy: what do i get in president trump once called buzzfeed a failing pile of garbage, it may go down as nicest thing he says about them, after special counsel mueller shot down a bombshell report that accused president as instructing michael cohen to lie to congress. after trump haters began dancing in the street, a spokesman for special counsel of made a public
9:19 pm
comment, saying -- >> that sound you hear is record scratching at the impeachment party, buzzfeed said, they are standing by their reporting. >> i have further confirmation that this is right, we're told to stand our ground, this is our reporting, is accurate, we're 100% behind it. kennedy: accurateish. president's law rudy guliani said he also 100% certain that president never in-- never instructed michael cohen to lie to congress. let's join the panel. here they are in person. beverly is here. with politic editor at insider.
9:20 pm
anthony fisher. and host of tom shillue radio show, author of mean dads. welcome. >> yeah. >> thank you. kennedy: what this story broke -- when this story broker even whicconservative pundits said -- >> they did not read beyond the headline, it said president told michael cohen to lie, you read article there were no quotes, there were just want to guys, according to top guys they said this happened. and you know they might be right. because top guys might feel that according to whatever evidence they have seen, the president lied, but lie is a word we see in new york time they print 1200 lies, i looked at them all, there might be a couple whopper,
9:21 pm
but 1100 are debatable. some i would say that is questionable ta -- so, you know maybe one top guy thinks that what he told him to do was lie, maybe mueller does not think so, because that is why he issued that statement. kennedy: buzzfeed operates differently from new york time this is almost like print stuff first, answer questions later. what do you think? >> they have gotten stuff right a lot, they have a good track record these specific reporters. kennedy: leopold has been accused of shady stuff, including plaige plagiarism and. >> he has admitted to that, but withlwith -- with leopold, whene went to mueller office and said
9:22 pm
wire writing this story. he wrote a one sentence thing that was broad saying this is what the article was about. and only when article of written did mueller's office say, this is so far off what we believe to be true. kennedy: not accurate, but not a street name, or whether or not there was someone's name that was pu punctuated correctly, wee talking about special counsel office dispatched and dismissed article. >> they could have avoided that when they reached out for comment. >> there is no proof to these claims, these people could belying, maybe -- be lying, maybe they did talk with individuals who said this happens, where is the proof.
9:23 pm
when it comes to serious investigative journalism, i don't think of buzzfeed as that source. you were talking about how so many people said, if true. what about if false? this is damaging to media outlets. >> you have to go to social media that see what people are saying on either side. as case their weekend with covington catholic school, and march, and native americans, and one video starts here, and other two hours earlier. >> i think that is what is scary. it comes to media, i think that we need to have reliable journalism, where do people turn? kennedy: so easy for people to just make fun of traditional
9:24 pm
journalism or you know even new mead crmedia outlet like buzzfey there you go fake news. >> panel will return, not too much later they will be back, so back, but first kamala harris, is joining growing democratic feel for the 2020 presidential race. she said she is in it for the people, but her history shows not quite the justice she claims. even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you. a reliable income that lets you retire, without retiring from life. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today.
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kennedy: well add kamala harris to cozy list of democrats eager to unseat president trump. on paper she looks unstoppable, she won a tough, crowded senate race now putting on rosie glasses to rewrite her past as a progressive prosecutor, the thing about paper is great for
9:29 pm
oragami but it is flammable and does not hold water, once her opponent dig in her past just a little, it will go down in flames, she saw felony conviction rate shore and drug conviction up. until last year she scoffed at legalizing marijuana, she was jeff sessions in a dress. she inked her false narrative in a book, the truth we hold, it should be called the di hephypocrisy we practice. one of overlooked is someone to death row she appealed a federal judge's ruling death penalty unconstitutional. she did not want to send those convicts to gas chamber, she felt she owed it to them. harris continues her job to speak up for those voices who are not heard, and shine a
9:30 pm
lighto inequality and unfairness this lead to injustice. as law school professor rights kamala harris kept one man in prison on a 70s year sense sent- for gun possession or that 600 who had their cases thrown out when a dirty police technician whom harris and her team knew about was tainting evidence and stealing drugs, she did not disclose it but she appealed the cases, here trouble road leads to injustice, the question is whether her fellow democrats will be brave and honest enough to uncof uncover her problemati. that is the memo. well senator for the people
9:31 pm
today. >> truth. justice. decency, equality. freedom. democracy. these are not just words, they are the values we as americans cherishing they are on the line now. the future of our country depends on you, and million of others, lifting our voices to fight for our american values. that is why i'm running for president of the united states. kennedy: get in line, truth, justice -- ha! can we count on her for any of those? given her checkered past realpolitik cofounder tom bev injoining me now. >> great to be with you. kennedy: there are -- cel kel -f
9:32 pm
other democrat dig in, it is not flattering. >> there is a lot of fodder for folks to ding her from left about her record in san francisco, and look this is going to be "the hunger games," democratic primary they will cut i've other up, and do whatever they can, no one is perfect, if this is a test of purity, others that are apologizing for previous positions they held. kamala harris will have to address this and apologize, that is what a lot of democrats have been doing. question is whether she has political skill to finesse it, and attack back, and also again, on paper she looks great, she
9:33 pm
checks a lot of boxes. who are you know focused on identity politics, she is african-american, a woman, young, a fresh face, conservatived female obama, and charismatic, on paper. great, but there are other candidate on paper looked good scott walker who flamed out. and that is why they play the game, she will have to earn it. kennedy: yeah jeb bush, low energy, and look where he is today, 45 president. my question for you though, will democrats really go after each other or just going to train all of ammunition to the president. i can see them towing, that -- doing that, i can see home glossing over real attack safe its for the very end when debates and by primary get more heeneingfumeaningful it will wet field quickly after new hampshire, i think you will see a different field of candidates,
9:34 pm
or are they going after each other? >> i think they have to. i think there is -- they are all going to be angling for a lane. right kamala hai harris has her lane. she have lies on african-american voters and south carolina in primary states in south. california moved its pry hair uy up -- primary up to try to give her a boost. kennedy: do you think she is the chosen democrat of california, i think that gasser gasser is gars waiting in the wings, he has advancage over gavin newsom. >> he just got elected, he would not govern state of california, that is too big of a lift. eric garcetti his problem he is not as well-known, kamala harris has a bigger platform to speak from. and so, she will have a lot more
9:35 pm
money. in california makes a big difference. >> she is also used california machine to her advantage. during that conditio contentioue race two democrats in end, california democrat party chose her, i would not be surprised, but i will say, eric garcetti is more of an adept politician, and more dare i say, likable. >> that could play into things, there are heavy favorites now, but often time we have seen democrat and republican, donald trump was an 4569 asterisk in polls, you could see someone coming out of nowhere. >> he said kiss my asterisk. we have to go up against time, and that is a cool. thank you. >> you bit. kennedy: field of democrat running in 2020 continues to expand. libertarian are left wondering
9:36 pm
if we will ever have a viable candidate for the o oval office. -- suggested that michigan congressman amash could be the one, amash declined to announce a run but did grie describe hism candidate. >> has to be very libertarian, if you are running libertarian party, you better be a libertarian, but a person who is persuasive to other people. can bring republicans and democrats on board. a large part of the electorate onboard, you can't just appeal to die hard bib laye libertarian the election. kennedy: you can't win anything that way. will they find someone that gives them a thrill up their leg and a legitimate chance to win the big one, the panel is back.
9:37 pm
anthony, a lot of people floated amash's name, he would be a more serious candidate, he an actual politicians and considers himself libertarian that would be a improvement. >> over weld. kennedy: and everyone. >> gary johnson did served his time as libertarian standard bearer but time to move oweld we don't know his end game. he is in his 70s, not really trusted by the lib tea libertare such as it is, abash in his 30s, he is young, and legitimately libertarian. y and he principles and willing to buck his own party that should be the candidate. kennedy: what do you think? what is holding libertarians back, you know and work with many. >> yeah. most did not murder someone in
9:38 pm
belize ha that is one requirement. >> allegedly. kennedy: what do you think is more likely? taking of one life or hammock -- >> but, i think it is true, that too often is republican light, i think that weld is a liberal republican. >> that not libertarian. >> no. then they try to just went over to libertarian party. kennedy: abash on his fifth term thank you. >> to chelsea in control automatic. >> it is a, you know libertarian had success. issue wise with marijuana, with do you remember when ron paul said blow back that was so radical. >> how dare you? >> and now it is american foreign policy, trump has picked up that ron paul. kennedy: now.
9:39 pm
regular. i think it will is about talking about issues, i like what amash said, he said we need to learn to communicate. young people thinking that socialism is descre direction wd go in, you need someone to talk about those issues in right way, as much as a life ron paul, we can't talk about goal standard -- gold standard we have to track about real issues snra you ar.jim: you are right, and amash sells ideals of liberty, there are too few people out there who are voicing the same message, republican still want to capitulate and be everything to everybody and make government bigger and more expensive and unsustainable and amash is trying to rein it in. >> thank you. >> all right coming up president trump reportedly preparing for another north korea su summit wh
9:40 pm
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kennedy: white house announced friday a second summit between president trump and kim jong-un set for late february in vietnam, a new report could jeopardize. researchers have reportedly diskofdiscovered a secret ballic missile base in north korea. researcher lov believe pong pyog
9:45 pm
could have other sites like this. they said there is concern went white house that president trump might give too much, and get too little at next summit, the question, should there be a summit at all? joining me, mike baker. >> it is. kennedy: a couple areas of agreement between you and i, you can't trust north korea. and of course we should be talking with north korea. is that a better alternative than strategic patience? >> strategic patience, and that is a good term. it is better to have a dialogue, we have to separate a couple thing, drum beat you will hear about this report coming out from this think tank. part will be because they are looking to beat on current
9:46 pm
administration. does not matter what it is, they don't care about policy, they say, we've been negotiating we don't have anything, but administration is actually being pragmatic, they are not going to give anything, away, they have already said that. they will trust only what they can verify, they are not lightening on sanctions, but dialogue is importance. for past 4 decade policy we had has been repetitive failure. so, you could argue that just maintaining a policy that results in repe repetitive fails insane. >> the president is doing something different, his unpredictability suits him well
9:47 pm
with north korea, i think there could be a positive outcome, i know trepidation we'll give away too much. having said that, i think these team will do more work going into the second summit. more is expected this time. what could we see? what evidence of real compromise and cooperation could we see from the second summit? >> i think we'll see, in next summit. kennedy: tangible? >> i don't think we'll get -- that is always going to be a heavy lift, always a very slow and long process, the president said he is removed nuclear threat to north korea, that is again one of those self-inflicted wounds, same thing as if you know president bush said mission accomplished, there is no upside in speaking in absolutes like this, i don't understand why any president.
9:48 pm
kennedy: i agree, it is too easy to disprove. and there are so many people who want to prove the president wrong, that one area we should hope like hell that he gets it right. and that he redirects north korea toward being a regime that wants to participate in a free market economy on some level, and bring some freedom to people who have been starved and tortures there. >> we're setting the table for next summit, with diplomatic discussions other things happen off radar screen, things happen, no matter what administration, there a working level operational level of discussion. kennedy: we'll keep taking about it, you are amazing mike baker thank you about thank you. kennedy: stay put.
9:49 pm
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kennedy: tom brady is retiring. at some point, whatever ! apple said to develop technology that enables iphones to detect strokes it just shows people price of the phone. this is the topical storm. one. let us begin in california, a
9:53 pm
competitive skier on the roll. oh, that is what they call a yard sale in the industry. he left it all out there, he attempts to break a cliff jump record, something happened, he was not injured. witin the en end only thing hurs his pride. it is not craziest video in world, nice to see someone crashing and burning behidbeside buzzfeed reporters. >> and we head to maine, eagles hit road with fish.
9:54 pm
they love the lunch box challenge. he saw a free meal, he has been caught stealing. a lot of music reverends. -- references. my staff must have been playing guitar. yeah. they are having a pitch meeting. fisherman who shot that video said he got robbed. but for being honest no one got robbed worse than more new orleans saints. >> come on ref. hello. >> makers of pete's candy releasing a breakfast cereal. according to people who tried to, peeps cereal tastes just like the candy it named after.
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9:56 pm
cold and weed, and fake limbs, he don't feel a thing. i do. i love those lame videos. we'll be right back, in two shakes of a lamb's -- stay put. [ telephone ringing ] -whoa. [ indistinct talking ] -deductible? -definitely speaking insurance. -additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion. -when insurance needs translating, get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor. when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? step up to the stage here. feeling good about that? let's see- most of you say lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart.
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so many ways to keep in touch, tomorrow night, guy benson, and i have a little bit of a man they call john stossel, i will see you then, thank you, and good night. ♪ ♪ >> lou: good evening everyone. i'm david as men, who has the evening off. a month into the showdown on the dems offering the president nothing that would reopen the president. government. the president publicly offering the democrats await and the shut down. >> that is our plan. border security, daca, tps and other things. straightforward, fair, reasonable, and common sense. with lots of compromise. this plan solves the immediate crisis. it's a horrible


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