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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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discussions. [closing bell rings] john petrides, thank you very much. we pot it right. every other got it wrong. nasdaq is struggling down 2% "after the bell has ibm earnings. melissa: ending the day in negative taifer to on global growth concerns and new china trade fears. we're off the lows of the ses. look at the dow down 296 points. we were down 450 points on the low. a bit of a comeback. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. a last few seconds we settled in, we got a lot of that back, for whatever it is worth. tech-heavy nasdaq to the downside by nearly 2%, snapping a four-day winning streak. more on some big market movers. here is what is new at this hour. your move, nancy pelosi. sources telling fox news the white house is planning to move
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ahead with president trump's state of the union address next week but the location, that part might be up to the speaker. on capitol hill the senate is preparing to vote on the president's proposal to end the partial government shutdown. top democrats not expected to support it. if it fails, lawmakers from what we understand are still working on what might end up being plan b or c, or d, whatever. melissa: whatever letter. connell: and you never use social media because of privacy concerns? well it turns out your information still could be at risk. melissa: what? connell: we'll tell you why, how to protect yourself coming up. melissa: basically stayed away from it for nothing. back to the markets, stocks ending losses earlier in the day after a new warning by china about huawei. fox business's edward lawrence live in d.c. coming back a bit at the end. tell us what the story was all about, edward. reporter: markets sorting this all out. complicating the trade talks is the extradition of the huawei
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ceo from canada. she remains under arrest in canada. the u.s. has until january 30th to formally apply the extradition request. chinese foreign ministry spokes certain saying we urge the usi to take the solemn position of the chinese side. take measures to correct its wrong doings withdraw the arrest order for the chinese citizen. china will make further response in view of actions taken by the u.s. those actions will come. the justice department saying in a statement this afternoon to me, we will continue to pursue the extradition of defendant meng wanzhou, meet all deadlines set by the u.s.-canada extradition treaty. that deadline is the same day as u.s. treasury secretary will meet the chinese vice premier. the chinese tone hard inned this week.
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the white house is clear what we need. >> our goal is to make sure we have free and reciprocal trade with china. that is the priority. we are optimistic. we have time to go before the march 1st deadline. reporter: after march 1st, tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese good go from 10% to 25%. secretary of state mike pompeo says the administration will follow through and a deal with china is better than the alternative. >> these principles of democracy, these things created so much wealth for the whole globe what will drive the relationship between the united states and china the years ahead. and we hope that china will adopt policies consistent with that if they do i'm very confident our two nations can thrive and prosper together. reporter: those minister level meetings starting january 30th will be critical. melissa. melissa: edward, thank you. connell: thank you, edward. goodup for gerri willis who joins us from the floor of new york stock exchange.
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that was kind of the theme, china and global growth. >> china, china. we have the dow down 301. s&p "the five" hundred down 1.4. nasdaq down as well. it was all about china today. worries about the growth, selling first day traders down here had opportunity to trade on that headline, china's growth is just 6.6%. which sounds oh, so good to me. some of these folks down here calling this the davos selloff. why? executives at davos, big honcho meetup talking about negatives, talking about trade, growth, brexit, the government shutdown but i got to tell you the headline this afternoon that really sent stocks down, u.s. turns down china offer of preparatory talks. that was a big deal. it is already been knocked down by white house officials. also, another thing pulling down stocks today, housing. we had really bad existing home sales number for the month of december. came in at 4.99 million. you know that is a run rate that
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represents the whole year. the market expected 5.2 million. this is 6 of% below november. 10% below a year ago. you know what is going on here. interest rates are lower. interest rates are higher. and we know the housing prices are sky-high. all of the stocks in this sector trading lower today. that was sell thing going on in the market today, making everything look bad. back to you guys. connell: down 300. thank you, gerri. melissa: let's bring in today's market panel. liz peek, columnist, gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management, both fox news contributors. there was a lot of crosscurrents, most of it negative. what was the biggest take away, what was the most important nugget? >> we're focused on china and the negotiations. every time there is positive news about china the market goes up and when we hit a speed bump it goes down. i think there is concern the increasingly bad news on the chinese economy coming out is
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leading the white house to say they can really press their advantage. i think it is optimistic we'll just settle for increase in imports in china which they already committed to. there is lot of talk about trillion dollars over next three years. but i think the big stumbling blocks continue to be intellectual property, how china will resolve those issues i don't know and i think some of it will have to do with this made in china 2025 program. that keeps going back and forth too. there is just a lot of uncertainty about it. melissa: yeah, gary, do you agree with that? >> well, look, the biggest problem we have right now is the two words, don't blink. today at the end of the day the market ramped up because the white house supposedly said, things are just fine. don't worry about things that were reported three hours ago. the fact of the matter is nothing done, still yapping away. good news market goes up, bad news it comes down. i just wish we would get past
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this. i don't want this going on another few months f we get through march, all of sudden tariffs get raised, i see 2,000 points lower from here. connell: wow. we'll see how that goes. to liz peek's points, one of the things has been made in china 2025 which outlines the ambition of the chinese to dominate, particularly in the technology industry going forward. the report we're getting thousand, this is being widely implemented. two separate u.s. business groups came out, gary with reports on that. to the point, as liz was saying if we'll settle for some sort of a deal, and it doesn't include the drawing back of this, what are we getting out of china? >> even if we have a deal china will not stick to it. they want to be the head honcho, top dog, big cheese of technology going forward and nothing will stand in their way. the fact of the matter they are acting in their own best interests. we'll be in a race with them.
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we're going to act in our own best interests. the question is, what's going to be involved with the deal? my biggest problem has always been i said it since day one, china lies and we're going to sit here and get a deal but i think it will end up we'll talk about it a year from now, wait, what was in the deal? because they're not following it. connell: just to get a deal, that is kind of the fear some have, especially hard-liners on china. they say, all right, but chinese agree to buy more u.s. products and the like, they still move forward with a plan like this, you have concerns we always have about intellectual property and things like that, right? >> this is hard because this is the central core of china's ambitions. connell: yep. >> the most positive thing come out recently, some of the big companies, which the chamber of commerce crowd which by the way have been enablers of china's theft of property prolo these many decade for fear of being excluded from their market, they're beginning to weigh in and i think the way this changes
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is if you go into china, you go in with different understanding, with your chinese partner. maybe still have to have a partner but you have to show them your blueprints. you don't have to share all the intellectual property. that is a big stumbling block. i think that could change. we need more time. connell: liz talks about, these companies wasn't a gun to their head. they went in knowing this would happen, because of market and how many people they could get access to. thank you, liz and gary. melissa: etch proking the state union? maybe not. the shutdown continues to interfere with the traditional address. we're live at the white house next with all the details. connell: plus a travel nightmare. united airlines this, is some story, investigating a flight gone wrong, leaving passengers stranded on a plane for 12 hours. melissa: can you imagine that? connell: no. melissa: it was freezing. connell: how the airline is responding now. melissa: calling our economic system, quote, immoral.
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or whatever it does, the stock falls. 16 of the past 20 reports exactly what happened. not tomorrow, my friend. this company will probably add 40 points to the dow tomorrow morning. shares are higher by 5%. what worked? growth, demanding growth for a.i., cloud, all going higher here. we've been watching this firm for some time. i'm told this year was transition year for the company. this is the kind of transition you like to see, better earnings, better revenue. of course revenue was really the line that a lot of analysts were watching. they have had misses on revenue for a couple quarters now. big news for ibm. they will be a big part of the dow tomorrow. back to you guys. melissa: gerri, thank you. connell: meantime the state of the, sources state that president trump plans to deliver the state of the union address one week from tonight. whether he will do that from the floor of the house of representatives, that part is at
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best an open question. blake burman live at the white house with the latest on all of this. blake? >> that's right, connell. the state of the union is supposed to be one week from this evening, tuesday, january 29th. the white house is hoping president trump goes down to the halls of the capitol hill, give that traditional prime time address. if he is unable to do that the white house is also told pursuing the option having him do an alternative type speech somewhere else. nancy pelosi is the one who has a whole lot of sway here as there has to be a joint resolution passed by the house and by the senate in order to make this happen. that never is an issue at all but needless to say we're not in ordinary times here. the white house though is saying that nancy pelosi will not determine what the president ends up doing that evening. >> nancy pelosi does not dictate to the president when or, when he will or will not have a conversation with the american people. the state. union address is set up so the president can explain just what
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is going on with our government and just what is going on around the globe. the president has an incredible story to tell about how far we've come in this country economically and national security capacity. reporter: day 32 here of this shutdown, still no major compromise. the senate on thursday is likely to take up president trump's plan but it still remains to be seen if that can get 60 votes in the senate. even if it does, it would head oaf to the house, the democratic-controlled house. by the way payroll checks are set to be processed this evening for some 800,000 federal workers, meaning it is more likely than not they will miss a second consecutive paycheck on friday. connell: almost definitely going to miss that second one. thanks, blake burman at the white house. melissa: here to break it all down, chad pergram, fox news senior capitol hill producer. let's do state of the union first. i saw an alert he is even thinking about doing it outside of the capitol. that mean outside of washington or what? what are you hearing? >> that could mean anything.
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the bottom line is here, they say at the white house he is going to give a speech, all the constitution says from time to time he shall present to congress information on the state of the union. this was submitted in writing for a long time. george washington came here first few years in public. thomas jefferson ended practice. he thought it was a speech from the thrown. jefferson was too shy to give speeches. it was written copy for years until woodrow wilson rejuvenated the practice in 1913. they could go anywhere. at the end of the day, nancy pelosi does not even have to rescind the invitation. each year the house and senate approve a concurrent resolution. so long as they have not done that, that means he will not come into congress to do this. i should point out, melissa, article 2, section of the constitution presidents may convene on extraordinary occasions for the house and senate to come together. president trump can do that
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conceivably. it hasn't been done since president trump man did twice in 194and 1948. in that situation congress was out and doesn't guarranty you can speak. melissa: who is the perception would win the messaging game around that? does nancy pelosi look like someone petty or someone standing up to the bully? >> we're in uncharted territory both for the administration standpoint and congressional standpoint on this we haven't seen new polling yet. we've seen polling on the government shutdown but not on the tit-for-tat with the letter suggesting they postpone it, cancellation of the trip to afghanistan. that sun clear. the president does very well on television. that is one thing. and so for him to go out and give a speech, especially under these circumstances and this is part of the republican playbook, to continually try to toxify nancy pelosi. it continues that narrative.
4:19 pm
she is radioactive in many parts of country. melissa: he made the proposal over the weekend. here is what it is i am willing to give you. democrats don't want to come to the table to negotiate. mitch mcconnell said everyone made their point. now it is time to make law. any chance that will happen? >> it is possible. the trick what they're going to do on thursday. there are two procedural votes. they both need 60 yeas. one is republican plan, one mitch mcconnell released last night, 1300 pages reflective of the president's proposal. a democratic proposal which chuck schumer made out. mitch mcconnell made a very important point. here is what he said. to reject this proposal, democrats would prioritize political combat over the president, government workers and daca recipients and break down of government funding. 53 republicans all stick together. if they stick together seven democrats can come on board. that is possible.
4:20 pm
melissa: really. >> it is possible. look at democratic senators from maryland and virginia. that is four right there. look someone who is in play, in 2020, doug jones from alabama who represents probably the most pro-trump state of any democratic senator. look someone like moderate democrat joe manchin of west virginia. they could might get there but nobody knows. or they all vote along party lines, republicans vote for republican proposal and democrats vote for democrat proposal. melissa: we know you will not move or sleep. >> i usually don't, since december 20th. melissa: chad pergram, thank you so much, as always my friend. we appreciate your help. connell: he never stops. what a circus down there. your data at risk. a new report revealing facebook knows a lot about you even if you never logged in. melissa: what? connell: even if you never signed up for facebook. melissa: that is so annoying. connell: weird. starbucks teaming up with another major company, how it could be even easier for you to
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connell: how about this, your social media profiles are never really private and they may have given away information about your friends even if they never personally signed up for an account, yet that information could be given away. according to a new study by the university of vermont that hillary vaughn has been covering. she joins us with more details about something that sound as little crazy. hillary. reporter: it does sound a little crazy, connell and it's a little hard to understand. i will try to break it down as much as i can. your privacy online is at risk even if you have not join ad social network like facebook, twitter or even if you deleted your accounts on any of those platforms because according to this study, people can profile you, using data from your friends. a new study conducted by the university of vermont and university of adelaide in australia said researchers can
4:25 pm
predict with 95% accuracy what people would tweet about using information they pulled together from eight of their friends. the study writing in the abstract, quote, information is so strongly embedded in a social network in principle one can profile an individual from their available social ties even when the individual forefoes the platform completely. here is how they found this out. researchers gathered 30 million public posts on twitter from 13,000 users. then they pulled that information, looked at a person's contacts and proved they could use machine learning to predict what someone would tweet about later. so here is what this means. a government, a company, or someone else can figure out what your political party is, your product preferences are, even your religious affiliation by profiling you from information that they know about their friends. they really don't need to know anything about you in order to do it. so if you think about it, it does make sense. people typically surround themselves with people who are like-minded, have the same
4:26 pm
values, but using technology to profile someone and predict what you're going to do online next is something that's new and notable. connell? connell: so if you think about it, the only way to truly be safe -- melissa: lie about everything. connell: have no friends. >> that too. reporter: have no friends, exactly. connell: have no life. you will be safe. hillary, thank you. we appreciate that. melissa: expanding its empire. starbucks teams up with uber eats to deliver coffee in six major cities. the coffee chain will offer items to people in santorum, washington, boston, can chicago, new york, and washington, d.c. 95% of the starbucks core menu is available using uber-eats app. you know what is wrong with that? i use uber eats app, because your coffee will not be hot. if uber brings it over any way they can the coffee will not be hot. connell: it will take a while. all the problems we have to deal
4:27 pm
with. now finding a spot in what is a crowded field. how the former mayor of new york mike bloomberg could potentially differentiate himself for a president in 2020. freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez continues pushing what is a far-left agenda. why she is now calling, at least part of our economy immoral. those comments next. ♪ it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts. or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through february 28th. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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♪ connell: all right. welcome back. now they say "three's company." this democratic presidential field, this is a crowd. it is going to keep growing. some big nails are up in the air. former vice president joe biden, for example, and former new york city mayor mike bloomberg are some of the bigger names we don't know for sure whether they're running or not but is this room for them in the modern democratic party? we're joined by madison gesiotto, doug schoen, former bill clinton pollster, advisor to aforementioned to mayor bloomberg. i want to start, doug, if i can, with the former mayor of new york city. >> sure. connell: the idea we're talking about this, is there any room for a moderate in the modern democratic party?
4:32 pm
"politico" said if there was the lane for bloomberg is gun control and climate change, because he has given so much money to those issues, will that work helping him through a primary? >> those are two very, very important issues for the democratic party and i would argue for the country. they're voting issues for democrats. you saw that the mayor who had a super-pac spent $100 million in the midterm, congressional elections, played a demonstrable role helping democrats win the house. using those issues to elect 21, 22 members of congress out of the 40 that the democrats picked up. connell: he is a liberal guy on social issues, always has been but economic issues he is moderate. connections to wall street, madison, people in the democratic party have had concerns about but what about on the republican side? say hypothetically mike bloomberg did do well in the primaries. is he someone that scares president trump? >> i think president trump running for 2020. he is really excited about what
4:33 pm
he is able to do for the country so far and what he will do over the remaining two years leading up to the next election but at the same time, when we look at the democratic party, we look at a wide array of democrats running potentially up to two dozen, we see more moderates, this will be a smarter choice. connell: he would rather run against someone far left is your point? >> i think he would. it is a much easier race. with bloomberg i am concerned about his age. he would be 79 the month after he would be sworn in to win a presidential election that unheard of. connell: also an issue for biden. >> and trump by the way. connell: he is already president. >> that is true. connell: let's, mike bloomberg is a billionaire. we know that. billionaires are in the news today. we also know that and that is kind of the democratic party seems to be going more, at least energy of it in this direction, take a listen. >> do we live in a moral world that allows billionaires? is that a more outcome in
4:34 pm
itself? >> no, it's not. it's not. i do think a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of alabama where people are still getting ring worm because they don't have access to public health is wrong. connell: to exist, boy, doug, that is some heavy stuff. she went on to say, alexandria ocasio-cortez, that you know, warren buffett, bill gates are not immoral people. >> so they were good people think, is system allows billionaires to exist, that system is called capitalism, right? >> she speaks for herself and err self alone. connell: you do? >> i think so. most people accept that capitalism allows for a few people to get very wealthy. would i say it's a system that gives the greatest opportunity for poor people in alabama to get access to public health which isn't perfect. we're trying to improve it as democrats. i would like to think that, and
4:35 pm
i know mike bloomberg is committed to expansion of health, looking at all options to fix obamacare and i believe he is one of those not only good billionaires, one of those rare good people that come along in our world. connell: one of those good billionaires. >> more than a good billionaire. connell: i know what you mean. madison, this is what we were talking about a minute ago. that kind of rhetoric on economics is music of ears to the republicans and the president. that is the kind of thing he would like to run against, that kind of talk, that what you're saying? >> yes. i think it is dangerous for the democratic party having prominent voices saying things like this. look at great country, free enterprise and endless opportunity. they brought so many families like my family to emigrate here to the united states. this is the american dream people want to live. of course we have problems in this country we need to continue to work on and fix. we want everybody to be able to eat. want everybody access to health
4:36 pm
care. we want to make sure that is happening across the country. at the same time we don't want to do it through social listic policies that proven time and time again that don't work. connell: thank you, madison and doug. melissa: los angeles teachers in the school district reaching a tentative agreement to end the week-long strike f the deal is approved the teachers head back to work with a 6% pay raise along with additional staffing. we'll continue follow the story. we will have additional updates when we have them. connell: senate republicans planning to push forward for the president's shut-down proposal. how democrats plan to unveil their own by to reopen the government for business. why critics say, the stalemate is far from over. that is next. ♪ more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home,
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connell: looking for a deal to just end the standoff finally. the senate plans to vote on president trump's proposal to end the government shutdown thursday but is the plan dead on
4:40 pm
arrival? for that we go to mike' manuel live on capitol hill with where things stand. mike. reporter: connell, interesting developments. senators vote on two different proposals on thursday. one senate trump's plan favored by the senate majority leader. one favored by democrats. mitch mcconnell says the democrats should back the president's plan. >> opportunity to end all of this is staring at us right in the face. that is why we'll vote on this legislation on the senate floor this week. all that needs to happen is for our democratic friends to agree it is time to put the country ahead of politics, take yes for an answer and vote to put the standoff behind us. reporter: with a 60-vote threshold in the senate, mcconnell needs seven democrats to vote on the president's proposal and senate democratic leader chuck schumer notes the president did not consult with democrats. >> let me say that again. there were no serious negotiations with democratic leaders or any democrat to
4:41 pm
produce this proposal. the president didn't ask what democrats needed in a bill to achieve our support. he simply laid his proposal down on the table and proclaimed it a compromise. reporter: on the house side of the capitol speaker nancy pelosi is saying the president's proposal would not have the votes. >> first, when we heard the president was going to make a proposal we were optimistic that he might be reaching out to open up government so that we could have this discussion. but then we heard what the particulars were in it and it was a nonstarter unfortunately. reporter: so the president's plan will come up with a vote thursday. so will one favored by democrats that would keep the government open through februaryth, allow more time to negotiate on border security. it is not entirely clear if either proposal will have the 60 yes votes. connell. connell: doesn't sound very promising. mike emanuel on capitol hill. melissa: joining us to react,
4:42 pm
vince coglianese, "the hill" executive editor. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said this is nonstarter. 5.7 billion for funding for border security but there is also temporary protective status for 300,000 people, 700,000 dreamers for three years. 800 million in humanitarian assistance, drug-related technology, more border agents, law enforcement, judges, a whole bunch of things that democrats have asked for in here. if they just say it is a nonstarter, without asking for maybe if that isn't good enough we also want x, y, z, do they look like they're putting the priority of federal workers or of just politics ahead of all of those people? >> yes. melissa: the daca workers and everybody? >> i think they are. the key question for democrats here is what is more important to you, getting government workers paid an back to work or getting a victory over the president of the united states? because if the answer to that question is the latter, appears
4:43 pm
its up till this point that is not showing interest in getting government workers paid and back to work as nancy pelosi keep claiming that that, bottom of what they want to do. you can't sit up there say that is dire situation for coast guard, for dhs, for tsa or anybody affected by this, simultaneously not work to help remediate that issue. melissa: are there seven democrats that would come over to the republican side in the senate? >> doesn't look like it, not at this moment. this is one of the, i think this is one of the luxuries thus far of the democratic party. they maintain ad pretty fierce stranglehold on their rank-and-file. very few democrats will say out loud they support a border barrier, never a wall, that is a sign of strength of democratic leadership maintaining fight against the president plenty of people who want to get paid, back to work and get our border secured at the same time. melissa: i ask a pretty basic question because i don't know how these things work. when the kavanaugh hearings went
4:44 pm
on, all of sudden we saw ads local stations around, this is what brett kavanaugh stands for, call the congresspeople. at this point in the fight, republicans are saying put federal workers back to work, protect daca recipients, put this money into new border patrol, put money into humanitarian aid, all you have to do is come to the table, a lot of americans are not hearing that message, that is what the president is offering, republicans are offering. why doesn't some super-pac step up and put some ads out there or do something to get the message out? >> because i feel like the president is the only one who has a heart in this fight. honestly, mitch mcconnell, for his part i think president is pleased with him. he is presenting legislation in the senate only that he thinks the president will sign. kevin mccarthy on other hand who has been pretty vocal of supportive president, honestly behind closed doors in washington, rank-and-file republicans are used to be nervous and losers in these
4:45 pm
political fights. they're cowed into silence. they don't want to set up front, say a whole lot, institutional washington, republicans are so divided on issue of immigration, more are open borders than they let on, they are not willing to get out front and sent to be supported in the president. the president feels alone in this except he has a broad base of voters who do support him in this fight. melissa: thank you for that depressing but truthful -- >> that is washington. melissa: why everyone hates washington and politicians. connell: they do? >> yeah. connell: nightmare on the runway. this is a real nightmare. united airlines is searching for answers after a travel disaster left 250 passengers grounded for 12 hours in subzero temperatures! details on that internal review are coming up next. ♪ to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle,
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>> travelers worst nightmare. united airlines is reviewing a flight that left passengers stranded in freezing temperatures for 12 hours. deirdre bolton with the details. we heard bad airline stories. this one, wow. >> this takes the cake. one passenger described as newark hong kong flight as worst nightmare travel every experienced. they had to make an emergency landing in canada instead of going through hong kong. passengers were stuck in a cold airplane on a canadian airfield in 12 hours. united says passengers couldn't get off the plane because they couldn't legally get off in a foreign country without clearing customs. no officials were working when the plane landed at 9:30 a.m. saturday local time. doors were frozen by the
4:50 pm
sub-zero cold. "wall street journal" reported at one point, sinned the ceo email right now. tell him how mad you are with the situation. he gave the ceo's email address. passengers were freezing while kept waiting. united spokesperson said a sick passenger required the emergency landing in canada, not returning to newark was not an option they say. so united reviewing incident. i called a contact with media relations. they confirmed all the details i told you. they also added this. i want to bring it to you for full and fair disclosure. upon arrival, customers received reimbursement, compensation, hotel accomodations, meals. we apologize to the customers for the experience. our crew and operations did everything possible during the delay. in late december passengers on a delta flight experience ad similar lengthy delay when a plane experienced engine problems. that plane made an emergency landing off the coast of alaska. because that was continental
4:51 pm
u.s. or u.s. territory, passengers were able to disembark while they waited for another one to pick them up. not exactly a same situation. we're showing 52 week charts, delta, united american. you can see united bizarrely so far, past 52 weeks has the best performance. i'm with you, melissa, that is not something that would make me think i would need to travel again soon. >> i can't imagine with my kids. >> i didn't even think of that. that would be awful. and freezing, right? melissa: deirdre, thank you. >> sure. connell: get someone to take them. soccer star cristiano renaldo is pleading guilt toy to tax fraud. melissa: what? connell: costing him a lot of dough, $21 million in fines. the judge gave him two year suspended sentence, which means he does not have so serve time in prison. the court accuses renaldo using shell companies to hide income. here is funny. he signed autographs before
4:52 pm
entering the courthouse today. let that be advice to all the celebrities get in trouble with the law, i guess. be nice to your fans on the court. melissa: ow. connell: be nice to renaldo. melissa: i have a lot of soccer fans in my house. they were shocked about this. a call gone bad. saints fans suing the nfl about a call that helped send the raps to the super bowl. do they have a case? judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst next. ♪ they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those... which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> throwing a very late slide. new orleans to season-ticket holders in the nfl with a lawsuit after there was no penalty called when the saints receiver took the rideau, too hotheaded from the defender for the l.a. rams and everybody watching we should've been pass interference in the nfc championship game and not
4:56 pm
should've cost the game. let's bring in the judge and on the andrew pollack on no, host of the liberty file on fox nation. we are all praying to have a case because we want to see the game played again. >> no, they don't. it was the most blatant pass interference you've ever seen but it is not reviewable under the nfl rules what is standing meaning you have an injury distinct from all others. that is hardly the case. maybe millions of people are armed -- but the harm is not reversible on the court. >> i did read the the commissioner could've replayed part part of the game. i was in the rulebook. would have been fun. never happened before of course.
4:57 pm
they got read up on this one appeared completely different subject. we want to ditch her take on the mueller probe because there have been investigations trying to clarify comments regarding the timeline of the negotiations ended with russian officials about a potential trump tower in moscow. before or after mr. trump won the presidency, giuliani called his original statement about this hypothetical. so what is really going on here? what is the mayor up to? >> i think mayor giuliani is aware of evidence that the special counsel has about an agreement between the trump campaign and russian intelligence for the trump campaign to receive something of value from russian intelligence. the question is can he tie the president himself to that agreement? now, when you have -- when you are aware of the defense lawyer
4:58 pm
of damaging information about your client come your choice is not mention it and let the government drop it like an anvil into a pond or drip, drip out yourself so when it does come from the government did so well. david: we knew that already. you don't have any inside information of what he knows or doesn't know. you're just saying his actions lead you to believe that. >> he has told friends he's seen some of bob mueller's cards and the inevitable negotiation back and forth between the trump legal team in the mueller legal team about whether the president will sit down for an interview appeared so he does know some things we don't know publicly. but he is shrewdly if you will even in a goofy manner they seen some of it. >> so that's how we kind of go through things in the media when a new report comes out. we flip the right to say i knew
4:59 pm
that already and this is no one that gets -- immediate game that's been played. >> the mayor's reputation and clients reputation been uninterested in the church expands because he keeps bringing things out in a think of other tapes or threw that out but it wishes to hypothetical. when you make a wild allegation like that, if teams like every monday morning he's walking back something he said on the sunday talk shows. david: real quick, is there something in the public that's damaging to the president, but what is the most damaging fact we actually know real quick? >> the president according to michael colin asked him to lie under oath or that's an impeachable offense. >> right, but according to michael cohen. >> michael cohen's words against him will trump spirit where we going? >> we still don't know. wish we had a better result in the nfl story.
5:00 pm
i was a terrible call. >> it seems like it the american way. >> disappointing. anyway, that does it for us. >> "bulls & bears" with david asman starts right now. david: this is "bulls & bears." thanks for joining us today. i'm david asman. joining me, susan li, carol roth, john rayfield with global growth fears and uncertainty over china trade deal flaming thoughts today. the dow plummeting 300 points on news the justice department will continue to purse you the extradition of huawei ceo if she's not released. many believe the report last week that china deal was imminent. if you are watching "bulls & bears" on friday, you already know the administration was discount


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