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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  January 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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gaetz joins us as does former prosecutor sidney powell. i hope you will join us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. trish: the president of the united states telling me exclusively that all options regarding venezuela are on the table. i spoke by phone with the president just a short time ago, and he told me that he quote wants to help the people of venezuela. in just moments i will talk to the man our government recognizes as the president of venezuela, juan guaido. the 35-year-old engineer who is trying to lead his country back to democracy and freedom and away from socialist dictatorship while simultaneously trying to
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protect his life and others in the off significance. he joins me for his first interview on any american program. it's here first on "trish regan primetime." first in the united states of america. freedom fighter juan guaido. and we'll have reaction from florida congressman matt gaetz and historian doug wead. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. tonight my interview with the freedom fighter leading his country to democracy. amid massive protests in the streets of venezuela. assembly leader juan guaido swears himself in as president of convenience amidst matsive cheers from the people. tonight in his first television interview, juan guaido, the man
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the united states and the rest of the free world recognizes as president of venezuela. >> thank you, trish, thank you. thank you to your audience and greetings. trish: ways happening right now in venezuela? >> in venezuela we have a movement for freedom for democracy we have worked and a cry niced to build through mama joart protests and elections and ally ourselves with the world that recognize the fight for democracy in venezuela. tomorrow we'll have a big protest sat date and national parliament. we have passed the protection of assets in the case of pdvsa.
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that will not along pillaging from venezuela. we are talking about $700 billion in pillaging for the taxpayers. that's four times gdp of venezuela in a country where annual inflation is. we are talk about the debt that's 63% of the gdp over five years. it's a movement strong for freedom in venezuela. it's mobilized. we are away it can change very soon. trish: i spoke to president trump this afternoon. he says he wants to help the people of venezuela. all options are on the table. what do you need? [speaking spanish]
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>> that's very important now, the people of venezuela, the venezuelan people need medicine and food. the humanitarian aid passed and approved by the united states, the european union on @r other countries in the region. that's the first priority, humanitarian aid. most of venezuelans live on $3 a month. it's impossible to survive. we have the support of the united states and president trump to cede the transition of power fan free elections in venezuela, a country that needs prosperity and once again we need private property and other businesses and industry to generate and create jobs and transform the society. the pressure exercised
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supporting our democratic process, the united states, canada has been fundamental throughout this process. trish: i know maduro says you are a criminal. i know your life this danger. how are you preparing? [speaking spanish] >> well, the focus on our people, we put our life at risk and the service of venezuelans for a long time. we are what generation not because of age, but because of the momentum of the time we have to live under a dictatorship. we saw how democracy was lost. we took it for granted. we are now in the process of recovering it. we fear that our children are used to a subsidy, they will not
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be able to walk on the streets. that they will not have water supply. to see that 40 people have been murdered, killed in the protests. some of them have been tortured and they are unable to speak to their parents. some of them were 12-year-old children kidnapped. we should not fear facing a dictatorship, now we have appointed ambassadors to countries that recognized us. also we are work on the pdvsa because throughout that company the money of venezuela has been stolen, pillaged for many years. trish: you don't have any fear for your own life? [speaking spanish]
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>> yes, they have threatened my family and unfortunately i'm not the only one. there are over 300 political prisoners. a member of parliament was murdered despite threats towards our integrity and families we remain cohesive and mobilized and united because this is our goal to rebuild venezuela. trish: do you have the support of the military? maduro says you don't. [speaking spanish] >> at the moment there are over 160 officials arrested. 26 sergeants. military unit, because they showed discontentment for saying
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what's happening in venezuela. 80% of the military families suffers from lack of enough fund of money to have -- to buy food. 15% of the population has been forced to feed a country. not only discontentment. but the willingness to change the situation in venezuela. i think soon they will be on the side of the constitution. trish: you say there are protests this week, tomorrow and also saturday. [speaking spanish] >> yes, tomorrow there will be -- today the protest demonstrations with millions of people in venezuela. 200 cities around the world. therefore there are venezuelan nationals there they are representing our democracy.
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especially when we are facing a dictatorship that is naked from our part of the world. this administration cannot solve the problems of venezuela. we are always within the framework of the venezuelan constitution. trish: tomorrow one of the daughters of maduro's hostages will be here on this program. what can you do to help them? [speaking spanish] >> well, we are going to achieve it very soon, the national sovereignty, we are guaranteeing prisoners and servicemen will be on the side of democracy. in situation of transition like venezuela and these centers are
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necessary to gain the necessary support for political prisoners because their suffering with being in jail and not being able to express themselves freely. they are suffering. we are working toward their liberty and their freedom. trish: turning to the history of your country. what happened under the maduro and chavez reign? [speaking spanish] >> an example, socially and economically speak, pdvsa was the third largest oil company in the world, $300 billion in its production. only two countries invested more. saudi arabia and america. today venezuela produces $1
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million. the production was decreased by 2/3 for investment in the world. money was stolen, pillaged, that's why venezuela has no social services, no gas supply. they destroyed and ruined one of the most of prosperous companies in the world for oil production. that's why the production of assets supported by the united states is very important. the pillaging cannot continue. we need to protect the try to make it prosperous again. in a political fear, they have denied the opposition's legitimacy where behind -- they were torturing. now we see children 12 years old that are behind bars.
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this is a company that does not respect private property. they expropriated, stole property. more than 5,000 acres of land. so we need to guarantee. 80% of food is being imported because they destroyed the farming triin venezuela. trish: i know. how long will this transition take? [speaking spanish] >> we hope it will be as soon as possible. the pressure and the support of the united states is important. and all the other countries in the world that support us. we assure that we are starting the last chapter of change, the last chapter of a nightmare for many citizens forced to migrate and leave our country, and they
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will lose their lives because there was no power in the hospital because the power plant did not work. 70 people passed away because there was no power in the hospital. we are wake up from that nightmare and wake up to a dream of a prosperous venezuela and future that will be prosperous and bring opportunities for all in the region. we hope it will be possible. we are very close. we are taking a very important step, exercising government function, appointing official and delegates and hopefully we'll have pre-elections and bring venezuela to prosperity again. trish: if maduro lease and you achieve success, will there be an election? [speaking spanish] >> yes, there will be elections.
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that is crucial in the short-term. the constitution mandates that the president of a national assembly will take on the executive powers to call elections in the shortest amount of time possible, and those elections will be for the country. we are just attend an emergency right now. we want to attract foreign investment. we want to participate in the oil industry to have enough energy for the country in the region, and we want to change -- carry out a definite change in the country in the region. trish: how is your family, your wife, your daughter? [speaking spanish] >> we are committed and focused. we are working hard for the
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future of venezuela, and their children to -- when we talk about our youth, that's what we are building. building a future for your children. now days it's a huge motivation. like any family that is worried for friends and the pressures, but we are focused on the development of our country. trish: it's not easy. he's been in hiding at various times. he is trying to evade the maduro regime who i am sure would like to lock him up. coming up. more of my exclusive interview with juan guaido. his message to all the american politicians pushing their socialist agendas. but first does venezuela's socialist dictator nicolas maduro actually have control of his own military like he says he
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trish: do you have the support
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of the military? maduro says you don't. [speak spanish] >> at the moment over 160 officials arrested. 16 sergeants. counter-intelligence military unit because they showed discontentsment for saying what's going on in venezuela. 80% of the military family suffers from the lack of funds to buy food. 15% of the population is forced to feed the country. i think soon they will be on the side of the constitution. trish: that was the man the united states of america recognizes as the legitimate president of venezuela.
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in an exclusive interview with me web told us whether he has the support of his country's armed forces. he believes with it comes to the rank and file, they are there. let's bring in retired brigadier general, anthony tata. it's very glide right now in venezuela. the united states is on the side of democracy. russia, china, hezbollah, they are on the side of the dictatorship. how does this play out in the coming days? >> trish, congratulations on giving voice to a courageous man who is really facing down maduro who has killed or had executed thousands of his countrymen just to maintain power and who is backed by iran and hezbollah and cuba and other nefarious forces
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there in venezuela. so given voice to this man is a big deal you are doing. you have been the lead on this from day one, so congratulations. trish: thank you. >> with regard to the military, i think what you heard guaido say, the rank and file are interested in supporting him. but the generals and the top brass who wants to save their jobs are trying to figure out which way to turn here. and the path of least resistance to them is to stick close to maduro until and unless the united states military comes in with credible force or they perceive credible force. trish: why would they stay? because they are getting their pockets lined on the side? >> for sure. it's about money, it's about corruption, it's about power. when i was a planner for the 82nd airborne division, we had
8:23 pm
plans for all of these countries that had dictatorships in haiti and other places. if you can cut the head off the snake, 80% probably of the country supports guaido. and so that is the key here. i am sure there are paratroopers sharpening up their knives and tightening up their parachutes. trish: we hate to see it go there. it would be nice if maduro would say i can take a hint. he can take some of his money. he's allegedly trying to ship $2 billion in gold allegedly to the u.k. he could go live happily ever after in cuba. that's what john bolton said. he could seek amnesty in cuba or some other country. it's critical, i think the next
8:24 pm
couple days. as i said, the president of the united states did say to me today, all options are on the table. and he stands with the people of venezuela. >> which i think is a great thing. all options are on the table. and all the elements of power for the country. trish: vice president mike pence held a meeting today there about the future of venezuela. and you know in that meeting three men were there all of whom have joined "trish regan primetime" and been interviewed by me exclusively on this show, including a venezuelan who is in exile in colombia. and the youngest mayor elected in venezuela, and a freedom fighter living in exile. he was in hiding with his wife
8:25 pm
for 100 days with his wife. carlos vecchio has been named the leader for the guaido government here in the u.s. maduro still has control of the country via the military. >> so the levers of national power and diplomatic information and military and economic. president trump has been shown very adept at pulling these levers where he needs. look at north korea. economic sanctions, diplomacy, getting the word out there and trying to drive that western and trying to get the military to join guaido's side. and the credible threat of military force. that's why they keep i reiteratg that alling options are -- that
8:26 pm
all options are on the table. we have to make sure guaido is protected. i'm sure we are doing things to make sure. trish: he asked -- i asked him. over 800 people have been arrested. some people have bin taken from their homes in the middle of the night. if you voice a different opinion in venezuela, you go to jail. the united states is standing here with the freedom fighters and the people who want change. we'll see whether they get it. coming up, everyone, far left democrats are crowding the 2020 presidential field. senator kamala harris says if she wins the oval office she is going to eliminate all private healthcare plans. i would only points out less than 3 hours away from the
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trish: the people of venezuela are fighting for their freedom. the man the united states recognizes as the president of venezuela telling me exclusively there will be more protests. they will happen tomorrow. there is a reason i should point out people are protesting. poverty is rampant. and the people don't have the food or medicine they need to stay alive. i want you to see this exclusive video. the hospital in venezuela. this is a hospital lacking
8:32 pm
sanitary conditions. not enable to fix a leak there this is the result of socialism. maybe it starts with good intentions and you think i can help everyone in a utopian world it works. but the reality is it doesn't. and socialism is corrupt and becomes a dictatorship. and that's what happened in venezuela. in the u.s. this threat of socialism is growing. new tonight a democratic presidential candidate openly vowing to get rid of the health insurance agency. here is kamala harris. >> for people who like their insurance, they don't get to keep it? >> listen, the idea is everyone gets access to medical care. you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company and having
8:33 pm
them give approval and going through the paperwork and all the delay that may require. you have got to wait for approval and the doctor says i don't know if your insurance company is going to cover this. let's eliminate that and move on. trish: alexandria ocasio-cortez telling everyone tonight this is quote the direction we absolutely need to go in. you want to head in that direction? deneen borelli and ethan bierman is a big fan of aoc. deneen, i get that it starts with the best of intentions. you know what? there were people who elected hugo chavez in venezuela. but look what 20 years of socialism did to that country. the socialist style of the economy ultimately does not
8:34 pm
work. do we run the risk we'll see a version of it here if the likes of kamala or bernie sanders or any other socialist comes to power? >> well, first all, great interview with juan guaido, trish. but, yes, clearly that is a possibility. when you look at what's going on, the race is on for progressives to out progressive each other. right now kamala harris is front and center want to go do away with our private health insurance. why does she think government is the answer? all one has to do is looking at the chaos going on in venezuela. people are suffering, people are desperate. and it would be one thing after another because it would not stop with government-run healthcare. kamala harris and alexandria and
8:35 pm
bernie, this is their utopia. but when you look at reality, it does not work. trish: ethan, could socialism work in the united states of america? >> if we use the right term. you are replacing totalitarianism for socialism. i have a cooperative. i belong to a food coop where the people who shop there were the owners of the food store. we are the owners of the electrical corporation. trish: with a country as large and diverse as the united states, it's one of our greatest strengths. but you need to be able to enable people to be lifted up. in socialism you just give them a little bit, just enough to keep you voting for them but it never enables them to power through to something bigger.
8:36 pm
do you think bill gates or steve jobs would have started their companies if they knew the united states was going to take most of of it? >> yes, i do. in california we actually have a robust tech industry because we don't enforce laws -- trish: do you have colored glasses on there? >> medicare for all. i am able to quit a job and start a tech company if i had a medical condition before. trish: the government is going to take it all, ethan. why work that hard. why not just sit back and read shakespeare all day and enjoy your life? why bother if you can't keep it. >> why did the industrialists in the 1950s keep working when we had 98% tax.
8:37 pm
trish: none of the people paid it. the law of diminishing returns. at some point the tax rate comes so high, nobody payed the taxes anymore. they just find ways to divert their income elsewhere. i'm sorry, deneen. but we are out of time. stacey abrams, the former gubernatorial candidate in georgia will be delivering the rebuttal to the president's state of the union address. she is not opposed to non-citizens voting in elections. this is the woman who is the face of the democratic party next tuesday? coming up. historian doug wead will warn us how the democratic party is moving too far away from
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trish: stacey abrams, the former georgia gubernatorial candidate is scheduled to deliver the democrats' rebuttal to the state of the union. >> the thing of it is, the blue wave is african-american. it's white, latino. asian pacific islander. it is disabled it is differently able it is lgbtq. it's law enforcement. it's veterans. it's made up of those who are told they are not worthy of being here. it's comprise of those who are documented and undocumented. trish: is this further proof the
8:43 pm
democratic party is moving further left. you want illegals into the party so they can vote? joining us now, presidential historian doug wead. what's their goal? >> before i answer that, congratulations on the work you are doing in venezuela. you have moved from a journalist to a statesperson and you extended a lifeline to the emerging leadership and dealing with our own president it's remarkable. it's historic. trish: i don't know about statesperson. but in this profession sometimes there comes a moment when you need to give voice to the people that don't have voices. and there are times when we can do that, and we should all be very, very proud. and that has been something i tried to do here on this program. so thank you, doug, thank you for noting it. there is real change happening. and the people deserve it.
8:44 pm
they really do. they have suffered far too long. >> the stacey abrams, at first i thought this is crazy, she lost the election. they have 24 candidates running for president of the united states and they pick her. she is extreme left. but she is a good speaker. she has a great smile. maybe being a good speaker is better than having all those other things working for you. remember will rogers once said i don't belong to an organized political party, i'm a democrat. so we'll see. trish: again as we watch this whole social i am scenario play out, i think it's fair to say, it's not even social i am. it may have started as socialism and started as innocently as some of the things we are hearing from the left. but it may have started out with good intentions. the desire to help the poor, and he yet it gets corrupt along the
8:45 pm
way. we have seen this historically along the way. what happens, doug? >> berlin's writings are fascinating. he shows why you lose free speech under socialism because will of the individual must be subordinate to the will of the community. it's not just an economic revolution, it's a cultural revolution. it sprang from the friend' revolution. that's why there is no free speech on berkeley and other campuses and that's what tends to happen in countries like venezuela. you may be a journalist extending a lifeline to us in the united states, trish. trish: i certainly hope not. this is something we should all stand up for. freedom of speech is so much a part of who we are and what our history has been. so thank you. i think those are some pretty
8:46 pm
poignant comments tonight, thank you for being here. coming up. more of my exclusive interview with senor juan guaido. his warnings on the dangers of socialism.
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trish: i know you will be talking with president trump tomorrow. what do you want to say to him? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] we have spoken to various presidents. the corn september of democracy by president trump is very clear in the region. we saw democracy under threat in the country, in the region in venezuela. and we lost it. we lost democracy spiments clear to us in the region how a country can turn into a refugee, and a refuge for terrorists.
8:51 pm
there is a suggestion that the goal is stolen by some terrorist organizations and drug trafficking. democracy for the region is crucial. this is clear to president trump. we have manifested it. and also we need to speak about democracy. also with tour neighbors. clearly so. with decisiveness about democracy. trish: i think that's a message the president will be very interested in hearing. that was my exclusive interview with juan guaido, the interim president of venezuela. he says he appreciates the president's support and the administration's support. there are more protests scheduled for tomorrow. i spoke to president trump today
8:52 pm
who told me i quote, all options are on the table. joining me right now, florida congressman a matt gaetz. what does it mean when the president says all options are on the table. >> this is our hemisphere. we have 225,000 venezuelans livinged in the state of florida. if we don't take action to stabilize venezuela with our diplomatic and military efforts for training and equipping missions so there is not a spillover of violence into on ther elements of south america. but the experiences of venezuela show the failures of socialism. i tend to agree with sir win soon churchill. capitalism is the unequal distribiewftion resources and socialism is the equal distribution of misery.
8:53 pm
trish: it's an important thing to say right now as we look at the tragedy that unfolded the last 20 years in venezuela. i know you are fighting for, and i talk about the middle class. there has to be a better way. and i think the better way comes from economic policies that encourage more growth and wages can go up. these are the things that will result in meaningful change. we should think hard about our policy with china. but to say there is no health insurance industry, private industry anymore and we are going to tax you all to death. i worry, congress plan, for the future of our nation and the nation that our children will be living in. >> socialism doesn't look like a charge new congresswoman from the bronx. it looks like not being able to find toy threat paper in
8:54 pm
venezuela. the riftness of that country -- the richness of that country is not too distant in our memory. i remember growing up in the 80s and 90s. venezuelans were merchants and businessmen. and if you allow the government. you lose the innovation that allows any country to thrive. we have an ambassador working closely with the vice president and president. venezuela is on the minds of the senior leaders of our government. if we have to have troops somewhere, i would rather stabilize our neighborhood here than sending them to syria and iraq. trish: the monroe doctrine. if we are not there, we run the risk the russians are. >> the iranians are already there. the iranians have made a
8:55 pm
substantial investment there and hezbollah backed by iran. iran's terrorism proxy. we cannot look to latin america as if we are the only potential player. if we are not influential some of the darkest forces on earth will use that to bring terror closer to america's shores. trish: regardless of what you think about the administration, you can't help but feel for the people of venezuela tonight. i think it's important that the president is paying attention to this, and the vice president is paying attention to this. he met with many of the people on this show, many of the freedom fighters risking their lives or having risked their lives to fight for this opportunity. he met with them there at the white house today. congressman, how do we see that
8:56 pm
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or fainting, changes in urine or eyesight, muscle pain or weakness, joint pain, confusion or memory problems, fever, rash, itching, or flushing. these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, if you've had an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant, or have lung, breathing, or liver problems. (katy vo) where i am now compared to a year ago, it's a story worth sharing. (avo) living longer is possible. it's tru. keytruda, from merck. with more fda-approved uses for advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy. the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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guaido. hear his warning for socialists, all of them right here in our country. what can we learn from him? that is tomorrow night right here at 8 p.m. eastern on trish reagan primetime. have a wonderful evening, everyone. kennedy is next. ♪ kennedy: the future begins now. kamala harris is on a in addition to bankrupt the country and we seal do it by running us into the ground with the progressive pipe dream known as medicare for all. last night she made her case on a. kennedy: town hall, already a town hall for just her. watch. >> i feel very strongly about this. we need to have medicare for all. that's just the bottom line. access to health care is a -- could not be thought of as a privilege. it could be understood as a right. kennedy: so are free bentleys. she wants to get rid of the private health


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