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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 4, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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with us topght and good night from new york. guests monday. we thank you for being with us. have a great weekend, good night. trish: tonight, a new turn in spygate. why the case against obama's justice department is growing. i've got exclusive intel for you in just moments. and chaos in venezuela with bullets flying across the border with colombia. uncertainty other what next steps to take. a man who has helped rebuild the economies of some of the worst hell holes on earth says he knows how to restore freedom in venezuela without using our military. he's going to explain in just moments. plus, california is trying to kick president trump off the 2020 state -- we're going to tell you about the plan this liberal state is kicking up.
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and nation of islam leader and anti-semite louis farrakhan identified as a right-wing extremist, right-wing, by media outlet after media outlet after facebook banned him, along with others, for being dangerous voice. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight the case against the obama administration's department of justice and fbi is growing. a new report tonight that obama's fbi sent a spy to london in an attempt to gather dirt on the trump campaign. "the new york times" reports that a woman tried to infiltrate the campaign by trying to befriend george papadopoulos. now, if the new york times is right, then here's what we now know: the attorney general says spying did occur -- >> yes, i think spying did
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occur. >> let me -- >> the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated, and i'm not suggesting it wasn't, but i need to explore that. trish: indeed. we know that the fisa warrant was on doinged -- obtained by the fbi through the use of opposition research and never verified by the fbi general counsel at the time, james baker. can you imagine not verifying all of that material? he didn't care. he didn't do it. meanwhile, trump 2016 campaign adviser michael caputo tells us the fbi sent a spy to, effectively, entrap 'em. watch this. >> i know that i myself was approached by a russian national fbi informant in late may of 2016. >> and what did that russian national fbi informant want? >> he wanted to give me some dirt on hillary clinton. i turned it down. i -- trish: how do you know he was an
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fbi informant in. >> didn't know until i sat down with the mueller investigation. and when they asked me about him and i told them what i knew, by their faces i knew that it was someone that had been sent to me. trish: and now you add in this whole new layer, this new layer that "the new york times" says it can confirm an fbi informant -- obama's fbi department -- was sent to london to spy on the campaign. and what we're left with tonight is a very, very troubling picture of an obama administration if that may have weaponized its intelligence divisions all in an effort to spy on innocent americans and a man who was about to become the next president of the united states. unacceptable. joining me right now to react to it, strategic communications director for the trump 2020 campaign, marc lotter. marc, i think very troubling,
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and attorney general barr points out we need to get to the bottom of it. we need to understand what the motives were and when they were pure if or just political because, my goodness, sir, if they were political, then i think some heads will need to roll. >> there needs to be accountability, you're absolutely right. and this is clear, the trump campaign was spied on by the fbi, and it was directed at the highest levels of the department of justice to what end? they were spying on political opponents. and it's something we cannot allow. we do not weaponize our police powers of the united states government to turn it on political disagreements or political opponents. we saw the fbi do this back in the 1960s and before with j. edgar hoover. they kept lists of un-american people, and congress put a stop to it. right now you have congress, at least the democrats, cheerleading it and trying to cover for it. and that's why they're running scared right now, because they
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know this entire scheme and the obama administration's misadministration of justice is about to be exposed. trish: and that's why you have the likes of kamala harris and others calling for the resignation of attorney general barr? is it because they want him to resign before the tables turn and america learns what really went down in 2016? >> you're absolutely right. you see adam schiff saying it too, and it's actually a joke. i mean, it's comical that somebody like adam schiff -- who lied to the american people for two years about the president of the united states being a russian agent or knowing of russian evidence about collusion -- proven false would have the temerity to say anyone was a liar. he's a liar, and he's trying to cover up and stall this investigation from exposing what they were doing behind the scenes to block president trump. trish: and what do you think was really going if on? i mean, look, and with all due respect, sir, you have a political motive too, because you're working on the 2020 campaign. but if you can just put that aside for a moment, i mean, i
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try and just think about this stuff as an american citizen who values my privacy and values my rights, and the idea that any of this could have gone down, i think, is just extraordinarily troubling. and it's an issue that every american, regardless of what party they're in, should care about. do we need, do we need another special prosecutor to investigate what actually happened there? >> i'm not sure we need to go with another special counsel. you have the attorney general, you have the inspector general, and you also have the senate judiciary committee promising to look into this. but here's the thing to your point, trish, congress has already done this before. when what j. edgar hoover and the fbi did back in the '60s and beyond was exposed, congress in a bipartisan fashion came together to put a stop to it in the '70s. they worked together to protect the freedoms and the rights of american citizens, and it looks like right now that all of that went out the one doe again under obama in 2016.
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trish: i said we were broken or becoming broken, it's quite clear that if they can't protect us from that kind of deep state, horrific nonsense, then we really don't have a congress with any meaning at all. america, it's good to see -- marc, it's good to see you, as a always. we do have some good news today, we have some amazing jobs numbers. 263,000, how about that, new ones added and the lowest unemployment level since 1969. wages are rising, so how are the dems going to explain this one, right? they'll try and say, i guess, that this is obama's economy? that's not going to work. here with me right now, trump 2020 campaign advisory madison, and former hillary clinton adviser, antjuan seawright. what else have you got? >> what else do i have? trish: you're going to tell me it's not a great economy? >> no.
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i will tell you that the economy is roaring for some but screaming for others. there's such thing in this countried the working poor. -- country called the working park. 55% of the country want to raise the minimum wage. forget about trying to make ends meet, they're putting two ends together hoping they'll meet, and they're frustrated that the economy's not working for them. trish: okay. i'm going to explain something to you, sir, and it's called the hour glass economy. you know what? this has been getting worse and worse and worse over the last couple of decades, and i'm not going to blame any particular party. but i will blame a few policies. so hourglass economy, if you can see it. this is what we have got right now, because this is your middle class. this is what has been squeezed. you got a lot on top, a lot on the bottom. there's low interest rates under president obama finish don't forget, he didn't have squat for a economic policy.
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you know what that meant? you got more people on the bottom and more people on top benefiting from low interest rates. and guess what? those folks in the middle trying to pay the bills, working jobs, two jobs, three jobs in many cases, they're the ones getting stuck -- >> trish -- trish: madison, no, i'm agreeing with you here, but i actually think that this administration has done the most in the way of economic policy to help this middle class in the middle more so than obama ever thought of. obama helps these guys, and obama helped -- >> i want to follow up to one point really quick. all i can tell you is all i heard for months was how the trump tax cut was going to rescue the middle class, and things were going to somehow go to this new norm for middle class, working people. in fact, it's been the opposite -- trish: i'm sorry, are we living in two different worlds? >> no, seriously, all you have to do is look at the polls and response for people who feel like they're lives are not better -- trish: i'm going to get over to madison because, you know, he seems to -- he's living on
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another planet right now. >> i'm living on earth. look at the polls. trish: it can always be better, i'll tell you that, and this group needs help. but i'll tell you one thing, it's a lot better than it was. madison. >> the achilles heel for the democrats in 2020 will be the trump economy. 82% of middle class americans received a tax cut. as a result, a direct result, of the first round of the tax cuts and jobs act -- >> and it did not trickle down, madison. >> you go across this country, and they are doing better -- >> they are not, madison. >> incredible numbers of jobs in april, incredible numbers coming out month after month. the economy -- trish: and, you know -- [inaudible conversations] trish: minority communities. >> gdp growth is high. i mean, these numbers speak for themselves. >> madison, just because they are job announcements, that doesn't translate to people's lives being better -- [inaudible conversations] >> you don't think life is better -- [inaudible conversations] trish: right now, right here because i'm sick of it. you guys try and spin this as
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though this economy is such a miserable place -- >> i never said that, trish. trish: you're going to attack, you're going to tax the majority of americans to try and do. you don't realize this kind of free stuff doesn't work, antwan, it doesn't -- >> trish, not one time did you hear me say it. trish: i'm sick of hearing it. thank you. the man who restructured every hell hole in the world, does he know how to get socialist dictator nicolas maduro out of vens wail? it doesn't involve our military. his solution? let trump be trump. he's going to explain straight ahead. but first, the liberal state of california going to extreme measures to take down president trump. find out what california's far-left lawmakers just did to try and keep him from winning a second term in office. plus, reaction from steve hilton who happens to reside in that lovely state of california. poor him. [laughter] he's going to ♪ limu emu & doug
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trish: new insanity on the left coast tonight, the golden state senate just passing a bill that bans president trump from appealer on the 2020 ballot unless he releases five years' worth of income tax returns. another resistance tactic from the liberal state. here with me right now, "the
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next revolution" host, steve hilton. steve, welcome back. good to see you. [laughter] you know, i feel for you out there in california. [laughter] and having to teal with that. to deal with that. anyway, where's this going? are they going to actually be able to see any success with this? >> no, i don't think so. because remember, there's no constitutional basis for this. there's been a convention. the presidential candidates publish their tax returns, there are no rules that say they should do that. it's purely political. it's pure political show boating to pander to their resistance base, as you said. and in a way it would just be funny. it's not going to have effect in the real world what the hell are these people doing, playing around hike this at politics when you've got a state that is turning into such a tsa? i mean, look -- a disaster? the natural world is beautiful. we've got the fantastic, beautiful pacific coast and the santa cruz mountains. so far they haven't screwed that up, but just about everything
8:17 pm
else, they have. the taxes are up, the public sector's bloated, the unions are running everything, the cities are like third world places, that's before you even get to, you know, the sanctuary state and the immigration chaos. and this is what these people spend their time on. trish: why don't they just defect, you know? just become their own state? really and truly. i mean, and we should stop giving them all the federal funds. they want to be a sanctuary state, they want all the sanctuary cities, they don't want to comply with what american voters want, they don't want to put the president on the actual ballot, go live by yourselves then. [laughter] >> look, i totally hear that point of view. i hear a lot of people talking like that, actually. because, you know, why should people put up with this? the truth is, however, you know, i'm here, i love it here apart from the politics. i've got a strong point of view though that, actually, it's getting so bad there is going to come a tipping point. i don't know whether it'll be the next election or the one
8:18 pm
after or the one after that even, but we'll say, look, this far left, this loony left democratic control -- you know, they run everything, you know, from top to bottom in california. there's no one else to blame. and i think they're going to want to see a change. and, you know, that's the moment that i'm waiting for. hopefully, going to be part of it. [laughter] trish: well, i wouldn't hold your breath, okay? [laughter] it's good to see you, steve hilton, as always. thank you, sir. catch steve at 9 p.m. every single sunday night on fox news channel hosting "the next revolution." there's a lot more coming up. the liberal media's hatred for president trump hitting a new low, shall we say, in some of the mainstream media. they just assume anything they think is bad must somehow be far-right, right? never far-left. wait until you hear who cnn labels a far-right extremist. this one you're not going to believe. but first, the man who restructured every hell hole in
8:19 pm
the way says fixing venezuela's mess isn't actually that hard. his advice? let trump be trump. he's here to explain next. ♪ ♪ >> this was one of the wealthy countries of the world, and now you look at what's going on where they don't even have food, where they can't get water. it's terrible, a terrible thing. ♪ ♪ all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> facebook is banning several fart extremists from its services because it considers them dangerous. this includes the nation of islam leader, louis farrakhan. trish: cnn, the network that tries to pretend it is straight news, says louis farrakhan is far right? far right, seriously. i mean, maybe, maybe the anchor ought to check the prompter again? maybe she misread it? [laughter] maybe it was just a mistake, let's hope. just like when "the washington post" and the atlantic called farrakhan a far-right-wing extremist, then they had to
8:24 pm
issue corrections because, you see, he's not right-wing. that said, at least they issued their corrections. this particular anchor and cnn have not bothered to address their massive error. joining me right now, former nixon speech writer ben stein. welcome back. good to have you here. >> always a pleasure. [laughter] trish: you know, he's suddenly far right? i mean, last i checked he palled around with a lot of dems. >> well, he's not far right at all, except he's far crazy. the main thing about him is he's a hateful, crazy merchant of hate, sleaze and everything disgusting in human life. this is just my opinion, i'm not a psychiatrist. [laughter] this is a man who is evil incarnate, and the idea of calling him far right is, if you're a conservative free marketeer, is just insane. i mean, on the other hand, i certainly wouldn't call him far
8:25 pm
left. i don't know what i would call him, just far, far crazier than anyone should be. trish: he's a hate-filled man -- >> he is, i have, i have heard him say hitler was a great man. what does that make him in it makes him out and out nuts. i mean, the guy is nuts. i sort of don't know if i like the idea of banning him from facebook because he's, it seems when people see him, he signals immediately that he's crazy, and it's a way of signaling that there are crazy people out there. calling him far right is lumping him with, say, like barry goldwater. it's just crazy. i don't know -- the. trish: crazy. well, if anybody has any doubt on how crazy he is, let's play this sound of all the recent terrible things he's said. >> here the jews don't like farrakhan, so they call me
8:26 pm
ignorant. well, that's a good name. hitler was a very good man. do you know what they do, call me an anti-semite. stop it. i'm anti-termite. and farrakhan, by god's grace, has pulled the cover off of that satanic -- trish: disgusting. >> disgusting. trish: the cd that anybody in the democratic -- the idea that anybody in the democratic party would ever tolerate such a jerk, what does that tell you about the democrats and their desperation right now in. >> it shows that they will do anything to success suck up to a person who happens to be african-american no matter how repulsive that person is. and pictures of farrakhan with powerful democrats are just enough to make you throw up. it's just, there should be some
8:27 pm
sense of nausea about just the idea of powerful democrats associating with this man, powerful democrats or powerful republicans associating with david duke. he's just a repulsive person, and the idea that they would suck up to him because he's black is just really -- trish: yeah. no, it's just really, really, really messed up. and yet if you ask me, you know, the democrats and the mainstream media would like to portray those on the right as being anti-semitic. but when you see the likes of louis farrakhan and the people he pals around with and when you see those new york times cartoons that they had to pull and you see increasingly people like ilhan omar who we're going to talk about later in the show, her misinformed views make anti-semitic comments like that, it tells me that the left right now is the party of anti-semitism. i mean, why are they pointing the finger at trump when he's the man who has jewish grandchildren, a jewish
8:28 pm
son-in-law, a daughter who converted to judaism, and gosh darn it, i mean, he moved the embassy. i mean, this is crazy talk that he's somehow -- >> it's crazy talk. it's insane. it's insane. this man is the least racist president there's ever been. he is the least racist national leader there's ever been in any country. and here he is being called a racist. why, i have no idea except that in some way they think it stirs up the african-american vote and stirs up the left-wing white vote. but this man is not a racist in any sense whatsoever at all, period. and it's just, it's sickening to see him being smeared that way. trish: yeah. you know what? if you're palling around with louis farrakhan, if you're allowing him to endorse you and don't forget the women's movement, the big march, he was associated with those people, i mean, that, to me, tells me where the real anti-semitism is. and it's not in the white house. i mean, ben -- >> no, no, it's in the democrat
8:29 pm
party. trish: ben stein, good to see you. coming up, more on venezuela's run uprising and the tense situation along the colombia/venezuela border tonight. we're going to take you there where people were forced to take cover from flying bullets today. but first, the man who restructured every hell hole in the world says fixing venezuela's problem isn't that hard. hard. his i wanted more fromrump
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♪ ♪ >> it's a terrible situation. it's, like, an incredible thing because they have mortgaged their oil almost to the maximum. but we'll see what happens there, you know? you wonder what happens to -- it's called foreclosure usa, i guess. [laughter] no no, when you think about it, when you think about it, though, what they have -- what has to be
8:34 pm
done, you really do essentially it's called a country foreclosure. trish: a country foreclosure. president trump speaking exclusively to me about the dire economic situation in venezuela and making, i would say, a pretty interesting analogy. a country in foreclosure. ing as the country struggles to stabilize, there are private investors in the united states that are hoping to put money to work in venezuela. my next guest is trying to see the country i through to a better place. he has helped restructure governments from iraq to argentina, to greece, to ecuador, liberia, nicaragua and even some banks in kazahkstan. hans hume says this isn't as hard as it looks, this ain't no north korea, and donald trump is the one that can get it done. hans, welcome to the show. good to have you back. >> thanks, trish. trish: you're saying he just needs to be himself and he can get it done? >> you saw it in his interview.
8:35 pm
what he was saying was absolutely correct. venezuela's mortgaged their future, but who do you want it mortgaged to? now they're getting to the point where they're owing more and more to china and russia. so if we're going to work with them, i'd rather that -- [laughter] they be mortgaged to us and start working to repay us. at the same time, they come back into our economy. i mean, if you want to deal with a humanitarian crisis in venezuela, make them part of the great capitalist system we have. don't let them go off to the russians and the chinese. trish: so why do you say he can get that done though? >> listen, i know it's a complicated situation. there are a lot of people, i'm sure, who are talking to the president. but think about what did the american people vote for? they voted for a guy who could think outside the box, not act like a normal politician, go with his instincts. and it came through in the interview you had with him. his instincts are spot on.
8:36 pm
this guy's a deal-doer. he can see how you cut a deal to solve this problem. trish: so you cut a deal to insure economic freedom. throw a little capitalism in that economy so that then they're doing business with us. >> i think, you know, he knows a lot more than i do. he knows who he's supposed to talk to. but, honestly, all these chattering boxes, all these people who have all this advice for him, he's got the right instincts. so, i mean, i'm not -- i'm pretty sure i'm not the first person to say this, but trump should be trump. he sees this in a way that others don't, and i'm sure he can see a clear path who to negotiate with and how to get this done. trish: yeah. let trump be trump. corey lewandowski wrote a book with that title. here's a little more from the interview with the president earlier in the week, and we talked about what russia's role in all of this was. here, listen.
8:37 pm
not getting that. anyway, he basically said, look, you know, russia's not looking to get overly involved in venezuela. and he had a conversation today with vladimir putin, and they did talk about venezuela, and he came out with sort of the same thing he told us on this show. here we go, here we go. >> he is not looking at all to get involved in venezuela other than he'd like to see something positive happen for venezuela. and i feel the same way. trish: okay, so that was from an interview he did -- was that yesterday? catherine herridge, forgive me, today. what he told me it's like, look, you know, i don't think vladimir putin wants to be that involved. he's more concerned right now about the i cubans and their involvement. but at the same time, to your point, even if they want to be a little involved, it seems kind of unfortunate that they're going to be -- >> well, at this point if we're not involved and we're backing
8:38 pm
out completely, they're going to move into the vacuum. the chinese certainly will, the russians will. i do think he's absolutely right, i don't think the russians have any particular interest in being there full time because they're an energy-exporting country. so they may want to keep venezuela afloat just to be an irritant to us, but i don't think they have any grand scheme to have a foothold there, unless we let them. but my point is donald trump is a businessman. he knows how to do deals -- he knows how to do deals. we put a lot of pressure on the system, and it was clear from what came out on tuesday and wednesday that the u.s. was willing to talk to certain people on the ground in venezuela, make compromises. but of all the people in this government who can stand up, see where a deal deal get done and do that deal, donald trump is the guy. trish: okay. so a deal, because, you know, look, america isn't ready to commit military resources to this. i know that a lot of venezuelans
8:39 pm
have talked about that and like that idea, but i think the reality at point in time -- at this point in time is that we're not ready to send our troops down there. and that's just the reality. i don't think the president wants to. he says all options are on the table, but, you know, sending troops, that's, that's not fun. because people get killed. so americans get killed. so if you're going to do a deal and you're not going to send any military down there, what is the opportunity here? i mean, we've sanctioned the heck out of them -- >> right. trish: can you pull back on some of those in exchange for something else? >> i think you need to give people a sense of what kind of a deal is on the table. i mean, he's obviously done the first step. he's talked to vladimir putin, he's gotten a sense of what their game plan is. i think the russians would love to have a bit of a seat at the table. but we're, we're -- what does it take to bring venezuela back into working with american businesses, american oil companies -- which is the best
8:40 pm
thing for venezuela -- you know, again? he knows a lot more than i do, but given what, how he sees things, what he said to you, it's pretty clear that there's a good opportunity here for the to come out ahead. for the u.s. to come out ahead, for there to be a win. clearly, it's a complicated situation -- trish: easier than north korea though? >> i think so. venezuela, historically, has always worked with the united states. they produce the oil, we refined it. there's a symbiotic relationship. so there's a way to get back there, and my sense is that most of venezuela wants to come back in and work with the u.s. it's time to figure out who wants to do it and who not. and who better person to do that than the man we elected president for exactly that reason? trish: does that mean if having conversations with all the players, the people who are running the military, juan guaido, nicolas maduro, others that are looking to position themselves? but that's also a lot of work for a president who's got a lot
8:41 pm
of on his plate. >> i think if he put a call out and said, listen, it's time to sit down and talk, people would listen. it seems like there are a lot of cracks. it's been pretty clear that we've ratcheted up the sanctions, but we haven't really explained the way to come out of the sanctions. you talk about getting on a plane and going somewhere, but i think there needs to be some sort of a deal, you know? there's an art to doing a deal. so what do you present to the people who need to hear the message? i don't think there's anybody -- trish: maduro, we've got a great villa for you in the dominican republic, and you'll live very nicely for the rest of your life and -- >> yeah. i think, i mean, it's at a breaking point. something's gotta give. so, you know, do we let this go on for months or years, or do we figure out -- trish: i hope not. >> yeah. the people of venezuela, they
8:42 pm
don't have it in 'em. trish: no, they don't. and he said this, they have no food, no water, no electricity, they have no leadership. they are not safe. you've got cubans that are policing the street of venezuela, these gangs, these thugs, people are afraid of them. you know, and by the way, totally off topic, but it gives you a new appreciation, i would just say, for the second amendment because you're not allowed to have a gun this venezuela,, but if you're one of the thugs that get paid on the side to patrol the neighborhoods, you are -- >> i mean, i think the risk is that if, you know, things really break apart there, there could with -- there could be a civil war, and you could have to intervene militarily. my sense is there's probably a deal to be done now -- trish: okay. >> -- that would avoid that. there's a way to head off a lot of human suffering and, frankly, do something that would be really good for the u.s. as well. we're getting a lot of job growth, but you start bringing the refineries back in the gulf coast, that's that many more
8:43 pm
jobs, plus you bring oil prices down, it could set up politically as a really good win. trish: it's interesting to think about. by the way, there are people, oh, it's all about oil and in some ways, are they right? >> you know, i mean -- the oil's going to pump. where do we want it to go? do you want it to come here or go somewhere else? [laughter] trish: do we want the russians there, the chinese there, the iranians there? >> it's also better for the venezuelan people. trish: yeah. >> it really is. trish: you know, the humanitarian crisis there is an economic and political one. and what better way to help the people than to bring, to bring investment. >> absolutely. and their oil industry is built on our technology. to resuscitate it, we come in, it turns around really quickly. the chinese and russians are working there, it's going to take years to recover, if it ever does. trish: good point. hans humes, full of good points.
8:44 pm
let trump but trump. coming up, ilhan omar not backing away from her venezuela comment, in fact, she's doubling down. remember that comment where she blamed u.s. policies for venezuela's entire mess? well, now she's changing her narrative a little bit, but somehow forget about venezuela, she -- ilhan omar -- is the victim now. wait until you hear what she's saying. but first, we are taking you to colombia where many people, including our own reporter, had to take cover from flying bullets today. that plus a whole lot more coming up. drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode.
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♪ ♪ trish: chaos in venezuela tonight. gunshots ringing out awe long the country's border with colombia where each day tens of thousands of people are fleeing from this political, economic, humanitarian crisis in their once very prosperous country. our very own ellison bar we are is down there at -- barber is down there at that border, and she sends this report. >> hi, trish. many venezuelans crossed legally right here on this bridge, the simon bolli very bridge. others cross illegally, and they do it right over here, also
8:49 pm
known in english as the trench9. we've been down there twice with the police and the colombian army in order to cross the trenches from venezuela to colombia, migrants must first pay a fee to a militia that controls the venezuelan side of the trenches. this is what we heard for at least 30 minutes. [gunfire] >> the gunfire went on and on and on. families, children, elderly children running and screaming in fear for their lives. we don't have exact numbers, but at least one person was injured. there are rumors dozens were hurt and on the venezuelan side, fox news has not been able to confirm that, and we have not seen bodies removed, but right now we can only see the colombian side of the border. 25,000 venezuelans cross the border every single day. we have met many of those people on this bridge here as well as
8:50 pm
one a little further away. one man we spoke to says that he was an engineer years ago, now he sells -- [inaudible] to try and survive. >> translator: you hear your president say he will solve problems, but then he says the problems don't exist at all. then, if he says that, we don't exist. the citizens don't exist. there's people dying every day. because of health issues, there's no medicine. there's no future with this government. >> reporter: he told us that he doesn't care if he has to shed blood in order for there to be change. he says there is, in his words, no future with maduro's regime. trish? trish: thank you, ellison. that's what i just keep hearing from people. there is no future. i mean, juan guaido saying to me on this show this week that he's willing to risk his life because liberty and freedom, it is that important. let's not forget that, right, as americans? you know, when it's gone, it's gone. you have to fight really hard to
8:51 pm
get it back. someone who at times seems to be forgetting what a beautiful thing our freedom is as americans is freshman democrat ilhan omar. she's firing back at vice president pence tonight, tweeting in part, here we go: women of color have heard this before. instead of we disagree, it's she doesn't know what she's talking about. they have to make us feel small. well, this, she says, after the vice president blasted the minnesota congresswoman for blaming u.s. policies for that crisis in venezuela, and she did so in an interview with our very own sandra smith on america's newsroom. watch. >> a lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in venezuela, and we've sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today. >> this congresswoman doesn't know what she's talking about.
8:52 pm
trish: no, she doesn't know what she's talking about. and to try and play the gender card, the overall victim card? okay, i'm a woman. and, representative omar, as someone who has followed that country and its politics and its economic challenges for the last 20 years back when hugo chavez first came to power, i can tell you, ms. omar, that you do not know what you're talking about. joining me right now, former army intelligence special op soldier, good to have you back. she really -- >> good evening, trish. trish: it's frustrate thing when people spout off very ignorant comments, and they have no sense of what's actually going on on the ground there. they have no sense of what the last 20 years have been like for that country that was once a shining example of what could be in many ways in latin america, you know, the highest per capita
8:53 pm
income. and now you look at what socialism and hugo chavez did to that country that should have all kinds of wealth, brett, i've been to the region, you know, where that oil is. it could be bigger than saudi arabia if they could get it out of the ground. but they can't! >> exactly. trish: because they've got a bunch of socialists that don't know how to get out of their own way, and that is contributed to this massive political turmoil. what do you think about her, now trying to say it's all about me? i'm the victim here? >> well, trish, first, let me tell you that the deafening silence from leading democrats on the venezuelan issue is just striking to me, okay? not one single 2020 democrat, to my knowledge, has basically come out and called for social dictator maduro to step down. even as he continues murdering people in his own streets. and representative omar -- trish: well, i'm going to argue, you know what, joe biden, i'm going to give joe biden credit. joe biden has said we need to
8:54 pm
stand with juan guaido, and i think there's a few other prominent ones too. but i hear -- >> well, good. >> trish: the extremism on the left right now -- >> you're absolutely right. you're, you're absolutely right about the extremism. and ilhan omar, you know, she should be embarrassed by her recent comments about venezuela. it's embarrassing to the house foreign affairs committee that she serves on. she doesn't deserve to have a seat and a voice there, in my opinion, because her lack of knowledge about foreign affairs continues to surprise me. especially as a refugee who fled somalia after that country descended into chaos in the 1990s, she should know a lot better. i spent a lot of time on the ground in somalia, and one of the things we learned from history there was the reason that was a failed state was because of an organization known add the somali revolutionary socialist party which was created by the soviet union during the cold war and enacted some of the same socialist policies then that have been enacted by the maduro regime in
8:55 pm
venezuela. so literally a socialist regime was the reason her family had to flee that country. and the fact is without u.s. involvement right now, particularly in somalia with u.s. involvement behind the scenes, you know, that country is slowly, finally coming back because of the political, diplomatic and financial, you know, incentives that we're giving which is the same thing we are trying to do right now in venezuela. trish: look, i mean, brett, i think the reality is some people just want to blame the world's problems on the united states of america, and it's a shame because, you know, she's living the american dream. she just doesn't realize it. >> and this is one of the worst humanitarian crises in history, and we owe it -- trish: thank you so much. talk to trish is next. -keep it down there. i have a system. -keith used to be great to road-trip with. but since he bought his house... are you going 45? -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.'s kind of like driving with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah.
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. >> it has been a great week for this show the president of the united states, the man that we recognize as the president of venezuela, marco rubio, the guy who restructured the crazy economies in the world tonight pergola but it said it is time for another talk to trish on facebook the numbers that we witness today why are those not excited that help to have
9:00 pm
the us thrive every american should ask what should i do to continue our country to thrive quick. >> you are right on i wish politics would get out of the way if we can think about how to generate growth and success for every single american for go have a ♪ >> a farmer with an unusual hobby hands down a humongous collection to his family. >> anybody that collects 150 tractors -- doesn't that make you eccentric? ♪ >> he spent a lifetime, and a pretty penny, amassing it. >> definitely a method to grandpa's madness. >> is it a treasure trove of valuable americana? >> it was almost out of control maybe you would say. >> or a herd of white elephants? >> dad, are you ever gonna stop? you know, for one thing, you're running out of room. where are you going to put them all? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby


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