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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  June 10, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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they have to get their act together. they have to work and get something done because we have a tremendous problem at the border. lou: we'll see you tomorrow night. good tonight from new york. trish: why would the fbi rely on opposition research to spy on the trump campaign? joining me tonight, former campaign advisor who says page wasn't the only one who was spied on by the fbi. he was, too. you will hear his story of potential entrapment. see this video? this is known as the freight train migrants hop on to speed
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up their journey through our border. mexican authorities have begun arresting migrants illegally hitching rides on this thing. hear how donald trump intend to keep the pressure on mexico and the democrats. the television interview right here on his run-in with liberal elites at google. >> you want to push back. if you push back, they can turn on you instead. trish: days later google fires him. he joins us tonight. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. as attorney general barr faces fresh attacks on his
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credibility, there is one question no democrat in washington is able to provide an answer to. why would our fbi rely on opposition research to secure a fisa warrant to spy on an innocent american? this really is the questioner american left, right and right down the middle deserves an's to. it is the question that may be the undoing of our intelligence agencies as we know them today. stab cards should be extraordinarily high in the fisa courts. but we are learning they are anything but that. the fisa courts were so lax that the fbi could use a piece of opposition research that has never been vetted prepared by a corner who solicited stories from his former russian intel
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friends, foreigners who were and are adversaries to the united states. for all the democrats complaining about foreign interferences in the elections because the russians created the fake social media accounts, i should think think they would be more worked up over how the fbi treated former fbi intel folks. while we know the unproven dossier was part of the evidence justifying a warrant to spy on the trump campaign. the other evidence that may have come to the fbi to the fisa court may cause us to consider something like possible entrapment. the fbi looks like it may have tried to effectively entrap trump campaign aide, carter
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page. according to reports, including one in the "washington post," mr. halper contacted three trump campaign advisors for meetings that chargely focused on foreign policy. and at the same time began work as a secret informant for the fbi as it investigated russia's interference in the campaign. is this normal in any way? why is the fbi out there hiring secret informants to report back to them on the trump campaign? is this what the fbi does in every election to the other side? carter page says his contacts with halper quote intensified in the month before the fbi obtained his first fisa warrant to spy on him which was authorized by a fisa judge and was renewed three times. here he is with our own maria
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bartiromo. >> i had a longstanding relationship with professor halper. i always believe in innocent until proven guilty, but my conversations with him intensified right the month before my illegitimate fisa warrant in september 2016 when all these defamatory articles are being placed by the dnc. trish: if the fbi thought trump was an agent of russia, that would be one thing. you would think they would do a little research of their own and not rely on things like the so-called dossier from christopher steele. but it seems the fire just wanted to catch the opposing candidate in some thing. michael caputo went through
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something quite similar to what carter page went through. you say that you also saw communications with an fbi informant intensified. what do you mean? >> an fbi informant of 17 years, criminal russian in america on an fbi informant visa came to me at the end of may offering me dirt on hillary clinton. earlier in may i was approached by an american, a national security contractor, offering to give me hillary clinton's emails. you have got to look at it this way. most of people do. either the counter-intelligence operation at the fbi was hapless, feckless and all they did was send stephen halper and
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the honey pot after george papadopoulos and carter page and that was the precursor to crossfire hurricane. i don't believe that. i don't believe the counter-intelligence operation was feckless. i think the operation was broader than that. i think that's what the attorney general barr is starting to see. that's why i think the inspector general's report will be late. attorney general barr said it would be out in early june. and here we are. and it's nowhere around. i think we'll be lucky to see it before the end of june. trish: that makes sense to me. there are a lot of loose ens that need to be tied up. if i wanted to assume the purest of intentions from the fbi, i would say for some reason they
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thought trump was an agent of russia. if they really thought that, there would be things you would do. there would be ts to cross and is to dot so to speak. but they can't do that. so they are totally income tent or there was something else perhaps malicious going on. is this their m.o., you spy on an opposing campaign to the other party or is it just trump? >> i love listening to attorney general barrr closely. he's describing what may look like a praetorian guard that believe their beliefs were truth for america. he's describing and rogue group
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within the fbi, a lot of them are gone now. they were trying to spy on the republican candidate for president. we'll find out there is more than just stephen halper, and we'll find out this investigation started long before july 31 when they are careful to say the official investigation crossfire hurricane -- i know because they contacted me. trish: that's in the mueller report, by the way. let me turn to another thing right now. that's the house judiciary commit eat member jerry nadler. peforts to hold a.g. barr in contempt on hold now. but it hasn't stopped nadler from calling witnesses before
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his committee among those testifying included former nixon white house counsel, john dean. >> in many ways the mueller report is to president trump what the so-called watergate roadmap was to president are you charred nixon. stated a little differently. special counsel mueller has provided this committee with a roadmap. >> i would be willing to personally indict the case and try the case. i would have confidence the evidence would be sufficient to obtain a guilty verdict and win on appeal. i'm connecticut confident if anyone totter than the president committed this conduct, that person would be charged with crimes. >> it's the cnn panel. all three of those people are frequent contributors to cnn.
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i have appeared on cnn paneled with all three of them. that reveals what the house judiciary committee is up to. they are trying to recreate the excitement they had in 2017 and 2018 surrounding the bogus russian collusion hoax. they are bringing in the same talking heads that got it going on cnn to see if they docket in the house of the representatives. i think the american people might be tired of this. trish: some advice for jerry nadler and cnn. it has not worked for ynn and it won't work for the democrats. people want something to vote for, not against. coming up, remember when google's ceo told congress under oath there was no political bias at his company? watch. >> i lead this company without
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political bias and we are a company that provides platforms for diverse perspectives and opinions. there is no shortage of them amongst our employees. trish: why did google fire software evening near days after he appeared on this show to expose the company's political bias. bernie sanders claims he spent his whole life fighting against authoritarian socialism the former soviet union and venezuela. first, the freight train from mexico to the u.s., they want to
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trish: days after president trump struck a deal with mexico, the mexican military has begun cracking down on migrants hitching rides on board a train that is known as the beast. quite a name. to reach the u.s. border. you are looking at pictures of it there. people illegally jumping on that train. now they are getting arrested. the mexican government says it will send 6,000 troops to its border with guatemala in an effort to head off a surge of migrants coming to the u.s. they are coming through the porous border with gamut -- wia and making their way up. joining me is tom whoman. we had it out on the tariff
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thing. it puts the pressure on the dems. they call them up and say what the heck is going on? and it put pressure on mexico, right? and you said all along, tom, we want mexico to do more on its end. >> absolutely. thank you for knowing i was right. trish: no, i'm saying i was right. it put pressure on them. >> what if it wasn't for the tariff threat they wouldn't be taking i will yens off the trains and sending troops to the border and talk about a safe third country agreement. the tariffs work. the bluff worked. trish: was it a bluff? or do you think he was willing to do it? >> i think it was a threat.
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i think he would have followed through. if they don't follow through on this agreement he'll impose tariffs. trish: let me ask you about some of the things politicians are offering up perhaps to counter this, which is not good. it's a much better economy and much better future here. but california apparently wants to offer up free medical care. free healthcare for any migrant who wants to come into the sanctuary state. what does that do for this balance, this equation where you are trying to expose the penalty to come to america. >> they are throwing gas on a fire. the democratic governor gavin newsom of california. you need to understand when you do things like this you entice more people to put themselves in
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the hands of criminal organizations. 31% of women are being sexually assaulted. children are dying. they haven't done anything on the border. they voted themselves a pay raise and they are trying to pack amnesty. so instead of helping the president secure the border, they are throwing gas on the fire. it's almost as if they are intentionally trying to keep this chaos going to embarrass the president in 2020. >> you know as a former ice director. you have agents trying to do their jobs, risking their lives in many cases. how does it make you feel? when it's all said and done, it's about political posturing. >> democratic leadership should be ashamed of themselves.
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that the government mexico is doing more to save lives and secure the border than the democratic leadership. the people who are supposed to protect this country and protect americans. they took an oath. but their hatred for this president and their drive to see him fail. offering free medical care to illegal aliens. they should be ashamed of themselves and the american people ought to call them out on it. remember when the google executives were so devastated after hillary clinton lost the 2016 election. >> the first moment i felt like we were going to lose, it was a massive kick in the gut we were going to lose. >> there is anything positive you see from the elections? >> boy, that's a tough run right now. trish: tonight my exclusive
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interview with a google whistleblower. he came on this show to expose google's political bias. bernie sanders claims he spent his whole life fighting against authoritarian socialism in places like venezuela and the soviet union. we have some proof of all of we have some proof of all of that when i return. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! lisa: oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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fighting against authoritarianism in the soviet union or venezuela or anywhere else. trish: are you kidding me? you fought authoritarianism? let's revisit shall we the bernie sanders of the 1980s. on the soviet union. here he is fighting it. instead he said, quote, i was impressed by theout program and cultural programs which go far beyond what we do in this country. on cuba he said quote he educated kids, gave them healthcare and totally transformed society. yes, he made it dirt poor. on the canadon the -- on the saa leaders, i was impressed. he has still not called out
11:28 pm
nicolas maduro. people who been tortured or jailed because of their political beliefs. and yet bernie sanders refuses to say a word. joining me right now, former obama campaign director robin burke, ro. >> the thing with bernie sanders, let's parse what he said. he said he's supporting democracy and is against you a tore tearianism. -- against authoritarianism. the founders of this country knew there was no greater threat than the mob. the constitution is a safeguard that keeps 51% of the people
11:29 pm
voting to confiscate what the other 49% has. he wants authoritarianism with the same kind of face. in an open election, they gave hitler emergency powers. that was democracy. trish: for him to act like he cared about venezuela when he's still refusing to call out nicolas maduro for his dictatorship. i think you know because you have been on this show when i have some of these people who have been jailed and exiled because they have a different belief. maybe it's socialism. but only the socialists have any power. and the government is taking from everyone, redistributing
11:30 pm
wealth and you going it to the people in government that they deem are fit to have it. it's not a fair system. bernie sanders is trying to pretend he cares about the soviet union or cuba? >> i will use my favorite rick perry quote. oops. you just brought the receipt here. go back to the 80s of his support to the authoritarian regime. to be fair, we have seen our president say positive things about north korea. but he's not trying to say he never said those things and pushing back on this for a lifetime. trish: do you think he'll be the nominee for the democratic party? >> i'm grateful the dnc rewrote the rules. a candidate can't flip-flop
11:31 pm
parties like bernie sanders has been doing. trish: he should run as a socialist. you are one of the few democrats i think once to see some kind of normalcy in your party. if you are going to have any success it won't be running bernie sanders. freshman democrat congresswoman rashida tlaib is working on a plan to kick off the closest thing fair today has seen -- thing america has seen to basic income. if you are in a family you could get up to $6,000. to get this money you do not need to work. sheer she is. >> working people say i'm work and you are giving somebody who is not work able bodied but free money? >> i don't know who who can live
11:32 pm
on $3,000 to $6,000 a year. >> you are offering a benefit that doesn't call for work. >> why not try to uplift everyone equally at the same time. trish: they love free stuff. your reaction. >> where is the congresswoman going to get those resources to give equally to everybody. who is going to pay for her idea of utopia. you know who is going to pay for it. the people capable of producing that wealth. if they want people who don't have it there are all times of charities. if they don't want to do it. the only way it will get to the lucky lottery winners of the congresswoman is because it's
11:33 pm
taken from the productive sector at the point of a gun. they are putting us on the road to serfdom. trish: i have a recommendation for their summer reading list. "atlas shrugged." a major update on a story you saw first right on "trish regan primetime." a google engineer exposing google's political bias. and guess what, he was fired. reports that kim jong-un's half brother was a cia informant. reaction from dr. sebastian your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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starts a war with us will not be the one to finish it, and the u.s. cannot expect to save face. what is that suppose to mean? here with me, former foreign deputy assistant to president trump. shouldn't iran be trying to calm down tensions in the ramp it up? is that a veiled threat? >> this is the nation registered by the state department as the largest state sponsor of terrorism and this saber rattling is all they have left thanks to the president's
11:39 pm
cancellation of the obama-era deal. the economy is rumbling. trish: i get it. that's what they have. he's not a mullah. i don't understand yes wants to head down that path. what's done is done. the deal has been torn up. there is no way that is going change. can't we move forward in and positive, meaningful way and say okay? there is a possibility for a new deal if everybody keeps their heads together. and you could look at a better deal for both countries. even the ayatollah said it was a lousy deal for iraq. >> did you use the term rational in regard to iran?
11:40 pm
trish: i would think someone would have some ration cal ability somewhere. it's kind of got to keep moving. >> this isn't belgium. this isn't france. this is the revolutionary republic of iran. and one of the biggest mistakes we make in the united states government is mirror imaging. we expect other nations to behave in the rational reasoned way we would behave. forget about what civilians say. i couldn't care less about what civilians say. the mullahs run the country and the mullahs say what they are told to say.
11:41 pm
we have a heading class. this is not a normal rational state actor. so when they bluster like this it has to be measured in terms of their thee krattic lens through which they view the world. >> you have would conclude they are fearful, based on this rhetoric? the sanctions are worked and this all they have left? >> absolutely. when you have the most of powerful nation in the world finally after 8 years call you to the carpet and say we are not going to help you finance terror across the world. we won't help you destabilize the middle east. we found out a few weeks weeks after the jcpoa deal was signed
11:42 pm
under the obama administration, they found enough amoan yum nitrate in the u.k. to do three oklahoma bombing. that's hop we are talking about. that's the regime obama gave $150 billion to. trish: let me turn to another story breaking on the international front. that the half brother of north korea's kim jong-un killed in 2017 in what looks like an assassination. he was actually an informant for the cia. dr. gorka, wow. >> yeah, wow! all first reports from the battlefield have to be taken with a massive pinch of salt. all we know is this individual,
11:43 pm
if these reports are confirmed, met on multiple occasions with representatives with handlers from the cia. does that mean was an asset? too early to sell. secondly. we have to report this is kim's half brother who lived in exile. this wasn't a central figure who had access to the regime. it shows you how seriously we took the threat and we tried to get closer to that regime. trish: our intelligence community from all i have learned has said this is very, very opaque. it's hard to infiltrate. it means we are going into this with not the kind of knowledge that we should with kim jong-un. that said, i'm going to pay the
11:44 pm
president a compliment here. sometimes you know, you may not like who you are talking to, but you have got to get there if you are going to accomplish anything. and he has done that. hasn't he, dr. gorka? >> this is a lack of historic perspective that the democrats and the fake news industrial complex has. they moan about the president sitting down with dictators. do they know roosevelt negotiated with stalin? ron solid reagan went to talk to gorbachev? you don't have to like these people, but sometimes for geopolitical strategy, you talk to them. look at results.
11:45 pm
no intercontinental ballistic myself i will launches across the sea of japan. already, that's a massive accomplishment for president trump. trish: i was on the tear with lou dobbs. he didn't have to go through rex tillerson or anyone else who later resigned, who knows, maybe because of his frustration he didn't go through him. he made a gut decision and said sure. i will sit down with that. dr. gorka, it's good to see you. coming up. we have details straight ahead. first my exclusive interview with the google whistleblower.
11:46 pm
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>> they are so hostile one want to push back and say maybe's an outspoke bigot. but if you push back, they can turn on you instead. trish: that was mike whacker, a google engineer who talked to us with the outvillage mob and a witch hunt. hours after that he was suspended then fired for speaking out. and he says there is obvious bias at play at google. mike wacker joins us along with federal prosecutor, doug burns. what happened? you came on the show. you said some thing. then they said good-bye?
11:51 pm
>> they held me in front of a kangaroo court. they asked me random questions. i'm trying to get my bearings. they just asked me a bunch of questions. one of the weird things about it. one of the people i criticized. this person was also helping to conduct the investigation of me. it was an obvious conflict of interest. trish: they had an investigation into you. we know google execs testifying to congress that they are fair and not biased. we received a statement from google about your being dismissed. they say and i quote that the individual received a final written warning in march following verbal warnings
11:52 pm
related to a pattern of threatening communications to co-workers and managers. the behavior have continued. so we have taken action. like all workplaces we have basic rules of the standard of behavior we expect at work. when they talk about standards of behavior, in your view, they would probably disagree, is that conforming to one kind of political thought? >> yes. it's bizarre. on the one hand employment threats are not threatening when they come from the left. but mildly harsh criticism from the right is threatening. trish: you feel like that's all you did, point out some inequities? >> yeah. in the final warning.
11:53 pm
one of the allegations they had against me is someone called me rude and disrespectful. this one person i referred to as a terrorist. and he doubled down on his comments about marsha blackburn? she was on the show the other night and she is a nice lady from tennessee. >> yes, she is. trish: there seems to be a theme with going. you look up california republican, you get nazi. there is obviously some kind of bias that goes into this. if you have group think and you are programming a certain way, aren't you at risk for putting your own bias in there? >> i never quite understood honestly where a group has scene
11:54 pm
idea onive inclusiveness and inclusion and yet they will shout down ideas they don't agree with. back to the core situation. mike is right, there is a double standard on many levels. then the statement from the company is that's corporate 101, 2, 3 and 4. and they catch it with something other than the ideas being expressed and making it as though he did something wrong. mike's claim is they released him because of his ideology. trish: you have the doj look into all of this. this may be a blessing in -- in disguise. you can start your own search engine. if the government is successful in breaking google up, you might have a chance. >> in terms of next steps i
11:55 pm
would have some role to play, but a big part of me wants to go back to being a normal engineer. trish: he appreciate you coming on. i know it's get it! get that butterfly! you know those butterflies aren't actually in the room? hey, that baker lady's on tv again. she's not a baker. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady. they cover pets if your owner gets into a car accident. covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters. when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. that's where jardiance comes in. it reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event
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and with new features and richer stories... can show dad where he's from... and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only $59 at give it to dad for father's day. trish: more trouble many the dominican republic to tell you about here tonight. this is really quite something. we keep getting reports of course that americans have died. now we've learned the fourth
11:59 pm
death there in the dominican republic, a mysterious death, a tourist died after he suddenly fell ill in an all-inclusive report. this happened one month after three americans mysteriously died. robert wallace experienced symptoms after having a drink from a hotel mini bar. it happened prior too the mysterious and highly pub u la d deaths of other americans. family members of an engaged couple from maryland say the two died of pulmonary edema and respiratory failure. another american woman said he d after having a drink at the hotel. the fbi is looking into the deaths and so are we. we will have more on this developing story and the dangers of traveling to the dominican
12:00 am
republic right here for you tomorrow evening. have a wonderful night, everyone. stay out of the dr for now. "kennedy" begins next. ♪ kennedy: thank you, trish. is joe biden already losing his luscious luster after a really bad week, the current democratic front runner skipped his party's hall of fame dinner in iowa and he's flipping in the polls. two of his rhode islands are surging. so when a sleepy joe going to wake up. up according to the cnn media poll, biden is still comfortably at the top with 24%, bernie as 16, liz warren has 15 and mayor pete 14%. no other democrat pulled in double digits. a few weeks ago biden was up as much as 15 points overhe


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