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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 11, 2019 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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of traveling to the dominican republic right here for you tomorrow evening. have a wonderful night, everyone. stay out of the dr for now. "kennedy" begins next. ♪ kennedy: thank you, trish. is joe biden already losing his luscious luster after a really bad week, the current democratic front runner skipped his party's hall of fame dinner in iowa and he's flipping in the polls. two of his rhode islands are surging. so when a sleepy joe going to wake up. up according to the cnn media poll, biden is still comfortably at the top with 24%, bernie as 16, liz warren has 15 and mayor pete 14%. no other democrat pulled in double digits. a few weeks ago biden was up as much as 15 points over the bern
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and liz warren was in the seller. today the former veep seemed very unfazed. >> any comments on your recent iowa poll numbers? >> pretty good. kennedy: biden's critics and supporters have been openly questioning his campaign strategy. there he's barely been campaigning. last week he flipped flopped on abortion ending his stance that the government should not pay for it. and new claims that campaign plagiarism, that old ruse, after his staff, blame it on them, stole content for his new climate plan. he was also mocked over the weekend for opposing -- posting rather a corny picture of a friendship bracelet on former president obama's birthday saturday. and while biden locally goings, his democrat rhode island rhod y
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getting louder. here's a sample. >> i'm running for president because we can't take four more years of donald trump. the american people do not want a president who is a liar, a racist, a sexist, a zen phone, a religious bi bigot. >> we've got a president of the united states who made a lot of promises and betrayed the american people. what did we get? a lot of broken promises. >> donald trump is the worst president in america. kennedy: take that. you may recall in between president trump was battling a huge field of rivals. and was able to va vanquish each and every one of them.
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is joe biden able to do the same thing. tonight's party panel is here to discuss. we've got danielle maclaughlin here and host of the awarding fifth column podcast matt welch and comedian and head writer bracer tonight. >> we're not worthy. kennedy: here's what i want to know about joe biden. every presidential year, it's what we live for those of us who cover politics and follow it, as you know. donald trump was like a super bug and the field of 16 republicans, they were like antibiotics that not only didn't work they seemed to make him stronger. does joe biden have the same gift? >> i don't think he does. kennedy: i don't think so either. >> no. i don't think so. trump came in second in iowa last time around which was pretty critical. kennedy: ted cruz won.
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>> ted cruz did win. and before that we had rick santorum. so not obviously a bellwether of harbinger to woman. trump was a completely different animal. he played a different game. he just rose up like a phoenix from the ashes. joe biden is a much more traditional politician, much like the rest of the field. kennedy: in other words the constant attacks from pretty much everybody in the field -- they really didn't hold back. there were subtle barbs and they didn't name joe biden by name but they were going after him. does that hurt him and when the will that show in the polls? >> there's a difference in the guy going to blow everything up. when you attack him, all of the voters say yes, exactly. that's the point, we want you. kennedy: he's fill the candidate. i don't know how the democrats figure out how to do something differently. >> biden is the return to
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normal. he was the guy in the white house when the guy i liked was there with the bracelet. he has to stoond there an standk lgbtable. electable. every single thing that joe biden has done in his 50 years in washington, d.c., he has at some point been after every value that the democrat hold dear. kennedy: that's right, on the wrong side of policy foreign and domestic over and over again. he has to run against his own record. >> he's a rusty weathervane. he'll go in the direction that the democrats are in now. but the moment he looks electable, it's going to be a bad day for joe biden. kennedy: when is that? >> couple more of the bracelet picturepictures. the bracelet is actual aa shocking device to st stop him.
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kennedy: awww. >> jab it really quick. but man i feel so bad for the people of iowa. their whole state has been turned into a giant open mike night where you can't go out in public without some bozo airing their grievances in front of your dinner. >> you know when you're flipping through the program, how many do we have left, you're at 12 and you have seven left. >> can't get a whiskey shot at the bar. kennedy: you lean over, honey, can you give me a handful of pills. >.you have allergies? i want to die. we're sen candidates in. i don't want to live in iowa. i don't want to live anymore. >> just trying to kill himself out so he can bleed out before the end of the rally. kennedy: i heard that elizabeth warren's husband was fastening himself a noose out of his napkin. >> get me out of here.
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kennedy: may not be reliable. >> one in 1024 chance. kennedy: how do you know these things. elizabeth warren is pretty much the same. speaking of legitimate presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand has qualified for the democratic debates by hitting the 65,000 dollars mark. every cringe worthy moment she's put on new york socia social me. he went viral with his infamous beer clip and she was back at it this weekend posting this gem from iowa. ♪ i can't even think. >> i don't know why politicians do this. it's not just her. but they put themselves in
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situations where they think they're going to look like regular ordinary people and they look like an ail yell came down and tried to become a person. kennedy: she's like someone from mars attacks. >> she is actually in iowa, abortion rights, women's health care, people care about that. she's positioned herself really well in that respect. but i see this and i think, there's an alien there. kennedy: can't you see people in the bar going seriously, let's act heterosexual so she doesn't come near us. >> maybe she'll leave us alone. she's killing it. she's at what, 1%? every other candidates' staff is giving out t-shirts and frisbees. her staff is giving out directions. you must be lookin looking for e biden rally down the block. a lot of new yorkers, i heard two people say on air, she's like the dumb de blasio.
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>> she's polling better than deblasio in new york. >> anybody is polling better than deblasio in new york. >> three polls in the democratic party, she's throwing up more goose eggs. i had to make it so you would understand it. half of the democratic field is not polling -- hasn't even touched 2% in months. what are they doing? what is she doing? kennedy: i can tell you. >> when do they start dropping out? i don't mind. i want a crowded debate stage. i want it to be chaotic and dirty like a real housewives reunion. >> there's the a team and the b team. we're going to see donors moving and people moving. >> here's the difference. when the republicans in 2016, it was such a crowded field, i know that because fox business hosted quite a few debates, the people
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rerelegated to the loser stage were bitter, didn't want to be there. like a chubby kid locked out of the bakery while all of his friends were inside trying to get free cupcakes. but the democrats. >> b team stage, it's over for you. but people don't always run for president to be president. they run for the next. >> the dnc and rnc should have rules, bring back super delegates. overturn citizens united. whatever it takes. >> i would be for that. kennedy: i mean i think there should be some sort of a reality series where they're eating madagascar cockroaches. >> we've talked about it before but i think they're running for cabinet positions. there's a coin flip that you might get something good out of it. kennedy: the only person getting a cabinet position is chris
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coots. he endorsed bide earlier. kennedy: jim, last word. >> go home gil gillibrand that'l i can say. gillibrand's campaign is "all by myself." so lonely. kennedy: it's sad but she's celebrating me mediocrity throuh pandering. >> like she's pouring some out for a h homey. kennedy: so much to discuss tonight, including house democrats apparently will do anything to take out the president, politically, of course. try to out perform our nixon white house lawyer, john dean. talk about dusting off a corpse. yeah he testified on the mueller report. why he was there.
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oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. kennedy: the democrats are so hell-bent on yanking the president from office they're now seeking advice from disbarred lawyers convicted of
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lying. and not michael cohen. today the how judiciary committee called in former nixon counsel john dean, the ring leader of the watergate scandal and coverup and today he testified on what he called the similarities between the mueller probe and the investigation that brought down president nixon. but some republicans weren't buying it. watch. >> do you have personal knowledge regarding the truth or falsity regarding a single fact in the mueller report? >> the first thing i said, i'm not here as a fact witness. >> and you accuse president of acting like nixon and you make money off of it. >> not all. kennedy: a frequent trump critic. when the president was asked about dean's testimony today he sang his praises withi praises,. >> john dean has been a loser
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for many years, and he's not exactly trump oriented. i guess they paid him a lot of money over the years. he's been a loser if fo for a lg time. kennedy: the house will vote tomorrow whether to hold former white house counsel don mcgahn and attorney general william barr in contempt. will any of the hail maries actually work? let me ask bill mcgurn. let us learn with bill mcgurn. i'm fascinated by watergate. it's one of the stories that the more you look into it, the more fascinating it becomes. but john dean is trying to connect dots that really have no correlation. >> yeah. it's bad enough for the democrats to look like they're ant trump all of the time. i think that's a danger for them. it's worse to look ridiculous. with john dean, the fake impeachment, the fake contempt votes, it's beginning to look a little silly. kennedy: it's kind of weird. i don't understand. like i'm looking at this and
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some witnesses i understand and sometimes when you make bold political moves you go ah, check me. very good. but this one i don't get. and if you wanted to show context, then bring in a presidential historian who may be a little more objective who can actually show with that objectivity and that academic background the parallels when watergate and what's happening, which i don't think there are very many. >> except in this case this is designed to substitute for a bold move. everything about this has been fake. fake impeachment, fake contempt and now the fake watergate with john dean. if the democrats wanted to get our attention, they could introduce articles of impeachment and proceed. but they're afraid because they would have some accountability and some of the democrats have just won their seats, the ones in trump districts don't want to go there kp they absolutely
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kennedy: they absolutely don't want to. >> the chinese new year with the dragons, that's what they're doing in congress. it is sad because we really do need for congress to get back some of its article 1 powers and have a little more control on tariffs and so forth. but they're undermining themselves. kennedy: they are. and a little later in the show i'll talk about another way how congress has to take back some of the control. but it's interesting what is happening here because they're trying to demonize william barr. and if the guy makes a mistake, he should be held accountable. no doubt about that. but it really seems like they're trying to undermine him and destroy his credibility now so when the ig report comes out. >> or indictment. exactly. kennedy: how do you see that playing out? >> i think the conversation is going to play out when we get the ig report. i'm more interested in the declassified material. and i think they're worried about that. i think it could change quite
12:20 am
dramatically if what's in that redakeredacted area is in there. the more he looks into it, the explanations for the intelligence community for why they did what they did and departed from standard operating procedure. kennedy: some of our procedures regarding russia have to become uniform. right now a lot of people like adam schiff are saying there was collusion. and what i was asking today, some of the russian operatives supplying christopher steele with intel, how can they be different from the operatives who were accused in a mueller report of trying to undermine congress. >> i think that we're going to find out a lot about it. who right now does it look like was played by russian operatives. the hillary team. of course they wanted to be played. kennedy: they weren't just communicated with.
12:21 am
they paid millions of dollars collectively in order to get the opposition research. are campaigns going to be back to eastern europe for opposition research in 2020? >> i don't know. it seems to have worked the last time, at least in getting it. they got an fbi investigation. and what we're finding out is, you know, we had the heads of the intelligence, literally people in positions know a lot more than you or i would know and they were telling us trump was a russian agent. john brennon said it flatly and when the mueller came out and he was said i was given bad info. he was in charge. kennedy: he was creating, authoring that info. so irresponsible. >> and they were using their positions to imply that hay had access to stuff the rest of us -- now we know they don't. kennedy: no. they were making it up. john brennon said the crescendo of the mueller investigation will be donald trump's children being arrested and frog marched before the cameras in the group
12:22 am
indictment and that didn't happen. and when mueller said no more indictments, i think part of john brennon's soul died. >> right. there may be some left to die when the fuel story comes out. kennedy: i hope there's accountability. >> and the fisa warrants and all of the little things -- kennedy: if someone has done something wrong there should be accountability. when you have that kind of power you have to be held accountable. >> spying on an ordinary american is a big deal. it should be a big deal. kennedy: and if it's allowed within the law, maybe the law needs to change. devin nunes. bill mcgurn, thank you. coming up one a bipartisan group of senators wants to stop arms sales to saudi arabia because they're murderous tyrants. the trump administration says the guns are necessary to fight iran. but what's a busy body to do. my memo and reaction from brian suits. there he is.
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kennedy: why does every american president become so e tha e na d with saudi arabia. president trump isn't the first commander to fall for the easy blood money. but his promise so the sandy kingdom has democrats and republicans scrambling for bipartisan legislation to curtail his cowboy power. senators chris murphy and todd young may soak in opposite sides of the congressional cesspool but they've had it up to their jowls with this gift that could send weapon guidance system to the front lines of the civil war. we're supplying the saudis with
12:28 am
a bunch of high-tech gear. at least 1600 kids have reportedly been killed in the war since 2015 and those are the kids saudis hate. do you know what they do to their own women, children and gays? they kill them too. but first, torture. an 18-year-old saudi boy was first charged with a crime when he was 10 years old. he's probably going to get executed and the saudis like to soften up their targets like shocking them before they're publicly beheaded and or crucified. what gets you killed? witchcraft, protest, homosexuality, fighting for women's right. and saudi arabia can't be trusted, so why would we thrust automatic weapons into their
12:29 am
hand to kill people in a country they hate. we cannot disconnect ourselves from what the saudis willfully and hopefully do to their own people. it doesn't seem like a lot has changed when the 15 saudi terrorists slaughtered 3,000 americans and with shady arms deals on the part of yet another u.s. administration, nothing is going to change anytime soon. so screw those guys. and that's the memo. crown prince muhammad was supposed to usher in reform but saudi arabia has become more oppressive and hellish under his watch. why are we teamed up with the barbaric regime. here to answer that question, iraq veteran, brian suits. i do not like the saudis. >> nor i and i put my life on the line to keep saddam from overrunning them. in retrospect it looks like it
12:30 am
would have been a neighborhood improvement. number one whereby they're not iran. they're the middle eastern arab sunni leader writes check and they bought egypt two aircraft carriers. they're leading the military and diplomatic block against iran. they're terrified of a nuclear iran. if there was no iranian threat we wouldn't have the necessity to be in bead with the saudis. and that is really all it is. kennedy: yeah, i don't know. i think if we're going to take allies and bed fellows, there has to be some accountability here. and saudi arabia obviously is never going to reform itself and the united states and successive administrations are far too self interested in order to really press them with reform. but we act outraindle about china and new mexico and new
12:31 am
york and we let all of this slide and it's just as bad as what is happening in those places. >> this would be academic. they would be isolated by the international community and the whoam thing. we would be embargoing their oil. but they're at the crossroads of the former empires and 100 years after those fell apart, look where they are. they're central and crucial. the other thing they've done to make themselves relevant is they've buried the hatchet with the israelis very quietly, buried the hatchet. and nbs is on the phone with netanyahu because they have a common cause. this is the problem. the line forms to be outraged by saudi human violations. kennedy: look at what they're doing in yemen. >> that is the complexity of this. the saudis are aware and the israelis are aware that there's a regional war going on. there's not yemen, syria, libya. it's a regional war.
12:32 am
kennedy: all the more reason for us to not be there. so what would happen if we weren't there? what would happen if we weren't selling billions of dollars in weapons to saudi arabia? could they buy them from jordan? make them themselves? they have plenty of filthy dirty oil money. >> sadly what we know about the world arms market is that if america leaves a vacuum, it's filled with the panda express. the chinese would be there before the plane cleared the runway. the chinese would be there selling knockoffs of american weapons and the saudis wouldn't care. kennedy: i sleep better because american missiles are killing yemeni children. >> it sucks. kennedy: it's worse than it sucks. >> i know. and it's on us. the blood is on us. but, this is the sad part, this is a mess of our own making and you're right, we do have to take some responsibility. and here's the other thing.
12:33 am
we have more leverage on the saudis than anyone perhaps even we know. we hold all of the leverage with them. they're targeting, intelligence surveillance reconnaissance, supply of high-tech weapons. we could, with a phone call, tell them don't do your own targets. do our targets. stop killing the kids. that could happen. we yushe under estimate our lev. they know the achilles heel of donald trump. give him something shiny and gold plated telling him how good he is. kennedy: i would like the president to be more co with his rhetoric. he talks tough to china and north korea. but when it comes to saudi arabia, it's a completely different brand of putty. last word. >> like i say, the sad fact is i don't like how the saw sage is made but the fact is if we cut
12:34 am
off ties with saudi arabia, they would be in beijing or beijing would be i there the next day ad things wouldn't get better because the growing saudi aryanian conflict which is probably ten dwreers away is probably now five years away. kennedy: i want the impossible. no more sa sausage. thank you so much. the tide is turning in the drug war. oakland open deposit very has decriminalized magic mushrooms. congress might make it easier to study the benefits of psychedelic drugs. alexandria ocasio-cortez introduced the legislation to end the long standing ban on using federal money for any activity that promotes the legalization of any schedule one drug. this would reduce the amount of hurdles to study potential helpful substances. republican congressman matt gaetz just jumped on board as a cosponsor prompting aoc to
12:35 am
suppetweetwe have bipartisan su. this is important as several studies have shown promise in treatment with ptsd, severe depression and more. the war on drugs has caused so much harm. it's time to reverse it. that's great. could this finally be the beginning of the end of all of this nonsense. joining me now, john stoses l. welcomstossel.welcome back. >> you get aoc proposing it, not a surprise. but then a republican cosponsor. and i searched the internet looking for drug warriors saying this is going to wreck america. there was nothing that i could find. kennedy: do you think it's because this issue is reaching critical mass because of cannabis legalization and they sound like fuddy-duddies when they give a blanket explanation
12:36 am
into treatment. >> they don't mind sounding like fuddy-duddies when they keep marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. maybe they're just unna unfamilr with mushrooms and ecstasy and they hear the studies. i'm skeptical about the studies of curing ptsd and all of that. but once you're an adult you ought to own your body. and if you want to take mushrooms, you ought to be able to. and if scientists want to study it, how could that be banned in a free country. kennedy: people talk about wanting to help veterans and how the government has underserved them and how the va has been so incredibly cruel. here you have some substances that in a therapeutic setting has been shown to cure ptsd can few treatments which is not only cost effective but it's profoundly effective. and it's heartbreaking that
12:37 am
actual cures are being withheld from people who fought for this country. >> and outside the therapeutic setting, recreationally people benefit. and who knows -- some people just have a good time. but they ought to be your right in a free country. kennedy: if you're not hurting anyone and if you're not committing crime, i don't care what you put in your body or who. >> there are no instances of people hurting other people because they are high on lsd or mushrooms. kennedy: but it's amazing how those late expwt 60 '60s reefers talking points. >> you will die. you'll fall off of a roof. one guy fell off of a roof. kennedy: and that man was john stossel. you can fly. i've seen you play beach volleyball and it is impressive. >> thank you. kennedy: thank you sco much for being here. now go back to your laboratory
12:38 am
and cook up your libertarian backers of weed. >> i think you're mixing the metaphors. kennedy: so poorly. this week marks 25 years since the infamous murders of o.j. simpson's wife and her friend ron goldman and now the juice is opening up about what has happens sense. the panel rejoins to discuss a topic that will not fade. that's next.
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12:43 am
juice says quote life is fine. good for him. he's done looking in his rearview mirror telling the voash yaited press, quote, we don't need to go back and relive the worst day of our lives. the subject of the moment is the subject i will never revisit again. my family and i have moved on to what we call the no negative zone. we focus on the positives. just like a murderous sociopath. some will focus on the fact that this wednesday marks 25 years since the shocking june night where simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown and her friend ron goldman were brutally murdered outside her apartment. it's hard to believe it's been that long and harder to believe that he got off scot-free. o.j. hasn't paid a penny of the money he was ordered to pay the brown and goldman families. so is o.j. simpson really living his best life and is that the biggest crime of all. the party panel is back. matt, i will start with you
12:44 am
because you're the one who pointed out on that day in 1994 it was the craziest confluence of events as you saw. >> in, espn special which is all of the different events and the broadcast chatter. there's no post-fak to discussion. they present the day as it unfolded. bob costa is sitting there talking about the eastern conference finals between the nicks and the bulls. it was soba tha so bananas. it was so traumatic and so awful for the people, the country and everything. only glimmer of positive tiffty that you get is that came out of an era when absolutely a huge chunk of southern california pop lyings where i grew up didn't trust the police at all and they had damn good reason not to trust the police, especially if they came from the black community. it's not the same way anymore.
12:45 am
they've reformed and changed the way they do business there and that at least is some good that came out of it. kennedy: that was the good things to come out of the o.j. documentary that won the academy award for best documentary. they laid out why there was so much distrust in the city and. johnny cochran was bill i can't to tap into that and tap into the distrust and find jurors that he knew would acquit his client thancht wa. >> yeah. i'm shocked they tried to frame o.j. kennedy: still to this day. >> it got me. but without doing my impression of any of the jurors in this actual espn documentary that we famously like to do in bars, it was home game for the juice all the way through. because they were more on his side than they were the plight of the -- kennedy: in his professional life and even in college he was never on their side.
12:46 am
>> no, never. he wasn't. and there are famous quotes of people uttering racial epitaphs in front of him and he's saying, it's okay, i'll not one of those. which is crazy. but he's out there working hard to find the killer. kennedy: it's so tragic because the brown and goldman families will never be able to put anytime the rearview mirror. >> it's terrible. >> the point of this being a trial in downtown l.a. on the heels of rodney king, the murder occurred in brentwood but the trial did not occur in the affluent suburb. you know, hindsight, monday morning quarterbacking, huge mistakes made by the prosecution, the glove is the obvious one. never ever ever put on somebody -- put on a witness when you don't know what they're going to say. kennedy: and wit as slam dunk. if you watch "the people versus
12:47 am
a.j. simpson." if you watch the series, the actor dos a pretty good job other than david. >> always going to be ross to me. >> she is such a sociopath. kennedy: david schwimmer . >> when o.j. says he's done talking about this it means no one is offering him money to talk. kennedy: that's the amazing thing. 25 years we're still talking about this with renewed interest. it hasn't faded. >> we've gone through a weird racial conversation in this country in the last five or six years, beginning with ferguson but the obama year, the rise of trump. things have gotten weird in a way and enough distance has passed since the 1990s that we had to gl go back and look at t. kennedy: i like the fact that we can talk about them in a way that we couldn't in 1994.
12:48 am
and hopefully that will ultimately bring healing. jimmy, matt and danielle. thank you so much. topical storm is next. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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in the nightlife industry is
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called silver bars which is exactly what they sound like. a terrible idea. although they're perfect for those moments where you would like to sip an overpriced drink. pour me a cold one because this is the topical storm. topic number one, we begin on alaska airlines where the good news is an employee has cracked a 10-year-old case. he's also cracked a 5-year-old case, a 3-year-old case and brand-new ones. check it out. there he goes. he don't care. shout it like you mean pit. this fellow was caught on camera chucking cargo of the plan. airline has opened an investigation into the luggage launcher and if he's found guilty he'll be sent to where all of the deviant people go, spirit air. they found the luggage.
12:53 am
the airline has apologized to customers. and while they didn't waive the luggage fees spirally they did throw them a discount. topic number two, let's go to houston texas where a man got stuck in a traffic circle. this is why you never listen to the spin doctors in texas. or anywhere for that matter. come on, man. that's a pocketful of krit cry o night. the driver wu ticketed for not having a gun rack. the twirling trucker is said to be doing just fine. while this wasn't the wildest video, it was nice to see a texan wiping out. topic number three. happy birthday to me. it is mugshot monday.
12:54 am
this week's winner used a drone to deliver marijuana to a nebraska prison. clever. it's a shocking story because it didn't happen in florida. not that floridaians would use a drone to smuggle drugs. "keep smiling, keep shining knowing you can always count on me ♪ ♪ that's what boats are for robert kisner allegedly flew a drone into the lincoln correctional facility with the whacky tobaccoy. the drone crashed and he was busted after hi found his info in a memory chip. he's refusing to comment on the story and it's not the first time he's taken the high road. yeah, the pot pilot is headed to jail but he found a new way to ship his drugs.
12:55 am
♪ here i go again on my own that's a found of orange crush right there and they do mean crush. topic number four, french president emanuel macron gave president trump a tree last year to signify their friendship and things were going so well. the tree has died. as you would imagine, macron is pretty embarrassed right now. but enough about his approval ratings. it's hard to imagine the same folks who gave us the statue of liberty are now sending bonsai trees. what's next, a carnival goldfish. they planted this on the white house lawn last year but it turns out the soil was contaminated because members of the prior administration buried a private e-mail survey. now the tree has disappeared faster than e-mail under subpoena. the president says macron is
12:56 am
allowed to keep his gift. the french president has not addressed the incident but the white house just received a fresh delivery of trees from a domestic well wisher. oh there he is. he must have thoughts obama was still in office. -we bought a house in a neighborhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto. when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. right. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. even if i'm taking heart medicine,
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