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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 11, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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david: i am david asman in for lou dobbs, another boom, president trump's soaring economy reaching new heights, dow, nasdaq and s&p all hitting record highs during trading. more anti-trump politicking from the bench, second obama appointed job blocking department of justice from changing its legal team in case involving census citizenship question. and president trump's top drug enforcement official today touring southern border with mexico, jim caroll telling fox news that border agents are stretched so thin, they have no way of focusing on the thousands of pounds of deadly drugs that
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are still smuggled in by mexican cartels, our correspondent with the story from mcallen, texas. >> we have to stop the flow of drugs coming in. reporter: dusk in roma, texas, border patrol agents say drug cartels often sneak the drugs across the rio grande. >> americans are protected. they are diverted from doing their job. reporter: jim caroll is trump administration drug czar, and only our cameras were there as he witnessed who border patrol agents in south texas are up against, they apprehended a group of underage migrants crossing the border in 100 degree heat, agents stress this is the new normal. officials at rio grande valley sector say they are apprehending people like this every day, they are being checked out right now. they will be taken to processing centers down the road, agents say with such large numbers of
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milboros in their care -- migrants in their care, they are spending more time on processing and less time on drug interdiction. >> they are trying to help people, they have no ability to focus on core mission of finding you what the the heck is come. >> finding out what the heck is coming into this country. reporter: they know that agent are busy with migrants, this is surveillance video from u.s. and customs and border protection, multiple men smuggle large amounts of what appear to be drugs on their backs, this is too common. >> they have resources and scouts looking out for them, and high technology, we're overwhelmed because of what is happening here. reporter: agents at this crossing watch for drugs driven across the toward eofficers found 191 pounds of meth hidden in a truck bed tuesday, but this facility has become a holding
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krill for somcell are in some me room was packed with migrants awaiting deportation. >> people in dc that want to play politics, they should get down here. reporter: vice president mike pence and a bipartisan group of senators are expected to visit the border in texas this week, they want to stress they need more than just more money and additional manpower but congress to address immigration laws, when we pressed them what laws need to change, they said it was up to the lawmakers to decide. david: u.s. citizenship and immigration servicing acting director ken cuccinelli saying that i.c.e. deportation rates are going to happen and president trump's pressure on mexico to curb illegal illfluence other central american country to do the same. >> no question that president's handling of foreign policy in
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particular with mexico and northern triangle is helping to make a difference. mexico is now a better partner than they have been in present memory, i believe you will see morehead way made with the northern triangle countries as well. david: joining me, congressman mark green, member of house oversight committee, homeland security committee and house freedom caucus. cuccinelli said we have gone at the border quote from calamity to near disaster. that still awful, but it is an improvement do you see that. >> absolutely, border crossing -- and thank you for having me on. you know the border crossings did godown in third. still fourth highest month but we had 142 cross in may, and 104 in june, because president got tough with mexico, threatened the tariffs and they responded and they put 15,000 of their
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soldiers on their southern border, it has had an impact. david: mexican president is getting it from both sides, our side and his own i'm, realizing it is cause -- his own people realizing it is causing a lot of economic problems for them and problems for the cartels for them. >> a huge crisis, it has been a crisis for a long time, now "new york times" says it is a crisis. democrat have to get onboard, meanwhile you have democrats talking about doing away with homeland security. alexandria ocasio-cortez wants to do away with the whole department, it is insanity. david: it is insanity. i don't want to excuse her remarks at all because there was a frivolous nature to it but one hand, department of homeland security has become a very big bureaucracy even best bu
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bureaucracies with best intention, has it become so big. >> it is not add big at dod, you look at intelligence apparatus in dod, i have a bill right now that passed homeland security committee, that would synchronize intelligence across 22 agencies assembled to perform homeland security in one process could one system. but those stream line things need to happen at homeland security to make it functional like dod, it is critical, you can't do away with coast guard or i.c.e. or without customs and border patrol, even legal immigration is processed through that department. it is ridiculous, and grandstanding on her part. david: one thing these people don't understand, a lot they don't, but one is the way we saw in the report, that the cartels
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are using their human smuggling to assists in drug smuggling, this is part of the same system they have. >> absolutely. and naiveness of you know leadership on the left, to suggest that oh, we're watching you know 90% of heroin and et cetera at border crossing points, that is ridiculous, we don't know what we don't know. we know that thousands of people are going around those ports of entry, clearly drugs are as well. with three00 americans dying -- 300 americans dying every week from a heroin overdose, we have to do something. thank god for this president, standing up, fighting this fight. david: the other thing that gets me the bleeding heart nature. criticism, they bring up the children as we saw in the terrific report, preceded my interview with you, children are the ones who -- they have hundred+ degree heat down there. they are dealing with, this is
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deadly heat, and they are being convinced by all of these measures whether you talk about lacks border security or sanctuary cities, or talking about instain amnesty rules, that draw all of the immigrants. the people it hurts the most are the children. >> absolutely, i could not agree more with you. but that is really the fal faulf congress, responsibility for this lies with congress. flores amendment allows a child to be a visa, if they spring a child with them -- if they bring a child with them, it is a free ticket to the united states, it is insane, we have to fix this. and we have to do it yesterday. david: i want to switch gears, we got word another court is rejecting administration's change of legal team on the census question. it is getting to the point you
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wonder if there is obstruction. more than just about procedures following every letter of the law, do you sense any obstruction on part of the court's part. >> i sense obama appointed judges being activists to the bench, i sense, that clearly. a person who is defending himself in a trial in united states should get to pick their legal representation it makes no sense that president's team can't have the lawyers they want standing i in that courtroom, ts is ridiculous for them to deny it, it makes no sense, that is not in keeping with america's judicial precedence in the past. david: they have shared all of the changes with the court, i am reading court papers, the court has in its hands all changes that are prerequisites, there seems to be something going on. >> st is more activist judges, that is what the left wants to put people on the bench who'll rule the country.
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david: congressman mark green, thank you so much. >> thank you, david. david: huge day on wall street, with all three major indices reaching record highs, the dow gained 77. nasdaq up 61, and s&p 99e aheady 13, previously eclipsing 3000 points for first time ever, u.s. stocks gained 125 billion dollars in market value for one day. putting total gains since election day at 9.9 trillion dollars. since election day, 2016, nasdaq up 58%. dow up more than 46%. and s&p is up 40%. >> coming up next, a new pro file of ilhan omar eposing how read radical freshman congresswoman wants that change america. >> terrifying video of a plane
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engine falling apart midflight. we talk all that up and more after a
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david: major legal victory today for president trump, federal appeals court dismissing
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maryland and district of columbia la lawsuit that presidt is profiting from foreign visitors staying in the trump hotels. -- president trump tweeted: >> more hypocrisy from not so middle class joe. >> imagine, what we could do, we don't have to hurt anyone by eliminating, we don't have to punish everyone, including the rich, but everyone should start paying their fair share, when i am president we'll have a fair tax code. david: well biden took advantage of that same tax code, his returns show he and his wife
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routed their speak and speech income through s -corporations, saving them as much as a half million dollars. taking advantage of a loophole that his administration spent years trying to close. joining me now, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed rollins, you cannot make this stuff up. >> you cannot. joe, 4 million last year, he wants to pay more taxes, let him write a check to the irs. david: this say loophole he took advantage of that the obama-biden administration,mented to close that loophole, he is taking advantage of it. >> you will find a lot of hypocrisy in the course of this campaign with joe biden. david: he thought he would be getting brow brownie points fore of releasing his tax returns,
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maybe that was a mistake, no? >> he has i think the mistake may have been making all this money when you could have run for president 4678. same thing that hillary clinton within through. david: his party is moving so far left, "new york times," is now claiming that biden is a closet republican. again, i kid you not. >> that is "new york times," maybe by their standards he is a republican. they praise all of the so far left wing socialists. joe biden is a socialist. he has always been on cutting edge of liberalism, he is not a republican, never will be a republican. david: i want to go back to the emoe-- clause. a big selling point for impeaching donald trump he was
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somehow taking advantage of his role for president to make a mucfortune, which in fact he ist taking a penny. >> the public needs to know that hotel he has, old post office was put together by general service administration. he is the operator, tons of companies bid, they won it. before they got in the politics. and so, if anyone making money the government makes the money, and idea it -- someone would have to put a hundred thousand dollar on table. david: nevertheless, road blocks this president has to deal with, the most recent, regarding census question, that was on countless census forms in the past, president obama took that
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citizenship question out of the census, this president wants to put it back in, now another obama-appointed judge suggesting because there is a change in legal team. this thing cannot go through, do you think this pure obstruction. >> it is, reality that these federal judges in particular, they are aggressive politically as any group that i have seen. obama i believe made them that way, this president has been distractioned from the get go with all these charges, none of which are valid, secretary of commerce is in charge of census, he could put whatever question he wants to, he should have just put it in about. david: there are serious reasons to put it in. >> >> this is about gathering information about who your people are erase, money -- race, money, the kind of house you live in the fact that you are a citizen or not, ca cap can -- ce
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same thing, what country are you from. david: it is to the point they are so desperate they are beating up on a 90-year-old businessman, founder of home depot for admitting he is giving money to the trump campaign. >> well i can tell you, anyone that is for trump, i have been for the get go. will pay a price, in price being you get harassed of where you go, and well worth it for good of the country to keep supporting this man, he will get re-elected. >> ed rollins thank you. >> socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez, faces legal trouble tonight for blocking her critics on social media, republican congressional candidate joey and former democrat new york assemblyman, now suing aocfor blocking them on twitter, hike e en on fox business cannot wait for day he and alexandria ocasio-cortez meet in the court to fight things out. david: up next, chinese-made
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surveillance cameras that could be spying on u.s. federal agents and why they have not been removed, we take up that and more after the break.
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david: breaking news in "wall street journal" regarding huawei, new chi mnuchin. to receive beens from commerce department to continue working with huawei, despite trump administration warnings about spying from the chinese tech giants. >> u.s. official agency reportedly cannot remove thousands of banned chinese surveillance cameras that could potentially pose a risk to national security, agents have to august 13 to comply with the deadline. to remove divisions, that is 42% controlled by china owns thousands of the cameras in the u.s. those cameras contain components from huawei.
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>> joining me now, kt mcfarland, and also served in nixon, ford, trump and reagan white house, and gordon chang. senior fellow. gordon, china will see what our feds will be doing? cameras have huawei parts, somehow it could be related to chinese government. >> it is, this story is not question of chinese trying to spy on us, of course, they are doing, that but the question is issue is why did our ghft allow this to occur. we've known about hick vision, and about huawei, and yet we install those cameras. david: what is the answer. >> to that is start to think about our national security, in a serious way. also to remember that china is an adversary or maybe an enemy in middle of may, beijing called u.s. a enemy, saying there was a people's war against us, yet we
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continue with this. david: what about mr. mnuchin announcing there is going to be an application process for companies that want to deal with huawei under new provisions. >> am i allowed to say we need a new treasury secretary, this is wrong, huawei is a direct threat to united states, from founding in 1987, it stole u.s. intellectual property, have you cisco, you have more fell -- nortel, all sorts of companies now it po -- there are no good parts of huawei where you can seek an exemption to sell parts to, huawei can take put them in be odangerous parts, the 5g. david: to kt and iran. president talking about cranking up sanctions against iran, saying iran has been secretly enriching in total violation of
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the deal made with john kerry and administration. it was to -- i thought we pretty were did all we could. >> no, there is other stuff to still be done, a lot has to do with shutting down iran's ability to to sell and export oil on world market. so shut that down, and you continue to shut down the iranian economy. their gdp is contracted by 6%. and then other thing that puts pressure on any iranian leadership, 70% of their population underage of 35. and amazingly, they are pro-west, they are pro-american, they want a deal. david: president said, there are iranians in iran who are great business people, who want to deal with united states, who don't want that regime, but they
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are stuck. secret enriching of uranium is a very interesting story, they have still been engaged according to president in secret enriching process. >> i can't answer that question, that relies on classified information, i am no longer a member of the ghf the governmen. iran was a lousy deal to start with. the deal never included missile technology or cutting off funding to the terrorist groups, iiran i largest state sponsor of terrorists in the world. david: china still doing business with iran, right? >> clearly, have you a china buying iranian oil in violation of u.n. sanctions. u.s. sanctions which started on may two of this year. and chinese ships have been turning off their transponders
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as they head to chinese ports carrying iranian oil, that is just wrong, the u.s. needs to impose costs on beijing for this we're not going to do what ktsays in terms of cutting off iran's economy until we get at that tehran-beijing connection. david: another area of world, closer to us, venezuela. for a while it did seem that all of the trouble -- again, like the iranian government, they don't give a damn about the people they are gov inch ern -- golf -- governing. what is the latest. >> so when -- at beginning of trump administration we did a review of all american foreign policy, one place we looked at first was venezuela, this is before opposition movement had gathered steam, and we looked at and realized was, in south america, central america and latin america, united states has
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gone in with sharp elbows, and seydou this and to that, that has never won us friends, the better way is to provide assistance behind the scene, and give advice, another things, let country in the region step forward and look like they are solving their own problems. david: it might take longer. >> it always takes longer. the thing about sanctions they don't happen overnight, but they happen when there a situation that could bic as seic -- exacey a poorer economy. it will take longer, but at end was day, if the venezuelans own their liberty, then they keep it. david: biggest thorn in our side in latin america, is cuba. beginning with fed il fidel casd then raul, and the current leadership, the same communists, they are hurting unlike they have ever since -- when the soar
4:32 am
soviet union died, cuba almost upended, they are getting close to that because they don't have oil from venezuela. >> two things. former soviet union is no longer supplying them with free cash. and the oil that went to cuba, is not happening, and cuba is sending troops and sending forces into venezuela to fight on side of bad guys. david: it may be happening, we may see in my lifetime, change in cuba. >> then that change -- >> kt, gordon, thank you so much. >> thank you. david: we would like to hear your thoughts to this share your comments follow lou on twitter ha@ly dobbs, coming up next, assault on american values, sparking outrage in a minnesota town. we'll explain. >> take it up after the break. stay with us.
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♪music ♪yea, you can be the greatest ♪you can be the best ♪you can be the king kong ♪bangin on your chest ♪you can beat the world you can beat the war♪ ♪you can talk to god while bangin on his door♪ ♪you can throw your hands up you can beat the clock♪ ♪you can move a mountain you can break rocks♪ ♪you can be a master don't wait for luck♪ ♪dedicate yourself and you can find yourself♪ ♪standin in the hall of fame ♪yea
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♪and the world's gonna know your name, yea♪ ♪and you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame♪ ♪you can be a champion ♪be a champion ♪in the walls of the hall of fame♪ ♪be students, be teachers, be politicians, be preachers♪ ♪yea, yea ♪be believers, be leaders, be astronauts, be champions♪ ♪standin in the hall of fame david: welcome back, i am david asman sitting in for lou dobbs, city council is minnesota facing backlash after voting to stop saying the pledge of allegiance before their meetings. about 100 patriots waving flags
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and chanting usa the council meeting monday, hoping to reverse that incredibly outrageous decision before it goes into effect next week. >> congresswoman ilhan omar telling a group of high school students that united states is unjust and not met her expectations, told them about moving to minnesota from somalia, the only thing that made her family excited about coming here was that it guaranteed justice to all. she told her father, this does not look like the america you promised, her father replayed, we're not in our america, yet. >> joining me now, charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, fox business contributor. what do you make on these continued attacks on america by our representatives. >> this is incredible, these are elected officials who are sworn to uphold the constitution, we're in america note because of
4:38 am
-- not because we're part of one race or from the same people, we're all here because we believe in the same sit of ideals about freedom, that does not mean life is perfecte or everything we do is perfect, but it means we're striving to sort of perfect those ideals to come out of the gate and trash america and talk about how america is not -- is not living up to her ideals and to refuse to say the blen pledge of allege or kneel. david: this was in her district, some folks fell uncomfortable. it made hom them feel uncomfort. , this is a united states city council, in u.s. we stay the pledge of allegiance.
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>> and like, that is the one thing we all have. the one thing we all agree u up, single sit of ideals, that we're always striving to perfect. and if you are going to crap all over that, then we don't have anything in common. and we may as well not be anything, but we cohav codo havt in -- we do have that in common, why not go out and do something positive for your community. do something to help america get to some semblance of perfection. david: you said something earlier, in the day, i heard, you said america is exhausted by all of the political correctness whether it is refusing to do the pledge of allegiance, women soccer star saying that donald trump -- i don't think he looks at me and likes what he sees, turning themselves into victims. they did something hero glik
4:40 am
enormously heroic and they turn themselves into victims. i think people are so exhausted of this they have tuned out, they are no not paying attentio. but when people do, i think not just you know, right wing conservatives, who believe in the pledge of allegiance and respect of national anthem. mainstream democrats, outside of washington who are not part of the crazy whatever it is, they believe in that stuff too, they love america, they put their hand over their hearts for the national anthem, i think that these democrats are really misreading. david: there is something very elitist about these protests too, you can't see the faces behind the antifa mask but you can only imagine they are spoiled middle class or upper middle class elitists that are involved. and i wonder, it gets to your
4:41 am
book, "still winning" whether a lot of minority groups are drawn into this pro theft, the protese intrigued by what is happening with the economy. the economic leading. >> lowest unemployment rate for a lot of people, and that is so important, a job is not just a indication of a better economy, it is also indication of a of a purpose in life, that improves things for families, it is sort of hard to calculate, just when a big deal it is to have those low, you know whatever we call it full employment. it is a really big deal, i give president trump credit for everything he has done. but one thing that he has not gotten to -- this is not exactly his accomplishment. but it is he is lucky for it his
4:42 am
enemies, his opponents they are -- these people that are getting all headlines today in democratic parties for giving illegal hai aliens free healthce and open borders, that stuff, that is a big reason why that donald trump is still winning today, and in we're still talking about these issues in another year, he will win 2020. david: another point that follows up, we do are full. what means more to people particularly people that are not so well off. full employment or the promise of 15 dollar an hour for everyone no matter where you live, all of promises from the democratic side, on one hand, you can see real progress, see tighten opportunity that did not exist before, on other hand is pie in the sky stuff. >> also with minimum wage things, the problem, that puts up. a-- unemployment rate in other direction that kills jobs.
4:43 am
it does it quickly. and think of people that are going to be you know suddenly who worked today will not be working once something like that is implemented. this is the height of elitism,. david: still winning the title of our book. do you think besides, i am sure you are thinking that donald trump wins reelection. do you know that the republican -- do you think that republicans will win back house. >> i think there is a very good chance, if you look at so many democrats, who won districts where donald trump won in 2016, which is reason democrats took control of the house. they are very careful about not trashing donald trump. they are not part of this trump derangement send roa syndrome, d carefully, i appreciate, that they are not spewing this
4:44 am
elitism, but this say realization that they know, that yes, they coul belows their/8 -y could lose their seats like that. david: i think that is why speaker is trying to act as much as she can as a moderate. >> do you remember when shy was left wing of the party, now she is like the centrist it is crazy. david: charlie hurt, author of "still winning " >> thank you. david: a plane engine falling apart mid flight, from at a at atlanta to baltimore, it had to make an emergency landing. the nose cone bounced inside of the engine, all landed safely. >> coming up next, is fed to chairman jerome powell finalo prusm'--on president trump's sin
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david: a senior u.s. defense official tells fox news that iran's islamic revolution alguard attempted to use 5 armed
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boats to seize a british oil tanker in the gulf today. the recent in provocations in recent weeks by, iran against the west. brits threatened to open fire but never did. >> sense wh senior u.s. defensel con-- okay we got that story o out. talk a little bit about the economy now with john lonski, chief economist at moody's, talk about the federal reserve board and we had -- defending his actions. market did well partly say sort of indicated there would be a rate cut, but people like maxine waters, who was demanding that he not lower the rates at all.
4:50 am
i have think -- do we are, yes. i urge chairman powell and federal reserve board not to subit to high pressure tactics of this president who continues to push harmful -- >> this woman when obama was president never met a rate down she did not like, she was always for zero en arrester zier zero . >> it is all about politics, when obama was president, i know of many republicans that approved of a rate cut to help the economy, if that were the case. if you are a member of congress, you put america first, your political party second. but the bottom line that donald trump so far ahead of curve in late fall, when we had a federal reserve that kept jacking up rates, we had a market pretty close to a crash, i don't know if you go that far. it of down very significantly,
4:51 am
3,000, 4,000 points, and this is a president who said something at time everyone says how day him say, that give advice to fidel castro, h -- to the federl reserve, he was 100% correct. >> he may have been lacking in style but he was right on in terms of substance, the feds should not have hiked rates in december, it was unnecessary. we had evidence that the economy was showing down. the global economy began to slowdown well before we had latest intensification of trade related issues, that was back in june of 2018. global slowdown started earlier in year. so there was really strong reason for the fed to pause with the series of interest rate hikes. >> has the pressure on the fed by the president been successful? is the fed chair just waking up to the fact that the president was right?
4:52 am
or is the pressure working? >> federal reserve will say upon further examination of the data we find reason for a rate cut. that we'll recent our rate hike of late 2018, this reminds he of 2007, real estate industry, said fed has to cut rates, i used on say they don't have to cut rate, ben be bernanke said all of wel, we know where they headed. >> what happened to time when federal reserve's job was merely to maine th main 4 -- maintain e stability of the dollar. the economy is strong but inflation is coming down, if they just look at value of dollar, interest rates are too high. >> right, we don't want to overlook, you mentioned we don't
4:53 am
have same trade off, between inflation and lower unemployment rate, tha that we did in past, u have to go to 1970s, to find a situation where a lower unemployment rate was consistently acompan acompany na faster rate of inflation, what is interesting, how low can we take the unemployment rate from 3.7 to 3.5 or 2.5% without having to pay the price in terms of price inflation. japan right now their unemployment rate is 2. 5%, they have absolutely no problem. david: a thing about jobs figures is that's we saw 3 30,000 people come back to workforce, so that provides greater relief for the inflation. i think -- >> it does, as the unemployment
4:54 am
rate goes lower, it is great benefit to those people at the lower part of the income distribution. david: trade talks, they are continuing. that is all to the good. how much is a trade deal with china going to affect the dow? how many points would it be good for. >> i think for 500. >> terms of real economy growth, add a quarters percentage point for our growth forecast. david: you talk to president's advisers, they tell you thousands of points on the dow and a half on gdp, do you think too optimistic. >> maybe a stretch but financial markets will be stronger, we're also going t fine that economic growth will be faster, businesses would love this get rid of that tax that represented by tariffs, it would be in a bit
4:55 am
pore sig to pla-- better positir future. david: john lonski from moody's. >> thank you. david: coming up, radical lift with a more extreme position on immigration, we have more on that when we return. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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david: socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is
4:59 am
suggesting the department of homeland security should be broken up. mark green is blasting the left for failing to act. >> this is a huge crisis. it's been a crisis for a long time. even the "new york times" is saying it's a crisis. and you have democrats talking about doing away with homeland security. it's insanity. david: president trump holding a tech summit at the white house. tech ceos have not been invited. president trump reacting to the first ruling on twitter questioning why these obama judges won't let the justice department use the lawyers that it wants to use. that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching.
5:00 am
reminder, you can catch my show, "bulls and bears" right here on the fox business network. thanks for joining us. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories this hour. tensions with iran rising this morning after an attempt to seize a british oil tanker in the persian gulf, just as president trump warns he is ready to slap more sanctions on tehran. cheryl: google, facebook and twitter accused of bias against conservatives. the summit consider i criticizie gathering before it's starting. lauren: the war of words between b nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez hits a brand-new high. the behind closed door comments that are sparking a divide. cheryl: parents are hiring coaches for their kids but it's not for sports.


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