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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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@loudobbs, like me on facebook and twitter @loudobbs tonight. [♪] trish: 17 major errors and no one, not comey, not the so-called investigators or lawyers at the fbi, not anyone that was part of this scam to spy on the trump campaign can be virnld kate. that according to the justice department's inspector general, michael shore winds. michael horowitz on capitol hill to explain the findings of his report on why and how the fbi wound up with a fisa warrant to spy on a member of donald trump's campaign. something that's unprecedented in the history of this country. horowitz telling lawmakers no one is off the hook.
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>> james comey said this week that your report vindicates him. is that a fair assessment of your report? >> i think the activities we found here don't vindicate anybody who touched this. we found and as we outlined here, are deeply concerned that so many basic and fundamental errors were made by three separate hand picked investigative teams on one of the most sensitive fbi investigations. trish: basic fundamental errors on a sensitive investigation. the fbi was investigating the soon to be president of the united states and had 17 massive errors in its work. the use of a british spies unverified dossier that was paid for by hillar hillary clinton's. these idiots. they are kinder much idiots. they didn't even ask who was
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paying christopher steele for the so-called research. and consequently the horowitz report is littered with words like this. no corroboration, no consideration for contrary facts, no supporting documentation. inaccurate. no verification, failed to disclose sub sources. lapse in judgment, omitted sources, less than candid and on it goes. their bias, their recklessness was on full display. all over the airways. >> do you believe the president could be a russian asset. >> it's possible. >> that's at appearance to me. >> mr. trump said yesterday to betray the men and women of the fbi, the cia and others answer betray the american public. that's why i use the term it's
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nothing short of -- of treasoness. trish: the screw-up from their perspective i would bet is donald trump was elected, is still in office, and they got caught. >> the fbi also sent multiple undercover human spies to surveil and record people associated with our campaign. look how they have hurt people. they destroyed the lives of people that were great people that are still great people. their lives have been destroyed by scum. okay? by scum. trish: this president says a lot of things that make a lot of people angry, and i get that. what let's admit. he has a right to be pretty angry right now. every american regardless of how voted for in 2016 should be furious that the deep state
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attempted to spy on an innocent american on a rival campaign and never bothered to follow protocol. meanwhile always we learned today, they are still spying on carter page even after the election. which may be white in 2017, the president sent this open us? tweet, terrible he wrote. just found out obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. this question by adam schiff to james comey back in march 2017 didn't. >> was the president's statement at obama had his wires tapped in trump tower a true statement? >> i have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. the department of justice asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice and all of
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its components. the department has no information that supports those tweets. trish: in comey, you knew there was more to it than that. you knew the president's aide carter page was being spied on. it may not have been direct spying on the president or the wiretapping of hard lines in trump tower. but you knew darn well what was going on. yet james comey you and adam schiff attempted to make the president sounds like he was a crazy man worried about his phones being tapped. he was worried because that's exactly what you all did. horowitz said comey is not vindicated. he can write all the glowing op-eds he wants about himself in the "washington post" and anywhere else.
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what's your reaction to all this? >> horror. i don't think anyone who ever carried aback badge at the fbi or doj could read that report and not be totally appalled by the facts resnreeld there. i expected it to be bad, i didn't expect to be that bad. trish: they didn't ask the obvious question like who is paying christopher steele. if someone realized it was opposition research, maybe the fisa judge wouldn't have signed off on that warrant. ways your sense of the bias that -- what is your sense of the bias that went into all of this? >> the left and the mainstream media are playing a lot of word games to repeat this phrase no documentary or testimonial evidence of bias. it only means they didn't find a memo or 302 at fbi where they wrote we are doing this because we hate donald trump.
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trish: we did have the lisa and peter text. >> they found those texts and they drew surgical lines. i think the inspector general did a good job. but every other page in that report shows bias. and i mean, look, there is only two options. as we talk about this tonight and future times, if people read that report. every mistake, 17 errors, inaccuracies, deliberate omissions in front of the fisa court. there is only two options for any fact related there. massive incompetence, or intentional bias conduct. there is only two options. they can pick. jim comey can pick. he's either a horrible manager or he's a criminal. trish: you know that organization very well, bud. and you know people are smarter
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than that. so i think that leaves us with only one thing, bias. they deliberately had omissions and deliberately didn't ask the right questions. >> there is nothing more sensitive within that building than nice a warrants. they know the sensitivities. they know the standard. trish: on the presidential campaign. i think this is just getting started. i think we did learn from this report exactly what we feared. was that you had a bunch of people that didn't bother to do the proper amount of work, follow protocol. and it wasn't because they were incompetent. it was because they had their own biases. bud cummins, thank you very much. cnn, a network that never misses a moment to praise itself and the so-called facts they deliver. this morning the unbalanced network couldn't get around to
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showing senator graham's opening statement. do you think they would have done this to adam schiff or nancy pelosi? i think you know the answer. the liberal media loves comparing president trump to hitler. >> they declared us an illegal people. that's how it began. >> they returned to the most disturbing elements of white supremacy. >> it hasn't happened in the world since the time of the nazis. and donald trump is right there with them. trish: still no compliments from the media after the president signed a new executive order targeting college anti-semitism. tonight the state department spokeswoman is here to talk about it. democrats impeachment catch phrased bribery. >> evidence of bribery. >> it was bribery. >> case of bribery. >> bribery. >> it's bribery.
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trish: the dems' newest talking point. trump cheated. and they say he will cheat again. >> the argument why don't you just wait amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election. >> it's not just about something that has occurred. it's about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurs next year. >> he tried to cheat in the 2020 election. >> russia, ukraine, china. i don't see any reason to believe he wouldn't ask any other government, for example, venezuela. rudy giuliani has been advising how to open a back channel between president trump and maduro. trish: now they are getting increasingly creative on all the things they can possibly pin on
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donald trump. saying the democratic from florida said putin and maduro are teaming up. then there is this one. democratic congresswoman from california who suggested this to tmz live harvey levin. >> there is a ton of information that has come forward. we could get his bank record and find out he owned 100% by the russians. trish: really? we are back the russians again? >> she says if he wins again it's because he cheated. so they will just keep on impeaching. they are impeach until the cows come home. >> it's time for to us impeach this president. >> this is where i and. i will not be moved. the president must be impeached. >> impeach 45! impeach 45! >> we are going to go in there
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and [bleep] trish: and we heard many of them in recent says say they are going to keep doing it and doing it and doing it. joining me, techs yas congressman brian babin. what i'm struck by, we are 11 months the from an actual election. do these lawmakers -- they do not trust americans to get it right. they really don't. >> they really don't. we have a u.s. congress person saying they are going to impeach the president again month matter what happens, that just tells you the deck was stacked against president trump from the beginning. you had the whistleblower's attorney saying the coup is on in 2017.
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the deck was stacked. and here is the reality of it is that the president does not serve at the pleasure of the united states congress. * or the democrats. he serves at the pleasure of the american people and that's what he's doing. trish: they are setting the stage because they know the whole thing ain't flying peoria, as they say. you look at the poll numbers you can see increasingly americans are disgusted by the charade going on right now on capitol hill. they want -- they just want law makers to do what they were sent there to do. to do their work. instead they are distracted by the circus going on. the democrats seat handwriting on the wall. they are concerned as they should be because they don't have one candidate out of 15 still in the race that could possibly win against donald trump. they are worried he's going to win again. they are already setting the
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stage trying to effectively call the next election illegitimate should he win. what kind of damage is that doing to us as americans and our belief in the integrity of our election system? >> i sets the stage for chaos in the future. nobody is perfect on this earth. but if you look back in history you will see a lot of presidents did just almost the identical thing that president trump did, and nothing was ever said about it, nothing was ever done by the. yet they want to overturn an election of 2016. the president is innocent. none of these witnesses ever had any direct knowledge. we have seen time after time -- trish: they are inferring things. that's my trouble with all this. why can't we just deal in facts, deal with the actual transcript. why do you have to be
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insinuating this or that or trying to get inside this head. he told ambassador sondland what he meant. he said no quid pro quo. they don't have to do anything. >> what do you want, mr. president, i don't want anything, is what he said. we know it's been an unfair process. we haven't been able to call our witnesses or ask the questions of our witnesses, what was going on in the basement of the capitol. the intel committee. the whole thing has been a sham. and we have to get back to the work of the american people. like we voted on the mbaa. i think there has been enough heat put on mrs. pelosi. the numbers are going up for the president and not going down. it's been a waste of time. trish: she should have insisted they do the right thing.
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but she got corrupt, shall we say, by the squad. the squad and the rest of the left-wing members of the party that just want to take him down. congressman babin, it's food to see you tonight. the liberal media loves comparing president trump to hitler. >> preserving our heritage, reclaiming our heritage. that sounds like a lot like a' leadered who killed you members of might families, the jews. trish: the president signed a new order targeting college anti-semitism. also, anti-trump fbi director comey caught in a lie? >> why did you use that to the fisa court to ask for surveillance of carter page. you didn't just use it, you led with it. >> that's not my recollection.
8:21 pm
it was part of a broadered mosaic of facts. bret: it was more than the fisa application and the dossier. >> there was probable cause to believe he was an agent of a foreign power. trish: michael horowitz testifying the dossier was the biggest part of the fisa application. cnn, the network of so-called truth and fact couldn't get around to showing senator grahams opening statement. do you think cnn would have done this had it been adam schiff or nancy pelosi? my next guest says cnn decided a long time ago president trump must go. brad blakeman is speaking out. , struggles in the spider's web. with every attempt to free itself,
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of media bias from cnn today. the news network decided it was not relevant to cover senate judiciary chairman lintd i grams opening statement at today's hearing. >> the first thing i want you to know is how the cake is baked here. and my goal is to make sure that people when this is over whether you like trump, hate trump, don't care about trump, you look at this as more than a few irregularities. because if this becomes a few irregularities in america, then god help us all. >> nancy pelosi and several caucus members wrapped up a closed door meeting. they are told impeachment didn't couple in the meeting. unbelievable. >> a former nsa attorney and
8:27 pm
bloomberg on. thanks to both of you. trish: cnn has bypassed that whole part with lindsey graham and decided to cover a myriad of other things. cnn is completely alone in deciding not to cover it. is that why the network is suffering from its lowest ratings in prime name three years? joining me now former george bush senior advisor, brad blakeman. they have doubled down on this trump stuff to the point where it' getting embarrassing for them. they are ignoring news on a news network. >> their ratings are in the toilet. you can fool some of the people some of the time. but not enough of the people
8:28 pm
this time. they promised for years they had impeachable offenses against trump. it started with the russia investigation. he was cleared. now you have an impeachment that is basically an inquisition. cnn promos democratic hearings. they have a clock that sits at the bottom of their screen timing down when schiff or others are going to make opening statements. but when the republicans hold an important hearing on the whole inquisition of donald trump by the justice department, the fbi, with the i.g. who is not a partisan testifying, the chairman, one of the most important statements he made at the top of the hearing is neglected for other news. there is no other news. trish: they wanted to talk about how a group of democrats wanted to make fun of the president's
8:29 pm
rally last night. they are entitled to do that. they also wanted to talk about mitch mcconnell and donald trump and the perception there. i get. there are other stories out there. but when this is happening. when lindsey graham is talking and has some powerful things to say. they took all of the impeachment hearings cover to cover. >> gavel to gavel. trish: you would think they owe america the respect to do the same thing to insure both sides are presented here. >> no doubt. the biggest news day according to cnn was the day they were going to bring up two articles of impeachment against the sitting president. one of the few times in history it ever occurred. then you had the usmca. the first time the president speaks on those two issues in a
8:30 pm
live address at a rally, cnn doesn't even cover that. trish: you would think after a while it would have an effect. every american who talked to cnn in an airport. people sight, they maybe hear it at an airport, and it goes in one ear and out the other because just looking at the polling data, what it shows us americans are disgusted by this shah raider. the more it -- by this charade. steve bannon was on the shoater night. he said when push comes to shove, don't underestimate americans. and some of the mainstream media chooses to present things with their own biased spin, americans see through it. >> when you keep crying wolf and
8:31 pm
the wolf never appears at the door, you see this is a false alarm after false alarm. steve bannon is right. i travel a lot around this country as do you. when you talk about impeachment and investigation of the president. they are sick of it. and cnn's ratings reflect that. trish: coming up, the liberal media saying president trump is a racist. >> what can you call someone who says clearly racist thing. this morning the answer is mr. president. >> the president of the united states is a racist. >> he is a racist. trish: would a racist sign a new executive order attacking college anti-semitism? james comey caught in a lie. bret: why did you use that to the fisa court to ask for
8:32 pm
surveillance of carter page. not only use it, you led with it. >> that's not my recollection. my recollection is it was part of a broader mosaic of facts. trish: inspector general michael horowitz says it played a central role. blal the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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you can provide the help and hope that survivors need. this is the epson no more buying cartridges.. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. trish: do you remember when the intelligence circle that so hates president trump used to try to make us think that the so-called dirty dossier, the unverified piece of garbage research somehow they based their fisa warrant on was just a tiny part of the application they made to spy on the trump campaign. >> we did not use that as a source for our intelligence community assessment. it was based on a traditional
8:37 pm
intelligence sources. >> it did not play any role whatsoever in the intelligence community assessments that was presented to president obama and president-elect trump. >> why did you use that to ask for you are virallans for carter page. not only use it but you led with it. >> that's not my recollection. my recollection is it was part of a broader mosaic of facts. my recollection is there was a significant amount of material about page and probable cause to believe he was an agent of a foreign power. trish: now we know the truth. we know it actually was the entire reason for the warrant. that is what the horowitz report proved. here he is today. >> the fbi former fbi director james comey said this week that your report vindicates him. is that a fair assessment of your report?
8:38 pm
>> i think the activities we found here don't vindicate anybody who touched this. trish: if i am james comey, i would go easy on the victory lap. >> it's lies, there was no conspiracy there will be was no tapping of trump's wires, there was no putting informants in the campaign. it's nonsense. the fbi finally has its day with the american people. trish: there is a criminal investigation under way which is due this spring or summer. james comey and others could find themselves in serious hot what. stephanie hamill joins us. he told our own bret baier, there are a lot of other things that went into the fisa warrant. and there wasn't. it was unverified research that anyone should logically ask the
8:39 pm
question, has anybody double-checked anything and they didn't. >> very basic questions that should have been asked. comey is very forgetful. doesn't remember. doesn't recollect. things that are inconvenient. he remembers anything that might potentially hurt president trump or people in his orbit. we know from the i.g. report that comey knew that the steele dossier was paired for by the dnc, the clinton campaign and the information from it was dubious on october 12 of 2016. so he lied in that interview. he continues to go out there and say that he's vindicated by the ig report which is the opposite if you have been listening to the testimony and if you read the report. we heard the ig michael horowitz said no one in this case was vindicated today.
8:40 pm
trish: it's a travesty for america it's a travesty for all of us to know our intelligence professionals are one, so incompetent, or two, biased. i have a tendency to think, stephanie, this is not about incompetency. this business how they felt and how they wanted to try and take down another side. what's your gut? >> these are smart people. they are crafty. they were trying to cover up the trail. fortunately for them, a lot of the text messages was released. we have a picture, an idea of what was going on. you look at the text messages between peter strzok and lisa page. they were talking about the insurance plan, and the stinky walmart trump supporters and how upset they would be if president trump won. they couldn't imagine what this country would be like with president trump in office. so we see all this.
8:41 pm
then we are being told that there was no political motivation here. no political bias. but that's not what we are reading and hearing. it's totally ludicrous. >> the misinformation, that comey was feeding into the system. we played earlier in the show a clip of him being asked questions by adam schiff regarding the president's tweet that back in 2017 he found out there was spying that went on. it was imprecise, his tweet. but he basically said i just found out they have been wiretapping trump tower. and adam schiff asked comey about it, and comey sat there with a straight face and said we looked into it than is nothing that supports the president's accusations. i realize if you want to get legal and split hairs, it wasn't trump tower that was being wiretapped, but for goodness
8:42 pm
sake there was a fisa warrant out on carter page. even after the president was elected. then this information he gave us, saying hold on to other stuff that went into that fisa application warrant. >> spying is spying whether it's illegal surveillance or surveillance. without this christopher steele dirty dossier there would have been no fisa warrant issues to spy on carter page. now there is talk of whether he should sue the fbi and the government. it really scares you to think that the government could go after you in this sense. trish: they wanted to go after four people. they just weren't able to get enough warrants. they needed some more pretend facts to drum up. stephanie, i think it's alarming.
8:43 pm
it's a huge wake-up call for america. i hope john durham and attorney general barr are able to get to the bottom of this. >> there are a lot of questions about the whole fisa court process. that is we are learning most of the time the fisa court gives a green light on these warrants because usually the fbi can be trusted when they present a case. all of this needs to be looked at. we need to make sure this never ever happens again. it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on, democrat or republican, you should care about this. trish: they are setting the stage saying if he wins, we know he's cheating. we had numerous congress people say that in the last 24 hours. there is one woman in california who thinks if she can get access to trump's bank records she be
8:44 pm
able to prove he's in cahoots with the russians. stephanie hamill. thank you very much. the liberal media loves asking if president trump is a racist. >> mr. path, are you a race -- mr. president, are you a racist. trish: the president signing an executive order' against college anti-semitism. ♪ (loud fan noise) (children playing) ♪ (music building) experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event.
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[♪] >> you wrote israel hypnotized the world. >> i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish americans. >> cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognized some people did something. >> the satanic jews. they control everything and mostly everybody. trish: that is really disgusting. unfortunately it's increasingly tolerated which is partly why the trump administration decided to do this. president trump: i will sign an executive order to combat
8:49 pm
anti-semitism. this is our message to universities. if you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars i get every year you must reject anti-semitism. it's very simple. trish: president trump signing an executive order to combat anti-semitism on college campuses on any institutions getting federal dollars. he's putting judaism under tougher regulations and it's protected under title 6 of the civil rights act. joining us. the state department spokesperson, morgan ortagus who was there at the white house today. this is pretty significant. walk us through what is happening right now on college campuses and anti-semitism. >> trish, i think you hit the nail on the head at the beginning of this segment.
8:50 pm
there have been anti- anti- -- c incidents on the rise. it's not just in the u.s. it's around the world. we see in places where jews used to feel safe in europe. the january se -- the anti-semik yesterday in new jersey. i have been lucky and privileged to work for secretary pompeo as his spokesperson. being at the white house and attending this he lent and seeing the tears in people's eyes as the president signed something so significant. for anybody who is surprised by this, they haven't been paying attention to the record that president trump and mike pompeo have on religious freedom around the world. president trump was the first president at the general
8:51 pm
assembly to hold a religious freedom event. president trump and mike pompeo have been talking weekly about the fact that china is imprisoning one million muslims in camps. this is going on in china. the world was not talking about it until president trump and mike pompeo talked about it. as a jewish american i'm honored and thrilled our president is standing up for us today. but you can look at examples in christianity or islam or for people who don't have a faith where this president and this secretary said we are putting religious freedom first. trish: morgan, you know what they say. we have run the clip throughout the show. over and over and over again. they hit him on being a racist and being an anti-semite. what do you think of it in light of what happened today and what do you think of it as an
8:52 pm
american jew yourself. >> secretary mike pompeo stood at the state department podium and talked about the fact that at the end of the obama administration, secretary kerry decided -- the administration took the position to call israeli settlements illegal. secretary pompeo said we aren't going to call them legal or illegal. we'll try to push the israelis and palestinians to a political solution. i was in israel with ambassador freeman and i stood at the sign that says u.s. embassy in jerusalem. as someone who was on the outside for the first two years of the administration, then joined them, i have been there physically, not just where the president and secretary are standing up for people of the jewish faith. but around the world just yesterday on human rights day,
8:53 pm
did you know this administration took action in 68 individual instances that are committing human rights abuses around the world in places like burma. we are the on country in the world that has held chinese officials accountable for human rights violations and repression against muslims. we are the on country in the world. thank you for letting me talk about it, trish. trish: i'm happy you are. we try to do a lot of international issues on this show. i think the president has stepped up to the plate in terms of offering solutions on the international front. putting the interests of the u.s. first that makes people angry. if we watch this drama play out on capitol hill. i want to share with you how attorney general barr is looking at the media coverage of the horowitz report and i want your
8:54 pm
reaction. >> the very serious abuses of fisa that occurred, much of which in my view have not been accurately reported by the press. i think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a bogus narrative that was largely and and hyped by an irresponsible press. trish: as a spokesperson in the state department, do you agree with him in terms of the irresponsibility of some members of the journalist community right now? >> i have to say, i will let me colleagues at the doj speak tore barr. i speak for secretary pompeo. trish: in journalism what you have to deal with, the mischaracterringization at times if you would of whatever our policies are. >> i think it's been frustrating from a state department perspective to not be able to cover as much foreign policy as we want.
8:55 pm
we have a great bullpen at the state department i get to work with. on a day like yesterday when we have the news and the noise going on in washington. we were taking unprecedented actions at the state department and treasury department to stand up for human rights with action. not just talk and it didn't get coverage. trish: none of his helps us on the world stage. any other country looks at us and say, the u.s., that's what they have to deal with. mmorgan ortagus good to see you. kennedy: it's wednesday. and it's game night. hump night is game night on the kennedalia show. a lot of people think they know the president, they think they know the language he uses with his digital fat thumbs. we'll test our panelists and see
8:56 pm
if they can spot a real trump tweet. i can't believe it. that sophie opened up a wormhole through time? (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was
8:57 pm
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i'm not going to take anything away from her, 16-year-old girl and she is definitely at the
9:00 pm
forefront of the movement. but i will take something away for the magazine. because i want to.out that this is the same magazine that depicted a newly elected president term. see you tomorrow. kennedy: zero joe biden, he may have royally just shot himself in the foot according to a new report he is quietly telling staffers that he would almost certainly only run for one term. why on earth would he admit that out loud? one of the main problems with the biden campaign is a lot of people think, including voters, that well, he's too old. if he won he would be 78 on inauguration day. if biden is elected, a prominent advisor to the campaign said, he is going to be 82 years old and four years. and he won't be running for reelection. this is the first time you're doing the mh


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