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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 19, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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something we do not want. meanwhile other house democrats seem to be suggesting they prefer never to transmit the articles. fine with me. trish: that is it for us. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow evening. good night from new york. trish: live tonight from the nation's capital in washington, d.c. here is steve bannon, one of the president's biggest champions, first reaction to the democrat impeachment of donald dave trump. i'm trish regan in d.c. steve bannon is my special guest, his reaction to the democrats total leap, i want you to see this. washington post reporters celebrating the democrats impeachment of president trump tweeting to c5 of jeff bezos washington reports reporters there smiling as they share
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drinks and the tweet is coming from the congressional correspond who works for cnn as well, she has not apologize apor her poor taste. she is accusing people of misinterpreting somehow suggesting she was done with impeachment coverage. do you buy that? a decent unbiased reporter audit no coverage has just begun. she is gonna have to get busy. this calendar cohorts don't seem to celebrate impeachment. members of the media is all loving it especially this one. >> you are not asleep, this is not a dream, this is really happening. trish: this is really happening. it is not a dream, it's a nightmare. it is a nightmare for the health of our nation. that does not matter to the left. they somehow cannot recognize the nightmare there putting the country through right now because were living in a post-reality world, that's what this is, where she did to leave
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getty as she went to vote for impeachment. >> hello everyone i am on my way to the united states house for to impeach president trump. on behalf of my incredible district, 13 district strong, let's do this. what is wrong with these people. don't actually care about reversing the 62 million voters once ahead of an election, short answer they don't because they care only about themselves, tonight the democrats lack of respect for our constitution is going to whole new level, nancy pelosi is delaying the sending of the articles of impeachment to the senate. after all of this she is not even sending it. no. this is a democrat senator said mitch mcconnell should recuse himself because he's biased. i'm sorry, the democrats are not
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biased? when they refuse to follow the law and have the audacity to call it the president onto articles of impeachment and neither which makes sense at all. plus breaking right now, just coming in a new york times reporting u.s. attorney john durham is scrutinizing ex-cia john brennan's role in russian interference findings. he's going to all his communication logs, all the cell phone records. that will be awfully interesting in the weeks ahead. i want to go to former white house chief strategist and host of radio show. it is good to see you. rachel maddow is talking about a dream, i really do think it's a nightmare and horrible for the country. this is the state were in, what your reaction.
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>> he wanted 2:30 a.m. in the morning and the night of november, the project started right away with opposition party media and the radicalized democratic party. and i think the president said it's a suicide march. i actually think in a very deep way it is going to be good for the country because of the clarifying moment. i think people will drill down on this, i think we have to start asking for details, i think you see nancy pelosi all the way up in the force march, she started on september 24 when she's tried to bigfoot his speech on nationalism. she came out to start this impeachment inquiry and have free shot for four weeks and people started to get organized and the president said i didn't nothing wrong, it's a perfect call, what i did is right and people start to galvanize around that to understand what the president was trying to accomplish and i think it's when the president structured, the clarifying moment in a suicide for the democrats. i think people feel their stopping as of yesterday, nancy pelosi is now playing additional games, the big thing that they
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argued the inter time, he's a clear and present danger. that's what we have to do before christmas, or in eight or ten weeks, he's a clear and present danger so many times she would say on the floor, they argue that and when she finally has and now we will play games, she will take your time and they may not do until they get back in january. if he's such a clear and present danger why did was it not delivered last night and why are weakening all of it. has nothing to do with ukraine that's just a pretext, it's try to blunt the presidency. lastly in michigan and today on wall street, wall street took office in impeachment stocks, s&p and dow going back up to record high, trillions of dollars have been traded value per shareholder. companies can raise capital at cheaper prices and lower equity prices. they give up less delusion. and last night you see where president trump is connecting those are former democratic voters, blue-collar
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working-class middle-class folks the president connects them in a nonpolitical -- it's an x potential threat to the democratic party. it's a threat to the opposition party media. the mainstream media. that's why they hate him personally but they also hate him for who he is and what he stands for. trish: let's back up, i understand maybe not everybody's cup of tea they don't like the way he talks or some of his expressions, i get that. but this is a guy who is putting in place policy, the country needed this. if you look at the economic success we see in the trade deals in relative peace right now, he is definitely winning -- >> this is a party that supported nafta, the democratic party supported all these global trade deals in the democratic party stood and looked the other way and all the jobs were shipped over to china. this is on the democratic party watch and the republican party
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establishment had something to do with also. but the democrat party abated the workers in the midwest of this country. they stood aside in wall street finance sees factories -- the threat of donald trump to the opposition party media into the democratic party was seen in michigan at that rally antedating wall street, the combination of capital market and growing economy with working-class people and middle-class people saying. trish: that's what america is about. >> donald trump is showing you a model that can work. you have seen the democratic party, i know we'll talk about them later. the debate tonight should be in the witness protection program, nobody cares its total crickets and they know they had to use this process to try to kneecap president trump trade i think it is going to be huge failure. trish: in the meantime, you have durham during his investigation. >> they were just interviewing
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bill barton he said that sacramento investigation. brandon should lawyer up, all these people coming on tv for the last couple of years on the other networks in implying that the president is a russian assess and he betrayed the country, all those people should lawyer because a criminal investigation going on by the justice department and i think in front of the grand jury and now the new york times has broken a story that has gotten brennan's phone records in his communication and when they get to that they are looking hard. trish: just to remind the viewer how bad brandon really was or how outspoken he was about the president states are pretty tough things. we have sound i want your reaction. >> i think there's a big question in terms of those who are on his national security team whether they can continue to serve in good conscience and individual who betrays his nation. >> what mr. trump did yesterday was to betray the fbi, cia and others and to betray the american public.
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that's why use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous. trish: that the hughes accusation, terrible thing to say about the president. you better be darn sure before you start throwing terms like treasonous around. >> this is a consensus that was on full display by the unelected bureaucrats. and i'm not questioning patriotism and how they serve his country in combat, but did the people supposed to execute on policy and what the commander-in-chief says. here you have brennan who just left the cia, for him to say that on national tv in front of all the other nations of the world in including our enemies is outrageous. i hope that the attorney going after durham looking into this really starts to drill down on these guys, but they better lawyer up because it can have big ramifications and it's disgraceful what he did. he owes donald trump an apology.
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trish: a lot more coming, don't go anywhere. steve bannon is here with me tonight live in d.c. coming up much more with him. we will get his reaction to one democrat making the argument that this impeachment fight is like the fight against slavery. >> the impeachment of this president will further divide an already fractured union. slavery once divided the nation but emancipated to clarify that all men are created equally. trish: is there a comparison? one actually involve the civil war, we will see steve bannon's reaction to that. the liberal media celebrating the president impeachment, cnn morning show seemed pretty and fast with newspaper. >> cleveland, this is the biggest, usa today and says impeached. >> the president has been impeached that is extraordinary,
8:11 pm
1,000,000.5 in the washington post also the big news the president was impeached, 800.5. trish: new reports, tonight about what role cia director john brennan might have had in all of this. we will get to that plus washington post and cnn journalist caught celebrating and posting antitrust celebration on social media. we have the details for you. tonight the liberal world or word of the day. >> one of the most solemn powers that this body can take. >> impeaching the president is one of the most solemn and decisions the united states congress can make. >> it's our solemn duty under the constitution to impeach president trump. trish: democrats are so solemn yesterday at least that's what they wanted you to think. tonight more evidence celebrating impeachment, we have that after this.
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powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. there are some who argue that the impeachment of this president will further divide an
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already fractured union. but there is a difference between division and clarification. slavery once divided the nation but emancipate rose up to clarify the all men are created equally. trish: i have to tell you it's bizarre it feels like every day they keep making references back to civil war times. somehow you need to impeach trump because of slavery and i believe it was a rop quote froml green, back with me live from washington, d.c. outside the capital with the former chief strategist mr. steve bana. they keep making the connection which is puzzling. >> the try to get as division equivocation, i say this is a moment for equivocation, this is why i have argued that the president does not need
8:17 pm
acquittal he needs exoneration in the senate, he did not do anything wrong this is why the american people hired him in first national security policy, we have to get all the information on the table everything related to ukraine in to what the president was accomplishing and we need to talk about the whistleblower, yesterday one of the terms are used is no one is above the law guess what, vice president joe biden is not above the law either. that's what the president was talking about two. his actions as vice president of the united states in ukraine and china, they say the president is not above the law, the vice president joe biden, his actions as vice president of the united states and exporting capitalism and corruption intercountry already the most corrupt country in europe. it is not acceptable. trish: so many people right now feel they should be over and done, get rid of it -- >> they have smeared president trump, president trump
8:18 pm
understands what the democratic left nose, he understands to the transformative president and historical figure. he is a student of history, he understands 100 years from now they will talk about this. they have smeared him by the suicide march process. i believe that the president and the way you do it you have a real trial, you call witnesses. he will be exonerated by the senate and for the american people in the world and then in november he'll be vindicated at the ballot box. trish: they don't want that separately, even the democrats, she's holding the process up because she's fearful they may say you are on. >> i think they understand what abuse of power they tested bribery and extortion and quid pro quo. they did not have the goods so that the general abuse of power, they also did not have
8:19 pm
obstruction of get justice, they had nothing there so that obstruction of congress which should be looked at as a separation of power argument. they did not have substance and that's why they're trying to play cute. my point, bring it on. donald trump is the best 20s on offense. here he has the facts on his side and he is taken enough income from these people, i think he ought to turn the tables on them and demand a full trial, get witnesses and if it takes too long is the democrats enforces constitutional crisis over the christmas holidays. if his trial goes on for a month or two into the democrat primary, that's a tough break for them. there's the ones that forced it, their field is so weak .9 and nobody cares in the witness protection program, nobody cares about the debate and there's the one the force and president trump should say game on and he should go after them. he has the wind to his back not just the economy, so many things he's doing in the way they crammed at all in. they crammed in everything he's been working on like usmca.
8:20 pm
and you saw brennan, he's under real investigation by u.s. attorney. we ought to get the whistleblower, the context, and hunter biden in joe biden have to come. trish: you've talked about this previously, china concern with hunter biden. >> when obama signed and the rose garden and 15 with president xi jinping on cyber intrusion in the south china sea, joe biden had his son raising a huge private equity fund, the american people ought to know joe biden is not above the law and the democrats are not above the law, president trump should one offense and i think he should demand a trial. >> i think it support for the country because i think you run the risk of a lot of people going to believe what they want to believe until they have seen real proof. >> is important for the history of the country, they will look back decades from now, it's important for history, it support for institutions, it's important for the american people, america, and people who
8:21 pm
voted for president trump. they believe in him, he did not do anything wrong. here's the thing, eight weeks ago or ten weeks ago president trump said it's a perfect call i did not do anything wrong and the pattern shows this is why i was elected by the american people, 80% of the writ said what he did is not great, but is not impeachable. everybody went and said he did nothing wrong. this is a perfect call. that changed in ten weeks because president trump started pointing out and said i am not going to back off an inch. donald trump does not back down, he is a fighter and it's time to take the fight to the democrats and stop. now it's time to go on offense pre-president trump has all the facts on his side in the moral high ground and he should do it. trish: do not go anywhere we have lots more to talk about. coming up democrats want to know how solemn impeachment has been for them. >> one of the most solemn powers that this body can take. >> in between the president is one of the most solemn decisions
8:22 pm
united states congress can make. >> it is our solemn duty under the constitution to impeach president trump. trish: not all democrats are so solemn. come on up there more impeachment. also coming up not just democrats a liberal media jumping in on celebration as well. cnn celebrating in a weird way. >> from cleveland, this is the biggest, usa today and it just says impeached. >> the president has been impeached. that's extraordinary. roughly 1.5 million also big news, the president was impeached, 825. >> i guess they do not read the new york post. first we have more with the banner, the president calling out hillary clinton and you will hear steve reaction to another possible hillary run. >> i hear she wants to run again, when a thought be great.
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>> i said you think hillary can do this, i don't think so. bring her back home she wants to go to sleep. [laughter] and now i hear she wants to run again. when it that be great. trish: i do believe the president heard she wants to run again from the show. from none other than steve bannon onset who talked about her likely getting back in and bloomberg as well. bloomberg is and is hillary going to join? it's inevitable. biden at 28, bernie at 21 in elizabeth warren in the high teens. it's something that's going to get to super tuesday when biden drops the nuclear weapon on his money on these folks in the big state, it will lead to a brokered convention. hillary clinton will come in when it's evident that none of the radical left in the
8:28 pm
democratic party -- a brokered convention. i think hillary comes in the moment she thinks she can step in to save the democrat party and try to convince people that a rematch with president trump is the best way to have to d defeat president trump there's nobody including hillary clinton that can be donald trump. but they will get desperate because look at tonight nobody cares about the debate, the debate in los angeles. trish: because they're watching you. >> up talking on msnbc and cnn, their networks, they're not running around saying this thing is great, it's not just about the star quality, it's what they're talking about is so off the mainstream it's not connecting with people they will start to get desperate. the number one thing, donald trump is an ex-potential threat to the democrat party into the established order in the mainstream media and they will do anything to taken down and you saw last night when he was talking to the people, they're
8:29 pm
trying to come after you and me too get to you. we are in this together, you saw people responded, that response of the audience last night for two hours stood out for hours and 15 or 17 degrees. trish: i find it remarkable, we can say this as irishmen or irish man and irish woman, you think about traditional democrat and a thing about my family and my dad's family was historically big irish catholic family and you are a democrat iq or a catholic. it was part of your religion. and if you are lucky you got a job in the union. there was a feeling that you always voted blue. that has changed. >> he has connected with workinn wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, iowa, the state they thought we would never win again. because he went and got democrats to vote for him. and they believe in him and there seen the manifestation of his actions are making their lives better, the poll said
8:30 pm
today that 52% of the democrats think their party is spending too much time on impeachment instead of getting things done to legislatively. trish: they got that right. we talk about irish-americans, i look at the african-american population right now in the poll numbers. he is doing extremely well in a way you would not think he would with that particular -- >> the immigration policy, remember everything was to make sure there was not more labor pressure on african-americans and hispanics. that's when we see the approval rate 34% of african-americans approved and 36% of hispanics. because you see way just starting to rise.
8:31 pm
unemployment is at historic lows and wages are rising. that's why it's so important since they smeared him in the process, they did not to get to call any witnesses. and i think this trial will be the trial of the century. the mainstream media will be all over it. it is so important not just for legacy buffer his presidency and second term. he has got to engage and take them on and have the whistleblower, we have to have the bidens in front of the nation of the world they will have to stand and deliver under oath and will get to the bottom of this and that will lead to an exoneration not just an acquittal but an exoneration of president trump. >> you have john bolton, what will he do, what will he say, what is this going to say what will that once a. >> the call was perfect, he looked at everything that up to it. this is why they marketable -- you saw the bureaucrat that were testifying, this is because that is the decline of the united states. this is about the washington consensus, the washington post published afghanistan papers last week, $2 trillion, 2400 bed, tens of thousands wounded.
8:32 pm
that is interagency consensus in 18 years that betrayed her country, that's what pretrade her country, not donald trump, donald trump a stood up, the reason the people cheer for him it's their sons and daughters that have died in afghanistan, it's their kids lives thrown away and their tax dollars. they understand that donald trump is fighting that. that's why we need a real trial in the senate with witnesses so before the world donald trump can get his day in court. trish: disruption, it is the decade of destruction in your one of the main disruptors according to the wall street journal. one of the most powerful people in washington, the power player, you're in pretty significant company. >> as president trump says i'm his top student and that's with the top student gets. i got my slot. trish: we appreciate you being here tonight. very interesting insight as
8:33 pm
always. i want to point out they can listen to you every day and tune into the radio show and podcast on itunes, more room impeachment. [laughter] it airs seven days a week. forgive me i was thinking weekdays. seven days a week you're on the case. cnn making their jump to defend biden and his son. >> mr. vice president president trump has falsely accused your son i'm doing something wrong while serving on a company board in ukraine i want to point out there's no evidence of wrongdoing by either one of you. >> there's no proof that joe biden did anything wrong or hunter biden did anything wrong. >> truck claims wrongdoing is unsubstantiated. trish: coming up, it should be interesting to see how they handle new reports that the government was investigating allegedly suspicious payments to hunter biden, we have the details coming up. first report washington post and
8:34 pm
cnn journalist caught celebrating impeachment last night we will have details next. >> you are not asleep, this is not a dream, this is really happening in your life in our country and ourus time. ♪ (chime)
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i love you! what? sweetie! hands off the glass. ugh!! call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i love her! trish: i showed you this earlier, washington post reporter celebrating impeachment. they are supposed to be unbiased. yeah right. it tells you, the american media hates donald trump. they hate him, they don't care about his policies. no one bothered to take the time to understand his policies and that's because the media is more concerned with personality in that concern at all with substance pride most of these people i'm just going to say, are not that great. i have been around them my whole
8:39 pm
career, that is honestly the truth, they are not that bright. it's an economic and as a business reporter i do care about economic policy, they never want to take the time to fully understand it. they don't want to talk about the stock market it's too boring. they only care about politics and personality and donald trump personality does not work for them. obama, he was presidential. i'll give obama this, he was a smooth talker. much better talker than he was president. he sounded so good but could not get out of his own way when it came to helping her country in doing good for our country and our economy and our workers think about it, with obama our economy stalled out in our economy was miserable, he told us growth was a new normal and we had to get used to it. russia invaded crimea around american hostages, syria crossed a redline, this was under president obama, a quick
8:40 pm
comparison, president trump by the way just got the usmca ideal past as historic trade agreement with mexico and canada not bad for just being impeached. he is delivering and keeps delivering, think about all the jobs, 4 million jobs since the election, the most americans in history are employed, record stock market, on judges he is confirmed more circuit court judges than any other new ministration. and entrée, we have the historic us-mexico trade deal to replace nafta. under president obama, you have failure after failure, labor force participation rates hitting the lowest point since 1977, 70s were not a good economic decade. the economy alone the first president not to achieve a single year of 3% gdp growth and on afghanistan, we discussed the afghanistan papers, president obama escalated that war in 2009
8:41 pm
award doomed to fail. aware that he promised to end and i knew when trump was elected i knew he care about results. because he is a ceo and ceos measure themselves in result and politicians maze are themselves and what the media thinks. but you know what here is the reality, 10000 people were packed into the stadium in battle creek michigan last night. to hear our president. they came to hear him not because they were going to hear a polite way of talking but because they wanted to hear a guy who knows how to get results. results matter to americans. they matter, they matter for americans whole lot more than obama polish. joining me now california republican party chairman.
8:42 pm
in young americans for liberty analyst. it is good to see you both. 100 years ago i think you would have no idea what was going on behind the scenes, you have anointed the president had a personality that would not have jelled with the media necessarily but now we have presidents under the microscope 24 hours a day, should americans as a result do you think they should think more about result, i think they are, over style, who cares. who cares about style don't you care about policy and result. >> i think the result are the best way to measure the success of a presidency and that's why people are motivated to get out and vote for trump 2020 whether or not they like his style or the way he speaks, a lot of people vote with their 401k pocketbook. that is hard to lie and inflate. these are tangible things that people feel and regardless of a lovely guy, they're going to vote for what's in the best
8:43 pm
interest. trish: i like how he thinks, he talks a normal person. he says things that a lot of people might be thinking but afraid to say and in the super pc environment it is refreshing to have somebody call it like it sees it. >> if you remember george bush and obama who is polished and now you go back to the spoken thing, i'm going to take it one step further, the democrats of the party of the government they think government is repentance or paid and they want to guarantee economic income for governments on and on and on. many democrats are going to vote. 70% of democrats from the polls say trump's doing a bad job on the economy, that tells you there economy as government and republicans would prefer to see the private sector succeed and
8:44 pm
that's a big difference in america today and that's why trump needs to keep moving forward. >> it's different, to go back to what steve was saying earlier, steve bannon was making about record growth on wall street, access to capital market while simultaneously seeing working americans in battle creek michigan on board with the presidency, it's an interesting combination of wall street and main street working together for a common good which is the economics success of this country. those are things that have been at odds, he is bringing them together in a way that we have not seen. >> what you're talking about is the power of free market where you embrace capitalism and embraces ideas, it benefits everyone it does not just benefit wall street or the ultra- wealthy but there is something for everyone to benefit when you truly embrace. it is also saying, i'm going to embrace capitalism but be very
8:45 pm
weary of foreign influences that could jeopardize the strength of the american worker. whether it stays china will put tariffs if you keep trying to mess with our workers and our products and no more illegal labor coming into the country that can take jobs away from american. >> there is no question, and the earlier segment how well he's doing in most communities and among black americans. he has begun to cross over, the democrats as you saw from impeachment they just want power. it's on trump and the republicans to pass forward on these issues you're talking about because that's leadership as opposed to what the democrats are doing which is negativity, impeachment and government takeovers. trish: good to see you, thank you very much for being here. coming up former vice president biden said it best when he said these words.
8:46 pm
>> new reports coming out that the government is now investigating allegedly suspicious payments to hunter biden. it is kind of a big deal. we have all the details coming out, first democrats expressing how solemn this is doing for them. the details coming up next. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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>> we gather today under the dome of this tumble of democracy to exercise one of the most whilsolemn powers this body can take. >> impeaching the president is one of the most solemn decisions unit decide congress can make. >> it's our solemn duty under the constitution to impeach president trump. >> the solemn necessary vote. >> solemn responsibility. >> we have a solemn duty. trish: do they have some kind of memo that said the word of the day is solemn. they must've. as they passed two articles of impeachment with president trump. that's what they're trying to say. the democrats could not contain their enthusiasm voting for the first article of impeachment. >> article one is adopted.
8:51 pm
trish: did you see the death glare. take a look at that from the speaker, don't you dare. don't forget what was our word of the day. solemn. joining me now pennsylvania republican congressman and house judiciary committee member. it is good to have you here representative. this is wild stuff. what was that like on the floor. >> it should not surprise anybody, i was on the floor when we voted for the impeachment inquiry and democrats were celebrating that so they can help themselves so about a year ago when we were here representative rashida tlaib said were going to impeach and as she was walking down the hall i think she was taken a selfie smiling and cannot wait to get down on the floor. this does not surprise me, the
8:52 pm
democrats have been acting jubilant over this impeachment. trish: isn't that bothersome. for you i woke up pretty frustrated, upset and angry because i worry about the country and i worry about her path going forward, if this is the new norm there were no better than a banana republic. it is not what was intended. >> we have to worry because the democrats have reduced the bar for impeachment. so this point impeachment is about a policy different, not about underlying crime. going forward if there is a house of a different political party than the president it will be much easier to impeach the president. >> which is why he has to see this. do i think he does, you heard steve bannon say in a be the trial of the century but he has to do for the country, himself and history. >> i think president trump will win in 2020 and i think the republicans will take back the house and all the pulling works
8:53 pm
phenomenal in the swing states and republicans are looking strong. i'm excited to see what happens in the senate because we will get the facts out. house judiciary members were denied every single fact witness we tried to call. i try to subpoena the whistleblower and bipartisan lines, the democrats voted down the motion so we never got to talk to the whistleblower. trish: you have to talk to the whistleblower, you have to talk to hunter biden, joe biden, adam schiff who lies through his teeth. and his staff, the high court needed with the whistleblower ahead of time. article two obstruction of congress, for goodness sakes they were out there asking for everything, do they not understand separation of power, the president does not have to turn the stuff over. obstruction of congress if you actually had a judge say president trump you need to turn
8:54 pm
the stuff over and then you refuse. but an abuse of power. >> abuse of power, this started off as quid pro quo, that did not go well, they go from quid pro quo to bribery, they cannot make out the case for bribery so they turn into abuse of power. the only one that abuse power is adam schiff. he is the one the subpoenaed phone records from devin nunes and a ranking member of congress and then he also, let's not forget dumped 8000 pages of documents on republican judiciary members, 8000 pages 48 hours before hearing and if that was the court of law he be sanctioned in defending his bar license. but let's talk about obstruction briefly. there was no subpoena or the subpoenas were not fought in the court. trish: there is no obstruction. >> it did not take place.
8:55 pm
the only one that was obstructed were the republicans. i feel it congress obstructed me when i did not get to subpoena the whistleblower into witness so the obstruction is part of the democrats not on this president. trish: really, really awful to see. i hope there is a trial because i think america needs to see it all and put it all out there. transparency. it would be nice. good to have you. we have kennedy. >> d.c. we have a problem, the democrats will not stop talking. these debates are endless and dumb and stupid and boring. our counter program is called donkey derby, we have a lot of weird facts about the democratic candidates and you'd much rather hear the stuff then the blabber on the stage. that's what we will do and do it to it.
8:56 pm
trish: i will see you at nine. new reports, the government is now investigating the suspicious statements to hunter biden and we have all the details on the news developing next. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, as the first hormonal based therapy.
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and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk trish: alright newsnight hunger bidens shaky business goes beyond ukraine john solomon reported that the lobbying government is in 2016 and asked them to look into suspicious things of hunter
9:00 pm
biden and several association loan payments around $70 million that were sent to buries my from belize. by the way we had a big big interview, i won to tell you about tomorrow. i am here in d.c. and i'm going to be talking to steven muller chief policy advisor. tune in. kennedy: just when you thought the paint impeachment sharad was over and i want. nancy pelosi jumping out from behind the curtain and she's like hold my chardonnay. the house builds on. what? the house speaker now trying that biggest political hail mary of her career. yesterday she miles per hour the president. she knows is going to fail in the senate. so now, she's refusing to hand over the paperwork to the senate. stonewalling in some crazy attempt to get a little bit of leverage. and she's doing it because she thanks the president and mitch mcconnell are going rogue. watch this.


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