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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a reminder to follow on divert @loudobbs. follow him on instagram. look for vacation pictures. i'm david webb. thanks for cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour, as we get ready to close out 2019 and roll into new year's eve, get ready to celebrate your money because it's been a blockbuster year and a decade for the markets. we have all the numbers for you. lauren: a dramatic development overnight. carlos ghosn fleeing house arrest in tokyo. where he is now and what his lawyer is saying this morning. cheryl: resolution time. millions of americans set out to achieve new goals for the you new year, it's costing big bucks. we're diving into the big business of new year's resolutions. it is tuesday, december 31st. it is new year's eve and "fbn: a.m." starts right now.
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♪ ♪ welcome to new york. ♪ it's been waiting for you. ♪ welcome to new york. ♪ welcome to new york. ♪ welcome to new york. ♪ it's been waiting for you. ♪ welcome to new york. ♪ welcome to new york. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." what a shot of times square, getting ready for the big ball drop today. thank you for joining us, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: final trading day of the year e investors are looking at what could be the best year in six, even after yesterday's selling, dow up 17, nasdaq up 4 and-a-half, volume expected to be light today. cheryl: asian markets, they have closed the books on 2019. thanks to progress in the u.s.-china trade war, the shanghai index had the best year since 2014. the nikkei, kospi are closed. the shanghai, slightly higher.
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hang seng under pressure. lauren: in europe we have red on the screen. the ftse is down 1.1%, the german market is closed. cheryl: let's take a look at how the major averages performed over the last decade. look at this, for the last decade we have had a 10-year bull market run. the dow gained 172%, the s&p, 180% and nasdaq nearly 300% upside. first, we start with a fox business alert. breaking overnight, thousands of iraqis are trying to storm the u.s. embassy in baghdad. we're just getting new details on this right now. this is following those deadly u.s. air strikes earlier in the week that killed 25 iran backed militants. the crowd is said to be mourners who came from funerals for the militants. they entered the embassy and as we know right now there's a few he details coming out of iraq. they were heard shouting
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anti-american sentiment. the u.s. ambassador in baghdad and several staffers have been evacuated as of now. sunday's air strikes were done in retaliation for last week's killing of an american contractor in a rocket attack that happened in iraq. we're following breaking news out of baghdad. we'll keep you posted. lauren: iraqi military supporters are now in the em bay yoembassy there. gunshots and sirens are being heard. this is a breaking news story. we'll keep you updated throughout the hour. another dramatic development in the case of carlos ghosn. he's been charged with financial wrong-doing by japanese officials and arrested just over a year ago. he has fled house arrest in tokyo, flying to lebanon on a private jet. he denied any wrong-doing in the case and said, quote, he would no longer be held hostage by what he calls a rigged japanese justice system. one of his attorneys says his
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client's he behavior is inexcusable and his three passports are in possession of his lawyers. it's unlikely that he will be forced to return to japan because lebanon has no extradition agreement with japan. cheryl: he's reportedly at a home in beirut right now. now to what is happen happening again overseas. more pro-democracy protests are going to mark the end to a very turbulent year in hong kong. there's a big march planned to kick off 2020 on new year's day. it's new year's eve we should say by the way right now and there are protests ongoing now and police are warning these protesters that they're going to be arrested if they break any laws. 2019, anything but h peaceful there. 7,000 people have been arrested since june. police fired tear gas at protesters and more than 2,000 people have been hurt since june and there have been deathses reported in -- been some deaths reported in hong kong.
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lauren: some of the college kids are home so there's more people with more free time. the first phase of the u.s.-china trade deal on track to be signed early next year. cheryl: we have the latest from blake berman. >> reporter: china's vice premier will be coming to washington this upcoming weekend and would be a signatore youly to the phasy to thephase one tr. they will not say if he's indeed headed to dc but h navarro did match the time line. it could be signed in the beginning part of january. >> we'll probably have a signing on that within the next week or so. we're waiting for the translation. as quickly as possible, if i had my way, it would have been right away. but basically you need to get it translated into the chinese and double checked so both versions matched.
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>> reporter: know r vair row sai--navarro said the u.s. verss some 86 pages long. earlier this year the administration was describing a deal that was about 150 pages which gives a sense that the phase one deal is indeed just a partial deal for the moment. back to you in new york. cheryl: phase two coming next. blake berman, thank you. lauren: microsoft winning a court battle to take control of 50 websites linked to north korean hackers. microsoft said they were targeting government employees, think tanks, university staff and people working on you nuclear proliferation by attempting to lure potential victims to fraudulent websites to get information. morgan ortagus said this about the president's relationship with north h korea's leader. >> president trump has a personal relationship with kim jong un and he has pursued a path of diplomacy that is very different than has been tried
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with other add a medicine strayingses. we always -- administrations. we always knew this was going to be tough. we are hopeful the personal he relationship with kim jong un will pay off. cheryl: pointing fingers in the wake of tragedy, the left is now blaming president trump for the horrific hanukkah attack that happened near in new york as several democrats are demanding stricter gun control after the deadly church shooting in texas. lauren: marianne rafferty joins us from los angeles. the parishoner who took down that gunman has broken his silence. what's the latest? >> reporter: he has. several lawmakers in texas as well as parishoners at the church are hailing the armed parishoner a mer hero. his name is jack wilson. he shot and killed the gunman who opened fire during sunday's service. >> i don't see myself as a hero. i see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out
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the evil threat. >> reporter: now, interesting to note, wilson became the deacon of church security after texas lawmakers passed a measure from 2017 which allowed parishes to have armed guards. the law was praised on fox news. >> i hope that other churches around the country will adopt policieses like this and we can stop losing so many people when these incidents occur. >> this was over in six seconds. if jack wilson had not taken down the kil killer, there could have been 10 or 15 people killed before the police got there. >> reporter: some are calling for stricter gun control, including background checks on sales at gun shows. the left is calling for more action by president trump after the hanukkah attack in new york earlier this week as the accused stabber there is hit with
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federal hate crime charges. tennessee congressman steve cowen tweeted in part, his conduct has made unacceptable conduct acceptable. president trump condemned the hanukkah attack hours after it happened. earlier this month he signed an executive order to curb anti-semitism on college campuses. back to you l. lauren.lauren: marianne, thank. cheryl: the pictures have been really incredible coming out of australia, wildfires there are forcing people to evacuate at an alarming rate. lauren: tracee carrasco here with the details. tracee, good morning. tracee: thousands forced to take shelter on a beach in southeastern us australia after wildfires forced an evacuation of a vacation town. three emergency strike teams were on the beach and emergency services set up medical centers and shelters. some were eventually allowed to return home but sadly some houses were destroyed or
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damaged. well, former fbi agent peter strzok arguing his anti-trump text messages should be protected under the first amendment, in a bid to be reinstated to the fbi. strzok said the text messages he though sent on a bureau phone were tryst an private and not gr dismissal. he was removed from robert mueller's team when the text messages were exposed. youtube taking steps to limit data collected on videos designed children in order to comply with the federal privacy clamp-down. the changes will affect videos created for children. failure to properly label videos could lead to fines from the federal trade commission. and a new treatment for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer has been approved by the fda. as could possibly doublea
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patient's life exec take expect. 460,000 people were diagnosed worldwide last year. cheryl: that will be very good news for representative john lewis. it's a horrible disease. tracee, thank you very much. let's take a look at your money this morning. we're going to switch gears and show you green numbers for the final trading day of the year, the final trading day for the decade. it's amazing, the dow up year-to-date 22%, up 23 points right now in the premarket. s&p up 2 and-a-half, nasdaq up 5 and-a-half. final countdown to 2020, more than a million people are set to squeeze into times square as we usher in a new decade. i will not be one of them. i've made that clear. we're going to go live to where all the action's going to be and what you need to know before the big ball drop happens tonight at midnight.
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a big announcement from joe biden, who he is considering to be his running mate. the answer actually might shock you. keep it here and happy new year, it's "fbn: a.m." ♪ i will never say never. ♪ i will fight to forever. ♪ not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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cheryl: u.s. stocks on track to close out 2019 with the best year since 2013. the dow industrials, the s&p 500, the nasdaq all posting double digit gains for the year
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and triple digit gains for the decade. after this blockbuster year, is the bull run going to continue into 2020? we're all asking that question. let's bring in david dietz. we've had an aa macing 10 -- a amazing 10-year run. at what point do you think we get a pullback in the market. >> investors should look at interest rates here. one of of the things that brought us a great 2019 is a three quarters of a point drop in the 10 yea 1 10 year treasure rate cuts by the federal reserve. that's lowered the cost of everything. every day investors are looking at stocks versus bonds. people piled into stocks. if the yields go back up, people are going to recalculate. cheryl: you've got names for us and some ideas for 2020. let's look at it because you
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really like some of the consumer names. kraft hines, cvs, du dupont, viacom. you're looking at very large cap names, names we know. you sound like peter lynch right now. >> absolutely. so we're looking for companies that are lead heer leaders in ti industry which are returning cash to shareholders which perhaps did not have the best 2019. let's highlight wells fargo for a moment. one of the things we noticed, back in august we thought there would be a recession. there was an inversion of the yield curve. now the 10 year is more than the two year by the biggest spread since 2017. that's manna from heaven for the banks. they lend at a lower rate -- lend at a higher rate and borrow at a lower rate and that's widens the profit margins. cheryl: we look at the end of
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the year and we look at the santa claus rally and that's december 24th to january 3r january 3rd. so obviously when markets come back, i don't know about thursday and friday if we'll have a lot of volume but this will be the end of the so-called santa claus rally. >> the fundamentals are great. you have low interest rates. you have a phase one that we hope we'll see signs very soon, good news continues about that. remember there's fewer participants in this period and a ball in terms of the market once in motion stays in motion. this will be the fourth nonet a row up -- fourth month in a row up, the fifth week in a row up. the only concern is valuations are starting to get more stretched of. 2019 2019 markets up biggest sie 2013 but earnings were flat. cheryl: the markets, the run-up, the l valuations have become a little inflated. that is a concern for next year.
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we'll have you back in january to talk about it. >> looking forward to it. cheryl: happy new year. >> same to you. lauren: happy new year indeed. coming up, the new year is hours away. if you made any resolutions, it could cost you. so how much and how do you stay on track to achieve them? we're breaking it all down next. hashtag this, people are lighting up social media. we'll tell you what it is and who is leading the charge when "fbn: a.m." continues this new year's eve. epyoung hearts be free tonight. ♪ time is on -- print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds.
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♪ new year's resolution, yeah, yeah. lauren: the dreaded new year's
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resolution. a new year means a fresh start and along with that comes resolutions. millions of americans use this time to set personal goals from getting in shape to saving money. cheryl: oftentimes the goals fall short within the first few months of the new year. joining us now to talk about the yearly tradition, health and wellness expert, noah berman. let's take a look at the top resolutions that we all make and, shocker, losing weight and getting into shape is going to be on this list. but those are the two main ones. a lot of americans don't make these. we fall apart. 80% of resolutions don't happen by february 1st. >> it's crazy and actually, you know, up to 30% of people drop off of their new year's resolution within two weeks according to university of scranton. so it really takes us on average at least 66 days to form a new habit. there's always the rumor, belief of 21 days and it really takes a
5:23 am
lot longer to engrain it. you have to remind yourself every day. otherwise you don't do it. lauren: the idea of making a resolution, it's a big industry. >> it's a big industry. and it's not always so much of a commitment as it is a sale. so. if you look at the gym, gym membership rate can double in just january alone. cheryl: gym member ships have gotten more expensive. 50% increase in the month of january. but gym memberships, buying a peloton bike, classes, these are expensive items for people. how much money do you think we spend in the first month at gyms. >> easily people spend double their budget if not more. people are more interested in losing weight than they are in saving money, as much as people talk about saving money. lauren: that's interesting. >> a health insurance company did a study and found people are more focused on health and
5:24 am
wellness goals than financial goals. lauren: these are the top five financial resolutions, improve your credit score, reduce debt, spend less and save more and budget and invest in the market. if you've been doing that, you've seen a lot of gains this year and this decade. what's your new year's resolution. >> mine is to commit to a day at this meditation practice. lauren: very thoughtful. >> i meditate every day but i don't do it at the same. cheryl: master your sleep, i love that, a healthier diet and exercise. >> we spend a large amount of our lives sleeping. cheryl: sleep is so important. we learned that doing this shift for so many years. >> lauren: it is. cheryl: i learned it. i am a resolution person and i actually did meet my resolutions for 2019 and i have to say to anybody out there, i really encourage you to do it because
5:25 am
it feels good if you accomplish that goal. lauren: that's a good point. cheryl: i di did 14 races in . it was the first year i had a resolution and i kept it. lauren: my resolution for 2020 is to be more like cheryl. i don't set the resolutions because i don't keep them. i like to add something sometimes, like something small every day, just do it. >> finish what you start. lauren: we want to ask viewers our question of the day, what is your new year's resolution. cheryl: if you've got one, you can tweet us, you can e-mail the show, we're on facebook, we're on instagram, we're everywhere. thank you, noah, very much. lauren: thank you. cheryl: this is a positive way to end up our year. stay seated. we've got more. lauren: he's running to get out of here, start his new year's resolution. cheryl: still ahead, what do president trump and president obama have in common? actually a little more than you think. as we head into one of the biggest party days of the year,
5:26 am
you need to know your limits and now there's even an app that will actually help you stay safe tonight. we're going to tell you all about it when "fbn: a.m." returns. ♪ my girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time. ♪ my girl wants to party -- lumb. if you need lumber wood, lumb. lonnie's is better than good. we got oak, cherry, walnut, and more. and we also have the best selection of plywood (clattering) in the state... hey! (high-pitched laughter) man: dang woodchucks! (wood clattering) stop chuckin' that wood! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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lauren: the phrase poll the people is lighting up social media. andrew yang supporters are speaking out after the dnc denied his request for more qualifying polls for the next democratic debate. cheryl: garrett tenney is live at the nation's capitol with more on yang's iowa. he's being very vocal. >> reporter: you may remember, andrew yang was the only candidate of color on the debate stage in december. he's warning the dnc there may be more candidates of color a few weeks from now if it doesn't stedoesn't step in.
5:30 am
yang wrote, a diverse set of candidates might be absent from the stage in des moines for reasons out of anyone's control. on monday, the dnc said it will not be conducting its own polling to help fill in the void and get more candidates on stage, saying it has been more than inclusive throughout this entire process with an expansive list of qualifying polls, including 26 polls for the december debate, more than half of which were state polls. here's how andrew yang responded. >> the dnc saying we can do nothing about it seems disingenuous because they can clearly reach out to any of the approved polling organizations and ask for a poll to be conducted in a given timeline. >> reporter: joe biden has qualified for the next debate and on monday said he would be willing to pick a republican as his running mate, with one caveat. >> the answer is i would, but i can't think of one now.
5:31 am
no, no, no, no, no. no, listen. no, i'm serious. there's some really decent republicans that are out there still. >> reporter: another candidate, tulsi gabbard, who is not qualified for the next debate, argued it will be harder for democrats to keep control of the house and defeat president trump as a result of the push for impeachment. >> we all know that trump is not going to be found guilty and removed from office by the u.s. senate. the impeachment in my view will actually increase his support aamongst voters and it's going to be make him harder to defeat. >> reporter: the next democratic debate is scheduled for january 14th. cheryl: here we go. garrett, thank you very much. lauren: speaking of that debate, president trump planning let's call it counter programming against the january 14th debate by announcing he's holding a rally in milwaukee, which is wisconsin
5:32 am
scheduled for the same night. wisconsin promise toss bs to bey state in 2020. trump touting his deal to bring fox con manufacturing jobs to the state. tickets are available online. cheryl: michael bloomberg is facing criticism on social media after he tweeted out a plan to make extreme renovations to the white house if he were elected. he said at president i'll turn the east room into an open office plan where i'm going to sit with our team. i'll use the oval office for official functions, never for tweeting. but the rest of the time i'll be where a leader should be, with the team. now, these comments on twitter came pouring in with some comparing this plan to making the white house a wework situation. some say open offices are bad for employee health. bloomberg is known for the open office space concept. lauren: you took the words out of my mouth.
5:33 am
cheryl: he sat there in the middle of the company the years he was running it. lauren: people would say mike bloomberg would stand over the cube every now and then and their heart would race. president trump and president obama sharing one honor for the first time with both being named as gallup's most admired man in 2019. this is obama's 12th straight year topping the list. u.s. presidents often top the list with bill clinton and george w. bush previously receiving the honor. coming in after the two presidents this year are former president jimmy carter, elon musk, and microsoft's bill gates. cheryl: all right. well, obviously we are looking at a lot of overseas action, looking at at hong kong, there's going to be protests there tonight. we'll be looking at what's happening in iran, that situation right now. we brought you that breaking news, that protesters, we believe it's mourners of those killed in the iraqi air strike,
5:34 am
they now have gotten access to the embassy there. lauren: they storm it, gunfire, it's pretty dramatic images that we saw earlier. as you were saying, you have those images coming out of the u.s. embassy in baghdad. these are iraqi supporters of the shiite militia. they were able to break in, in retaliation for the u.s. air strikes. cheryl: we also are looking at oil prices right now. there's not a big impact on oil. we'll keep a watch on that, depending on how the iran situation plays out, while the output is somewhat small and the sanctions continue on iran, excuse me if i said iraq, pardon me. iran. that could be an issue for the oil markets today. we do have light volume and futures are reflecting that right now. we had a blockbuster year and decade. right now we have green arrows, slightly higher, the dow up 42, s&p up 4, the nasdaq is up 8.
5:35 am
lauren: dow is higher. >> no matter what happens, we have to stop this. cheryl: and stranger things, a major favorite of netflix viewers this year. there is one offering that did even better. we've got their year-end results coming you up, they're t patting themselves on the back. we'll tell you about it. and it's time to go into 2020, folks. there's going to be new laws. we're going to have them because they definitely could impact you. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it. ♪ ♪ yes i'm stuck in the middle with you, ♪ no one likes to feel stuck, boxed in, or held back. especially by something like your cloud. it's a problem. but the ibm cloud is different. it's open and flexible enough
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to manage all your apps and data securely, anywhere, across all your clouds. so it can help take on anything from rebooking flights on the fly, to restocking shelves on demand, without getting in your way. ♪ ♪
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cheryl: got a fox business alert for you. iraqi militia supporters have apparently gotten inside of the u.s. embassy compound in the capital city after breaking down the front gate. gunshots, sirens can be heard. tear gas is being sprayed. do we know what sparked the protests and how long has this been going on, trey? >> reporter: good morning, cheryl. we have some information on what's happening right now in baghdad and what led up to the events that are happening this morning. on sunday, u.s. forces targeted an iraqi militia group backed by
5:39 am
iran, that group was reportedly responsible for a rocket attack on friday that killed one american contractor and injured four u.s. service members. so this all led up to this large event had that is happening today in response to the u.s. strikes on sunday that killed a reported 25 fighters from that iranian backed militia group. the supporters of the organization and mourners stormed the u.s. compound there. according to the video we have and reports on the ground, a glass barrier is separating u.s. embassy security guards and protests. there's reports that tear gas has been fired and glass is being broken. this is unfolding as we speak inside baghdad as iraqi's prime minister protested the u.s.'s decision to launch the operation on sunday. there were concerns that this was, quote, a violation of iraqi sovereignty. there's been pushback from the
5:40 am
iranian regime in tehran, calling the actions by the united states supports of terrorism. yesterday, mike pompeo was on fox, he was reiterating president trump's decision to carry out this operation on sunday, saying this has to be a response, this was a direct response to the events that happened on friday that did kill that american citizen. again, the information we have right now, hundreds of people on the ground in baghdad, storming the u.s. embassy there. there's a limited amount of u.s. security guards currently on the ground and reports that we have not yet been able to confirm that evacuations of u.s. personnel are underway. we'll continue to follow this throughout the day. cheryl. lauren: trey, thank you for the live report from us. thank you, sir. lauren: on a much lighter note -- >-- >> you notice anything out of the ordinary? >> we didn't do this. >> someone's trying to frame us. >> we do things together. can we please just figure this out. >> this is just like death in a
5:41 am
library. >> what happens in death in a library? >> they die. lauren: murder mystery the most watched release on netflix. original content taking nine of the top 10 spots on its list. shares of netflix up just about 4100 percent in the past decade. joining me now, tech analyst, ian wishinggrad. thanks for joining us. happy new year. netflix is spending $15 billion this year on content. is it worth it? >> it's hard the to -- hard to know. the big thing they promised people is they're not going to start putting ads in there. the bigger thing is all these other streaming services are not going to take away from netflix. netflix has become part of our it's got to be there kind of thing. so disney plus is for families. everyone else has their own
5:42 am
angle. i think netflix is here to stay. lauren: that's why the stock is up this year. it revolutionized how we consume content. the first earnings report since disney plus is out in january. do you expect them to be hurt at all, even temporarily? >> no. lauren: okay. all right. so you'r you're bullish on netfx once again in 2020. other fang stocks, facebook you up 55% this year, netflix up 20%, apa pel apple up 85%. are they over-valued to you? >> no. [ laughter ] lauren: come on, ian, if you're in meditation with your new year's resolution. >> i think the market's frothy in general. all these services are stuff that i find i'm spending a disproportionate amount of time with and they're breaking something traditional for us. amazon is the death of all the brick and mortar retail for so many other people and netflix is
5:43 am
what hurts the movie theaters. do you go to the movies anymore? lauren: i do, actually. not often. >> most people have big tvs, you can sit in the living room and you have to ask, do i need to go to the theater for this. lauren: it's cheaper and more comfortable to stay at home. >> all of these companies provide such a service for us and they're able to monday tiese them so well, i don't know if they're over-valued. lauren: what are the trends for 2020, a lot of people are saying it will be smart speaker everywhere. >> my son's two and-a-half and he goes alexa, alexa. he actually says dalexa. it makes perfect sense. amazon shows us what's going to happen. it takes a while for everyone in america to get on the same page. it slowly happens, they tell you it's the gift to have and you start living with all this tech. lauren: good to see you.
5:44 am
happy new year to you and the family. cheryl: a man of few words. as you prepare for your new year's celebrations right now, we are live in times square with your weather for the night and of course all the preparations are underway. a live picture right now, times square. and red lobster is releasing a new twist on a classic drink, you are definitely going to want to get your claws on this one. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ are you reeling in the years. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ it's the final countdown. ♪ the final countdown. cheryl: it is the final countdown until the new year. more than a million people will fill times square, waiting for the ball to drop. lauren: we kick off a new decade as well. meteorologist adam klotz live for us in times square with the forecast. adam, good morning. no people yet. >> reporter: no, no people out here just yet. happy new year's, guy. we're in the spirit because this is the world famous ball, just over my shoulder. it's going to be rising at 6:00 p.m., dropping just before midnight as we've all seen throughout our entire lives. a million people will be here, a little bit of drizzle out here right now. i think in general the forecast is going to be fantastic. let's take a look at the numbers, beginning in new york city. we'll see 40 degrees, we've seen it a lot colder than this, wind
5:49 am
chill down to 35 degrees with winds up to 10 to 15 miles an hour. the drizzle we're currently experiencing should taper off and it's going to be a clear night. it's cooler running back into the midwest and across the plains as you're seeing some spots getting down into the teens but as far as big snow systems or weather systems, things are going to be looking mostly clear. back in new york city, that's going to be great news for the roughly 1 million people who cram into times square for this event. they're here to see the ball drop and they're here to see a lot of performances. we have the uso troops, tyler whiffly. you at least and some of the crew is new, you've done this in past years. a million people, that's hard to imagine what that looks like. what's it like to see and be a part of all this? >> it's overwhelming. it's so fun, a rush of adrenaline to look out on the crowd and see a million people staring back at you and hear
5:50 am
your voice in times square. >> reporter: any advice for people that will be part of this? it's a long day, it gets a little chilly. >> ration your water and maybe drink slowly would be my best advice and stay warm. stay warm and dry. don't get a cold in this. don't start the new year like that. >> reporter: is that the same advice you give to your team? >> absolutely. maybe double tight to stay warm and lots of water because we have a bathroom and we'll have a lot of fun out there. >> reporter: you perform at what time? >> 8:01. >> reporter: we're going to get a taste of that right now. >> a little bit. yeah. >> reporter: thank you. let's go. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american. ♪ where at least i know i'm he free. ♪ and i won't forget the ones who died who gave that right to me. ♪ and i proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
5:51 am
♪ because there ain't no doubt, i love this land. ♪ god bless the usa. ♪ god bless the usa. ♪ [ applause ] cheryl: thanks, guys. appreciate it. thank you so much. lauren: happy new year, adam. i get chills every time i hear that song. that was amazing. we've got bad news for you, for cats, the movie. it continues to flop at the box office. tracee carrasco has the he details. tracee: yes. that is right. cats facing a $70 million loss. the films has brought in $38.3 million globally. and the studio is expecting he domestic box office sales to only reach 30 million. cats cost universal $100 million to make and close to the same amount in marketing. despite the star-studded cast the broadway adaptation received bad reviews from critics and
5:52 am
fans alike. well, here's a drink you can really sink your claws into, starting tomorrow. red lobster will start selling this drink-atizer. it's a bloody mary with a lobster claw and shrimp and a cheddar baked biscuit on top. it coincides with national hangover and bloody mary day. it will be around until februar. a new app is aimed at preventing drunk driving. my limit allows users to put drinks into a personal a log. that will tally up how much alcohol they've consumed and estimates the corresponding bac percentage, that is blood alcohol content. drunk driving claims 10,000 lives each year, so everyone be safe out there today. lauren: absolutely. tracee, thank you. coming up, it's a messy job but
5:53 am
somebody has to do it. we're going to dive into the massive new year's eve times square cleanup when "fbn: a.m." returns. that's a lot of trash. ♪ zes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lauren: midnight memories on new year's 'tonight will leave a lot of crash in times square, it takes 177 workers to clean garbage, new york sanitary commissioner, katherine garcía. commissioner, thank you for joining us. happy new year. >> happy new year, can't believe it's 2020 almost. lauren: they leave a lot of the hats, glasses, garbage, water bottles, what's it like to clean this up? >> it's really a dance, the weather is good so may take a while to clear people out of times square, blowers, hand brooms, heavy equipment, actually quite a sight.
5:57 am
lauren: by 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning on january 1st, it's -- you would never know there's the biggest bash in the world the night before. >> that's our goal, we are on standby ready to move in as quickly as we can, rain makes all of the confetti very sticky, so we are happy to see clear skies today. >> does the weather affect the crowd size? >> we will definitely see record-breaking crowds tonight. it's not cold, it's not raining. lauren: start of a new decade. how long do you prepare with the new year's eve after party, if you will? >> we spend several weeks before making sure our plan is in place, working close with pd,
5:58 am
what they will have close and open and when they will let us get in and start cleaning. lauren: you're born and bread new yorker? >> yeah. lauren: me too. how many times have you done ball drop new year's eve? >> never. lauren: it was such the experience, you can get a special pass. not deal with the crowds, still no? >> still no. i'd rather be with friends and family. lauren: that's amazing, what are you doing with friends and family this year, there's a survey and i thought most people would be going to party, most people do something quiet with their loved ones. >> i will be at home making roast chicken having dinner and watching everyone on television. lauren: you're up at 5:00 a.m. for this show. >> i'm not sure, i can make it
5:59 am
through dinner, but making it to the ball drop might be another story. lauren: good luck, thank you for everything that you do and we are excited and grateful for the new year, catherine, thank you. >> thank you. lauren: that does it for us on the final edition of fbn:am in 2019, we say good morning to cheryl casone. cheryl: good morning, lauren, see you in just a little bit, good morning, everyone, i'm cheryl casone, in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 31st, it is new year's eve, your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time, closing the year on a high note, futures are pointing on last trading day, the month, the decade, s&p up 3 and a half, nasdaq up 8 and 3 quarters but these numbers are coming on strong year for the market, stocks are gearing up for the best performance in 6 years, 6 years, as you can see right now 34% gain for the nasdaq, 28%, great numbers, something to celebrate this morning
6:00 am
certainly. another piece of breaking news overnight that we learned, carlos goshn is now on the run, former nissan chairman fleeing house arrest in tokyo, he flew to lebanon on a private jet, attorneys slamming behavior as inexcusable. details on the story. looking to ring 2020 with trade truce, pete navarro telling fox that the phase 1 agreement could be signed as early as this week, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: take a live look out of new zealand, new year starting around the world, one of the


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