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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 9, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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saying 30 dead and that kind of thing, we would have a euphoric nation right now. trish: well some people are euphoric. it would be nice to be the united states of america. general straight to seo, thanks for watching ch myrna kennedy's next. kennedy: well just when you thought this whole around us couldn't get any more surreal, guess what, it did. and now investigators are saying it wasn't iranian missile that shot down the ukrainian airliner that crashed just outside of tehran. in it comes just as the u.s. congress force the president to seek approval for before launching anymore attacks on the iranian regime. it was a partyline vote for the most part. the house passed a resolution limiting the president's war power against iran. three republicans voting with democrats. but eight democrats defected over to the gop side. so it wasn't totally partisan, but still, we all knew was
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coming. among the republicans who voted against the president, vocal trump supporter matt gates. no for real he voted against it. he said in a tweet i represent more troops than any other member of this body. i buried one of them earlier today at arlington. service members have the courage to fight and die in these wars, congress ought to have the courage to vote for or against them. i am voting for this resolution. bucks, vulnerable to my kratt rose voted the other way. earlier today he explained why. >> the killing of qassem soleimani was legal, justified, nobody should mourn the loss or the death of someone with the blood of u.s. soldiers on his hands. he was a terrorist. congress is not a rapid response pr agency. this is a serious body and we have to treat it as such. kennedy: now is important to note the war powers vote is nonbinding but does signal to the white house of the
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majority of house members want to rein in the president. regardless, the president maintains the airstrike that killed this trend to hear he is tonight. long speech, big rally in toledo. >> sell at my direction the united states military eliminated qassem soleimani. and ended his rampage through, not only that part of the world, but a much bigger parts of the world. he was all over, he was a bad guy, he was a bloodthirsty terror and he is no longer terrorizing. he is dead. kennedy: that brings us back to that ukrainian airliner. this is new video in what we are told it's a missile hitting the plane. intelligence sources tells fox it looks like i runnings accidentally shot it down just minutes after takeoff. probably with the russian surface-to-air missile killing
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all 176 souls on board including at least 63 canadians. so far the iranians aren't admitting anything. so, is this whole situation going to get weirder and more dangerous before get any better? and what will the president do next? joining colorado republican congressman house foreign affairs committee member in-house freedom caucus member can. so let's talk about the three republicans who voted for the resolution. do you agree that they have grounds to want to rein in the president's war powers? >> i do not agree with that i did not vote for this. i believe the president was justified in the action he took regarding soleimani. i believe that the terror threat that existed was real and eminence. and i think the president was avoiding a war. and has proceeded since then to de-escalate the situation. i have a lot of respect for how they'd ministration is
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handled this. kennedy: there are many constitutional republicans who disagree with you. and they found that the briefing they got was less than satisfactory. including on the point of whether or not an attack was eminence from soleimani and the ironic malicious. >> i was not involved in that it was on the senate side. the briefings i have received in the information i have received that convinces me the president took action that was appropriate. this is a bad guy, he had the death of over 600 americans on his hands as well as thousands that were injured as a result of the ied's that he supplied two forces in iraq during the war. so i think the president did the right thing, because soleimani's past conduct because this future conducts, and i believe that going forward we should do our very best to de-escalate. if the united states has troops in iran for more than 60 days, absolutely the
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president should come to congress and explain what's going on. that is not the case and i do not believe that this war powers resolution is anything other than political posturing. kennedy: that's a good point because if you look at this, and president obama had called for the same strike against oman eight and succeeded i think republicans would been up in arms and there's no way democrats would've put forth the same legislation if they had the majority in the house. so do you agree that someone who harbors terrorists, who mean to do us harm, that they themselves are terrorists? >> absolutely. this is a state actor that is sponsoring terrorism both in ironic, and has below and other terror organizations that target civilians across the world. this is a bad country. and it needs to be, clear message needs to be sent to this country and i believe the president of the right thing. and by the way this republican would not have objected if president obama had fired a
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missile and taken out this particular terrorists. kennedy: you would been one of very few people who knew soleimani was during the obama administration. but my issue is with people who not only fight provide safe haven to terrorists, but don't prevent them from killing thousands of americans. and i hold the saudi royal family responsible. they obviously meet that threshold, so is this administration rights and taking the mound as well? >> is this administration right in using sanctions against saudi arabia and engaging in other conduct before it rises to the level of taking out people? i think there's a conversation going on right now, and there have been conversations going on with saudi arabia about some of the activities a bit involved in. kennedy: i think they are a condemnable regime and i am shocked that the united states still considers them an ally.
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and the idea that we have to use saudi arabia as a chess piece in order to protect ourselves from iran, that is an untenable position. and based on the criteria that you and several of your colleagues and both parties have accepted, then it is okay for the united states to take out and end the lives of people like the leaders and families of saudi arabia. that seems weird. >> will i can say that nobody in saudi arabia rises to the level of the general and iran. kennedy: they have the blood of five times as many americans on their hands of soleimani. >> you are talking now about funding that happened before 911? kennedy: foreknowledge, funding, protection, distraction, lack of responsibility, reluctance to be held accountable for this desk? >> yes to put the 911 tragedy
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on the hands of specific government leaders in saudi arabia, that's not a briefing that i received. that is not information that i received. certainly members of the royal family and wealthy saudis. kennedy: then why was congress in a bipartisan manner allow's citizens to sue the saudi government for losses occurred on 911? >> and i think they should sue i don't know what the result of that has been but i absolutely believe that after trial and after more information has gathered, we should be able to reach that result. i have not reached the result yet that saudi arabian government was behind 911. kennedy: i don't know man. too many coincidences to many dead americans, and a bad foreign policy in the middle east from successive administrations. i do have the congress does their part in taking back the responsibilities that they have for declaring wars. because we have a couple of wars on a few different fronts right now, saying that they
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exist under the umbrella of two outdated au ms is wearing thin. >> i absolutely agree with you. we should give this president the authority to act in iran, if iran continues to conduct terrorist activities, i don't think we should prohibit this president from doing things because he may need to act in an emergency. he may need to act in a strategic way to protect this country. kennedy: are a congressman thank you so much. and though the president is parading the escalation and the house voted to limit his war powers, orion might not have gotten the memo spread one of their top generals, new guy said wednesdays missile attack on u.s. forces was just the beginning. we fired 13 missiles but we were ready to fire hundreds of missiles and the first one or two hours. meanwhile a new survey shows only 20% of americans can identify ironic blank map in the middle east for it i don't really care about that, it's not good at geography doesn't
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make him down. 23% can visit iran. nobody really cares. are we really out of the woods when it comes to war with ironic should we figure out where i run is, first try to me now is tonight's thursday man panel we've got right turn strategy and lgb key for truck founder is chris barron. and bloomberg 2020 campaign poster and former advisor to president clinton that shown and the greatest podcast in north america of the head writer of the bestseller of your day. welcome everyone. let's talk a little bit about the president says he wants stability he wants pc once to bring it to the table and he doesn't want iran. karana sings on the complete different. are we on the woods? >> we are not out of the woods and we won't be out of the woods until there's a fundamental change in iran. which by the way we cannot be a part of.
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why? because regime changes in iran that looks like we are a part of it guarantees to be a failure. >> it is why iraq is been a failure to afghanistan's benefit or it is why when we are involved in any regime change and we are as the bad guys. emily wouldn't be seen. >> we were the bad guys in zero nine movie wouldn't stand with the iranian people when they were in the streets protesting. i thought that was. [inaudible] kennedy: i agree with you, it's interesting because i don't think president obama was his depth at foreign policy as he was it beautiful speeches. there was a level of. >> he wanted the picture light to the mullahs because he wanted the iran deal. we didn't even stand up we support democracy, freedom and liberty. that may mean regime change to you but that's reasonable responsible to me. >> and fyi i like freedom democracy to but if you can
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point out somewhere to me in the middle east where our intervention and regime change has led to a more secure country i'm willing to hear. i'm all heirs. >> i will take that over the muslim brotherhood anytime. kennedy: oh well. >> an ally of ours for 70 was to kill us? [laughter] >> first while i think it's funny that people don't know where iran is. it doesn't matter. >> i honestly don't care about that. >> is kinda cute there is a lot of fighting over there it's on social media there's ballistic at weapons experts and they think iran is this song by a flock of eagles but this whole idea of i don't want to be involved in regime change on any level. but i just want to acknowledge on how dumb it was. to get them a hundred $50 billion and given them when need to circle back to that and hold 70 accountable for doing that.
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kennedy: okay so sanctions don't work but automatically lifting sanctions. >> and giving them access to banks when they're frozen assets the problem. kennedy: the people in the ground fighting and processing they are not helped. >> they've been chanting death to america they been doing that every saturday for 40 years. >> because they have to they are focused forced to go out. >> hey there saying like is everybody going out let's go with tina and say death to the usa chance. kennedy: is the new old style. [inaudible] >> i think the soleimani killing is the first time as the mullahs are sitting there laughing it up. the mullahs are sitting there talking to themselves we could be next. trumps that guy, trump may not care. he may come after us next. kennedy: alright you guys go to belgium. more with the man panel low bit later.
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first step though polls claimed joe biden bernie sanders of the front rotors of the democrat race for the new study claims there is a way of the party is heading. hillary is going to swoop in and claim the nomination. is it true? intrigue across the pond as well prince harry and meghan markel okay go screw both of you. head to canada. good riddance. i will explain why this is a great thing, that is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. for everyone you love. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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joe biden has the lead in so many democratic polls about the man who gave us no malarkey tour could actually lose the nomination due to some malarkey at the democratic convention. statistical analysis from shows biden has a 42% chance winning enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination. bernie is in second place with 21% shot, and the third most likely option no one gets the nomination said that would mean it can tested convention. the parties first since 1952. under such a scenario any candidate nominated on the floor would be eligible, meaning even someone like what, what happens? i'm a nominee?
9:19 pm
hillary clinton could come in and steal as fast as you can say epstein didn't kill himself. all of this would change of a candidate wins big in the early voting state, but the poles have this race looking tighter than nancy pelosi's cheeks after a trip to her. [laughter] cosmetologist. softening that a little. so can and democrat and this thing in regulation or are we headed into overtime? join me tonight washington examiner alienated america to tim carney welcome back sir. >> thank you so much for having me. kennedy: that explore a in 16 was a superdelegates because hillary clinton had that locked up, and pledged, long before she became the party's official nominee. there's a lot of shenanigans and bernie sanders really elbowed out of the way. they change the rules with a superdelegates but they could still have a lot to say in the nominee is. how's that can work? >> so the main thing is they don't the superdelegates to
9:20 pm
swing the final outcome. and that's with the rule changes. but the fact is that if there are three viable candidates throughout this race, then you could end up where nobody has the majority. and then you get this great idea that every journalist dreams of, which is a contested convention. it's going to get amazing. we are getting get on the phone was susie thomas in south carolina to figure out where this delegate is get a go. going to be amazing. kennedy: doing all the while the delegates are? >> there are so many of them they have twice as many as the republicans. we don't who they hardly won't know and slap to the primaries and caucuses. and one thing that could happen is when i look at this i think elizabeth warren is tanking. and so her support is going to split mostly between sanders kind of the socialist light people who are getting at a socialist heavy and then buttigieg. kennedy: really not to joe biden? >> some will go to biden but i think will be in third place as war and supported spread we
9:21 pm
needed those spread about your getting at buttigieg winning iowa, biden a leading nationwide, then sanders having the most mighty, the socialist with the most money is kind of ironic. kennedy: no it's not they take it all for themselves than they screw over the pro at haley's. >> you could have this three-way split and you could have his contested convention. you're saying somebody besides those three could swing in? i think you have the wrong first lady though. [laughter] >> i think michelle will be our j.crew president if that happens. i don't actually think that's gonna happen. kennedy: she's been in the white house she doesn't want that job she wants to live her best life. she wants to be the next opera. she's got netflix money and the mansion on martha's vineyard. >> those operatives are terrified that michelle is
9:22 pm
gonna sweep in and do it. kennedy: a contested convention with hillary clinton and the sequel to 2016 is the only way this thing can end. the president is going to be impeached, he's going to go up against hillary, and is going to win again and is going to be the same. and then on day two he will quit in pennsylvania president. >> to get back to reality, the most interesting thing from the fox news poll though, is tom steyer in second place in south carolina. where did this come from? it's bizarre. kennedy: no piggyback. >> its $90 million since christmas hundred and 11 million, he has catapulted into the lead. so that shows a significant dissatisfaction among the base. not among the one third the spine sanders they love him. but the biden then buttigieg supporters are still casting about for their true romance. kennedy: i think they are
9:23 pm
feeling pete's and so pete is in first place in new hampshire by one point. if he wins, iowa and new hampshire, he's gonna make a run for it. >> but sanders. kennedy: do not underestimate those legs. >> sanders has all the money he doesn't need to drop out. biden leads and that national polls. kennedy: hillary still gonna be the nominee, i love this country. coming up the royal family is in a royal tizzy over prince hairy leaving the palace. but why aren't bricks over joyed that these wealthy welfare brats are finally hop hop hop in a way? i will explain why they should be in my memo that's next. ♪ ♪ portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions
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of sussex harry and meghan are threating to divorce the royal family and i will gladly join the chorus said by saying goodwood riddance where do i sign. the royals have had their turmoils but harry and william has our ways been bright and promising fellows raised with their mothers class and humanity with respect for their intriguing traditions. don't get me wrong i don't want to queen and i'm glad we don't have them because the british royal family are clearly a bunch of overbreadth parasites. but i respect that institution and i am obsessed with shows like the crown, and victoria, and i also think this glossy treatment has benefited the depose of heroes of hypocrisy. one of the most famous men in the world and he stumbled into a doozy when he met megan who could not wait to get her meat hooks into the formerly nazi clad ginger. she knew it she was getting into. so the nonstop sob story makes her a pain in the highness,
9:29 pm
and i am delighted for her to zip it and burrow into saskatchewan for the next several decades. the blubbering duo say they are leaving their senior royal post to make money the old-fashioned way, which for them is accepting a check from pappy charles a billion and a half dollars estates, the duchy of cornwall. old ginger ball gets close to 3 million new year from his dad and an old told some from the queen thanks to these sovereign grants which is the official name of the public teats. suck a lot buttercup because you should be cut off from the spigots. charles has enough to deal thanks to the rosacea and hemophilia. in this paradigm what ingrates don't deserve a penny more for their oxygen's second demonstrative passive aggressive even if they sculpt halfway around the scorched-earth. the one who benefits from this, other than british taxpayers they will have to pay slightly less for this couple of professional victims
9:30 pm
is prince andrew who is allegedly pension is now conveniently off the front page. bye-bye birdies, fly away and fluffier canadian nest. go away, no one cares, and that's the memo. ♪ ♪. kennedy: sources of megan and harry's problems will reportedly london's tabloids and a little bit of tension with someone name kate thrown impaired why aren't more brits saying good riddance? the man pay annual has returned. doug, chris, jimmy, welcome back. doug and vanessa start with you the americans are obsessed with the royal family and i am one of the obsessed. i don't want to queen, but i feel they have treated their queen and harry's grandmother horribly here.
9:31 pm
>> these are overly entitled people who even when they have a great living are living like they are somehow victims of the royal curse or something. my sense, the best thing they could do go to canada, stay there, don't call, don't write call we don't need to hear from them. kennedy: in the harry has like $45 million. he has a bunch of money. >> and he wants to become self-sufficient. >> he should give it all back if he really wants to make a something of himself. paul himself out from the bootstraps and give it all back. kennedy: some of it is from his mom when she passed away. and the clean mom bequeathed a 7 million pounds to young harold. >> what an absolute waste of time. i love your monologue it was amazing, i agree with all that. but at the same time i can't believe we are even talking about these losers. kennedy: you know i were
9:32 pm
talking about them? has megan ruined him. she ruined him he was just fine. things were going great, he was great with william, he was cool he was dating the uppercrust hangers on. be. >> he was checking heineken's and peeing in the poll he was the billy madison of the royal family. kennedy: usability carter of the royal family. >> he was having a good time and i blame her. but everybody would be like how dare you say that she's a new mom. but she not a normal new mom. i hate when they prey on people in the country like that. you did not have 85 assistance to change the diapers. and by the way they were in nigeria and they were taking in scenes of kids who don't even have a soccer ball the play with. >> some of them don't have feet to kick the celica ball with. they were in a village where
9:33 pm
the people have literally stepped on landmines. and that's how they were going to discuss. and they would say how are you megan and she said thank you so much for asking. no one here can walk a mile in your shoes because they don't have any feet. they'd love to but they don't have an option to sell out of touch and stupid. and i hate that we all agree because us on a cable tv is. so screw you all. but is exactly what she is a victim of. they do team and to be demonizing his own prosperity. he's been embarrassed about being rich and successful. he's not getting rid of the money. he's just trying to. [inaudible] >> they are good to in l.a. so fast. that's where she wants to be back and be a celebrity. and maybe go back to acting park this is all a ruse to play yourself on the crown. kennedy: do know she is cosmic the lady who ruined gretzky's career. she said janet jones of the royal family. >> you know what the problem was degenerate gambling.
9:34 pm
>> is that true? >> they blew a lot of their money. and you sleep with an nhl hockey player you are gambling. [laughter] [laughter] kennedy: r8 said people with scratchy sores. people watching what are they talking about this dirt people that are watching right now. while the breakup with the royal family democrats are trying to remove the americus personnel from the white house. speaker pelosi said today she is sending impeachment articles to the senate soon, but she doesn't trust mitch mcconnell yet. watch. >> we are ready, we are proud, of our defense of the constitution of the united states. we are concerned that the senators will not be able to live up to the oath they must take to have an impartial trial. so much for that. kennedy: we are concerned.
9:35 pm
>> there is light one concern mitch mcconnell has, to make sure john bolton. kennedy: tells much weed as possible. >> it's seven different question different day. but in this it's to make sure john bolton does not testify as one-on-one meetings with donald j trump. kennedy: i think he should and i want to know. >> but i can tell you i don't know too. but i think there are 51 republicans who do not want to know, will not ask and do not what anyone's. >> would be great in bolton testified he will be al capone all over again. many testify and the whole thing was a waste of time. [inaudible] kennedy: who do you think john bolton wants to shift more the president are democrats? >> trump retweeting bolton today. you honestly think that bolton is gonna go out in a blaze of. >> two of the presidents doing
9:36 pm
jon i will tell you what our heart you back, you'll be secretary of state, pompeo will be final find another job for him. >> forget what i said about the libyan model. >> the mogollon blow-by ron. [inaudible] kennedy: you know he bid on the hand on ebay? [laughter] >> he would be so fired up for that. he knows support trumps working it. he's blowing a terrorist. >> and nancy posted this is so dopey. kennedy: that's a really good point because bolton says on monday yeah i will testify to the senate. [inaudible] b5 then on tuesday. >> many retreats and i love this guy. kennedy: alas were dug. >> it the last word if you don't get john bolton you won't get mick mulvaney. in mulvaney already admitted what went on. celestine donald trump once is
9:37 pm
either one of those singing in front of the senate. in mitch mcconnell connell is going to make sure cocaine or no cocaine they're not gonna testify. kennedy: in the china people. [laughter] kennedy: so how does this play out? so i really feel you got all these democrat senators coming out of the woodwork saying to nancy plus he liked don't be so condescending it's fantastic photo good job nancy we believe in you. come on. >> the longer this goes on it gets worse and worse for pelosi. the democrats said the impeachment. kennedy: what's the play, everybody says she's the greatest strategist. >> she's back yourself into a corner here. she is scrambling. she's gotten nowhere to go in no receivers to go. kennedy: is she about to get sacked? >> mcconnell sector today when he came out for the senate resolution that would've allowed them to dismiss the impeachment articles with prejudice for failure of policy to send them over in a timely manner. kennedy: helen is admin? kennedy: this ends with him coming down the capital steps
9:38 pm
on january 21 giving a longer weirder speech the last one and we move on with our lives. he is a lame duck president. kennedy: nobody wants to be a lame-duck president he's going to resign. [inaudible] >> perhaps he will try to run again as he's made clear once or twice again. >> u ... s grant. >> 2024. >> i'm all in. kennedy: i like nikki haley i would vote for but i like her. >> a lot of americas would vote for them. listen kanye has them in the polls right now. jesus is coming to the white house. kennedy: jesus christ superstar coming to broadway soon. thank you man panel. jimmy doug and chris barron, coming up there's been yet another craziness and then jeffrey epstein saga. wait to hear what the officials quote unquote accidentally deleted. now what is it mean for
9:39 pm
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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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kennedy: three weeks before jeffrey epstein died of suicide, the billionaire pedophile attempted to kill himself in a manhattan jail cell. to get a load of this little chestnut, the video from the day, from that day the first day he tried to kill himself, that is missing according to a new court filing. prison officials mistakenly have from a different floor of the detention facility. due to a technical glitch it is gone forever. that comes just days after 60 minute photos of the corpse showing blood he mark stretched across his neck. so what does this mean for all the conspiracy theories? they are not going away. here with me now fox news
9:44 pm
contributor who examined jeffrey epstein's body for the epstein family doctor michael bodden is here thank you so much for being here. so the one thing that doesn't help conspiracy theories go away, is destroyed evidence. fudged records, video that is now either retrievable, and it's only a lot of excuses. is this pretty consistent with what you have seen in the past? >> no, what is happened is the video from the first episode which was handled as a possible suicide attempts although epstein and july 10 had told his lawyers that he was assaulted. that he didn't try it. that video has now disappeared apparently. the two videos on his cell and in the tear that he was in when he died, are also corrupted and unusable. that is not usually how prisons are run. and also, the removal of the
9:45 pm
body after death by the ambulance destroyed what other forensic evidence. kennedy: and you say the evidence that was left behind the ligature is. >> the news. you said that was clearly not something that was used to kill him but fashioned by somebody else to make it look that way. >> it looks like a planted, staged to make it look like a suicide and that he's got a very narrow horizontal graph like a burrow around the neck. as if someone else did it. it was rope. kennedy: could a bedsheet cause that? >> noah bedsheet next to him from which the noose was made was too wide and also, had no transfer of any skin, blood,
9:46 pm
onto the noose. that's what happened. kennedy: so, so much as forces required to break the three hi lloyd bones that you talk about. there is clearly the blood evidence on that ligature if in fact that is what was used to kill him. >> yes the ligature mark the borough had bloodied it because he was dead for at least a couple of hours with that tight rope around his neck. and some blood was coming out. there is no evidence visually looking at the news to hook it up with whatever happened to his neck. but also, they would have taken dna specimens from just touching, whoever touched that news would have left dna audit and if we would've done dna we wouldn't have a report. kennedy: they did not read preserve that evidence? this is very hot high profile. >> i think they really did preserve that but we don't know what the results were as
9:47 pm
of now. they would have taken swabs of the noose of the ligature, and looked for dna. and touched dna would show up on that. and they don't say whether it's his dna or somebody else's dna. kennedy: and is it true they have not interviewed the sleeping guards who fudged? >> no that troubles me most, they have interviewed the two guards who fell asleep. they were supposed to be after ten hours they were giving out false rounds, citing the rounds but they didn't go on the rounds at all. but they haven't interviewed any of the other inmates, and the guards themselves, the guards themselves have refused to say anything. now this is on. kennedy: okay were up against a break we had come back and
9:48 pm
talk to us more? >> i live right nearby no prom. kennedy: now i have even more questions so come back like next week okay. michael bodden he's coming back. topical storm is next. say read there. ♪ ♪ the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. (groans)
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kennedy: a new survey finds drinking tea three times a week can lead to a longer life. and we just like to thank professor earl grant lipton university for his work on this. and who could forget the adjunct scientist from bigelow state and snapple community college. drink it. because this is a topical storm for topic number one, we begin tonight's in georgia where the good lord helps those who help themselves. yep so on christmas morning it was close, so he decided to do some window shopping if you will. he climbed inside, cooked a few burritos and before you knew know it silent night turn into silent but deadly night. ♪ ♪ was fleeing the scene he took a nap on the floor because baby is cold outside. and we are not going to judge our producer passes out on talk about floors all the time. at least this guy had his
9:53 pm
pants on. as of tonight georgia cops have not found the cookie convict to kids face serious jail time. most legal experts believe he will be sensitized serves and ciardi spent three hours in the gas chamber. [laughter] topic number two. we don't normally get into high society living on the show, but hooters has just unveiled some meatless chicken wings. according to their restaurant all their waitresses failed a blank tape test against their regular wings. before you go getting too excited, let's keep in mind this is hardly the first time the hooters waitresses failed the test. the company says it went meatless to a attract men who are trying to start eating healthier and be to help the environment. first informal, nobody is going to hooters to quit eating junk food because that's like going to vegas to quit gambling. or going to a horror house to quit screwing. secondly if you really care
9:54 pm
about bringing chemicals into the world. maybe don't run a restaurant whose biggest attraction is silicone body parts. come on man, nobody goes to hooters because they care. they go because they don't care. though whole point of a hooters is a like a sumo wrestler on cheat day and stare at the overwhelming amount of tv screens you like an amish guy at best buy. and looking at boobies. the meatless wings that they have fitted this new hooters item is a term paper, i'd give it a double d. plus, topic number three. it's thirsty thursday. nobody knows that better than a florida man who told police he wasn't drunk driving because quote he's a professional drinker. in any other state they would say that's a dumb defense. in florida there like that's george, i can't believe they locked him up. he's a pro. 54-year-old george emanuel may look like he's friend of the slaughter cover band the cops
9:55 pm
say he was up all night drinking. the commuter was allegedly driving three times the legal limit when cops brought his booze cruise to an end. he admitted to having several shots of whiskey but told police it's okay, i'm a pro drinker. the good news, he is a really strong taste. the bad news is half-empty. sounds like somebody's going to be on the next season of oranges is a new black and tan. as of tonight the plaster pro was out on bail, he is sent separate by eating some cheap tacos. i'll just walk in here, police say he stole a laptop and a tablet and assuming it was a tablet of pepto. hopefully. topic number four, you reach the point in their weekly hear from some of our viewers who have a love-hate relationship with her show. they love me and they hate themselves. [laughter] don't take my word for it hears viewer mail. hey you whatever happened to kennedy?
9:56 pm
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thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day. was it? yeah think so. you can follow me on twitter an instagram at kennedy nation on the koran e-mail kennedy enjoy your night good evening, . president trump left the swamp for a few hours this evening, leaving behind the party of hate and their empty threats to limit presidential war powers. their exutheir siding with soled iran. the same radical dimms who tried to jeff throw this historic president of ours for the first three years of his time in office. the president leaving d.c. behind, and tonight in the critical swing state of ohio and


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