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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 13, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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you. ability to brand themselves, make money will surprise us. david: gary, five seconds, do you care. >> i care more about who will win the oscars than this which means nothing. david: i'm with you, gary. that does it for "bulls & bears." thank you for watching. see you next time. liz: president trump on the move at this hour. we've got the latest on that as democrat credibility on iran, on impeachment, even the 2020 election, getting worse. tonight, new and deeply disturbing video showing iranian forces using live ammunition, tear gas and water cannons to attack their own people. as protests in iran grow. iranians saying our enemy is here, running our country. new reports iran's own politicians now demand that iranian leaders quit as the regime finally admits after days of denial it did shut down the ukrainian plane, killing all 176
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people on board. the debate tonight in the u.s. who is on the right side of history? many democrats remain silent, showing no support for the protesters in iran as human rights watchdog groups repeatedly demand iranian leaders be charged with human rights abuses for torture, oppression and slaughter of it is own people. president trump showing solidarity with the iranian protesters. tonight the former israeli ambassador to the u.s., whether history will show the democrats and media silence on iran's abuse of it its own people is a disgrace. whether democrats remain silent deserve to be leaders of the world's greatest democracy. tonight president trump moments ago hitting democrats hard tore attacking him for taking out the terrorist mastermind soleimani. also tonight, new sound of nancy pelosi seemingly trying to downplay the protests in iran as democrat senator chris coons now concedes that president trump has turned off the quote, terror
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money spigot created by obama's iran nuclear deal. the democrat credibility on impeachment getting worse of the house speaker nancy pelosi revealing yet again president trump will be quote, impeached forever, for life. is impeachment now degraded into simply a political weapon? polls show half of voters don't support it. "washington post" journalist report as lot of democrats are privately saying pelosi's strategy is quote, failing. more, on both obama and clinton democrats warning that bernie sanders will damage the democrat party once again this election as a big fight breaks out between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. liz: well welcome tot show.
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you're watching the fox business network. latest on iranian protest to president trump's and impeachment push by democrats. hillary vaughn has more in washington. reporter: president trump is standing behind thousands of iranians protesting on the streets after the government admitted they accidentally shoot down the ukrainian jetliner shortly after it took off in tehran. videos of protests going viral what appears to be iranian security forces firing live ammunition and tear gas to break up protesters. the public backlash comes after the iranian government lied for days about what happened to the aircraft that crashed and killed every passenger on board, then tried to cover it up before vanely admitting that they did shoot down the plane. the president tweeting, his support of the people protesting and warning the iranian government saying quote, to the leaders of iran, do not kill your protesters.
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thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you and the world is watching. more importantly the usa is watching. turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free. stop the killing of your greater iranian people. the president continues to defend the decision taking out iranian general qassem soleimani saying this afternoon on the white house north lawn, that he was a terrorist that needed to be taken out after secretary of defense mark esper says the intelligence backs up the president's decision but esper would not specifically confirm that he had intel that four u.s. embassies were imminent risk. but also, gop senator tom cotton saying on fox news channel that he did see intelligence supporting the move. >> i've seen the intelligence he was plotting something large, something very dangerous. whether it happened in a matter of weeks or a matter of days. >> we had exquisite intelligence only shared with the "gang of eight." i understand the frustration of many members of congress. it was shared with that "gang of
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eight." i spoke to one of briefers. one of the briefer, told me, most all members of the "gang of eight" believed the intelligence was persuasive as well. reporter: liz, this afternoon the chinese trade delegation landing in d.c. to sign the phase one china trade deal after the united states treasury removing china as a currency manipulator. liz: thanks so much for your reporting. back to iranian people as hillary reported risking their lives again, thousands pouring into the streets against the iranian regime. as iran's own politicians and iran's official news agency saying now that lying to the public about iran shooting down that ukrainian plane was catastrophic. that officials who lie must be prosecuted. new disturbing video, protesters again hit with live ammo, water cannons, tear gas, protesters calling their leaders, quote, the people's shame. murderers, shouting death to the dishonest supreme leader, death
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to liars. social media showed iran showing photos of general soleimani who many call a sadistic terror mastermind. iranians avoid stepping on the american flag out of respect. the debate. who isthe right side of history? nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, adam schiff, jerry nadler, president obama none of them for the fully supporting the iranian protesters. many staying silent. democrats continue the obama legacy turning a tone deaf ear to the oppression of iranian people. watch nancy pelosi seemingly to dismiss the protests in iran. saying there are different reasons why there are people in the street. >> the fact that this there were protesters in the streets before against the regime. after the taking out of soleimani, there were protesters in the streets joined together as you know, against us. that wasn't good. but there are different reasons why people are in the streets. of course we would love to see the aspirations of the people of
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iran realized with a better situation there but escalating the situation, unless we have exhausted every other remedy. >> which we haven't? >> well, we don't know that? liz: critics saying this is pretty lukewarm response from nancy pelosi. bring in retired u.s. marine lieutenant colonel dakota wood. colonel, you're reaction? >> liz, i'm kind of stunned by the silence and lukewarm support. if we look back at battle days of the cold war, ronald reagan, margaret thatcher, pope john paul ii banded together to talk about soviet repression and the same thing is occurring today in terms of this popular uprising. it is an amazing and inspirational moment when you see the protesters take to the street, at risk of their own lives, their livelihoods and family members to make a statement against the regime.
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this is mistake to focus on the iranian government response to shoot down the liner this is building. america taking out soleimani really showed the iranian regime is not untoughable and it opened a window of opportunity for them to express themselves at great hazard and the '90 couldn't do anything better than to support what is going on. liz: president joe biden, amy klobuchar speaking out to the protesters. president showed solidarity with iranians, saying iran don't kill your own people. here he is today on this issue. watch this. >> all the became sys were alerted. that is why we deployed additional troops to the region. let me say this much, jake. i'm glad we're having this discussion. i would rather be here discussing this topic with you. >> i think it has been totally consistent. but here is what has been consistent. we killed soleimani, the number one terrorist in the world by every account. bad person, killed a lot of
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americans, killed a lot of people. we killed him. and when the democrats try to defend him it is a disgrace to our country. they can't do that. let me tell you it is not working politically very well for them. so we killed the number one terrorist in the world, soleimani and it should have been done 20 years ago. see you at the game. thank you. liz: your reaction? >> soleimani the chief architect of a web of organizations all designed to undermine local governments, intimidate and coerce populations and extend iranian influence throughout the middle east. so just as we would applaud taking down a drug cartel, drug lord and other terrorist masterminds i think this attack against soleimani was the right thing to do, it was the right moment to do it. we're seeing benefits of this, again, empowering the protesters to speak up against this regime that is in tehran. we need to provide them this kind of support coming from the white house. liz: iran's street protests is ongoing off and on since the
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green revolution. that the obama administration ignored because president obama want ad legacy after iran nuke deal. "bloomberg news" reporting a few years ago quoting from a new book at that time by "wall street journal" reporter jay solomon, obama feared demonstrations would sabotage the the secret outreach to iran and obama ordered cia to. obama ordered cia to stand down here. chuck schumer cited numerous problems with the nuclear deal in 2015 so iran would be a free to build a nuclear weapon. i want to move on to joe biden saying only way out of this is diplomacy. your reaction to that? >> diplomacy enforced on streets of tehran. if the regime is not acceptable to the good world order, we don't want to remove it by force. that would be disasterous, the change has to come from within. it will not come willingly with
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the regime stepping down. the people have to determine their own fate. that is what they're doing in these popular protests. these are not paid by the government. they're speaking against the government at great risk to themselves as i already said. this is democracy in action. isn't this something we should be championing an applauding and really trying to help push forward? at least rhetorically and diplomatically. liz: colonel, great to see you. thank you for your insights, service to our country. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure, liz. liz: come back soon. more details from the border tonight, from the falling number of illegal immigrants apprehended to a pair of high-stakes court rulings over building border walls. fox news william la jeunesse has the story. reporter: the wall was a major campaign promise, what the administration has 100 miles in three years isn't much, liz but if you consider the lawsuits and efforts to stop it. president trump won most of fights.
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acting dhs secretary, chad wolf says they can build a mile of fence today and credits it, forcing migrants to remain in mexico for decline in border apprehensions. >> we're trying to shift illegal apprehensions into areas easier to patrol and ports of entry there is a mitted to to our strategy and it is working. reporter: new wall is replace as barrier which stops no one from walking across the bored. in south texas, the administration challenged but failed to stop construction of a private three-mile wall along the rio grande river which the administration claims will injure wildlife and damage the flood plane. in the last seven months, border apprehensions declined 70%, many central americans stayed home realize they will be forced to wait in mexico for a their day in u.s. court. wolfe and martha mcsally
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defend the policy that migrants call unsafe. [speaking spanish] reporter: do you think these places are safe, tijuana, mat mat mat? >> it is our responsibility to make america safe. we have to secure the border and asylum everything you have to come legally here to the country is upheld and not take advantage of our country. reporter: wall construction is piecemeal. five miles here. 10 miles there. some new construction replaces old fence and some is new linear fence along the border. the administration hopes to finish 450 miles by the end of 2020. liz? liz: william la.
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>>. house speaker nancy pelosi revealing democrats true motive. that trump will be impeached forever, for life. a lot of democrats according to "the washington post" privately warning that pelosi's strategy is failing. the story next. (whistling)
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♪. liz: to the latest on impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi taking aim at republicans warning that senators will pay a price if witnesses are blocked at a senate trial. this as nancy pelosi is expected to deliver the impeachment articles to the senate this week. fox news's chad pergram joins us with more. chad, great to see you. reporter: likewise. tomorrow is a big day on capitol hill as pelosi meets with democrats to conduct the next steps on impeachment. they have to have a short vote to send the articles to the senate. that could come wednesday or thursday. they pack them in cherry boxes march them across to the capitol and the senate. we will learn the name of impeachment managers, prosecuting house's case in the senate. they must approve a resolution to receive the articles.
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if the house votes tuesday or wednesday the senate could start the trial thursday this weeks. the first day is ceremonial. the meat of the trial may not start until next week. now there are 26 rules governing impeachment in the senate. if the senate does anything outside of that realm it must take a vote. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he has 51 votes to handle the things the way they did for president clinton trial. senators must sit at their desk 24 hours total to hear the house managers present their case. 24 hours for the president's defense team to rebut the house. 16 hours for questions. at that point, they could go to witnesses. senate impeachment rules dictate the trial starts every day one p.m., saturdays included. federal holidays included. clinton's trial consumed 100 hours in 1999. republican senator susan collins working behind the scenes to forge an agreement on witnesses. chuck schumer could engineer votes to put vulnerable republican senators facing
6:20 pm
challenging re-election campaigns on spot. those include collins, thom tillis, cory gardner, and martha mcsally of arizona. liz? liz: chad, thank you very much. we're tracking information coming in that president says pelosi and house intelligence chair adam schiff should testify. as even members of the media saying pelosi's strategy is failing. that includes this "washington post" journalist. watch this. >> she is clearly putting a positive spin on what a lot of democrats privately said was a failed strategy. she and chuck schumer minority leader in the senate set out number one try to get a commitment from mcconnell first-hand witnesses to have them testify in senate trial. she wanted to see a resolution about you know, how the whole proceedings would be governed. she got neither of those. liz: democrats credibility on impeachment getting worse by the hour. it is being called hurry up and wait impeachment. pelosi finally moving on something she said herself would
6:21 pm
be divisive to the country. look who is here. republican ben klein, member of house judiciary. good to see you, sir. your reaction to all of that? >> goes to show you nancy pelosi doesn't understand her power ends at the end of the house chamber and where the senate begins. mitch mcconnell takes over t wouldn't surprise me if she tried to follow the articles of impeachment down the hall and ask where her desk was in the senate. she is so anxious to play a roll in the senate. she is trying to leverage her power to get witnesses secured in a senate trial. but she is been sober over these last three weeks, learning that, that is not in the cards for her. she doesn't get to call the shots. liz: nancy pelosi went on abc's show, this week, left open the door to filing even more articles of impeachment. she is talking now about impeachment quote, forever, for life. so is impeachment now downgraded, degraded into a political weapon? >> absolutely. she has lowered the bar for impeachment. adam schiff lowered the bar to a point where it is political tool box for the majority to wield
6:22 pm
against a president. if they don't behave the way the majority in the house wants, they will charge him with abuse of power and that is going to go on forever now, hopefully we'll be able to restore it in a future republican-controlled house but you know what? she has done enormous damage to the constitution and to the rule of law by pursuing this low bar for impeachment. liz: originally democrats claimed they had proof of bribery, even obstruction in the mueller report. neither of those in the impeachment articles. sir, polls show about half of voters don't support impeachment. "des moines register," new poll of iowans show that too. why adopt impeachment articles and then demand that the senate do what the house didn't get the testimony of witnesses? she doesn't have any, you know what i mean? that is an issue there, right? go ahead. >> absolutely. nancy pelosi wants the senate to do her job for her. not only does she want to do the senate's job, now she wants them to call witnesses that adam schiff couldn't get in the
6:23 pm
house, because he was so anxious to rush impeachment through, that they wouldn't wait for the courts. you know, that is, the joke is about this impeachment. she is refusing to wait for the courts to act. then she goes to charge him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. liz: let's show a context here. the polls seem to show american voter sees the democrats have been wanting to overturn the 2016 election within months of the president being inaugurated. it is not just that they wanted to get rid of the electoral college, they wanted to get rid of trump. demonstrates started to file nine impeachment articles or resolutions within six months of the president's inauguration. it has been the democrats main focus since even before trump took office on and on. so what i want to go to next, sir, is that i want to show the viewer, show the american people, what the democrats have been saying even before trump took office. watch this. >> he richly deserves impeachment.
6:24 pm
he has done many impeachable offense. >> impeach 45. [cheering] impeach 45. >> we believe president trump has violated contution. we introduced five articles of impeachment. >> i'm concerned if we don't impeach this president he will get reelected. >> we began impeachment proceedings now. liz: do you think the american people see that the democrats and the, even many in the media have been pushing to get rid of trump within months of him being elected? >> absolutely. trump derangement syndrome is alive and will. now she is trying to slow down the trial so that it helps her friend joe biden get the nomination for president. it is politics all the day every day for nancy pelosi. no change here in the beginning of the year. liz: thank you, congressman. good to see you. coming up, more on both obama and clinton democrats now warning that bernie sanders will damage the democrat party once again this election year as a big new fight is breaking out between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. coming up.
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♪. liz: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. a big fight now breaking out as the 2020 democrats finally realize they are running against each other. bernie sanders campaign now attacking elizabeth warren as sanders now finds himself in first place in iowa just three weeks out from the caucus there. fox news peter doocy joins us from winterset, iowa with more. peter. reporter: liz, the primary fight for progressive hearts and minds has been pretty polite until now because cnn is reporting that bernie sanders privately told elizabeth warren he does not think a woman can win and the warren campaign is not reacting at all to this report yet but bernie sanders is out with a statement where he says in part, it is ludicrous to believe the same meeting where elizabeth warren told me she would run for
6:30 pm
president, i would tell her that a woman couldn't win. sanders insisted sunday he has never say anything negative about warren when he was asked about a different report by "politico" his volunteers were working off of a script that tells undecided iowa democrats warren can't bring any new bases into the party. >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. bernie knows me and has known me for a long time. he knows who i am, where i come from, what i have worked on and fought for. i hope bernie reconsiders and turns his campaign in a different direction. reporter: but sanders insists with that one his hands are clean. >> i got to tell i think it's a little bit after media blowup that -- [inaudible] elizabeth warren is a very good friend of mine. we have worked together in the senate for years.
6:31 pm
elizabeth warren and i will continue to work together. we will debate the issues. no one is going to trash elizabeth warren. reporter: this back and forth could change things in iowa. right now a monmouth poll finds joe biden in the lead followed by bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren who are all investing precious time here in the state when they could be anywhere hoping to win three weeks from tonight. liz? liz: peter doocy, great to see you. staying on the news now reported by cnn and "the new york times" bernie sanders now vehemently denying that he told senator elizabeth warren in 2018 that a woman could not win the presidency. this as both obama and hillary clinton democrat officials now warning that bernie sanders will damage the democrat party again 2020 as they say he did in 2016. let's bring in senior writer at "the federalist," chris bedford. great to see you. your reaction to sander's fight
6:32 pm
with warren. >> it will come to the head when they are on the debate stage. this is not something where elizabeth warren could push it off some stupid staffer put out because the source of the story is elizabeth warren. a little strange to see at that time warren campaign is refusing to comment on a story that clearly came from their candidate. when they're on the stage together, bernie is going to be faced, senator sanders will be faced with the option of calling her a liar or apologizing. either one might be a loss for them. either way it is going to be for the viewers a head-to-head battle for bernie sanders versus liz warren on this story and i do think that it, with him denying it, and also old video footage coming out of bernie sanders in the '80s as mayor of burlington, talking about a woman being president, there is a lot on the internet coming out that backs up, not really in his character to have said something like this. liz: yesterday also, elizabeth warren ripping sanders over a report in "politico" alleging
6:33 pm
that sanders campaign quietly told volunteers, hey, tell voters warren would be a weak candidate, her appeal is limited to highly-educated affluent people bringing no new voters into the democrat party. that is another fight too. >> that is entirely true. the fact sheet bernie sanders campaign put outlaid out how to attack multiple candidates for surrogates on the campaign trail. sanders may distance himself from that to blame staffers, there has to be lessons learned for sanders who waited a long time to take the gloves off against hillary clinton and ended up losing when she went negative on him. he should be willing to go to war. at least his staff for the main part are willing to fight for a candidate they may believe in. liz: quick final word, the obama campaign official, jim messina says president trump would love to run against bernie sanders. bernie sanders trying to invoke jfk and fdr with ads in iowa. we have run stories about how bernie sanders has said back in
6:34 pm
the '70s, the u.s. should take over all u.s. industries. he has cheered on communists in the soviet union, in nicaragua and cuba. it is bernie sanders, do as i say, capitalist, not as i do. you know amassed millions of dollars in a personal fortune. he has a number of homes. you know, you wonder if his public image holds up with what the facts are behind the scenes, christopher? last word to you. >> the kennedys were young, hard wore anti-communists. sanders is an old person who is very socialist. these are very different ideas. liz: christopher bedford. come back soon. love having you on. coming up the debate in the u.s. who is on the right side of history? many democrats remain silent showing no support for the protesters in iran. former top diplomat from israel next. ♪.
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♪. liz: look who's here. lou dobbs joins us now with a preview of what is coming up next on his show. lou, i guess you don't have anything to talk about. not much news going on, right? >> not at all. you missed a little of it. great to have you back by the way. i've been here all the time by the way, liz. good to see you. liz, tonight we have u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer leading the way on this historic trade agreement with china. pulitzer prize-winning columnist, michael goodwin, former reagan white house political director, republican savant ed rollins, former special forces operator, leader of one of the country's leading think tanks, jim hansen. "judicial watch," tom fitton. we'll be talking about "spygate." we'll be talking about the democrats, the radical dems, corrupt and farcical impeachment inquiry and those little articles that contained no crime they're going to push through
6:40 pm
the senate we're told reliably, by none other than than nancy pelosi. "washington examiner" chief political correspondent byron york and so much, much more at the top of the hour. liz, thank you. liz: we'll be watching, lou. thank you so much. >> take care. liz: by the way, let's stay on the growing protests in iran, after security forces did fire live ammo and tear gas and at anti-government protesters. fox news's benjamin hall in amman, jordan with more. benjamin. reporter: good evening. the protests are spreading across iran the last few days. they are now in 17 provinces and come after iran's finally admitted responsibility for shooting down that ukrainian plane killing 176 people, most of them iranians of the thousands of people took to the streets with anger behind them. there are reports now that the regime responded with live fire rounds and tear gas. pools of blood could be seen on the ground where the riot police attacked. secretary pompeo speaking
6:41 pm
earlier warned iranians not to harm protesters. >> you can see it. the iranian people are in the streets. they are likely there in astounding numbers in spite of enormous personal risk to themselves. they're burning posters and billboards with soleimani's face on them. chanting soleimani a murderer. they know he was one of the key architects of their oppression. reporter: remarkable scenes at one university where students purposely avoided stepping on u.s. an israeli flags, something they have been encouraged to do since 1979 but instead yesterday they chanted, the u.s. is not our enemy, the regime is. they lied to us. they are on so i heat. can mauney and soleimani are the hurt irers. khomeni. we're looking at the al-asad base seeing the destruction at the base amazing no was kills much u.s. intelligence was credited with saving lives giving troops early warning to
6:42 pm
take cover. the civil unrest in iran comes on back of three months of anti-regime protests coupled with the pressure campaign from administration, heavy sanctions. iran many say is in a difficult spot. liz: benjamin hall, thanks very much. we have danny ayalon former diplomat and ambassador to the u.s. talk about iran leads the world in excuse of children under age 18. human rights groups, general assembly women in iran face daily beatings, assaults, strangling, death threats. nothing says progressive lick a regime that publicly executes children and women. what is your reaction to the democrat and media science here in the united states about that? >> well, it's a astounding. i think it shows total moral bankruptcy i would say. to add to all of this list of criminal behaviors of this
6:43 pm
regime, you know we have this indiscriminate firing, live ammunition as you mentioned, liz. at, civilians over there. just in september they killed more than 1500. green revolution in 2009, thousands were killed. and the world is silence. no one is calling on the icc, international criminal court in the hague to investigate and actually bring to justice the leaders of this very barsuglia barsuglia -- barbaric regime. liz: president obama silent on that. nancy pelosi silent on everything you just said. jerry nadler silent on this. adam schiff is silent about it. john kerry silent bit. obama administration criticized for send $50 billion to iran fueling violence in syria, iraq, yemen. this fueled the rise of isis,
6:44 pm
migrant crisis into europe. iran became stronger and more lethal by the end of the obama presidency. people bring that up, you get attacked if you criticize this, if you point this out. your reaction? >> well, liz, i hope in this high season of you know political campaigns i hope that nobody will use the political campaign just to ignore this crimes of the iranian regime. i hope nobody will try to cover up the fact that they were negotiating with this regime, actually, settling with them and giving them hundreds of billions of dollars. you know that, it is no secret, that khamenei has a slush fund a secretive fund of $200 billion that he is using at his discretion for their own corruption on the one hand and on the other hand using it for undermining recognize -- regimes
6:45 pm
in surrounding area of iran. destablizeing the entire situation here in the middle east and much beyond. you have to understand this -- yeah. liz: their own people suffer they have a slush fund to detablize the region doing nothing to help their own people. even senate democrat senator chris coons praised president trump for turning off the terror money flow of money into iran from obama's nuclear deal. your reaction to this one lone democrat's, chris coons stepping up? >> would you be willing to concede that as part of the president's maximum pressure campaign that at least they turned off the terror money spigot? >> there has been a real impact on the iranian economy and resources available to the terrible iranian regime as a result of the maximum pressure campaign. >> that is success? >> that is a positive. liz: won't say success. only says it's a positive.
6:46 pm
your reaction to that? >> well i hope this is only the first canary. i hope all of them will see it as it is and use judgment and morality not only to call the regime's out in iran but to do everything to bring it down. liz: now they seem out of touch. ambassador, thank you so much. great to see you. >> pleasure. thank you. liz: come back soon. next up the controversy over a former obama justice department official now selected to oversee the fbi's reforms of its deeply flawed fisa surveillance process that was used to spy on the trump campaign. is the wrong guy for the job? the debate next. wherever we want to go, autosave your way there with chase.
6:47 pm
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some people say that's ridiculous. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. ♪. liz: president trump now questioning why a controversial former justice department official david kris was appointed by the fisa court reforms of the wiretaps. bring in former assistant deputy director of the fbi. he is danny coulson. your reaction to that, this appointment? >> whoever they appoint has to
6:51 pm
be above reproach. the track record of this individual is questionable with regard to fiz court. my problem should the fisa court be involved in the revisions. that is job for fbi director and attorney general. if the fisa court doesn't work it, has become so cumbersome that the fbi can't get information through the court to get a warrant, then we're in big trouble in our country. fisa is absolutely essential to our security. we need to make sure it works and protects the constitution and worksable, not so cumbersome that it doesn't work at all. liz: david kris reportedly recently claimed the inspector general report of the justice department vindicated the fbi. he also wrote that the fbi was correct in assessing there was probable cause to believe carter page was a secret russian spy. he attacked devin nunes for blowing the whistle on fbi fisa abuses. he was quote, dishonest.
6:52 pm
your reaction to his reremarks are here? >> dead wrong is the answer to that. the fbi as an entity was not exonerated. we've seen the director and his minions caused all problems in the name of the fbi. fbi agents didn't do this case. i guess you could split hairs saying the fbi agents were exonerate ad and mr. comey was not exonerated. i think he misspoke. i don't know how he could come up with that conclusion. the i.g. spotted 17 problems in that warrant application. that is a lot. that doesn't exonerate anybody. liz: that's a great point. we have to wait for john durham 's criminal probe to come to, criminal probe of the russia probe. your reaction to that? >> totally agree with that. director wray has been criticized not moving forward with discipline. he can't do anything until durham finishes the criminal inquiry. we have to see if there is any
6:53 pm
criminal prosecution. most of the players are not in the fbi anymore. they were fired for other reasons. let's see what happens. i think durham is a reasonable man. i think the attorney general will get to the bottom with him. i look forward to seeing what happened. liz: danny coulson. come back soon. love for having you on. >> always enjoy it. liz: national border patrol council president brandon judd on new data that show the trump administration border security policies are working. the story next.
6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
[♪] liz: a new border patrol statistic showing the trump administration policy is work. brandon judd joins us now. apprehensions down for 7 straight months. down 70% since may. your reaction? >> it's because president trump decided he was not longer going to try to deal with congress or work with congress because congress was failing to do anything. and he struck deals with countries like mexico and guatemala. and because of those deals he struck, we have seen a tremendous drop in illegal immigration. liz: canada and europe have enacted deals as well. the federal appeals court, the fifth circuit court of appeals
6:58 pm
green lighted the administration using pentagon funds redirecting to build the wall. how fast can that money be put to use there. and talk about drug seizures up at the border. >> this was not a decision that was unexpected. we knew they were going to step in and make the right rule. they act upon the rule of law and what the law says. the fifth circuit stepped in and said he could use that. these walls are desperately needed, they allow the border patrol to dictate where illegal drug flows take place. if we can dictate where that takes place, we can be a lot more successful and save an awful lot of lives in the united states. liz: seizures of fentanyl up 80% the last year. seizures of heroin up 27%. what's your quick reaction on
6:59 pm
john kerry saying it was joe biden who helped stop the illegal immigration at the border. your reaction to that. >> that's absolutely laughable. if it wasn't for president obama and de facto joe biden and their policies we wouldn't have this crisis we are dealing with. sit was their policies that brought about the child immigration crisis. president trump had to deal with it. and he's done a marvelous job dealing with the crisis and we are no longer in that same state we used to be in. liz: are you looking anytime soon for the democrats to have a debate on border ask security? >> no. the democrats know they have standard of practice serious border ask security problem. they know if they get in office which i don't believe they are going to. but if they get in office they
7:00 pm
know they will have a problem and the public will rise up against shell again. they don't want to talk about it. liz: lou dobbs next. [♪] lou: good evening, the radical dimms and the left wing national media mobbed up last week to push a critical narrative over president trump's order mani' to kill qassem soleimani. the u.s. military you killed their leading terrorist. a week later the radical dimms and leftist media aren't congratulating president trump for ridding the world of iran's top terrorist. nor are they able to explain why
7:01 pm
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