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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 9, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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their pursuit of donald trump and 97% said no. i couldn't agree more. good night from new york. [♪] trish: we reached a tipping point. the course of hate being leveled at the president is nearing a crescendo as the democrats blame him and only him for a virus that originated halfway around the world. and sadly it seems they care very little for the destruction they are leaving in their wake. losses in the stock market, and all this unfortunately part of the political casualties for them. this is the time to be united. not to be encouraging hate. we see the absolute opposite from the left tonight.
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i'm trish regan. the hate is boiling over. many in the liberal media using coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president. >> i don't think the president is capable of telling us the truth about the coronavirus. >> they have to plan. >> the virus is going to kill americans regardless of their stupidity. >> this -- >> it will psychologically torment him. he should lead or get out of the way. stay on the government course. >> this may be donald trump's katrina. this an event that could take down the president. >> there is no confidence in the president in anything he says or does. i wish he would just be quiet. trish: i see. this is impeachment all over again. they don't care who they hurt.
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whether it's their need to create mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off, unlike anything we have seen recently or to be to create mass hysteria to stop our economy dead in its tracks. they told us how much they crave a recession as a way to get rid of donald trump. >> do you see why i say we need a recession in i know it will be pain new. but we have to get rid of this guy. >> a recession is a survivable event. but trump is doing to this country is not. i have been hoping for a recession, it would get rid of trump so you shouldn't hate me for it. >> recessions are really bad. people lose their jobs. trish: these are people's jobs that the left does not mind seeing them lose. and they are seeing people's
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401ks being decimated. in some ways they seem to be cheering it on. >> containment has failed and mitigation is the next objection. >> i'm glad cnn is calling this new coronavirus for what it is, which is a pandemic. >> the ship has sailed here. >> cnn is calling the coronavirus a pandemic. >> to say this is contained is a flat-out lie. trish: this is impeachment all over again complete with a whistleblower to complain about our health and human services committee. we look at these numbers with a clear lens, i want to reminds everyone that the cdc estimates this year's seasonal flu has resulted in 34 million cases and 20,000 deaths in the united
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states alone. nearly 6 million americans got swine flu and 12,000 americans died. and was there any criticism? no. because why? the media didn't want to insult their precious president obama, i suppose. i spoke with a doctor friday who told me the world health organization typically do whatever they can to get the word out so the public can improve hygiene routines and health routines. this ways helps in terms of lessening the infection rates. but the media's reaction. the global town halls and media treating this like it's a missing plane story.
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did they do this during ebola? no. we didn't even see this insanity for sars and those viruses were far more deadly. so why the melodrama? >> i'll give you two words. donald trump. and the media doesn't like him. people including the media and some investors are allowing their own hate and bias against him to spiral out of control leading to massive sell-offs in the market. any time there is this kind of disruption in the supply chain there will be economic softness which can lead to a recession. and we are probably due for one now. but we'll recover. we always do. for the media to spin a narrative that this sell-off and this virus are all a result of president trump is just wrong. but unfortunately i guess they
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needed someone to blame. they want to blame him for literally anything they can. and they have no real interest, shall we say, in finding who is to blame. who is the root cause of all this. from what we can tell, this all originated out of china. it was donald trump as their political target, that's all they need. that's tonight's intel. joining me, david bossie, trump's 2016 campaign manager. i get it, people are frightened. they are scared. but when you look at the actual statistics -- i'm not saying people shouldn't take this seriously and people should exercise caution and wash their hands and not go to work if they are sick. but this kind of hysteria and sell-off, down 2,000 points?
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come on. david: it's an outrageous act the democrats and media are perpetrating on the american people. they hate this president more than they love our country. bill maher and others, they want america to fail so that they can defeat donald trump. they know what he has built the last three years is the strongest economy america has ever seen. every american is prospering from, and it is this virus which is caused by the chinese, this wuhan virus which now even the media is saying you can't say it's the wuhan virus because that makes people feel bad. trish: i have a whole segment coming up on that, by the way. david: it's the political
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correctness run amok. where are the democrats in the leading. when barack obama had problems in his administration, mitch mcconnell was there to lead for the american people, for all the american people. they made deals whether we conservatives liked them or not. wet were it was in bill clinton's, george bush's or obama's time. where is nancy pelosi and chuck schumer? they want this president to fail. trish: chuck schumer is too busy issuing threats to supreme court justices. when you look at this hysteria. we know the media and the left hates him. we know lawmakers have proven how willing they are to effectively choose themselves over any kind of patriotism. so that's all out there. anything else?
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i look at it and say the closer we get to the vaccine, the closer some relief will come in these markets. buff you have to face the facts for what they are. david: i think the facts all americans will come to grips with. we'll see a big spike in numbers the next couple weeks. as the testing become more available, what this president did in shutting down travel to this country was incredibly important. it bought our government, the federal and local governments, to get ready for what we are about to embark on. there are cases where people think they have a mild cold but they had it. the american people have to be ready for that and we'll work our way through it. that's what the markets are i
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believe playing to. i think they are seeing the down side. these are good buying opportunities for a lot of people. every metric of our economy of is incredibly strong. as soon as we get back through this, our economy will be back on fire. i think it president should take some dramatic steps in halting the payroll tax for a little while. there are multiple things he can do to stimulate the economy to give some tax breaks. i am excited to hear what he's going to do tomorrow. it's only through this leadership. a democrat who is willing to help this president help america. trish: just pointing fingers. tonight forget that nation is going through a health crisis. always making time to call something a social justice
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crisis. liberals accusing republicans of racism for calling it quote wuhan virus. you just heard mr. bossie about that. and cnn has also used the term. >> the wuhan coronavirus. the wuhan coronavirus. trish: conservative host and author david harris is here. he will react to diamond and silk calling out who they say is the real racist. liberals like spike lee. >> you look at a person like spike lee. i look at him as he per pet waits racism daily. he makes movies about racism keeping you stuck in the pain of your ancestors. instead of calling white people racist, he's being a racist
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towards black people. trish: more fallout from a top dem gleefully threatening supreme court justices. >> i want you to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh. you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. trish: republican congressional people elise stefanik says she received a vial, threatening note while grossy shopping over the weekend. the first liberal media hope can the coronavirus will be trump's downfall. >> we have to have some kind of leadership. >> the world is note looking for president trump to lead on this. this may be donald trump's
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trish: our president is continuing his ban and travel from china to the u.s. israel enacted a two-week quarantine on anyone trying to come into their country. should we be considering a ban on all incoming foreign flights? or look at a mandatory quarantine for anyone entering our country. why allow anyone in when we are trying to figure out who is here and whether they are healthy or not. tommy, israel has don't, why don't we.
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if the president moves forward to protect the u.s. the left will call him a bigot. but then they say he's not handling the crisis properly. he's doing everything effective to solve the crisis. butter in never going to be happy with it. it's president trump. >> we heard about the xenophobia. he urged caution and there is travel precautionary measures regarding flights around south korea and italy. but i look at it and say we need to do whatever we can do. i do think it's a little bit overblown. i said this in my previous segment. you compare and contrast it to the swine flu and regular flu. shouldn't we be willing to go
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the extra measure and you know what? the defendant be damned. >> we should be doing things that are effective. and a travel ban is effective. however, i live in california, kinds of the epicenter of the coronavirus issue. we have the cruise ship in oakland and there is hysteria over that. i often ask people, gavin newsom and nancy pelosi who try to blow it up and make it an hysterical moment. you don't care about the needles in the streets or the typhoid or the rats. i don't bite, trish. trish: i know there has been and lot of concern about where this virus came from, how it
8:20 pm
originated. we are told by the chinese and you have to take it with a grain of salt, they are saying it originated via livestock. they have have an awful record in terms of how they treat their livestock. are you buying that? you have got wuhan which was actually a location that had two bio warfare labs. do you think our intel folks should be doing some digging into what the origins of this thing are? >> absolutely. i think it's wise we not trust china with anything and take it with a huge grain of salt. we are talking about products that come from china that may have resulted, even more of a reason to make sure we have mayor scan-grown products. i'm from south dakota, we can
8:21 pm
get our beef here from the united states of america and not have to worry about possibly contaminated goods from china. that's a win-win for us. trish: more fallout from schumer's threatening comments. >> i want to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you, calf tbhawp, you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. trish: republican congresswoman elise stefanik says she received a threatening note while grocery shopping this weekend. the democrats and the liberal media proving they can make race accusations about anything. they are accusing republicans of racism for calling the
8:22 pm
coronavirus the wuhan virus. forget that wuhan is where the virus originated from. and cnn used it as well. >> the wuhan coronavirus. >> the wuhan coronavirus. trish: coming up, david harris, jr. is here. that's next. >> i look at a person like spike lee. i look at him, he per pet waits racism daily. he makes movies about racism. keeps you stuck in the pain of your ancestors. he needs to look in the mirror and look at himself. he's being racist towards black he's being racist towards black people. stretched days for it. he's being racist towards black people. ♪ ♪
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foul over a republican congressman referring the coronavirus as the wuhan virus despite the fact wuhan is where it all started. one cnn anchor tweeting it's astoundingly gross to call it the wuhan virus. others saying it's xenophobic. where were the outraged liberals when we named the west nile virus. the german measles out of germany. rocky mountain spotted fever. i get that would be right in the u.s. and sliem disease after a -- and lyme disease in connecticut. and the norovirus out of the a town in ohio. joining me, david harris, jr.
8:28 pm
david: good to see you, trish. trish: they look for opportunities. they find them wherever they can. in this case's racist to say wuhan virus? >> it's unbelieve but believable because it's coming from the mainstream media. i say wage america. i ask the american people, do they not understand that the majority of the liberal media has an agenda to point this presidents everything derogatory and despicable in the book. and for most americans it's if you are a racist. german measles had nothing to do with measles in germany. it lad to do with the physicians describing the virus. trish: what about the norovirus.
8:29 pm
it was right out of the norwalk, ohio. at some point it gets silly. and they will have to recognize it's like the little boy that cried wolf a few too many times. >> they are crying wolf an awful lot. here is the thing. the liberal mainstream media and democrats don't want americans to use their brains with it comes to facts or the truth. they want americans to get emotionally rhode island up and not look at the fact we do have the best economy america has ever had. it's because of this path's leadership. they don't want people to look that the facts. they are crying wolf way too much. trish: diamond and silk were on the program friday.
8:30 pm
they are saying for spike lee to go out there and call them effectively the equivalent of house slaves in the pre-civil war era, that's pretty bad. in fact it's the democrat party in their view that are the real racists. people like spike lee. i want you to see this. >> a time for black people to wake up and smell the coffee here. you don't have any part of the democrat party. they look at us as a commodity. something that could be bought and sold. that's why they try to buy us with free stuff. they are the party muc -- of ra. trish: you were one of the people spike lee was equating with a pre-civil war house slave. how does it feel to you to be called a house slaved by spike
8:31 pm
lee. david: i have to step back and ask my fellow american brothers and cities and ask themselves, how much does spike lee have in common with most average everyday americans. his net worth is $40 million. he made a lot of movies,' of them divisive. most about race. someone his stature and presence in our country to then call out individuals like myself that was in the stoafl office with the president of the united states and equate us to house slaves is derogatory and disgusting. it's nothing that anybody should stand up for spike lee about. don lemon calling us clowns. obama didn't invite a bunch of us to the white house. he invited celebrities, jay-z and beyonce.
8:32 pm
trish: i am glad you brought that up. i will give you a funny shine diamond and silk said to me. i believe it was silk who said obama may have had beyonce and jay-z, but donald trump has diamond and silk. to your point, every day people who care about the issues in the community, that has a bigger effect. and in some ways it's more meaningful than getting the celebrities to stand up there. how do you see what's happening right now, the hysteria if you were surrounding the coronavirus. how do you see that unemployment affecting the black community? >> it's hard what we are going through. there is a lot more hysteria going on with corona that should be. the media is pushing the
8:33 pm
narrative trying to paint trump as the bad guy. coronavirus will pass. and we'll be back to the brass tack knuckles of what this administration is doing to bring jobs back. santa ana god president trump brought back 600,000 manufacturing jobs. i think see this as a way to improve our supply chain. trish prr more trouble for joe biden. >> if the prosecute years not fired, you are not getting the money. son of a [bleep], he got fired. trish: not the bind quid pro quo scandal. it's actually his brother. james bind.
8:34 pm
here is a hint. the fbi is involved. first the liberal media isn't happy unless average americans are literally running for the hills and blaming president trump while they are doing it. an msnbc guest warning against fear mongering. >> this is not to fear monger. it would be irresponsible for to us create panic when with it's undo. that being said, we notate 0% of the population and typically a 15-20% of mortality for those who are elderly and have underlying conditions. trish: my next guest is here to call out the irresponsible liberal media. drop jeannette is speaking out after this. a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value
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a 15-20 percent death rate in the united states tide to coronavirus. as this headline reads, this msnbc expert predicts a coronavirus 15 to 20 percent mortality rate. >> this is not to fear monger. it would be irresponsible for to us create panic when it's undue. but 80% of the population will survive and typically a 15 to 20 percent of mortality for those who are elderly and have underlying conditions. trish: only 80% of us are going to survive this? that's crazy talk. you know what the media is doing here. in this particular case, this
8:40 pm
guy is talking about 80% living. then he turns to 15-20%. but i think and maybe i'm just giving hip the benefit of the doubt he was trying to say maybe 15-20 percent of those people who are elderly are susceptible to it if they have compromised immune systems. in south korea the death rate is 0.6%. and it's primarily among the elderly. how does this whack job contributor at msnbc get from 0.6% to 20:%? -- to 20%?
8:41 pm
you got me. i know we are joke around about it, but doctor i think it's critical people in the science field, doctors like yourself be articulate and forthcoming and at the same time not promote hysteria or fear. >> you are absolutely correct. we have to be clear. we don't want to create anxiety in patients. you can't just spew out these numbers when we don't have the exact data. we won't know the exact data until this outbreak is over. the way you calculate the mortality rate is looking at the number of cases and look at the number of deaths. what he said about 80 percent will survive. 80% will either have no symptoms
8:42 pm
or require no medical intervention. the cdc said 5% may have citele cal symptoms and end d -- may have critical conditions and end up in the hospital. heart failure, lung disease, they are on chemotherapy and have cop below miced immune systems. when i see the fear mongering it's disheartening. the focus should be to make sure everyone knows to wash your hands and stay home if you are clean. the president has doning he can to protect us, doing the 14-day quarantine. funning people from different --
8:43 pm
funneling people from different parts of the world. take our own action and help prevent the spread of this virus. trish: are we look at possibly january of next year before this a vaccine? >> that's realistic. they say next month they will try children -- they will start clinical trials. but it takes a year to a year and a half to get on the market. they have to look at it to make sure it's safe and its side effects. experimental drugs and therapeutics will hopefully be available soon. trish: the flu itself can be even more deadly. i look at the numbers. it may be this one is morel challenging -- is more
8:44 pm
challenging. >> if you look at the data. influenza a and b sadly kills thousands of people in this country and affects millions. but the mortality rate is low if you compare the number of cases to the number of deaths. we can't that that for certainty with the coronavirus. but the mortality rate is low. take common sense precautions. trish: the bidens are in trouble again. >> wait, wait, wait wait wait. you are getting nervous, man. trish: this type his brother, james biden in an fbi raid coming up. republican congress woman elise stefanik says she received a
8:45 pm
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trish: tonight, new york republican congresswoman elise stefanik getting harassed by an anonymous hater who left this note for her on her car while she and her husband went to the grocery store. it reads, "rot in hell, fascist pig." but howard dean basically excuses this writing on twitter. i don't condone this, but as you sow, so shall you reap. >> you he them they are not welcome. >> they go low, we kick them. that's the new democratic party.
8:50 pm
>> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. >> you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. trish: joining me, turning point u.s. a. founder charlie kirk. we thought you would be an appropriate person to talk about this. i know you experienced the hate firsthand yourself. what is it some of these people like chuck schumer need to understand about civility? >> words have real consequences and real actions. it was about a year and a half ago i was in a breakfast diner in nfl are candace owens and we were stormed out by left-wing activists. this has been a pattern by the radical left. going after trump supporters.
8:51 pm
the rally in indianapolis where they were assaulting young women wearing maga hats. we had a punch in the face at u.c. berkeley. we had students targeted for their beliefs. congresswoman stefanik did a heroic thing standing up for the president during the impeachment sham. i can tell you that when you wear a make america great again hat, unfortunately there is a price with it. sometimes that means the radical left may come after you physically. that's a sad state of affairs. howard dean, how dare you validate these threats and indecency. i'm tired of hearing president trump is dividing america. wait a second. your side is tearing upstate of the union addresses.
8:52 pm
your side is punching trump supporters in the face. your side is validating these attacked by someone who was a candidate for president of the united states. trish: what why do they keep getting away with it? >> they get away with it because the media corresponds for them and they refuse to publicize the i decency and -- the indecency and the threats. a young man wearing make america great again hat at the march for life had a drum beat put in his face and he was immediately stigmatized by the media. i want you to manage if when candace and i were toward out of that breakfast place if it were
8:53 pm
conservatives wreaking this incivility. it's a dangerous time when democrats refuse to con deputy this violence. and chuck schumer encouraged it against justice kavanaugh and justice gorsuch. trish: there used to be an appreciation for intellectual diversity. those feel like light years away. i think back as a kid. there was certainly growing up in new hampshire you had the aabout it to put out whatever sign you wanted for whatever presidential candidate you wanted. the neighbor next door may be on the other side of the fence politically, by you still got together to watch the super bowl. it was a very different time. i think it's a dangerous road we are going down here and i'm
8:54 pm
knot sure how to change it. >> conservatives continue to be the and bass doars of descentsy of -- decency and respect. you don't see conservatives wearing masks in the streets of portland beating gay asian journalists. so it's a dangerous resident being set. -- it's a dangerous precedent being set here. you played the effective clip that portrays this. they are encouraging it. it's like they want uncivilized dialogue if not political bedlam in america. we have to reject the radical left's impulse to try to divide our country. trish: kennedy joins us with a peek at what's coming up on her
8:55 pm
show. it has to be said. kennedy: don't i look great? trish: nice layer. kennedy: i just clipped it on. you have got a charlie and i have got a charlie. what do people in the wolverine state really want from the next or this president. he's going to break it down for us. trish: coming up next. another doozy for the bidens. >> i have got hairy legs that turn blond in the sun. trish: being creepy is not criminal. this time it turns out it's his brother james biden and an fbi
8:56 pm
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the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. ask your parkinson's specialist apps except work.rywhere... why is that? is it because people love filling out forms? maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have. or sending corporate their expense reports. i'll let you in on a little secret. they don't. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks,
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paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit trish: politico is reporting joe biden's brother is possibly involved in a scandal that involves healthcare provider americorps after the company was rated by the fbi one of its executives is now claiming joe's brother made
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all sorts of false promises and had political ties for massive loan for himself which he said he would pay back announce up to the courts. kennedy's next, i will see right here tomorrow night, have a good run. ♪ ♪. kennedy: fake news. the president blaming media and democrats and guess what, they are all blaming the president. welcome to coronavirus 2020, it is a whole new election where everything turns into a political knife fights. that's the coronavirus away. the question is can we all behave long enough to actually solve this crisis earlier today, the grand princess, nancy pelosi. [laughter] at least 21 people on the cruiseship tested positive for the virus. all the passengers going to quarantine on military bases hey sailors. here in new


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