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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 21, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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we will take our leave. we thank you for being with us. dr. marc siegel, kt mcfarland among our guests here tomorrow. we hope you will join us. we'll see you then. we'll see you then. good night from harvey levin: the objects people choose to keep in their home define who they are. this is "objectified: steven tyler." these are the original working lyrics - for "toys in the attic." - oh, my god. may i? this is fantastic. i'm harvey levin. this is a story about a man whose name became synonymous with rock and roll. ♪ sing it with me, sing for the years ♪ ♪ sing for the laughter, sing for the tears ♪ steven tyler became one of the biggest names in music and enjoyed every perk that went along for the ride. as a rock star, how easy is it to get laid? it's very easy. i think rock stars, i felt like i had an obligation to keep that alive, and women had their way with me. you had an obligation to keep it alive?
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- oh, yeah. - ( laughs ) but his journey to the top was not match for his own personal demons. i have an addictive personality, so i found certain drugs that i loved and i didn't stop, to the point of hurting my children, hurting my family, hurting my life. there was a point where i didn't have a band and i didn't care. but steven fought hard to get clean and clawed his back to the top again, this time, bigger than ever. there isn't a day that i wake up and i'm not moved to tears that i think how lucky i am to be in this band. this is phenomenal. steven tyler, the rock star who personifies every stereotype, living the sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle, and actually living to tell about it. - hey, steven. - harvey, how be ya? - so good to see you. - good to see you, too. welcome to the digs of all digs. i love these digs. i gotta tell you, steven, you have such a rich life.
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i wanna learn your life story through objects that you chose to keep over the years that are really important to you, okay? - yeah. - wanna get started? i would love to get started. harvey: let's do it. my mom and dad passed away while i was doing "idol," so i've got their wedding rings. and i got my mom's wedding ring, - and my dad's wedding ring. - that is so cool. steven: and i wore it every day in the middle of my crow feather. i mean, they're in me, you know what i'm saying? to have their ring, what they wore, you know, every day, to me-- artifacts, i live for that. i'm like a hoarder. okay, everybody knows steven tyler. yeah, all right. harvey: i wanna hear about stevie tallarico. little stevie tallarico was born up under the piano. my father was from julliard. well, that's the thing, your dad was from julliard, he played carnegie hall. steve: classical piano. he played carnegie hall, yeah. harvey: and your grandfather was a cellist? he was a cellist. and there was a grand piano upstairs in the living room, and i was put under the piano to fall asleep every night. so i heard bach, brahms, beethoven, debussy.
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you got relatives who are classical musicians. why didn't you follow suit? why did you make a left? steven: well, my father tried to give me piano lessons. and i sat at the piano and i started yawning. and when you're italian, from family, it's like-- "whack." you got whacked. - what were you into? - the drums. my friend down the street had a set of drums. slingerland drums. i couldn't believe there were such things built that you banged with sticks and made noise. so, my father bought me a set of drums and i wound up playing drums in his band in the summer time. so, it just turned into that music. and i got the blessings of my mom and dad to do rock and roll. they knew i could sing. i went to choir when i was a little boy, and, uh-- - joe perry just left l.a. - harvey: hey, joe! - steven: hey, joe! - ( harvey chuckles ) - all right, so-- - he left you again.
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oh, god. he's hanging out with johnny depp. what music, what artists influenced you? i gotta say the everly brothers because of their harmony. it's the first time i ever felt any kind of sexual feelings from the waist down. their harmonies together-- the everly brothers, in their harmony lived something i couldn't explain, i didn't understand, but it felt like-- it didn't feel like sex. it felt like... ...something so wonderful that i'd never heard. harvey: i wanna talk a little bit about your upbringing. - you hunted, shotguns... - mm-hmm. you were hanging out in the woods. you just don't strike me as a country boy. i still carry a knife everywhere i go. - why? - it's to open my fan mail. um, you know, i don't know why. - but you were mostly-- - i had a nice-- i actually gotta share this with you. it's ridiculous. it's so beautiful. - and it's such a piece-- - you really do carry a knife! it's such a-- well, along with that one and this one.
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- oh, my god. - it's such a piece of art, that, you know, it's got a blade, and it flicks out like that. and, you know, that's what you do when you're showing your friends. but if you get in trouble. oh, my god, i feel like i'm somebody in a militia. - what? what? - you know, it's just-- i'm just showing you how i grew up in the woods. i get it. so, when did you discover girls? wow. my uncle had an incredible "playboy" collection, so it was that kinda thing. and i guess 1956, '57-- - so, you were about nine? - yeah. when did you discover drugs? wow. when i first heard music. our era, yours and mine-- and i don't know whether you admit it on tv or not, but you did some drugs in your time. - you're wrong. - hello? - no, you're wrong. - bull ( bleep ). i was totally frightened. you never smoked a joint in your life? - no, i did smoke a joint, but i took-- - well, that's-- no, no, no. but i took a towel, a wet towel, put it under the door to make sure nobody
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would come in and arrest me. - mm-hmm. - and that's as much as i did. i was just a paranoid jew. okay, and i was a paranoid italian. i took-- you know how a door, when you open a door, you know that thing goes in a door? i drilled through when you turn the doorknob. i drilled through it, and i stuck a nail in there so no one could come in through the bedroom. because if you got caught with a joint, you got-- you knew you were going to hell. did your parents drink? - yeah. yeah, they did. - a lot? - my family drank. - i'm curious about being bullied. did you kind of drink and smoke just to kind of detach? steven: you could probably say i wanted to be liked, i wanted people to notice me as a teenager, and you don't see how cruel kids are. the whole school was making fun of my lips, you know? i was called the "n-word lips." i was called "( bleep ) lips" in school. and i was beaten up. i was beaten up bad. you got thrown out of high school because of what happened in ceramics class. - that was for pot. - smoking pot, yeah. harvey: you got prosecuted for that. steven: no, i didn't get prosecuted. - i thought-- - the charges were dropped. you know the best news? i got a y.o.
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youthful offender. so it kept me out of the draft. oh, god. thank you, god. wait a minute, are these the-- these are the original working lyrics for... - oh, my god, may i? - "toys in the attic." - yeah, you may. - this is so fantastic. and this is what you wrote on? yep, i wrote on that. "no more no more," "round and round," "you see me crying." ♪ sweet ♪ emotion ♪ i pulled into town in the police car ♪ ♪ your daddy said i took it just a little too far ♪ why'd you wanna become a rock star? i saw janis joplin when i was 15, and i heard her sing, and i couldn't believe-- she was smoking on stage, she was drinking southern comfort, and she sang like no other.
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she could sing a song entitled, "take a little piece of my heart" and deliver it so beautiful. - amazingly. - amazingly. - ( crowd cheering ) - good night! god bless you! rock and roll! harvey: i think there's something that attracts people to this. i mean, is it the adulation of the crowd? is it that you can make a ton of money? is it just rampant sex, which everybody hears about? woman: you had to get a job. oh, that's-- that's one reason. my girlfriend's going, "you had to get a job." it's gotta be something more than that. it's all i knew how to do. i didn't get it. i didn't know anything but music and nature. you weren't immediately successful. you were in some bands that went nowhere. well, all the bands from '66 to '69, they all-- it was over. i quit a band that was out of long island. harvey: did you ever give up? well, i got into a fight with a guitar player. jumped over my drum set, i was a drummer at the time.
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got into a fight with him. i got so pissed off, i went outside and went like this. and back then, you could hitch. i hitched all the way from south hampton to new york city-- from new york city all the way to south hampton, new hampshire. so, i got up there, went to bed crying, woke up the next morning, mowed the lawn like i had for all my life, and up comes joe perry in an mg. joe perry, horn-rimmed glasses with white hair. said, "hey, man. what are you doing up here?" i said, "i broke up. all my bands are over." he goes, "well, you wanna come see mine? i'm in a band called the jam band and we're playing tonight. i'll come pick you up, and we're playing. and i went, "yeah." so, i went and sat down, saw them. and they did one song that was so good. it was a song called "rattle snake shake." and when they did that, i went... i said, "if i can add what i know to him, this is my brother now, joe. now i got my brother. now i got my keith richards. i got my paul and john. i got the kinks.
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so we decided to move to boston, get an apartment together, and, uh... we would start playing songs, right? we played clubs, four 45-minute sets a night, regardless whether anyone was there. my understanding back then that i said, "we can get laid together. we can do drugs together. we can have girlfriends together. we can go to movies together. we live in a house together. we can write songs together. ahh! we can write songs together. and maybe we can have a chance to make it big." those were the words. i'd love to tell you i always knew i'd make it. you don't know until you write that first song. when i wrote that first song with joe perry, that's when-- game over. ♪ dream on, dream on ♪ dream on, dream on ♪ dream on, dream on, dream on ♪ ♪ yeah
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♪ yeah harvey: you didn't like your voice for a time. well, don't-- i was just gonna sing a song, and you were gonna join in, and you said, "nah, you don't wanna hear me sing." - because i'm not gonna sing with steven tyler. - so, hold on. let's thump it back on you. why not? - because i-- - don't like your voice. no, actually, i like my voice. nobody else does. oh, he's good. this guy is good. uh, you know, and maybe i could say that about mine. i liked my voice, but i thought, "no, no. i didn't like my voice." i didn't like it, and so i sang... ( deep southern accent ) the whole first album like this. you know? and a-- ♪ get yourself a cooler ♪ and lay yourself low ( normal voice ) i sang like that. you know, just... okay, so, i want to talk to you about lsd. - not the drug. - oh. please, bring it on. lead singer disorder. - bring it on. - explain it. well, lead singer disorder
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is something that other band members like to lay on a singer because he's getting laid more than they are. that is succinct. so it's all about sex? it can be sex, drugs, and rock and roll. it's not about not sex. - music is about sex. - so there was jealousy in the band? oh, there's always-- there's jealousy in every band. is that what created a lot of the tension? 'cause there was a lot of tension in aerosmith. if you can play kind of like this, than let's do it. but you didn't say that before. you said you wanted it just like that. and i started to play it like that, and you said, "no, i don't want to lock into it like that." so i said, "well, then, use the machine." how much plainer can that be, you know? i'm not trying to give you a ( bleep ) hard time. a lot-- there is still right now. did drugs make you better as a singer, as a writer? it certainly got me over hurdles. and it certainly-- there's songs you know and love that joe and i wrote very high. harvey: would you be successful as the lead singer of aerosmith-- would aerosmith be successful without drugs?
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steven: hmm. by '71 to '79, we played every state in america seven times. we couldn't have done it without that peruvian marching powder. methamphetamine. we just played, and played, and played, and those guys were so good. i love them forever. and just think, that i get to be in this band. there isn't a day that i wake up and i'm not moved to tears, and i think how lucky i am to be in this band. this is phenomenal. how do you have a meaningful relationship when you have women throwing themselves at you - all the time. - you cheat. you cheat. you break. you have-- you just don't-- you're not true. you're not faithful. you have-- you just don't-- you're not true. and i like to question your i'm yoevery move.n law. like this left turn. it's the next one.
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go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. that's really cool. whatever it is, it's really cool. i noticed you don't have her aiming towards the camera, but that's all right. she's the two-headed zeus. i don't know what she is. i saw her at my favorite store to shop in called church, and i've had people in my life that for some reason magically had a twin sister,
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like my first wife and the girls in the choir. and i'm also into that kind of art. second floor-- hardware, childrenswear, ladies lingerie. oh, good morning, mr. tyler. going down? ( chuckles ) as a rock star, how easy is it to get laid? it's very easy. in fact, if today was reversed, i could lay hundreds of girls. they'd try to rape me. if i yelled-- if they-- i mean, girls have thrown themselves on me. they do-- every man that's a rock star. i mean, mick jagger was my god. i was afraid to say that for the first 10 years of being with aerosmith. i thought you actually resented that a lot of people compared you to him. i did. i resented it, but in a stupid way. after ten years later, i went-- when i got sober, i gotta tell you--
8:19 pm
then i went, "wait a minute. i loved him." i wanted to be exactly like him! and janis joplin! i wanted to be like these people. and, so, when they started writing that i was, you know, a bastard son of mick jagger, i got offended because our music was nothing like the stones. yet they saw, you know, in that, mick jagger. i see it. every now and then, i'll see myself in that. - harvey: i see it. - but i was offended. ooh, yeah. sex, drugs, and rock and roll, baby. take away the drugs and there's more time for-- ( steven howling ) i think rock stars-- i felt like i had an obligation to keep that alive. i certainly had my way with women and women had their way with me. you had an obligation to keep it alive? oh, yeah. steven: oh, yeah. when i get up on stage and i sing a song, i want to deliver it. i want to feel-- oh, no, no, no. i thought you meant you had an obligation to-- - constantly get laid? - get laid. yeah. um, i think that-- would you sayeth yourself, mr. cameraman, at 17, you had an obligation
8:20 pm
to get laid every night? - okay. - he said yes. and that's what we do as young men. you didn't push yourself on women. women threw themselves at you. yeah, but i couldn't do it if i-- as horny as i ever, ever was, i could never push myself on a woman that said stop. i just don't have it in me. during the times that you were on stage in concert on tour, you had sex a lot, and at a time when it was dangerous. - mm-hmm. - did you ever think that you dodged the bullet of getting aids? - by doing drugs. - and sex. so many times. i thought people would say, "didn't you have this sex and that sex? and weren't you there, and this? yeah, i did. i had a lot. i had lots of-- remember i'm from the '70s. it was group sex. you had group gropes. we had lots of sex, and i think that if it wasn't for the fact that i loved getting high as much as i did and spending time with the guys and writing songs,
8:21 pm
or even with girls and getting high, i might have contracted those things. so you're almost saying drugs saved your life. in a strange kind of way, i am saying that. how do you have a meaningful relationship when you have women throwing themselves at you all the time? you cheat. you cheat. you break. you have-- you just don't-- you're not true. you're not faithful. and i paid dearly for it, you know? i paid dearly for it. harvey: you did cocaine with john belushi. did it ever shake you where you would say to yourself, "god, that could have easily have been me." - no, it didn't. - why? i went down the worst path. i went down the rabbit hole. i went chasing alice. - do you miss drugs? - um...
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tell me what that is. okay. that's my first-year chip. that's the chip you get if you belong to any kind of 12-step program, which is, you know, it's steps to live by. which by the way, people should honor that and look into it, because in the future, people will be living by it. you have a bunch of coins. i got a bunch. i got sober in '88, and i fell off the wagon. i put 14 years together, and now i got 8 years again. and i, um, i got some beautiful brothers in aa, and i-- this has given me my life. - ( snorting ) - not anymore. i got three daughters. i'm eating cream puffs now. so, you started out smoking pot. steven: well, i started drinking first. remember this was way back in the day when they when they rolled little tiny ones. and then the beatles had to come out with that album. harvey: that album. steven: and i didn't know anything about--
8:28 pm
no one said, "smoke this and listen to the music." i just did, and apparently musicians smoked pot for a long-- many years. it's what they did. harvey: are you suggesting that the reason you started doing a lot of drugs was because of sgt. peppers? oh, no. no, i wasn't at all. i was-- i had the music in my mind. when i heard music on weed, i just went, "oh, my god." the angels came out. it was just different. - it was different. - so what did it-- no, it wasn't because of that, but i'll tell you what. sgt. pepper's sure sounds a lot better when you smoke a joint and listen to it. we have coke, we have weed, we have all that you need. do the backstage boogie with the toxic twins of aerosmith. come on, get od'ed with us. i could ask you what drugs you've taken. is it a better question to ask what drugs you haven't? the last time i went out, it was because of a drug i hadn't taken. and that was a touchy-feely drug called--
8:29 pm
someone help me-- ecstasy. and it wasn't big. we had quaaludes, which was cool, but i never had that drug where people said, "oh, man. you know, you just, you know, just, you know..." and that's what that drug was. and i thought, "well, that's one i haven't done." - that was the end of that. - why? because i had to wind up going into rehab again. had to check in. - i went off the deep end. - yeah. and that leads to another, to another. if you're like me, i have an addictive personality. so i found certain drugs that i loved and i didn't stop, to the point of hurting my children, hurting my family, hurting my life, hurting my band. there was a point where i didn't have a band and i didn't care. i was buying drugs on alphabet city down in new york on first and second street. that's when it's a problem and a danger. - you did cocaine with john belushi. - mm-hmm. reporter: speculation that drugs caused the death of comedian john belushi was confirmed late yesterday
8:30 pm
in a los angeles county coroner's report that listed an overdose of cocaine and heroin as the official cause of belushi's death. harvey: did it ever shake you where you would say to yourself, "god, that could have easily have been me"? - no, it didn't. - why? because when you're using, you don't care, and you're stuck in it. harvey: and it never scared you enough when he died to say, "jeez"? no, and i used to shoot cocaine. i went down the worst path. i went down the rabbit hole. i went chasing alice. we would do two or three shows, day off. two shows, day off. three shows, day off. we do that for a year, a year and a half, and, you know, when you got cocaine to sniff, and booze and ( bleep ) and all that ( bleep ), it's, like, it makes it real easy. steven: i want to say that, you know, i've often thought, honestly, if i hadn't made it in aerosmith, and i didn't have all the money, and i didn't have all the fame, would i have done all that? or would i have not felt my father's-- my grandma's handprint on the back of my neck?
8:31 pm
"what's wrong with you? you know better than that." - would i have gone that far if i wasn't in a band? - what's the answer? i don't know the answer to that. what do you think? i don't think i'd have-- i don't know. harvey: did drugs affect your mind long term? steven: i'm sure it has. - did it affect it today? - i'm sure it has. - how do you think it has? - well, you know what? i probably could tell you that i've forgotten more than most people could ever learn in three lifetimes. i can say that. i also have days where i'm astounded at my memory and days when i don't. i just-- i come and go. and lsd alone could do-- no. lsd has got a bad wrap. if you can't handle yourself when you take lsd, then you have a bad trip. do you know what it's like having an orgasm on lsd? i don't. and so when i tell you this, "i don't need drugs." well, you know what? it enhances it. does salt make meat taste better?
8:32 pm
- yes or no? - yes. so sometimes when you experience life a certain way, can a drug, can a girl, can a situation enhance it? hell, yeah. - do you miss drugs? - huh? - do you miss drugs? - um, sometimes, you know, after a show, i hurt, and i wish i could take something to take the pain away. i'm not talking about medicinally. i'm talking about pleasure, which you just talked about. oh, yeah. hell, yeah. do i miss going on a weekend and-- yeah, yeah, i do. you guys have played, i think, 12,000 concerts, maybe more. to the point, you sing the same songs over and over and over again. - does it get old? - hence drugs. - i never thought of that. - you get it now.
8:33 pm
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♪ i could lie awake just to hear your schvitzing ♪ do you like this? this i wore during that video for "don't miss a thing," that diane warren wrote. uh, my favorite song, by the way. that was our only... - number-one hit. - ...number-one hit. ♪ i don't want to close my eyes ♪ ♪ i don't want to fall asleep ♪ ♪ 'cause i'd miss you, baby ♪ and i don't wanna miss a thing ♪ very few rock stars have a rebirth in their 40s. - yeah. - and you did. and it wasn't just a rebirth. but you introduced aerosmith to a brand new audience, the mtv audience. how improbable that is, that a bunch of 40-year-old dudes could do that? we've been on tour for 46-- 9 years.
8:38 pm
- that's amazing. - on tour. i think the second act was almost bigger than the first act. i think you're right. it was. we got sober, and we were willing to sit-- i was willing to sit with people that said, "you know, i got this rough idea." and write with not just joe and not just with myself, but write with a few other people. i'd never done that my whole life. that was the second coming. "cryin'," for instance, was a guy name taylor rhodes from down south. and, you know, did-- i said, "how about... ( hums melody ) in the beginning?" and we wrote this song called "cryin'," one of our biggest hits. ♪ i was crying when i met you ♪ ♪ now i'm trying to forget you ♪ ♪ your love is sweet misery ♪ steven: so that was it. but how odd, you're so right, that a bunch of 40-year-old guys
8:39 pm
could turn on to-- because i don't think-- i don't think any bands were doing that. it's just, i keep looking around left and right when we were on stage, and thinking, "these guys really love what they're doing." ♪ so i took a big chance at the high school dance ♪ ♪ with a lady who was ready to play ♪ ♪ was it me she was foolin' 'cause she knew what she was doin' ♪ ♪ when she taught me how to walk this way ♪ - ♪ she told me to - ♪ walk this way ♪ talk this way ♪ walk this way ♪ talk this way rick rubin was very important. - oh. - well, that was a huge thing. no, rick rubin was a genius. he was the one to break through the wall of rock to rap. ♪ heaven knows, about to see ♪ nobody do it like-a dmc steven: and i'm not sure if they liked aerosmith, really, really. rick turned them on to the beat, and they did it. but they had their own lyrics. ♪ surely, cha ♪ we make a record with ♪ aerosmith, y'all harvey: did you realize what you were getting into with run-dmc? steven: no, when i found out they were doing that,
8:40 pm
joe and i got on a plane-- we were on tour-- and went down to see rick. and we heard what they were doing,and i went, "can i go in and sing with them while they're singing?" and joe said, "i think maybe i should play, too." and we merged that together, and that was the end. ♪ see-saw swingin' with the boys in the school ♪ ♪ with your feet flyin' up in the air ♪ ♪ singin', hey, diddle-diddle with kitty in the middle ♪ ♪ you be swingin' like you didn't care ♪ you guys have played, i think, 12,000 concerts, maybe more. but at a point, you sing the same songs over and over and over again. - does it get old? - hence drugs. you get it now. - i never thought of that. - it's interesting. when i look at myself in the old days, it's like-- i'm just, like, standing there like this, and i'm so high. now i have a ramp. i run all over the place. i grab people, i talk. so, we have fun. and something else. i have in-ears. and in-ears means aimee and travis, who work with me on stage.
8:41 pm
travis does my in-ear mix, and aimee's my lover. she'll say, "look at that girl with the wooden leg over there." so they'll be talking to me while i'm on stage. oh, you're kidding. so, you get stage prompts? oh, i get prompts, i get talked to, i get told, "look at that girl. she's flashing." you know? i get told a ton of stuff. hey, aimee, can you come here for a second? aimee! ♪ na-na, na-na, na, na so, steven just said that you talk in his ear during the concerts. i wanna know, do you ever screw with him when he's-- oh, you have no idea. yeah, but i have never done, like, a joke, because he's out of his frickin' mind and totally on another planet, so it would be dangerous to be like-- we ran into each other in israel. i was in tel aviv, actually, doing this show, and you were doing a concert. you were doing it with netanyahu? that's right. and we ran into each other at a restaurant. i don't know if you remember this,
8:42 pm
but everybody noticed you, obviously. and they played one of your songs, and you were doing air guitar. you were singing at the table. and you seemed so happy, and i thought, "god, after all these years, he gets a charge out of it still." i was really moved by that. i do get a joy out of it. i like it. i feel like things people feel, i can feel it inside. i can see it in their eyes and their mannerisms. so when the waiters and waitresses come up and they act a certain way, it's like, "i'm yours. i'm yours." it was really apparent, and it was great. yeah. oh, good. i'm glad you saw that. i remember you once said, and it struck me so, that "the front row is my family," when you were at concerts. and i found that interesting because you had a real family. i was high, didn't pay a lot of attention to my family, and it's just one of those things you pay for.
8:43 pm
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can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can because it's... ...simple, easy, awesome. [ barking ]
8:46 pm
okay, these are the feet of my daughter's son. his name is ax. - harvey: ax? - he's ax. yeah. he's the cutest little thing on the planet. mia had him may 10th, 2017, at 5:45.
8:47 pm
hence the lollipop and why i cry a lot. i remember you once said, and it struck me so, that "the front row is my family," when you were at concerts. and i found that interesting because you had a real family, and there was something going on with you that you've talked about, where you didn't pay enough attention to your real family. steve: the audience certainly came there to love you. so they're a family of sorts. so it's not not true. it is true. it's just that i kind of didn't-- i was high, didn't pay a lot of attention to my family in the beginning. and it's just one of those things you pay for. when i tell them i'm sorry, they say, "dad, don't be." you know? "we forgive you." you love your kids. i mean, it's so apparent how much you love your children
8:48 pm
and your grandchildren. how do you discipline along the way when you've had such a crazy life? how do you talk to them about sex? how do you talk to them about drugs? how do you talk to them about a lot of things when your life was kind of off the rails for so long? easiest thing on the planet for me. straight forward, right to it with my kids. with sex, drugs, easy. how? how is that easy? 'cause they're gonna say, "why shouldn't i?" because i told them. i said, "be careful. you might like it. and not only that, but you have the gene." i told them the truth. - rate yourself as a dad. - i am a good dad now. can it become like an etch a sketch, where all of the bad things you can eventually make go away and then you rebuild? i find myself, like, going on tour last year, we did-- i met you in tel aviv, and we wound up doing russia, europe, italy, sweden, japan, everywhere.
8:49 pm
and then you find out that you're not there for your kids' birthdays, and not there for this. so my daughter chelsea will say to me, you know, "i finally get it. i get what you are as a musician. i get why you weren't around when you were younger. i get that." she says that to me. that just breaks my heart and also makes me feel really good to think that she understands that my desire was to write a few songs and be like paul, and that i won that very hard game. and i also had kids. and i believe i also made it work. so rate myself as a dad? i'm still there for them. i will always be there for them. i wasn't there as much as i should've been, but i'm there for them and i love them, and they know i love them, and i will constantly try to be there more for them. that's the work that has to be done.
8:50 pm
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8:54 pm
if i was to look through it and read what i wrote on this paper, i just wanted to say, hunter s. thompson once said... harvey: boy, that's your life. okay, what we're going to do is, we're gonna take the crystal ball and we're going to look into your future. you had a farewell tour last year. - yeah. yeah, yeah. - is that really a farewell aerosmith tour? - no. um... - that was easy. when we get together-- i'm not just blowing smoke, but magic happens. so ideas for the future come up. maybe vegas. maybe doing a solo record. maybe-- it's just stuff. see, i'm the best when it's in your face productions. when i can get out and walk over to a camera, like-- like in "idol." my opinion is i didn't like it. i thought you were screaming. i thought it was a bad song choice. woman: i heard it. i know. do you have to say it again? so, haley. haley! haley, wait, wait, wait.
8:55 pm
haley, what do you get from that? - steven, what do you think? - what do you get from that? they're both wrong. all right? the audience heard it and america heard it. don't believe him. the reason i took "idol" was because everyone sees me like this from afar, but no one sees this guy, like on your show you're gonna see. and i'm more personable than that rock guy. harvey: you are. ♪ i talk about people who can't really sing ♪ ( humming ) ♪ and when they get the confidence of what they gonna bring ♪ - ( humming ) - edit. - yeah? - well, they seem to think that doing "idol" was selling out. they said it was selling out. joe thought it was one step lower than "ninja t--" there were things said in anger. then he found out later on when we showed them proof, that it took aerosmith sales up 220%. or 60%. 260.
8:56 pm
harvey: and it exposed the group to a whole new audience. and exposed the group to a new audience. they were just-- again, what did you call it, lsd? - lead singer disorder. - did they acknowledge you were right? - nope. unh-uh. - nope? harvey: your feet are a mess because you jump around that stage. you've had health issues. how do you keep doing that? no pain, no gain. you-- do you have pain and you just work-- of course, it hurts. and you had hep c. you had chemo for a year. i did. i went through the whatever it was called back then for 11 months. it was hell. but, you know, i was 40, and i got through it. and i got a new knee three years ago. so, i'm bionic. i'm just gonna keep going. remember, it's how you think in your mind. last year, you said you had some mysterious thing that kept you from a couple of concerts. - oh, um... - you never said what it was. you know, when you get a little bit of gray, most guys have trouble peeing. so i was on this drug called-- you know what it is.
8:57 pm
- you're on it. - i'm not on it. - yes, you are. - no, i'm no. you will be. what was it called? what the hell was i on? - flomax. i hated it. - how's your pee stream? uh-- oh, now? i go, "aimee! come here, look!" over the hill. what was that hotel down there? and people are going, "close the window, aimee!" it's ridiculous. over bushes. in the morning, over this banister. um, and it was just that. showin' love for these girls! janie's fund-- i wanna talk about that, because it's really fantastic. you've raised millions of dollars. well, you know, the band wasn't getting along. this was 28 years ago. and i'd spoken to a dear friend of mine, who's in a band. and he goes, "listen, i went to this place, and they have a program with codependency." i said, "that's what i need." so i went there and i spent a month learning about codependency, how to get along better with my band mates. the thing i learned there from girls was
8:58 pm
that they were all physically or verbally or mentally abused, and mostly sexually. and i thought, "i gotta do something about this. maybe have a janie's house someday." and i met these folks at youth villages. and they said, "i love the idea, and we wanna adopt you." to have someone like him that has the platform that he has that cares deeply about this issue? we were already doing great work, but now we're doing better work and we're doing more work, and having steven as a partner in this has been amazing. steven: so when you say "it takes a village," it literally does, and they love-- we just broke ground on our janie's house in atlanta. and i met 15 girls that are living there and, you know, sadly broken, but they'll be better if we can keep raising money for that. harvey: you've been having fundraisers. you've been raising a ton of money. steven: we did last week. we made 3 million bucks, yeah. - harvey: it's amazing. - steven: yeah. we're not here just to help a few girls beat the odds, but to radically change the odds for all girls.
8:59 pm
this is not something we should hope for, but something we should demand. ( cheers and applause ) you've had a full life. - yeah. yeah. - and you've had an amazing life. it is an honor to do this with you. - hey, thank you. - i really mean that, steven. - thank you so much. - thanks. - but it's true. - no, it is. it is. all right, here we go. action. okay, well, hold on. do i look good? how's my package? are we cool here? is this a banana? i was gonna go, ♪ i could lie awake ♪ just to hear you woman: then you're gonna look like a gorilla. - yeah. - he totally looks like a gorilla. - woman: too long for-- - than what? than what? woman: a gorilla. you look like a gorilla. i look like a gorilla? you do. it's ridiculous. you've got a banana. can you still hit the note in "dream on"? - oh, yeah. - do it. ( high-pitched ) ♪ dream on that was good. that was good. "can you hit the high note... - well, i wondered. - 'dream on'?" - do it. - all right. no, you do it.
9:00 pm
- i'm gonna. you do it first. - one, two, three, go. dre-- no. hold on. ( high-pitched ) ♪ dream on ( high pitched ) ♪ dream on holy ( bleep ), you did it better than me. - i'm a rock star. - you are a rock star. >> a daughter inherits a mysterious diary from her father, an artist who survived the holocaust. >> he had to live so that he could show the scenes that he witnessed. >> his words become her quest. >> i made a promise to my father that i would show his artwork to the world. >> these pages, her road map. >> here is a man who went through so much horror. >> but can she recover what the nazis stole from him? >> what do you think went on in that room? ♪ i'm jamie colby, and, today, i'm in rockland county, new york, an hour north of new york city. i am meeting a viewer who wrote


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