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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 16, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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announced it could apply for u.s. emergency use of the covered 19 vaccine candidate developed with biotech in late november, sooner than expected, stock is doing well, add to that better-than-expected retail sales numbers and a rally of 134 points, thanks to dagen and james, have a good weekend. and have a great weekend everybody, i will see you tonight on wall street and sunday morning feature on sunday. here is stuart with "varney & company". stuart: good morning, everyone. if ever media bias was on display, it was on display last night, nbc hosted a town hall with president trump and right from the start he was interrupted very frequently. no questions for the first 24 minutes, a contentious argument from the moderator savannah guthrie, abc hosted a townhall with joe biden, interruptions were rare, biden's inconclusive answers contain the is expression, well it depends, and there was not a single question
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about the blockbuster revelations about hunter biden, biden got a pass, the network fix was in, beat up trump, give biden a pass. we do have news on the stimulus. a little give on the part of the white house, speaker pelosi and secretary mnuchin have agreed on the democrats virus testing strategy. it is not much, a strong report on retail sales just came out, a half-hour ago, big loss for the stocks yesterday but a rebound today in part on the back of the retail sales report. the dow is up triple digits 130 points, the nasdaq, 93 -- 94 points higher. censorship are very much in the news, social media may be in trouble after blocking coverage of the bombshell allegations against hunter biden, the authorities are taking a close look at facebook, twitter and other social media liability
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immunity after four years of obvious media biased in social media censorship's and is there any doubt that you are blocked so frequently from seeing or hearing conservative opinion. we will get more on that coming up, we have a big show, larry kudlow, lara trump, jerry morniy some more of it but not right now. a tale of two townhall's for joe biden and president trump, biden was thrown softball questions
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while the president faced an aggressive tone and an aggressive line of questioning from nbc savannah guthrie. watch this amazing contrast. >> the answer is yes i will, but i wanted to be an honest election. >> what that question expanded the core are you still not a fan. >> it depends on how this turns out. >> you asked point-blank to denounce white supremacy, in the moment you did it. >> you have done this to me -- i did announce white supremacy. >> besides ua black, what you have to say to young black voters. >> it's a sacred opportunity to vote. >> did you hear what you needed to hear. >> i think so. >> we have a lot more of this coming up for you and we also look ahead to the next debate we will do this all for the show this morning. next case the other major story, the stimulus, new developments. susan: happy friday, president trump will lean on senate republicans, that does include
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mitch mcconnell in order to get a stimulus deal, that's a promise from steven mnuchin and his one hour phone call yesterday with house speaker nancy pelosi confirmed by polo sees people, the speaker also raised leader mcconnell's comments about not being willing to put a comprehensive package on the senate floor, the secretary indicated that she would lead in with mcconnell should an agreement be reached, remember president trump told you he would go higher than $1.8 trillion, the leader said he could not sell the type and number two his members looking for a vote on a 500 billion-dollar package instead but bloomberg reporting that nancy pelosi and her democrats last night, she said that their party has a leverage in the stimulus discussions. stuart: i think we better bring in mick mulvaney, former white house chief of staff. he is with us this morning. you and i were convinced that the politicians would spend a big package right before the
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election but it does not look like big packages are going to happen, what do you say. >> i still think there's a chance, good morning and thank you for having me but you and i have said from the very beginning we thought there would be money that would be spent before the election i still think that's the way the needle is moving i think folks are paying attention that there could be huge political risk to the president at this time by doing a deal this late in the game you talk about media bias, and certainly if they do a deal at this late point in the discussion, nancy pelosi is going to say the president cave, the press will play up the angle and it could hurt the president politically. at this point, both for economic reasons and political reasons, i hope there isn't a deal but i think there still may be. stuart: i want to talk to about getting out the vote, you've seen the numbers, as i understand it, the republicans are signing up far more people
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than the democrats in key states, is accurate. >> it is and i've been in a lot of the key states campaigning for the president, i was in pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, minnesota and the energy levels which are very difficult to move through a pole and very, very high, the president supporters are very energetic and they want to go out and make phone calls and knock on doors, they are looking for ways to help in looking for the campaign to tell them more of what they can do, we don't see the level of energy out of the biden campaign, we certainly see the money flowing from the left from places i don't understand numbers that are mind-boggling, the grassroots effort does not seem to be there, i don't see it when i travel to the midwest. stuart: can we conclude like this, it isn't over. >> is a long way from being over but we knew that was going to be the case, the country is going to be divided into closely fought election in a very interesting election night. stuart: three questions into a half minutes in mick mulvaney handles them all with a plum i might add. thank you very much, i know it's
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a friday but you don't look tired at the end of the week. thank you very much see you again soon. let's get to money, look who's here jonathan hoenig. you run a hedge fund, but the long-term prospect, what is the market telling you about the election, selloff or rally? >> it's unfortunate forcing to think short-term but i have to congratulate you, i watch the network interview last night but your interview with president trump was not only market moving but a comprehensive without being unnecessarily aggressive, congrats to you. stuart: you are guaranteed a spot on the show next week, just proceed. >> the president is making our job more difficult, crystal ball might be easier to decipher the money because there's so many variables, the stimulus which are reporting, the pandemic is still going on, still locked
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onto the potential for lockdowns here and abroad in something like the election, that is looming large over the stock market 18 days away, what is interesting, there's been a lot of predictions that the market would fall if biden was elected, as we've seen biden's changes of increase in the election market, the stock market has not fallen off but it's diversified, the big tech which had been leading is being replaced by small-cap stock up about 9% september or more correlated solar stocks are up 150% this year and they actually move with biden's odds, were not seen as selloff but the market seems to be moving away towards others as biden's chances go up. stuart: fascinating, thank you for joining us, we always appreciate it and the flattery is on me.
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thank you very much. susan: no kidding. stuart: where's the flattery from you. susan: just wait we have three hours. stuart: i cannot wait. i have twitter on the screen, a global outage on thursday, i didn't notice because i'm not on their. susan: exactly what is going to say. you would notice if you did social media, and accidental change to their internal system, not a hack or security breach, this one near 90 minutes outage, that is a long time only restored until after 7:00 p.m. for just a few users, that's a long time for company of this size and the number of users, comes on the heels of a new york post controversy were senate republics voting to subpoena, jack dorsey possibly testify next week on the censoring of the hunter biden article in twitter changing the rules in the controversy as well, they
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had blocked the sharing and viewing of the post article because they say it violated their platform policy and rules on the sharing private e-mail address and phone numbers but now they say going forward, twitter will only remove content if it was posted by hackers or anybody associated with them. stuart: there's no suggestion of a link between outage and biden. susan: was bad management of an api, i want to explain that because you probably will not understanding. period interfacing, how about that. stuart: got it. check futures please, we still see a lot of green, up 80 for the dow, 82 hire for the nasdaq. still to come this is the friday edition of varney, the president told me yesterday he wants more stimulus money but mcconnell says not so fast, all asked larry now what. he is on the show, joe biden's views on packing the supreme court or mandating a vaccine, his answer, it depends. watch this. >> it depends on the nature of
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the vaccine, the answer is depending on, that would depend on, i have not been a fan of court packing, depends on how this turns out. it depends on how much they rush this. stuart: 18 days to the ♪ ♪ mhm, yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. now offering zero commissions on online trades. we charge you less so you have more to invest. ♪
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stuart: should we play the expectation game, we just received the numbers on industrial production, above or below expectation. susan: we are above expectatio
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expectations, higher by .6% in the month of september and this is important because this is the month on month figure, this is a real-time analysis on how well the economy is recovering from coronavirus and better than anticipated. stuart: up how much. susan: up .6%, i really said that, i'm sorry it's down .6%, i heard .6% is up but that the reversal, manufacturing is not doing as well as anticipated, this may be a negative headwind. stuart: i think you climbed out of that hole that you dumped herself rather well. the dow is up 86 points, no impact from the negative industrial. let's move on, what do you got lauren, a big surprise, you do have a big surprise, retail sale did very well, beat expectations didn't they. lauren: these were very strong
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up 1.9% in september, september was a second month without the government benefits. where is the strength, i think another answer, clothing goes back to school, changes season, auto sales and sports and hobbies, it could be that we saw so much strength last month that consumers save $1200 stimulus checks and put them to work, october will be the key number and most people will agree you get the early holiday promos and we will see if they continue to spend, one more thing i think this is key, the retail sales report does not track a lot of the spending on services and most of them are shut down or limited we are seeing a shift what you would not spend on services is going to tangible items. lauren: a very strong report for september. stuart: we are not spending so much money on hotels, travel, airlines, restaurants, bars, you're not spending as much money there as you used to now you got money left over to spend
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on retail stores, that's another part of the story. thank you very much indeed, look who is here gerald storch, let me crossover those retail sales numbers and go straight to amazon, prime day is done, was it a blot success? the stock is up. >> i think it was undoubtably a huge success, most people think they did around $10 billion in sales over the today. the only number released was a third-party seller and they said they were way up 63%, and they are releasing that number because a lot of pressure and amazon on how they treat the third-party retailers, they say the third-party loves us but look how they are increasing, that is actually true, people do a lot of business on amazon. it was a great fantastic start to the holiday season, not just the amazon the other retailers jumped on the bandwagon and those increases are up more than amazon during the prime day . . . people like walmart, target,
9:19 am
best buy their websites were screaming, holiday sales are up to a fantastic start, september retail sales were the best in recent memory and that is with restaurants being down in that number, the best in recent memory, retail sales in october and the bag frankly with what is happened with prime day, the real question will come down to november december to see how holiday season will be, i think it will be great. stuart: you told is very frequently if you look across the spectrum of retailers, you like obviously amazon, leave them out, you like walmart, target, costco, bed bath and beyond and i think a couple of others on the list, what do they have in common that makes you like them so much. >> one correction, bed bath and beyond i don't like, best buy i put on their and bbb why an extra b and bed bath and jan, they have extra value, there is a massive consolidation going on in retail, the winners are winning much more, the losers,
9:20 am
the smaller guys are doing not as well so is concentrating into the retailers, they have been doing well for a couple of years and they will keep doing well, i think walmart, amazon, target, best buy, home depot, building services continued to be on fire, dollar general, offering value, these companies are going to continue to exceed their performance of retailers and as well they have done, they have a lot more runway ahead of them. stuart: last one you said is good to be a great holiday season, how much will retail sales be up over last year's holiday season. >> year over year 5% overall, 8% in core retail went to take out the gasoline, 8%, i've never
9:21 am
seen a number like that, not in years not since a hyper inflationary . . . what a phenomenal number, we are off to a strong point that i don't agree it will be up slightly, i think were looking at 4 - 5% gain and same sales, some is transferring from services like airline flights but that has been true for many, many months and those services are recovering and retail sales continues ahead of them, even as they are recovering, i think it is going to be very, very positive holiday season. stuart: a great delight to have you on the show this holiday weekend, were almost in the holiday season. as always thank you. i have amazon back on the screen again because some senators are questioning that they track employees, i'm not sure how this works but tell me more. ashley: that another accusations, they wrote a letter in the letter accuses amazon i've track it in monitoring
9:22 am
employees, and limiting efforts to storm unions, this letter comes from well-known people, democrat senators bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kirstekirsten gillbrand, and the details on how it allegedly discourages workers from organizing, tracks workers who were dissipate in strikes and the law firm to amazon contracting over union issues. amazon says, the company respects its employees right to join or former labor union without fear of retaliation, intimidation or harassment also adding that the company of what labor groups are requesting, as for monitoring amazon says it's not private policy and against company standard. amazon is also being criticized for the response to the pandemic and putting workers at risk, just this month the company said more than 19000 front-line workers have tested positive but
9:23 am
consider this, it is just 1.4% of the total workforce. stuart: have to wonder if amazon was unit untrained unit sized 100% would be the same brilliant company, i don't think it would be. look at the futures market, some green, it is not a huge rally but triple digits for the dow and up 85 for the nasdaq, we will take you to wall street this friday morning right after this. ♪
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stuart: let's check futures again just before the market opens, of triple digits for the dow, solid gain for the nasdaq, i see a lot of green. david nicholas is with us. nikola wealth management president. last time you were on the show, the market was leaning towards a trump's win, do you still say that? >> i don't say this out of bias, i say this out of 100 years of historical precedent, president trump winning in november is the hope of the market, what a winding by that a barrage of bad news, no deal on stimulus, kobe case is increasing in europe in
9:28 am
home and you brought up eloquently with the president yesterday, jobless claims since august, all the bad news, the market is continued to ignore it and had higher, i tell you the market is not cheering on higher income taxes, higher corporate taxes, capital gain and more regulation or blue sweep, they are sharing on a continuation of the current tax and regulatory environment that you get with president trump, i think the market is ignoring the bad news and looking forward to trump winning in november. stuart: i take issue with that, i think the market is cheering on a lot more government spending and a lot more fed printing, i think the market believes even if joe biden wins, forget the senate for second, the first thing he will do is spend big and the fed will keep on printing money, that's what's got the market attention as opposed to the likelihood of trump winning or not. >> is a good point but the u.s. economy can only be supported by life-support of debt and fiscal stimulus for so long, we have
9:29 am
earnings and increase jobs here in the u.s., long term the market is supported by higher earning, i think the market is discounting the polls, if you remember back to 1980 ronald reagan swept jimmy carter, ronald reagan was down 8%, mid-october before the election and i think the markets understand that and they see a lot can change per week, i still believe they are helpfu hopefula trump when in november. stuart: what your opinion, do you think mr. trump will win? >> personally i do, might be supernatural, i don't believe how he will pull it off but i think 2016 he will be successful again. stuart: you're not supposed to say this in the news business, only time will tell, that is true at this moment. thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it, let's see how the election turns out. the opening bell will ring and 18 seconds, after that you will have five or six seconds of the bell ringing and then the market
9:30 am
will open this friday morning, i think we will see gains, we have a big decline yesterday, pretty much all across the board, big tech was in trouble yesterday but this morning i am looking at green, futures as the bell rings up 135, we have four seconds to go this friday morning and then the bell starts and the market starts to trade, here we go, up, running, 18 days to the election and up 100 points, that is a third of 1% for the dow industrials, up 100 for as we speak, the s&p 500 also on the upside, the percentage there is the same about one third of 1% and the nasdaq, i'm pretty sure that is higher, it is up .42%. look at the retailers, strong retail number this morning, up 1.9% in the retailers are doing pretty well pretty much all across the board now that the online retailers, i'm sure we've
9:31 am
got amazon, yes we do, and they, all of these stocks have done well because of the strength of the online selling and they are all online after the retail sales numbers. i've got other numbers for you from ford motor company, doing well in china, this is importa important. susan: this is the biggest car market in the world, that is where china is enforced china sales up 25% from last year 2019 and that the largest year-over-year increase in four years for ford, this case continues with gm general motors saying that a jump 12% in car sales in china which is the biggest car market shifting into growth once again for the first time in two years and this is positive for the entire global car industry and indicative for recovery in the u.s. for car sales, not only ford and gm doing well, tesla part of the reason is up 400% this year is
9:32 am
because of the success that tesla has in china, the largest carmaker and seller of electric cars. stuart: tesla, ford, gm doing very well in china, ford up 1.6%, ford has made it to $7.75. i see on the prompter, good news for boeing, that's a rarity. ashley: we haven't talked about good news for boeing in quite some time, here it is, the eu aba should safety says it is satisfied the changes made to boeing 737 max make the aircraft to safe to find your for the end of the year. it is the firmest endorsement yet from a major regulator as boeing decimal he tries to get the plane back in service since it was being grounded since march of 2019 following two fatal crashes, european regulators will soon release the final report and it will be followed then i-4 weeks of public comment but europe is one of boeing's biggest market for
9:33 am
the 737 max in the u.s. the faa has held back making predictions of recertifying the max saying only the process is not complete, getting the max back in the air getting one for boeing with unwind inventories with 450 max jets that are being billed but awaiting delivery for customers because this comes at a time per week demand which in turn leads to weak pricing, a good news for boeing coming out of the eu. stuart: it is up for an half percent, that is good news for that stock. more banks reporting earnings this morning, give me the big picture, how did they do. susan: bank of new york, more assets under management, more customers, more deposit was small decline in profit and revenue, take a look and citizens financial which is selling off as well as allied, setting aside less money for bad
9:34 am
loans, that is what we saw from the bigger banks, could neither more optimistic about the recovery, another team that we saw, very active stock and bond trading in mainstreet able to held on and the cares act even though while the second round is at an impact. stuart: thank you very much, netflix got an upgrade from a couple of big banks. i am not interested in which banks like them, i'm interested in where they think netflix. susan: you got big upgrades and bank of america, netflix calling $630 stock, be away calling 670 in goldman they also flopped a $670 target, streaming giants is sent to set next tuesday, and an increased in streaming prices, indeed free trials, raising prices in canada by a dollar or two in the last month, that is indicative that something's going to happen at least one
9:35 am
animal analyst or pricing. netflix has been a lockdown winner, 25 million new subscribers in the first half of this year and that means the back half of 2020 is probably going to slow down, you have to squeeze a little bit more money from your pain subscribers when you spend around $14 billion in content each and every year, last increase generate 2019, went up by 13% and netflix tends to hike two or three years. stuart: maybe because i watch a lot of netflix that it is running away with the streaming wars. stuart.susan: i would not fit necessarily if you look at disney+ signed up 60 million a ten month of operation that's a third of what netflix already has an netflix has been around over a decade in order to get 160 million global subscribers, competition is catching up. stuart: netflix tough is better it's as simple as that. i'll make a judgment, why not. disney has a new cruise ship, and we think we know when it'll
9:36 am
make its voyage. lauren: the newest and biggest cruise ship, the wish, and the summer of 2022, i saw the story and i was like when it be summer 2021 but we have to wait an extra year, i cannot believe it, they had a setback at the shipyard in germany, we don't know what the itinerary is yet but we know cruise ships, the very popular inexpensive and for the rest of the ships, they will not sail until at least decembet for the cdc, will they lift the no sale order which is a set to expire in halloween. stuart: only time will tell as they say. lauren: summer 2022. stuart: that is out there. lauren: so far away. stuart: critics are calling out savannah guthrie for debating the president last night instead of moderating the town hall, watch, and you can decide. >> senate republicans that you're going to go big and big
9:37 am
numbers -- so far they have not. >> i'm not asked them to. >> i heard you writing down $400 million is not that much, i think people are just wondering. >> it turns out that i am -- excuse me. stuart: that is absolutely unbelievable, a moderator. meanwhile joe biden pulled out a cheat sheet when answering a question about taxes, watch this one. >> let me get to the exact number, another 200 -- excuse me $92 billion. stuart: a tale of two different town halls, "america's newsroom" coanchor sandra smith is here to talk about it next. ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me ♪ we are family ♪ get up everybody
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stuart: a quick look at the market, i see green come up 182 points from the dow jones industrial average and now fox news is going to introduce me. >> i did before i got to, i'm trying to be sneaky, stuart varney from "varney & company", good morning to you, i had a big interview to the president but first in the town hall last night, both candidates pressed on the economic plans, joe biden said that it's okay to raise taxes and he intends to do so even during a struggling economy and president trump says he has a big beautiful tax cut for the middle class coming and he's reelected. stuart: let's deal with joe biden first of all, i simply don't believe that you can raise taxes dramatically as you're trying to come out of a nasty recession because of the virus, if you start raising taxes the way he wants to raise taxes and you do that the first thing that you do when elected rethink the
9:43 am
economy is in serious trouble, he's going to raise the corporate tax rate from 21 - 28%, that is a huge tax increase on corporate he is going to raise all kinds of taxes, raise taxes on people making more than $400,000 a year, state taxes, capital gain taxes, raise them to the tune of $3 trillion or even $4 trillion, when you take that money out of the private sector and give it to the government or forced out of your wallet to the government, that is redistribution and that is not good for the economy, that is my view on joe biden, president trump the other way around entirely, we need more tax cuts to stimulate this economy, no harm done, america's middle class coming out of the nasty pandemic could really use a nice middle-class tax cut, we could use less regulation and less red tape, it worked last time and got us to a world leading position as far as our economy
9:44 am
was going and i think it would work again, there's my answer. stuart: very good, i have to tell you i had a split screen myself during the show yesterday as i watched your interview with the president, around 10:00 a.m. eastern time and you and the president made news when you discussed another round of stimulus for the american people, people are still struggling, you keep referencing the trump economy pre-covid we know so many americans are still struggling and the president indicated it may news on your program that he was willing to go above the 1 trillion-dollar mark it moved markets, what did you think of that moment and what are we seen as a reaction to that. stuart: that's exactly what the president said, he said it before, go big, he has offered $1.8 worth of stimulus in his package the one that he likes, he says he will go above that the speaker pelosi is having none of it, obviously politics plays a role, i think the
9:45 am
speaker believes that if she were to given and allowed trump to go with two or two points to trillion that he would get the political credit for stimulating the economy and the speaker would not, the basis of her opposition to president trump is entirely political. but what the president really wants, he wants to stimulus but what he really wants is to get the economy going and open up the economy especially in the big democrat states, new jersey, new york, illinois, california, that's where the restrictions are most severe at this moment if you lifted those restrictions and get those economies going they got 100 million americans living in those 405 states and you would get the economy going and expanding more, i am with the president on lowering taxes and open the economy, i do "varney & company", it is the opinion show and that is my opinion.
9:46 am
>> you made very clear when you were talking to the president you said this is the financial program and you pressed him on a lot of the issues, because i used to join you on your show, i know you have a segment, it is my take, you give your sure take every day. final thoughts on your take last night, the dueling town hall, you have a couple of seconds left. stuart: i think was terrible a clear-cut evidence that the network fix is in, beat up on trump go soft on joe biden and that's exactly what we saw, i really did not like the endless interruption in the cost debate from savannah guthrie against the president, that was all most the debate with the so-called moderator in the president, exact opposite with george teflg rambling answers any never raise the issue of hunter biden. that is ridiculous, major league scandal which they should've
9:47 am
addressed. >> and that is stuart varney with his take on fox news channel. we appreciate always good to have you. stuart: let's move back, gilead science, the stock is down not very much, disappointing news about remdesivir. susan: w.h.o. found the covid treatment did not lower the mortality rate from coronavirus is a wide study, 11000 people in 30 countries in the gilead drug given to president trump and is covid treatment along with regeneron antibody cocktail remdesivir was developed for ebola and hepatitis c, stock viruses from replicating but the drug was granted emergency use by the fda in may following up a trial that was done by the nih, and city factories department that found that remdesivir modestly reduce the time and recovery in severely ill patients, it cost over $3000 but
9:48 am
it's important to know that the w.h.o. was not peer-reviewed, was not published in a medical journal but it was not or did not reduce the death rates. stuart: i believe president trump used it. susan: he did along with regeneron. stuart: a successful recovery in just a few days. susan: i talk more about regeneron then remdesivir. stuart: thank you very much. bad news for gilead, got that, but pfizer has good news this morning, the stock is up and i think that's helping overall market. susan: pfizer said the filing for emergency use of the covid vaccine could be as early as late november, this is after safety data was released and will be released by the ceo says the data could be available by the end of this month, think of the timeline, that includes data on effectiveness and the fda has said it wants to months of safety data before authorizing emergency use of any vaccine,
9:49 am
the timeline that pfizer is giving us allows for a possible u.s. authorization of a vaccine by the end of this year, that is bullish, pfizer is one of nine vaccines in late stage trials and made during another contender but we don't astrazeneca and j&j with unexplained effects. stuart: it looks like pfizer is leading the pack at this moment, a nonmedical guy looking at it pfizer leads. susan: emergency authorization by late november, this timeline is very quick. stuart: the stock is up 1.9% during member when goyette, the president thereof faced backlash and a boycott after saying this about president trump, watch it. >> i'm so blessed to be here and were so blessed to have you as our leader as we continue to build this country. stuart: after that he faced a boycott, he's on the show today and i'm going to ask him, how is business since a boycott began.
9:50 am
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stuart: yesterday we brought you the story about city liking value stocks, today we bring you goldman. susan: quite a large or temporary rotation according to goldman, low growth environment still recovering from covid in the shift in policy after the election, investors will pay premium in a few areas that they can find stable growth and cheaper value, you are looking at them like otto ford and gm and city and construction materials, aerospace and temporary rotation because we have a continuing environment of low interest rates but improving growth means the big tech stocks will eventually come back, they said since 2008 you 15 times growth has rotated into value, this might be one. stuart: it looks like it, how about the movie theater chain
9:55 am
that is offering private screening, this is fascinating, which chain and how much to rent the entire theater. ashley: not much, amc theater chain, $99, that is for you and 19 of your friends for a group of 20, we all jumped about having the entire movie theater to herself at some point especially when you sit next to a talker or somebody taken their cell phone out to text but no longer a dream, they will rent an entire theater with up to 20 people starting at $99, it depends on the movie the theater location, here's a tweet from amc, there are currently 34 films to choose from including jurassic park, the empire strikes back, that cost $99 but the new movies will start at $149, they do have a group of 20
9:56 am
earning $70.50 each but the price by the way, you know where the real expense is the popcorn and the m&ms, you can order those in advance and if you want to bring your own grub, they will charge $250 outside catering fee and their other extra catering fees, if you want to rank a microphone that cost an extra $100. stuart: they get you one way or another. here is still to come this friday, tammy bruce, joe concha, larry kudlow, lara trump all on deck for the next two hours, did you see last night's dueling town hall, president trump faced aggressive questions, joe biden does not get one single question about hunter. i'm in a go right at that in my take. ♪ ime insights in your customized view of the market.
9:57 am
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stuart: a half hours worth of business the market is solidly in the green especially the dow industrial up over 200 points, boeing is up sharply, boeing is a dow stock that does help the dow industrials 213 points up, a couple of news items that are helping the market, number one, retail sales up sharply, nice performance for the retailers in the month of september. look at pfizer, they could apply
10:01 am
for emergency use of their virus vaccine as early as late november, the stock is up, the hopes overall market. don't forget larry kudlow is on the show and the 11:00 o'clock hour, i want to talk to him about the latest on stimulus. we are just getting this coming at us, the latest read on consumer sentiment. susan: 81-point to, that's october preliminary number higher than what economist have forecast but more portly higher than last month, september's read which was the highest in six months and the highest consumer sentiment read that we've had since covid started, that's very bullish for the u.s. consumer giving retail sales came" people headed to zepeda for september, pent-up demand. stuart: you bring in those two together, consumer sentiment, you bring them together and you have a bullish stimulus for the market and they are taking it, the dow was up to 13, the nasdaq up 73 and now this.
10:02 am
dueling town halls for the objective is the same, make trump look bad and make biden look good, this is what happens when you give mainstream media control a political debate, hear his how nbc and abc handle last night's town hall, totally different treatment of the candidate but the same obvious bias, go after trump but go easy on biden, we the people are not being well served, on nbc, the moderator savannah guthrie interrupted the president constantly, a clear attempt to rile him up, don't let it make his point, make him look contentious, actually was ms. guthrie who came across as contentious, she was subject to pressure from her own network where dozens of staffers had object to hosting the president the first place. on abc totally different, george steph oftereally interrupted, he
10:03 am
to answer his softball questions and packing the supreme court, biden was allowed to equivocate carried entropy he may say where he stands before the election, it all depends on how the nomination of judge. was handled. it was a nonanswer and she go he got away with it. no pressure, most egregious, not a single question about hunter biden, no excuse, recent revelations are sensational, he took hundre millions from ukraid the former mayor of moscow and china, his dad was vice president in handling america's policy with ukraine and china. conflict of interest. this allowed the media this morning to say that biden was calm why trump was contentious. the fix is in, the media will only allow you to see the selection the way that they see it, we the people are not well served, you gotta watch this.
10:04 am
>> to you expect the response of their election. >> the answer is yes i will but i wanted to be an honest election. >> what about the question about expanding the court. >> i'm not a fan, depends on how this turns out. >> you are asked point blank to denounce white supremacy, in the moment you did not. >> you have done this to me and everybody, i did not swipe supremacy. >> what do you have to say to young black voters. >> as my buddy john lewis said it's a sacred opportunity to vote. did you hear what you needed to hear. >> i think so. >> it was all downhill as far as i'm concerned, tammy bruce is with us, i cannot believe how the media and abc last night has totally suppressed the hunter biden story, totally suppressed. >> here's what's interesting, we only know they suppressed it because of the internet if you will the fact that americans saw the story happened in another environment, this makes more
10:05 am
serious question, what else have they suppressed that we do not know about, you cannot prove the negative and yet our world makes it almost impossible to do that without someone else being able to raise her hand and say this is happened. and yet they felt so comfortable as we talked facebook and twitter set the tone and they signaled everyone else, this is not fair, this is not proven, this is hacked material, none of that is actually accurate but that allows legacy media to ignore it because the decision has been made by our big tech overlords about what it is that will and will not be discussed, some people including myself think that the hunter biden story is not at the top of the list for voters, what are we 18 days away from the election and concerned about the economy and as we've heard from you and susan is seems to be doing well
10:06 am
and at the same time, healthcare, those things matter but what we've been exposed to is the degree to which the corruption in the effort to manipulate us in this process and that becomes important. it's the epitome of the swamp the bidens, the media, the clintons, the democratic party, we saw in 2016, there is a level of desperation because they realize donald trump is the real thing that what happened in 16 was not an accident and now they're willing effectively to hold us all hostage in order to have their way. stuart: what are we going to get past the nonsense, savannah guthrie is the wife of al gore chief of staff way back when. george stephanopoulos worked for bill clinton and he gave money to hillary clinton, he did all of that and yet they anchor,
10:07 am
moderate supposedly these debates or townhouse, it is not right, what do we do next, how do we get over this. >> is a revolving door, we have some rules of how you cannot lobby for a period of time after you left the government, that was a big issue, there should be some kind of agreement when you go into government that you don't just immediately move into media and it would have to be a voluntary agreement because of the nature of the important, i do think lobby and is important to stop the influence there, what do you think media is, jake tapper is a former democratic operative, it is all throughout the framework, they have an agenda but they always have, it's not just now when it was three channels on the knob that we would turn on a television whether it was walter cronkite or whoever else, it's the same
10:08 am
dynamic, what people are deciding what we should hear and americans have decided we should hear whatever we want as much as we want and we will make the decision. stuart: well said, tammy bruce, we appreciate it and will see you again soon. stuart: one stock i want to take a look at, we don't spend much time looking afford but we should especially now because they reported sales in china up 25% from this time last year, ford is doing well, gm is doing well and certainly tesla doing well in china, stock is up a quarter percent, boeing is up on news that the max jet has been approved to fly in europe and no word when that thing will fly but the stock is up 3.4%, dow stock so with helping the doctor 240-point gain, caterpillar graded by wells fargo to overweight, that means by the
10:09 am
train and boosted the target price to 220, it is now 169, the overall market at the moment is up across the board, plenty of green, dow, nasdaq and s&p, george's with us. i have some hypothetical election scenarios for you. i'm going to start with this one, if joe biden wins but remains a republican senate, what does the market do. >> the market rallies, good morning to you because you have frozen government and they love it when the government stays out of the way the capital gains tax won't go from 23 - 42 in the corporate tax rate won't go from 21 - 28 and the market rallies. stuart: next one, biden wins but the democrats take back the senate, what does the market do? >> there is magical thinking among wall street and the mainstream media that if biden
10:10 am
secures the presidency and the democrat secure the senate, it is all good for the country because we will get lots of stimulus and a sugar high and it'll be all good, that's a bunch of hokum, if that happened your tax rate on corporation will go up 40% long-term capital gains will double and basically economic activity is going to flatline or go into freefall, biden's antibusiness president and i know a lot of your viewers don't like president trump personally but he is the pro-business president that's bad news for the market and the economy if that happens. stuart: third scenario, always possible trump wins and the republicans retain the senate, then what does the market do. >> the market rallies in that instance because trump is a full throated pro-business president and the government will be more sluggish of the democrats will slow things down in the house, trump will continue to pass pro-business, lack of regulation and tax policy and the senate will confirm a pro-business and basically carry out the law, not
10:11 am
change the law, justice to the court and the market will rally. stuart: last one, i'm going to throw this out you suppose in his extended and confused and chaotic election and we don't get a result until after christmas, then what does the market do? >> the market sells off, as you know the market hates uncertainty and they want certainty, it'll be good for the country that we have the certainty on election day and irrespective of how your listeners view trump personally, he's a pro trump president, if your for the economy to come out of this horrible recession, trump is your best bet as president. stuart: you covered all four scenarios very well, if you're not careful, you will be back. we always appreciate it. thank you for being here. stuart: has not been 48 hour since the prime event, they are already starting holiday sales.
10:12 am
susan: we know the shopping calendar has shifted and amazon not taking a break after the 48 hour blitz of prime day starting with holiday -- deal, the early discount on just under different deals, toys, fashion, electronics and home goods will have items on sale, prime day according to initial indication with a record breaker, amazon provided a three and half billion dollar boost for prime sellers, amazon typically does not get out total prime day with direct sales and how many they bought during those two days, indications that this easily beats last year $7 billion and shoppers are spending, we saw that with the retail sales figures in september easily doubling in consumer sentiment october hit a six-month high, a lot of pent-up demand and that is good not only for amazon but think of the target, walmart best buys in bed bath and beyond which i think even you have stepped in. stuart: many years ago. i'm looking at ali baba, i would
10:13 am
think that is china's amazon, they are up 2.3%. susan: that is the trend for pent-up demand after covid and were seeing that around the world. stuart: amazon is up and ali baba up, nice gains, the president appeared on the show and wants more stimulus money, mitch mcconnell senate leader says no. i'll ask white house economic guy larry kudlow he is in her next hour. also lara trump, want to know what do you think of the media downplaying the hunter biden report, if it was a trump child, the media would be melting down. speaking of the media, the hills media guy joe concha is coming up next and is fired up about the dueling townhouse from last night. more varney after this. ♪
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10:18 am
>> if you take a test -- did you take a test on the day of the debate and you don't know if he took a test on the day of the debate, you were asked point blank to denounce white supremacy, and the moment you did not and the question is on behalf of voters who do $421 million to. >> about the question of expanding the court, are you still not a fan we demand president trump to contest that day and you said you would locked on the economy only as a scientist said it was necessary. stuart: 's pal small moment from last night's town hall, the hill reported on the media and he is here with us right now, the network fix was in, beat up trump, go soft on biden. where am i going wrong.
10:19 am
>> you're not because you saw the prequel to this, that was two weeks ago cnn town hall would joe biden were 16 questions were asked by undecided audience members, 13 from democrats and three from republicans, that is a fixed fight, last week nbc news has a town hall for joe biden with undecided voters and it turned out many were decided already for joe biden including two that told them six weeks before that that they were providing for biden on the air, going into this were pretty low and i was not disappointed that regard, here you have savannah guthrie who went from being a townhom hl moderator, use was to be a traffic and bring in moderators and make the trains run on time and keep things moving, you ask a follow-up once in a while but you're not the focus of the debate, the numbers are in, i look over the transcript and savannah guthrie asked donald trump 43 questions last night,
10:20 am
the audience with were supposed to be the future part of this because those are voters trying to decide who to vote for they only cost at ten, moderator 43 and audience ten, guthrie spoke for the first 24 minutes, she only asked the questions for the first 24 minutes until audience members were brought in and that's because savannah guthrie was under according to the york times going into the debate in enormous pressure to make it a nightmare for trump because nbc staffers were revolting that god forget they give trump equal time to joe biden and hollywood celebrities were saying the event needed to be held, that's the makeup behind the event. stuart: then we got social media and the election, twitter and facebook are basically deciding their gonna monopoly in their deciding what you are allowed to see and read and listen to right before the election, this is outrageous, the people are not well served at this moment.
10:21 am
>> if we could get comment from george orwell from beyond the grade come under grave i think he would say this is too extre extreme, i imagine that this is 1984, here you have twitter and facebook openly declaring if you share a story from a major news organization publication like the new york post in terms of having actual e-mails from the son of a guy who wants to be the 46 president doing nefarious things according to the e-mails, if you share them you will be locked out of your account, ask kayleigh mcenany, asked the trump campaign, they were locked out of their account for sharing the story, that is chilling stuff and i hope they take it into account at this point both jack dorsey and mark zuckerberg, is not just media like we talk about, cbs, abc, cnn but social media is where the majority of americans get their news from
10:22 am
and if their controlling information then what are we at this point, the united states of america or communist north korea, i don't know but i don't care but the problem has to be fixed lawmakers, and republicans and democrats should be outraged. stuart: 1984 good book to read in 2020. >> i was not born yet but i heard it was a good book. stuart: thank you very much. more on president trump's town hall, give us the highlights from social media, the viral stuff. lauren: there was flirting, look at this woman she helped lighten the mood. >> good evening mr. president, i have to say you have a great smile. >> thank you he does you're so handsome when you smile. lauren: and he smiles which he did not say on microphone that he should smile more and talk
10:23 am
less, her name is a registered republican who says she is likely voting for joe biden, her question to the president was on immigration when he cut the daca program, she was a professor at a university in many of her students were dreamers, i also want to show you this, take a look at a picture were about to show you, woman sitting to the left of the president, she is in a red masks and she nods to everything president trump says, see her there with a white shirt when he was sparring with savannah guthrie, her name is my rock, and immigration attorney also a former beauty queen who once ran against shawna bailout against congress, i don't think she's a undecided voter even though the audience was supposed to be. stuart: good highlights, good stuff. i did not notice all of that, thank you very much indeed, the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, just below were up 300 points on the dow industrial,
10:24 am
28797 and the nasdaq is up 113, almost 1%. in the dow industrial is up. susan: right now 1%. stuart: right again. look at zoom, it is way up. susan: a record high, zoom had an analyst meeting in a really impressing everybody, they are getting upgrades from numerous like bank of america and colleen zuma 577 in bernstein street hi estimates at $611 for the stock, the reason zoom no matter how many people reached, 300 million daily participants during the covid lockdown, first he said that's 1% of penetration, they could do so much more in the future and they're not as scared as a microsoft team in the competition coming from slack so zoom is up 690% this year, i cannot think of another start as
10:25 am
well. stuart: what it impacted his hat. 557 right now. another story, you remember the backlash that goyette foods based because it's president praised president trump, watches again. >> i'm so blessed to be here and so blessed to have you as our leader as we continue to build this country. stuart: having said that, goyette foods was boycotted, gioia's president is on the show today to tell us what happened because of the boycott, it's all good stuff by the way, first a record 32 million latinos are eligible to vote in this election, how will they vote. i'm asking someone who knows the answer after this. ♪ when we started carvana, they told us
10:26 am
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that selling cars 100% online wouldn't work. but we went to work. building an experience that lets you shop over 17,000 cars from home. creating a coast to coast network to deliver your car as soon as tomorrow. recruiting an army of customer advocates to make your experience incredible. and putting you in control of the whole thing with powerful technology. that's why we've become the nation's fastest growing retailer. because our customers love it. see for yourself, at stuart: it is a rally, 330 on the dow, 109 on the nasdaq, green all across the board, friday morning rally, we like it. now this. columbia university reports
10:30 am
8 million people slipped into poverty just sense may perhaps your first thought something must be done, we need more stimulus. my first thought, why they split into poverty and how best to get them out, the pandemic shutdown did obviously when people are not allowed to go to work, you get a depression and depression cause poverty. how do you get out of it, get back to work, open up the economy, yes help industries and people in this time of extreme need but full recovery, prosperity, that means opening up, letting the virus dominate while we bring more poverty. my opinion, open up their economies especially new jersey, new york and california where they are still in pretty solid lockdown. let's get to the election, 18 days away, new report which says
10:31 am
32 million latinos eligible to vote in this election, look who is back with us, daniel, looking good, welcome back. >> thank you, sir. >> hispanics don't vote as a block, what proportion goes to biden in the selection and what proportion goes to trump any idea. >> it makes sense this time around because of president trump's record because of his stellar record on policies and the economic bonanza that benefited minority communities and really a lot of the access that he provided latinos from across the board to the white house and has a familiarity with them now in the white house staff, i think is going to increase the numbers from the 2016 election, that is my sense and mainly because millions of latinos have seen this is the president who is fighting for school choice and educational
10:32 am
freedom and burden the taxes of regulation and start businesses and get on with the business of productivity as you were just saying in making sure that is going to preserve private healthcare insurance and personalize that insurance to the individual as opposed to giving more control to the bureaucrats in washington, d.c. stuart: have you done any pulling of the hispanic community. >> we have not, we have internal polling that we don't release but from other sources, we can gather that there has been energy within the latino community, you can see in the caravans in the rio grande valley of texas and in miami, there is a very public display of support on behalf of the president, i'm not saying that whether the president wins or not, i'm not talking about endorsements, i'm just seeing the energy, another thing that is important to point out is that right to work laws have
10:33 am
weakened the union in states like michigan and wisconsin in nevada to turn out the vote, they used to have a massive amount of resources to turn out the latinos and now they have been weak and because of that, i think that is an issue as well and there's a lot of latinos that live in rural areas that are not captured by the polls. stuart: that is true, how do they feel about the wall, do they have a collective opinion? is. >> the latinos feel that there should be a balance on immigration of making sure that we are accommodating for market forces, market demand on labor and that we have a steady influx of immigrants who want to contribute to america but at the same time we want security, we will order at the border that we decide who comes in under what condition and what numbers, that is important and i think what is been critical is to welcome the dialogue as to what the numbers
10:34 am
are so we don't find ourselves in a shortage of employment in certain sectors of the economy, before we close out, i cannot remember what the latino hispanic vote was for mr. trump back in 2016, was it 20% or 30%, i cannot remember, you tell me and you tell me if it's going to go up from there this year. >> it was 27% and i'm almost certain it's going to be over 30% this time around, i don't know how much more but it will be over 30% and i think it has a lot to do with decisions like nominating amy coney barrett who has a rare instance where a nominees reputation soared above expectation would latinos and when they see things like that, they respond very well. stuart: fascinating, thinking were being with us, don't be such a stranger, come back soon. >> i will check in, thanks so
10:35 am
much, back to the market, we are still going up 330 on the dow and a rally across the board, i went to see the vaccine makers please, start with gilead, the makers of remdesivir, trial conducted by the world health organization just revealed that the drug that they think does not prevent deaths from the virus any more than common treatment, not taking much out of the stock only got a half percent, pfizer, great use from them say there vaccine could be ready for emergency authorization from the fda by late november, that is good in the half for two and half rice helping overall market. news from across the pond, news from britain, an update, brexit ashley. ashley: the dreaded be worded, yes brexit is up again, they are trying to figure out their future relationship talks broke down again today, it looks like
10:36 am
britain if nothing is done will have no new rules at the end of the year and boris johnson, the prime minister said we will go with wto rules, the wto rules much like australia open up britain to other partners. the big issues fishing and how to resolve future disputes. one day we won't have to say the word brexit. stuart: he is warning about a no deal brexit which could have interesting consequences, and might come to that. thank you very much indeed. tuesday october 2:72 p.m. eastern, charles payne leads a pan of fox business all-stars for america votes together virtual town hall, if you've got a question send it to invested in you at coming up next tuesday. fans back in the stands and some baseball games, we would like to see that and no politics on the
10:37 am
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10:41 am
stuart: the rally continues, up 320 on the dow, 105 on the nasdaq and the s and 3.9%, rally and a lot of green. a lot of the online gaming companies are forming partnership with media companies and there is another one to tell us about. it is fan duel, who are they teaming up with. ashley: it's all about brand names and getting your name out there, one of medias sports turned to all thai media dealmaking fan duel the sports book partner for mba programs across the website, the agreement means that fan duel
10:42 am
does get exclusive mba content and will also be featured during tmz like tele-cops in the digitl channels providing sports betting analysis. the partnership actually began during the 2020 nba playoffs with fans will odds featured during the brokaw show on tnt and as we reported yesterday, all the way back to yesterday fanduel rival draftkings did a deal with turner sports providing a sports book for all the sports on the network other than the mba which vandal has currently 18 states allow online sports betting and another six are in active discussions to allow sports betting. as i said it's the new gold rush. stuart: why not, an open field and all the revenue going to the states from allowing that kind of gambling in their states, it's a sure thing. thank you ashley. how about this one, interesting,
10:43 am
fans are back in the stadium, the baseball playoffs this week, ken rosenthal with this, report of mlb on fox sports. are we almost back to normal or does it seemed like that with the fans back in the stands? >> it is more normal and is not full capacity at the ballpark in arlington, it is 11000, that's about 44000 that the stadium would normally hold in the other series going on in san diego, there are no fans allowed, this is a bit of a trial run for baseball as it starts to plan for next season to see if a limited capacity it can work. stuart: i am not watched a baseball game that has fans, this year, i have not seen that, doesn't seem better or more real. >> yes it definitely seems better, the players have noticed throughout the season that it's
10:44 am
a bit of a dead atmosphere without fans, not a bit, it's a dead atmosphere without fans, they miss the fans and even with the limited capacity, 25% capacity it is better, more life in the ballpark, more energy and that's a welcome change from what we've had the whole season. stuart: do we think will get to more fans, i think there's 11000 to watch, the dodgers and the braves, 11000, what is the chances of fairly soon within this current postseason being allowed to have more fans, any chance of that? >> i don't believe so, they will stick to the 11000 numbers through the world series, that's the next series, the final series, the real question what happens next season, that does not begin until late march, early april, there's a lot of time for baseball to see how the virus reacts and how government agencies make their decision, there is a lot of time before
10:45 am
that but this again is a trial run. stuart: is seems like there's less politics in baseball then there is a football and basketball. >> as far as player protested that kind of thing. >> and signs on the field and that kind of thing. >> i would say that is true, certainly this year there were protest and player sitting on team sitting out of concern for racial inequality but that was over a several day. , was not perhaps as prominent as it's been in the mba and nfl. stuart: real fast take me through this a new format for postseason compared to last year, what is the new format. >> 16 teams instead of ten, that is a huge change for baseball to see that many teams making the playoff, there was an extra round this year the wild-card round in the other changes we are seeing for the first time the world series going to be played at a neutral site, it will be played in arlington
10:46 am
texas as a national league championship series, we've had neutral sites for the last couple of rounds and that's a big departure and purely a reflection of the pandemic. stuart: is sure is, i'm going to leave you and thank you very much for being with us, let me tell our viewers the fox sports coverage of the championship series tonight begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern and this will feature the dodgers versus the braves and by the way fox sports is celebrating the milestone in the 25th season of postseason coverage. good stuff, thank you. now then i'm going to show you pellets on, it is down today but what a stock it's been from the 20s - 130s and the prompter is telling me they have a recall, since when have you recalled bikes, i thought you recalled cars. susan: the petal on the bike, it's a voluntary recall and it
10:47 am
affects about 27000 older pellets on bikes, their clip-on's, they were still between 201316, there they are 120 reports of them breaking, 16 injuries, five requiring medical attention, the stock is down 3%, peloton did receive a high price target of $150 from bank of america, they say holidays are around the corner and they will see high demand and i want to point out the stock is up 370% this year. stuart: yes 370% this year, that gets everybody's attention, it's a bit like zoom, it don't even bear. stuart: thank you lauren, the president says go big on stimulus, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell say no to that, he cannot sell it to republicans, how will that be resolved, larry kudlow joins us in our next our. the president of goyette is with us, how is business post boycott, i will ask him, more varney after this.
10:48 am
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is. >> i am so blessed to be here in
10:52 am
the most prosperous country of the world, it's a greatest country in the world and we are so blessed to have you as our leader as we continue to build this country. stuart: what, bob praising the president publicly, they plan to boycott, how did that go, bob is with us now, that is the question, they plan to boycott and they poured cold water all over your company, how are sales and to me that, to the president. >> good morning stuart, fantastic, they are historic, for that reason we are expanding our facility in houston testings and $80 million in expanding that, that's mixed emotions for me and for as, where an extensional business and we have the ability to choose to stay open in our employee showed tremendous courage and staying open, the world health organization says we should not
10:53 am
going to shut down, we were blessed to have the choice to stay open where other industries around the country did not have that choice, for example, we did benefit from the restaurant business declining about 70% during the pandemic, the third largest group of employees in this country is a restaurant business with 15.6 million employees and depending on what state or county or whatman is a polity, they say you can open and you can", they did not close down apple or companies like that, they're too big, most restaurants are small businesses, you have the ability to crush the businesses with less than 50 employees and send them home and send money and billions of dollars for them to stay home, instead of the world health organization says in the president has said from the beginning, stay working and have
10:54 am
faith. stuart: i just want to pop back on the boycott, a lot of people don't like it when an executive like yourself praises president trump, they don't like anybody or any company praising president trump for his presidency and you're telling me that the boycott did not work, that your sales went straight up and in fact, your favorable backlash in your favor from what you said to the president, am i accurate on that, your sales went up significantly. >> our sales went up significantly since the pandem pandemic, we were the only company, one of the few companies working and thank goodness there is enough industry working that we could supply ourselves, we did well because of that, we did well because the restaurant business declined 70% but we also did well because the backlash of a boycott to abide caught, we have
10:55 am
are traditional, we kept them but we also have new customers and i said the word blessed which is, we cannot be downtrodden, the president has used in the last few days, god sent, his miraculous recovery, more than a week and he is dancing ymca and incredible energy and encouraging all of us, this is sent from god and we need to put god back in our country, we are one nation, under god, if we are not under god we are not under visible. stuart: fascinating and inspirational. goya foods, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you stuart god bless you. stuart: 300 for the dow almost and i'm going to take a look,
10:56 am
we've got a big show coming up, that's what i've got for you, really big show, larry kudlow, lara trump, one lineup first friday morning, you will have my take on conservative approach trump ideas, third hour of "varney" is next. ♪ (♪ )
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11:00 am
>> the decision has been made by or big overlords about what it is that will and will not be discussed. it is the i pitmy of the swamp, biden and the media -- >> the market seems to be moving away from certain areas, and biden's chances go up. >> if they do a deal at this late point in the discussions, nancy pelosi's going to say the president caved. at this point both for economic and political reasons, i hope there isn't a deal, but i think there still may be. >> president trump winning in november, the market is cheering on a continuation of the current path and regulatory environment that you get with president trump. >> if you're for the economy to come out of this horrible recession we've been doing, trump's your best bet at president. ♪
11:01 am
♪ stuart: just got paid. [laughter] >> interesting. stuart: is that what it is? that's n' sync. didn't know that. [laughter] on sixth avenue where it is deserted and raining. it is friday, sports fans s and we've got a big hour coming up. as we constantly tell you. larry kudlow's going to join us and lara trump, all on tap today. look at that rally, because it is a market rally, up 275. that's about 1% for the dow, and the nasdaq is up about a half percent. so we've come back a little bit, but it's still green across the board this friday morning at 11:01 eastern. now this. you know, we should be used to it by now. i'm talking about the suppression of conservative or pro-trump ideas and opinions, but it just keeps on happening. during the obama years, the left shut down the debate but calling
11:02 am
names. you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic deplorable. you remember that? it worked. they shut you down until donald trump came along. these days they just wont late you hear anything that may -- won't let you hear anything that may damage their cause. three days after the explosive revelations about hunter biden, this is no thorough reporting of it. it's in in the new york post, bt you're not allowed to read their coverage on facebook or twitter. incredible. twitter even shut down the accounts of the president's campaign and his press secretary, kayleigh mcenany, because they wanted to put the post story out. that's what they wanted to do. twitter wouldn't have it. think about this. twitter and facebook have a virtual monopoly of social media, and that monopoly controls what you are allowed to read and pass along to friends and family. anti-trump censorship rules, it rules the roost. same story with abc, nbc, cbs,
11:03 am
cnn, msnbc, "the new york times," l.a. times, washington post. when, if ever, does a pro-trump story the appear there? rarely. there is one primary reason for this and, unfortunately, it is hatred. now, that's a strong word, but it's valid. right from the start when candidate trump rode down the golden escalator, the elites couldn't stand the sight of him. and when he won, first, they couldn't believe it and, second, they really couldn't stand it. the president has survived russia, russia, russia, the mueller report, impeachment, and the elites are front you can. to let -- frantic. to let judgment be clouded by the bitter emotion of hatred does a great disservice to our president and our country. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪
11:04 am
stuart: that was an editorial. i hope you heard it. as i said, the elites are suppressing conservative and pro-trump ideas. look who's here, deroy murdock, fox news contributor. are you with me on this, or did i go too far? [laughter] >> stuart, i don't think you went far enough. it's great to see you. no, i think you're absolutely correct. i think these people are driven by hatred. you actually saw a couple of weeks ago when president trump tested positive for covid-19, you actually had people come out and say that they hoped he would die, which i thought was astonishing. and i believe harvard has done several studies on the coverage of his presidency. the negative stories are at 94, 95% negative. it's not 60/40, 70/30, it's 95/5. they hate his guts, they don't want any positive stories out, and this negative story about hunter biden and husband various antics, you know, among other things, taking a $3.5 million
11:05 am
payment from the wife of the mayor of moscow, that's not getting out because facebook and twitter want to keep that story buried. stuart: is there anything we can do about this? >> you know, i tell people that the best thing you can do is, you know, to the degree you can if you see stories, videos, anything that you think is helpful, pass along to your friends and people you know. obviously, it gets a lot harder if it gets blocked. but send it by mail, call people. whatever way possible, whether it's high-tech or low tech, get the information out. certainly facebook and twitter can't keep you from knocking on doors, handing out bumper stickers, putting a lawn sign on your property, that sort of thing. if you can do those things, do those things. and even if you've got to go back to pre-internet technology, i guess that's how we've gotted to do it. stuart: i want to go back to the town hall last night, abc news. a young man took joe biden to task. watch this, please. >> besides you ain't black, what
11:06 am
do you have to saw to young black voters -- >> as my buddy john lewis said, it's a sacred opportunity to right the vote, to make a difference. >> dud you hear what you needed to hear? >> i think so. stuart: okay. weigh in. your reaction to that, please. >> yeah. this is a good reminder of this comment by biden that, you know, if you sport trump -- support trump, you ain't black, which is just one of many racist things he's said. biden is not a fan of school choice. he said i'm not a charter fan. he's also said if i'm president, charter schools are gone. he's promised to kill the d.c. voucher program and relegate thousands of black kids an opportunity to go to parochial school and private school with vouchers, to get rid of that program and basically send them back to some the worst government-run and teacher union-run classrooms in the country. that's a shameful position, and joe biden really ought to hang his head in shame for his hostility to school choice and
11:07 am
to charter schools in particular. that's a very negative policy of his, and it's not good for black kids, black parents, black americans at all. stuart: with you on that school choice, it's an absolute must. then there's this, deroy, jpmorgan has a report saying voter registration patterns give president trump an invisible edge in the election. so are all the polls wrong, deroy? >> i think this edge could be a sleeper issue, an advantage for the gop and for president trump. the rebel strauss' higher among republicans than democrats. there are also certain indicators, the so-called trucker poll, truck drivers around the country who drive through the swing states who say they see many, many, many more lawn signs for president trump. if president trump has a bad day, 5,000 people show up to see him. if joe biden has a good day, a hundred people show up to see him. he had a grand tonight of eight people in arizona earlier this week, not 800, 8 people.
11:08 am
maybe they don't support biden but they'd come out of curiosity, brung their kids to see what a presidential campaign looks like. he's getting single digits showing up for him. there's a real lack of enthusiasm for biden and a huge amount of enthusiasm among president trump supporters. stuart: all right. i'll say it again, only time will tell. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] stuart: see what happens. that's a better one. deroy murdock, good man. thanks for joining us. look at that market, we're still in rally mode, and susan's going to tell us what is driving it. >> well, the dow is up for the first time this week. isn't it nice to see some green on the screen? blowout retall sales in september, doubling the forecast in the month, up for a sixth month in a row, and that shows there's pent-up demand after covid. also consumer sentiment just in the last hour is hutting a six -- hitting a suggestion month high. the consumer drives more than
11:09 am
70% of the u.s. economy. also vaccine hopes being lifted but pfizer's announcement that an emergency authorization could come for their vaccine as early as late next month, november. president trump said he could go above $1.8 trillion, steve mnuchin told nancy pelosi in a one-hour phone call that the president will lean on gop members like mitch mcconnell who has said he couldn't sell this kind of number to his members. this is all positive. but then if you think about the rotation that's taking place as well, boeing's doing well along with the tech, there have been a lot of investment banks like goldman sachs, most recent one, along with citi telling us to row tate into the value names from high flying tech. tech names are up 107833% -- up some 33% this year. stuart: that's why we spend so much time on them. >> they represent so much money too. stuart: yeah, absolutely. >> 25% of the s&p now.
11:10 am
stuart: yeah. and then there's the election. i keep hearing if biden wins but the republicans keep the senate, biden wins, that's still good for the market because he'll spend like crazy and can't raise taxes. >> right. stuart: if trump wins, e he'll cut taxes, spend like crazy, good for the market. >> right. there isn't this 100% all-in conviction trade that biden's going to one in november because if they did believe that, you would see a lot more volume buying into the trade, buying the solar panels and the green stocks. i think most people are taking money out of the stock market waiting to see how the election will turn out and then possibly piling in. stuart: i think there's a lot of that, and i'm -- i didn't check the betting markets this morning, i don't know whether you have yet, but they're still predicting a biden win. >> yes. it's still 65/40, but it'll be much higher than 60% in terms of probability, i think. stuart: can we we show big tech, please? always useful because, as susan
11:11 am
said, that's where the money is. and they're all -- a mixed bag today. apple's down a tine gnu fraction, amazon's back up again. they're done with their two-day prime thing. microsoft is up, reaching 220 again. alphabet's up 15.65. big tech on the upside. shall we tell our viewers again what's coming up? >> yes, that'll be exciting. so we have a huge store -- stuart: oh, you're going to do it. [laughter] >> i thought that was what you were trying to indicate for me to do. i was going to say lara trump's here, speaking to voters across the country, she joins us in just a few minutes. your turn. stuart: and we'll also speak with larry -- can i get a word in edgewise? larry kudlow will be with us shortly on this show. but first, you know, they just don't seem to be the cutting edge issue in this election. they have been in previous years. perhaps grover norquist can sort it out for us and get us back on the tax track.
11:12 am
we will be back with grover after this. ♪ look limu! someone out there needs help customizing their car insurance with liberty mutual, so they only pay for what they need. false alarm. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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11:14 am
11:15 am
"washington post. ♪ limu emu and doug. and if we win, we get to tell you
11:16 am
how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're talking about income taxes for the middle income people. may bring down the 21% down to 20, even number, but the big tax for me is going to be the middle -- and we've given that a lot. you know, a lot of people, we didn't get enough credit for it, frankly. stuart: that was the president on this program yesterday. he wants a middle class tax cut. grover norquist is here from americans for tax reform. first of all, grover, let's get
11:17 am
something right here. how much, what is the tax rate at the federal level on middle class people right now? what is it? >> well, for a median income family of four to go from where we are to biden's tax increase is a $2,000 tax increase. we've taken all the rates down, and you're looking at, you know, the first rate is 0%, and then it kicks in at 15, it goes up to 37. it's too high. it needs to come -- stuart: wait, wait, what is the middle class tax rate? is it 15%? on middle class income, median family income, what is it, $65,000 a year, what's the federal tax rate on that? >> between 15 and 25 depending on how you looked at it. stuart: okay. now, what do you think president trump might drop it to? >> well, he's talked about taking it down substantially. he hasn't given us a number on that. on the corporate side he said 20-21. but remember, when he campaigned the first time, he wanted to take it to 15, so look for that
11:18 am
to come down. stuart: -- a huge tax break for middle america. >> it is because why did the median income, family income increase by 6.8% between 2018 and 2019, the first year of the tax cut? because the corporate rate came down, and more capital became attached to every single worker. that increase -- that's not a tax cut, that was an income increase for the median, dead center, family earner of 6.8%. significantly more than all ought years of obama/biden. -- eight years of obama/biden. covid slowed it down, but we're back on track to get back now. stuart: so if the current middle class tax rate is between 15-25%, i understand that, it's a block there, what would joe biden raise it to? >> well, he says he's going to raise $4 trillion in taxes and spend $11 trillion. so there's a big number in there
11:19 am
that he hasn't told you how that tax is going to be. what he has talked about is an energy tax or a carbon tax that would hit all americans. that, evidently, seems to think if you raise the price of everything that's not a tax on people, that's a tax on gasoline, so that's exempted from nobody who makes less than $400,000 tax cut. that's where the middle class will get whacked to begin with, is all of your energy costs. drive a car, i was just out in california, it's a lot more expensive to drive a car in california for gas than it is in washington, d.c. or the rest of the country. or go to germany, $5.70 per gallon in germany. why? carbon taxes. energy taxes. the new green deal taxes. these tax -- they've talked about it's almost like a vat? it is a vat and would be extended to become a vat. so he's coming after the middle
11:20 am
class with a number of different ways. he'll reduce their income by not having the growth that tax cuts on corporations gave you, he's going to reduce their life savings by cutting corporate income and talking your 401(k) to be worth less than it used to be. came up under the president much higher than biden and obama. he'll take it back again. the number of jobs will disappear as he raises the minimum wage and makes it a crime for young people to start working early. all of those things damage the middle class. he will probably argue he's not going to raise the rate per saw, but he has talked about getting rid of a lot of deductions and credits for individuals. stuart: i've got to ask, where is grover norquist doing in california where they never met a tax they didn't like? >> well, you have to fight everywhere, that's important. and it was -- we have to save all 50 states. may take a while to get to california, but saving
11:21 am
california starts by having texas and florida and tennessee with no income tax and so the people leaving california will eventually force the california politicians to grow up and become adults. stuart: i guess you were preaching the tax exodus in the belly of the beast, california. hey, grover with, you're all right. thanks for joining us. see you again soon. >> stu, thank you. stuart: sure thing. businesses are looking for safe havens from states with high taxes. i'm looking as well, but i'm just an individual. all right, a ash lu, where are the businesses going? -- ashley? >> very quickly, grover should try buying gas in england, brutal, $6, 7 a gallon. it's not just residents fleeing high-tax states, but corporations are relocating as well away from states like california who like to tax and regulate and tax and regulate. so where are they heading? texas is a very popular
11:22 am
destination. nearly 200 companies have moved their headquarters there in the past ten years. 74 in just the last two years. among the companies that have moved to texas, charles schwab, at&t, pga of america just to name a very few. the attraction, of course, is a business-friendly climate which includes tax benefits, fewer regulations and, oh, by the way, texas does not have a corporate income tax. but it's not just companies moving to texas, but the workers as well. of course, the united van lines study last year found that, quote, a hefty -- that's not a number, just a hefty migration of residents from california to texas. it's a great exodus that's been going on for a while, and it continues. stuart: and it's speeding up, if you ask me, and will speed up some more of after this election if it goes the wrong way. ashley, or thank you very much, indeed. a new survey says people are rushing to supermarkets and stockpiling food ahead of the
11:23 am
cold and flu season. what? people stockpile food before the flu season? grady trumble, i don't believe it but why don't you tell me all about it. [laughter] >> reporter: well, we're seeing it here at happy foods in chicago, stuart. a new survey found 58% of people are planning to stockpile or already have stockpiled groceries. this is where the win dex should be at happy foods, you can see it's been wiped clean, and they're running short on other products as well. a lot of the same stuff we saw flying off the shelves in march. barbara eastman, the owner at happy foods. products that won't be available -- early next year and also the second quarter of next year. >> reporter: what products are we talking about? lysol disinfectant. bleach is in short supply. you don't get half the products that you order in. >> reporter: you have customers
11:24 am
coming in here looking for nonperishable canned goods, peanut better -- peanut butter, things like that, and you can't find it. >> exactly. we have an order that's coming in today. people know that, they shop this afternoon, this'll be 'em few tomorrow. >> i guess if we learned anything, it's stock up on toilet paper and all the other stuff while you still can. stuart: for the flu season? i'm not sure about that. grady, i'm told you helped a customer this morning, is that right? >> reporter: well, they were looking for ammonia, but that is one of the products that they just don't have right now. those cleans products -- cleaning products are very popular, and you can't always find it, unfortunately. i tried to help a customer. stuart: you didn't have a spare can of ammonia handy to give to the nice lady, did ya? [laughter] i got it. grady, we'll see you later. stocking up for the flu season. >> ammonia? stuart: united airlines
11:25 am
introducing new routes, adding flights to 19 destinations, mexico, caribbean, latin america. the stock is not reacting. carnival's germany-based aida cruises, germany-based, they're going to resume operations tomorrow. so what? stock's down 3.7% -- 1.7%. europeans are backing 'em in. dud you catch this? president trump issuing a stern warning about a biden presidency. roll talk about. >> i'll tell you, look, it's very simple. if biden wins, china will own the united states. stuart: straight to the point. what will larry kudlow have to say about that? we'll ask him because he's on the show next. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ i searched and found sofi and applied for a personal loan.
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11:29 am
stuart: you know, investors, you've gota rally on your hands here on a friday. this is the first day of the week, by the way, that the dow has been on the upside. this is kind of unusual, isn't, susan? >> yeah. and the s&p, but the way, turning a corner after three days of decline and the fact that investors willing to buy stocks seen as riskier than bonds heading into two days on the weekend when you can't sell
11:30 am
out of it, it's pretty bullish, i would say. you probably helped some of that yesterday with that president trump comment on $1.8 trillion in stimulus. stuart: let's not get carried away, susan li. all i'm saying is it's unusual to see the market go higher on a friday afternoon. larry kudlow is with us, i want to talk to you about the stimulus because it's the subject of the day, and i know you want to talk about it. the president wants to go up from $1.8 trillion. mitch mcconnell says, no, can't sell that to republicans. and speaker pelosi's having nothing to do with it. so it a occurs to me that the chances of getting a really big stimulus package before the election are slim and none. what say you? >> well, look, i don't want to conclude anything. i was on the phone with secretary mnuchin for a while last evening talking about it. he was on the phone with the speaker for 90 minutes.
11:31 am
but, you know, important point here is you've only got, what did you say? 18 days. even if you made a deal, it would be almost impossible to execute. maybe some of it could be executed, but you certainly couldn't get a grand, large deal. i mean, here's just one thought, stuart. just there's over $300 billion that is unspent from the prior rescue package. okay? $300 billion plus. now, that money could be going into unemployment assistance. you know, we had an executive order, but it's not going to last forever. that money could be going into ppp small business loans, that money could be going into airlines relief that everyone agrees on. all they have to do is appropriate it. stuart: well, you've got the money, you've got $300 billion -- >> yeah. stuart: has it not been appropriated? is that the problem? >> that's correct, it hasn't --
11:32 am
stuart: why can't you appropriate it? >> well, it takes legislative and political willed to do it. i mean, they're bickering, or so secretary mnuchin gave ground -- quote-unquote, i'm not sure what that means -- on this national testing strategy. but with a few ed edits left to do. he's say -- what does that mean? we've had hhs guidelines for six or seven months. it's the statements who do the implementation. in other words, the gold posts are moving. you -- goal poes are moving. -- goalposts are moving. the president wants a deal, secretary mnuchin is negotiating a deal. if speaker pelosi wanted a deal, i think we could round up enough senate republicans to get a deal. but three weeks to go, less than three weeks to go, i don't know. it's much more exciting for me -- look, first of all, stuart, always exciting to speak to you on a friday morning. [laughter] but it's much more exciting
11:33 am
topically to talk about the blowout in retail sales. stuart: i knew you were going to get to that. you're a broadcasting genius -- [laughter] because you can convert an interview directly the withdraw you want it to go, and i do agree with you. that was a very strong the retail sales report, and it implies that the recovery is on track and doing very nicely. >> yes, it is. stuart: so can i press you again? you've said that the third quarter, we're finished with the third quarter, we're going to see, what, 30, 35% gain over the second quarter. that's terrific. what growth rate do you expect in the fourth quarter? >> well, i think preliminarily looking at these early numbers for october, retail sales was september, i get that. but other trends, i mean, here's -- one of my favorite indicators, it used to be obscure, but it's not anymore, new business applications are soaring at a record pace. there was a story in the "wall street journal" about it, and i saw something else today, one of
11:34 am
the smart wall street people are talking about it. and it's an odd thing because the talk is that a lot of folks who became unemployed, all right? most regrett ark bly, but they're sticking with it and starting new buzzes. they're going -- new businesses. scales have created disruption. i just love that new business start-up story. to answer your question, you would say preliminarily, stuart, give me 10 %. i'll start the bidding at 10% for q4 which would be fabulous. that means the second half would be one of the biggest comebacks in american economic history. and if we have continued policies of low taxes and lower regulations, etc., 2021 sets up to be a blowout year. it could be a blowout year. but we'll see. finish but for heaven sakes, you've got $300 billion, help the unemployed, help the small
11:35 am
buzzes, help the airlines, help the kids with covid-related school things. we want to keep everything open. schools must remain open or must be opened. that's the key. stuart: the president says that the democrat states, you know the usual suspects, it's new jersey, new york, illinois, connecticut and california, the president says these democrat states are slowing the recovery. hold on a second, larry, just watch this from the president yesterday. roll it. >> and they ought to open up the states. that's the other thing with the democrats, maybe more important, open up the states. they've got to open 'em up. they'll open them up on november 4th. they're only doing it for politics. stuart: isn't that the most important thing, open up this economy? go back to work? >> absolutely. and, by the way, this is not just, i mean, the president is right on economic terms. he's probably right on political terms. he knows more about that than i do. but in science terms, okay?
11:36 am
you have this great barrington conference. 5,000 people, this is a story that deserves much more attention. 5,000 people started by scientists from harvard and stanford and oxford university in england. doctors, scientistses, health care workers, practitioners, everybody have said, have said go after targeted vulnerabilities, okay? you know, community mitigation is the way to think of it. but keep it open. open up the schools. open up the businesses, all right? distancing, absolutely. masking and so forth and testing. but some of these hot spots that we're seeing in europe, unfortunately, do it on a targeted basis. open up. it's healthier. this is what the scientists are saying. it's healthier to open schools and businesses than to just stay home. it's healthier psychologically,
11:37 am
physically, virusly, everything. and that's a key point. it's the scientists are saying that. stuart: i need help, larry. you're a stock market commentator. you were, not now, but i know you were. should i sell my stock? i've held microsoft for a couple decades. should i sell it? [laughter] i'm an old kind of guy. should i sell it if i see joe biden win the white house and the democrats win back control of the senate? should i sell? >> stuart, let's postpone this conversation until november 4th. [laughter] stuart: okay. it might have to be postponed until january the 25th or something. >> yeah. stuart: i just want to say it's always a pleasure. it's great to have you on the show. >> thank you. stuart: thank you. all right. still got a blockbuster hour left. we've got lara trump coming up, and there's this: the mainstream media ignoring the new york post
11:38 am
bombshell on hunter biden. what if this had happened to the trump family?
11:39 am
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stuart: oh, we got the numbers, early ratings from last night's dueling town halls. abc, the biden town hall, that drew 12.7 million viewers from 8-9:00. nbc, trump got 10.4 million viewers in that same time slot. more went to biden than to trump. now this, the media, basically they're ignoring "the new york post" bombshell report about hunter biden. the few shows that dud mention it, mentioned the scandal, downplayed it. watch this. >> this is a questionably sourced story, to say the least.
11:43 am
it9 appeared in a tabloid. "the washington post" is reporting this has the hallmark of a disinformation campaign. >> people read this story, and then they'll go this is really one of the stupidest october surprises i've ever seen before. stuart: the stupid story. well, well, well. the lady on the right-hand side of your screen, ladies and gentlemen, is lara rah trump. and my -- lara trump. and my obvious question is what would happen, what would have happened if you've got a scandal like this in your family? >> oh, my -- stuart: what do you think the media would do? >> well, stuart, i think we all know the answer to that. if the name trump was a attached to this in any way, shape or form, it would have been breaking news across every major media outlet in the united states of america. we would still be talking about it, it would run over the course of the next week nonstop, they would be harassing us nonstop. but what has happened, sadly, is that the opposite has happened. i mean, this is a very, very
11:44 am
serious situation and, gosh, don't we wish in the trump family that the same courtesy had been extended to us when they say these are question by sourced, you know, a question by sourced story. are you kidding me? first of all, "the new york post,"ing i think it's the fourth most circulated newspaper in the entire country, one of the oldest newspapers in the entire country. they have verified all of their sources for this. but the thousands if not tens of thousands of false stories about me, about my husband, about my brother-in-law, about, certainly, the president of the united states, the first lady, our entire family, we wish this same courtesy that twitter and facebook extended to the biden family had been extended to us. but i think we see very clearly the game that is being played here. i mean, this is interfering in an election, plain and simple, in my opinion. stuart: suppression of any kind of pro-trump ideas at all, suppression and rejection and cover-up. i'll go further than that if i have to.
11:45 am
lara, it seems to me there's an awful lot of voters who are voting against president trump rather than for joe biden. and president trump's trying to do something about that with his appeal to suburban women when he was speaking in pennsylvania. will that work at this stage? because there are people that don't like his style, his language, his tone. >> well, but we saw this in 2016 as well. there are a lot of people that did the same thing. they went out to vote against donald trump. the difference i think this time around, stuart, is that hillary clinton actually, believe it or not, excited some people. there were some people out there that thought, oh, my gosh, wouldn't it be great to have a woman as president of the united states, and she really did have people that were excited about voting for her. with joe biden though, i mean, stuart, we all see the rallies, and i use that term very loosely for the joe biden events, because there are, like, 10 or 15 people that come to these things versus the tens of
11:46 am
thousands that show up for a trump rally. i go out on the road, i was in michigan, pennsylvania, north carolina this week. i'm just the president's daughter-in-law, and i get hundreds of people coming to the events that i do. we can all very clearly see where the enthusiasm is. and i think whenever you see the lines -- my mom actually is voting right now in north carolina, she's waiting in line, and she said she's been waiting for about half an hour. do you think trump voters are going to get out of that line or people that are there and they're like, oh, i've been waiting in line for an hour to vote for joe biden. trump voters are going to stay in that line, i truly believe it. biden voters might take a hike. stuart: we'll see. [laughter] lara, it's great to have you on the show. lara trump, everyone. thank you very much, indeed. >> thank you. stuart: an interesting story that takes me way back. do you remember tab? i remember it very well. [laughter] must have been around for decades. used to have more of a pinkish tone to the can.
11:47 am
are they ditching it? >> yeah. started in 1963 so, yes, it is definitely your era -- [laughter] first diet see a da, pop culture icon in the '70s with that pink can, and then diet coke came along in 1982, and it was all over for tab. almost nobody is drinking tab -- stuart: you can't find it. >> it's only representing .1% of diet coe e la sales last year, .1%. diet coke still the biggest seller, more than 35% of diet coe e la sales is diet coke. closing about 250, so that's bye-bye to tab. diet coke, cherry, sprite lemonade, coke light, northern neck ginger ale and men don't that springs seltzer and even coconut water's being reduced. stuart: say it ain't so. [laughter] well, you know what? it's that time of the week. 11:47, to be precise.
11:48 am
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stuart: friday feedback, you saw the grc and here we are. come on in, susan, ashley, lauren, let's get started. the first comment comes from joe. just like the interview you conducted yesterday with president trump, i urge you to invite biden on your show. >> we ask, but i don't think he wants to come on. in fact, i would love to hear some of his answers, because you might even get more from him than george stephanopoulos last night. stuart: i would ask a few questions. [laughter] so the answer to question is, look, we would invite him, we have invited him, i believe, we've never gotten a response, and i don't expect to get a response. so there. hey, lauren, you've got to read this one. >> all right. this one comes from walt clark, and he says this: i have been a dedicated fan of you and the cast for years and am looking to show my fox business varney and co. pride by purchasing and wearing a varney and co. t-shirt to the gym only to discover the fox news shop says not offer such. but it does, walt with.
11:53 am
you go to that shop, tons of fox business gear, just search in the upper left fox business, and you'll see all of those come up. stuart wait a second. i don't believe there is a "varney & company" t-shirt. i don't think there is. have you -- >> there isn't that i can see, but there is fox business gear. stuart: yeah, okay. sorry, walt. i mean, you're out of work on the "varney & company" t-shirt. you never know what might turn up. who knows? >> i did want to highlight the fact that there was no varney t-shirt. i'm sorry. stuart: well, you did the right thing. [laughter] this comes to us from a viewer on twitter who says: i almost agree with stu's take on a subject pretty much on a regular basis. given your perceived opinion, do you ever disagree with your producers regarding interview content or even prepared questions? well, susan, do i fight with producers? >> well, i've witnessed a few discussions --
11:54 am
[laughter] all in all, i think we're a cooperative, happy tam. stuart: no, look -- [laughter] it is a creative process. when you try to put on a live, three-hour rock and roll show, you expect some disagreement. ain't that right, ashley? >> yes, it is. over seven years, i've beared witness to that. [laughter] stuart: okay. i've got to move on here -- >> back to you. stuart: that's good. this is for susan. oh, this is definitely for susan. how old were you when you started to invest, and what was your first stock? >> okay. i think -- so we got allowances every week, my mom would give me an allowance, i would say i saved up one year, and i think my first stock was when i was 15 and i bought coca-cola because michael jordan was an endorser. and i think the bulls won that year. stuart: you were 15. >> yeah. stuart: just last year. [laughter] coca-cola, okay. i was 31, and i bought goodyear
11:55 am
tire and rubber. in hong kong, as a matter of fact. maybe earlier than that, 25. ed katz writes this: i still have difficulty visualizing ash as a reporter in montana. are there any pictureses of him in cowboy gear? go for it, ash. [laughter] >> i wish did. i actually had to announce the rodeo once. [laughter] >> oh, wow! >> there's a picture of me, 1991, channel 12 in helena, montana. god, that's almost 30 years ago. a little more fresh faced there. oh, and there you go. ashley webster with lori and al -- >> great hair. stuart: yes. >> yeah. great town, great people, loved montana. stuart: great hair. fantastic hour. >> thank you very much. i didn't want to say that. stuart: next week i want to see you in your carhart, okay? okay. [laughter] stuart: hey, look. thanks, everybody. just want you to keep on writing in. you know what i want one week?
11:56 am
i want a hate varney week. i want you to send us in a lot of stuff about how bad we are. take issue with us. make us out to be awful people, criticize us. i want a hate varney friday feedback, and i know it's going to come right at me. take a look at clearwater beach in florida. don't that look good? ♪ ♪ (vo) i'm a verizon engineer and today, we're turning on 5g across the country. with the coverage of 5g nationwide.
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stuart: i was just arguing with susan about how to save money ordersave money, we will let yod in the future, i am a saver in susan is not. susan: you cannot take it with you. neil: as my mom would say there are no pockets in a shroud. can i say that on tv. see what i'm doing, here it is yours. neil: i appreciate that, thank you very much stuart, have a wonderful weekend, in the meantime, it continues on the surprising strength of the consumer in the retail sales, we are going to start digging into the numbers, the one thing that struck me as interesting, electronics were not leading, electronics were one of the poor for underperformance or most everything else americans are buying we will give you the latest on that program following the president of the united states in the next hour he will talk in florida in miami to seniors and what he is doing for them, this is were getting overnight numbers on


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