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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 3, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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critics and philosophers. that's it for us. tonight, tomorrow i will host two hours of special fox business election coverage. be with us for that. historian victor davis maria: good tuesday morning, everyone, thank you very much for joining us. tuesday november 3rd. election has arrived. today is the day where americans decide between donald trump and joe biden. the campaigning is all done and the world now watches on final decision of polling. analysis all morning long. hear from donald trump, jr. steve bannon and doug collins
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all coming up this morning. markets continue to look at a rally, take a look at futures, strong opening, 395-point move right out of the gate is what we are expecting. 1 and a half percent. nasdaq up 83 and s&p 500 higher by 41 points following strong start to the month of november, markets seeing biggest gain yesterday since october 7th with dow industrials up 423 and the nasdaq up 46 and s&p 500 higher by 40 points. election and your money. we are looking at what the market would do should president trump run reelection or biden becomes 46th president. i to -- do virtual. more couples tieing the knot
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virtually. mornings with maria now. ♪ maria: check european markets this morning, we do have a rally, cac quarante up 92 and index higher on top of higher performances yesterday as well. green across the board, take a look, japan closed for holiday overnight but the others, korea was actually closed for holiday as you can see. the others were up about 2% in hong kong, one and a third percent in japan and some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. polls opening moments ago on the east coast. president trump returning to the white house today after a two-day blitz of key battleground states holding ten rallies across michigan, north carolina, wisconsin, iowa,
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georgia and pennsylvania. >> biden's plan to ban fracking is an economic death sentence for pennsylvania. biden's energy shutdown will wipe out jobs, decimate towns, eliminate your factories and send your state into a nightmare of crippling poverty. maria: joe biden also fighting for a win in the keystone state making one last pitch to african-american voters with help from lady gaga. >> he wants us to believe so much he's done for black americans. pittsburgh, honk if you think it's a bunch of malarky. maria: nearly 100 million americans have cast their votes already. covid-19 meanwhile still surging across the country, weekly
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infections rising 18% while deaths are up 3% from a week earlier this coming as record 61,000 children have tested positive in same period. 34 states seeing increases just in the last week, more than 9.2 million positive cases and 231,000 people have died of coronavirus since pandemic began. breaking news overnight meanwhile, manhunt underway this morning after a terrorist attack in viena, austria, it leaves 4 people dead and 15 others injured, shots erupted synagogue near city. several arrests have been made. police say they are searching for at least one other shooter this morning. espn looking to expand football coverage by negotiating a bigger role with the nfl, abc-disney company wants to take sunday night football coverage away from nbc and start hosting super goal became on the network,
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amazon and apple tv also buying to expand coverage as well. espn monday night football deal expires next season. investors are waiting and watching 2020 elections today. nasdaq up 85, and the s&p higher by 42. all 3 major indices bounce back yesterday in broad rally trying to recover some of the losses from the worst week since march. joining me right now to talk more about that capital management ceo and chief investment strategist david kudlaw and fox business dagen mcdowell and jon hilsenrath and forbes media chairman and former republican presidential candidate himself steve forbes. thank you very much for being here. david kudlaw, let me kick it off with you. what's behind the rally?
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>> maybe some people are looking forward and possibly we've got, maybe they believe already that there is a blue wave coming and their pricing in the prospect for more fiscal stimulus or could just be that maybe they see the uncertainty over the election is starting to get resolved or we are seeing some positive news, positive sentiment to the markets for that. but i think mostly right now it is just that they see after this, you know, horrendous last week, a little bit of a rebound from last week. maria: i'm wondering if something has changed in terms of wall street's perception. david i know all the major firms are coming up with backup plans, here is what you want to own under president biden and here u own with president trump, with
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that des moines iowa poll yesterday or over the weekend that show president trump up 7 points. i find it hard to believe that the market would be up 400 points today and 400 points yesterday if investors believe we were going to see $4.3 trillion in tax increases. you've seen a shift in the market sensibilities in terms of president trump getting a second term. what would a market impact be president trump versus joe biden in your view, david? david: well, i think right now it is -- in the very near term it's more about the certainty over the election and the certainty over the election being resolved. then it becomes about what happens in the coming weeks and the trade-off between actional fiscal stimulus versus tax policy and how that nets out and, for sure, corporations and individuals alike don't want
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more taxes. that is the reverse of more fiscal stimulus. that's a physical stimulus takeaway, in fact. how that nets out -- the economy and the stock market doesn't want more taxes. companies trade on -- stocks trade on earnings of companies over time. tacks rob from -- taxes rob from the bottom line. maria: the october job report released on friday, unemployment rate ticking down for 6 months in a row to 7.6%, steve, we are looking at evidence that we are looking at a recovery that's in place. >> that's right. you saw it in the manufacturing report which came in across the board, way above expectations and the job report will do the same thing. i'm wondering, david, the market
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playing on what maria said, the market tries to anticipate the future, the market thought there was a chance biden was going to win the white house and the democrats take the senate. the left of the party is not going to accept anythingless than what they are proposing, 40 capital gain tax, 28% on the corporate taxes. don't you think that the market is anticipating that perhaps the momentum is with trump and the republicans? david: i think that's a very good question. i think it's -- it's a combination of the fiscal stimulus that the market sees, maybe coming and weighing that against the higher taxes that may be coming. you know, we will see. the polls -- certainly it seems as though who you believe the polls or not, this is a very, very close race. our immediate concern is what happens today in the -- and the
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next several days. we our portfolios, we started getting more defensive september, a couple of weeks ago and that's important in the coming days and then when the election is resolved whether that's tonight or days from now, we will take a look at what we've ended up with, not only the president but the senate because that will term what can happen with taxes and what will happen with the rest of the policies and what platform and policies can actually get implemented. >> has there ever been a time -- maria: go ahead, steve. >> on a sustained track of growth? it certainly didn't work under obama. when has it ever worked? maria: it's funny that you say that because wall street firms have been -- wall street firms have been looking at this as sort of the silver lining, right, david, that's what all the major firms are talking
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about, the stimulus spending is somehow going to lead to growth and steve is questioning it? >> well, what we -- what we know is the monetary policy that has been used so far, we've been at the point of diminishing returns for a long time. in fact, jay powell has been literally begging for fiscal stimulus to come our way and that's what i think the market is looking forward and we are going to get fiscal stimulus under either candidate and it's a matter of how much we get and that -- that will -- that will help the markets and will change how we invest but that has to be seen as well. maria: would you buy stocks, david? let me know where you are. i know you had been bearish. do you want the own the market here going into this rest of the year, fourth quarter?
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david: as soon as the election is resolved, whether that's tonight or days from now. as soon as it's resolved. maria: you need clarity like most of us. david: yeah. maria: big show this morning, stay with us. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ non-valvular afib can mean a lifetime of blood thinners. and if you're troubled by falls and bleeds, worry follows you everywhere. over 100,000 people have left blood thinners behind with watchman.
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it's ridiculous. so ridiculous. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own data in a single, easy to use software. visit, and schedule your demo today. maria: welcome back, election day has arrived. president trump and joe biden making final cases to voters yesterday at rallies in several key battleground states, this election would be like any other in recent memory due to pandemic as well as record-breaking early voting, joining me right now the federalist senior editor christopher bedford, chris, pretty incredible what we have seen. 100 million voters already voting early. you've got the turnout that we see in donald trump rallies. thousands of people, people want to have their voice heard, what are you expecting in this
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election? chris: it's unbelievable that we are already at 70% of amount of people who voted in 2016 and in 2016 we saw, maria, how much trouble pollsters had, almost every single one of them are wrong. they are based on the models and what happened before and what can expect happen based on what's happened before. not only do we have another 2016 election after 4 years of president trump, we have coronavirus with americans locked in house like 7 months like prisoners in their own homes. these are things that are unprecedented, basically impossible to poll. going through pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, talking to different voters, it's unbelievable also how many -- how many democrats specifically tend to vote for donald trump. because of that the polls are broadly wrong in the states and the likely that donald trump
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will win but if this -- if this massive outpouring of voters that we are talking about here are actually in reaction against his coronavirus handling as some of the polls currently suggest, well, then it would be joe biden. maria: chris, what do you think are the important issues that are resonating with voters? we talk a lot about the economic policy. the president wants to cut taxes and joe biden wants to raise taxes. then you've got corruption, the biden bombshell, senator lindsey graham told me on sunday morning futures this weekend that he's planning on calling a hearing where he will ask the fbi why they sat on hunter biden's laptop at the center of the hunter biden scandal for a year without action. listen to what he said. i want to get your take on how much of this is resonating with voters. take a listen.
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what are you going to do senator lindsey graham in terms of making people accountable? senator: hillary clinton in july trying to cook up a plan link trump to russia in 2016. she tried to attach trump to russia to deflect. it was between russia, clinton and russia and not trump and russia. we learned that cross-wire hurricane was most corrupt investigation maybe in the history of the fbi. durham is all over this. after the election they'll be a report and i'll be shocked if people are not indicted. maria: chris, what's your reaction in terms of that story, the coup to take down donald trump in 2016 as well as the cover-up on hunter biden's business dealings, is this
6:19 am
resonating? chris: we have been disappointing that the durham report hasn't come out yet and if donald trump does not win the election, he loses republican senate, it's going to be very difficult for us to move forward in the durham probe, lose the department of justice. here are the kind of things that risk getting buried, however, if republicans take control of the senate, they will continue coming after hunter biden and coming after joe biden. it looks like they've given them something that would plague the administration. we heard -- google released are apps of top search term in the united states and even beyond elections has been coronavirus stimulus, coronavirus relief and there's actually been a pretty decent satisfaction from a lot of the folks who have talked to dairy farmers, et cetera, on how the federal government has handled this, how the administration has handled. the coronavirus is and the economy are number one issues
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but the hunter biden thing dent the joe biden is a good guy narrative democrats managed to spin. maria: that's true. christopher bedford from the federalist. we will take a short break. why americans may have to wait little longer for election day results, how long will it take, when will we know, the fashion you will need for apocalypse mag a buzz this morning. mornings with maria. ♪ this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's satisfaction guarantee. accountability, i like it. so, yeah. andy and i made a good plan. find your own andy at schwab.
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6:24 am
ballots requiring more time to count. article from the journal outlines guideline to possible delays. dagen mcdowell, how patient do americans need to be tonight, what are you expecting? dagen: it gets worse the more people particularly men telling women to be patient. stop telling us to be patient. [laughter] dagen: does that not make you insane? it's going to take time certainly ballots being counted past election day on some states. they'll be legal challenges in the state of pennsylvania, for example, the local election officials have been told by the attorney general to segregate ballots received after the election day deadline. that state not being not only the one doing that in case there's a court challenge even supreme court challenge at a later date. if you look at new york and the
6:25 am
snafu in june, took court challenge to figure out that carolyn maloney won over saraj patel, buckle up and drink wine because it's going to be a while. maria: i'm glad that you mentioned pennsylvania, dagen, because the attorney general of pennsylvania yesterday tweeted out something and it got a lot of commentary. i also questioned it. here is what josh shapiro wrote on twitter. if all the votes are added up in pennsylvania, trump is going to lose. that's why he's working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from the process. for the record, he's zero to 6 against us in court. we protect voting rights and ignore the noise and go vote. that's from josh shapiro. for the ag of the state to come out and say that before a single vote has been counted, pennsylvania's democrat attorney general declaring that biden has already won, steve forbes, i don't know, red flags went up on
6:26 am
that one. i also said, what is the ag of pennsylvania know that we don't know? steve: that's absolutely right. in court challenge he should recuse himself. this gets to pennsylvania. how much in the ballot box is going to take place. we have anecdotal evidence of what's happening in pittsburgh, philadelphia, about what's happening in terms of ballots being cast that aren't by alive people. you've had precincts where there are more votes than people registered, everyone wants to vote including the dead. so there's sort of -- they are saying in pennsylvania that if trump doesn't win the actual vote by a couple of points he will lose it through this kind of fraud at the ballot box and that's where the real attention should be. how do you prevent it? i think the gop is on it, that's the thing, that's the thing. maria: hopefully they can police this stuff, you're right.
6:27 am
too many situations where ballots were thrown in the garbage in the last couple of weeks. jon hilsenrath. jon: you know i think i think a lot of people are focusing on pennsylvania and i would be looking at other states today. i actually think -- you know, despite the fact that everyone saying patience, patience, patience, i think we will know a lot which way the election is going by the end of the day, by looking at states like florida which was a mess in the 2000 election, but they've actually cleaned up their act and we will know -- we will have a pretty good idea which way florida is going by the end of the day unless it's incredibly close. that's going to tell us something. you also have to look at states like georgia, arizona, texas and north carolina. they're going to have a lot of their votes counted today too and if you look at them, i think we have a sense of which way the election is going. the only way pennsylvania matters is if it's close, if it's just a nail-biter right
6:28 am
down the edge. but if we see the other states breaking strong one way or the other, i think we could have a good sense of who is going to win the presidency by midnight tonight. maria: you know, i think you're right, jon. that's such a good point. let's take a short break. when we come back a look from inside the trump campaign. we will be talking with trump organization donald trump, jr., how is president trump doing 5 rallies in a day, the day before election, we will talk about that. then this,i do via zoom, tech company bringing one couple together for eternity and it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ to tomorrow.
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maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday november 3rd, election day.
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6:31 on the east coast. another rally, futures indicating a gain of almost 400 points right out of the gate, dow industrials up 1 and a half percent and nasdaq up two-thirds of 1% and s&p with gain of 39 points better than 1%. strong start to november yesterday, markets seeing biggest gain since october 7th, dow industrials when all said and tone up and nasdaq up 46 and s&p higher by 40 points, 1 and a quarter percent higher as well. european markets this morning are also looking at a firmer tone, take a look, the ftse 100 up 91, cac quarante in paris up 86 and the dax index higher by 187 despite the new lockdowns in place in europe. in asia overnight, green across the board, japan was closed for a holiday as i mentioned earlier it was japan, the kospi index was up 1.8%. now this, u.s. pilot unions worried about the faa's new training for boeing 737 max. cheryl casone with the details,
6:33 am
cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria and good morning, the union representing southwest airlines saying faa new training and checklist for the max are, quote, chunky at best and should be streamlined. yesterday was the deadline for comments on how pilots should respond to an unexpected nose-down pitch of the boeing 737 max which did contribute to two fatal crashes over the last 2 years. 737 max has been grounded since march of 2019, that hitch, of course, one to have reasons the plane was overhauled. record-breaking gun sales, more than 16.7 guns have been sold so far this year surpassing 2016's record. october surge, 6.9 million people bought their first firearm this year. the iconic east coast chain famous for ice cream has filed for bankruptcy.
6:34 am
85--year-old company blaming the pandemic. it will sell to investment firm for $2 million and expects all of its 103 locations to stay open through the bankruptcy process. maria: too bad about friendly's. thank you so much. citizens have last chance today to cast their ballot including first lady melania trump who is expected to have the president by her side as she votes later this morning. two will head back to the white house as results roll in this afternoon. joining me right now is trump organization executive vice president of development and acquisitions donald trump, jr. don, great to see you this morning. thank you for being here, how are you feeling here election day? >> i'm a little bit tired. i got in from michigan 3:30 last night so after the world-wind
6:35 am
basically 3 months that i've had on the road. you know, i'm a little bit beat but honestly i feel really good, maria, the energy that i see on the ground, you know, the crowds, it's small town america. these people get it and they are proud of their country. living in the people's republic of new york you don't see that but when you get out there and you see that kind of spirit, it's truly amazing and these people get it. they get that donald trump is fighting for them. they get that he's taking on the establishment. that's why we are able to get things done that we haven't been able to get before, getting out of endless wars, gets peace deals done in the middle east. when you compare to joe biden, let's just tax everything, let golf control and shut down everything, you of all people understand that you get one shot at v-shaped recovery that donald trump promised. we got it. you do another shutdown, so many businesses are closing doors never to be opened again and the millions of people that they employ are going unemployed because of it. so this election is truly about
6:36 am
freedom versus tyranny, it's about freedom and democracy versus socialism and marxism which is today's democrat party platform and i think that's the thing that i see also that's sort of interesting. it's why magazines and newspapers like the pittsburgh post gazette that hasn't endorsed a republican in 40 years are coming out for trump. they understand that today's democrat part is not your grandparents' democrat party, it's not your parents' democrat party. it's not the democrat party of 10 years, it's become a radical, socialist marxist party and that would be disastrous to the economy and to everything that we hold dear in america. maria: and that's why, you know, so many people were surprised to see joe biden leading in the polls for so long for weeks going into today. do you think something switched, something changed in terms of tentment that we got more clarity over the weekend with the des moines, iowa poll? how is your father feeling after all of the rallies. it is quite stunning to see the
6:37 am
pictures of thousands of people going to the rallies and supporting president trump. did he tell you how he's feeling after this campaigning, is he confident about a victory? >> yeah, we road back together on air force one from the rally and able to catch up with him. i've been on the road for 3 months. i've barely seen anyone including my own family because it's that important to me as an american, as patriot, as a father and i think what it is, is people are seeing joe biden, big tech, social media, mainstream media, they've suppressed the reality of the bidens. you see what they have done. our freedom of speech is on the table in this election because they can have arguably most corrupted candidate in the history of u.s. presidency running in joe biden. he has deals for the family with china, ukraine, russia. you noticed how these aren't exactly blue-chip countries, these are the most corrupt regimes in the world and they are on the biden-family payroll. i've never seen anything like it. when you have the mainstream
6:38 am
media organizations, big-tech suppressing that information from getting out, you know, it took a long time for people to catch on. they've been doing this forever. that's why joe biden doesn't need a campaign. mainstream media will do it for him. he can sit in basement in delaware. we don't have the luxury and we have to be on the ground and people get it and there's a social consequence. when you do the polling these days, there's people that i see that come up to them, i told them that i'm voting for joe biden, not exactly helpful, but there's a consequence. people are afraid that someone is going to their home and destroy their house. you know, i can wear a joe biden hat to a trump rally and be just fine, try wearing a maga hat in portland or chicago or new york or any of the major cities in america. that's the difference. there's a big are you -- reluctance and they don't know who they are voting for. maria: i think you make a important point in terms of attacks that people get just for
6:39 am
voicing support for president trump. so many people wear a hat, come out and support the president and they get attacked on twitter and social media and, of course, there's the suppression of the hunter biden story which is a real story which indicates at best an incredibly morally questioning situation where hunter biden is pocketing all of this money and allowing to give approval for deals so china can come in and acquire intellectual property. is that a focus in swing states? let's look at pennsylvania, don, what are you expecting there, florida, arizona? do you think we will know a clean sweep tonight or we will have a question? remember what hillary clinton told joe biden, contest everything, do not give up at any cost. >> that seems to be the game
6:40 am
plan. we created the grassroots movement we have ever seen. the democrats didn't focus on ground game. it's not existent. they have been staffing up lawyers to contest later on. you saw what the attorney general of pennsylvania said yesterday, hey, if this going, we have beaten him in court. we need everyone to get out there. we need everyone to go vote. when you're talking about the silencing of the hunter biden stuff, when you're talking to them that's one of them, the russian scandal, money from putin associate, tied to prostitution rings, a mere $30 million a year to the biden family. you the emails corroborated, you know, hunter will -- dad makes us give you 50% of what we are earning. imagine if it was donald trump, jr. imagine all of these things,
6:41 am
the names were trump instead of biden this would be huge news. don't forget the fbi had the laptop. another investigation is the money laundering scandal. the fbi has been looking for 18 months but what did the democrats impeach donald trump for. they impeached him for being correct about joe biden and the corruption. the fbi knew it. they were sitting on the laptop and did nothing and shows you what we are up against from deep state and bureaucrats that will do anything to get back to status quo that has worked well for them in dc beltway but not worked for people who need it most. that's why donors and people voting for us are rural americans, blue-collar americans and as much as joe wants to pretend trump is from wall street, it's not even close. maria: you think all of this resonates with the american people, people are onto it at this point? which states do you think president trump is expecting to carry for a path to victory?
6:42 am
>> yeah, listen, i feel great about north carolina and i feel great about florida. like i said, we need people to show up and vote. when republicans -- when we look at the turnout in early ballots, republicans tend to vote on election day and tend to get out on the day and vote. what we have right now, the margins that we have to make up for democrats who tend to dominate early voting, we are within range in all of those states. if we have a strongout we win, we could win big, everyone has to turnout and everyone has to go vote, vote your values and vote for that freedom. again, another lockdown would destroy america for generations to come. that's sort of joe biden specialty. he did that with nafta, he did that with ttp and with china and world trade organization for half a century. he's done nothing good for america and american jobs. he's been really good at exporting our american dream and that's about the extent of his accomplishment. so i think people have to go out
6:43 am
there and vote accordingly and then also look at rest of donald trump's accomplishments whether it's pulling out of endless wars and getting peace deals in the middle east or taking on big pharma, to drop consumer drug price prices. donald trump is the guy that has the guts and the ability to take on the swamp, to take on the establishment and take on the special interest and that's why we are getting results. maria: yeah. well, i do think that also resonates as wells being outsider and seeing the corruption that has been exposed. donald trump, jr., good to see you this morning. thank you so much, don, we will be covering it and watching it. we will see you soon donald trump, jr., be sure to wake with us up tomorrow early, 5:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning, 1 hour earlier so that we could tally up all the votes. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, breaking news overnight, terrorist attack in viena, austria leaves 4 people dead, 15 others seriously injured, shots erupted around 8:00 p.m. local time near synagogue in heart of the city, one attacker was killed by the police, the austrian interior minister says there's clear sign that is 20--year-old male attacker sympathized with the islamic state. he was sentenced in 2019 for trying to join isis in syria but
6:48 am
released due to his age. president trump wrote this on twitter, our prayers with the people of viena after yet another vile act of terrorism in europe. these evil attacks against innocent people must stop. the u.s. stands with austria, france and all of europe in fight against terrorists including radical islamic terrorists writes the president. joining me fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane. we don't talk about isis as much as we used to. does this concern you that we are seeing an uprising again? what's your take on what took place overnight in viena, sir? jack: well, first of all, isis and al-qaeda have never gone away and still provide inspirations to others in various countries. we just saw what took place in france over the last few weeks, but austria and viena have been spared by radical islamic attacks, this is a bit of surprise. the population of muslims inside austria is about 6.8 or 600,000
6:49 am
represented in that country. and i think the nature of the attack itself, this was on the last night before the lockdown in austria which begins today, whether it was good -- the attackers thought it was time to do what they did, people sitting outside of restaurants, but they were able to do, conduct this attack at 6 different locations and the fact that they were able to move around like that after the first attack and do 5 more is really quite surprising that the police weren't able to lock this thing down. the other thing that may be behind this, the government of austria has been since january, has been putting in a program to cut down on anti-semitism and what they define as political islam or religious-based extremism by documentation centers and surveillance of these groups which i think is a
6:50 am
good thing but certainly human rights groups inside austria have been criticizing them for this because the last time they formed documentation centers was 1963 when they were doing any owe nazis, so we don't know how much of a hand isis had in this, directed and inspired to be sure likely. investigations will have to be conducted to get to the bottom of it but you're right the radical islamist have been relatively quiet. covid has had impact on them just like people around the world. those are in third-world countries, no good infrastructure for them. hospital infrastructure that is. maria: yeah, that's a good point. general, let me turn to china, many lawmakers are worried about the air force's recent acquisition of dozens of chinese-made drones from dgi, this is posing threat to u.s. national security. the drones will be used to train personnel on how the equipment can be used against the united
6:51 am
states. dji is denying that drones pose a threat. general, this is a chinese company. jack: i tell you what, i'm as flat-footed on this as any american listening to what you just said because i had no idea the united states military is buying chinese military products. i mean, i -- it's bizarre. i don't know why we are doing that. the congress has shut this down for good reason, thank you, congress. the exception that they've granted which i think is fine is to let the special operation force of the air force buy certain drones so they can train against the drones and know how they operate. now that is a good thing. but when they were using chinese military drones to conduct u.s. military operations, oh, oh, no-go, that should not be happening. maria: yeah. i mean, this is exactly why we speak with industries palmer luckey all of the time.
6:52 am
this is an american drone maker as opposed to doj chang innovations. dji from china. we will keep watching the story, general, this is an important story and i know you agree. thank you so much. general jack keane. we will be right back. you too, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ before money, people traded goods. tools, cattle, grain, even shells represented value. then currency came along. they made it out of copper, gold, silver, wampum.
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6:56 am
dagen: i live in new york city, a sewer in hell. i wear sneakers and sweats everywhere. sneakers to navigate the potholes, crumbling sidewalks and garbage, cheap shoes because every day you will step in something and want to throw the shoes away and sweat pants or track suit because you will be chased and you have to be able to run because there's nobody else here to protect you. maria: wow. well, you're ready for it. how about this, wedding bells are ringing from 6,000 miles apart. this couple was the first couple to officially get married via zoom from two different countries. the groom was unable to move from the united states to argentina like originally planned all thanks to the pandemic, so he and new bride did the next best thing. steve, what do you think? steve: you might say it's a match-made in heaven literally over the skies and keeps the in-laws out of the way so
6:57 am
perfect wedding. [laughter] maria: all right. still ahead the 2020 election reaching its conclusion, former white house steve strategist steve bannon is here on why he thinks president trump is headed for victory today. it all start next hour on new mexico live on fox business. back in a minute. ♪ ♪
6:58 am
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, november 3rd. election day has arrived of of americans are headed to the polls today, some polls are open to decide between donald trump and joe biden. while some cam passengerring is sill set for today, the world watches and waits for tonight's decision. we'll get insight and analysis all morning long. hear from former white house chief strategist, steve ban i don'bannon,steve cay
7:01 am
steve scalise. stocks are rallying once again. dow industrials up 450 of points, one and two thirds percent, nasdaq up 70, two thirds of 1%, s&p 500 higher by 43 points. this on top of another good start to november, markets seeing the biggest gain yesterday since october 7th with the dow up 423, nasdaq up 46, s&p higher by 40 of. the election and your money. we're taking a look at what the market will do should president trump win re-election or of joe biden becoming the 46th president. we'll look at both scenarios. dick grasso is here, he'll join me to discuss markets and your money. office politics, how some in the office think coworkers are ramping up the political pressure. "mornings with maria" is live right now. and european markets are also stronger this morning.
7:02 am
the fq100 up 112, about 2%, cac up 95, better than 2%, dax index higher by 213 points, almost 2% there as well. despite the lockdowns in europe, money is moving into equities. in asia as well, take a look at the asian markets, japan was closed overnight for a holiday. the others are up about 2% in hong kong, almost 2% in korea and 1 and-a-half percent in china on the shanghai composite. election day has you arrived after weeks of early voting, citizens now have their last chance to cast their ballots including first lady melania trump who is expected to have the president by her side as she votes later this morning. the two will head back to the white house as results roll in. joining me right now is former white house chief strategist steve bannon. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks, maria. maria: before we get into your predictions, i want to run a sound bite of what you told us the last time you were with us, zeroing in on those swing
7:03 am
states. take a listen. >> you see it in northeast pennsylvania, you see it in heavily catholic wisconsin, working class whites plus african-american males, hispanic, i think steve cortes is right we're going to get north of 40%. biden peaked too early, trump is surging. this will be a horse race until the end. maria: how do you feel today with the day arriving and people going to the polls right now? >> i think that all came true. i think the focus is going to be on the commonwealth had of pennsylvania. i think donald trump is going to win northeast pennsylvania, win it big and win re-election. the democrats have a huge problem. all this massive early voting, all the vote by mail, what they've done is ca can canniba d game day. president trump, the deplorables have to represent today in a massive turnout.
7:04 am
if they turn 0:ou out like it'sn projected president trump is going to win re-election tonight. maria: do you believe he will declare victory tonight? a lot of questions about not knowing what we're going to see. we've been talking about the attorney general of pennsylvania who yesterday tweeted out that trump will lose. this is coming from the ag of pennsylvania. i tweeted out after that, what does he know that we don't know. will it be a victory tonight for president trump? >> president trump has a great saying, no games. and the attorney general of this partisan hack attorney general of the commonwealth of pennsylvania should recuse himself from anything about this going forward. he's on msnbc nonstop. he's a partisan hack. this is the most major voter suppression we've seen. he says i already know the outcome of this. this is outrageous to me. rachel maddow and anderson cooper have opinions.
7:05 am
president trump is a fact. tonight i think for the good of the nation he has to set the narrative framework. i think he has to do it from the white house between 10:00 and 11:00, he will be up on the way to victory. he has to set the framework of what's going to happen in the days ahead. otherwise you'll have democratic party with social media, mainstream media, the guard of biden and street protests which they're actively promoting. rachel maddow, the only thing she had on her show were lawyers, the attorney general, sha pishapiro. the president has to come out tonight. tonight's going to be the bold red predicate, the predicate where his ultimate victory will come from. he has to lay out for the nation you how he's won game day, how he won ohio, how he's ahead in the rest of the country. we can't get it go into the
7:06 am
chaos of what a the democratic party wants. president trump has to be tough, very firm, lay out the narrative framework for what's happening and provide the narrative engine of how we go forward. maria: we had robert kahalio on yesterday who is predicting a president trump win. he said they need to see a landslide in pennsylvania because there will be so much fraud in pennsylvania alone. do you think the president's team has the police in place, the policing of this in place that in fact you will be able to indicate and identify wrongdoing or hankie panky with these ballots. >> bill ste stempien has the bt ground game in the world. people like mike roman, they have a terrific team, president trump has a top quality team of people that will be on the top of this. president trump is note going to allow games -- not going to
7:07 am
allow games to happen here. what he's done is respect the american people by running a campaign and going out to the small towns throughout the country to make his case to the american people. you see the energy he's had? he's not prepared and his followers are not prepared to have this stolen by the games they want to play and the legal side of this, what they want to do on street protests and social media to strike the president and his followers down. we're not going to back off. we're not going to allow this to be stolen in the canvassing rooms. mike roman and the team have a top quality team. any ballot that can be certified must be counted. we're a democracy. but the ballot those be certified. it has to play by the exact rules and regulations that exist. not that guys like shapiro want to make up. to me it's outrageous, the voter suppression that's started by the democratic party. shapiro's a hack. he should recuse himself or i think the president's lawyers ought to go into court today and a force him off this because he's already shown that he's
7:08 am
putting his thumb on the scale to try to steal pennsylvania and aspens vein ya goes, so -- as pennsylvania goes, so goes the country. maria: let may ask you about the road to get to victory. you say as pennsylvania goes, so goes the country. what about other states like florida, georgia? what are you expected in north carolina. it's not all just about pennsylvania. can the president win without pennsylvania? >> listen, this is tough but doable. number one, in ohio, biden had a chance to shut the president down and failed to do that. the president got a second life in the last three and-a-half weeks since the hard drive from hell came out and biden put a lid, didn't want to you address it. he went underground. that 10 days was key. the president got momentum. he's driving to a surge. in florida we've seen president trump can get a historic amount of the hispanic vote. we're starting to see the
7:09 am
african-american vote starting to support the president. ohio and florida become the foundational elements early in the evening. then you old arizona and north carolina. trump supporters have to understand you've got to get out today. those three states will be tough. president trump will hold them. i don't believe there will be big margins but he will hold them. that leaves pennsylvania to make the final strike for victory and northeast pennsylvania and western pennsylvania will be key. scranton, it's the reason joe biden was chosen by the democratic party. president trump is beloved out there. i believe president trump will win pennsylvania. i think he'll win heavily catholic wisconsin, my number is 289. maria: okay. 289 le289 electoral votes you're saying. >> yes, ma'am. maria: it's interesting to see what's going on in pennsylvania, particularly with the oil and gas business. joe biden really hurt himself at the debate, saying that he's
7:10 am
going to transition out of the oil business. that's something that certainly resonates and you mentioned black voters and hispanic voters. we've been speaking with a lot of them in the last several weeks. how strong will the support be, do you think, in the african-american community for this president? herschel walker came on the show this weekend and said it could be well above 20% which would be a big number, obviously relative to what we've seen in history. >> it's herschel walker but it's also people like cube, lil wayne, all these new african-american males that understand economic nationalism. they understand president trump's populace approach and they're listening to this and it's starting to resonate. i think he's going to do surprisingly well among african-american males and hispanic males. i know the democratic party is freaked out about what's happening in miami-dade. the message is resonating across
7:11 am
the board. you also see it resonate in arizona. i believe that-i think this new coalition around populism and economic nationalism, you're seeing it in massive rallies. you're seeing america rally around to stop the policies of hillary clinton and joe biden. this has been rejected. this is pure globalist. this has been rejected by the american people. that is why president trump, he's a game day player. this is game day. this is going to be the game day vote. tonight he's going to go in and he's not going to let this be stolen by a bunch of slick lawyers and a bunch of media and -- social media oligarchs and silicon valley slick lawyers and the media and also the street protests, he is not going to back down one inch. if they think they are, they're sadly mistaken. president trump's going to make bold statements, he's going to have a great day, set a bold red bretpredicate and drive to an ultimate victory. maria: you mentioned the hunter
7:12 am
biden laptop from hell. this news coming out right as people were going to vote in early voting that hunter biden was doing these million dollar deals with companies ayou cross thacross theworld. lindsey graham joined me this weekend, talked about holding people accountable. he said -- questioned why the fbi has not done anything to crack down on government corruption with the bidens and beyond. here's senator graham from sunday. watch. what are you going to do to make sure to keep accountability? we still haven't seen any news from john durham's investigation after the coup that failed to take president trump down in 2016. now we've got the hunter biden story, the fbi sitting on the laptop for a year, not telling anybody about it even as they impeached president trump for ukraine news. what are you going to do, senator lindsey graham, in terms of holding people accountable? will you subpoena hunter biden, bottom line? >> well, the homeland -- that is ron johnson.
7:13 am
i've got mccabe coming in on the tenth. i've got the social media ceos coming in november 17th. i'm going to have a hearing with the fbi about why did you sit on the laptop so long? what you see from the business partner of hunter biden is corruption at an industrial scale, influence peddling. what have you you learned through our time together? that it was hillary clinton in july trying to cook up a plan to link trump to russia in 2016. in september of 2016, she tried to attached trump to russia to deal with her e-mail problem, to deflect. we've learned there was russian collusion but it was between the clinton campaign and it was between russia, clinton and russia, not trump and russia. we learned that crosswire hurricane was the most corrupt investigation maybe in the history of the fbi. durham is all over this. after the election you're going to get a report and i'll be
7:14 am
shocked if people are not indicted. maria: steve bannon, i do think this story is resonating finally with people because there's been this massive coverup over -- covering up wrongdoing, whether it's the media, inside government, the deep state and of course the fbi sitting on the laptop for a year. >> fbi director should be fired tonight. fbi director wray immediately. they should announce a special prosecutor to go after it. this is not about corruption. this is about compromise. this was done with the worst companies of the chinese communist party, chinese come communist parties coming in and buying and sees and control -- buying access and control of joe biden. the american people need to know what went on for national secure. maria: yeah. all right. we'll leave it there. by the way, my sources tell me one of the first moves the president will make after this election is to fire christopher wray at the fbi and gina haspel
7:15 am
at the cia. we'll be waiting for that news to break. it will happen after the election. steve bannon, it's good to see you this morning. we'll be rocking and rolling tonight, watching those ballots coming in. thank you so much for joining us, steve bannon, this morning. back in a minute. stay with us, everybody.
7:16 am
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maria: welcome back. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. let's get into it. joining us now is allen patrickoff. dennis gartman and ryan payne. great to see you all. happy election day. thank you you for joining us. allen, i want to kick things off with you. we are waiting on results, some polls are already open, futures indicating a big rally at the start of trading this morning, up 402 points, 1 and-a-half percent. i know you've been a big biden donor, allen. can you tell us what you think we could expect from the market
7:19 am
reaction, should joe biden win, versus a re-election of president trump. >> well, i think very quickly, 400 points up yesterday, indication of 400 points up today and biden looks like the winner so i would call this a biden market. and don't forget that under president obama, the market went up almost 34% and under president trump, who came in at the depths of the world, if you recall, where we were economically and under his tutelage we had a 36% increase. so it was about the same for the last two administrations which to me indicates the fact that what we want, what the country wants is stability. we're tired of this one day, one piece of legislation, next day, another piece of legislation. executive orders, constant badgering of the system which the president has done and i
7:20 am
think that we are looking, all of us are looking for stability on both sides and i think that, frankly, based on my many years of experience, tax rates do not make a difference on how people invest. people invest because they believe in a company and where they're going to pay 21% -- sure they'd like lower classes. we too. the fact is, we've got to do something about income inequality. maria: income inequality was beginning to narrow before covid showed up. the bottom earners were seeing earnings go up. it's interesting that you don't think a 44% capital gains tax will impact markets negatively. that's where joe biden wants to take capital gains, allen. dennis, post election the federal reserve begins a two day policy making meeting. some might argue the economy and stock market have been doing well because of record low interest rates. we're not expecting any change at the fed. is all of that priced into the market. >> first of all, it's a great
7:21 am
honor to be on the show with patrick. he's a legend in the business. it's an honor to be on the program at the same time. the fed is going to do absolutely nothing, nor should the fed do anything at this point. it's watching the election results just as everybody else is. they've maintained the policy of keeping the overnight fed fund you rate at near zero. the long end of the curve may see inflationary pressures push long interest rates higher. the fed will do nothing, no change in policy, nor should they make any change. maria: i've got to say, allen patrickoff you've got to come back when you have more time, this is an abbreviated word on wall street because of election day. the ant group, the chinese ipo, chinese warning that the fin tech giant will face new curves on expansion, highlighting growing regulatory risks for the world's largest ipo.
7:22 am
will you want to buy this deal? >> i mean, it's hot. about 34 billion, the largest ipo ever and over-subscribed by 3 trillion retail investors in china want to buy it. i think it's going to do extremely well. i would get into it here, maria. it's basically at a point where they have 70% of all chinese using their app for their payments, pretty awesome. maria: all right. we've got to talk more. please come back all of you. this wasn't enough time, allen, den anything's andennis and rya. thank you so much, gentlemen. we'll be right back. ♪
7:23 am
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advanced technology. with serious security. and reliable coverage, nationwide. forward-thinking enterprises, deserve forward-thinking solutions. and that's what we deliver. so bounce forward, with comcast business. >> i chose western pennsylvania for my first stop as a candidate and now for my last stop before election day because you represent the backbone of this
7:26 am
country. hard working families. >> we win pennsylvania, we win the whole deal. he's i'm a man from scranton. he left at 9 years old. maria: that was president trump and joe biden making one final pitch to voters in the key battleground state of pennsylvania yesterday. it's just one of several states in focus today as americans head to the polls. joining me right now to talk about that is louisiana congressman steve scalise and michigan congresswoman, debbie dingell. thank you for joining us. congresswoman dingell, i want to kick it off with you. i was talking about you the other day. someone brought your name up to me. they said even debbie dingell knows that michigan is going for trump. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't. four years ago i did. i think the momentum has shifted to joe biden. not all the union workers are supporting him that supported -- didn't support hillary last year. but women have come out in
7:27 am
numbers and the votes in i-75 corridor, detroit and flint, are turning out. i don't think it's a double digit win but i think joe biden will win michigan today. maria: congressman scalise, what key states are you watching today? >> well, maria, starting with the one that you kicked off with, i was in scranton, pennsylvania last week. the energy level for president trump is off the charts. i think trump could not only win pennsylvania but could actually win joe biden's hometown of scranton. you look at what he said about oil, getting rid of oil. even the videos of joe biden talking about getting rid of fracking, that's resonating in a lot of energy states. ohio is right there too. i was also just in florida. again, tremendous energy for donald trump. you don't see that for joe biden. and i think that energy level, the enthusiasm level is even higher than what we saw four years ago when trump shocked the nation. i think it's going to be an even bigger shock in states like minnesota which could very well
7:28 am
go republican for the first time since 1972. maria: yeah, that's incredible. and you saw the gazette in pennsylvania recommend and endorse president trump, first time they've endorsed a republican since 1972 as well. congresswoman dingell, give us a sense of what's most important to your constituents right now. i mean, this president has been able to resonate with the working man and woman, the union as you just put it, because he redid the trade deals and he's putting america first. do you think that that is resonating? even joe biden is talking about firing up the manufacturing line to get our workers making things in america and not in china, among other places. >> first of all, i want to say you how glad i am to be here this morning with steve and i want to say that after today, we all got to come together for america, period. and i know steve and i will do that. maria: thank you. you amen.
7:29 am
>> manufacturing matters. and you know, it's not even nafta biden's talking about. john dingell and joe biden were close friends for 40 years. it's what they always talked about. people are worried about their jobs and they're also worried about covid. you can't be worried about the economy and not see what covid has done to the economy. we're one of the states that had a surge. i don't know why masks became so political. a lot of people are voting today because of how covid has been treated in this country. maria: what about energy? president trump has been criticizing joe biden for campaigning with pop star lady gaga in pennsylvania yesterday, congressman scalise, despite her past anti-fracking stance. now, biden has been pushing for cleaner energy on the campaign trail but he's flipped back and forth on fracking. president trump is vowing to protect jobs, keep energy prices low. was it a mistake to campaign with lady gaga, given her stance
7:30 am
against fracking? >> absolutely, maria. and i do want to share my respect for deb d debbie dingel. we work well on a lot of things and a lot of congress works that way. you just don't see it. because on the big issues, we do have some divides. but look, energy is one of the areas where we have thrived under president trump. we were not only able to make our own energy, which helps national security, creates great jobs in states like pennsylvania but also allows us to make things in america again, states like michigan. why you see steel being made in pennsylvania again because of trump's energy policies. joe biden made it clear, number one, the green new deal is on his website. he says he doesn't support it. why does he have it on the website. when he hangs around with lady gaga and a other of celebrities that fly around on private planes but tell you not to use oil an natural gas, people see through that. the video is there, clearly, of joe biden in some settings saying he'll get rid of fracking, in other settings saying he won't.
7:31 am
just like defunding police. joe biden on a stage will say he's not for defunding police. but yet he's on video saying he's for redirecting money away from police. people see through that. they don't like people saying one thing and doing the other. be consistent. what president trump has done has led a revolution not only for jobs in america but it helps of our friends around the world become less dependent on countries like russia. maria: i think this is a good point. debbie dingell you know i always tell you one of the reasons i love speaking with you and getting your insights on things is because you resonate so much with our audience because you're moderate in terms of your beliefs. you've supported democrats obviously. you've supported republican as well. but to you think the party is being hijacked by the extreme left? that's the reason that joe biden had to say i hate fracking and i don't -- you know, and we're going to get rid of it and we're going to transition out of it. is this hurting the overall position of the party because he's talking to progressives?
7:32 am
>> we've got to talk to everybody. i want to be really clear. progressives aren't hijacking the party. they're causing us to have real discussions. i did not support the green new deal. the last session of congress. though i support the goals of it. labor was not at the table. i had some very uncomfortable moments during my campaign in the last two years but i recognize freedom of speech and i'm sitting down with those people. i've already talked to the environmentalist groups, the young people. we're all talking about how are we going to get to that goal of a carbonless society. we've got to work together. maria: all right. yes, for sure. congressman steve scalise, congresswoman debbie dingell, great to see you both this morning. thank you so much. we'll be right back. stay with us. l look back and remember the moment that things, for one strange time in our lives, got very quiet. we worried over loved ones, over money, over our planet,
7:33 am
and over takeout. let's remember this time when so many struggled to feel secure, and build a future where everyone can. because when the world seems like it's standing still... that's the perfect time for us to change it.
7:34 am
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maria: welcome back. a federal judge rejecting a last ditch effort by republicans toes out more than 100,000 ballots cast at drive-through voting
7:36 am
locations in texas. cheryl casone now with the details. cheryl: big fight down south, maria. the judge ruling the plaintiff lacked enough legal standing to challenge the use of drive-through voting locations in harris county which were set up for the first time this year. this as the county clerk announced that only one location out of the original 10 will actually be open today. state republicans say the drive-through voting process violates the legislature's authority over elections and texans equal protection rights. and social media stepping in to help protect users from fake news during the election. both facebook and twitter will place warning labels on any post from candidates campaigns or influencers which may declare a winner before verified results come in. social media companies have been under fire for handling of news stories and fake news related to the election, maria. and those are some of your headlines. back to you. maria: all right, cheryl. thank you. it is election day in america. polls are opening earlier this
7:37 am
morning on the east coast as americans cast a ballot for president trump's rehe'll. hillary:re-electionbid or make h american. nearly 100 million americans have already voted in an election that is unlike any other we have ever seen. joining me right now is former senior advisor to george w bush, karl rove. it is good to see you this morning. thank you for joining us. what strikes you about where we are today and what we will learn later? >> what a wild and weird journey it's been for the past most of the year. so it's going to be an exciting election and lots of twists and turns available but it's been wild. i'm going to be watching tonight. early on, remember, president trump got 306 electoral votes. he got 304 when the electoral college voted because there were two texans who flipped and voted for somebody else. those boys are still on the run. the rangers are after him. he's got 36 votes, 36 electoral votes he can give and still be
7:38 am
at 27 270. i'll be watching florida, georgia, north carolina and ohio which report relatively early and later on iowa and arizona. these are states that are considered to be in competition that trump won. and then i'm also going to be watching the you blue wall which is 46 electoral votes in pennsylvania, 2 20, michigan wih 16 and wisconsin with 10. be problem is that pennsylvania has not only not -- it's extended the date by which it can receive ballots until friday. but it's also a state where they're not going to be able to begin opening the million plus early votes, mail-in votes, and begin verifying them until tonight which means they're not going to have much of a count out of those by the end of the night. we're not going to know the final outcome in pennsylvania until at least friday, when they get the last boat load of ballots in the mail and wisconsin will be starting to count again today, just like pennsylvania, but at least today is the deadline for the people
7:39 am
in wisconsin to turn in their ballots. maria: yeah, what did you think about what the attorney general of pennsylvania said yesterday on twitter, that basically biden is winning? >> well, a state attorney general with the exception of the state attorney generals of alaska and new jersey are political animals. they're all elected on a partisan ballot. so we shouldn't be surprised that he would think his party's candidate was winning. the question is do his official actions reflect that. he's got to be cognizant of the fact that he can't make unilateral decisions. he's speaking on behalf of the state. he is subject then to counter arguments. either the federal government or private parties like the republican party or the trump campaign can challenge his decisions in court and it ain't going to look good for him if he ends up being overridden by state judges, federal judges and
7:40 am
the system. maria: that's right. that's why i question it. he writes if all the votes are added up in pennsylvania, trump is ding t going to lose, that'sy he's working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from the process, this from a sitting attorney general. let me ask you about james freeman's new op-ed in the journal, titled biden's closing arguments. he writes that biden closing his campaign with insults hurled at president trump, despite promising a campaign of decency. your take on this. >> i wrote last week about the closing arguments he made in speeches in warm springs, georgia and earlier in get i gettysburg. they were a call for unity. ronald reagan said we need to unify our country. but behind what. limited role of the federal government, restoration of
7:41 am
optimism. franklin roosevelt tried to unite the country. he said no one would starve. mckinley, let's unite the country behind gold backed dollars and protectionism. what is the unity behind biden? it's i'm not trump. and then he spends the last seven or eight days doing a bad imitation of trump by just -- he called the president a liar and a coward and weak and threatened to go out and thrash him in the school yard. i mean, it's just weird. here's a guy who spent most of the year hiding out in his basement and being -- saying i'm going to be the unifier, i'm not trump then turns around to be the tough man on the stump. sort of weird. maria: it's the same vein and here's awe, shucks joe from
7:42 am
scranton, campaigning on character and a we get the laptop from hell which shows all these big business dealings that hunter had and pocketed money with them. so there's that as well. karl, it's going to see here this morning. final word. go ahead. >> it is weird that he does this and it's also -- i wish the president was stronger on saying biden -- reminder people biden said hunter did nothing wrong. he already condemned himself by that phrase. maria: well, we know that that's not true, actually. karl, great to see you. wake up early with us tomorrow morning, we start one hour earlier at 5:00 a.m. eastern for special election coverage right here on "mornings with maria." stay with us. we'll be right back. our retirea gives us confidence... ...we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. i'm good at my condo. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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maria: welcome back. will the black community tip the scales for president trump? ever since the president came out with his platinum plan, which extends lending to the black community, an increasing number of minorities have been speaking out in support of president trump. the author of blackout, political commentator candace owens joined us on the program yesterday to discuss. >> donald trump does not see black american as victims. that's what black americans are starting to understand, especially young black men. i don't believe the polls for one second. a couple weeks ago they were saying black america was at 8%, unchanged since 2016. i never laughed harder.
7:47 am
now they're saying 14%. oh, what a difference. i think we're at 20%. maria: joining me right now is democratic georgia state representative and 2020 black voice for trump advisory board member, vernon jones. it's great to see you. thank you so much for being here. you've gone after joe biden for not having a strong record with black voters. how do you see the support in the community? tell us what you're expecting tonight. >> well, president trump is going to benefit from the black vote in two ways. one, those blacks have become woke, reminded that joe biden was the one that incarcerated masses of black men and donald trump with the first step act that let many african-americans out so they could be reunited with their families. two, the black vote that stays home, that's a vote for donald trump because they're not influenced by joe biden because he has no bite, crackle or pop. he's not there. the president is going to
7:48 am
benefit from the black vote there. look at the president's record, what he's done in the past three and-a-half years. i attended a historical black college. president trump wrote the funding into you law. when he talks about helping black businesses, i have three friends from college, those guys who went to college first to get a college education because that's what we were told. now they're in the entrepreneur spirit. that's what president trump does. he injected into the african-american community about owning businesses, expanding businesses, because that's a huge way to create jobs. president trump created more jobs prior to the pandemic than any no where else, any time going back to slavery. the platinum plan is huge to take us to the next level. my business friends, my associates from college are all over this country, philadelphia, north carolina, atlanta, they understand entrepreneurship and that's what president trump is doing.
7:49 am
he's giving african-americans, he's teaching them how to fish and not give them a fish. once they become entrepreneurs, that's power, that's strength, that's generational wealth. maria: congressman, georgia is a key battleground state in this election. but i think it's also more than just what the president has done for the black community, the white community. you know, for his focus on jobs. you're standing in front of a background that says democrats failed blacks. on your twitter page, you have a pinned tweet telling everyone exactly what happened to you when you left the white house one day after meeting with president trump. you were ambushed. i'm wondering how much of that is resonating and how much that is pushing democrats, you're a democrat, democrats to president trump. the same situation happened with congressman jeff van drew on. i had him on a lot talking about
7:50 am
some of the things he went through. the fact is, yesterday we heard from maxine waters. she said any person of color who votes for president trump i will never forgive them. i mean, you know, chelsea handler saying i had to remind my ex-boyfriend 50-cent, you're black. you're supposed to vote for democrat. talk a little about that, the fact that we're hearing such upset because the black community is voicing their opinions about what they see is good for their families, what they see is good for their livelihood and they're getting am bird about it -- ambushed about it. >> that is the bigotry in the democratic party. that's what i've been saying all along. what did joe biden say, he set the stage. if you don't vote for him, you ain't black. i guesses talking jive talk with ain't. black people have been you assaulted. that's why many don't want to say they're supporting president trump because they are.
7:51 am
white people are supporting president trump, they don't want to say anything because they don't want to be rac racist. maxine, i respect her. she voted for the crime bill. when i heard chelsea handler, that's what liberal whites do. she insulted the black community because she had sex with a black man and she thinks she can go back now and change his mind by offering him more sex. really? are black men and the black community reduced to that low? that was an insult and every black person and white person should have been insulted by what chelsea handler had to say. and you know, maria, that's why i put my country before my party. the democrats don't believe in law and order anymore, by the way. president trump, our president, he travels with a set of twins, law and order of. democrats are turning their backs on the employment including -- on the police department, including black men and women who serve honorably.
7:52 am
the democratic party will not denounce what's going on in philadelphia where they're looting black and white businesses. the democratic party is so far to the left you now, i don't even recognize who they are. maria: vernon jones, all i can say to you is thank you for your occurring and your -- courage and your leadership. this has to stop, the ambush and the attacks, because you're stating an opinion. good to see you, sir. please come back soon. vernon jones in georgia. we'll be right back. are you frustrated with your weight and health?
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doo. ♪ baby shark. maria: oh, yes, now baby shark is swimming its way to be the most viewed video on youtube. now gathering over 7 billion views. the song surpassing despasito for the top spot. steve, what do you make of it. steve: i'm not surprised. my 3-year-old grandson fredy has been playing it all the time and my 5-year-old grandson mac has done it too. i'm surprised it took so long to be the number one. they're swimming fast. maria: you knew it all along. see that. next up, a new way to pay for your education, a college in indonesia allowing students a unique and delicious way to pay their tuition, coconut as currency. dagen, how do you like that? dagen: i think that's awesome. if our country keeps going the direction that it is, we're going to be paying our rent with butter just like the vymar
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everyone thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. tuesday, november 3rd election day your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern today is the day election day arrived americans headed to the polls to decide between giving donald trump a reelection, or making joe biden the 46th president, let me tell you that many of the polls closed 7 pm eastern tonight, including florida georgia indiana kentucky south carolina virginia pennsylvania cloves 8 pm eastern one battleground state we are focused on this morning with
8:01 am
pennsylvania texas, and south dakota 8 pm eastern tonight campaigning is still set for today, president trump, telling "fox & friends" he is prepared for a series of calls as americans head to the polls cost that official vote we will get insight analysis all morning long asian congressman debbie is here georgia congressman doug collins will join markets rallying take a look at futures triple digit move out of gate dow jones industrial average up almost 400 points, the nasdaq up 56, the s&p higher by 36. this on top taff are strong start to november market saw biggest gain since october 7 yesterday with dow industrials up 423 points, nasdaq up 46, and s&p higher by 40, election and your money how markets react to the election, tomorrow, and what will happen tonight once we do get decisions, former new york stock exchange chairman ceo
8:02 am
dick grasso joins me this hour to discuss that dancing machine president trump moves on campaign trail making a buzz this morning "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> european markets this morning higher as well now at highs of the morning for europe ft 100 up 110 cac quarante up 92 dax higher by 206 one 3/4% in germany despite lockdowns in europe in asia overnight green across the board there as well. japan closed for a holiday, the others higher, across the board. >> now some top stories that we are watching this morning, polls opening moments ago on the east coast, as we kick off election day 2020. president trump, returning to the white house today after a two day blitz of key battleground states 10 rallies cross michigan income wisconsin florida iowa pennsylvania >> biden plan to ban fracking
8:03 am
economic death sentence for pennsylvania biden's energy shutdown will wipe out your jobs decimate towns eliminate your factories send your state into a nightmare of crippling property >> joe biden fighting for quinn in keystone state making one last pitch to african american voters with help from lady gaga. >> now so much has done for black americans, pittsburgh, you think a bunch of malarkey -- >> the truth is donald trump has done more to harm black america than any president in modern history. >> nearly 100 million americans cast votes, in this election. covid-19 still surging across the country weekly infections ip 18%, the number of deaths are up 3%, from a week earlier, this coming as a record 61,000 children have
8:04 am
now tested positive, in the same period. 4 states reporting increases inform in the past week more than 9.2 million positive cases announced, 231,000 people have died from this pandemic. will the >> breaking overnight two people arrested in manhunt in vienna austria after terror attack killed four injured 15 others details emerge about a suspect killed by o police 20-year-old known sympathizer of islamic state sentenced to 22 months in presided in april 2019 trying to join isis fighters in syria released early due to young image espn looking to and an football coverage negotiating for bigger role with nfl wants coverage from ncw hosting super bowl games amazon, apple tv want to expand game coverage as well vying for piece of the action, espn
8:05 am
"monday night football" deal expires after next season. >> we've got breaking news on fox earnings get the to cheryl casone with fox corporations quarterly report with the stock up 3 2/3%. cheryl: it is a aa beat that parent company of the fox business network, and fox news channel as you can see the stock moving higher it was only up 1 1/2% going into earnings, it was beat for earnings per share the estimate 74 cents came in 1.18, revenue also a beat maria the estimate was 2.57 billion, 4% year-over-year loss came in 2.72 billion much better than expected both sides headlines crossing cable network programming reported quarterly segment revenues 1.33 billion increase 40 million dollars, the television broadcast side quarterly segment revenues 1.35 billion decrease from last year in this environment
8:06 am
actually a good number shares of fox parent company of the fox business network, up more than 3 1/2% maria, back to you. maria: all right. thank you so much cheryl the world is watching, waiting, today americans head to the polls to decide on president trump or joe biden nearly 100 million americans have already cast votes, in election that has been like no other. one of the most important swing states is arizona, trump, joe biden have spent time trying to skir votes in the grand canyon fascinate, joining me right now arizona congressman house judiciary committee and house homeland security committee member debbie lesko thanks very much for joining us with us all morning long this morning, dagen mcdowell, jon hilsenrath from "the wall street journal," steve forbes, congresswoman let me kick off with you tell me what is most important to constituents in arizona where you think the state will go tonight >> i am really excited, i think for sure they are going
8:07 am
to vote for donald trump, the enthusiasm here is over the top. we have both rallies, car rallies, people waiving flags, on roads, i mean would i be totally surprised if arizona went to biden because there is not even any signs they haven't been outdoor knocking, i mean we have been door knocking for months now. and the polls are already open people are excited. i really believe donald trump is going to win. maria: dagen mcdowell jumper in. dagen: congresswoman good to see you what about the senate? . >> the senate going to be a close but -- really hitting the roads she is everywhere the same thing, goes, martha and the republicans, are out hitting the doors, we have been doing this for months. the biden a people are nowhere to be found kelly people know where to be a found not talking to people at doors i
8:08 am
really think that is going to make a difference, in the long run, and i believe, martha is going to win i think it will be a close race, but boy, i sure do love martha we feed her in the u.s. senate. maria: jon could you talk us through how things are playing out when are polls going to close in arizona when are we going to have a sense a who is winning the presidential race the senate race? are we going to know tonight which way arizona is going >> well, the polls opened already, 6:00 a.m. arizona time close of 7 pm arizona time expecting a lot of republicans to show up, up in person. a lot of people voted by early ballot already has been a record number even here in arizona, where we've done it 10 years, i don't know if we are going to know tonight, i think we are going to know if
8:09 am
donald trump, quite frankly, even though probably win 3 1/2 percentage points like in 2016. i don't know on mcsally a lot of people reflect early er ballots done so for years drop off the mail-in early ballots at polls when they do that, those don't get counted until days later we might not know for two weeks. >> wow. so that is -- uncertainty if i have ever seen it what do you think is resonating with voters mostly? looking at graphic of the states that when closing pennsylvania is, obviously, one that people are talking about real important no this election that is you closing 8 pm expectation we may not know there either, what is resonating congresswoman? i want to ask about the corruption story, hunter biden's scandal there is that more worries over conflict of interest, national security issues given hunter biden's
8:10 am
deals with companies from china, ukraine, and elsewhere. is that story resonating with people who have connected the dots to the national security issues around these major investments, where tens of millions of dollars have been exchanged? >> well, to the people that have heard about it sure is resonating i mean i lived through impeachment i can tell you firsthand experience i believe democrats will do anything and say anything, to gain that power. and this whole hunter biden-joe biden thing has been hush hush by mainstream media in for the democrat i talk to people normally don't watch fox news, and they don't know anything about it, that is that is the thing that really irritates me. is that the media is covering up for biden, the tech can bes
8:11 am
censoring stories this has to change a mission if i get reelected to congress we need to change this especially with tech companies censoring conservative speech over the top. gentleman congresswomanure on judiciary committee, do you think hunter biden should be subpoenaed? >> oh, i sure do i insure do i also -- signed the letter we sent to attorney general barr saying he otherwise going to appoint a special counsel to check you into you hunter jim comey seems to be a corrupt dealings going on, after trump four years claiming there is ab russia collusion, but we have a handwritten message from the former cia director john brennan -- in our office made up to cover-up for hillary clinton e-mail server,
8:12 am
outrageous >> it really is congresswoman good to see you this morning thanks very much we will be watching your race all the races tonight debbie lesko joining us in arizona we talk with dick grasso the other side of this a break stay with us. non-valvular afib can mean a lifetime of blood thinners. and if you're troubled by falls and bleeds, worry follows you everywhere. over 100,000 people have left blood thinners behind with watchman. it's a one-time, minimally invasive procedure that reduces stroke risk-- and bleeding worry--for life. watchman. it's one time. for a lifetime.
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8:15 am
maria: welcome back, investors putting focus on 2020 election, market look to being extended yesterday's gains as voters rush to the polls today dow industrials right now up 368 points, president trump and joe biden have broadly divergeing views would impact every day americans joining me former stock exchange chairman ceo dick grasso >> thanks for joining us great to see so that you greet to be a with you you maria truly historic day. maria: it really is have you ever seen anything like think has what is your take on the
8:16 am
way markets have been trading? one point that i have been making that i know the polls say joe biden is winning. but if i were to look at stock market, the stock market's message to me is that donald trump is winning because i can't imagine trading as well as they have been 400 points yesterday another 400 today, if wall street investors and wall street analysts did not believe the policies of the trump administration, stay in place for second term, what do you say >> in 1992 friends jim clark coined phrase it's the economy stupidest i think what markets are telling you is that americans sat around the kitchen table and did a very simple analysis, do we want an economy going forward, similar to the 09 to 1 '16 economy never reached 3% gdp produced
8:17 am
these so-called, shovel-ready jobs, which never appeared all we ended up you with sill indra a lot of people losing money or do we want a continuation of the economy created by donald trump in the years '17 through '19 gdp was escalating to almost 6% level, and we had the fastest recovery in the history of america in terms of coming out of a recession. i think it is that simple maria. and i'm -- i'm telling you, that these markets despite what wall street titans are saying despite what the mega tech billionaires are saying, these markets are saying it is four more years of donald trump, being growth, and particularly economic success
8:18 am
for the middle class who saw an incredible leap in their income during the president's first three years. maria: yeah, i agree with that, because, right before covid showed up we were actually seeing income he inequality narrowing wages on bottom moving up first time in a listening time i think when you are looking at the economy, the way you are, one major issue has to be a taxes, joe biden said he is going to reverse donald trump tax cut plan going to take certain taxes all the way back up like -- wants to take corporate rate 28% from 21% most he rerevealing to cap gains tax joe biden says moving that close to 44%, dick, if you were to see a biden, win and
8:19 am
the senate win, and it becomes clear, that he can get some of his ideas through including raising capital gain capital gain taxes to 44% what kind of impact does that have on markets in owe your view >> it is not just impact on markets maria remember when you penalize capital investment when you penalize risk taking what you are doing, is what happened over the course of the last 20 years. capital went offshore manufacturing went offshore. and most importantly,, you know, i keep hearing this we're not going to tax anyone earning less than $400,000, well -- when you kill the oil and gas business, for those in america who are not driving 100,000 dollar electric vehicles paying $6 at the pump is a terrible tax penalty.
8:20 am
and that hits exactly that part of america that we want to raise up, you raise them up by he incentivizing capital formation manufacturing jobs here in america, and creating wealth at the middle and lower levels, not just for the broad base but look maria what this president has done for black and minority communities has been their president he has raised the levels of employment to records never seen before in our country. he has invested in the minority and inner city communities he is produced college reform black and hispanic community likes of which they've never seen >> this is a really important point that you make, and that is why many people expect the black and hispanic communities to tip it over the edge for him, look, you mentioned capital goes offshore that is
8:21 am
exactly what we saw, during president obama's term remember we were at a tax rate corporate rate 35%, compare that to a place like ireland had a corporate tax rate, dick, 9% no wonder so many companies put headquarters in ireland you also a moment ago talked about capital gain capital gain tax this is not just people who own stocks this is anything you make money on you sell your home you are going to get hit with a 44% tax. of the -- i understand what you are saying in terms of -- yes? >> remember they played this tune about you know it is only the rich who own stocks. 100 million americans have 401's, iras, pension plans depend upon performance of stock market this fallacy only upper 1%, that own stocks, people understand that.
8:22 am
ordinary americans understand their 401's iras have never done better than under don. maria: that is right you knew that, from the day you allowed me to broadcast from the floor of the new york stock exchange, it was more than just the big guys investing in the stock market that a hundred million americans had invested and you wanted to open up, and demystify what was going on, congrats to you your leadership good to see you this morning off to polls thrive swing state pennsylvania right after the break.
8:23 am
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except about that. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. hey look, i found the tent! get xfinity home with no term contract required. click or call today. maria: welcome back zeroing in on keystone state pennsylvania voters could be a key decider in the presidential election grady trimble joins us live from the home of the pits youburg
8:26 am
penguins has become a polling place good morning to you grady. . reporter: good morning, maria. yesterday both candidates made stops in pence to make a last minute pitch to voters in this key state. of joe biden was here in the pittsburgh with help from the star power of lady gaga, the president was in scranton pa former vice president hometown in in terms of of early voting so far democrats way out number republicans returned mail-in ballots the president rig on republican voters to show up in person on election day we have been talking to voters across the state over the last several days by and large the supporters of the president tell us they plan to vote in person today listen. >> i think when, election day comes that is big -- soar in republicans voting just because of the way that each said to has been pushing it i just want to make sure it counts, you know. i just have always done that
8:27 am
it way. so i -- i am showing up voting in person. >> and elections officials in seven counties say they don't plan to start counting mail-in ballots until tomorrow, so republican strategists we have talked to in pennsylvania tell us the president needs to build a big lead day if this is going to be a close rave to be a competitive, in this key state. maria. maria: all right grady, thank you so much we should point out that pennsylvania he closes off tonight at 8:00 pm eastern, number of states closes at 8:00 alabama connecticut delaware florida illinois kansas maine maryland massachusetts of my mississippi havbs new jersey pennsylvania among others others closed early florida and georgia closed at 7 pm eastern there is a look at some eastern states that are closing newt, betwetonight betw
8:28 am
9 california closely 11:00 pm eastern georgia up for grabs congressman do you go collins weighing in on his home state both look for a win there you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. heart failure causes nearly two hospitalizations every minute. understanding how to talk to your doctor
8:29 am
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everyone thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday, november 3rd election day, we are er an hour away from the opening bell, take a look at markets this morning 8:31 a.m. east coast a pretty good rally underway this morning on election day, the dow jones industrial average now highs of the morning, up 410 points one and a half percent nasdaq up 85, 3/s 4 avenue percent s&p 500 higher, 40 points one
8:32 am
1/4 persons union market higher despite lockdowns throughout europe certainly france, germany, ft 100 up 121 points, that is better 2% cac quarante paris up 2% dax with 229-point rally up 1.9% right now in asia overnight green across the board, markets closed in japan,for a holiday the others higher, across the board. as you can see. . it is election at a in america americans headed to polls cast votes for to four more years of president trump, or for joe biden, the 46th president one of the most heated contests is state of georgia, where candidates have been locked in dead heat joining me georgia congressman house judiciary committee member doug collins great to see you this morning, how are you feeling about the races? >> feeling really good download here in georgia good reports already great turnout in georgia especially in republican areas, all over the state have been great we are
8:33 am
getting, even better turnout in areas i think the president is going to do well out here i believe we are going to do well in this election day as well. >> so, congressman georgia polls close 7:00 pm eastern time tonight. what are the most important issues, that resonate with georgia voters? >> economics again i think getting behalf of the the virus georgia is one of the states actually seen the what you can do when you open state do it, businesses, you see economy coming back we still got a ways to go working on that, bringing back economy but people want to get back to normalcy to schools they want to have their businesses open we are seeing that down here, and the message of security, not want to go see what is happening in other cities other places throughout country president's message of law and order rere full
8:34 am
>> all eyes on georgia senate race david perdue-facing off against democratic challenger gap tight 9/11ing georgia special election voters will make their choice for the set a left by isaacson's resignation you are he challenging kelly the for that seat tell me what you see >> what i see what georgia is seeing authenticity gap between myself and senator when she has to spend as much as 50 million dollars to try and show she is somebody she is really not. so voters are seeing through that know that -- this president -- uncovering, the booeb state corrupt doj fbi know we've been fighting for them authenticity gap not made up no matter how much money you spend. >> how worried are you congressman, about dividing
8:35 am
republican vote if a democrat wins here will you regret going for senate seat not staying in the house >> not at all number one it is not going to happen that is -- coming from -- kelley loeffler from with a >> we are having the blame is for having -- do it his way this is the way governor set it up he sit up a primary hearing november, people deserve a choice don't like to be a told, this is a -- going to be a made for them like off if a vote people making it i think going to see, miles in runoff, and we are going to have an interesting race november and december. >> well you also have been investigating the investigators senate judiciary chairmen lindsey graham told me on "sunday morning futures," that the fbi, has been sitting on government corruption he says he is going to question the fbi, about
8:36 am
why, for example, they -- sat on hunter biden laptop so long what do you want to see in terms of accountability here congressman? >> well first thing i want to see is -- i am tired of foot-dragging of talking about this when i found out that they had to a laptop as early as -- december last year, when i was in -- fighting this impeachment showing that have acquitted pro jo worked with you hurn they had this information we requested, that is just unacceptable i hope they continue to look for reform he will when fbi this is a problem when fbi opened up investigation about -- against biden, doesn't seem concerned about the -- hunter biden laptop there is a problem over there time for a housecleaning. >> um-hmm, so, i mean i think that at this point sort of cat he is out of the bag there has been cover-up going on, but will we see accountability for it?
8:37 am
you are right in terms of christopher wray what i am hearing one of the president's first moves to fire christopher wray for inas you borrowed democrat action gina haspel at counterintelligence as well. >>, dur hall has been quiet i did not want him quiet before election we are fighting 2016 treks corruption went on there i was hoping would show what he has i believe forthcoming today is interesting might be last day for some of those events, corrupt cabals to be a safe the next few days you are going to see durham come out i don't think with a report i am hoping indictments, and see where he goes from there i do believe people are going to be a held accountable if people are not the held accountable who can honesty with straight face say -- equal in this country >> great to see you thanks very much we will watch the races thank you doug collins in georgia this morning >> thank you, maria.
8:38 am
>> quick break, former connecticut senator former vice presidential candidate joe lieberman here and impact from president trump's foreign policy victories >> president trump's smooth moves on campaign trail making a buzz this morning you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. this week, tomorrow we are up early with results expert analysis from every major race in the nation join us live beginning 15 a.m. eastern. >> 5:00 a.m. eastern. >> thursday potential challenges roadblocks to election results friday all about jobs, the new unemployment rate, and the news coming out impacting your investments revealed right here live all right here on "mornings with maria." .
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8:42 am
maria: welcome back, election day has arrived polls already open in a number of states, right now, amid a big tech crackdown on election resiliency, president trump telling fox news earlier that he would declare victory quote the when a victory both candidates making final pechz yesterday in pennsylvania, joining me right now, to talk more about foreign policy, and how its resonating former connecticut senator joe lieberman senator great to see this you morning. thanks very much for being here we are >> good morning to you maria, nice to be with you. maria: many states closing, many -- elections closing between 7:00 and 9:00 pm or an
8:43 am
california having cloefs at 11 what are you expecting neither from election day? >> i mean sure looks like based on the polling that biden is favorite to win tonight, but the great -- the glory of american democracy that we really don't know even though so many people are voted we are only give us about how they voted so far, of course, millions more to vote today, so, hopefully we will know before too many days who actually is going to be a our president come january 20th, but right now looks like biden has the lead. maria: are a, of course, not just about the president, we've got the balance of power also, in question, democrats trying to expand their control of the house, and then, of course, you've got the hopes they flip senate as well, do you expect big changes bigs
8:44 am
surprises in the house and senate races? >> i think in the house, based on what feels lake it is not a big blue wave at least some kind of move but a classic american move at this time unhappy with direction of the country. vote for the party that -- nats may pick up a few seats in the house i think going to be a closer in the senate, and may come down to the two -- georgia, i think both in runoff, in january. so that will be a heck of a battle but senate races close democrats have a slight advantage certainly not over and will be determined today, and as the ahead in the counting litigation that the inevitably follow >> yeah, what will that look like in the counting the litigation? you are expecting a longdrawn
8:45 am
out battle here? >> a well, you know i compare actually to 2009, had previous of running for vice president went 36 days after election day the recount litigation regarding one state, florida. it is possible -- first i would say this year there has already been much more litigation, more than 300 lawsuits, filed about 44 states that tr challenging how voting is occurring right now already. there are -- large teams of lawyers on both parties for both candidates ready to strike, today and tomorrow afterward, one possibility is that one of the candidates presumably based on the polls that would be biden -- clearly clinch 270 electoral votes tonight and that will be it, then the question is really is
8:46 am
it clear? the term campaign still challenged the states that look clear -- i think we're, depending on how close some swing states are, there is enough lawyers ready to do battle in court that it is possible we are not going to just have one state, as in 2000, florida we could have two to five states, in which there is a recount, litigation that will go on for period of time all i say both candidates parties have to remember we are a rule of law country we settle our conflicts in court not in street certain not with violence there is a danger this year much higher going into this day than in 2000 and for the country president trump vice president biden
8:47 am
certainly want to put first -- use influence to tone it down let cowards decide let voters decide. >> really important point i am glad you made it let me ask you about foreign policy, we've had some major deals announced in the middle east, the president last week, discussed sudan, announced sudan has agreed to normalize relations with israel i would say on top of united arab emirates bahrain statement from three countries saying they have quote resolved to work together to build a better future advance cause of peace in the region this is terrific news follows deals as i mentioned, with uae, and bahrain to recognize israel how significant do you see this is what your reaction to this president's foreign policy as it relates to the middle east? >> well those -- differences changes of policy in the
8:48 am
middle east under president trump have really been fantastic he is a disrupter ununconventional you can agree with disruption changes of conventional policy what he did in middle east clearly worked most important of all started to work with allies i would say and arab countries against our enemy, iran, i thought it was a bold and unexpected move for him to pull us out of that terrible iran nuclear agreement took the maximum -- economically on iranian that is the reason, in my opinion, why bahrain, uae, sudan, and hopefully soon, satisfy as a qatar, have made peace agreements and extended democratic ties to israel wouldn't have hands otherwise. it is very important if biden is elected not rush back into iran nuclear agreement or even
8:49 am
discussions with the iranians which president trump pulled out of they are not our -- they are our enemies! and continued during the time of the agreement, the biggest sponsor of terrorism to carry out aggression, in the middle east. and to repress human rights of their own people and a lot of others, so i hope joe biden will take a second look at iran policy and may be decide -- with a president trump has done has really worked. >> you make a good point made this point before joe biden has said, that he is going to get the u.s. back into a deal with iran. i don't know what is going what it is going to take to -- to stop iran, from funding terrorists and from you know i mean look, right i while doing iran deal with president he obama were saying death to america! while they were signing on bottom line.
8:50 am
>> here is the first thing you would ask joe biden if he is elected, to think about, iran has not kept its promises the promises that it made as part of the iran nuclear agreement at the obama administration was part of, and it can't you can't trust them why rush back into -- an agreement with them? you are absolutely right that in the continued to build up arsenal i believe, they are continuing to work on a nuclear weapons program sponsored terrorism caused death of a lot of people throughout middle east, so -- keep pressure on them. maria: wyep. maria: don't get them get away maybe achieve a more lasting peace in the middle east. maria: all right. we leave it there joe lieberman great to see you this morning thanks very as much we have breaking news on ipo the ant ipo. this back to you folks
8:51 am
business letter the ant ipo postponed by shanghai stock change after regulators answers summoning jack ma and others to a closed-door meeting says meeting change in regulator advisement disqualified technology ingenuity from lifting expected to raise 34.4 billion dollars in concurrent ipos in hong kong, and shanghai, shanghai has postponed it. coming up dancing machine president trump smooth moves on the campaign trail making a buzz this morning we are going to check it out when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ . repared for tomorrow. wow dad, do you think you overdid it maybe? i don't think so...
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♪ ♪ dance ♪ maria: [laughter], president trump rocking to it ymca campaign trail this weekend smooth moves grooves to the village people ymca making a buzz the internet has been going wild over his wedding dance caps off rallies final blitz before election day dagen what do you think he victory? i can only do ymca wearing roller skates just saying harkens walk to -- well, the 70s i want to encourage peel to teach children to dance moving their feet. you dance you got to do the --
8:56 am
you got to step side to side can't just dance with your arms, just -- well, "trumpian." gentleman well president is, obviously, feeling good, dancing to ymca, the people are talking about it. so are we. more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. ♪ be all right, let it be all right, because everybody is lot to spare a piece of the pie. ♪
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8:59 am
maria: welcome back up your this election day, everyone should go out and fo. dagan mcdowell, final thoughts? >> four years ago i remember driving to work to work in people were sitting outside the javits center we been. not going to happen this time, but let's hope
9:00 am
there's no violence as the city is totally boarded-up. maria: there may be some weeping going on. steve forbes, what do you think? >> i think there will be weeping. i think president trump will pull up a upset. pollsters will have to go back to the drawing boards and we will start by having that fbi director finally fired. maria: "varney & co." begins right now. take it away. stuart: i shall. good morning. let's get straight added on this election day, the stock market is rallying again. up 400 on the dow jones monday, up another 370 this morning on the nasdaq is up at two thirds of 1% work it's a rally this tuesday morning come election day and at the speculation about why this is taking place is all over the place one


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