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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 6, 2020 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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30, the nasdaq's down 23, the s&p's down a fraction, and susan li, comfortably predicts -- [laughter] by the end of the day -- >> i think so. stuart: -- she thinks so -- >> and on a friday too, very important to know. stuart: it is very important. it has been a fantastic week. it's over fur us, susan -- for us, susan. neil, it's yours. neil: thank you very much. it's reversing all the losses of last week when we surrendered ability 1800 points on the dow. a lot of this might have been gleaned from the side comment that nancy pelosi made that, if you weren't paying attention -- and it was a tad incoherent -- but you might have missed a reference to a lame duck session move in congress to get a stimulus and that she hopes to hear from the present administration on that. so that renewed hopes, i know we've been here before, that we could be seeing stimulus or something cobbled together in that lame duck session that wouldn't have to wait until a new administration, if it turns out to be that, in the new year.
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we'll watch that very closely. we're all over the country right now as these counts go on and on. in the case of georgia, talk of a recount. hillary vaughn is in wilmington, delaware, where the former vice president is due to saw something -- to say something, and jeff flock in milwaukee, wisconsin. of course, the state has already been called further former vice president, but -- for the former vice president, but the trump folks are saying not so fast. to hillary vaughn first, two states closely statute newsed right now -- scrutinized right now. >> reporter: sources telling fox news the president does not plan to concede at the moment, but he is planning on calling for a i recount in tight races like in georgia and also planning on battling it out in the courts in states like nevada where the campaign just filed a lawsuit late last night in clark county and wants a hearing in front of a judge by 5 p.m.
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today. in georgia just over 1500 votes separating the two candidates, making the case clear for a recount for the president. in nevada we are getting new numbers in over the next few minutes, county by county, but a new a batch from clark county shows biden's lead has doubled to over 22,000. the campaign says there's been a huge lack of transparency in the process there, and they are concerned about corruption in clark county. the trump campaign's general counsel saying this in a statement today: this election is not over. the false projection of joe biden as the winner is based in results in four states that are far from final. georgia is headed for a recount where we are confident we will find ballots improperly harvested and where president trump will ultimately prevail. in nevada, there appear to be thousands of individuals who improperly cast mail ballots. the democrats saying this is not a partisan process like republicans argue it is. >> i think the most important thing right now is that many of
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us predicted this. pennsylvania and wisconsin don't start counting until election day, gayle. georgia has a very tight race there. they're trying to get it right. same with arizona. you've got republican governors in arizona and georgia who are basically supporting their election process. this is not partisan as joe biden has said. >> reporter: some republicans, though, wonder why joe biden isn't speaking up about possible issues after years of calling for a fee and fair election. free and fair election. >> joe biden, if he wants these results to be accepted, why isn't he joining us in the lawsuits to make sure that there are democrats and republicans? remember, these are democrat -- >> well, that's not going to happen. he's not going to do it. >> he is silent. >> reporter: and, neil, i want to point out some new movement we have on the ground here behind me. this is where the stage has been set up since election day, this is where joe biden planned to give a victory speech if that
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speech were to happen. we did see these jeep trucks that have been parked right in front of the stage, they now are all lined up outside the perimeter right there. so we don't know what that means, but we do know that that's different from anything we have seen here over the past few days sitting in this parking lot while this stage behind me has been kept empty. neil? neil: i don't want to blindside you with this, but let's say sometime today a lot of the experts can safely -- maybe even our own -- can call one of these states for joe biden, any one would put him at 270 plus. so, technically, he would have the electoral votes to be president-elect. would he then make an announcement, all right, i won? let the count go on, but i've won? what do you hear? >> reporter: neil, i do think that that's likely because he has consistently said he believes that they are still on the path to 270 and that once every vote is counted, they will
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be the winner. so he's already gone basically right up to the edge of declaring victory, so i do think it's likely they won't really wait until every vote is counted to give some type of victory speech here. but once the states are called to put them over that 270 threshold, i think it's likely you could see him make some remarks alongside his running mating, kamala harris, which we're now learning is still here in delaware. neil? neil: all right. i can't see anywhere else but that parking lot. i don't know how life will go on when they move you from there to a new location. i wouldn't recognize you. thank you very much, hillary, great job. [laughter] let's go to connell mcshane. i wouldn't recognize him if he were not still in pennsylvania, and that is proving to be the battleground everyone thought it would be. man, oh, man, talk about a slow and steady count. com, where are we on -- connell, where are we on that front? connell: big bottoms in the past 24 hours. to your point about that slow and steady counting of the
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ballots in pennsylvania, president trump had built up a lead here, and it was powered by a strong turnout among his supporters on election day. voting in person. but over the last few days, we have been seeing that lead shrink, erode, get smaller and smaller and smaller, and eventually earlier toddies appeared completely -- today disappeared completely. just as president trump dominatedded the in-person vote, biden has dominated among those who voted by mail. we have a cram in the room as the votes -- a camera in the room as votes were counted in philadelphia, and there are so many people there, and the county skews so heavily democratic. so as the votes have come in, that's where as the updates are posted the advantage for biden has been. he's running more than 80/20 in philadelphia county in terms of his advantage over president trump, and he's been able to take the lead with that. now, as we monitor that9 and the
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biden lead grows to nearly 9,000 votes in a state won by 44,000 by the president last time around, we do have the trump campaign's mounting legal effort in the state to keep an eye on as well. as we do that, i want to make clear that we have not either uncovered, or been presented with any evidence which speaks to widespread fraud or abuse or anything like that in the state of pennsylvania. we are watching this case that could end up having the campaign attached to an existing supreme court case. the legal challenge at the court to the three-day mail-in ballot extension here in pennsylvania. and there was some important information delivered by the state on that last night that's certainly worth monitoring. the secretary of state in pennsylvania, she's she came out, she held a news conference. and although she doesn't know the total number of late-arriving ballots yet because they have to arrive by 5 p.m. this evening, friday, november 6th, she said she expects the number to be very low relative to the overall count. she did go as far as to say she
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does not think it will impact the race, the final result. but, again, we don't know that number yet, but that's the only thing we're watching now to go in addition to the change in the overall count which has been favoring the former vice president now the last couple of e days, and he does now have the lead by nearly 9,000 votes in this state, neil. neil: connell, thank you very much for that. then there is arizona. as you know, this network and the associated press had called that election night for the former vice president. the trump people were roiling mad over that, still are, and they say that the differences are quickly narrowing between the two candidates and that, ultimately, will be in the trump column. it's not there yet, but it's 11 electoral votes. if they were to switch over to the president, would slightly improve the math for him. it wouldn't make it ideal, especially if he were to end up losing pennsylvania, as connell pointed out. but for now, that's the battle royale for team trump. let's get the latest from kevin
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corke on how things are going from there in phoenix. hey, kevin. >> reporter: always a pleasure to be with you, my friendment your right, the numbers continue to come in, and if you've been following this race over the last several days, you seen the gap between the former vice president and the president shrink consistently. let's get right to the numbers as we have this many. a number of ballots are still outstanding, still have to be processed here in the grand canyon state. at last count, about 225,000 ballots that still have to go new the system, 165,000 of those come from right here in maricopa county. now, a couple days ago we were telling you it was 52-46 biden. then it was 51-47 biden. well, our latest tally has it, as you pointed out, at a much, much smaller margin, 49-48 biden, and the trump team continues to insist they will not only close that gap, they will ultimately overtake the former vice president. now, yesterday we were on hand to watch as the lettest trove of
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ballot -- latest trove of ballots. of course, more throughout the day today. trump campaign officials say they're going to win this state, and it's proven by the fact that they keep chipping away at the biden lead. state officials, neil, despite obvious delays say the process is moving along as expected. >> we've been working around the clock since tuesday to make sure that every single vote gets counted, and we just really need to let them do their job. >> reporter: let e them do their jobs. meantime, a vocal gathering in the adjacent free speech zone as we continue to await an uncertain outcome. we got here a few hours ago, neil, and i'm not kidding, there were probably four people. we have hundreds here now, and we expect that number to continue to grow as strong support for the president continues to build. neil? neil: all right, kevin, thank you very much for that, kevin corke in arizona. the state already called, obviously, if the president were to reverse that and get the 11
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electoral votes, that takes joe biden to find 11 additional, extra votes to make up for that. he's leading in some of these other states, but so far that has not happened here. mick mulvaney with us right now, the former acting white house chief of staff, omb director, much, much more. congressman, there is still a possibility the president could run the table, take all of these states, but it is prohibitive. what do you think of husband odds? the -- his odds? >> sure. again, i think it's one of those 50/50 kind of situations, neil. surgeon lu, the math is moving against the president in georgia, and georgia really concerns me more than anything because pennsylvania, i think there's a chance to sort of defend yourself legally. we're already starting to hear anecdotes about a few in pennsylvania, but georgia is a state run by republicans. there's a republican governor, and if georgia turns against the president, that's probably a really, really bad sign. that being said, arizona -- i happen to agree with the reporter who just came on a few
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minutes ago -- i'm still confident that state turns. on the phone with folks in arizona, congressman david schweikert has been heavily involved in helping folks understand the count. he's now probably safe in his seat, so you've already seen one race go from democrat to republican, we we think we'll see that happen again with the president which, of course, brings us all back to pennsylvania. there's two outcomes here for the path which is that he wins pennsylvania, arizona holds, georgia in which he case he wins or he flips nevada, arizona and -- those are the two paths right now. but you're right, it's tight, it's getting tighter. and i still think, and you and i have talked about this over the last couple days, it could be several days if not weeks before we have a final decision. neil: you know, the fraud claims that the president's raised, and he touched on it again last night in his very brief remarks, congressman, a number of rerepublicans have come out to criticize that, that it's not the wisest choice of words. from chris christie to mitt
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romney, pat toomey, former senator jeff flake, larry hogan, maryland governor -- [laughter] some republicans have said that the language probably isn't help offul. helpful. what do you think? >> that's sort of a who's who of republicans who don't like the president -- neil: very good point. marco rubio, a fan of the president, but go ahead. >> it comes down to allegations of fraud which is sooner or later you're going to have to put up or shut up. we're all getting anecdotes via whale, tweet, text, folks who don't live in arizona or nevada voting in nevada. the question is, can you turn those anecdotes into data and turn that data into an argument that prevails in court. that's the good news here for both sides which is there is no rush. everybody seems to think including the president it should have been e decided on election night, but if it does
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go through, every side will have a chance in court, and there's one possible outcome that they turn out just to be internet rumors, then there's another outcome. the folks i talk to continue to urge calm. we've done this before in 2000, the country soldiered on. but i do think that we just get a chance now the next couple days to actually find out what the true count of the legal votes is, and that's what matters. neil: you know, we have a 6.9% unemployment rate now. do you think, congressman, if this report had come out before the election, it would have made a difference? >> no, i don't. i really, you know, i guess the gut instinct is to say yes, but i think folks knew that -- keep in mind, folks know where they are before they read about it on the news. so if folks know that their personal economic situation's getting better, they knew that on election day. neil: yeah. >> we also had that blowout gdp
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number right before election day. i don't think that's -- and you and i have talked about this as well, neil, there weren't that many undecided voters left in the last weeks of the campaign anyway with. this was a get out the vote election, and it still is. neil: nancy pelosi in her remarks earlier talked about the idea of maybe in the lame duck session of congress which would involve this administration even if it were to have to leave on january 20th of next year, to put that together. do you think that's possible? some stimulus crafted in a lame duck session before inauguration of the new president whether that's joe biden or the present president? >> sure, it's possible. one question is, is it necessary? again, with those links to solid unemployment numbers and a great gdp number, the question is, okay, how much more stimulus do we we need? we just need time to allow the stimulus that's already there to work, but certainly there's the opportunity to do so between now and january 20th. that would require, of course,
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approval of the house and senate. i think you're right back to the discussion you were before the election which is the senate is not going to take a $1.8 trillion or $2.2 trillion. they wanted targeted releaf, mitch mcconnell's talked about this for months. might it be a little bigger than it was before the election? maybe. i think mitch didn't want to have division amongst his ranks going into the election. that pressure sort of comes off. query whether or not the two georgia races impact a discussion about the stimulus. yeah, once again, a multi-variable i equation in washington, but that's nothing new for us. neil: finally. to you know the president pretty well with. if he runs out of possibilities, runs out of options in is some of these states that the dominoes might not go his way, do you think he will leave graciously? >> here's what i expect -- the answer, by the way, is yes. but here's the texture to that. he's absolutely going to fight
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like wild animals to the very end. by the way, so is joe biden. there's too much at stake. take the personalities out of it, 70-ed odd million people voted for one, 68-odd million people voted for the other. the numbers are just going up. this is one of the highest stakes decisions you will make in your entire life. neither of these men are going to throw up their hands the day after tomorrow and say i tried and leave. they're going to fight. and, by the way, neil, we need them to do that. one of the things i'm end hoping we get through this is a transparent process so that everybody, not just the candidates, at the end of this process accepts the outcome. you can't have people on either side feeling like they've had it stolen from them. certainly, people are going to feel it anyway, but the facts need to bear out this was a true and honest result. and once you get to that point, and i'm still confident that we will as a country, i think whoever loses -- donald trump or joe biden -- will walk away as a gentleman because at the very core, that's what each of them is. neil: if the president were to
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lose, would he try again in 2024? grover cleveland did that, our only president, you know, to serve two terms not concurrently. >> apparently i made a bunch of news by suggesting the president's on the list of people who would probably consider running in 2024, absolutely. it's hard to make the case that you're one of the great presidents in the world and history if you have only served one term. donald trump knows that, he would not want this loss on his record, we all know that. and, let's be candid, he'll be younger in four years than joe biden is now. one of the real questions is if joe biden wins, will we he win again in 2024? there's a lot of variables in that equation. but the question is, does donald trump like losing? the answer is no. if he thinks he can win 2024, he'd take a long, hard look at that, i absolutely think that he would. neil: mick mulvaney, thank you very much, my friend. the former acting chief of staff, the budget director, so
12:19 pm
much more. again, if there were to be like a grover cleveland run, remember the differentiator there, grover cleveland ran three times, but it was in his second run he lost the electoral vote. again, the only president in american history to serve two terms but not concurrently. so there is historic precedent to that. all right, as the count goes on, the republican strategy as a party, ronna mcdaniel is going to give an update on where things stand and what her options are, after this. ♪ your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need.
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♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ neil: all right, we are waiting to her from the rnc chair, ronna mcdaniel. she was on fox news a little earlier, and she was talking about the fact that you've got to let this process go forward. there are a number of acts of chicanery and things that have to be scrutinized, we just don't know exactly whether it was of the weight and the measure, the volume that would change the results in any of these states where the count continues, pennsylvania, georgia, even michigan even though that in case the state has already been called for joe biden, as has arizona. but begun, the administration, the republican national committee itself has been saying
12:24 pm
that was a move too soon and they are very confident that arizona, when everything is counted, will flip back into the president's column. too soon to tell the, but this back and forth goes on and on. and who knows that whole process better than the former acting attorney general under bush 41, the former deputy attorney general, i should say, george terwilliger. george, very good to have you. you've been through battles like these. i mean, very different, i grant you, but compare, contrast, if you will, what we were going through 20 years ago and how it's playing out in more than just one state today. >> well, great question, neil. it's not very different considering that we're at, you know, day three here. i remember day three in 2000 as being chaotic, certain lawsuits flying like sparrows headed south. [laughter] it just, it's just very, very uncertain. but the major difference is that
12:25 pm
because of the 2000 experience and other things that have occurred since, i think the parties are well prepared both legally and strategically to deal with this. but there's a lot of decision making that has to be done on the fly. what really counts at this point, to my mind, neil, is that facts matter. if there are irregularities in either the voting procedure itself or in the counting procedure, those need to be looked at, examined, and if necessary, adjudicated. neil: so let me ask you, i always think that it's the difference with george bush 20 years ago is he he had that lead in florida. he hadn't cinched the deal, but he was coming from from a position of strength. in this case for donald trump, he doesn't have the lead. st the biden folks who have the lead and are on the precipice of
12:26 pm
that 270, and with a pick-up in any one of the states in question today, will be at or over that amount. so that makes this legal bite a little more problematic, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. a little more problematic in terms of what the ultimate outcome would be. at this point, you know ors biden has -- you know, biden has a handful of face cards. the president appears to have to pull an inside straight. but i still think that the strategy, the appropriate strategy is to test the methodology, have transparency, make sure that when we come out the other end of this, that the public will have confidence that the procedures that were utilized will result in an election that everybody recognizes and will abide by. neil: so is there a point at which -- i guess it would depend on how americans are feeling about this process. they seem very open-minded, by all means, explore all
12:27 pm
possibilities. some of to these states are, indeed, close, so let it play out. i always remember in the process of the bush/gore issue that dragged on for close to a month that it reck theyed from court to court -- ricochetedded from court to court, the local level, the state supreme court all the way up to the united states supreme court. i don't know if the united states supreme court would ever get involved in this way things stand now, but what's your thinking? >> well, i think, again, that's a great question, neil, and something that, you know, really deserves further discussion and explanation in fora like this with the public. election administration is basically a state matter. and election disputes are, essentially, resolved in state court. but there are issues that can reach the supreme court and should pennsylvania present one, i fully expect that the supreme court will step up to deciding
12:28 pm
it. the issue there could be, could be if there are enough ballots received after the election day postmarked after the election day that would be counted pursuant to the current procedure established by the pennsylvania supreme court, there is a very legitimate, substantive legal question as to whether that court had the legal authority to extend that deadline and to impose on election officials a rumor that the legislature -- a requirement that the legislature dud not enact that ballots that either have illegible postmarks or no postmarks are to be considered as having been received within the deadline period. if that's a number of ballots -- which, i must say, seems unlikely -- that could make a difference in the outcome of the election, then the supreme court will have to tackle that issue. neil: all right. george, thank you very, very much. georgeer the willer, who plays
12:29 pm
such a -- terwilliger who played such a crucial role 20 years ago. >> thank you. neil: i do the want to take you to bloomfield, michigan, where there is a count going on. that state, indeed, has already been called for joe biden, but the trump campaign feels -- and it is a very close race there, so the count is certainly within the difference of possibly flipping, but they're making a larger statement here you might see in the background that ronna mcdaniel, the r or nc chief. but i do want to dip into this, how the process is unwinding here because there are six states in question where they're taking this battle to the courts. let's listen. >> -- windows of the tcs center to conceal the truth. what else could they be hiding? jocelyn benson ran on a promise to be transparent, and this election has been anything but transparent. we are also highly disturbed by the fact that the secretary of state was unable to tell voters how many votes were left to be
12:30 pm
counted, often citing figures which had no apparent basis in reality. i don't understand this simple math. i don't believe it's unreasonable for the people of michigan to expect the secretary of state to report within a few hours the total number of ballots cast. [applause] repeatedly in interviews with the media, secretary of state benson continued to state that there were about 100,000 ballots to be counted despite the fact that tens of thousands of ballots continued to be added to the city's total and that those interviews were hours apart. in addition, it should not have been difficult to find this number seeing municipalities are required to report how many absentee ballots they have received. simple math should have made it easy to know how many absentee ballots needed to be counted.
12:31 pm
jocelyn benson has repeatedly tried to dismiss these allegations of election irregularities across the state just like she tried to use legal threats in october to bury the michigan republican party story about malfunctioning election equipment in the is city of lansing, a story proven true by the press. if all this wasn't enough, in another county ballots were counted for democrats that were meant for republicans, causing a 6,000-vote swing against our candidates. the county clerk came forward and said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the vote. since then we have now discovered that 47 counties use this same software in the same capacity. they had to hand count all of the ballots, and these counties that use this software need to
12:32 pm
closely examine their results for similar discrepancies. the people of michigan deserve a transparent and open process. [applause] voters deserve to know that all legal slow es are being counted -- votes are being counted, and the michigan republican party will continue to fight to make sure that this stops occurring in our state. [applause] >> thank you! >> i do want to add if you have any information about any specific situation, we encourage people to e-mail save, or you can call 87-save-vote. that's 877-283-8683. thank you very much, and it's my honor to bring our national
12:33 pm
committee -- i'm sorry, our rnc chairwoman, ronna mcdaniel, to share her comments. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, everyone. thank you for joining us today. thank you, laura cox, for your leadership in the great state of michigan, my home state, and we, of course, want to make sure that every legal vote is counted, and we have seen some discrepancy says in michigan and some irregularities that deserve investigation. democrats and the media spent four years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russia hoax on the grounds of election integ i think. integrity. now with just over 48 hours after polls have closed in an actual election for president, they want to ignore clear irregularities, rush to call states as won and end this election. we will not stand for that. every candidate in every office from president down to the local level has a legal right to challenge irregular ities that
12:34 pm
occur in the process of canvassing ballots. we intend to insure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law, that observers are granted the access they are due under state law and that any irregularities that have occurred whether by malicious intent or incompetence are fully investigated to the fullest extent allowed under the law. we will not give up on this process until every last issue has been resolved. today we announced that the rnc has deployed legal teams in four states including michigan to investigate clear irregularities with vote counting and tabulation in those statements. they will work with state and local authorities to insure that a legal count is conducted in accordance to each state's laws and that every vote is counted. it is crazy to us that the media would call a race like arizona for bide when our side still has
12:35 pm
enough votes to win, but in states like pennsylvania, michigan and georgia where in some cases the margin is only a few thousand votes, the media is quick to try and claim those races are over and biden has won. if the shoe was on the other foot, the president -- and president trump was in the lead in all these states, the media would be screaming that the race is not over, and we need more time to count and make sure it was right. but because biden is in a very slight lead, the media demands the race is over, and there is nothing to see here. the american people need to have confidence in our elections. right now we don't have that because across the country democrat officials are shutting down transparency, especially here in the astronaut of michigan. in the state of michigan. democrats are damaging the country in the process of a smooth transition of power by not allowing a transparent process. right here in michigan just last
12:36 pm
night in oakland county, we found 2,000 ballots that had been given to democrats that were republican ballots due to a clerical error, and this took place in rochester hills. in wayne county republican poll watchers were denied their legal right to monitor the election and purposefully kept in the dark both literally and figuratively with poll workers blocking windows and padlocking doors. there are hundreds of reports of our poll watchers being intimidated and unable to do their job. there was a major software issue that we have concerns could have caused problems in other counties as well. this issue was brought to our attention by congressman bergman's office when they noticed the results seemed drastically different from what they expected and what they have received from that county in past elections. when they inquired with the clerk, they were told it was a software issue, and it was corrected. but now we know that 47 counties
12:37 pm
use that same software. at the tcf center in wayne county, we have received over 100 incident reports of irregularities. this is a massive mail ballot counting center, and we need time to go through these reports and investigate them. here an example of just one of them. on november 3rd and 4th, the whistleblower was assigned to work on problem ballots in the tcf center adjudication center. this is not a republican poll worker, this is the an actual election worker. a bundle of ballots with no received date were brought to the whistleblower. the ballots should not have been immediately counted because there was no evidence the ballots were received but the state-mandated deadline of november 3rd. on the morning of november 4th, whistleblowerrer was instructed by their supervisor to take the ballots with no dates, enter them into the electronic record and place either november 2nd or
12:38 pm
november 3rd as the date received. this is illegal. this whistleblower was uncomfortable entering the dates on the ballots with no evidence. they were received on either or those dates. election officials became angry at the whistleblower and blocked this individual from the process. according to the whistle blow or, all election workers were given this same guidance. reportedly, one of the individuals was a contractor, a city contractor and follower director of elections. these allegations have been referred to the u.s. attorney's office in the eastern destruct of -- district of michigan. we have heard other instances of election workers verbally accosting our poll watchers and refusing to let challenge -- or let us challenge questionable ballots. election workers were wearing biden shirts and applauding when our poll watchers were removed from the counting facility. of the few ballots that democrat
12:39 pm
election workers did allow us to challenge, our observers say those ballots were then moved back into the regular pile after our poll watchers were intimidated and pushed from the process. finally, our campaigns have also not yet been able to view video surveillance of ballot drop boxes and have meaningful ] over that process. transparent city over that process. to see people not be able to observe in democrat-run cities across the nation is not okay. we need to pursue these irregularities, and we need people to be patient and give us the time to investigate. these are serious allegations of changing the date on ballots and refusing to let people observe in a meaningful way an election of this magnitude. to see our leaders in michigan not step forward -- jocelyn benson, gretchen whitmer -- to allow our poll workers to be serve this election has caused
12:40 pm
future uncertainty. we will pursue all of these irregularities. please give us time to do that because it is concerning, and every vote matters. the fight is not over. president trump will continue to fight for us, and we will continue to fight for hum. and i just want to add one other thing. as the canvass are taking place right now, we are still being prevented meaningful access to observe the process. we call on secretary of state benson and governor whiterm exer to allow our canvassers, our watchers to be able to have a meaningful presence in these canvass so we can have assurety that this is a fair and free election. this is important to all of us. to support the president, you can visit to donate, or if you see signs of voter irregularities, we will track each of the complaints, vet them, make sure they are credible, please report them to djt45.stop fraud or
12:41 pm
888-630-1776. thank you for your time, and i would like to take a few questions. >> [inaudible] neil: we're going to switch gears. right now in philadelphia with where the count is going on in pennsylvania, the latest on that processover that has moved into the former vice president's favor. let's go to philadelphia. >> -- many city employees who helped on election day, and by staffing this ballot-counting operation for all the world to see. you are all too numerous to name, but please know that you have my thanks and the thanks of the people of this city. and most of all i thank the people of philadelphia. earlier this week commissioner dealey and i sent out an open letter to voters urging patience and calm on election day and the days that followed. you have showed it in spades. we ask that you stay calm and above the fray. you did exactly that. what we've seen on the streets outside this convention center was not anger or contention, but
12:42 pm
music, dancing and celebration. as we predicted, the voters and residents of philadelphia insured that our city the shined as an example of how to run an election correctly. so in the days ahead, please remember this is not about a victory for a single candidate or a single political party. this is truly a victory for our democracy. that may sound cliche, but today it is, oh, so true. the votes will continue to be counted until every valid mail-in ballot, absentee ballot and provisional ballot is counted. while some, including the president, continue to spew claims of fraud, what we have seen here in philadelphia is democracy pure and simple. our founding fathers who conceived this system just a 15-minute walk down the street, i know, would be proudful -- proud. 233 years after the constitutional convention, we stand and claim the system still works, the people have spoken.
12:43 pm
and, god willing, we will have a peaceful transition to power in january january. i'd like to introduce commissioner lisa dealey who's the chair of the philadelphia city commissions. >> thank you, mr. mayor. first of all, i want to thank all of you and the public for your continued patience. our goal has been to produce accurate results as quickly as possible, and we've continued to work toward that end. we've counted a total of 690,360 votes. of that, 337,609 ballots were cast by mail, and 353,021 were cast at a polling place. this is by far the largest number of mail-in ballots in the city's history. i'm very proud of the work our staff did. they have been working around the clock since tuesday and
12:44 pm
before. here's what you can expect in the upcoming days. at some point this afternoon we will report another update of mail-in ballot results. i expect it to be 2,000-3,000. after that the are maining ballots generally fall into one of three categories; those that require review, provisionals, u.s. military overseas ballots. i would estimate there's approximately 40,000 remaining to be count. we can also tell you that it may take several days to complete the reporting of that. and as you know, election results are not officially certified until 20 days after the election. thank you again, thank you to the citizens of philadelphia, and now i would e like to invite commissioner omar subair to the
12:45 pm
podium. >> good afternoon. i'd like to thank the county board of elections staff. i would like to thank the tax-paying citizens of philadelphia and across america. i think it's safe to say that democracy has won, democracy is beautiful. we saw the statue of octavius right on city hall where he dued so that americans -- died so that americans can have access to the democratic process. and as we stand here today in 2020, people still have access to democracy. that's a beautiful thing. but we still want everyone to exert patience, ignore a lot of the noise that's going on, allow us to complete the counting process. and, again, i'd like to thank everyone. i'd also like to thank my
12:46 pm
beautiful wife at home with my six children while i'm down here doing all of the counting. i'd like to say hi, wife, i love you and thank you. and right now i'd like to bring on council president who's a friend, who's a mentor and a true leader in philadelphia. >> thank you, commissioner. good afternoon, everyone. so to say this was a tumultuous year would be the understatement of the year. we in the city of philadelphia and across the nation have gone through some very, very challenging times. but in spite of that all, democracy works. democracy works. i want to thank the commissioners who were given a short time frame to transition from the traditional in-person voting that philadelphians are known for to having a mail-in ballot system, have multiple option and, guys, i just want to say you did a great job. you did a great job. but in all due respect to you, you guys? i want to thank the people.
12:47 pm
every time you went by broad street or you went i by city hall or you went by delaware and spring garden, the lights were on because you had a literally hundreds of hard working individuals in there making sure that this process works. so i just want to thank everybody. i want to particularly thank the citizens of our city who understood the need to participate in record numbers to a degree. i want to thank the country for understanding the need to have a reasonable process. so everyone involved and particularly these individuals here, the mayor, commissioners, thank you all and thank you for giving us an opportunity to allow democracy to work. thank you. >> questions? >> [inaudible] >> yes. >> what are you doing with the
12:48 pm
mail-in ballots -- [inaudible] >> they are segregated. as per the instruction of the secretary. [inaudible conversations] >> one at a time. >> [inaudible] they include the -- >> no. >> -- ones from abroad? >> abroad? military ballots? the no. >> [inaudible] >> it's upwards of 40,000. we don't -- the u.s. military overseas ballots aren't due to us until the 10th. [inaudible conversations] >> [inaudible] i know that there -- [inaudible] has there been other things that is have slowed you down? >> no. we are counting hundreds of thousands of ballots in an industrial process. and it -- we are fortunate to have that machinery to allow us
12:49 pm
to count faster, but it still is a process. so we get all these envelopes in, and it's like an assembly line. so, first, you know, i you've got the envelopes, you have to sort them, and and then you have to open them, and then you have to open them again to get the secrecy envelope out, then somebody actually sits there at a desk and is pulling the contents. and then the ballots have to be backbended and prepared for the scanner. so even though, you know, we have all this machinery, it does help us, but we have to build up to that as we start the process. so the first time we did it, we're really happy with, you know, the speed in which we were able to do it, and, you know, we're really happy that the people of philadelphia afforded us the opportunity to be able to do this for the first time in philadelphia as it's the first time we've been able to vote by mail with no excuse. [inaudible conversations]
12:50 pm
>> [inaudible] of the mail-in ballots. those that separated, are they part of that 40,000 -- [inaudible] >> no. >> how many are there? >> how many are those that -- [inaudible] >> i don't know. they've been segregated. >> [inaudible] what's happening in -- >> everybody's monitoring it. we have a live stream. anybody can watch. you've all been of watching it? there have been observers in during counting. you can see them in the live stream. [inaudible conversations] >> i can't answer two questions at the same time. it's not possible. that's three questions now at the same time. >> [inaudible]
12:51 pm
>> let me go to our foreign friends. yes. >> [inaudible] >> no. i think what the president needs to do is, frankly, put his big boy pants on. he needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost, and he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did, as george h.w. bush did and, frankly, as al gore did. that's my feeling. i doubt he'll listen to me, but that's it. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> he's wrong. he's wrong and he's baseless. and he's rudy giuliani, so he says whatever he wants. >> [inaudible]
12:52 pm
>> we're going to continue to count the ballots as quickly as we can without sacrificing accuracy as we have from the beginning. that's where we're at. we're going to be -- we'll be done, you know, when we get done. we are -- we still have ballots that we're scanning today. there'll be another update, as i said, and we'll continue to do as we have been doing, insuring that the ballots that we have are counted as quickly and as accurately as possible. [inaudible conversations] >> can you clarify what time you think -- >> we should have a little update this afternoon -- [inaudible] or shortly. >> and when will you start counting the segregated ballots? >> we are, we are in the process right now of counting just like we were yesterday and the day before.
12:53 pm
it's the same process. we are counting ballots, and we will continue to do that as quickly as possible without sacrificing accuracy. [inaudible conversations] >> two more questions, folks. two more questions. >> how many -- [inaudible] >> we are going to continue -- i don't have that, i don't have that number. we're going to continue. we are going to continue to count the ballots until they're all done. in a very, in a way that people -- as we have been doing for these past few days. we're going to get it done as quickly as possible, and it will be accurate. and we'll come out, and if we have something to tell you, you'll know. we have citizen return boards. you've been on our web site. these numbers get updated. there is a live stream. everybody can watch. it's a very transparent process.
12:54 pm
it's a process that has been working for the past few days. it's the same process. we're just going to keep counting. we're going to keep counting. we're going to keep, we're going to keep counting. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> -- preparing for protest this weekend? this. >> folks, that's it. thank you very much. neil: all right. i don't know if we learned much new there, that the count goes on, will take several new days. one little aside there that i didn't realize, i thought it was a pretty important matter, that 40,000 military-related ballots, they're not even counted and probably will not be counted until at least the 10th of this month, so another few days before they even address the military ballots. i only mention that because typically -- not all the time -- are overwhelmingly republican. but we'll see whether that makes a difference here. obviously, the two candidates are as close as you can get, separated by just a few thousand votes right now. but that is tipped in the favor of the former vice president.
12:55 pm
a bit of a slap on the fault of philadelphia mayor jim kenny who argued the president should put his big boy pants on ask is just concede the election. the fact of the matter is since no one has 270 electoral votes, there's nothing to concede. the count goes on there, the count goes on in georgia. the president, by the way, tweeted out about where the military ballots are there in the peach state. that is a state run by a republican governor and a republican secretary of state. don't know exactly whether he's referring to all of those ballots still missing or delayed and a lot at stalk. military ballots, by their very nature, are mailed in and put in a separate pile. you will often hear how ballots are segregated, to saw nothing of those -- to say nothing of those that are coming in after which are in their own pile. i know this seems like a pile, but i'm not going to even go there. it is confusing because there's so much data they are trying to
12:56 pm
collect. but if you're looking for official results out of pennsylvania at least, you're not going to be getting them anytime soon. now, that does not stop news organizations from looking at the data, crunching the data and making a call. i only say that because we're learning that at 8 p.m. tonight joe biden is going to make a statement before the nation. kamala harris will start the, he will follow up. don't know whether he'll be accepting victory here or that he's confident that one of these states -- maybe not pennsylvania -- will be called and that by that measure i any one of these remains states up for grabs would be good enough to put him over the top. now, whether that alone and of itself will be good enough for trump folk, it's pretty clear that it's not. this legal battle will ensue. so let's go to jeff flock following all these developments. he's in milwaukee. wisconsin is one of those statements even though claimed -- states even though claimed for the former vice president, the trump folks just aren't buying it, and the count
12:57 pm
goes on. jeff. >> reporter: it's part of the strategy, neil. not just fighting in pennsylvania and in places where they're still counting, we were done counting a long time ago here in wisconsin, but the fight goes on here. in addition to what we mentioned earlier which is, of course, that there'll be a recount x there's going to be a recount in many of these states, and that is where the rubber meets the road in terms of looking at these ballots. you talk about the observers, you know, that's when it gets real serious as it did bush and gore when they look at every ballot and say, wait a minute, is this a vote for president trump? is this a vote for biden? is that circle filled well enough? that's when it really gets, you know, to the anytime9ty gritty. -- nitty-gritty. but the question of fraud is also on the table, a potential filing here -- although, again, have provided no evidence of fraud, but there have been allegations made. and i just want to tick those down so that we know what're talking about. number one, the allegation that there were more ballots cost in
12:58 pm
wisconsin than registered voters. not true. it was old information online about numbers of registered voters e, 3.1 million, 3.2 million ballots cast. it's actually 3.6 million. second one was about turnout. people did math in their heads or somewhere and came up with a turnout of about it would be extraordinarily large in wisconsin. they were taken the number of ballots and comparing that to the number and dividing it by the number of registered voters in getting a turnout number, that is not how you measure turnout, turnout is numbers of voting age people and you divide that by the number of ballots cast and that gives you a turnout of 72% which is high not tremendously high, lastly it is a dump of ballots that came in overnight from milwaukee that we watched unlike in pennsylvania where we had issues there were
12:59 pm
dozens of reporters watching, observers throughout the night, very transparent the numbers were very high for biden the milwaukee but milwaukee is highly democratic and there was also mail-in ballots which tend to be democratic so not surprisingly biden got a lot of votes. although the trump folks are vowing to fight there's no evidence of fraud that i see that have been reported. neil: would there be an automatic recount, it seems to be outside the margin to allow for that but could the trump folks demand that, what are the levels that you have to say all right. >> it's actually within the margin if it's less than 1% the loser could ask for a recount
1:00 pm
but the trump campaign early said they want the recount, technically by state law they cannot officially ask for until you get official results and that's where we are today at one of the canvassing boards behind me in the building behind me, they're coming up with official results, once those are all certified then he can ask for a recount and surely he will get it, he would have to pay for. neil: thank you very much. that is outside the margin of error, wisconsin with ten electoral votes. i was looking at this to get an update, the states in question include nevada six electoral votes, pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes, georgia was 16, north carolina with 15, i'm not even including three no safe call on that, presumably that would go to the president but you don't want to assume anything right now, the president would need to run the table and a lot of the states even keeping that out of the equation, joe biden minas alaska
1:01 pm
all he would have to do is pick up one, when we talk about running the table that's what they would have to do. now we want to go to clark county the registrar there and have that count is going, it includes las vegas overwhelmingly the number of population in the state and how the ongoing count is very, nevada with a six electoral votes, that too would be good enough for joe biden to become the next president of the united states. let's see. >> the secretary of states office my staff is incapable of answering any questions related to valid track, we do not use it, the secretary of state who does. in my system on the website clark county in's/vote we have registered voter services and registered voter services are voters can see the status of the ballot as far as it being received by my office. all voters should be aware that vote history will not be posted
1:02 pm
until after they're counted. if you're looking on the secretary site to save your vote was posted as voted you will not see the information, the information is not posted until after the election. now i'm going to go through a series of information and then were going to give you an opportunity to ask questions. i have a change from yesterday, the expected turnout that i reported yesterday was incorrect, the 51000 votes that i reported would be available today is actually a little over 30000, here's the reason why. when we process ballots on the counting board, our tracking mechanism changed from precinct based ballots to page numbers, for the first time in clark county the ballot is so large that our ballot is actually two pages long, so they have to track that when we scan ballots so we can verify the account on those pages is correct.
1:03 pm
my staffer inadvertently and mistakenly reported to me that there were 51000 precinct ballots to count yesterday and in actuality it was 51000 pages. so that explains why when you saw the updates today you only sell 30000 instead of the 51. however, the universe of ballots that i communicated yesterday is still accurate, the only thing you need to do is take it down from 20000 but the 63000 ballots i reported yesterday are in the state, in the system at various stages, those will still be expected to be reported. beginning today we will begin to report our results two times a day, huberty seen the update for this morning and the afternoon we will be putting up a fresh report on the mail ballots that have been read into the system sometime before 4:00 o'clock.
1:04 pm
we are required to report to the secretary of state first, once they have indicated to us that they have received it and it's verified we will be able too post on our end. rather than give you a specific time i'll tell you it'll be sometime before 4:00 p.m. now, one more time i'd like to go to the ballots that are separate from the universe that i reported. we still have the provisional ballots, all of our laptops from election day have been downloaded, all of the information is available to my staff, today we will start in earnest reviewing provisional ballots. there are 60000 of those to go through in various categories. i want to remind you that we have to cordate with the secretary of state because again we are not a top-down registration state, we work from the bottom up, all 17 counties have to report to the secretary, they still have not given me the
1:05 pm
instructions, i know they are on the way but at some tight they will let us know when to send the report and that will be the tool that they match against the other 16 counties in nevada to make sure nobody has duplicated a vote and one county to the next as we want to prevent that. once we do that we can begin to release the provisional ballots into count. however, that will not happen until the secretary of state verifies that report. a reminder, the id required voters, the deadline is today at 5:00 p.m. for those who are required to provide an id, that has to be sent to us by 5:00 p.m. today, we have a line available at (702)455-6552, we have staff available to assist those individuals with getting that into us. the u.s. mail update for this morning we received 241 ballots in today's mail. that will be added to that number that i'm calling my universal ballots to be counted.
1:06 pm
it is looking pretty clear that the number of ballots is going to continue to go down however, i want to ensure the general public we have been working very close with a regional supervisor of the u.s. postal service and they are doing an excellent job of reviewing all the post stations here in clark county. in fact they have been sweeping regulated more than once on a daily basis and they identify anyone that needs to be delivered to the office they get into her office within 3 - 4 hours it doesn't even go through the process of having set up for us to pick up, physically delivering. we appreciate the effort, they are making sure just as we are that were counting every ballot that is eligible to be counted, our thanks to the u.s. postal service locally. the cure process is another group of ballots that we need to process, they have until thursday, the 12th of november to cure that, my staff will not leave this facility until we
1:07 pm
have counted all of those ballots that have been identified as curable. a before was very clear in the legislative special session that we have to have all ballots counted by november 12. and with that all open it up for questions, remember you need to be at the microphone. good morning right there. >> good afternoon or good morning, can you tell us the number of ballots that you expect in the afternoon dump, you said the 31000 was the total for this morning were 30000. >> it's not 31000. >> 30, let's just be clear. >> 30403, this afternoon before 4:00 p.m. how many do you expect to. >> because were dumping to report today i cannot accurately give you that number, the only thing i can tell you the numbers i reported of my universal
1:08 pm
ballots need to be counted is still accurate, we know we need to get approximately 63000 ballots into the system. 63000 over the next couple of days will be entered into the system. >> 63000 still outstanding, 30000 this morning and tbd, you don't know how many is afternoon. >> no i cannot give you that number accurately because we changed to a two report in the day, they will work as hard as they can there be in very efficient in the way that they count through the icc, will get as many and as we can and will continue to read after that report and there will be another report tomorrow morning with a whatever we read this afternoon. >> this my colleague. >> i know we talked about the pace yesterday but there is increasing pressure to count faster, you have the capacity to count 71000 ballots a day, why not process that number. >> as i described yesterday, the process is very deliberate in
1:09 pm
the way that we process here, through the mail ballot processing system that is the first step, that machine will verify signatures and those that are not verified as a match has to go to manual physical process and their two steps in the process so we have staff running through those, we have to run those through the two steps and then at that point it moves tri-county board our board then works to verify the records to make sure that the batches are matching and that were reconciling correctly and they go through the process of separating the ballots and getting them over here for us to count. so there's no speeding up that process as i indicated yesterday we are going to continue to count and make sure were being accurate, were anticipating and hoping that the number of ballots that we've seen will hopefully be ready to have a final count in the majority of mail ballots by sunday sometime. >> by sunday, what is your message to all the people out
1:10 pm
there watching clark county who say come on let's go, hurried up. >> i think i mentioned yesterday, our priority here is to make sure accurate what were doing, were not interested in moving as fast as we can, we want to be accurate, were very fortunate that we've had staffers for many days and they're very efficient whether doing so were confident the work is being done accurately and that's what our mingle is. >> can you talk about the circumstances that require an id, what are the id required balance, there's quite a lot of them and how are those different from the other ballots that need to be cured. >> the easiest explanation for the cure is those voters who send back the mail ballot that is not signed at all or has a signature that does not match all of our history of signatures in the system, they enter into the cure process, that is statutorily required and we have mail a notice to the voter and
1:11 pm
the voter has given us an e-mail or a phone number, we also contact them third automated message as well. those of the cures. the id required can come from many different areas in the state of nevada we have implemented same-day registration, the online registration to go to the secretary of state nova site, state law requires that those voters show up to vote, our system indicates that they registered online the required to show an id. so they showed up to vote in person i aler either early votir election day so they did not have their id there required to provide that by 5:00 p.m. we have a large number of mail ballots, everybody is well aware we've sent a mail ballot tall active registered voters in clark county, there is not as much familiarity from the general public of what to do with the mail ballot, we very clearly indicate on the mailing envelope those voters who need
1:12 pm
to send an id because in the registration we were unable to match correctly with their check with dmv or social security so they must provide an id in order for us to hold up the integrity of the process. so in those two groups thus the majority of the idea that is required. next question. >> a new federal lawsuit from the trump campaign has requested that the use of the system be stopped completely and that instead all ballots be verified by hand, signatures be verified by hand, what would that do to the counting process if your access is lost. >> if they were successful i would mention the 30 been heard and that request was denied, were hoping that that stays consistent, however, if we were unable to use the machine we are working hard to get everything through now so we don't have to
1:13 pm
worry about that but that was close down our process tremendously, we geared our process to count on the machine so we would have to go completely manual at that point and so it would slow down our process without a doubt. >> the nevada gop has confirmed this morning that they have come into an agreement with the county on the lawsuit that was issued yesterday, can you comment on that? >> your question that the nevada gop. >> they have confirmed that the campaign has dropped the federal lawsuit. >> from last week. >> just to be completely clear, yesterday you said there were 63262 outstanding balance, today we have the 30000, the new batch and so the outstanding balance
1:14 pm
would be -- >> no that's incorrect, you're confusing the two numbers that i reported, yesterday what i stated we expected to see 51000 ballots read yesterday because the page numbers were record mistakenly, that went down for 51 - 230 -- let me finish, so the 63000 are still in process and need to be counted. >> bottom line, outstanding balance right now out of the number of 63024 hours later? >> that is correct. >> 63000. >> i wish we come to the microphone. anybody who wants to ask a question please take the time to
1:15 pm
come up. >> you mentioned receiving 241 ballots through the postal service today, how many do you know have you received since election day? >> i'm not prepared for the entire total, i had today in yesterday's press conference i believe that i mentioned -- i do have a here, for election day on wednesday the mail intake was 4208, next question. >> in the lawsuit that was filed today in addition to the machine to be stopped again, they also allege they were 3000 plus instances of ineligible ballots which were cast, do you have any evidence of that that has been given to you and you have any knowledge of the 3000 that the nevada gop is alleging. >> they provided us with a list, we will have to begin to look through that, however, there lawsuit is based on something
1:16 pm
that happens regularly, you don't have to live here in eligible to vote here, this is a military town, we have nellis air force base and several students that travel outside of the state to go to school, those folks are eligible to vote here in nevada, we also have local representatives, congressmen, senators, they are up in washington working but they live here and vote here. we'll have to look through those numbers but is not out of the ordinary at all for somebody not to live here but be eligible to vote here. we will look at that and we will review it. >> just a follow-up on the number of military ballots sort of related, you said that is part of what you're going through in addition to provisional ballots how many outstanding military ballots are there do you know? >> the military ballots have been read into the system.
1:17 pm
>> can i clarify the math, total number of outstanding balance including the provisional is what. >> the provisional are beginning to look at that in earnest. i'll answer the question. >> it will be 60000, bail mallets are expected to run through counted 63262 proximally. >> are we subtracting 30000 from the 63? >> no. >> none of the 63 have been counted? >> where is the 30000 number that you mentioned this morning. >> it's in your report today, check the website, why isn't that coming out of the 63. >> because i mentioned yesterday that we have 51000 ballots to count, that was incorrect because i was given the number of pages, 30000 is in the system and reported this morning so they still 63000 beyond the
1:18 pm
30000. >> 30000 were counted yesterday. >> that is correct. >> so there still 63000 mail ballots to be counted and 60000 provisional. >> they won't meet the requirements but they need to be reviewed. >> what are the hours of the counting what are the hours of the people working on account. >> i have a member of my staff make that available. >> comedy people are involved in this process. >> at least 300. >> thank you. >> going back to math, from 51000 we reported 30000, does that leave 21000. >> no, sir. >> i started out by explaining the numbers i reported yesterday were incorrect and i gave an explanation as to why our staff
1:19 pm
at the counting board incorrectly mistakenly provided me with the number of pages that they sent over to be read, however, that was not the number of precinct ballots, every ballot in nevada sent to the voters represents two pages and so there was actually only 35 that were read, i corrected that and explain to you why that occurred. >> so the 63 - 62 and no more than that. >> no, there could be more, we still have cures, ids and we still have provisionals, those are all outside the university been reporting. >> the final are the 241 that you said you received by the mail. >> that will continue to be received through next tuesday. >> are they included in the 63. >> the outside about. >> thank you.
1:20 pm
>> i think all of the confusion lies and why hasn't that number gone down, what happened between, not with the misreporting of the number but why hasn't the number of ballots that were counted gone down between yesterday and today. >> if you're referring to the 63000, the reading them into the system, it is going down issues not in this morning's report, this morning report only goes up to in today yesterday, there now processing those, will have some numbers to report before 4:00 o'clock on the 63000 and will continue to do so until we're finished with all of those ballots. >> i'm staying on the math so is it 63000 and then the additional 60000 provisional ballots, is that under 23000 or am i confusing that, 63 provisional
1:21 pm
ballots need to be reviewed, they won't be all eligible to be passed, but they do need to be reviewed, i can't tell you how many of those will be forward to count. >> the gop has asked the department of justice to investigate, i'm just wondering if you received the list of voters names that they're looking into. >> i need you to be more specific about list is it in the lawsuit or a list i'm not aware of. >> regarding their asking the department of justice to investigate. >> i don't know anything about that i can answer that question. >> a deal was struck to come in, can you go into details about that deal. >> i cannot hear you.
1:22 pm
[inaudible] >> given information regarding ideal part of the lawsuit from last week that was cleared. >> i believe we agreed to provide more observer locations and are counting board locations but they rescinded that, all have to talk to my civil d.a. >> i'm sorry, i was not a good math student, i'm trying to get a final tally what were expecting, 63000 provisional ballots that need to be reviewed, correct? in addition to that there's another 60000 ballots that are not provisional, those will not all be qualified to vote they need to be reviewed, ballpark are we looking at 120,000 ballots that need to be reviewed and audited and counted or 63000
1:23 pm
and change. >> let's make sure we clarify, there's two types of tallies, provisional is electronic, those are voted on and for somebody machine, the mail that i'm referring to is separate that is a different tally type, that is the 63000, there is electronic ballots that were voted provisionally that need to be reviewed that are held in queue, they won't be counted until my staff correctly identifies whether they were eligible to be counted, that is separate, there is 60000 plus the 63000 that i been referring to. >> just clarify were looking at roughly 123,000 ballots that still have to be reviewed and/or counted. is that correct. >> that's what i'm reporting but you need to keep in mind we have no id voters that can show up and we still have the cues that can show up in u.s. mail, i would love to make it easier for you but it's complicated
1:24 pm
process, what i'm trying to do is give you the numbers on the large. >> we just need a ballpark. >> i think it's fair to say that the 63000 male in the 63000 provisional are the largest chunks left the we have to review. >> i hope i didn't misunderstand what you anticipate having those counted by sunday. >> were hoping to have the mail done by sunday if all goes well. >> the numbers what 60000. >> 63000. >> 63 more thousand ballots being completed counted by sunday and the other 60000 that is yet to be reviewed which will go through next week. >> you've got it. >> next question. >> can i change away from that for a moment, how is your security, we've been reading
1:25 pm
about situation in philadelphia has there been any credible threats to your knowledge to the voting count or your facilities in and around las vegas? >> i cannot release any of the reports that would be credible, we keep that within our law enforcement group and they're dealing with it but i can tell you there monitoring social media for any threatening type of messages, as you can see when you came today we have a relatively large force of law enforcement plus our county, security that is here in place, i feel the response has been excellent from the community and the commissioners who called to make sure we had that support but is troubling for my employees i have employees nervous leaving the building and rightfully so, they worked late into the night so we strongly encourage all of them not to leave by themselves and also request an escort from our security people or law
1:26 pm
enforcement so were doing everything we can to protect our employees and i think the response from local law enforcement and the assistance we received from a county commission has helped to make sure that happens. were doing the best we can. >> yesterday plus these numbers, yesterday we had 44000 id requiring balance in 2100 ballots in the queue process, is that the same number today? >> i was looking for you, can you do that again, i did not see you. >> yesterday we were talking about 4400, 44000 id required balance today and yesterday and today we have 2100 ballots in the queue process, is assisting number today. >> i would have to run the report i did not come prepared for those numbers, those were accurate yesterday.
1:27 pm
>> as i mentioned outside of the universe of numbers, the mail and the provisional which still have the id required, we still have the cures and we still have the u.s. mail that still has to come through, yes, those people are still eligible if they bring us in id to have their ballot counted per one more question. >> last question right here can you talk about the settlement that came with the lawsuit going into last week, the reason behind it and anything moving forward? >> i briefly say the republicans have communicated to our legal team that they were willing to drop their suit if we would provide additional locations in an area that we were providing as a courtesy, again i remind all of you, the only thing that is statutorily required for observers we allow them to count
1:28 pm
and tally votes which is happening behind us, everything else that we provided is provided as a courtesy and we are not required by law to do so. that is what the settlement dealt with, they rescinded it so we'll have to talk with my civil d.a. to see where we are at with that. thank you all very much will see you tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. neil: that went well, i don't know where to begin. if i were there i would say joe about the 63000 ballots, here's where we stand in clark county, the largest most popular in nevada, obviously that would conclude one way or the other, the drama around the six electoral votes, there is 63000 male and ballots still to be counted in the hope by sunday and they another 63 provisional, the one surprise to me the military ballot somebody been counted, he did not entertain how many there were but if
1:29 pm
you're looking for a call on nevada the six electoral votes at stake with the total that joe biden has now would technically make him the next president of the united states, there's a lot of counting and recounting going on and gnocchi out the trump forces would say you can take it to 70 but we don't think you a are, bottom-line news organization can make calls based on the data before the ballots are counted they do the all the time and we do that all the time we did in arizona and called the state certainly for joe biden and that's what got the trump book so upset that we did that pre-maturely. so anyone of these states could be called, one of them even by the end of today which is fueling the drama around a plan address to the nation that joe biden is planning, would he be doing that, would he be updating us on that if not for the likelihood of one of the states being called, leaving nevada
1:30 pm
aside, not that we should believe in it aside any one of the states still in question including pennsylvania with the 20 electoral votes, georgia was 16, north carolina with 15, anyone of those states could put joe biden over the top and that's even allowing if arizona was swept out of the column and put in the presidents column, were not there yet and it doesn't look anywhere close. the president on the other hand in order to win would have to run the table with all of the states, not just for out of five or five out of five, without that he's not going to get to 270 were better, there's a separate scenario where there at 269, and don't even get me started on that, it's a mess, it's confusing and a lot of people are saying is 20 years ago on steroids of course with bush gore count that went on for a month, the former bush 43 chief of staff with us now, andy, this process is long,
1:31 pm
deliberate, takes time, a lot of people thought the president for pushing this, he certainly within his legal rights with the questions and the preparedness of the system, that is another matter but al gore doing this 20 years ago, that was perfectly fine i know it's a bit of a double standard but what you make of all of this? >> first of all thank you for having me on and i complement you for the conway you brin been presenting and you have a big fan here in new hampshire. but with that yes, it's a very different situation that it was in 2000. in 2000 we waited for all the ballots to be counted, the ballots were counted and we challenge the results, of a recount process in florida so june baker, james a baker the third one of our democracy and the campaign manager for george w. bush put together a wonderful
1:32 pm
team of lawyers and others that would supervise the counting of ballots in the certification of ballots in florida, that's a very different situation that we have right now where people are looking to have the vote counted and then after that is done then you challenge the results, i think the process is different for this 2020 counting if you will and what took place in the year 2000 when the supreme court had to basically certify that florida did things all right, the ballots that they said were counted were counted and therefore the electoral college could meet and cast its votes with ford and voting for george w. bush, that's a little bit different question raised now, the votes that are being counted credible and we in 2000 let the count go forward until every ballot was counted and then we challenge the veracity of those
1:33 pm
ballots and we ended up proving that it was credible and yes george w. bush did win florida. neil: going back i think what has people concerned is the president took the leap on his own to argue the claim of fraud, he's perfectly within his righ rights, he's in very close states and some of them are not only within the margin of error there right on that line, i can see the recounting but the fraud claim has gotten a review from the likes of marco rubio, we heard from chris christie and mitt romney, pat toomey, some who like the president and others not big fans of the president but how do you think about the way he is acting through this in the way he is presenting himself, could he let the count go on, not judgment one way or the other, what is the best way, i do remember with
1:34 pm
your old votes, he had the advantage of having the lead in florida throughout this whole process, you could argue, but he did have the advantage of the lead and he was planning concurrently at the time, acting almost as a president-elect cleaning for the transition, democrats faulted him for that but he was not talking about this is a sham process what they're doing right now, he did have the benefit of having leads, right now this president does not but your distinction between that and now. >> president george w. bush she did not even know he was was president-elect he was very restrained and did not make many public comments regarding what was happening in his own mind, fortunately he and i had the privilege of spending a lot of time together to contemplate him be the president so we can talk
1:35 pm
about who you like, who do you want to be on the white house staff and in the cabinet, he did not make comments everyday about what was happening down in florida, he put his confidence in jim baker and joe in the team, they had put together to analyze the results and introduce challenges that had been made in data through the process and he really wasn't trying to skew the debate, he was allowing for the debate to go forward without his voice and it was one way he trusted the system to work and unfortunately co turotrohavetrovet worveke wvd fiyonfidencfi infifi stemsystem h aeem a gemoing go g vehe res ofhat d tadota of lawye lrsaw whoaw dk tananan difnce being thengre tg ifr mor m state ss invsol iveof any oney onefy t ohefm o wfit wg
1:36 pm
process were to tip to joe biden, let alone two or three that easily could as things stand now it becomes a mute point, do you buy that that this will avoid the supreme court because the sheer weight of states that are tipped to joe biden's favor as the count goes on will mitigate that. >> remember under our constitution the states are responsible for validating, it's not a federal responsibility is the state responsibility, they get the benefit of the doubt when you go to court, did the state laws get implemented the right way, that is the process that you go forward with, i actually think you have to have a little bit more confidence in the people who are empowered to allow us to have the vote cast with an expectation it will be counted, most of the professionals that are working right now to count ballots, doing it for the normal reason
1:37 pm
third not looking to put the thumb on the scale i believe they are doing what they consider to be meeting a responsibility of trust with the voter and i know here in new hampshire the secretary of state who is been secretary of state for very long time, democrat, he prides himself in making sure there is a lot of integrity that is held as a source of pride for the people who are the town clerks in the voting official, vote counting officials and local governments, that is really replicated across the whole country, there are very few people involved in the counting process who are looking to skew the results, they just want to be accurate in what they do and have confidence that they have reflected the world of the voters in the will of the voters will determine who the outcome and i really do not think the various actors are getting their way into the process to skew the results. neil: real quickly, i love
1:38 pm
having you want to pick your break, one last issue, we know joe biden is going to address the nation at 8:00 p.m., i can only imagine he is thinking and hoping by that time one of these states will be called in his favor, anyone accommodation is going to put him over the top, should he at that point say i'm an ex-president. >> if there is a confirmation that he has carried one of the states that were still wondering what is the vote count if there is confirmation i have no problem with him saying i'm ready to accept the results of the election and i think i've won the electoral college, the results are not known, i have no problem with him making a statement but i still think you should say i look for every vote to be counted and see what the results are and i will respect those results. neil: thank you, very good
1:39 pm
catching up with you. what a mess. we'll see how it all sorts out. for those of you home, politics and the democrat version and republican version, at the close election this is close states the president is well within his right to see them fully counted, is he well within the rights to accuse fraud, probably not but this is a process in he is entitled to process where the state which would already automatically be going to the process regardless they're going through this regardless, no one said anything about that 20 years ago when al gore was demanded the same time going to the process, letting the count continue. it was fine then and it should be fine now. again let's keep the heat in the accusations out of this and let the count go on. no one can do anything better and no one can do anything wor worse, everyone calm down.
1:40 pm
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neil: we told you about a spike in coronavirus cases in the united states, record 121,888 on thursday, that on top of and a triple digit advance before that in new jersey alarming levels, were learning phil murphy announced they're going to have to take broader actions, he did not indicate what they might be to counter what is good to be a sharp rise, 2000 or more back to back, then three days running like hospitalizations, a minor uptick in deaths but enough has some folks thinking he is going to reinstitute some restrictions whether that would apply to indoor dining, outdoor dining, both businesses that can stay open, school systems that would
1:45 pm
have to go to virtual, it really depends on the precinct or county but the fact of the matter is he is looking at any and all to address the latest biking cases including the fact that deaths have been taking up as well, that is not a surprise when you have counts rising in general but new jersey the first to announce, they're gonna have to do something about this, you just don't know what, another development the word that joe biden will address the nation, 8:00 p.m. we don't know exactly what that is about, could be an update and urge for patience as he echoed in wilmington to let the process play itself out, there is other talk that maybe he knows something we don't know where one of the states with the count goes on could be announc announced, anyone of these states i might point out would put him over the top, certainly a couple of them would
1:46 pm
comfortably do so, how the trump campaign would respond to that, anyone's guess, nothing is official until it has been a certified, charlie gasparino has been following these development very closely he joins us right now, what are you hearing? >> from my wall street sources were close to biden they are expecting him to declare himself a winner, we say expect because you never know, we don't have the final results for any of the three states that you talk about georgia, arizona or pennsylvania. first of all they expect to win all three based on the way the boats are coming in, where they're coming in from, they expect some announcement from one of them today and then they expect with the announcement to be put over the magic number of 270 that joe biden will announce and declare himself the winner of the race. again he will declare himself the winner of the race, that does not mean court challenges don't stop, from what we understand the trump administration is planning court challenges like crazy, any state that is close they will try to
1:47 pm
challenge, another thing that we understand president trump is probably not going to concede at least until the electoral college has its official vote in december, as these court challenges go one, he probably at least a is whether same from the trump said he probably won't concede until there's an official count of the electoral college and from what i understand, check me on the dates that is summer in mid-december, this thing could obviously drag on for a while but joe biden is poised to announce he is the president of the united states, they feel confident that they won all three states there just waiting for an official vote on one of those and at that point when he does declare, he's going to start the process that george w. bush did behind the scenes as indycar pointed out he will start picking his cabinet and the question is who is going to be in the cabinet, one thing that i heard because of the closeness of the presidential
1:48 pm
race in the closeness of what's going on in the senate, it could be tied with the republicans if they win georgia seeds in that runoff, he is probably not going to pick someone from the senate, that negates elizabeth warren, the treasury secretary, i hear a collective site every leaf on wall street is a report that, back to you. >> as a republican governor, obviously he would presumably appoint a republican for that seat, very interesting point, great catching up with you, anything can happen, will get word, they were also saying they were setting up microphones, now i don't know whether they would differ to something announced by the campaign or someone minus, the hearers were joe biden from their ahead of this but that is just me venturing a gas because they are doing sound checks as we speak, we have a lot more coming up, the dow down about 65 points to matter what happens today to complete a people, we
1:49 pm
have completely reversed last week's losses, a strong week for the market as best we seen since april, more buoyed by the fact that regardless of what happens on the presidential race, the senate looks increasingly likely to stand the republican control, that's not a given we told you about the two georgia races that will go to runoff, there's no guarantee there but the feeling seems to be that republicans will dodge a bullet, keep control of the senate and that is one thing to check a potential biden administration. we shall see, more after this.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
neil: what is joe biden going to say at 8:00 p.m. tonight, let's go to to byron york, fox news contributor, well connected with the prominent democrats, the rest are for barack obama, marie, you know exactly so please tell us. >> i wish i knew exactly, i do think it is precluded this point in the biden campaign feels very confident when all the legal votes are counted they will win pennsylvania and very likely to win georgia and that they will win nevada, that will obviously make him the next president
1:54 pm
elect, i don't know people say all of that this evening, he very well may especially we get race calls this afternoon by independent experts or the networks certainly but i think he will double down on the message of calm, the next few months are going to be challenging, we've seen president trump lashing out, we know president trump supporters will be very disappointed, we need to remain calm and have a peaceful transfer of power i think you will hear that message from him as well. neil: i am wondering, would he even be addressing tonight if not for an understanding maybe that a couple of these races could be called putting him not just at 270 electoral votes but comfortably over that giving him a little bit more ammunition to make the case on your next president if that's where were going here. >> i think that's the only scenario that really makes a lot of sense, if the election is called by some big organizations, media
1:55 pm
organizations this afternoon then his appearance would make sense otherwise. if it's another one of the walking up to the edge of claiming victory i'm not sure why he is doing that, i agree that he is right on the edge of winning but remember democrats told us four months that we needed to be patient after the election, we wouldn't know on election day, it would take a few days or maybe longer to find out definitively who had one, there is a process going on and as far as actually claiming victory it seems that biden would be smart to wait until the process is concluded and decisive and then claim victory. neil: you can say about the president's fraud claims and i understand the controversy, republicans are calling the president not on that, he is right for waiting on these counts.
1:56 pm
>> we are certainly all well within our right to wait for the votes to be counted but we've already seen in michigan and wisconsin joe biden is almost certainly going to win by bigger margins than donald trump did four years ago. neil: he's well within his right to wait for the account to come in. >> let me finish were getting to the place in pennsylvania, and nevada where in any other election we would be outside the margin of error and that news organizations we have a very good one a decision desk would start calling some of these. so every vote should be counted but we also need to be clear about the mas math and were attending. neil: will look at what could tip today's and will see tonight whether that is ammunition that joe biden will used to claim that maybe, he's the next president united states. we will have more after this. ♪
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