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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 5, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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the georgia senate runoff elections. it begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern here. congressman devin nunez, victor david hanson among our guests. kelly loeffler we found out dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, january 5th. your top stories, 6:00 a.m. eastern. all eyes on georgia, the crucial senate runoff races officially kicking off today. president trump and joe biden making last minute pushes to help their respective parties, this as more gop members say they will object to biden's electoral college certification. we're following this all morning long. hear from georgia state representative vernon jones, the washington examiner's chief political correspondent, byron york and trump 2020 campaign senior advisor, jason miller. delist and reallie reallies rel.
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we discuss the switch ahead. futures look to rebound from yesterday's losses. 57 point gain on the dow futures right now, the first trading day of the new year ending deep in the red on worries over -- people suddenly woke up to the fact that, well, the georgia senate runoff races are pretty close. the new face of wall street, we look at the money market as more firms pack up and head from new york to florida. and striking the wrong tone, blake shelton's new song causing an uproar for its messaging. it's making a buzz this morning. "mornings with maria" live right now. ♪ this is the part where i say i don't want you.
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♪ i'm stronger than -- dagen: european markets looking like this, mixed action at the moment. the french and german markets to the downside slightly. british prime minister, boris johnson, imposing a stricter national lockdown as the more of contagious coronavirus variant spreads across the country. in asia overnight, markets mostly higher. bucking the trend here in the united states. the kospi in south korea, the hang seng and shanghai gaining on the day. some of the top stories this morning, polls officially open in less than an hour for georgia's crucial senate runoff races. cheryl casone has more. cheryl. cheryl: good morning, dagen. here we go. president trump and joe biden making their final pitch to voters in dualing georgia -- dueling georgia rallies. >> our of country is depending on you. our mission here in georgia is to make sure the radical left cannot rob you of your voice and
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your votes in washington. you can't lose these two people. >> the power is literally in your hands when you vote for john and raphael. you'll be sending two senators who will fight for you, who will put georgia first, who will put you first. you don't have that now. cheryl: today's races pit kelly loeffler and david perdue against each other, obviously against -- not against each other, against their challengers, raphael warnock and john ossoff. now, georgia senator kelly loeffler promising to object to the electoral college certification tomorrow. she says millions of americans do not trust the election results and the american people deserve to have their concerns heard in a fair hearing. show joins a dozen other gop senses tosser who plan on making similar objections. senator david perdue may also join if he wins the runoff election today. nearly 200 top u.s. business leaders writing an open letter,
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urging congress to certify joe biden's electoral college victory, saying that any attempt to delay the process will undermine our democracy. well, december becoming the deadliest month since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, with 78,000 reported covid deaths, and more than 18,000 just last week. this as the more contagious covid strain first found in the u.k. has made its way to new york state. governor andrew cuomo says a person in upstate new york with no travel history tested positive and may have caught it at a jewelry store in saratoga county. and those are some of your headlines this morning. back to you. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. investors eyeing today's runoff races in georgia, futures look like this. gains across the board but yesterday it was a market selloff. stocks plunging on the first day of trading of 2021 after hitting new all-time highs to close out 2020. losses of more than 1% across the board yesterday.
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here with me now, regent atlantic co-head of investment, andy k apr a an. joining the conversation all morning long, jon hilsenrath and fox news contributor, liz peek. andy -- great to see everybody. happy new year. andy, let's kick it off with you. investors seem to have woken up at the last minute that the runoff races in georgia are pretty close and it would really upend president trump's legacy and everything he's done that have helped the economy and markets but what say you? was yesterday an overreaction? >> you know, i think yesterday was a coming back to fundamentals and coming back to trading on the news. the fact is the senate races are very close. the winner of the senate races, if democrats take both of them, will actually determine quite a
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bit, the composition of congress and what's possible in washington over the next two years. so wall street had anticipated gridlock and based on polling data, based on some of the early results, the race is too close to call. dagen: jon hilsenrath, jump in here. >> my sense is that there's going to be a lot of attention on these elections for the next couple days and, frankly, i think at this point politics is getting too much attention. the markets are going the way they're going. even if democrats take the senate, there's still moderate democrats who aren't going to allow joe biden to go all the way to the left. if republicans take the senate, they certainly aren't going to allow joe biden to go all the way to the left. so i think perhaps the market is -- what it's telling us, we don't need to get so obsessed with what happens in these georgia races. dagen: i'm going to make liz peek wait for the c block on
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that. we could argue that jo joe mancn has always voted in line with the democrats. he voted against attorney amy cy barrett. he voted against stimulus packages the middle of last year. i think that's a scary bet. but liz, you hold that thought. i'm kind of reading your mind here. >> all right. dagen: i promise, you will get -- i promise i will come to you first coming up. i want to move on to the new york stock exchange, reversing the decision to delist three of china's largest state owned telecom companies, had this comes, quote, in light of further consultation with relevant regulatory authorities. telecom shares surged on the news. andy, how is this not co kowtowg to communist china? >> i don't think it's necessarily kowtowing to
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communist china. reading between the lines, it sounds like they got clarification from regulators on what was expected out of them. the stock exchange, the ability to list and trade major chinese corporations has always been a source of power and source of pride. many major chinese blue chip companies listed first on the new york stock exchange before they began to strai trade in thn markets because this was a source of pride to them, tapping the world's largest capital markets. for us to push the companies away would be a little bit fool hardy. we're imposing the same rules on them that we're imposing on our own corporations. that's important to level the playing field. i don't think we want to chase them away. they're some of the world's largest businesses. dagen: liz, how you do you feel about that? >> i think it's a shot across the bow. i think we'll see with the biden administration an enormous amount of kowtowing as you put it to chinese authorities and chinese businesses. unfortunately, the chinese have bought their way into almost
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every institution in america, big business, big tech, big unions, everything. and unfortunately, i think that biden administration indicated that it's going to be a soft line on china and undo a great deal of what donald trump did in the last four years. dagen: i'll leave it with that. andy, thank you so much for being here this morning and a happy new year again. we're just getting started this morning. coming up, we'll look at why some of beijing's biggest companies are getting another shot at the new york stock exchange. listing there. with the word on wall street. newly sworn in new york congresswoman, can we say woman? is that outlawed? nicole maliotakis joins us to talk about the importance of today's georgia senate runoff. in the 8:00 hour, jason miller on president trump's election battle as congress faces an uphill climb to certify joe
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biden's electoral college win tomorrow. henry kwar talks the political implications of today's peach state senate runoff. don't miss a moment of it. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. ♪ age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss.
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dagen: all eyes on georgia, the peach state's two senate runoff elections kicking off today as president trump and president-elect joe biden make a last minute push for their candidates. >> your vote tom of ro tomorrol decide which party controls the united states senate, the radical democrats are trying to
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capture georgia's senate seats so they can wield unchecked, unrestrained, absolute power over every aspect of your lives. >> when you vote for john and raphael, you'll be sending two senators who will fight for you, who will put georgia first, who will put you first. you don't have that now. you have two senators who think it's more important to reward wealth than hard work in a tax system. you have two senators who think they don't work for you, they work for trump. dagen: joining me now, georgia state representative, 2020 black voices for trump advisory board member, vernon jones. great to see you this morning. did you go to the trump rally. >> i did. i enjoyed it. this president brings about the type of motivation no other can and we're happy to have him come to the great state of georgia. dagen: what do you think the impact will be on turnout today, critical for kelly loeffler and david perdue and the republican
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vote. because it was a -- somebody i know when i was leaving my building this morning in the middle of new york city watched the rally and they -- again, the enthusiasm is always astonishing. >> well, this president has the type of energy, he has the way to connect with people and certainly connect with georgians and this country. him being down is the biggest cheerleader that those two senators, loeffler and perdue, can have. he can get people to the polls. he can get people stirred up and they believe in this president because he fights for them so they want to fight for him and people realize what's at stake. those folks like loeffler, those senators like loeffler and senator perdue, they're there to hold the line so we can stop socialism, so we can stop communism, so we can support and fund our police. they also know what's at stake too, the first and second
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amendment. the president being here, the people that connect with him, they know we have to win this election today. historically, republicans do not of come out in early voting, they do come out on election day. this race will be run today based on republicans coming out. that will be the determining factor. i believe they'll come out in record numbers. dagen: vernon, i've said before, don't tell georgians what they need in their state. they know what they need in their state. you know, a lot of money coming in from outside of the state, senator chuck schumer said first we take georgia, then we change america. that doesn't really wash well. vernon, tell me what outside looking in we might be missing about the makeup of the vote in georgia? yesterday, i mentioned that farmers in south georgia, black farmers in particular are very supportive of senator perdue, in
6:17 am
part because of the help that he got those farmers after hurricane michael. but talk about the landscape in georgia and something we might not be noticing. >> well, i can tell you this. not only black farmers but farmers period. and people across this state. they know that warnock nor ossoff have ever done anything for them, nothing. but they know those two senators, loeffler and perdue, they have held the line on helping those farmers, helping out during hurricane michael and many other instances. so people want to protect what president trump put in place, that is, making sure we're strong in our borders, making sure we take care of our citizens, support the police, that is important. more importantly, they know having a balanced congress -- so goes georgia, so of goes the country. georgians know what's at stake. they feel the vote has not been fair and transparent, what stacy
6:18 am
abrams and raffensperger did with the deal, with mail-in ballots and mail-in votes. they will come out. they understand it. they're upset. this will be turned into a good thing. they're going to go out today and get some good trouble and vote to reelect these senators. dagen: liz peek, you want to jump in? liz: there's been talk of boycotting the vote because people were so upset about raffensperger and kemp and the efforts to overturn the election, not going anywhere, et cetera. what do you think has meant? do you think that there are a lot of republicans that will sit on the sidelines because they're so offended by what they perceive and voter fraud in georgia? >> they're terribly upset about it. rightfully so. they feel as if nobody's been fighting for them. that's what made president trump so important, by him coming
6:19 am
here. they feel like he fights for them. it gets them stirred up and riled up and coming to the polls. i'll tell you another thing too, a big deal here. school of choice. people have kept children in failing schools based on their zip code. parents know what's best for their children, they know where they want their child to go to school. another factor, nancy pelosi just did it, when she came out and wanted to change the house rules and they don't want you going as a man, woman, father, mother, sister, brother, the pastor at the end of the prayer said a men and a woman. amen is not related to gender, it means so it is. people are like what are we going to do next, put policy in place where we can't recognize you as a man, as a woman, a he or a she?
6:20 am
they have gone too far. the democrats are so liberal, embracing socialism and defunding the police. that is resonating. that out-shadows what happened in the past election. the only way to beat their fraud is to go out and vote twice the amount, outvote their fraud. dagen: i said that early on about the issue of the second amendment, it's something that people in liberal blue states, particularly in the northeast, where the second amendment in new york city doesn't exist. i don't have the right to defend myself essentially. but down in georgia, regardless of your party affiliation, it's very important the second amendment and joe biden wants to tax certain types of weapons or confiscate them and i think that resonates. vernon, great to see you. please come back.
6:21 am
it's going to be a long day. rest up. >> yes. thank you so much. dagen: take care. coming up, all eyes on georgia. we keep talking about the policy implications as voters head to the polls today in the peach state. and striking the wrong tone, singer blake shelton's new song causing an uproar for its messaging, it's making a buzz this morning. ♪ you can go your own way
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dagen: all eyes on georgia, voters heading to the polls today for the all-important senate runoff races. incumbent gop senators david perdue and kelly loeffler fighting to keep their seats from challengers john ossoff and raphael warnock. president-elect joe biden and president trump making their final cases to voters yesterday. >> your vote tomorrow could
6:25 am
lose and it could be your last chance to save the america that we love. that's why i'm here. i don't want to do rallies for other people. i told you. i'm here because of that, because of david and kelly. >> the power -- the power is literally in your hands, unlike any time in my career, one state, one state can chart the course not just for the next four years, but for the next generation. dagen: liz, if the democrats ossoff and raphael warnock win those seats, it would be a 50 vote democrat senate with kamala harris as vice president, breaking the ties. so where does that leave us? because to bring up what jon hilsenrath was saying earlier, senator he joe manchin has always voted along party lines. i mentioned, he has voted with the democrats time and time again. we should all be afraid of that.
6:26 am
liz: i think joe manchin is a wild card. he has sided with republicans some of the time, dagen, such as supporting brett kavanaugh's ascension to the supreme court. but i agree, he can't be relied upon. i think people have underestimated, a, how close this race in and that's what investors woke up to yesterday. the momentum has been with democrats in the last two weeks and the polls and the betting odds have really shifted. but also, how much is at stake. we're not just talking taxes. we're also of talking as you point out the second amendment, gun laws that are already by the way moving through the house, that could literally put gun makers out of business. also, immigration. all kinds of issues, including right to work laws which democrats want to scrap, which have been very helpful, particularly to georgia. georgia's unemployment rate is below that of the national average, in part because they do enjoy right to work laws.
6:27 am
i think there's so many issues that really appeal to georgians that are -- where the republicans are on the right side. i just worry they're not going to come out and vote because they're so peeved about what happened on november 3rd. i hope that president trump did a good job. i think he did make a powerful case for voting. i hope it resonated. dagen: jon? jon: just to push back on you, dagen, joe manchin does not always vote with democrats. in fact, he's voted in president trump's presidency with the president more than half the time. he voted for kavanaugh, for gorsuch. he voted repeatedly against abortion related legislation including federal bans. he voted for federal bans on abortion funding, voted with the president on usmca. so i just -- i don't want to walk away with that. my point earlier is that, frankly, i think this whole
6:28 am
country gets consumed in politics. politics does matter. but there's a lot of other things going on in the world and we are constantly told this election is the most important election in the history of humanity and i'm just saying maybe it's not. there are a lot of other things going on. the world will go on, regardless of who wins the election in georgia. and the situation in washington is going to be complicated. you're going to have centrists potentially flexing some of their muscle, both among republicans and democrats against biden. dagen: centrist, people who used to be sense activities in -- centrists in the democratic party that would feel intense pressure and heat from members of their own party, even in leadership, a party that has moved much further left and i'll just point out the wall street journal editorial passenger wrote about this yesterday but there's been so much discussion
6:29 am
about oh, the democrats if they take the senate they'll get rid of the filibuster. they don't need to do that to completely rip up the trump agenda and trump's accomplishments that, well, took the unemployment rate down to 50 5-year -- 50-year low, that had rank and file wages growing faster than in a decade. the deregulation -- we're the worlded largest energy and oil producer which has given us incredible financial prosperity but also on the national stage given us power over nations that want to wipe us off the map. so all of that potentially goes away. there's a bill in congress that wants to get rid of the internal combustion engine in automobiles in 15 years, just imagine where we go and it will be in an electric vehicle coming up, where is jack ma, china's richest man is missing as the feud with the government escalates.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, january 5t fifth. a look at your markets. futures are looking to rebound, we have gains across the board after yesterday's loss, the first trading day of the year ended in the red on worries over georgia's runoff racing today. we have mixed action, slight gain on the ftse 100 in england, despite the fact that british prime minister boris johnson imposed stricter national lockdown as a more contagious variant of the coronavirus spreads across the country. the nikkei in japan lost one-third of 1%. a company founded to cut
6:34 am
healthcare costs for employer based systems shut down. oh, cheryl, three biggies, what happened? too many cooks. cheryl: maybe it was a good idea in the beginning. the startup was created in 2018 by amazon, berkshire hathaway and jp morgan to improve care for its employees and possibly expanding to other companies. they're ceasing operations next month. jeff bezos saying in a statement that haven worked really well but that the idea that they came up with was just better implement independently. more than 157 million people rely on their employer for their health insurance. well, viacom cbs signed a distribution deal with disney's hulu to add its most popular channels to the live tv streaming service, the deal gives hulu viewers access to 14 new channels including cbs, show time, mtv, comedy central and
6:35 am
nickelodeon. it is $65 a month for more than 65 channels. brookfield asset management offered to take its real estate private. it would offer 1650 for each share it doesn't already own. then there is this, a wild stunt causing mass panic at a nashville hotel on new year's day. video shows two men climbing up to a roof top bar and jumping off. you can hear in the video people saying oh, my god, there's screaming in the background. the two men parachute to a nearby parking lot and they drive off. this happened blocks from where the christmas day rv bomb blew up, scaring a lot of folks in nashville. those are some of your headlines. dagen: base jumping from a building that's really not that tall, that's smart. thanks, cheryl. one of china's richest men, jack
6:36 am
ma, hasn't been heard from in three months. he stopped givenning public appearances and went silent on social media a week before ant group was blocked from going public by the chinese government. all this following reports that the chinese communist party is looking into ma's business portfolio, accusing the companies of getting too big. joining me now, retired four star general, fox news senior strategic analyst, general jack keane. general, always a pleasure. happy new year to you. what do you make of this in terms of the communist party crackdown and jack ma hasn't been seen? >> well, we don't know for sure whether this is self-induced on his part or whether it's the chinese communist party up to the pattern that they've displayed before. mr. ma did criticize the chinese communist party for a lack of economic reform recently and when that has happened to other businessmen, have taken that same path, whether they were in
6:37 am
hong kong or of mainland china, thethey bodies appear and month- they would disappear and months later we would find out they got severe jail sentences, normally in mainland china. that has been the pattern. what's gone on here? the social compact that the chinese communist party has with its own people is similarl simp. you can participate in the state-run capitalism and become as prosperous as your ability will permit you to do so. however, you must submit completely to the control and influence of the chinese communist party. and if you violate that by criticizing them, then they're going to come down very hard on you for that criticism. the chinese communist party is absolutely paranoid about criticism of its regime, whether it comes from its own people or whether it comes from another country. and they always retaliate. they never pass up the opportunity to retaliate.
6:38 am
why is that? because they want to prevent further criticism. so we'll see what actually happens here. we probably should lean towards the fact that this does fall into a previous pattern of criticism of the regime and then a prominent business person being sentenced to a stiff jail sentence as a result of it. dagen: general, is the communist party in china newly emboldened with joe biden coming into the white house? >> i would suspect so, given the general appeasement policies that obama and biden had for their eight years. it was in the latter part, in the second term, that they had to deal with president xi and he became very quickly more aggressive, more ambitious and more maligned than any previous leader but they didn't do much about it. they didn't push back on him, even using rhetoric, much less organizing the region to begin to confront this ambition and
6:39 am
this aggression that president xi demonstrated. so i would suspect that they're thinking this is possibly going to be a pattern and they'll look to work a deal, i think pretty early on and cooperate with a biden administration on the pandemic or on climate change, hoping that that will be enough to get the appeasement policy going that they had in the previous administration. we'll have to see. biden's policy people are experienced, dagen. they know what's going on in the world and they also know there's bipartisan support in the united states of america and there's also support by the american people in terms of china being a real threat to the security of the united states. that pattern has completely changed from the eight years that the obama and biden administration had. that's what has taken place in these last four years. so i'm hoping that they certainly recognize that and that does influence their
6:40 am
policies. certainly they're going to cooperate. but it comes down to are they willing to confront the chinese communist party which is going to be absolutely essential to slow down this aggression and expansion that president xi is influencing the world with. dagen: the american people know that a virus that originated in china has killed hundreds of thousands of americans. i want to move on to saudi arabia announcing a reopening of the country's air space and land borders to embay tar, following an -- qatar, following an agreement to end the three year block kate of the gulf nation. number of neighboring nations accused qatar of aligning itself with iran. jared kushner helped broker the deal. general keane, this peeks to the peace deals that were brokered under the trump administration, does it not? >> yes, it does. and remember, you mentioned it in the introduction there. iran is really the catalyst for
6:41 am
these deals taking place between the arabs and the israelis. their maligned behavior, because of the nuclear deal that the obama biden administration had put forth and the iranians got a windfall of money, $140 billion worth of money as a result of participating in that deal, and that fueled the wars in the middle east. the problems he proxy wars i'm t in syria and in yemen. the problem with qatar, they aligned with with iran in a lot of issues. saudi arabia and the uae went after them for that and that's the reason for the conflict that we've been having. this is a good move in the right direction, i think. because the people in qatar have been suffering quite a bit as a result of this block kate and tensions are going to -- block kate and tensions are --
6:42 am
blockade and tensions are going to ease. it remains to be seen in terms of their behavior going forward. dagen: general jack keane, thank you so much. it's always pleasure to see you. always informative. i hope you'l you have a happy nr and we'll see you often in 2021. >> happy new year to you. dagen: coming up, people getting vaccinated, we're talking to one florida er physician on facing new challenges with the more of contagious covid strain hitting the sunshine state. and also, people are anxious to get vaccinated down there. we talk about it. and striking the wrong tone, singer blake shelton's new song is causing an uproar for its messaging and it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. this week on "mornings with maria," tomorrow, with senate control hanging in the balance, wake up with the georgia special election results. thursday, it's the word on wall
6:43 am
street, our market insiders take on how to pump up your portfolio. and friday, eurasia group president ian bremmer on how the world is prepping for a biden presidency, that's all right here on "mornings with maria."
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dagen: coronavirus crisis, a more infectious covid variant first found in the united kingdom spreading to more u.s. states. new york overgovernor andrew cuomo confirmed the first case
6:47 am
in upstate new york yesterday. that state joins california and others in reporting the new vair yantd. joining -- vai-variant. joining me now, dr. jason wilson. are you concerned about this variant? to be blunt, how big of a deal is it? >> the concerning part here is the variant seems to be more transmissible. the problem is we already have a virus that infects quite a few people from each person who has it. if the virus variant is 60 or 70% more infectious, than even the normal covid variant of covid virus, we could expect each person could infect four to five people. that's concerning when we know we're struggling with public health measures and getting the vaccine rolled out. dagen: how much are you struggling in your emergency room where you are? in terms of the volume of patients. california is just -- there's a
6:48 am
story that ambulance drivers or emts are being told like don't take people to the hospital unless -- if they think they're not going to make it and that's somewhat like what was happening in new york in the spring. >> sure. we certainly don't want anybody to not come to the hospital if you need to come to the hospital. we're prepared for this at tampa general. this goes back to march now and we went through march, april and may with a pretty low number of cases in the florida area but then really spiked and surged in july and we learned how to create new capacity, think about how to get patients through the hospital safely and efficiently and we're using that knowledge now. we've actually opened up a new infectious disease hospital where we put a lot of of our covid patients and so the fact that a year ago we didn't know there was a virus to where we are right now, which is pretty safely operating with this virus, with us, is pretty
6:49 am
tremendous. and so we do have challenges. we have a lot of people with covid right now and we're concerned about the holidays and the gatherings we saw around the holidays that we're probably going to see another surge coming up in the next couple weeks as well. dagen: florida governor ron de santis signing an executive order in december which pits people who are 65 years of age or older in the first priority group for getting the vaccine. there have been issues with the rollout, including long lines, confusion on how and where to register and difficulties in making appointments. dr. wilson, what is your take on this? because i know no one in new york who has been vaccinated. but i know people in south florida who were contacted by their hospitals saying come in and get vacatio vaccinated becae they're older. people are eager to get this vaccination, which is hugely positive. but here in new york if you -- you have to essentially work in a hospital to have gotten it.
6:50 am
>> sure. and i understand the urgency around wanting to get this vaccine. every day that goes by that we've got vaccine on shelves that we're not vaccinating people is another thousands of hospitalizations and potentially thousands of deaths after that there should be urgency there. we have to remember, a year ago we didn't know the virus existed. we sequenced the virus, created a vaccine in record-breaking, moon landing level time and now we have to stand up a brand-new process and it's hard to stand up new processes, especially in situations where you haven't done this type of process before, a mass vaccination campaign in situations where hospitals may be getting the vaccine, but trying to give it to people who maybe aren't hospital employees or hospital patients, at tampa general we see the pfizer vaccine in december, we were one of the five hospitals that received the pfizer vaccine and we were able to distribute that vaccine to
6:51 am
other hospital systems, that's a different thing than w normallyo and work with the department of health to distribute the vaccine as well. it has been a little clunky. i think you'll start to see the speed back up. the governor has committed more resources. dagen: we have to jump. i apologize for cutting you off. please come back, dr. jason wilson. stay with us, everybody. ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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6:55 am
wage. that's not how he sings but you get the drift. jon: i want to hear you singing that song. dagen: i don't sing. i promised my parents i would never sing on tv. i cannot carry a tune. but what do you make of this? jon: well, you know, i'll cut blake shelton some slack on this. the guy incomes from pretty humble roots. my new year's resolution is less twitter outrage. maybe it's not the best song title but he's trying to tell everyone how much he loves his girl and there's nothing wrong with that. dagen: yeah, i'll leave it with this. i think that blake shelton stinks. everything about him. i've never liked him as a country singer. [laughter] ever. so i'll just leave it at that.
6:56 am
tyler childers, i'm all about that. speaking of musicals, ra a talk musical has raised more than a million dollars. the money goes to the actor's fund. liz, have you watched it? liz: i haven't watched it. it's an you amazing production, fully crowd sourced and hugely successful. it's coming from the talents and interest of people on tiktok and it's terrific that they raised a million bucks for the actor's fund. tens of thousands of actors, all of broadway is basically out of work. this is kind of an interesting thing. more to follow, i imagine. dagen: yeah. the entire artistic community in new york has just been devastated and even out in hollywood too as well. so they're part of the unemployed, the millions of americans who are unemployed. still ahead, georgia's
6:57 am
nationwide impact, new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis discusses the crucial senate runoffs and policy implications for 2021 and beyond. it all starts next hour on "mornings with maria," live on fox business. on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away
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sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. dagen: good morning p. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, january 5th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern. all eyes on jar gentleman, the polls -- georgia, the polls now open in the state's crucial senate runoff races. president trump and president-elect joe biden making last minute pushes to help their respective parties as more gop members say they will object to biden's electoral college certification. we're following this all morning long. hear from the washington examiner's chief political correspondent, one of our favorites, byron york and trump 2020 campaign senior advisor, jason miller. delist and relist, the new york
7:01 am
stock exchange makes a surprising reversal, choosing against delisting three of china's telecom companies. we discuss, ahead. we have slight gains across the board on the dow, nasdaq 100 futures, and s&p futures. first trading day of the year ending in the red, mostly on worries over the outcome of the georgia senate races, waking up to the fact that policy might be reversed in the last four years. the new face of wall street, we take a closer look at the companies packing up shop here in new york city and heading for more sunshine in florida. and no taxes. the ultimate social distancing, find out how you can spend a week on an isolated island with nothing but movies to keep you company. the morning buzz ahead. "mornings with maria" live right now.
7:02 am
european markets are to the downside at the moment, losses in england, france and germany. british prime minister boris johnson imposing an even stricter national lock down as a more contagious coronavirus variant spreads across the country. in asia overnight, markets moving mostly to the plus side, the nikkei down one-third of a percent. some of the top stories we're watching this morning, polls officially open in georgia for the crucial senate runoff races. cheryl casone has more. cheryl. cheryl: that's right, dagen. about two minutes ago the polls did open in georgia. president trump and joe biden making their final pitch to voters in dueling georgia rallies. >> our country's depending on you. our mission here in georgia is to make sure the radical left cannot rob you of your voice and your votes in washington. you can't lose these two people. >> the power is literally in your hands, when you vote for
7:03 am
john and raphael, you'll be sending two senators who will fight for you, who will put georgia first, who will put you first. you don't have that now. cheryl: today's races pit incumbent republican senators kelly loeffler and david perdue against democratic challengers and johchallengerraphael warnocs self. kelly loeffler said millions of americans don't trust the election results and the american people deserve to have their concerns heard in a hearing. dozens plan to make similar objections. senator perdue may join if he wins the runoff election today. nearly 200 top business leaders writing an open letter, urging congress to certify joe biden's electoral college victory, saying any attempt to delay the process will undermine our democracy. december becoming the deadliest month since the beginning of the
7:04 am
coronavirus pandemic, 78,000 reported covid deaths, more than 18,000 last week, this as the more contagious covid strain that was first found in the u.k. has made its way to new york state. governor cuomo said a person in upstate new york with no travel history tested positive and may have caught it at a jewelry store in saratoga county. those are some of your headlines. back to you. dagen: time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me now, head of us rates, gregory faranella, publisher dennis gartman and payne capital management president, ryan payne. first up, gregory, nice to see all of you gentlemen this morning. investors are eyeing georgia's pivotal runoff race, stock futures are to the plus side across the board. how will wall street react to this, particularly interest rates? again, you have run-away spending and borrowing. what does that do to rates?
7:05 am
>> thank you, dagen. thanks for having me and happy new year. so with regard to rates, we revert back to the november election and if you look at the dynamics overnight, what was going on there, blue wave, no blue wave. if you look at ten year rates in general which is what we pivot off of, we've been sort of trading in this 85 to 95 basis point range. right now, hovering toward the upper end of that range. so the market is fairly stable. i mean, i think that the real market action has been in the inflation market, right. so yesterday we saw inflation expectations rise quite dramatically in 10 years, we've got that breakeven inflation rate close to 2%. the fed is predominantly controlling nominal rates, right. so when you look at that real yields, inflation adjusted, now in 1 10 year space are close to
7:06 am
negative 110 o 110 basis points. you look at gold, you look at the dollar, you look at that reaction on a short-term basis, if the democrats do win this election and it's clear that we do have a blue wave, it's likely we will see more spending going forward and we could see long end rates trickle a little higher from here. dagen: the new york stock exchange, meantime, reversing its decision to delist three of china's largest state owned telecom companies, this comes in light of further consultation with regulatory authorities. telecom shares surging on the news. ryan payne, what do you make of this? >> whenever you're investing in china you're always going to have political risk. i think what's interesting about it is these three companies specifically have very little exposure to the u.s. so really as some sort of security risk, they probably pose little security risk whereas companies like huawei,
7:07 am
they were spying in 5g technology and you have other of companies like tiktok where basically american users are using the technology. i think that's number one. number two, what i would mention about these three companies specifically is they're dirt cheap. they're old school telecoms, they pay between 4 and 7% dividends and gregory just mentioned how abysmal yields are in the u.s. and they basically trade single digit multiples. so i think as an investor when you start thinking about where to put money, it doesn't have to necessarily be in china but a lot of the telecoms, and you take verizon, take at&t, they all trade cheap and they all have huge, huge dividends right now and if we have inflation, which you could potentially get here, you're going to want to have cash flow coming into your portfolio whereas if you just buy the big six in the u.s. right now, i came up with a terrible acronym, fatgam, that's
7:08 am
facebook, amazon, google, they pay no dividends right now. i think it speaks to how cheap and basically how much value there is around the world right now if you diversify your money. dagen: fatg am. got it. let's talk about the ism, pmi for december, it comes out today at 10:00 a.m. eastern. it's expected to slip less than a point. looking at europe, asia, the u.s., what are these manufacturing indicators telling you about the global economic recovery? because again, really manufacturing has overcome the coronavirus setbacks in a way that the service sector has been hammered because of the lockdowns. >> i've been watching what used to be when i was in the old of days of trading back in the 1970s and '80s the napa report, now we call it the ism. we pay too much attention to what the ism index does.
7:09 am
people pay attention to the fact it moves to the right of the decimal point. i pay attention when it moves a point higher or lower. it's been up to or near 60 eight times since the '80s. you start to pay attention to the fact that -- the most important word is perhaps, perhaps manufacturing is slowing a bit. the last month it was 57.5. the expectation is it will be closer to 57. that would be two or three months in a row on the downside which tells you that manufacturing may be slowing just a tad. but manufacturing is so much less important than it was 25 and 30 years ago here in the united states. as you just said, services are far more important. but it will be -- the market will pay attention to the ism report that comes out this morning. as william carlos said, so much depends on a red wheelbarrow. today, so much depends on the red senatorial race in georgia
7:10 am
which will overcome anything the ism will say today. dagen: ultimately it's about the policy that's in place for years to come and potentially getting rid -- if the democrats take the senate, getting -- you know, 5 50 senate seats plus kamala harris, the vice president as the deciding vote, again, it upends the very policy that gave rise to wages for rank and file workers, got rid of regulation that really unleashed the power of our economy. so, again, buckle up. thank you, guys, so much. gregory, dennis gartman and ryan payne, great to see all of you. much more ahead this morning. newly sworn in new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis talks about the importance of today's georgia senate runoffs. next hour, jason miller on president trump's election battle as congress faces an uphill climb to certify joe biden's electoral college win
7:11 am
and texas congressman hen cry hy cuellar talks about the political implications of georgia's runoffs. joining the conversation all morning of long, john jon jon hh and liz peek. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ tasha, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? hmm. so what are you waiting for? hip hop group tag team to help you plan dessert? ♪ french vanilla! rocky road! ♪ ♪ chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough! ♪ ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ scoop! there it is! scoop! ♪ ♪ shaka-laka! shaka-laka! ♪ shaka-laka! shaka! scoop!. ♪ ♪ choco-laka! choco-laka!... geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. ♪ sprinkles!
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7:14 am
dagen: all eyes on georgia, polls now open in the peach state for today's crucial senate runoffs. president trump and joe biden making a last minute push for their candidates yesterday. >> your vote tomorrow will decide which party controls the united states senate, the radical democrats are trying to capture georgia's senate seats so they can wield unchecked,
7:15 am
unrestrained, absolute power over every aspect of your life. >> when you vote for john and raphael, you'll be sending two senators who will fight for you, who will put georgia first, who will put you first. you don't have that now. you have two senators that think it's more important to reward wealth than hard work. you have two senators now who think they don't work for you, they work for trump. dagen: joining me now, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner, fox news contributor, byron york. i'm going to shut up and just ask you what are you watching today, byron? >> well, how many people come out to the polls. clearly, democrats have an advantage in mail-in and early voting, just like they did before the november 3rd election. so we have to see how many people show up today in which david perdue and kelly loeffler are likely to win big on election day voting.
7:16 am
there were two polls that came out yesterday from fox 5 in atlanta and had both races tied, exactly tied. so we don't know. dagen: byron, one thing that dana perino pointed out yesterday on the five, is there are a thousand field staffers just in georgia for the republican candidates, for the whole country president trump's campaign had 3,000. so one-third of that number are just in georgia, first and foremost. and there were 24,500 republican primary voters in 2020 who did not show up for the general election. so those voters have been the focus of the get out the vote effort by the republicans there. that being said, the republicans have had a great ground game. is that enough? >> well, it might be. you have to remember that perdue won his race, just didn't get to
7:17 am
50%, a majority of the vote. and loeffler won her race too. they got the most votes in multiple candidate races. so we'll have to see how that turns out. but the republicans have learned from the experience of just a few months ago which is if you remember president trump's first rally in georgia several weeks ago, there was a huge sign behind him that said get your absentee ballot today. so republicans are trying to take more advantage of absentee, vote by mail and early voting but still their big advantage comes today on election day when they go to the polls, more so than democrats do. dagen: liz peek, get in here. liz: byron, yes question for you. how important are the actual candidates? my sense is this is all about keeping the senate and it really doesn't matter that much who kelly loeffler and david perdue
7:18 am
are. am i wrong? >> no, i think you're right. even they kind of imply that. both of their campaigns, as well as the national republican campaign are based on the idea that these two races are the last chance to stop full democratic control of washington. so when you listen to them, they say listen, if you vote for john ossoff or raphael warnock, what you're really voting for is nancy pelosi, aoc, and chuck schumer and bernie sanders. you're voting to give them control of washington. so you're absolutely right. this is not david perdue is the only guy who can save washington. this is we need republican votes in the senate. dagen: i'll point out that senator perdue got more votes than president trump and a greater vote share than president trump when people went to the polls in november. but that was a question i asked yesterday, was is this a vote on
7:19 am
a nation -- on national policy or is it a vote based on the personality of these two? because quite frankly, byron, raphael warnock has said many things in his past, his recent past, that would have been disqualifying a couple of years ago. >> yeah. and republicans are frustrated by the media's, national and local media's disinclination to cover some of the episodes in raphael warnock's past. you've seen this republican commercial that has police body cam video of his wife after a domestic incident at their home when police were called. it looks as if it was an interview shot for a political ad. the quality is so good. so republicans have been trying to get it out in ads what has not come out much in terms of journalism. dagen: right. speaking of -- let's stay on georgia, challenging georgia's
7:20 am
election results. in a leaked phone call, president trump pressed georgia's secretary of state, brad raffensperger, to find votes that would -- not find, but he was talking about votes that would secure his electoral victory in the state. byron, why was this call leaked? and what's raffensperger's agenda? because again, the timing was -- i mean, obviously the timing was based on the call but what's at play here? what's raffensperger up to? >> it's unclear and it's more unclear after raffensperger appeared yesterday on fox news, martha mccallum interviewed him and he did local interviews in atlanta and he said he did not know the call was being recorded. remember, that was on a saturday. he only found out after the president tweeted a criticism of him on sunday morning.
7:21 am
and then, 90 minutes after the president's tweet, raffensperger tweets the truth will come out which suggests that he knows what's coming and then less than three hours later the washington post publishes this story and raffensperger won't say when he learned exactly. he will not say if he approved the release of the recording of the phone call. and the other thing is, when martha pressed him on why he did it, it sounded as if he had a grudge against david perdue and thought that releasing the phone call on sunday with the election coming up on tuesday would actually hurt perdue's choices -- chances in the race. so there are a lot of questions that still remain after these raffensperger interviews. dagen: somebody in that office wants david perdue and kelly loeffler to lose. that's my take. whoever that person might be and wants the democrats in control of the senate because the timing
7:22 am
of it was just -- well, astonishing. byron york, it's great to see you, always. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: we'll see you very soon. we'll be right back. there are many names for enthusiast. but there's only one way to become one... by going all in. the new lexus is. with a lower center of gravity, a more responsive suspension, and an aggressive wider stance. this is what we call going all in on the sport sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $359 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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7:25 am
dagen: the new york exodus, more companies and big banks packing up and relocating to low tax states. shoot. no tax states, for a fresh business start. kristina parenthesewe have moref wall street. >> reporter: you got the latest company, virtue financial, they announced they're closing 75% of their office space in the big apple and heading to florida. they're not the only firm to move to a warmer climate with lower taxes and more affordable
7:26 am
housing. you've got over 30 financial firms from morgan stanley, citigroup, bernstein, ubs, barclays, all moving to places like florida, texas, north carolina and tennessee. you even have techies like hp and oracle that are ditching certain parts of california and heading to texas. as of november 2020, at least 35 firms either relocated or opened up a new shop in austin, texas. leaving places like the big apple, new york city, and silicon valley with lots of vacant office space. >> unfortunately, it's a downward spiral for some of these cities. when companies leave and the people leave, then they need to make drastic cuts in their services, in their police and their fire and the cities can become dangerous places. we could see new york go back to what it was in the 1970s, a really dreary, dangerous place.
7:27 am
>> reporter: new york city and certain parts of california are going to be -- have attracted talent for decades i should say but now you've got higher houses costs, higher taxes, stricter regulation, so it makes it more difficult to do business, leaving the big apple and silicon valley no longer the main players in down. dagen: thank you so much. kristina near the corner of wall and broad. jon hilsenrath, what do you make of this flight to the south. jon: i think big cities like new york, los angeles, san francisco, have a real problem on their hands, a, because taxes are very high. b, as chri kristina emphasized a couple times, real estate costs are so high for the people who want to work at these places and what a lot of finance companies learned in this last crisis is that they can decentralized, they can have people working
7:28 am
remotely. i think there is a shift going on. but at the same time, new york has weathered many, many storms in the past and i think it's going to get through this one. new york city is not going away but it's going to be going through some changes and they're going to have real challenges on their hands for the next couple years. dagen: liz, i lived here, i don't know how many years you've lived here, i lived here a quarter of a century, so since the early '9090s and it's not safe, it doesn't feel safe. there was a criminal rampaging through lower manhattan from try btribeca and injured 10 people over the weekend. he wrecked the car outside of my apartment. that went on for over an hour. liz: that's a problem, dagen. it's not just taxes and the weather, it's also the quality of life is plummeting in new york. yes, i have lived there longer than you. it took a real crisis, a real
7:29 am
exodus of people, which is exactly what we're seeing now, to bring in new management in the form of giuliani to turn the thing around. i don't see any i' impulse to me things better amongst our elected leaders, leaders with quote, because they're not leading. they're basically abdi kateings the streets to the homeless, et cetera. every aspects of the administration in new york city is wrong and i don't see any future until we get a better team in there. dagen: thank you so much, both of you. we're going to talk about that in addition to georgia's runoff races today, with newly sworn in congresswoman, nicole malliotakis. she is from staten island. she also governs a little sliver of brooklyn, i believe, that's in her district. she's going to talk about the senate runoffs, new york city, what it means for the whole country. plus, a cold sweat, some fitness studios are turning up the heat
7:30 am
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cheryl: welcome back. here are some of the headlines we're following for you this morning. solar winds is facing a lawsuit by one of its shareholders. the suit alleges that leadership, quote, misrepresented and failed to disclose information about its recent hack. the lawsuit claims the hack resulted in loss and damages to investors who bought shares between february and december of 2020. the company's stock dropped more than 34% since news of the attack broke. taking a look at the stock this morning, slight recovery, stock is up more than three quarters of a percent. samsung is kicking off the new year with a new smartphone. the electronics giant is planning to host its unpacked event on january 14th. this year's event false on the last day of ces, a month earlier than typical february showing. epic games announced plans for a
7:34 am
new headquarters. the video game studio behind the popular game fortnite reaching a deal to convert a closed mall in north carolina into a new global headquarters by 2024, complete with a mixture of office and regularecreational spaces. it will remain in cary. valued at $17.3 billion. and heading south, tom brady and giselle have sold their new york city home for $37 million. they bought the five bedroom apartment for just over $25 million in 2018. they're going to own a smaller unit in the same building. brady and his family lives in florida now where the former patriots quarterback is playing for the tampa bay buccaneers. still hanging on, dagen. those rush headlines. dagen: did they ever live here? you know. they like -- i know where that building is. i think it's on the west side highway. who pays $37 million living on
7:35 am
the west side highway? anyway. i digress. thanks, cheryl. cheryl: you bet. dagen: all eyes on georgia, the polls are officially opened for the all-important senate runoff races. incumbent gop senators david perdue and kelly loeffler fighting to keep their seats from democratic challengers john ossoff and raphael warnock. joe biden and president trump making their final cases to voters yesterday. >> your vote tomorrow will decide which party controls the united states senate. the radical democrats are trying to capture georgia's senate seats so they can wield unchecked, unrestrained, absolute power over every aspect of your life. >> when you vote for john and raphael, you will be sending two senators who will fight for you, who will put georgia first, who will put you first. you don't have that now. you have two senators that think it's more important to reward wealth than hard work.
7:36 am
you have two senators now who think they don't work for you, they work for trump. dagen: joining me now, new york congresswoman, nicole mal malliotakis. great to see you this morning. happy new year. what is at stake today in georgia for all americans? >> there is a lot at stake and looking at my state, you can get a sense of what would happen if the senate were to go in democratic hands. couple years ago, republicans had the state senate in new york. there was a balance with the democrats controlling the house and now with democrats controlling everything in new york, we have seen far left radical policies, a bail reform law that released thousands and thousands of criminals back onto our streets. we had to fight very hard to actually get it somewhat fixed to not allow individuals who commit manslaughter or homicide, believe it or not, that's how far they went. late term abortion into the third trimester, the ninth
7:37 am
month. illegal immigrants receiving free college tuition. all these pieces of legislation that we had fought so hard to stop over the years became law and that's what's at stake in the united states of america. these policies from the far left radical fringe becoming federal policies and so i urge everyone in georgia to get out and vote today. dagen: in terms of -- what would happen, like how far left could this kind of federal government go if it's 50 democratic senators with kamala harris the deciding -- breaking the tie? >> well, think about all the policies that nancy pelosi and the house democrats put up on the floor last year. they wanted to use your taxpayer money to fund political campaigns. imagine your tax dollars going to fund the socialist squad's campaigns to the tune of up to $5 million per candidate. they talked about changing our
7:38 am
election system to have same day voter registration where an individual can just show up at the poll, no verification of whether they're a citizen or actually live in the district or eligible to vote and they would automatically allow them to vote without any type of vetting from your local board of elections. green new deal, the bail law that nancy pelosi tried to put in the federal legislation, prison release they tried to put in the covid legislation as well. that's what's at stake here. those policies that we see in new york will become federal policies as well and alexandria ocasio-cortez herself said she wants to win the seats for the democrats to ensure they don't have to negotiate with republicans anymore. if you want to side with aoc then by all means vote for the democrats today. if you want a balanced government, some type of negotiation, usually where you find the best policies in the middle, then you have to vote republican and make sure we at least have the two seats in the senate. dagen: you mentioned nancy pelosi, the newly reelected house speaker.
7:39 am
she introduced a new set of rules to congress that removed gender language from the official house rules. this includes eliminating specific terms such as mother or father, son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law, they're all going to be replaced with gender neutral terms, parent, child, sibling, spouse and parents in law. this is idiocy. this is how they spend their time? i don't -- i don't even -- i can't even fathom spending one bit of energy on something like this when literally there are almost 20 million americans who are out of work. >> idiocy is the proper gender neutral term to describe what is going on in washington on the very first day and you're right, look, priorities are totally backwards. like you said, millions of americans are suffering of i've
7:40 am
got local restaurants, small businesses are about to shutter because our mayor and our governor are mandating they stay shut despite science showing they're not the problem and we have a federal government who is unwilling to step in and try to help. so this is a major issue. we need to get our economy back on track. we need to accelerate the distribution of the vaccination. that's my priorities coming in here and you know, nancy pelosi by the way in her opening remarks talked about being a mother and grandmother. even she is being hypocritical. dagen: congresswoman, i'm going to bring liz peek in here. that's actually in nancy pelosi's twitter bio, mother, grandmother. so, again, it's like what is -- it goes to the -- what is the role of government? it's not to -- it's not to police our speech. liz: the role of democrats is to police our speech, dagen. we've seen it all year and actually for the last several years, the cancel culture has gotten worse and worse. but nicole, i want to give you a
7:41 am
shoutout as being one of many gop women who won this year and i'm so excited for you and so happy for you and i know you're creating your own squad, forgive me using that word. what is the political tenor of the women who have been recently elected to congress? >> well, a lot of us were motivated to actually run because of the squad because they didn't represent our values. we need more moderate and conservative women in congress. we got that this year. we have a dynamic group of women coming in with all sorts of backgrounds, some are daughters of cuban refugees like myself who have a story to share and want to fight social i. victoria spartz is ukrainian born. you have small business owners, people from diverse backgrounds. we're ready to fight back against the squad to make sure we preserve our freedoms and
7:42 am
liberties, the american dream, that allowed someone like me, the daughter of poor immigrants to become a member of the united states congress. dagen: i know you have a national role, congresswoman malliotakis, but what do you see happening in new york? again, i mentioned the man with a club rampaging through tribeca and lower manhattan. there have been problems with attacks on women in subway stations in brooklyn and you brought this up. but one woman was attacked and because it was third degree assault, the assailant was immediately released with no bail and so what additional work needs to be done here to improve the living conditions for you and all your constituents? >> well, when that radical bail law was passed last year, as i said under one party democratic rule, we had to fight back to get crimes back onto the list in which a judge can use discretion, crimes like
7:43 am
criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, strangulation, felony drug charges, these were crimes back onto the list in which a judge can use discretion. they need to do more roll backs. they need to re-fund our police. the mayor cut a billion dollars from the police department. they changed laws like the anti-crime unit, they dismantled the anti-crime unit in the nypd, major issue. we need to support the police. it's a sentiment that the mayor and the governor have provided in our city and state that it's okay to do these things because you're not going to get punished for it. and that is really what the issue is. we need legislators who are going to support the police, make sure they have the tombs and resources to do their job. dagen: i go -- my head explodes when i have to talk about that bail reform. so i have been talking about it. we've been talking about it on this program for a long time. assaulting a child under the age of 11, that was in the original bail reform, no bail. you just assault a kid and get
7:44 am
out. it was just disgusting. congresswoman malliotakis, great to see you. please come back. >> thank you. dagen: we'll be right back. a migraine hope from aimovig.
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7:47 am
dagen: crude crossroads, opec holding a virtual meeting yesterday which ended in a dead lock with saudi arabia and russia over whether or not opec should boost oil output. in december, opec agreed to
7:48 am
increase production by half a million barrels a day. joining me now is steven shork. where do we go from here? what does this mean. good to see you. >> thank you very much. clearly, we've got a deadlock here between saudi arabia, which wants to maintain the status quo, and russia which is looking to increase production into the new year. clearly, we have a disagreement. russia is clearly going to need to add production. but, however, i think they are ignoring the clear supply/demand fundamentals going into this year. that is to say 2021 has picked up, where 2020 has left off. that's all about covid and the impact on demand. saudi arabia has taken the correct look and recognizing that industry economics have completely changed. that is to say, the demand elasticity for oil of, gasoline, diesel have changed and changed permanently. that is to say, we have the
7:49 am
introduction of substitute, evs. we also have the introduction of commuters. that is to say, far few commuters are on the road today than they were last january and given the policies that most companies are adopting, most of the commuters are not coming back so the demand has greatly changed. russia, to pardon the pun, is playing a great game of russian roulette, trying to increase production, therefore putting a stop to the rally we've seen in oil for the past month, month and-a-half. dagen: jon hilsenrath, do you want to jump in? jon: there's so much talk about electric vehicles and tesla's stock is soaring. how is that, the outlook for electric vehicles going to shape the crude oil market for the next five, 1 10, 15 years? >> absolutely. clearly, we're looking at -- well, let's fact check. 15 years ago it was all about peak oil supply. clearly, we have reached or we
7:50 am
are about to reach shortly peak oil demand. and clearly evs are the way to go at this moment. what we run the risk of going into especially with the new administration is this push towards evs. they are the future. but also there are other alternatives that are quite frankly even better for the environment than all of the mining require of rare earths to get into a battery. so we are clearly looking at the twilight of the oil industry. oil will be around, demand will be around at least for my generation but clearly the genie has been left out of the bottle and this has been exacerbated by the demand decay through the covid-19 pandemic and we are certainly moving in the direction and evs and other alternatives are the future and that's going to continue to erode oil's demand or share of future markets.
7:51 am
dagen: steven shork, great to see you. happy new year. >> thank you, dagen. great to be here. dagen: we'll be right back. save hundreds on your wireless bill
7:52 am
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dagen: time for the morning buzz. first up, a movie lover's social distancing dream. a film festival in sweden is inviting one fan to spend a week on an island and watch up to 60 films from the year's lineup. the lucky winner will spend their time in a converted lighthouse but can't take anything with them. no phone, no computers, no books. anybody interested can apply on the festival's website. liz, does this appeal to you? liz: listen, i think it sounds pretty dishy. this is not just a ligh lightho, it's a luxury boutique hotel.
7:55 am
the only negative, you can't even take a book with you. as they say in their prees, it's either the waves or the film. a week by yourself, kind of resting up, watching movies, doesn't sound bad, dagen. dagen: i wonder how many pounds of i could gain in that week. liz: there's that. i was going to say no gym. i don't know about that. dagen: i gained 25 pounds in six weeks once when i was living in england. so anything is possible. jon: i don't know about you too. i was alone -- about you two. i was alone enough in 2020. i don't want to be alone in two. dagen2021. dagen: breaking into a cold sweat, more gyms are beginning to offer outdoor classes amid tighter city restrictions. ebbinequinox is unveiling a roop gym in los angeles.
7:56 am
more gyms are moving outside as temperatures drop into the winter zone. soul cycle for some months has been doing outdoor classes in a tent. one end of the tent is open. but i don't know how outside that really is. but are you up for this? jon: well, you know, dagen, so what are we five days into the new year? i have managed to stick to my plans to lose a few pounds and get in better shape. but what i love about this story is that -- we've talked about this a lot, dagen, over the last year. americans are innovators and adapters and here's another example of it. 2020 and the coronavirus crisis was a nightmare for so many people for so many reasons. but americans innovate and adapt and we've seen this with the vaccines that have been rushed to the market and we see it even with how we work out. i think all this innovation and adaptation is going to make our
7:57 am
economy stronger in 2021. dagen: incredibly vibrant. thank you for the uplifting words, jon. still ahead, the election battle heads to capitol hill. senior advisor jason miller here, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ why do you build me up, build me up... ♪ ♪ buttercup... ♪ baby just to let me down! ♪ let me down! ♪ and mess me around... ♪ and worst of all, worst of all ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. tuesday, january 5th, your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> all eyes on georgia, the polls now open in state crucial senate runoff races, president trump and president-elect joe biden making last minute pushes to help their respective apparents as more gop members same they will object to biden's electoral college version the latest ahead. >> delist then relift? new york stock exchange makes a surprising reversal against delifting three of china's largest state owned it will
8:01 am
companies we discuss the switch futures slightly negative slight loss across the board the moment dow futures down 4 points fird trade daying in the year-ended on red worries over outcome of senate runoff races in georgia, the student loan debt debate, alexandria ocasio-cortez looking for a bigger progressive push to wipe out student debt, we discuss one company has your back in new year's resolution has fallen through making a buzz this morning "mornings with maria" live right now. . >> european markets trading to the down side, as we start the second trading day of the new year, losses across the board. in england, france germany, in britain the prime minister boris johnson imposing stricter lockdowns as more contagious vasht spreads across that country, in asia overnight, markets are mostly
8:02 am
higher, the -- wrapped up trading for the day in nikkei only loser falling one third of 1% to top stories we are watching this morning december the deadliest month since beginning of the coronavirus pandemic cheryl casone has more. cheryl: that is right, there were 78,000 reported covid deaths last month more than 18,000 just last week, this is the contagious strain first found in uk made its way to new york state the first one upstate new york no travel history tested positive may have caught it at a jewelry store in saratoga county. >> in a cryptocurrencies below 30,000 dollars 17% one point tumble largest intra-day loss since mauf, it has potential will to reach 146,000 dollars long term as it competes with
8:03 am
gold, heaven in 2018 by amazon berkshire hathaway, j.p. morgan to improve care for employees, operations says in a statement works very well the ideas they came up with, being were better implemented independently more than 157 million people rely on their employer for health insurance, back to you. dagen: thank you so much cheryl, all eyes on georgia, polls are now open in the peach state for today's crucial you senate runoff, president trump, and president-elect joe biden making last minute push for their candidates yesterday. >> vote tomorrow will decide when party controls the united states senate. the radical democrats are trying to capture georgia's senate seats so they can we would unchecked unrestrained absolute power over every spek of your life, when you vote for jon, raphael, you will be
8:04 am
sending two senators who will fight for you, who put georgia first, who put you first. you don't have that now you have two senators thank you more important to reward wealth than hard work in a faction system two senators now who think they don't work for you they work for trump. dagen: joining me now trump campaign sr., adviser jays jason miller have you been in georgia rent days. >> good morning thank you for having me, i was a not with the president last night i did go with him to georgia in december when he went down there to campaign for david perdue and kelly loeffler boy there was lot of energy excitement, in the crowd last night, in dalton georgia president firing up troops making sure everyone shows up today and vote, vote, vote, to be clear means vote one time encouraging people to vote we don't want to be democrats here in addition to election day this is electoral count
8:05 am
eve fireworks i think tomorrow in the nation capital as we lay out very specific, verifiable capital of fraud irregularities we have this debate onstage. >> do you worry that zourjz republican voters from getting out if you make them think their vote doesn't count will they get out and vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler i would argue it motivates supports, trump supporters republican base voters don't always mach up one hundred percent the president was able to bring a lot of new people into the party we saw with you hill of numbers he received with african american, latino votes the numbers here with asian meshes, much that president trump has in this delivered last night that if you care about rule of law if you care about lower taxation, good conservative supreme court justices you have to get out
8:06 am
today, and vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler they have been great allies of the president we need that we need control of the senate this is critical. dagen: ing so i have said last you four years he longer than that policy over personality, and how would you characterize closinging gookts from both candidates along with president trump in georgia. >> you know, i think that -- there is a lot of great er personality with perdue and loeffler as well per pefr worked quite he closely in 2016, 2020 elections helping president trump kelly loeffler -- don't know nearly as welcome complete her a few times have been very impressed by senator loeffler's ability to stand in the breach fight back against radical left in washington a strong defender of the president in impeachment witch hunt perdue brings calm business perspective has a good vision for america i think both
8:07 am
candidates on republican side really relate with everyday georgians what is going on with lives you look at jon ossoff a pawn of china a raphael warnock, dagen these -- allegations concerns from the over the years i think disqualify him aside from fidel castro craziness we have seen we've got elect% per and loeffler today this is everything. >> senator loeffler joining 12 other senators who plan to contest the electoral college results, alabama congressman mo brooks joined plea on "sunday morning futures" to discuss how tomorrow's vote will go down. >> tell me how this plays out because you have got to get the majority of the house and sflat,to go along where you are. >> well, plays out, quite frankly, is dependent upon american people, this is organic movement risen from angry american voters 70 plus
8:08 am
million been disdisenfranchised to the spent they demand honest accurate elections we are going to win january 6 if american people do not rise up do not contact senators if they don't contact their congressmen demanding that their coma xham senators do right thing we will not win january 6 i urge all americans that participate in this fight on behalf of their country on behalf of their republic, of course, the election system underpinning of any republic. dagen: what do you expect out of tomorrow. >> congressman brooks took words out of my mouth call command, women, senators make voice herd put aside hyperbole from folks all the way across the splil spectrum, there is very galed, methodology laying out of the faction what we saw in this election, they start
8:09 am
doing the electoral roll call vice president pence is opening up the envelopes when he gets to arizona will be the third state members of congress we will see gohmert, from texas, congressman, from arizona congressman biggest stand up, and delivery the specific concerns they have with arizona's electoral results going through unconstitutional nature keeping open voter registration deadline verifiable capitals of fraud, abuse irregularities, i don't see after all states lay out concerns about returns in each of their respective states how the american people don't realize that this election was stolen away but, again, we have to prove our case tomorrow, it is very detailed has to be by numbers, and go and lay this out, there is a reason, there is a reason why, the state senate judiciary committee in georgia called
8:10 am
elections untrustworthy. >> 27 members legislature in pennsylvania wrote to senator mcconnell saying they thought the nature the election in pence was conducted was unconstitutional we are going to hear pieces of evidence tomorrow. >> one thing i will note that the "wall street journal" editorial page did yesterday is that the letter that was -- that -- the senators wrote including, senator ted cruz. the statement ant allege specific acts of fraud it was allegations of irregularities i will read from senator tom cotton's statement that he released, a couple days ago, on why he will not oppose the counting of certified electoral votes, the founders entrustsdz our elections chiefly to the states, not congress, they entrusted election of our president to
8:11 am
the people acting through electoral college not congress. they entrusted adjudication of election disputes to the courts, not congress. under the constitution, and federal law congress's power is limited to counting electoral votes, submitted by the states, for some, this is an issue trying to not certify the vote is unconstitutional. >> well, dagen i am a big fan of senator col cotton of senator cruz i reform disagree with senator cotton on this say please go into tomorrow with open mind, a hear the evidence hear the very specific detailed examples and even going to the point with senator cruz made in his letter where he wants a 10 day audit review investigation to go through there is historical precedent for this going back to 1876 with the election
8:12 am
congress did put together a commission five from house five from senate five from the supreme court to decide this, we do think as evidence is laid out that not a single person whether in the capitol whether home watching on television, whether vice president, whether anybody there will be able to look and say that these elections were conducted on up and up, our goal is has always been counted all the legal votes, don't count illegal votes so everybody whether republican or democrat, can have full confidence, in our elections, that is what we look forward to proving tomorrow, and we are going to continue fighting to make sure, that this is heard on the national stage. dagen: jason let's assume joe biden is -- certified as the president what about the inauguration? what is the president trump doing on inauguration day do you know? >> good question. i brought that up with the
8:13 am
president, the president has said let's focus on getting through the electoral count, that is the task in front of us, look i think we need to make sure we get this right tomorrow i think we have plenty of time after to start talking about 20th, transition team has been working smoothly, doing everything that is laid out to make sure, that if that is the -- end result, with tomorrow, things will be handed over in a peaceful manner, but right now, again, as we talk about tomorrow i think it is in tomb cases mainstream media number of states swept under the rug all examples whether chain of custody there the a ballots that have shown up we want to have this opportunity, tomorrow, to go state-by-state, and prove to the american people, what we've seen. >> good to see you. thank you so much for being here this morning jason miller. >> georgia on our minds congressman henry cuellar ahead of the peach state critical senate runoff massive
8:14 am
policy implications the pressure of getting your act together is making a buzz this morning, and with me all morning long jon hilsenrath, liz peek still here stick around you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. stock business
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
qualcomm steve, is retiring as ceo after 26 years with the company, chris yano named successor effective june 30 served president of the company since january 2018. futures searching for direction this morning, this comes as investors are eyeing today's runoff elections in georgia balance of power in the senate, really direction of the country, is up for grabs joining me now wealth management chief investment. >> martin, look out below --
8:18 am
>> depending on asset i think look out if you are owning gold and bitcoin, because that seems uncertainty of the future uncertainty with respect to taxes with respect to regulation certainly with respect to spend, as spending goes up, as more government control comes into the picture here, i think they risk off as they call them depending how you look at bitcoin bitcoin the rage into 2021. >> jon hilsenrath get in here. >> yeah, i want to actually throw out two questions, to the conversation, one relates to this georgia runoff you know seems to me there is a possible we are not going to know who won look what happened in the presidential election, it took weeks it took -- to days to count all the votes, weeks to recount them weeks more to litigate them, how does the market respond if we just don't know who won the election?
8:19 am
point two this is totally different subject but i am looking at how the dollar is behaving this year even as stocks have gone through the roof, we've seen the dollar consistently fall, seems to me all pieces in place for that to continue to happen, if you are an investor how do you may, a market where the dollar is weakening where do you put money. dagen: scott start with last question in terms of the dollar weakening. >>. >> two things jon you know as well as i do good news about a weak dollar despite it does erode some standard of living they days companies in s&p 500 are so global, 50% plus, of their revenues 5-0 percent from overseas transactions so as we reupdate traited bring back revenue to u.s. stateside currency benefit of conversion the upside dollar so weak we have managed portfolios
8:20 am
factororing that devaluation in gold bitcoin investors look for say other things that are basically do already denominated like u.s. bond, for example,. >> elizabeth the first part of jon's question quickly about how long is this going to take to count these votes, and what will be the market reaction. >> it is an interesting question particularly in light of what is going on tomorrow. in congress, challenging the presidential election outcome creates a scenario total confusing seems to me, you didn't mention bitcoin until just now is that a play on the confusion element if you will? >> yeah i think elizabeth distrust of government because people want to have things the government can't touch at least at this point regulate, something they will do he eventually maybe first thing in bubble as it were, you are right i think the sad part about this confusion i think jon you are right there is going to be a lot of it going
8:21 am
dooeb, contested results, we have been here before we have been here so recently that market may be okay through that transition period, just because we've had to deal with it we are dealing with it still from november 3rd. dagen: great to see you. thank you so much, scott martin, jon, elizabeth coming up far left pressure what alexandria ocasio-cortez wants from biden administration on student loans the financial impact next. plus future of auto industry how tangibling stands to change things as companies ready for life post pandemic. (announcer) do you want to reduce stress?
8:22 am
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8:24 am
shed pounds? do you want to flatten your stomach? do all that in just 10 minutes a day with aerotrainer, the total body fitness solution that uses its revolutionary ergonomic design to help you maintain comfortable, correct form. that means better results in less time. and there are over 20 exercises to choose from. get gym results at home. no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. go to to get yours now. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez wants to push
8:25 am
joe biden hard into canceling billions of dollars in student loan debt? interview said we have to push the biden administration hard, this whole thing, we can't cancel student loan debt it is not going to fly, liz peek to you first on this. >> all right, it is a bad policy, dagen a talking point for aoc but a recent paper from interest university of chicago points out cancellation student loan debt says 192 billion dollars of the top 20% earners in america only 20 billion lowest income people because there are already systems in place to forgive loan of people wheel can't afford to pay them off this is really a political talking point, aoc is overreaching here it is a bad policy. >> let's that is kind of her game plan jon overreaching, she also -- isn't ruling out challenging senator chuck
8:26 am
schumer for his seat 2022 said hard to say if he ethics is doing a good job, is minority leader, jon that is really where -- where she has her attention. >> right, i know there is so much talk about -- all this division infighting in the republican party there's plenty among democrats, too you see that i want to make another point about studeloans important the finance system in this couldn't completely utterly broken a great example of what happens when washington these guys behind me noble he intentions get involved in the marketplace, because it doesn't happen over weeks doesn't happen over months, it happens over decades, the government going back to the 1950s, 60s has been trying to make, higher ed more affordable for americans, done it subsidizing loans, instead of making it more affordable made it less
8:27 am
affordable, are forgiving debt doesn't solve any problems then you have trillions dollars new debt still written because government is behind subsidizing all these loans -- this town needs a real plan to address this problem, because the problem is literally locking in so many americans of going to be a decent higher education has taken a runcom off the ladder to the american dream. >> not the unlike what happens i mean similarities with housing market. >> absolutely. >> again everybody needs to own a home -- i feel like that telling people that the only avenue to prosperity is an expensive college four year college education one of the biggest lies sold, to young people in this country. -- i mean the pricier it is more valuable it is -- more
8:28 am
than any four-year degree, it is what you have to have, and that really also goes to how people who do hiring in this country corporate executives, treat these educations for years, google won't interview you until these you had ivy league education. >> dagen, higher education has been a path to better chinese doesn't have to be harvard it could be at a local community college or a local school. dagen: that is not what i said. >> it is important i just want to say, my point is that the reason it is so expensive is because the government went and subsidized all will this borrowing, and made it more expensive, by all the borrowing the same way, as you said, they did with housing market, higher ed is important shouldn't be -- the government is part of the problem. dagen: what you were saying
8:29 am
what happened is you got subsidized borrowing all colleges jacked up the cost. >> absolutely. dagen: price got higher and higher and higher i am saying we talked down having a trade, in this country we talked down collectively going to a community college, and there was some kind of crown shiny gold crown put atop a four year college degree, the vast majority of them, are wildly over priced if you go to one of the top 10 schools in the country, okay, maybe a path to kind of a great future great. >> i felt a lie saying you need a four year school doesn't matter how much it cost that is my issue a lot of people would have been, for dictates better off going to a community college. or learning a trade, shoot i should have been a plumber i
8:30 am
wouldn't have to live in new york city. >> i don't want to under state value of a good education when i say "good education" doesn't have to be harvard but the value of getting an education, my problem is the government made it so damn expensive by i'm sorry may be i am not allowed to say that. dagen: that is okay. >> by subsidizing the market, and the banks feasted on it. >> wake forest was 7500 dollars a year when i was going to school there late '80s now it is -- i am giving like -- 40,000 dollars a year, something like that. i would say, i would never, ever go to that school if i had to pay that kind of money 7500 dollars was bar gain now not so much thank you both great conversation stay with
8:31 am
us. we'll be right back. less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold!
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jiem dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo tuesday, january 5th, a look at your markets the bottom of the hour, we are less than an hour away from the opening bell, futures are -- well trending lower again, the selling picking up steam here in the united states, 6-point loss on the dow futures after a sell-off yesterday to start new year european markets to the downside in france and germany, the ftse 100, barely to the is mr. side this as british prime minister boris johnson imposed stricter national lockdown more contagious coronavirus variant spreads across that country in asia overnight markets moving to the plus side except nikkei japan losing one third of 1%, t-mobile, cheryl casone. cheryl: the telecom joint
8:35 am
says at least 200,000 customers had information composed to hackers last month phone numbers, call related information says credit card numbers social security numbers not compromised. >> well, hundreds of google employees launched a union, in tech industry alphabet workers union run by employees and workers and contractors at the company, after years of rising employee tensions with googles over the business decisions, including the defense sector handling swal misconduct claims. >> 11-billion-dollar takeover offer they said under values the company as mgm attempts to compromise on improvising
8:36 am
market. >> cody completed purchase 20% stake in kim kardashian west beauty business 20 million dollars, a great category expanding market globally expansion of skin care line to launch in 2022, cody higher, headlines from here back to you. >> thank you something i need to correct, the tuition at wake forest university is this year 55,000 dollars more than that including all the fees, going to cost you before -- aid more than 74,000 dollars to go to that school, my tuition was 7500 to put an exclamation point how expensive it is to go to college all eyes on georgia polls open in feature state for all-important senate runoff races a kelly loeffler, david perdue against
8:37 am
democratic challenges raphael warnock and jon ossoff republicans need to win one set a to maintain control of the senate joining me texas congressman health appropriations committee henry cuellar. >> great to see you happy new year. dagen: happy new year what are you watching in terms of the runoff. >> i know if the turnout, like, you know, turnout is so important, we've seen hundreds of millions of dollars, spent on both sides very expensive race because there is a lot at stake to who controls the senate, but will be turnout, turnout is going to determine early who wins this election. or two elections i say. >> -- i have o spoken to you for a number of years, congressman, and when it comes to the issue border security a lot of your colleagues in the democratic party wouldn't agree with you on the need to at least secure our border,
8:38 am
how is another matter but do you feel left out in your party in many ways? >> no, because i represent a district that feels the same way that i do, so we don't believe in open borders we want to about see law and order not chaos we sua sponte smart border security we spend over 18 billion dollars a year on border security when you put everything together, we need our agents on the ground agents on the ground make sure they have equipment latest technology only thing i differ with some folks on the wall the wall is 14th century slicing, and i believe private property rights i want to make sure that we have border security but it has got to be smart border security. dagen: certainly what about the policy of -- again, many people in the state of texas who are democrats feel like their jobs in energy business are in jeopardy because of the
8:39 am
"green new deal" certainly the push away from fossil fuels in essence something that joe biden and kamala harris ran on, you don't feel division there? >> well i believe in the i support the energy oil and gas we're number you one in texas number one in the country, oil and gas but we're also number one in wind prubs oduction also want to make sure as we have transition we don't attack the oil and gas industry they provide thousands of jobs tax base that we have i don't want to see what happened to united states 1970s we depended so much on middle east we've got to be self dependent when it comes to energy this is what texas, louisiana, other states provide for the country, innocence from from influences from outside the united states.
8:40 am
dagen: how did you feel about the move by speaker nancy pelosi over the weekend towards gender neutral terms, elimination of the word "father, mother,son, daughter, brother, sister" -- what was your reaction to that? >> you know i supported the house rules but i still believe in calling joe biden gentlelady jebtel ellman grandfather, mother, daughter i understand house rules i personally will consider using those words -- >> you kind of sound like pretty conservative member of your party. congressman. >> i vote by district i call them the way they are, you know sometimes i agree with folks in my party, sometimes i
8:41 am
don't. i am standing here not to work within a political party but to represent my district my state, and ultimately, our country. jo let's talk about vaccine rollout speaking about country it hit snags nationwide, you have to look state-by-state region by region, how important is it to get the vaccine out to everybody? what is happening, on the ground, in your part of texas? to get folks vaccinated -- we added -- to make sure we have vaccine sent to the state state has distribution plan, in my state, certainlyive heard from last night early this morning, about the rollout of the vaccines, not going very well, so i just -- want to continue working with our state and local officials to make sure we have this vaccine rollout. billions of dollars were done we need to make sure that we get those vaccines, as soon as
8:42 am
possible, to people because if you talk to people on the ground, they will tell you, that the rollout is not coming along, like you said, every state is different, in my particular part of the state on border south texas i am getting a lot of, phone calls late at night even early this morning before our show this morning telling me how they feel the distribution is not going well so we got to keep working on that. dagen: congressman cuellar defeat to see you happy new year, coming up future of the auto industry has technology changes things as company ready for life post pandemic? breaking new indices resolution with beer and bacon the pressure of getting your act together is off making a buzz this morning you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . >> this this week on "mornings
8:43 am
with maria" -- tomorrow, with senate control in the balance wake up with the result. >> thursday word on wall street market insiders take on how to pump up your portfolio friday eurasian group president bremmer all here on "mornings with maria."
8:44 am
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dagen: new year new ceo magna
8:47 am
appointing coach gary former chief technology offers -- as new ceo a 40-billion-dollar company employs 157,000 people worldwide leading automotive supplier in the united states joining me new ceo. tell us more about your vision from where the company goes in the future. >>ia good morning, to start off very happy new year. >> you, too,. >> i like to look at magna as 60-year-old start-up we have a fantastic balance sheet we have a product portfolio leadership in the market. great season management team. employees that are very entrepreneurial in decentralized, the largest north america largest in the globe sure a 40-billion-dollar company but trillion-dollar -- industry, a lot more room to
8:48 am
grow, we have a fantastic position, and look, industry is going through transformation beyond belief since inception a lot of opportunity potential for us. dagen: you mentioned incredible transformation greatest change in history right now. digitization, automation he electrification, changing the cars that we drive in a -- in enormous way, like talk specifically about some of the technology, me, i don't want to sound like a sound silly but adaptive cruise control will change your life more like you get in an automobile today, and that is something that you know even -- buy a ford exebbplorer can get a cruise control on it talk specifically some technologies that will change or are
8:49 am
changing the way we drive. >> absolutely. start off, tinker way we're going to design cars the way going to build cars, and people expectation of how they use mobility is going to change drastically decade or two you talked about particular trends he electrification,le electrification,lers emissions, cleaner air cruise control from larger perspective drive assist futures, so if i pass on that a little bit more you as consumer as consumer looking for, is how do i make my driving more comfortable, more convenient, and more ebb flexible. this is a situationale experience, sometimes you want to be able to dry sometimes in traffic you want to be automated to a certain extent. all thosei big things are
8:50 am
going to drive a significant feature enrichment in the driving experience that is the adapt area further leading to economy in the long run he electrification run by concern for the planet how you make transportation more sustainable leave a better planet for the future, future emissions so on, so forth, he ele he electrification different experience than used to all things coming together what makes magna unique is not just the system that we have in many product lines but ability to manufacture and engineer, and you know that is what really makes us the global supply for most automakers, congratulations please come back i can talk cars all day even electric ones, thank you
8:51 am
so much. >> thank you. any time. >> happy new year. >> coming up guilty free new year one beer maker has your back if you break a new year's resolution. that is making a buzz this morning. that is next. stay with us. are you frustrated with your weight and health?
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dagen: time for morning buzz sometimes new year's new you, doesn't always stick don't wore beer brand hamm's has your back with a hammergency kit the kit a six pack of hamm's beer five pounds bacon. >> in? >> i have two issues i don't
8:55 am
make new yeefrlgs to break them the other one this isn't real meeting my demand if they produce a box with bourbon six pack hebrew national hot dogs light potato roll i will buy ever sunday, butburg and beer isn't working for me. >> i am in on that list what do you think of this kit? >> o i don't think it is something -- people vitamin d their first resolutions, i am kind of with jon i think i would probably go for pinot. >> after all months of being at home, wearing days y'all clothes and having a house full of food because only differentiatoring backer is what you have for dinner i think all i need is new year's
8:56 am
resolution. dagen: i am kind of a champagne cheez-it kind of girl chiedit on top of the refrigerator champagne in it this is for you jon hilsenrath, friend of mine texted me wake forest cost 52,000 dollars plus room and board, 70,000 dollars so my son can sit in his dorm room take online classes, it was a lousy deal pre-pandemic now it is worse, than ever. >> dagen i don't know what is going to happen i don't think you are getting the that invite for alumni weekend anymore after what you have done to wake forest this week i think you are going to have to look for other post it's to go on alumni weekend. dagen: you know where it is not going to be? duke. [laughter]. dagen: you said it more "mornings with maria" right after this.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
dagen: thank you, liz and john. john, like making me laugh like ray leota from goodfellas. thank you. that does it for us. "varney & co." starts right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: good morning. yes, here we go. he spoke for over an hour, crowd was enthusiastic. the president did not lose the election and is not going quietly quote. he says there's no way we lost order, that's what he said and quote they aren't going to take this white house, we are going to fight like hell. aggressive, competitive, the president is trying to reverse that november 3 election he was in georgia to support david purdue and kelly loeffler. if those republicans win the senate stays under republican control.


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